Posted by Ancestry Team on May 5, 2009 in Family Tree Maker

Today we are making available a minor update to Family Tree Maker. The update resolves a few key issues in Family Tree Maker 2009.

To receive the update,

  1. Start Family Tree Maker 2009.*
  2. An update notice will appear with options to “Update” or “Remind Me Later.”
  3. If you click “Update” another screen will appear. Make sure “Family Tree Maker 2009” is checked and click “Update.”
  4. A third screen will give you options about installing or scheduling the update.
  5. Click “Start” to begin the update.

If you decide not to update now, you can install the update later by choosing “Check For Updates” from the “Help” menu in Family Tree Maker 2009.

For more information on the update, visit Family Tree Maker Update.

* Note: If you’re running Vista with User Account Control (UAC) turned on, run Family Tree Maker 2009 as an administrator to start the update. To do this, right-click on the Family Tree Maker 2009 icon on your desktop and choose “Run as administrator” from the menu.


  1. Erick

    Any chance of getting the list of what is resolved? It’d be nice for people to understand if bugs they’ve submitted have been addressed, and they could confirm them as well.


  2. Erick


    The link in your blog didn’t appear until after I posted.

    However, when running FTM2009 and clicking the link to learn more about the update only takes you to the home page, and not that list that you linked to — fyi.

  3. J Hintz

    Please post the size of the update file/packet and the new build or revision number (whatever you choose to call it) with the update notes.

  4. Dave

    An old FTM 2009 problem just reappeared after installing this latest update. FTM crashes for no particular reason. It’s galactically frustrating!! I’ve been through all the fixes and it had been stable for the past coule of months. But it seems that it’sstarting all over again. When I reopened FTM, I compressed the file which resulted in a savings of .27% which doesn’t seem to be a tremendous difference.

  5. This is meant to be helpfpul, so please hear me out. For several years I was a faithful user and advocate and teacher of FTM xxxx-2008. however, when 2009 came out, things changed dramatically. I have several times in the past voiced my disappointment with FTM2009, the worst facet being that when I tried to run it, it brought my entire system (a large and powerful system by the way) to it’s knees. Now, I spent many years as a programmer/systems analyst, and I know something could be done about that. Plus the fact that FTM appears to have gone almost exclusivelu into the pay for publication business.
    When I could get no reasonable answer to my concerns, I jumped ship to Legacy. But in all fairness, I did, this spring, load up a new and revised version of 2009, and found it was totally unable to handle my very large database (I’ve been a genealogist for over 50 years)…. so back to Legacy… and two weeks ago, I was attending a senior community sponsored Legacy advanced class, and lo and behold, the class was comprised of almost all former FTM users who, like me, had jumped ship.
    Now, the reason I think this could be useful is that, it appears that FTM really needs to LISTEN…I felt terrible jumping ship, but it was more important to get the job done without the hassle.
    Do you find this useful at all?

  6. Carolyn Castor

    I just downloaded the patch. Now my husband’s great-grandparents are showing up as my 10th great grandparents! I tried to detach, but when I do, the names for the correct individuals show up. So, on the tree and on genealogy report, my husbands great-grandparents appear as my 10th great grandparents. I’ve never seen this problem until right after the patch download. Help!

  7. Eydie

    the “fix” list includes “the Chronological facts displaying incorrectly in individual report” This is not fixed.

    Simple register report lists (in one instance)
    Census 22 Apr 1930
    Census 16 Jun 1900
    Census 08 May 1910
    Census 06 Jun 1920

    Another has
    Census 22 Apr 1920
    Census 22 Apr 1910
    Census 14 Jun 1900
    Census 15 Apr 1930

    and so on….no rhyme or sort.

  8. Since updating with the latest update, FTM2009 bombs out when trying any of the new reports! I’ve even trying compacting the data (as it suggests) but it keeps bombing.
    I’m running on a P4 3GHZ, 2GB RAM with Vista Ultimate SP1.
    Does anyone properly test these patches?
    It’s like fix one thing and break seven!

  9. John Hirschmann

    Sound like you did not even do beta testing of this patch before releasing it as a production update, I was about to update — but after seeing this I will NOT do so — I think you need to withdraw ASAP, do some more testing and allow people to return to where they were pre-patch.

    I also agree that releasing an update without saying what has been fixed/updated is NOT helpful

    The tone of this blog is not complimentary to your product. I really hope FTM management is listening (not just the programmers) and will take constructive action.

