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Though we had some server problems earlier this week, they were generally resolved by Tuesday, January 13th. We have seen some posts and emails from a few customers indicating that they are still experiencing problems, though. From everything we can see in our logs and reporting things should be stable on the site.

If you are still unable to access the site or are still getting the “check back soon” error page, it is possible that your internet browser has just “cached” or remembered our error page from when the site was having problems. To resolve this, first just go to the homepage and try doing what is called a “hard refresh.” If you get the error page instead of the homepage then either press the Ctrl and F5 buttons on your keyboard at the same time, or hold down the Ctrl button and click the refresh button on your internet browser. This should resolve the error.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, please try clearing your internet cache and then try accessing again. Click here for instructions in our Help center.

The other thing some customers have mentioned is having problems using an internet browser from AOL. If you are using an AOL internet browser and having troubles accessing the site we recommend using another internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Thank you again for your patience as we worked through the server problems earlier this week. We trust that most of you have been able to access the site without problems for the last few days and hope that these suggestions will help any of you who are still experiencing site errors.


  1. Heather Clark

    This is insane. Although after reading some of the blogs, I suppose I should be grateful I can get on the website at all? It is SO slow, I’d almost rather I couldn’t. Everything takes 5 times as long, when it works!

  2. This has been going on longer than a week . Will our subscription be extended for at least another week due to this major inconvenience? That’s the least one should expect.
    Your payment requirements are that strict. Plus all the other sites you sent me to are also subscription only. Dis Ancestry buy up these web sites also?

  3. I’m an old hat at ancestry but at least I could contact people that were researching similar surnames.
    Now it seems I can’t find ANYONE or any SURNAME listing. What am I doing wrong…getting too old to exist? 😛

  4. Beth

    I have a MAC and use Safari. I’ve tried your suggestions and still doesn’t work on Safari.
    I can get it on Firefox, but there still are a few snags

  5. terri rochier mcmurphy

    thank yoou for all the hard work. things seem to be running much smoother for the moment 🙂 keep up the improvements they’re much appreciated

  6. I have a Mac and run on safari. I experienced today the name of a set of parents came up with the mother in the place of both parents yet when I clicked on a different view of family the parents were correct, then back to the other, was still both the Mother in both parents info. It definitely is painfully slower as well.

  7. Edie Baker

    It appears if you try to access Ancestry through Rootsweb you are still getting the message “Check Back Soon”. I was able to get on going directly to Ancestry however.

  8. Joe Pettigrew

    I still get “error processing image request” on virtually every search, except census, even after your hard refresh and clearing my cache. I don’t buy your server problems. You guys took a working system and “improved” it so it no longer functions. Congratulations! Obviously, I won’t be renewing in May; not much point is there?

  9. Marianne Letourneau

    I still cannot access Ancestry through AOL. I managed to get it by switching to explorer on 1/15/09, but am finding it very unstable. In the midst of a search it returns to the blank form, or wouldn’t allow me to print a couple of WWI pages. I hope Ancestry will find a way for AOL users to access the site and also will be extending my subscription for all this trouble.

  10. didn’t have any trouble until this morning and got an problem sign telling me to check back later. Thanks for the infor. I know it isn’t my computer. It is new.

  11. Sue Stolze-Beland

    Decided to do my yearly computer format, re-installed everything I needed and now keep being asked to login each time I try to look up hints. I agree with Mary Carmody and think that the subscriptions should be frozen until such time as the site is running as it should. I have lots to keep me busy off-line even though my subscription is paid each month, my theory being that’s it’s easier to just let it run rather than apply for a new one each time I need to hunt on-line. I use Windows XP and have, after my PC format, all the lastest drivers for my programs. I’ll try the ‘refresh’ option and also clear my Internet cache although I won’t hold my breath – I only put Ancestry back onto my PC AFTER the site was having troubles! Hope the technical stuff is resolved satisfactory soon.

  12. It is taking a very long time to go from page to page on the Ancestry site. Much longer than it has ever taken before. I have DSL, but the response time seems like dial-up. I spend as much or more waiting for a page to load as I do actually using the page. Since the pop-up ads are the last thing to load, perhaps they are the culprits.

  13. Barbara Link

    Still have slow-motion image results when searching, despite what you tell us. Your ads that are located on the right of the results screen slow everything. I am relatively frustrated about lost time. If you must sell your products, please find a better way so that subscribers like me do not have to wait for what seems like forever for each page of results!

  14. Linda Aumais

    Here it is 17 January and I still keep getting the same message using words like “temporary” and “shortly”. Give me a break. I just discovered this blog site by accident and had no clue the problem had been corrected for some users alread. Nothing I’ve tried so far has worked.

  15. Carol Clouse

    I have done all I was told to do annd still can;t get into my family tree maker 2009 I just installed on my cp 3rd Jan. 2009.
    I get error messages and nothing resolves them.
    I threw one family tree maker soft ware away years ago because it didn;t work.

  16. Claudia

    Glad to hear that others are also having trouble with slow connections. I’ve been concerned it was my pc, and have even contacted my ISP to see if they were having trouble at their end. I have a wireless connection that slows to a crawl when I connect to Ancestry.

  17. Mary Beth Marchant

    While your work this week may have helped to stablize the web site, it has done very little if anything to affect the slow loading pages. Page loading is very erratic. Some may load fairly quickly but the majority still load slowly. I am adding data to my online tree tonight and find it is taking a long time with hints. While I never add hints from other peoples trees, I do make use of the census, death, and WWI Draft Records, adding those hints when I find that they correspond with my own researched data. Watching that little “spinner” keep spinning is a bit aggravating as well as waiting for a photo to load.

  18. Kimberly Fairchild

    I received the message from Ancestry abt the “problems”. I have been trying to look up some records this afternoon and evening…this program is running slower than when I used to have dial-up!!! I have DSL and I used to be able to “jump” around from record to record really quickly…the last several weekends and today have been incredibly SLOW!!! I could probably run around the house before the image finally comes on the screen…Hope that it gets fixed/resolved soon!!!

  19. R C Larlham

    Second EVERYbody’s comments re: SLOW. “Fixing” your servers is fine and all, but your advertising is outrunning your ability to provide service. Y’all need to SERIOUSLY upgrade those servers. For thirty bucks a month, I expect MUCH better service than I’m getting, from a tech perspective.

  20. As an user I have not had the error messages that the US users have been suffering but the site is painfully slow. It has been said many times before but it does all seems to be associated with the loading of Adverts.

