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Valentine Roses, Chocolate Cherry and Rose Bouquet may all sound like perfect gifts for that special someone this Valentine’s Day, but historical records found on our site show they were actually names of real people. Here’s just a sampling of the names our team uncovered:

  • Valentine Day (WWI Draft Card)
  • Mary A Valentine (1930 Census)
  • Cupid Hart (1870 Census)
  • Rose Bouquet (1930 Census)
  • Love Queen (WWI Draft Card)
  • Chocolate Cherry (AL Marriage Collection)
  • Lottie Chocolate (1930 Census)
  • Sweet Heart Bush (1930 Census)

Rose Bouquet - 1930 Census

Rose Bouquet – 1930 Census

Love Queen - WWI Draft Card

Love Queen (WWI Draft Card)

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate. We found a little chocolate on, too. By 1900, Milton Snavely Hershey was focusing all his energy on his up-and-coming chocolate business, selling off his caramel business and producing America’s first milk-chocolate Hershey bar. We found a passport applicaton on our site for Mr. Hershey from 1918, in which he applies for a passport to visit Cuba due to his interest in sugar mills and the railroad.

Milton Hershey Passport Application

Milton Hershey’s Passport Application 

Go ahead and see if you have a Valentine in your family tree!


  1. Oxpictus

    OK, I am just going off the first post I see, and the most recent comment, but how does one post an ORIGINAL comment?? I do not find directions anywhere.

    While I am here, I may as well make the comments I wanted:

    1. Both my husband’s and my Family Trees have plenty of members of the peerage of England- your form does not allow for titles, (i.e. King Edward I of England, appearing in both trees). You need to have some provision by which we may enter information without having the bother of overriding the system (which is quite insistent about a “first” name and a “last” name.

    Additionally, if your information is from World Archives, I understand that *two* people are posting identical information, then someone judges them and makes a decision on which is correct.

    With this in mind, HOW do you allow postings which state: “Windsor Castle, ***MASSACHUSETTES* or, “Castle Raby, Durham ***NORTH CAROLINA**, when these States DID NOT EXIST IN THE 1300s?????

    Or, Edward IV, is shown as Edward “Iv”? Did the posting person (and the person checking) think his middle name was “Iv”?

    I would certainly hope that those posting and those checking would be more cognizant of the basic facts of the peerage, and, if someone is born in England in 1300, they sure are not going to be buried in North Carolina in 1350. My God, everyone has had at least a high school education, right?

  2. Nobody apparently is supposed to answer problems with Ancestry.Com
    Ancestry.Com is not here to place items accurately, just “as accurately as possible” for which I think you’ll find the following amusing:
    “Database: VA Early Census Index, 1607-(xxxx) Thomas Holder, State: Va, County: Monongalia, Township: 07 00, Year: 1782, Record Type: Continental Census” The explanation of the database lacks any mention of a Continental Census. The Year is completely unexplained or mentioned in the explanation; a township doesn’t have a number, so the 0700 is completely unexplained.
    The record is USELESS. As are all the others in this dbase.
    You’re right, the”blog” is ONLY FOR ANCESTRY SALES.

  3. Karen

    I think it would be ever so helpful for all your members if you had an actual blog. Surely you can afford to hire one person to monitor the thing. This blog just seems to be about advertising and the only people that can start a thread are yours. No members can start a thread on a topic they truly need help with or actually interact on really needed topics. Twice now, two weeks in a row, your census records suddenly go on the blink and don’t attach properly. I realize you are working on your program, but can’t you do it without affecting the entire process of all your paying customers on here? I know it’s not me, because it magically clears up. Right now, I can’t submit a correction. GONE. No notice to members, just GONE off the page. Something tells me it will magically reappear whenever your finished tweaking somewhere in Oz land. Please stop doing this to your members and curtail the man behind the curtain. Please get a blog that’s about truly helping your members and interacting with them besides just trying to advertise to them. Thanks!

  4. bjd

    This is basically a sharing blog ..there is some help given on topic here…but The Learning Center (tab is found at top of home page) is where you will get better results. As for incorrect information, much comes from member submitted trees and folks are not necessarily accurate. That is why everything should always be verified by checking original records for yourself.

  5. Karen

    The learning center is so basic that it really does not meet my needs. I spent hours and hours and hours of my precious time waiting for page after page and record after record to load for months. Then, on an unrelated blog, I read some member’s post about IE vs. Mozilla Firefox and speed. So, I switched browsers. Poof, I’m fast now. All that wasted time, which I can’t get back simply because there was no help with this isssue that users are putting all over unrelated topics on your blog. It would just be so fine to be able to actually have a real blog and conversations on exact topics. The learning center might be fine for someone who is just starting in puters. However, I can program and have been using them for about 20 plus years, so that center doesn’t really meet my needs. Thanks for your reply.

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