  10. Thank goodness I use Family Historian as my main software, and only use FTM as secondary (mainly for its “background” searching of Ancestry for links).
    Currently awaiting delivery of new Version 4!

  11. Sue Smith

    Just when I thought it would be OK and safe to go to the latest version of FTM at the sale price. I have been thinking of changing software since the old one doesn’t fully function in Vista 64. Hope you figure things out soon. Long time user of FTM. I really liked Ultimate Family Tree better.

  12. Michelle Pfister

    A few of you are having trouble with the update. I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. We’re quite certain that this has to do with the fact that in sending a patch out over the Internet, sometimes due to packet loss, the patch doesn’t act quite the way it should.

    We have had many people successfully install and use the patch, and it has been tested for more than a month without any trouble. So far, over 6500 people have successfully installed the patch, and we’ve heard from about 10 people who had a problem with the download.

    If you are having trouble with the patch, please try uninstalling and reinstalling to fix the problem.

  13. Not a very good solution really! Yes, I did have to download it twice, but have you guys never heard of CRC checks in installers? I’ve also always found that providing auto-update facilities only rarely work properly. A link to download a separate setup file for the update would be a better option.
    How many more times am I going to have to reinstall this product?

  14. Well, sorry, but I just tried your wonderful solution of uninstalling (and rebooting) and reinstalling, and it still bombs out when trying to publish reports…. what next?

  15. Michelle Pfister

    Steve #15

    I’m asking our top Technical Rep to help you resolve the issue. You should hear from them shortly.

  16. Diane Van Wagner

    I can’t get any web search results…Got a new computer yesterday…Vista 64bit… downloaded Family Treemaker and added the patch..NO WEB SEARCHES!

  17. MaryBettie Form

    After reading the comments I will not run the update. My husband didn’t like the requirements to install it in the first place so this seals it. MBF

  18. Michelle Pfister

    I want to emphasize that the large majority of people (many thousands) have been able to install this update with no trouble.

    Of course, that doesn’t help the few who are having trouble. I’m glad to know about the few problems that are occuring so we can fix them. Thanks for your ongoing feedback.

  19. Mary

    I received the update yesterday, May 5th, and have had problems ever since. When I merge a census record into my FTM, the program hangs and I have to shut it down. It looks like FTM trys to merge the record but then stops. To get around the problem, I uncheck the merge media at the top of the merge page.

  20. Michelle Pfister

    Some of you have mentioned problems with hints and web searches. These issues are not related to the patch. Instead, is experiencing some temporary difficulty. We are currently investigating the cause.

  21. Michelle Pfister

    The temporary problem with hints and web search is now resolved. Please let us know if you continue to see problems. Thanks!

  22. Lynn

    For some balance, I downloaded the patch yesterday and have had NO problems. I was happy to see the FTM had identified and was addressing some of the reported problems — I saw the patch as a positive step by FTM. Although it obviously sounds like a few of you are having a problem — I personally have not experienced any issues associated with the patch.

  23. James

    The 1880 Census images have always been slow to merge (and typically only the fact/source merges) and now the program “hangs” as others have noted.

    2.8GHz Dual Core Processor, 4GB RAM, Vista 64-bit.

    Do the crash reports get forwarded?


  24. Lisa

    every time I do one of your updates my program will not open I think I will stop using you updates If you can’t get this program to work maybe I should stop using your program I have nothing but trouble since I switched to 2009. When I used version 16 I had no trouble.

  25. Debbie Atchley

    After applying the update I can no longer import a PAF file. I’ve uninstalled FTM. reinstalled. attempted to import a PAF file BEFORE adding the update and it now just hangs. I uninstalled and reinstalled and loaded the patch, and it gets and error anytime I try to import a PAF file. The same PAF file had loaded easily previously BEFORE the patch.

  26. Jon

    Stay away from this until they address the issues more seriously – I installed the patch and immediately found I had problems merging census data from the web. Tried installing the patch on a different computer – same problem. Went over to a computer that did not have the patch and had no issues at all.

    While I can see that the website has had issues lately, the fact that in the span of 10 minutes there were 0 issues doing the same operation (on the same family) on an unpatched machine, but it hung on two different patched machines is HIGHLY suspect.

    It is complete nonsense to try to blame error packets during web download – that’s a solved problem with CRC checking and it is simply not the case that files get randomly corrupted when downloading. TCP/IP and the file download mechanisms are very robust!