    Until all the adverts are fully loaded nothing works! As many of these adverts appear to come via links to external sites could I suggest that it is this that needs to be looked at urgently!!

  21. Ruth Lowe

    I followed your instructions and cleared out my internet cache etc. After all of that I am still getting the “Error Processing Image Request” for everthing except census pages.This has been going on for almost two weeks or more. Maybe if I respond to you every time I can’t see something you will fix it. I pay you a lot of money for this service and am very dissappointed. I too may not renew. How can you advertise on TV with all these problems going on?

  22. Marc Evans

    I’ve been an subscriber for the last 3 years, and for the first 2 had very little problems. However this year has been frustrating beyond belief, with “image request issues”, downtime, records not where they should be, and the slowness of the site beacuese of the annoying advertiemnets and finally the time it takes for your helpdesk to get back to me. Guys – is looking very attractive, especially now they have the UK 1911 census. I will be seriousely considering not renewing my subscription next time.

  23. Mike Albee

    I have been experiencing the “We apologize, but we were unable to handle your request. Please try again later.” issues, but only with ancestors in the US between 1600-1750. It also seems more prevalent on female ancestors. Makes no sense, but comes up repeatedly. This has been going on for two weeks. I have sent two messages to support but apparently I am such an unimportant PAYING customer that they wont even bother responding.

  24. Debi

    Hadn’t been on the site for awhile but signed in today. #1 – it’s painfully slow – but I guess it’s not just me based on I’m reading in the blog. #2 – what in the world did you do to the “Browse by Location” feature? I checked “Ohio” and expected the usual list sorted by Census, BMD, Military, Directories, etc. Instead I was routed to the “Card Catalog” which informed me there were 9,423 databases from which to choose – including every census. I hardly think so. If I’d wanted to use the Card Catalog I would have gone to it directly. How frustrating to try to bypass the horrendous “new” search and go to a smaller database set, only to be rerouted to a list of 9000+ entries. I have my upcoming subscription expiration date prominently marked on my calendar – after many satisfying years, cancellation now is a distinct possibility. It’s obvious the paying customers are at the bottom of the food chain.

  25. Mary Beth Marchant

    Mr. Graham, until you fix the problems I am encountering with the online trees, your site is certainly not stabilized. There are serious issues with the online trees. Some involve slow loading pages, some involve photos just not uploading at all. Yet y’all keep adding more content. I would echo the other posters here. Fix and/or upgrade the servers. The comments from “Ancestry Anne” regarding the “browse by location” issue really aggravates. “This is the way it is, live with it” is a major putdown as far as I am concerned. I am a user of 10+ years and have never seen the site this bad.

  26. Susan

    I wish I had read these comments several hours earlier! I have a mac am using Firefox and have been going crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong. Thanks to Victoria I know that I am experiencing system issues. I too have been getting the maternal line showing up in the paternal line or on both. This problem ends up giving me unknown alternate spouses too.

  27. Ann

    Despite the recent slowness, I have found Ancestry to be consistently the best of all the pay sites I have forked over $ for…at least you don’t limit our lookups or hound us about how often we visit! Thank you for that! I continue to be appreciative of your offerings, and would fully expect a surge in site use given the recent explosion of interest in this hobby.

  28. Harold Hayes

    Way too many “We apologize, but we were unable to handle your request. Please try again later. “. Obviously we use the most expensive site because we expect professional results. My renewal is coming up. Can I be assured my money will be well spent?

  29. Paula C. Smith

    This problem has been ongoing, not just for week. How long are you extending our subscriptions???

    I changed my Username last week, now I can NO LONGER log into view ANY of my trees. Also, I can NO LONGER get onto

    How long until Ancestry, “resolves” this???

    I’m sure I have NOT been the only person “suggesting” that Ancestry add additions servers for over a year!

    Is Ancestry another company looking for a BAILOUT!!??

  30. I am unable to get into my world tree. Your site won’t accept my email address or password to login. I have tried your page that suggests help to problems. Your site has stated that a new password will be sent to me I have been waiting for three days now. I seem to have this problem a lot over the past few months. Could you send me the sites freephone number for uk please thanks

  31. Leona Killock

    I added several updates to my family tree over the weekend and this morning and all of a sudden they were gone. In some cases, it reverted to old information that I had removed. This is very frustrating please HELP!
    Thank You!

  32. Paula C. Smith

    Since posting earlier this morning, I am now able to get into the site. Thank you.

    I hope it isn’t a temporary fix.

    Thank You


  33. Barbara

    I was previously very slow. Then after the 13th, it was fast. Now after the 17th it is slow again. Any hopes of correcting this problem? It gets annoying and I just want to log off completetly.

  34. Peter Mason

    Why do Ancestry keep shooting themselves in the foot!

    Still no news of when the first patch for Family Tree Maker 2009 will be available.

    Now the website searching facilities is slow for many people, whcih is I think because as a number people have logged on the blogs, the “advertising animations” in Flash that are on a number of screens now, are slowing users access to information. I know Flash animations look more impressive to prospective users and excuse the pun “flashy”, but they don’t aid a user to access information from that page to another in a quick way.

    Animations in my view should not be used on pages where the page is a search data entry page and is keyed in to enable a search to be performed from that page.

  35. Mary Beth Marchant

    Last night using Firefox, adding data to my online trees was much better than it had been. However, this morning when I was posting a comment to the Ancestry forum, I got another Error message and had to post again. Until these and other errors are completely fixed, your web site is not stable. Just because a person can access the website does make it usable.

  36. Deena

    You can use Ancestry Library Edition at your public library for free. It is almost the same as, being a slightly different edition of the same thing.

  37. David Graham

    I just wanted to let everyone know that we’re reading your comments here and are continuing to work to resolve any errors you may still be experiencing. Thanks for the details you’ve provided and for your continued patience. If you are still experiencing problems please be as specific as you can with the details you provide. You can also contact technical support directly if you’d like at the following URL:

  38. Cheryl Ayres

    I want to let you know I have also had problems and have did all you have said to do but am having some trouble accessing some databases. Here are 2 examples. Cemetery Records of Addison County,Vermont,New Haven,Vermont Vol. 11-111, I have tried several days now to access, it comes up with search results but when clicking on the search results it comes up with the results but minus the names, when clicking the view full content it just has a bunch of lines. Just today I tried Historical Newspapers,Birth,Marriages and Deaths Announcements 1851-2003, it also has search results but this time it just has blanks where the newspapers & what type of record & the dates are, clicking on the view image & it results in a not able to process your request. This is getting frustrating. You can’t expect people to pay for a service & not get the service they paid for.

