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We want to let you all know about a recent change we’ve made to the blog. The blog has been updated to prevent comments from being made on posts that are more than two weeks old.

We truly value your feedback, and appreciate the insight our readers provide us on products, content and everything else we post on this blog. This change to the blog was made to ensure we are able to track all comments in a more timely manner and reply as needed.

All comments that have been posted to date will remain on the blog, but the function to accept future comments after two weeks has been disabled. If you missed your opportunity to comment on a blog post, don’t worry. After comments have closed on a blog post, the message board is another great forum to post your feedback.


  1. i’m not sure where to ask about this but take the legalzoom away please. i can understand ancestry ads, no problem. don’t mean to sound grumpy but they’re a nuisance.otherwise things are great and i thank you for letting me say something

  2. Seeing as there is nowhere to report problems at the weekend this may get the word out.

    It looks like there are many collections that are not producing results. I was finding Franklin in the England and Wales Christening Records 1530-1906 yesterday – today now I get this messsage “Your Search for Franklin returned no matches”.

    Looks like I’m going to have a poor weekend researching – there isn’t any support at the weekend.


  3. Fran

    I am having trouble with the site today
    Example : I am looking for Dodson in the 1840 census in Pa. I shows 6 listing but when I click on that nothing is found
    Also happening to other items
    Of course it is Saturday and no one to call

  4. Sherry

    You are not alone, I also ran into the same issue this morning.

    If I do a “regional” search, I get results but am taken to the “new” ancestry search experience (even though I am set for the “old”) and that is a complete waste of time, toggling through a bazillion names rather then clicking onto the individual database that I need.

    For weeks I have had problems with the ancestry site, most relate to hitting the back button on my browser. I use to click once to go back to the previous page; now it hangs.

    I have also found that I continually need to empty my cache (delete temporary interned files). I have to do this hourly.

    It is a shame that there is no help on the weekends as I have a day job and spend the weekends researching.

  5. T B

    I think this is a bad idea. There was some give and take between the author of the blog and those who comment. With only a two week window I believe we will have lost an excellent source of feedback.

    Off topic but I have to agree with #5 Sherry. You have really done a number on the back button on my computer also. It is only your site that I have a problems so I can not blame the browser ( I E 7).

  6. Deb H

    Lots of databases not working today. They all show “zero” results, even when using test searches on names like “Smith”. I just found out there’s no supporton the weekend…unbelievable. Will we get a credit for the down time? (I know…I should stop dreaming).

  7. Bonnie

    I wanted to comment on the Public Records post but found it closed so I am commenting here.

    I lost a valuable resource when you updated your USPRI. Mostly I used it to find relatives as well as descendants of research targets in order to collaborate with research.

    Over the last year I found so many uses for it that I visited it almost every day.

    When the USPRI message appeared stating that “living individuals” would no longer be found at Ancestry, and that we should try, I followed that link, expecting to find a branch of Ancestry. But no.

    It turns out I am expected to pay for a public records database at, when I had already paid for one at The loss of this database has significantly devalued my Ancestry subscription.

    I think this is a bit of bait and switch and hope is not indicative of future database losses. For example, I would hate to discover that the California Marriage collection will suddenly disappear only to be replaced by another pay-to-view database.

  8. Fran

    I agree with Bonnie #8
    USPRI was my best search tool

    It is 6:48 on the east coast and still have a problem with the search system

  9. Rita

    I’m having the same problem. I’ll get hits but when I click on some of them the message is – NO MATCHES. What gives? Will this be fixed? It has made researching today 85% ineffective.

  10. Jerry Bryan

    It seems extremely unwise to close a blog based strictly on an arbitrary time limit. Two weeks is probably more than enough for some threads, but nowhere near long enough for others.

    It makes sense to close blogs after a while, but they should be closed by the original author when they have run their course.

    Off topic, but as others have already noted it seems that Search is not working correctly as we speak – neither New Search nor Old Search. Legitimate searches that should get a match are getting no matches.

    For example, I searched for surname Williamson in all censuses in Blount County, Tennessee. The search reports 2 matches for 1830 and 2 matches for 1840. But then clicking on 1830 or 1840 to see the matches yields no matches.

  11. Len

    I agree with Bonnie #8
    It is terrible to loose USPRI., no way will I pay for that.

    Please reinstate the USPRI database, even if you never update it again.

  12. Deb H

    4:00 PM EST. Search still not working. That’s 2 full days of non-service for which we’re all paying darn good money…

  13. rwolff

    Where is the tech crew when needed? I’m having trouble with search engine. When I put in a surname it gives me the results total, but when I click on the database topic it tells me that there are no results. This has happened since Thursday. Any hope of this glitch being fixed soon? I see others have left similar complaints.

  14. Fran

    It is 6:12 EST and still having trouble with search engine. When I put in a surname it gives me the results total, but when I click on the item and it tells me that there are no results. Do we get a credit for this problem?

  15. Mary Beth Marchant

    The mess this weekend no doubt has to do with their “big” announcement of COMING SOON–NEW NAVIGATION. In my opinion, most everytime Ancestry says they are going to do something good for us- THE SUBSCRIBERS- they are planning to mess things up good. Then we have to scream and scream until they put it back.

  16. Mary Beth Marchant

    As far as the back button situation-I am seeing that too. Extremely annoying. At first I put that down to downloading the new IE 8, but even when I went back to IE 7, I am still having trouble with the back button. Is Ancestry doing something to cause this or not. We need an answer.