  27. Tony Knight

    Computers are like people, everyone is different and likely to respond differently.
    I had to uninstal FTM after the upgrade as it stubbornly refused to fully load my database of some 70,000 individuals.
    In terms of performance it seems to have gone backwards. SP1 was an improvement, but even then it was my experience that the more robust your machine was the more likely it was to be able to cope with FTM.
    The program never really seems to have got to grips with Vista and, of course, Windows 7 is just around the corner now.
    I am now running a machine with the new Intel i7 quad chip and 9gb of memory, and as I say, it is struggling once more.
    No more enhancements please let us have a program that dosen’t baulk if you type faster than one fingered.

  28. Sam Smith

    I too installed this update yesterday.

    Everytime I try to merge anything it hangs. I am now starting to get very annoyed

  29. Michelle Pfister

    I am forwarding the technical issues mentioned here to a technical consultant. Thank you for your feedback.

    Each problem experienced by our users is a concern to us, and we want to identify any widespread problems early. Many thousands have installed the new update. To date, we are not seeing evidence from our Call Center that the issues mentioned here on the blog are being experienced by many users. However, we are continuing to look into this. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with our technical crew as we look for any update-related issues beyond the download problems some have experienced.

    This update was tested for more than a month before being released. I’m genuinely sorry to hear of the trouble some are experiencing, and we’re continuing to look closely into the possible reasons for the number of users on this blog who have experienced inconvenience.

  30. Robert Klein

    I just updated my FTM2009 with this latest update and now it will not run. I am using windows Vista.

  31. Mary McGuire

    I have purchased Family Tree Maker 2008, but when I ordered it I did not know it is for Windows customers only. Since I have a MacIntosh I-Mac, I cannot download or open the disc. Can I return it for a refund? Where do I send it?
    Thank You,
    Mary McGuire

  32. Michelle Pfister

    Eydie #8,

    The update involved the individual report rather than the simple register. Since the simple register does not have the “sort chronologically” option, that type of sort is not supported in the simple register.

  33. Michelle Pfister

    Mary #33,

    If you purchased Family Tree Maker at a retail store, you should be able to return it to that store.

    If you purchased it directly from or, you can return it by contacting the Call Center: 1-800-Ancestry.

  34. Michelle Pfister

    James #24,

    Our development group went through the same steps you followed, and they were unable to duplicate the problem. The merge did seem to temporarily wait, but then it went ahead. Is there anything else you can tell us about the problem that could help us duplicate it here?

  35. Michelle Pfister

    As a reminder, if you experience difficulties in Family Tree Maker after you’ve installed the update, you can try uninstalling and then re-installing Family Tree Maker. This seems to resolve the majority of problems from the small percentage of people who have seen problems with this update.

  36. James

    Unfortunately no. This year seems to have more issues on my machine than the other years. The program does not return from the merge and while the reference note and text was merged, the image never comes though. The program has to be forced to shutdown.


  37. Michelle Pfister

    James #38,

    OK, I’m sorry to hear you’re still having trouble. I’ll ask a technical rep to contact you.

  38. James

    Today things are merging without problems (even the 1880 US images.) How does the program respond during the internet image merge or when something goes wrong during the process? When does the program decide the transaction is complete or should cut off the action?


  39. Tony Knight

    Further to my earlier comment.
    I thought I would give it a try on my old XP machine with a Pentium 4 chip and 1gb of memory that was relegated to storage functions some years ago.
    FTM works much better, but still not as smoothly as other programs. It did though manage to compact my file without corrupting it, which I have not been able to do under Vista

  40. laura loud

    you sent a e-mail 5/8/2009 about myrna e wayman this is why i sign up again, but can`t find my message..

  41. Theresa

    the problem with FTM 2009 running it with Vista takes to much RAM at 1.5G I can’t get it to stop freezing every time I try to merge or search for duplicates

  42. Chris

    Installed the update and now everytime I click on ‘Sources’ or an individuals ‘Notes’ the program just shuts down. It will also shut down when I click on two specific individuals names. I’m really getting tired of the problems with the program but can’t find any other program out there that I like. Any suggestions?

  43. John Covington

    I have been working with PC since IBM came out with the IBM Jr. It has always been the “user” that was the problem UNTIL the software “guys” suddenly found that they had misplaced a period or a comma.