  39. Betsy

    I started using Ancestry in mid-December. I didn’t know better, but thought it was kinda slow – then it got slower. After the “we’ve fixed it!” message, yup, it sped up. Now I cannot get a simple name search to work. FYI, I usually use Ancestry in the middle of the U.S. night, so I saw less error messages – but still got them. I go get coffee inbetween new searches. At least I have something to do while I wait after selecting something to open up.

  40. I got tired of that “res://ieframe.dll” pop-up, so I changed my Security Settings under Internet Explorer 7.0 Tools/ Options/ Advanced to Enable them. Also made my computer fairly vulnerable with some other security changes. But, not 30 minutes after my last posting, Ancestry is zipping along.

  41. Ray Stokely

    I am still getting many “Internet Script Errors” when searching your site from Family Tree Maker. I would like to send you Screen Shots of these errors but this “Text Box” does not allow Pasteing.

  42. michael scales

    Yes i have had problems too,mainly on searching the census.Where it states view image i get no image? But come on every body stop moaning ! Ancestry is the best out there,every hi-tech company has problems give them time to work it out for goodness sake !

  43. Joseph Brown

    I have been trying to contact another tree owner that showed up under “hints” and I get a page that says Public Profile–error–try again later. This has been happening for over a month now. Please help.

  44. Kathy

    I cannot log in, or receive emails telling me how to change my password. I have sent over a dozen requests and not one reaches my inbox. I have entered my credit card info into your system and i cannot cancel. I will contact an Attorney about this if my card is billed.

  45. Mary Beth Marchant

    So in your work on the stability, what did you do to “Quick Links”. This morning my quick links have disappeared and even trying to add quick links results in an error. Good job, David Graham. Are y’all just trying to drive subscribers away or what!!!

  46. Elizabeth Johnson

    I do try to be patient when Ancestry has problems, but it is getting ridiculous. I have been a member for 10 years and never have I seen it so slow and unstable. My research is at a standstill at present, because I cannot add records. As of yesterday, whenever I try to add a census record by typing in a name from my tree, the page is darkened and cannot be accessed. I don’t want to cancel my membership, but it is much too expensive for something which won’t work consistently.

  47. Debbie Scott

    Elizabeth Johnson –
    Thank you!! I have been having this problem with adding records all day!
    I have been searching forums all over the place, trying to find out if anyone else was having this problem, or if it was just me.
    Infuriating though it is, at least I know I’m not alone.
    Please Ancestry, sort this out soon!

  48. Tom Vought

    It’s 2pm Eastern time now, and the inability to add records that Elizabeth and Debbie mentioned in #’s 50 and 51 is still occurring. I’ve been unable to do anything (except read blog posts) for about 24 hours now. Clearing caches doesn’t help. Problem must be in the code for the JavaScript routine. Too much ‘improving’ of something that works fine already going on. There is no way I can figure out to work around the one record attachment option we’re given.

  49. Tom Vought

    Sure, as soon as I post that you can’t attach a record, I find a way around the problem.

    Debbie & Elizabeth, if you can view the original in the viewer, clicking the save button in the viewer, then ‘to someone in..’, allows you to access the traditional ‘Pick from a list’ attachment page. Slow, but you can get something done!

  50. Mary Beth Marchant

    By the way, David Graham, just to let you know how quickly and timely your customer service people operate-I sent a message to “Help” on January 17, 2009 about the problem with the site. Guess what! I got an answer today-just 6 days later-of course, after the problem was fixed. Way to go!!! That is the reason people rarely use that avenue because there is absolutely no help there. This constant-clear your cache, blah, blah, blah!!! They read or print from a script. No help there!!!

  51. ValyrieG

    I have been unable to access my Ancestry account at all from my office (main) computer. I’ve empied the cache, deleted old bookmarks…all the things customer service has advised. Started on Jan 16th. Won’t accept my username and password as correct.

  52. Debbie Scott

    To Tom Vought,
    Of course you can do it that way! Now, why didn’t I remember that??
    Thank you very much :))
    A little happier now that I can get on a little bit.

  53. Jodi

    I am having the same problem as posts 50-52. Been trying all day to attach records to members in my tree & the box comes up but it is darkened & you can’t do anything. Glad to see I’m not the only one having the problem. Thought maybe it was a problem with my computer or something. I’m going to try the method that Tom posted & pray that it works.

  54. CaroleW

    What has happened to the Complete 1984-2005 UK birth index? Try to do a search and you get the now famous “Check back soon” screen

    On the initial screen the word “Unknown” is shown above the input fields

    Yet another problem along with all the others?

    I am becoming increasingly fed up with the unacceptable slow response times. It is definitely Ancestry as all other websites are quick to respond

  55. Anthony

    Is anybody else experiencing difficulties when attempting to save a record to somebody in your tree, since last night every time I attempt this the page freezes. Any help or comments gratefully appreciated.

  56. David

    Anthony, yes, I am having the same problem when attempting to save a record to somebody in your tree. The page freezes (and I have tried Internet Explorer and Mozilla, on Windows Vista and Windows XP), so I assume it that is broken.

  57. dondemers

    I am very frustrated, I am on the 14 day free trial and have had problems downloading or even searching via FTM. I have done everything you have suggested, even shut down firewalls and still cannot search from FTM. I don’t thinkn I will continue my subscription at this rate. I believe that Ancestry support staff have left us without answers, or replies to our queries. What ever happened to the customer service of the past, it seems you have disappeared.

    Let us know what is going on and when to expect results and extend our free trials and subscritions. We should not have to ask this.

  58. Cynthia

    When I want to attach a record to a file I get this gray screen over the data and I cannot attach the record. What can be done to correct this problem?

  59. Elizabeth Johnson

    To Tom Vought – thank you so much! I had never tried saving a record by that method. True, it is slow, but it does allow me to continue my work.

  60. Rowena Gray

    Since Friday, January 23rd, whenever I attempt to add a new person from a census source, my screen goes dark and freezes there and I can just barely read the page. I thought it was something wrong with my computer, but I tried on another computer and it does the same thing. I’ve already tried your “hard refresh” but that doesn’t work either. I use Firefox. Also I’m losing “paid” time because I’m on a monthly plan,

    Any help will be useful and I thank you.

