Posted by Eric Shoup on February 19, 2009 in Site Issues, Website

Our online Member Trees system continues to grow extremely fast.  We are spending a lot of effort behind-the-scenes to upgrade this system so that it will continue to meet customer needs as it grows.  As part of this effort, we will be upgrading some software on the servers that house this system.  These servers also support and

During the maintenance window we may determine that we need to take down, and/or but at this point we do not anticipate having to do so.

 This is part 1 of 3 planned maintenance windows to complete this upgrade:

           Part 1 – Friday, 20 February 2009 – 1:00 – 3:00 a.m. MST

           Part 2 – Tuesday, 24 February 2009 – 12:00 – 3:00 a.m. MST

           Part 3 – Wednesday, 25 February 2009 – 12:00 – 3:00 a.m. MST

I will post again to notify you of parts 2 & 3 as we get closer.


Eric Shoup


  1. Hi Eric –
    Fabulous site! Only joined a couple weeks ago and am enjoying every spare minute I can using it. I started researching my family in 1971 & wow! …what a change!

  2. Lisa Cacicia

    Does this have anything to do with all the slowness with the site all this week. If it went any slower, it would just stop. I use this site at home and work with two different internet providers. So it’s not a problem on this end.

  3. Please let me add my name to the list of people who are a bit peeved about the slowness of your site. I have faith however and have renewed my world membership. My trees are the reason I get up in the morning so my toes are crossed that this planned maintenance will be the one that MANY of us have been waiting for. Best of luck with THE FIX and I will be eager to sign on once again. Don’t let me down!!!!

  4. roger

    So how does this relate to GMT? If its the six hours behind that a I think it is then your looking at a possible breakfast time shut down in the UK / Europe and an afternoon early evening shut down for Australia!

    It all very well doing maintenance in the middle of the night for American users but please consider the effect in the rest of the world.

  5. Charlotte

    I thought it was just me regarding the website being so slow in loading. I can go to my emails and respond to 1 email before this site will load. Why does it do that? I love! Have found 3 cousins I’m corresponding with!

  6. Mary Beth Marchant

    Eric, it’s good to know about the planned downtime. However, it would be much better if y’all put that on the site itself instead of hiding it on the blog. I did find that Ancestry was down very, very early this morning. If I had checked your blog I would have known, but many people never even read the blog. I would suggest that you post this so everyone would know. Usually when your other site, down for an update, there is a note on the main page that this will happen. Do a service for your subscribers and post it where everyone can read it, not just the few of us who actually read the blog.

  7. kay hubbartt

    I have been trying to get to my leafs all week, and the little busy thing just spins and spins. I have tried on 3 different computer, on 3 different servers, so it is your end. It is now past the maintence peroid, do you have an eta as to when these problems will be resolved?

  8. Karen

    Well, it’s Saturday morning and suddenly, the records I find will not save or attach. When I click the save it highlights some area of the page that’s not even on the pop up “attach” window. I have been experiencing this all week. I will come back to the record or census I found an hour later and poof, I can attach it. Is this part of your maintenance too? It would just be nice to know. Thanks.

    Regarding SLOW,,,If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser instead of Internet Explorer, your speed will increase and the SLOWS will be gone.

  9. Henry Belrose

    I noticed that I have been unable to pull up the original documents for the past two days. Is this soomthing new or is it temp while you are doing maint?

  10. Eric Shoup

    Hey all-

    Our Development team continues to work on site performance improvements. We have done a number of customer calls recently where we installed analysis software on customer computers to assess exactly what is going on when they hit Ancestry. This has provided additional insights for the Development team about the source of the issue. I will provide a more complete update when I have something more substantive to share here.

    Karen & Henry — this issue of not being able to pull up original documents is a new one to me. For what its worth, I just tried it on my computer and had no problem. Please let us know if this issue persists.

    Mary Beth — good suggestion. Let me see what we can do here.



  11. cindy

    Hey Eric, since you seem to be the only tech that answers/responds to questions at Ancestry, I thought I would try you. It seems that since you all added the “new experience” search feature the site has run slower than it did in the past. I suggest that Ancestry take a poll to find out which is the feature more people are using (my guess is the “old experience”) and pull the one that gets the least attention. Just a thought.