    Please stop insulting users by saying that the problem is with “us”. We are smart people to use PC’s (or MAC’s) and the Internet. Most of us are fairly savy about PC hardware and software, but it does not necessarily mean that even one with less experience does not know that a problem was “created” when all things were “no problems” and no changes made to “our” systems except the software update.

    So stop making excuses…just fix our problems. I used FTM 2008 and then got the FTM 2009 version, it has been a nightmare with this version since installation and updates. I have uninstalled, installed, updated, uninstalled installed…etc and still you are blame “us”. Really Silly….

  44. tim

    is there anyway to update both family tree maker and ancestry family tree at the same time ie if i input into one it will also change on the other

  45. Derla Lehnherr

    I downloaded the ‘update’ and now cannot even open FTM. All I get is the pop-up telling me that FTM has stopped working and Windows is trying to find a solution. When they find one they will let me know (paraphrased, of course). So now, what do I do??

  46. Brian

    I installed the 307 update and FTM started to hang in ‘Not Responding’ during Fact/Media merge.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled FTM including the 307 update and experienced even more problems.

    I have submitted my experiences to Support via the web site ref 090510-000061 but am not expecting much.

    I have now reinstalled FTM without 307 and it works but I have lost the Publishing enhancements from previous updates.

    Where can I go to download previous patches?

  47. Randy

    The chronological facts displaying incorrectly in individual report. Will this be fixed? Census dates are all out of order.

  48. I cannot figure out how to transfer the info that I have entered on over onto Family Tree Maker. I was assured that this was possible without reintering it. I do want to “endorse” each profile before it is merged to make sure it’s what I want to merge to FTM. Also, please be aware that I have 2 trees on that I want to merge together (everything into one tree and then separate into approx. 6-8 trees). Thanks for your speedy reply. Note: I am dissappointed that FTM does not have a nice (family group sheet) profile sheet type format on any screen. Am I missing something?

  49. Tony Knight

    Could I make a suggestion for anyone commenting on the basic running of FTM on this thread or any other in the blog. State which version of Windows you are using. From my experience I can say:-

    1. It seems to be fairly stable under XP.
    2. It is not at all happy under Vista.
    3. It is no better under either the Beta or the Release Candidate of WIndows 7.

    This should demonstrate if it is Vista compatibility that is the main problem.

  50. Kia

    After all the problems of media failing to merge, when the default media folder contain more than a given number of files – I thoroughly tested out this problem I can assure you. Then either being told the problem doesn’t exist or being ignored by the CS team, this patch was quite exciting. I understood it was going to fix this (non-exisitant) problem…
    Yes, I know, I shouldn’t have used the default folder, but it’s a PITA to go and move files, rename and have to re-link them to individuals all the time.
    It’s nothing to do with my drive being too full – If I end up with an FTM file that takes over 2 TERABytes… Nor is it my system being to slow, not enough RAM or whatever. It’s a custom built (by me) PC with plenty of resources.
    Oh no! It’s worse. Before the media just failed merge, so I had to go and manually save it. Now, it doesn’t merge and the whole program hangs!
    I guess on one hand it’s a step in the right direction – the right part of code must have been edited. But, it’s been edited very badly.
    It’s certainly not me being incapable either. As a web designer, programmer, PC builder I like to think I’m reasonably savvy on how to use a computer. The typical response of un-install and re-install is just a cop out to be honest. If such a process is required, it’s obviously a case of very unstable coding – fix it!
    So, now I guess we all await the next patch to fix the things broken by this patch and hopefully the things that this patch was supposed to fix but didn’t.

  51. d1u9s5t2y

    As someone previously posted-For a little balance here-
    OS Windows XP Pro on Dell XPS600, 2.8 Dual Core, 2G RAM, 120G Memory, FTM 2009-307 with 38,908 individuals, 2500 + media, file size 1,698,151 kb. Update went great. Was glad to see the task items put back in the to do list.

  52. Maxine Myford

    Since the updates last Wednesday, I have not been able to save documents to a given person in my tree. All it says is “Start a new tree with this person”. I don’t want to start new trees every time I save a document to someone in my current Tree. Please advise how I can save things to people in my Tree without starting a new tree.
    Thank you.

  53. Marjorie Murray

    I have a new Dell computer with Vista. I have since installed my FTM 2008 which did not work on my old computer. FTM 2006 was wonderful because I KNEW IT. Now I am unable to get on the Internet directly from FTM 2008. Can this be corrected? Thank you if you are able to direct my query to the right party. Marjorie

  54. Lynn

    #54 Kia “And where did the auto back up on exit feature disappear to?”