  61. Plaidback

    I am excited that many new records are being brought to this site, however I am so glad I ran across this blog because I am very, very frustrated with the inability to attach the records. Ugh! I am having the same problems as others such as Tom Vought,Jodi, and others in regards to attaching records. It does work if you have the access to the original image to attach in that way, but if it’s an index without an image, then there is no way around it that I know of yet. I agree with others that we should all receive an extension or sort of credit for the bad service this month. This is awful irritating because I just renewed my membership. 🙁

  62. Kathy Marie

    59 Written by:
    t. owen

    Posted on:
    January 23, 2009 at 6:15 pm
    System is TOO Slow.. 1/23/09…

    It is Not my computer … Your site…

    Is there a problem ??????







  63. I just renewed my subscription this morning and now can’t get on the site – it asks for my password, I gave it and it refuses it.

    I’m so frustrated. Also – a few weeks ago I thought I forgot my password since it wasn’t working, I clicked on “forgot your password?” and ended up having to CHANGE my password, which I did NOT want to do – now that is not even being read by your website. So, messages posted by me at my origianl password will no longer get to me!!??? Something that used to be simple and enjoyable is now a nightmare. I can’t even get on to the site today.

    What should I do??????????????????

  64. Gina

    I can’t attach records I have found to people in my tree.

    As others have noted, the screen presented is dark, including the pop-up in which the name of the person would be entered.

    Hints can be attached. Images can also be attached.

  65. Lockzie2004

    It is painfully slow AGAIN. It is slow enough during the week, but at weekends, especially Sundays there is not much point using Ancestry – Can afford to pay £155.00 for a poor service!


  66. BEE


  67. Janet

    This site has become extremely slow no matter the work you have done. I have a paid subscription and I can’t even download my family tree to my computer because it just keeps preparing the GEDCOM file over and over and over. This needs to be dealt with. You also need to consider giving subscribers a free month or two since we are the ones who are not able to use something we have paid for. I can assure you that I will be deciding whether I will continue to pay for this service or not.

  68. Janet

    Here is all I get for my subscription and still no way of getting it to my computer????? The following is what I get when I download GEDCOM file (it’s not even downloaded):
    0 HEAD
    1 SOUR Family Trees
    2 VERS Family Trees (1)
    2 NAME Family Trees
    2 CORP The Generations Network
    1 GEDC
    2 VERS 5.5
    0 @P3467169062@ INDI
    1 DEAT
    2 DATE 1770
    2 PLAC Vännäs, Vasterbotten, Sweden
    1 NAME Margreta /Nilsdotter Wennberg/
    1 BIRT
    2 DATE 1766
    2 PLAC Vännäs, Vasterbotten, Sweden
    1 SEX F
    1 SOUR @S3813133923@
    2 PAGE Ancestry Family Trees
    2 NOTE
    2 DATA
    3 TEXT
    1 FAMC @F385@
    0 @P3466417500@ INDI
    1 NAME Edward Christian /Olsen/
    1 BIRT
    2 DATE 17 Dec 1866
    2 PLAC Olso, Norway
    1 DEAT
    2 DATE 11 Oct 1924
    2 PLAC Minneapolis, Anoka, Minnesota, USA
    1 SEX M
    1 SOUR @S3813133923@
    2 PAGE Ancestry Family Trees
    2 NOTE
    2 DATA

    How’s that for a paid subscription.

  69. Anna

    I have spent endless amounts of wasted time waiting for information to load. My research is becoming a frustration instead of a pleasure. The sites “hang” numerous times, I wait and wait and wait and finally give up. As a paying customer ( and it isn’t cheap) I would like to see Ancestry update their servers to handle the volumes of information they are compiling. Too many researchers and not enough room to accomadate the load =’s slow researching. I “cleaned” my computer and set the casche to 300 as recommended. Did nothing.
    I have written several times to Ancestry on the matter with no
    courtesy response. Please Ancestry, listen to your subscribers.

  70. Sherry Lewis

    I am wondering what has to happen for ANCESTRY to begin listening to it’s paying customers about the extreme slowness that continues to build on this site, about the continued frustration. What has to happen? Please tell us. Is is necessary for us to contact one another and boycott your site for a period of time? I should hope not, but I and many others are so frustrated with your lack of attention to this problem . . . that is beginning to appear as a viable option.
    I have cable internet, the fastest available. I empty my cache COMPLETELY every few minutes. I have followed every suggestion you have, and still, things move slower than a corpse.
    I have noticed that, as the site gets slower and slower, the ads you have added to EVERY PAGE increases right along with it. I am here to work on FAMILY HISTORY. I don’t want a new truck or new telephone service. This is a PAID service and quite expensive for most of us. We should not have to tolerated slow service, a barrage of ads AND pay through the nose on top of it all. PLEASE LISTEN TO US before you have no customers at all.

  71. Marshall Sinback

    I’m just finishing my second year of World Deluxe Membership. Renewal time is mid February. I feel lately I’m spending a lot of money for your service but over the past several months your servers have become painfully slow. It’s like I’m using a dail-up connection instead of broadband.

    I hope you will have this fixed soon.

  72. Lorrie willis

    There must be millions of subscribers to I believe all the funds that we generate for you would be spent to FIX THIS SITE. I do not appreciate spending hours searching because of the slowness of and also when I do find my ancestors the site will NOT let me “Save” to my tree. What is going on.

  73. Mary Jo Leach

    The site has not functioned properly for the past 3 days. It is so slow, generally fails to load, but later records that you couldn’t attach show up, I am giving up for this weekend. I was looking forward to working on my tree, but it is simply impossible. You must get this rectified – your site no longer works, and isn’t worth the subsciption money, if it can’t. Please tell your customers what is going on. Respectfully submitted 1/25/09.

  74. Barry James

    The site continues to be painfully slow. At times the response time is nearlyadequate, but it usually is pretty bad, regardless of the time of day or night I’m on it. I’ve done traceroutes to to find out where the problems lie, and after 19 hops of decent response times the t/r hits your network and all I see are row after row of asterisks. Whatever you included in your last few code rolls hasn’t been very effective.