  17. Steven Snider

    I think that’s great, but where do you post a new comment? I don’t see a link for where you can start a new thread at all and the concern I have is about a thread which is more than 2 weeks old and has a link on providing feedback from the merge page in the census records. The problem I am having is that when a name is incorrectly spelled in the transcription of a document, you do not have an option to add the extended family members to the correct individual and there is apparantly a smart feature which only works about 1% of the time in identifying family members who are the same. I would like to spend less time going in to tie a census record to each individual person and having the ability to tie the extending family members in to someone who is already in your tree would be awesomely helpful. Thanks!

  18. Carol A. H.

    Closing a blog topic after only two weeks is a VERY BAD IDEA, except for some of the frivolous and unimportant topics that get little or no comments, or activity. You have some real space wasters on the blogs but many of the blog topics need more than two weeks for everyone to read them and post a question or comment. Granted, some folks post unrelated questions, but haven’t you noticed that they often get help from one of the other members? We give of our time, experience and knowledge to others at no monetary compensation to us. You get paid, and half the time you seem to ignore most of the posts. Aren’t you paying attention?

    Now you tell us, after the fact, that you are closing topics after 2 weeks. That definitely is a stupid idea. It is also NOT beneficial to us, the paying subscribers. This proves you DON’T appreciate our feedback and ideas. You lie!

    Other concerns I have: The back button doesn’t work properly. It stalls when there is no other option to get back. I don’t have this problem anywhere except ancestry. This has been a continual problem for quite awhile. I have been through the routine of dumping temp files and etc, several times. No improvement. I have current software.

    I worked all weekend and had some good results using the old search, of course. I “stuck my toe into the new search water” and quickly pulled it out! I’d forgotten how bad it is. Enough of that nonsense! I won’t use it! My searches are in the USA, not outside the country. I really feel for all the folks researching outside the USA with all the problems they are having.

    Also, this past weekend I noticed if I try to add a census that happens to contain an arrival date to a tree, the title of the source in the time line is “Arrival” not census and census year. So I deleted the addition of the arrival date in the selection box and it used “Census” as a default like it used to. I add as an additional event the “arrival” in a separate source citation. It didn’t use to default to the arrival date. That should be fixed to be “census.”

    In the past year you people have created more problems than you have solved with your new “additions and enhancements.” I never in all the years I have been a member would have gotten on the blogs until you started screwing up.

  19. judy

    getting fed up of us complaining are you! so you deside that your best move is to stop us giving our opinion on past subjects as i said before what a PERFETIC responce for you to give us your custermers. i have a solution that will not nessitate our complaining


    yes i am shouting it to you but i doubt you’ll listen you never do ancestry are blinked and deaf when it comes to understanding and listening to our concernes. this company use to be the best now i’m watching ancestry slowly going down the pan. all because you dont listen.

  20. Deb H

    Steven #18 and Carol #19 – I agree. As far as people posting unrelated topics to some of the blogs, I believe it’s because, as Steven mentioned, there’s no option to start a new topic unless Ancestry does it. Where else can concerns be posted but to the most recent of blog entries? The problems experienced this past weekend are prime examples. If nothing else at least other readers will get some benefit from our comments…even if Ancestry doesn’t listen or reply.

  21. Carole

    I would like to add my complaints along with Bonnie in comment #8. Her comment speaks for hundreds of your subscribers.

    The Public Records index was a valuable tool, and I use it on a regular basis. Those records helped to tie in and confirm loose ends.

    I found my missing but alive 94 year old aunt in those records living with her son. They had moved away years ago and we had lost contact. By backtracking through the Public Records, I was able to trace where she had been and found other missing relatives.

    Removing that research tool and re-directing traffic to a pay site is a dirty trick.

    In this bad economical period that the world is going through, how many more subcribers will pay money for public information. I personally know several Ancestry subscribers who have cancelled their subscriptions because they could no longer afford them, and Ancestry has now taken the stance of limiting information to their remaining subscribers and redirecting them to another pay site?

    I used to visit every day to perform my research, but with all the changes, the gimmicks, the ability for people to merge incorrect information from one tree into another, the search problems —I no longer use as my primary research source.

    Your “new” member tree system is absolutely worthless because there are so many errors in them and they are cloned versions of one another. People are merging children into their trees and these children are under the wrong mother, or wrong father and that incorrect information is being taken and merged into another tree without being sourced. Thank God for Rootsweb.

    FamilySearch is quickly catching up and they offer much.

    I really feel that should rethink their decision to withhold and/or change certain research records, including the US Public Records Index.

  22. Debbie

    I am looking for my sister the last place of her to live was in Fredricksburg VA. She has 2 brothers also.
    I do hope I get a note of some king saying they are all ok.

  23. Leonard Enlow

    How do I ask a question or respond to a Blog comment? I do not see where there is an ICON to add a comment.

  24. Ida French

    Has anyone noticed that this was posted on April 24th and today is May 7th and Heather hasn’t bothered to answer any of the posts. Good example why the blogs should stay active for more than 2 Weeks.

    I would like to comment on a old blog referring to U.S. Content slowing Down. Ancestry says no – not true. O.K. besides the usual Social Security updates etc…. Where is all the new stuff!!!!

    Go ahead and shut down the boards after two weeks we will just ask the questions we want answered on the new blogs not the message boards that you don’t read.

  25. Ellen radford

    For weeks now I’ve had trouble with search & the search results. I “search” for someone I know exist in a certain location & either they do NOT show up or if they do “view record” in stamped over say the 1800 census, I click & it may take me to the 1920 census???? OR I type in a location in the USA & all my results will be overseas? I’m about over paying for something I can NOT use effectively. Member here for 13 yrs, but will not throw my money away either.

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