    In FTM 2009 (and I belive 2008) you can back-up as frequently as you would like — which I believe was a request made by many FTM users that the back-up was not automatic but optional, given that large family tree take a bit of time to back up (i.e., you have the choice to back-up every time or not 🙂 )

  55. James

    On my machine, if I close the program with the tree open, the tree will be automatically backed up. If I close the file first, the file will not be automatically backed up.


    Regarding the update, the program will hang frequently when merging images from But the problem is not 100%. The program still creates “.tmp” files that can be read by FTM 2009 and I still have to manually change them to “.jpg” files then relink. Sometimes the linked image is the rotating progress symbol that one sees when the program is waiting for a screen/information update.

  56. Tony Knight – #52 – excellent suggestion as I firmly believe that the majority of issues are Vista related.

    We run XP with SP3 on a core 2 duo with 4GB memory and 500 GB SATA drives – we had no problems running 2009 or applying the latest patch.

    The fact that we still prefer to use 2006 (V16) and only check certain facts with 2009 is another matter entirely 🙂


  57. Ian Smith

    Tony Cousins – #60
    Sory to put the proverbial cat among the pigeons but I am running FTM on a Laptop using Windows Vista.

    I was a Beta tester for 2009 and during all my testing and subsequent usage, my laptop has never crashed, hung up, printed eroneous data or generated any of the other errors that some people are experiencing.

    I am beginning to think from all the complaints that I must be using a different genealogy program.

    I have found that providing you ‘read the instructions’, the program functions as advertised and I am very impressed with the running of it.

    My only gripe is the speed of operation compared to other genealogy programs, ie:- Legacy, RootsMagic and Family Historian to name but three

    Finally a word of encouragement to Michelle Pfister, you are going in the right direction and please accept my thanks for all your imput during what must be a difficult time

  58. Ian Smith – #61

    By all means put the cat amongst the pigeons but please note I said “… I firmly believe that the majority of issues are Vista related.” – not *all* 😉


  59. James Ralston

    After reading the blog inputs, I always find myself amazed at what I read. I run two computers, one with Vista and the other with XP SP3. I cannot get the patch to load on either. Why, is because I CANNOT get a notice it is available nor do I find it anywhere else. After reading all of the trouble it seems to have caused, I am glad I did not get it into my computers. I have no problems with searching or much of the other stuff that many others write here, that they encounter. My biggest complaints are two-fold: people who screw with programs when the customers like them and know they work and the PITIFUL search engine that Ancestry has. The search engine is a total joke.

  60. Michelle Pfister

    Kia #54,

    The auto backup feature is available. To change the settings, select Tools | Options | Automatically backup family file

  61. Michelle Pfister

    Thank you for your comments, suggestions and concerns. Our technical rep will be contacting those of you who have mentioned concerns here. We continue to see very few problems overall with the update. This blog seems to be the meeting area for those having some concerns.

    Thank you to those of you who are helping to provide some balance. Based on the number of trouble-free downloads experienced, your comments represent the large majority of people using the update. That said, we continue to watch the overall trends to make sure.

    For those of you who are unfortunately having technical issues, we’ll work with you to resolve them quickly. Thank you in advance for working with our technical folks.

  62. Theresa Griffin

    Just about every time I have had an update, since the release of 2008, I have experienced problems with my sources.

    I have a HUGE source file and after installing the May 5th update I now have many sources duplicated in the Person Facts area. More importantly, many of my sources that were for particular pages in a source, where I typed the text into the notes section are merged into one page or are completely GONE!

    It took me four months to fix this the last time it happened, when the new 2009 was sent out.

    I am so angry I can’t even speak. I’ve been a full subscriber since 1997 and have used every version of Family Tree Maker since its inception. I have had this problem over and over again. I have spent thousands, and I’m not exaggerating, thousands of hours correcting the source issues and now I want someone to contact me to explain how you’re going to take care of this for me.

  63. Tony Knight

    Ian Smith -#60

    It is important to distnguish being problems experienced by someone who is producing a report, chart and hasn’t read the relevant part of the manual and every day problems.

    Apart from data entry, merging and other database maintenance features, I don’t really bother with the other features unless someone asks me for imformation on the main surname that I research.