  75. mark moore

    Ever since you started changing Ancestry site to the new formats it has become almost impossible to use and has slowed down enormously. Your advanced viewer program deletes the return arrows which means i have to exit Ancestry and restart every time I change searches. The sites for research are more difficult to use and your search parameter displays are a total joke. Your so called updates are a total recession in terms of search. Hopefully a better search company will come along which I will race to embrace. Mark

  76. drsimonds

    I have contacted tech support about the following issue: In the last few days it has become impossible for me to attach records to persons in my Ancestry tree. When the dialog box comes up asking me to type in the name of the person to whom the record is to be attached, the entire browser window turns dark grey and everything is deactivated — cannot type, cannot click buttons, nothing. I can go back to the previous screen but that does not help. I have tried IE7, lastest FireFox and Chrome, all with the same result. I think this has come from your programmers messing with your code, trying to turn parts of the browser window dark grey at certain points “for effect.” Now they have created a problem. They need to fix it — fast.

    I will also add my voice to the many others who are complaining about the terrible slowness of the site in recent weeks, and the ubiquitous and annoying ads that have to load on every single page.

    It makes me wonder if your technical people there know what they’re doing. I am also wondering if a full subscription to Ancestry is worth the money. I was a satisfied customer for many years, but in recent months the site has become decidely unsatisfactory.

  77. Del Williams

    Obviously the people of Ancestry have taken a hike, I notice no responses over the entire weekend to any problems being reported. Apparently, Ancestry has given up and sent it’s employees home, and keeping the money that they have extorted from the public for the use of this disaster of a website. Bernard Madoff must be running this place.

  78. Susan Licata

    I finally am able to access via my AOL internet browser, but I am still having a problem that is separate from slow page-loading issues. I haven’t seen this problem addressed in your blog.

    I am able to search Ancestry’s databases and save records to my Shoebox, but I am not able to attach any records to any people in my tree. When I try to do so, the page will turn transparent gray, but no box appears for entering a name.

    Any suggestions?

  79. Tom Vought


    Till they get the attachment feature working again, I have found the only way around the problem is to use the image viewer’s ‘Save’ button. That will allow you to attach a record to one individual at a time. Have to cycle through the routine for family members on a census page though. Tis slow.

    If the record you want to attach doesn’t have an image available, you’re out of luck till they get it fixed. I’ve been stuffing those records in the shoebox until we can attach again.

  80. Dale Frank

    Are all users aware of the implanted EXECs that seem to slowly gobble up their system the longer that they remain logged in and updating/merging family tree information. Windows Vista finally will give you a message that system performance is crippled and internet activity is affected. It then asks if you want to disable the routines.
    When you do, you then freeze up and need to log in again. The only way around this seems to be that when you note the slowdown, logout of close the IE window, open a new IE window, erase the temporary files and the history files, then re login to
    The overall state of the ancestry code at this point in time is pretty scarey – and just think, we get to pay for the priviledge of using it!!

  81. Sally Russell

    I wrote as early as January 2. My first problem was getting HTTP 400 error code stating to check my typing. I did not have to type I simply click on their link or next page and got the 400 error.

    I almost cancelled my account because of this problem until I came across the Blog to find out that it’s Ancestry’s causing the problem.

    I also find that waiting for their advertisments to load is a whooey.

    There is a breaking point for everyone and just think of all those people who have tried Ancestry for their two free weeks during this period.

  82. Debbie Scott

    The problem with attaching records is fixed!!

    People that are experiencing a very slow Ancestry – are you all with
    I haven’t noticed any slowing down with the system, but I am in the UK and only log on to It seems fine for me (on Firefox)
    In the past, when there has been a problem with, I have often been able to log in via .com, then select the UK records. Would this work in reverse for .com users???
    Might be worth a try.

  83. Debbie Scott

    I don’t believe this!
    One problem gets sorted out, and now I have another!

    Ancestry Hints is showing me:
    1 possible Historical Records and 1 possible matches in members trees –
    BUT both are linking to the tree match, there appears to be no Historical record for these ancestors??!

  84. bkdunnsp

    I began having slowdown problems in December. In January I experienced the inability to attach records to my online tree. The screen would go black. I did find I could attach records to an individual if I used the Search for Historical Records link on the individual’s profile. I could even use the family feature on a census record. But this only worked if the individual’s profile and the historical record matched. So, I found myself temporarily changing the profile to fit the record’s quirks and mistakes. Then I would change the profile back to the corrected version. It worked but was painful.
    Today, the speed is greatly improved and the attachment feature has changed. Now, the screen goes grey instead of black and a dialogue box appears asking for a name of a member of my tree. However, it will not accept any information I type in. When I press enter, the box goes blank and tells me to type in a name.
    I guess you win some and lose some.

  85. M. J. Humphrey

    I’ve been sitting here reading this blog for the last five minutes, waiting for a hint to merge into my family tree (using Firefox on a Mac). I’ve tried several times over the last week or so to merge information into my family tree, and same thing. This is *beyond* slow, this is ridiculous. Everyone pays waaaayyy too much money for this, for The Generations Network to refuse to upgrade their *%#& servers. Finally, I have gotten a “Page Load Error”. As the LDS slowly works on digitizing their records, I am quickly seeing no need to pay the amount of money I pay to remain a subscriber to Ancestry.
    (Originally posted on the other blog about Ancestry *stabilizing* their site – apparently stable means the server crashes out and gives you a “Page Load Error” every time you try to add a record to your tree)

  86. Stuart Gourd

    It is still intermittently slow, but I have also been experiencing a problem whereby I will add children, and they will not appear as added. Or, in some cases, they will replace others I have previously added. This is too frustrating to continue, so I am quitting for now. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. I had this happen in the past; in one case they all mysteriously appeared later, sometimes with multiple instances (to reflect the additions I made more than once after they did not appear the first time). In another case they never appeared and I had to add them again later when it worked.

    Also, the Ancestry hints for Public Member Trees are not appearing reliably. Sometimes they will appear when I refresh the page.

  87. Sandy Lucas

    Help! I see I am having the same kind of problem at lot of others are having…I cannot attach any records to my tree!! Very Frustrating!!!! What is going on??

  88. Sandy Lucas

    Thank you Tom Vought…After posting a few minutes ago about not being able to attach things, I read your post. I tried it and I got it to work also. But still, let’s get this site fixed please!

  89. drsimonds

    The “Attach Record” capability is broken once again. I’ve contacted tech support. And I’m sure I’ll be advised once again to clear my cookies and whatnot

  90. Kathy

    Help! I’ve been having the same kind of problems as most everyone else over the past two or three weeks. Slowness, doesn’t seem to matter what time of day or night. Now I am unable to attach records to individuals in my tree, that started last weekend, see posts #65 thru 94.

    Frustrated is putting it mildly.