  12. The documents I seek I am having no trouble attaching however there is no option to view printer friendly. It has been this way for a couple of days.
    The bells and whistles of the new search would be nice but at this point they are not worth it. Please pull the new search and get more of the bugs out. Meanwhile maybe we can get caught back up to where we would be if you had not launched it. I would rather deal with a fast old search and use my own detective powers than the new search that messes with everyone.
    As for using different internet browsers…You all have to be familier with the ones that the bulk of your subscribers use. Don’t release something that is going to make everyone take computer courses to do their own trees. Some of these folks have learned enough to do their trees and not much more. These may be some of the very people we need to be entering information. Please don’t forget about them when you launch new ways of doing things. I thank everyone that has said use this browser or that and I have used their advice, yet I know many people are just not logging on while this site is “getting fixed” for the last two or three MONTHS.
    Fortunately, I am retired and have the priviledge to work on my tree every day. Even I get discouraged and skip working because it seems I get one step forward and two steps back. Eric, please give me back my excitement in the morning as I have my coffee. I want to wonder who I am going to find today!!!!


  13. fred

    I love your site, however, it’s getting to a point where I cannot use it account of being so slow.
    At times, when you click from one site to another, it will take up to
    2 or 3 minutes. One would think that with all the technology out there, this wouldn’t happen.

  14. Martha Cieglo

    Why can I print a family group sheet but not the persons profile sheet? I prefer the profile as it contains more information, i.e. residence’s.

    Also, how can I include the notes when I print?

  15. L. McNeill

    This may sound like a broken record of previous posts but I believe it’s important enough to repeat. This site has been so slow that it’s frustrating, annoying and disappointing. I’m certainly sad that I pay for a world membership and receive less that expected service in return. I realize you have alot of information on this site to maintain but believe that all paying customers of ancestry should not expect speed/download issues. I’ve been a satisfied customer for a few years but have to admit this current speed issue has made me use your site less. Your maintenance timeline does not pinpoint speed as an issue that you will be correcting. I can only wait and hope that is the case. Thank You.

  16. Kathy Lynch

    I agree with Karen (Post #11) that Firefox is much faster, but on two computers that I frequently use for genealogy work, Firefox cannot access original document images. The screen which comes up after selecting the document begins to blink and flash — this happens 100% of the time. To see original documents, I must re-log in using Internet Explorer, which is a bit of a pain. This problem has persisted through many, many upgrades of Firefox. Here’s hoping that one day it will be easier to use my favorite browser.

  17. Christine

    I don’t have a question I have a suggestion. I’ve been a member of Ancestry for a while now. I wanted to ask can someone please make it easier to remove people from a tree perfect example I gave a cousin my mom’s side of my tree but I didn’t want to give her my dads not her family she has an account so I had to go back and remove my dads family of 350 people one by one took more than 8 hrs. uggg. Or make it so we can chose who we want added to a gedcom export..

  18. Christine

    I wanted to leave a message for anyone that is experiencing snail walking page changes. I switched over to safari and Ancestry zips. All the pages are the same it just goes faster. Internet explorer uses too much ram and firfox has too many problems with the viewer. Try Safari it’s through Apple.

  19. Carol A. H.

    Hey there, Christine, I’m always looking for “faster.” Is Safari only for Macs? I have IE on a PC right now. Explain, please. Thanks.

  20. LegalCohen

    Eric…How about adding a feature that will prevent anyone from taking information from anyone else’s family tree without the owner’s permission. LJoanBircher a/k/a Linda Stanch has been building numerous family trees with information from other people’s family trees. Before attaching the people and information to her trees, she manipulates and changes the information to suit herself. What Linda Stanch has been doing undermines the integrity of all the information found on I had to make my trees private just to make sure she could not add any more information from my trees to hers.

  21. Delores Shanklin

    I am unable to acess the information on family and I paid for 1 year subscrib. Delores Shanklin

  22. Revia Perrigin

    I have a free membership but can’t use it. Don’t have credit card. Have DAR member look up things. Found 3 tress(private) looking for info on my grandmother,REVIA JERENIA ADDKISON. One had her death and burial wrong. She died in Winston county, Ms. and is buried at Shiloh Baptist Church there. The trees were Roberts-Cotter,William Fowler, Our family tree. Would like to find a way for them to get in touch with me.

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