    SP1 had (for me) solved a lot of slow operation issues that you yourself acknowledge exist. The new patch reversed this. If, for example, you wish to add a source, it should not take an age for a dialogue box to pop up. Simple typing in of text should not take an eternity.

    The fact that this type of problem is related to Vista is easily demonstrated. I am now running the Windows 7 Release Candidate. This has the facility subject to hardware requirements to run XP under a virtual computer which I am doing. Speed problems have disappeared.

    It is inescapable that some problems are user related. People do not read manuals, they jump right in. That does not explain, for example why every time I have tried to compact my file under FTM2008/9 running Vista, I have ended up with a corrupted database, but it is fine if I do it running XP.

    I am now running XP under emulation with the Windows 7 RC purely for FTM whilst running the other programs I use at the same time normally. The speed problems have more or less disappeared.

    I like FTM I have used it since version 4. I have looked at other programs, but have not been attracted by them. Windows XP is a thing of the past. By the autumn new machines will be shipping with W7. It is essential for the future of FTM that the speed problem is solved.

    An experienced computer user of some 25 years, but not a programmer, If I were I would be tempted to look at the frames based interface.

  64. Eleanor Bryson

    I have a 2005 Family Tree Maker can that be upgraded, if so…will you let me know how, thank you.

  65. Carol C.

    Okay – thank you for the new patch – however I now have a program I can NOT access. I get a popup message saying the FTM.exe has been moved or changed would I like to delete the shortcut? Now I cannot even get to it! Thank you for another frustrating event with Family Tree Maker!

  66. I’m still having no luck in getting either FTM2008 or FTM2009 to

    successfully import my FTM16 based FTW file, even with the latest patch. Both FTM2008 & 9 give the “import error” message “the import failed because of an unknown error”. Repeated attempts to import my file usually result in the above error that occurs at different

    points of the process (that is, at various places where one or more individuals are shown to have been processed). Using Windows XP, and after a number of failed retries, FTM has been able to complete the import, producing an FTM file and associated media folder. Unfortunately however to date, the results have been erroneous. Based on the log that is produced, it appears that the number of individuals and their marriages seem to be correct. I have not evaluated accuracy of any other information in the resulting FTM file itself, but continue to find errors in some of it’s associations to media folder contents. It’s clear to me that many, if not all, of the text files in my FTM16 scrapbook are not being imported. Additionally, a number of the images that are associated with “source information” are also being lost. These errors existed in the Beta versions of this product and were reported. Unfortunately, they have yet to be fixed.

    I recently obtained a new system that uses Vista (64 bit version). It has 6gb of memory and plenty of hard drive space. I installed FTM2009 with the latest patch on this system and tried to import my FTM16 file. Unfortunately, although I have tried many, many times, I have not yet managed to get FTM2009 to complete the import. In fact, after 4 to 5 trys resulting in the “unknown failure” error, I get a different “import error” message that says “The given key is not present in the dictionary”. This error occurs immediately after starting the import and before any individuals have been processed. The program appears to have gotten itself into this state and will continue to give this message even if I replace the FTM16 file to be imported with another. This import error continues to be generated as a response until the program, itself, has been explicitly terminated.

  67. Having completely reinstalled, as advised, and updating again, it now won’t open my tree at all!!
    At least it allowed me access before reinstalling!
    Have the developers _really_ done full testing? Have you tested it with and without UAC on? Have you seen what may happen if folder permissions are incorrect? And YES, I do run the program as Administrator – but come on, that should really not be necessary these days! If other companies can run a program with UAC on under Vista, then why can’t you?
    And like someone else has said, what happens when Windows 7 is formally released? I am not confident and am glad I moved to Family Historian – now even better as Version 4!

  68. BJ Bangs

    Does Family Tree Maker 2009 work with a 62 bit system. Version 2008 is totally incompatible. Also, if it does, how can I move files from an older version on a different computer to the newer version.
    Please advise.

  69. Ian Ponting

    Re: comment #73- I run FTM 2009 on a desk Top running Windows XP Media Center Edition and on a lap top with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Works fine on both computers, in fact I synchronize with Microsoft Synchtoy with no apparent problems.
    Moving files from an older version (version 5 and newer) is quite simple, just click on new tree and follow the instructions.