  91. Robert

    I too have been finding Ancestry obscenely slow, for several weeks now. I don’t believe that Ancestry have any intention of updating their servers. On the contrary, I think we will find that we all have the wrong computer/wrong browser/wrong surname interests/wrong colour socks.

    Or it could just be that we’re using the wrong genealogy site.

  92. Misty Pinette

    I am not a happy camper, we pay big bucks for this program you have to sit and wait and wait for something to load then if you hit the back button it may take you back or it may take you back further than you wanted to go then you get to start over again then you get the check back soon whats up this has been going on for months not just a week or two just like today is jan 29 2009 at 11am this morn i get the check back soon dont tell me to refresh as my husband is a comp tech . and knows all this stuff gee do we get reimbused for our not being able to use the program

  93. This is ridiculous! One day of things working right, but today is worse then ever! I’m trying add an 1860 census that took forever to find, but all I get is a gray page!

  94. Walter Gallant

    I too am frustrated by the inability to attach records. Is there any significance to the message “Transferring data from…” that appears in the Status bar when the page goes gray and hangs?

  95. Cindy

    I’m having trouble attaching records and search issues as well. I hope the folks at do the right thing and extend memberships to cover the lost time.

    I think the last time that I was active in January, had issues then. I guess all the folks who receive Family Tree Maker as a gift over the holidays and all the folks with New Year’s resolutions overwhelm the system.

    I have to admit that some of the new changes (once they get these issues worked out) are real time savers. Such as being able to attach a record to everyone in the family.

    I hope they solve the problems soon.

  96. I have tried both websites to see if I could attach Census to documents and the screen keeps going dark and/or it keeps returning me to my list of people and won’t go to that person or attach. A couple of times today it worked and then it stopped attaching documents. Like others I have a subscription for about three years now with DSL and ready to ask for a refund. My son is a programmer for Business Wire and he said you haven’t upgraded your website for the amount of traffic generated.

  97. Virginia Arnold

    Why in the world is on dial-up speed? I have cable and all the other sites I visit is lightening speed fast. When I visit your site it is like getting snail mail delivered. I want a extention on my subscription if this is going to continue to be snail mail dial-up speed.

  98. Chuck Crannell

    I experienced the slowness and “dark screen of death” when trying to attach records. The attachment problem seems to have finally been resolved, but the embarrassing slowness persists. I wrote tech support about the problems, but received not even a canned response from a mail-bot. I notice absolutely no response to the previous 100+ posts about issues from people.

    What does this say about how thinks about its customers?

    I can appreciate the complexity of the website. And do appreciate the ability to attach a record to more than one person in a tree (and the feedback indicating to whom else a record might be attaced). These are simple and useful tools.

    However, I’d like to be able to searches and other activities with the speed customary to when I joined in SEP 2008. Is this really so much to ask for? It turns off the folks trying out for free, and robs the time of people to have paid and are used to a certain level of responsiveness. Nobody wins.

    Also, is anyone else experiencing missing photo thumbnails and generally no display of your upload photos at all?

  99. Walter Gallant

    Still cannot attach records, still get the well-named dark screen of death. Once in a great while I break through and can attach ONE record!

    Perhaps there are simply too many bells and whistles being added? not enough time or resources to attend to the things that really matter?

  100. Are you determined to make us cancel our subscriptions?
    The New Serach is unusable to anyone who has any Idea of what they actually want. I have NO interest in seeing what other people have searched for it no relevance to me.
    If you take away the old search system I will cancel my subscription.
    I am only writing this because neither or are operating. It is Mid morning on a Saturday in Europe, and your Site(s) are DOWN, DEAD and non existent
    That may have been funny in a Monty Python sketch but it is not the service I pay for.

  101. It has been very hard for me to use the site in recent weeks because it is so horribly slow. I didn’t get an apology in email but instead an instruction to switch browsers, clean my cache etc. (did all of this before) and wait some time before I am permitted to respond to the email! Um, that’s just plain rude! I should be pro-rated for my lost time! But now I wish I hadn’t complained, because tonight I can’t access any of my trees at all.

  102. Peg

    There’s Definitely some site issues going on with Ancestry today!!! I keep getting routed to the error message explanation that says the site was stabilized on 16 Jan 09… that was two weeks ago. The site issue is happening today, 30 Jan 09.

  103. Amanda

    Im having lots of problems with the births 1916-2005.
    It keeps saying that i have not put in enough info, when i have, and that my search can not be completed.
    If you notice it says unknown where it used to say births.
    It is only the births that has this problem as the marriages and deaths seem to be working fine.
    Can you please just put the word births back and take off the word unknown.

  104. Magnus Flett

    The site was slow yesterday. This morning there is no service at all. I trust that you can get the servers running again soon.

  105. Meviah

    It’s 11.52pm NZ time and I’ve been trying to access all evening, with no success. At first I got a screen saying there was an internal error and asking me to re-enter my password. No joy on doing so. No joy also trying to get a new password – internal error, no email sent.

    I tried clearing out all the internet history. Then I got a screen saying the site was experiencing problems so ‘try again later’.

    Trying again later, I now get the standard ‘Internet Exporer cannot display the webpage’.

    What is going on? Is the site dead as a dodo?

    Even when it is working, I agree with others on this blog that the site has been horribly slow for weeks, and it seems to be because of the ads that come up on the right of EVERY PAGE. I can’t even flick to another window and use WORD, as Ancestry will drag me back to see the blasted ad. It’s beyond annoying.

  106. Jon

    Ancestry is still down and no word as to why. It’s truly an awful service bearing in mind how much money they take. Considering other problems I have had (which I won’t go into here) I can’t imagine me wanting to renew my subscription.

  107. Bob

    11:40 AM Uk, Again ancestry is not working, I have the World deluxe subcription, and certainly over the past two months I have not been getting the service I paid for, I have therefore constructed two letters of complaint. One to Trading Standards in the UK where I have purchased my subscription, and one to the Federal Trade Commision in the US.

    Perhaps with Trade Officials on their case, they might improve the service!!

  108. Hi I am so frustrated.
    Continually difficult to access lately and sooo slow at times.
    Thought it was AOL or my laptop but reading others comments it is not unusual.
    Come on improve subsciption not cheap

  109. Magnus Flett

    Hi everyone. It looks like Ancestry have got some problems today. I suspect that no one can acces their servers. We will no doubt have to wait until whoever is on call wakes up and goes to work to sort it out. It is likeley thatseveral hours may go by before that happens.

