Posted by jhodnett on January 13, 2009 in Site Issues, Website

As an update to our previous post, we wanted to reassure everyone that we are still very actively working on the server errors that are causing occasional site downtime for some customers. We have narrowed the problem down to a few possible causes, but still have additional testing and other work to do in order to fully diagnose and resolve the problem. This is our number one priority and we are putting other projects on hold to address it.   

Thank you again for your patience. We’ll try to give another update here on our blog later this afternoon or evening.


  1. James Ralston

    I just did another comment in a different section because I cannot find a clear-cut entry tab to tell support what our problems are with FTM 2009. I have been a customer since the beginning and was happy up until you made FTM 2008. That junk cost you many many customers. I almost left myself. I waited until I got the free FTM 2009 and was happy with it, up until recently. Now, you have put yourself right back in the light of disgust, at least with me. This program crashes constantly. I called support and talked with a lady who said you were aware of the problems and that a patch of some sort was forth-coming. This program crashes at will and always says that it has “encountered a problem and had to shut down”. I know one thing, I will not buy another product of yours, until you demonstrate some care, consideration and understanding of the customers out here. I don’t have any idea of what you did, but when something is working right, “why come along and screw it up”? Lastly, one thing this program will not do is merge files. The lady in support told me about doing a complete removal and re-install of the CD and it should take care of the problem. WRONG! This junk program does everything like it is supposed to up to the point of the bar moving across, after you hit the merge tab. Only problem is that when the bar gets to the end, it sits there and sits there and then crashes. Please, can you just fix what we paid good money for in the beginning, make us happy again and not send stuff out on CD that is not tested, proofed and actually works like it was designed to do? ANXIOUS!

  2. Mary Beth Marchant

    Looks to me like y’all have done more than just try to fix your servers. Looks like y’all have done some more tweaking that has messed up my searches. Recently I was able to go to search, click on a state and see the data bases for a particular state in a small way. Now, I click on a state and I get some mess with over 8000+ matches. Why do y’all have to keep messing with this. It’s bad enough without y’all constantly changing things.

  3. Peggy Strickland

    Have been unable to access the site for several days. It is very frustrating. Just keep getting the page that says,
    “Check back soon”

    Am I doing something wrong? Is this a problem with others? It isn’t just shutting down while I’m doing something…I can’t get on the site at all.

  4. Alcenia Appling

    Please is there any way you can let
    us know when we will be able to use
    our for anything.
    I have paid for a years sub. and unable to use this site. I cannot and am sure most can not afford this.I for one am on a limited income and love to work on my family research but now I am not able to do any of it. Please let us know something on this.

  5. Patricia Panek

    Extremely frustrated cannot use FTM or do searches for a week. It may start then crash, or state not on internet. When will this finally be fixed. Also, I have not yet received my subscription bill & hope you will allow a discount on it. Does ancestry allow Senior Citizens a discount, you should as most businesses do. Please advise.

  6. djmigra72

    The name search blocks are not accessible from my work computer. These are the blocks wherein I entered the first/last name, year of birth, etc. I could do so before your website was down for upgrades, repairs last week. What happened? I have been a customer for at least 2 years and my subscription is due to be renewed in April. I’m having second thoughts about the renewal if I can’t use the website wherever I can access a computer. At work, I can use the computer during breaks and lunches which great for me. I don’t have a problem at home; but, here at work lies the problem. What can you do to help me?

  7. Tom Tryber

    I wish people who furnish a service would be a little more pro-active instead of reactive.

    When you are providing a service you should be using the most reliable and error proof servers. Dell, Compaq, HP, etc. do not cut it. So if that is what your using, do yourselves a favor and use a heavier duty, more reliable Server. Too many times I’ve seen service operations go on the cheap and it’s their cutomers that end up paying the price. Downtime, slow reponse times, consistant problems, etc. Or they tend to put off the replacement of their Servers trying to make a “$”. What a waste!!!!!

  8. I have been with ancestry for years and research several hours each day. Images load slow, Images exit slow, Typing in searches are slow, Image errors are frequent and I now take to counting while images load and exit to calm me down. Just fix the system.

    Stop the following excuses:
    **we are trying**
    **It is fixed**

    I pay you good money and want a site that works like it did in the past. **New search** is not necessary and maybe you should stop it for a time and fix the problems you have.

    Would like some compensation for my lost research time.


  9. Doris Forsyth

    May I make a change to the name (title) of my Family Tree? My name is Forsyth (by marriage) but my tree will contain info about MY family name which is Reed. More people doing research will look for the name REED on my tree rather than my married name.


    Doris Reed Forsyth

  10. Brittney

    I’ve paid for a one month subscription and for the past 3 days have been requesting a new password, but am not getting the email where my new password is. I can’t log on, and I’ve paid! I hope to get some extra days, now. Please give me a new password!

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