  70. Kenneth Marcum

    I have been a FTM user since the very first one came out and updated my version about every other time a new version came out. I found FTM16 very good and had absolutely no problems with it. When FTM2008 came out I read the blogs for a while before I decided to try it. It took my about 4 times installing and uninstalling it before it finally appeared to be correct. This happened over a period of 3-4 weeks. By that time there were so many reports about the troubles eveeryone was having I decided to uninstall and keep on using FTM16. When 2009 cam out I got it but still could not bring myseld to quit using FTM16. Finally after the update to 2009 I installed it (after 2 tries) and kept my fingers crossed. I actually used both versions for a couple of months before I decided to go strictly with 2009. So far I seem to have no major problems with the information that I had entered in FTM16 being correct in FTM2009.
    I do have a couple of things that I do not like about it and they may actually not be a problem other than me not knowing how to do what I want to do. One problem I have between the 16 and the 2009 is that with the 16 when you did a genealogy report you got one with the first paragraph containing the major dates and places in the persons life (DOB,POB, DOD,POD,DOM,POM, married ????, etc) and the you would get any notes that you had entered and finally you would get the list of facts about the person that you had entered. In 2009 you get some of the facts showing up in the first paragraph and some never show up at all. This always happens for the first person you are doing a report on but facts for other people will sometimes appear listed as in older versions of FTM. Am I not doing something right???
    My second problem is that I cannot find where or how to do a customized report in 2009 like you could do in FTM16. I would like to print out a report with certain individuals and include DOB, POB, DOD, POD in the report. Is this possible or is it something else I am just missing?
    This is just a couple of the things that were so easy to do in 16 but seem so difficult if not impossible in 2009.


  71. Michelle Pfister

    Kenneth #76,

    The things you are used to doing in Version 16 are also available in Version 2009. Select the “Publish” Workspace, click on Genealogy Reports, and select “Ahnentafel Report” or one of the other reports.

    You can also do custom reports by selecting “Person Reports” and then choosing “Custom Report.”

  72. Michael

    FTM 2009 crashes regularly when I am simply entering data such as birth, death, etc. Using the number of people who complain about problems as an indication of application robustness is misleading. Most people don’t bother to report problems until they become totally frustrated. You no doubt have far more unhappy campers than you are aware of. Good luck with your fixes.


  73. Tony Knight

    Michael #78 is correct.

    Irritating things like gedcoms downloaded fron Ancestry being rejected because they are not version 5.5 or later, but edit the gedcom line in a text editor and its fine.

  74. James Ralston

    #78 Michael
    This may not help you, but it sure took care of my FTM 2009 from crashing. Go to the “EDIT” tab, click on find duplicate people and eliminate the ones you clearly know are wrong. Once I did that, my program didnt crash any further. This bunch at Ancestry are clueless about telling people remedies, unless they get so many complaints, that confuses them. They put out patches that screw stuff up or ones that certain people cant even get, try to fix things that are not broke, and give us new stuff, that we clearly tell them we dont like. Give it a try, what the heck.

  75. Tony

    Why don’t you give me what I bought without forceing me to signup to by more. I bought your family tree maker deluxe and was told I would have a three month membership, thats what I want and then I will decide if I want more. You miss represented your product. I bet you don’t read these either, much less respond ! Maybe the folks reading it will respond to it though.

  76. Barbara Cunningham

    I’d like to see in future updates the ability to include non-preferred facts in the reports, as well as the ability to merge duplicate facts.

  77. Eydie Keim

    On May 6 (reader # 8)I wrote about the Chronological facts displaying incorrectly in individual report” and you responded with:
    The update involved the individual report rather than the simple register. Since the simple register does not have the “sort chronologically” option, that type of sort is not supported in the
    simple register.

    My next question is why not? It just seems that it would be the natural order of events.
    The Register report lists in chronological order so why not the Simple Register.

  78. Michelle Pfister

    Tony #81,

    If you did not intend for your subscription to auto-renew and you are not using it, you can cancel it by calling 800-ancestry.

  79. Michelle Pfister

    Barbara #82,

    The ability to include non-preferred facts will be part of the next FTM release. Also, merging of duplicate facts is somewhat supported in the current product.

  80. Hi Michelle

    Not wanting to put words into the mouth of other people – but I think Tony #81 is complaining that he had to provide a credit card in order to get the ‘free’ trial membership.

    This is nothing new, in fact it has been a ‘problem’ for a number of years and the source of some legal battles with Ancestry.

    It does seem strange that this is a requirement to gain a free trial.

    I’m not worried – I’ve been a paying subscriber for a number of years 🙂


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