  110. Alison

    Brief moment of excitement – suddenly I could get on to the AncestryUK Page. But disappointment once more – can’t log in….
    I guess you’re right, Magnus, we will have to wait for wake up time across the pond…..

  111. All day yesterday, when I would merge information from OWT, the information would not be added to my tree. If I was not also working on FTM2009, I would not have that information now available for me to manually add. Having the same problems adding census information to indiviuals – does not accept typed in name – as many other members. And so slow, slow, slow. Got up early this morning to try and get something done before the site went to a slow crawl and now it is unavailable. Frustration is reaching an all time high. Please address these issues.

  112. elizabeth swedburg

    having problems getting into the site to do my ancestry research i have dble checked the internet and it seems to be at this end please rectify this its very frusturating trying to do something for a birthday and am not able to that does not include paying a subscription and not being able to use it

  113. malcolm macgregor

    site been off all morning,when will it be back on?when it is,will it work?.how many paying customers do you have ?.how many will you have if this continues !!!! i like this site PLEASE sort it out !!!

  114. Steve

    I too have been incredibly frustrated by the loss of functionality for adding records to trees this last week, though to some extent I have worked round it by using the ‘Search Historical Records’ link on an individual’s profile page (records found that way don’t rely on the broken JavaScript to attach them). But now the whole site seems to be dead in the water! I hope this means someone is trying to fix the problems – if so, why can’t someone just tell us?

    A tip for people frustrated with slow page loading due to adverts (when the site finally gets up and running again). Use Firefox, and add the Adblock Plus add-on. Make sure to subscribe (through the add-on) to a list of advertising sites which are for blocking. What a gem of an add-on – it strips nearly all the adverts from web pages and they load much faster!

  115. David North

    If you are “undergoing maintenance or resolving some errors”, then you should be able to give us more information here. As you have not, I can only assume that this is a dishonest message that appears whenever the site is down, and that no-one at Ancestry even knows that there is a problem. As paying subscribers, we deserve honesty at the very least.

  116. Ian Heptinstall

    David, things are looking bad.. has the comapany collapsed and the site dead in the water ??and as subscribers we now need to start looking for refunding of subscriptions for services not recived ??? After all it is easy for all of us to find the internet procedure for bringing actions against a site…just letting all us members know what is going on may be the answer..that is what good customer service is all about, a little goes a long way

  117. Jon

    Well the site has reappeared online. However it is not recognising my user name and password. What a joke.

  118. Steve

    Yes, the site is back. But the function for adding records to trees has still not been fixed. And when I tried to look at records, I was told I needed to subscribe to view them. I AM a ****** subscriber for crying out loud!!! Clicking on the My Account link seemed to rectify that problem. Not sure how much longer I’m going to remain a subscriber though if Ancestry don’t provide a reliable service and learn to communicate effectively with their customers.

  119. Everthing is taking far too long: to load, to search, to navigate from page to page. I have DSL, Windows XP, and am accessing via AOL. I have cleared my temporary files cache, deleted all cookies, and done everything I can think of to help, but this site is frustrating. What is happening???

  120. M. J. Humphrey

    Yet again, am reading the blog while waiting five minutes for a “Page Load Error” while trying to add records to my tree.

    Gerald, what is happening is a bunch of money-grubbing #$!@%^(*& are stealing our money and running with it, instead of using it to upgrade the site. Which you think might come in handy considering how much bleeping advertising they’ve been doing (at least here in the states).

    They want subscribers, but don’t care if they’re happy. Since they have no refund policy (which I’m starting to suspect should be illegal), they can get away with it.

    Ancestry used to be a fine website before The Generations Network got a hold of it. Clearly, The Generations Network is using the force for evil, not good, and is headed by Darth Vader or the equivalent. I’ve been a subscriber nearly since the stupid site started. I may not be a subscriber much longer.

  121. Diane

    Search too slow to be useful plus other quirky behavior. If I switch to the “old search” however, the pages load and switch quickly. I will cancel my subscription if this doesn’t improve pronto.

  122. david abbot

    going to members trees
    finding the one i want
    press add
    it comes up with erra what is going on
    how can i add family trees to
    my online family tree
    hapening on all sites

  123. david abbot

    going to members trees experancing same problen as 125
    finding the one i want
    press add
    it comes up with erra what is going on
    how can i add family trees to
    my online family tree
    hapening on all sites

  124. Debi

    I’m choosing to leave my comment in the thread with only 131 previous comments vs. the one with over 240 comments (one would think the sheer numbers would make an impression on the customer service group).

    Tried to use site today for a single census search: home page slow to load, sign-in page slow to load, EVERY subsequent page clicked slow to load. I was actually happy the search came up blank – I can only imagine how long it would have taken for an actual image to appear. And no – it’s not my computer. I’ve been on-line for 2 hours and have had not problems with any other sites.

    I see there has been no response from the powers-that-be about extending our subscriptions as a result of nearly one month of site malfunctions. I’ll be checking out the BBB site provided in post #129, and will be cancelling my subscription before it comes up for renewal in a couple months. It’s sad that what was once such a great service has completely tanked. RIP

  125. Ivy Purdom

    I have been a subscriber to Ancesrty uk for many years and I can’t even log onto the site, it keeps timing out, I have tried the suggestions given but nothing works!!!!!!!!!! I emailed tech support 10 days ago no further reply as yet!!!! I am seriously considering ending my subscription with this company.

  126. Brian Taylor

    The attach function has been broken for 2 weeks. This is simply unacceptable. This is a major reason why I paid for this site.

  127. I don’t know what is going on, but I can not access Ancestry. Since I work, I look forward to weekends to using the site. I thought that was what I was paying for!

  128. Sharon Tabor

    Have tried to access the Main Page of Ancestry for 3 days to cancel my subscription. Can’t even get to the main page.

  129. Tom Sommer

    I uploaded a tree from FTM2009 several days ago. It still shows zero progress. I sent two different report e-mails to technical support with no response.

    Please, could we have an update on the status of the problems we are all experiencing?

  130. Jon

    Just many many complaints on here will it take for the ancestry team to make some sort of comment on all the problems over the weekend and beyond? I think they must have run to the hills.

  131. Tom Sommer

    Ok, the trees I uploaded as mentioned in #137 have quit churning. There are no more messages saying the trees are working. The trees however aren’t there. And the site seems a bit faster. This is a start. I haven’t tried to reload the trees. Lacking a message otherwise I will try again.

  132. Philip

    Still seems to be a problem with viewing family trees, but can now access site and search. 2 Feb 17.42 UK time

  133. Tom Sommer

    Ok, I uploaded a sample file from FTM 2009. It loaded and completed very quickly (small). However, it did not use the pictures that were attached to individuals.

    So either Ancestry has turned that feature off or there is still some sort of problem.

  134. Rowena Gray

    I’m finding I can’t add new found sources to my family members. I just get the dark screen after hitting the “Save” button. I thought this problem was resolved.

  135. alanr

    The site is getting worse daily, now the births in the complete bmd index are missing altogether. I e mailed support 2 days ago and have had no reply. Looks like the writing is on the wall

  136. Wayne Saucier

    I still have the problem with pages loading so slow. Got a email weeks ago that problem was fixed??? Don’t think so, I still have the problem. Takes twice as long to get info entered and then to return back to the page I am working on.

  137. Anna Barrett

    I have repeatedly tried to impress upon Ancestry (for all the good it does) the sites issues with info loading, slow response time, etc. are on Ancestry’s side and NOT my computer or IE. I don’t think anyone is listening. Maybe if enough write, call and email a complaint they will eventually do SOMETHING. We are paying dearly in this economy for less than what we were promised by Ancestry. We deserve better service.

  138. Anna Barrett

    OOPS! My error. Please scratch last comment. It was published. My apologies to Ancestry. The complaint holds, however.

  139. Anthony

    Is anybody else unable to access their online tree? For the last 24hrs every time I attempt this, the screen keeps rolling but refuses to load, extremely frustrating.

  140. Shan

    I can’t access at all!!! This has happened since yesterday lunchtime. After 7 hours I managed to get on for 1/2 hour at midnight then went back to the continuous loading that doesn’t happen. Can anyone tell me what’s going on??????

  141. Sandra Brown

    Where have all the flowers
    (family trees) gone, long time passing. For the last 24 hours, I can’t get a single tree to display including the hints trees. Makes it kind of hard since I am back into the early 1200’s with my Scottish ancestors. Please fix ASAP. I know you are very busy as I have been in your shoes before. “You want it When??!!” Basically you do a very good job under difficult circumstances. Fortunately, for my sanity?, I am retired and now a user instead of a system programmer.

  142. Judy

    To everyone (like me) who has e-mailed repeatedly, who has expressed their frustration (like me) on the blogs, and who has received absolutely no satisfaction–I want to share an eye-opening experience.
    I had e-mailed them at least 4 times since November, when all my problems with the site began. I had E-MAILED, rather than CALLED the support team, out of courtesy to them, with the mistaken belief that I was doing them a favor by not tying up their phone lines. Their reply to my latest email, however, suggested that I call, so today I did just that. What a shock I received when I was connected to a very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and TRUTHFUL Tech guy, who told me right off the bat that yes, indeed, they have been having problems with the site for several months now; & yes, indeed, the slow navigation HAS been an issue for many, many people; & yes, indeed, they were still working on the issue. In other words, it’s NOT just me, as all the replies to my e-mails seemed to indicate; I’m not crazy or incapable of understanding simple directions; I’m not just imagining things; there is REALLY a problem with the site itself!!!
    I’m telling you, it was a HUGE load off my mind just to hear someone admit it! AND—during the course the conversation, it was revealed to me (or perhaps just inferred) that e-mailing them is a waste of time. What I ‘got’ from the conversation is that they have, as we’ve all suspected, standard ‘form responses’— you send an e-mail; they stick on a ‘form response’ & they’re done with it. There’s virtually no record maintained, no matter how many times you e-mail them. BUT–if you CALL (1-800-262-3787), that call is recorded & they therefore have a record of when & how many times you have called.
    SOOO—as for me, I’m done with the e-mails, and with trying to vent my frustrations on these blogs. I will try all of the suggestions this nice fellow gave me; if that doesn’t work, I’ll be back on the phone again & again; and it THAT doesn’t work I’ll be canceling my subscription. BTW–he did tell me that if the technical problems could not be solved, would refund my money from the date of cancellation to the date of expiration. (They will NOT however be reimbursing any of us for time lost due to these technical issues.)
    If this helps even one other person who is/was as frustrated and confused as I was I’ll be happy.
    Best regards,

  143. Diane Lindsley

    Thank you to message #152 from Judy. I will call them tomorrow. The search function comes and goes no matter how many “hard refreshes” one does. I think they tell you that just to give you something to do. If things don’t clear up soon, I, too, won’t be renewing my $300 subscription. If enough of us cancel, maybe they will “feel our pain”.

  144. teresa

    I always want to know who is my ancestry sister but I don’t know must about them.I wish that someone out there could show me where to look for.All I know is my grandmother and aunts my mother brother and that’s it.could you tell me how to go about it I would be more then happy to do the research.What if I don’t there last name of my ancestry sister?could someone help me on this?

  145. Cindy Gregory

    Is anyone still having problems with this site running so slowly you feel like pulling your hair out!!?? Too many ads taking so long to download that it’s not very enjoyable coming to the site.

  146. Tom Vought

    What the heck is going on now? It’s 2:38pm Eastern Time and every link has been changed to
    which WON’T LOAD! There is no such animal as!

    My Home Page presents me with:

    “Everything has been removed
    from your page.”

    Tried to attach a record, and NETSCAPE is in the link or the java script instructions.


  147. Nicole

    I’m using firefox on a mac, and for at least a month I have been having issues with the “page load error”. I know it is definitely the site, not anything else (knew that before I read this!) and it’s driving me insane. I don’t have massive subscriptions like some of you – I pay per view, but it’s still hopelessly frustrating to pay for credits and then not be able to use them. Research on this site is currently impossible – for every page that loads correctly 10 don’t. I give up, really, and I’m disgusted that the people at ancestry don’t seem to be doing anything about it. Why did you make changes in the first place – it was a perfectly good system before!

  148. Guy Cote

    keep getting a robo form bug error when manuvering around the family tree onsite. It suggests that I email the information to an email address and proceeds to shutdown windows explorer. Is there a cure for this?

  149. Darren Enns

    I joined ‘’ in January, under the impression that Hamburg passenger lists destined for Canada would be available. As it turned out, this doesn’t appear to be true. Now I have found that the records I am looking for are only part of the ‘Deluxe’ membership. I have also found out that one pair of my ancestors did *not* take a direct route to Canada, so (again) the records I am looking for appear to be only in the ‘Deluxe’ package. If anyone is willing to look up this *single* request for me, I would appreciate it!

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