Posted by jhodnett on January 13, 2009 in Site Issues, Website

For those of you keeping up on the server problems we’ve been experiencing, I wanted to give another quick update.  It appears that earlier this afternoon we were able to get things stabilized on the site so that hopefully you are not getting any error messages or experiencing other problems.  To help further we will be installing some new hardware later this evening.  If you are on the site later tonight you may see some downtime while we install the new hardware (mostly likely sometime between 1 AM and 3 AM Mountain Time). 

We are still looking closely at things to make sure that we have identified and resolved the root problem causing these recent errors on the site.  It is possible that the site may experience additional downtime before we have everything fully corrected.  Thank you once again for your patience.


  1. Sharlene Moore

    I see that 2009 up grade was offered free to valued 2008 Family Tree Maker customers…when and how?

  2. David McCann

    Have you any idea when will be back online. Here I am with a couple of unusually free days to get some research done – and just my luck – no Ancestry! David

  3. Pete

    Will Ancestry be extending subscription periods to compensate for this. I am on the last day of my subscription period, didn’t want to extend, but need to get a few more searches done, and have not been able to do so.

    I really don;t think I should have to pay another month’s subscription just because the site is unavailable!!!

  4. Craig Richardson is still unavailable from my computer. However, I was able to log into the Canadian site using my U.S. account name and password.

    This allowed me to access all of the data in my family tree. I was also able to get New Ancestry Search to work, once I figured out that I had to click on the All Records link under Narrow by Origin to see results from non-Canadian databases.

    Of course, I’m sure this sort of thing wouldn’t be recommended under normal circumstances, since the Canadian site probably isn’t meant to be used by U.S. customers.

    However, I think that this trick might help some of the other Ancestry users who have been affected by the recent server problems.

  5. Thom Wallace

    It is funny that the upgrade was offered and I was told that I got an E-mail offering but that is not true. I happen to read every Ancestry E-mail that I receive. What’s the deal?

  6. Eric Stoltz

    Last night around 11p.m. Pacific Time, I was unable to upload a gedcom using Safari. I tried numerous times and each time it failed. I switched to Firefox and was able to upload the gedcom.

  7. Suzanne Bonner

    Another quick update to let you know we are still working to completely resolve the issues. We are still looking closely at everything to make sure we fix the root problem. We apologize once again and thank you for your patience. We will post another update later on this afternoon.

  8. James Ralston

    Can anyone reading this, tell me if they are experiencing crashes with this FTM 2009. I was totalling disgusted with FTM 2008 and was about to tell Ancestry where to go and then they gave us the free FTM 2009. All worked fine, up and until this past week or two. Now the program crashes at will. I see that the good folks are doing just like they did with FTM 2008, promises, promises. Support told me they were aware of the problems and after reading all of the posts, one would think that something would have been done. One thing I learned quickly about FTM 2009 is that it will NOT merge files. Any comment from users would be appreciated. Nothing to get excited about from the programmers.

  9. David McCann has returned on my PC but still has bits unavailable.

    I am on AOL and find that Ancestry works MUCH faster if I log on through Internet Explorer – David

  10. David McCann

    Are Ancestry going to tell us when they are going to offer the 1911 Census? It seems strange that no mention has been made – and I would like to know before my subscription becomes renewable in a few weeks. I emailed and asked Customer Services thwice but have had no reply – David

  11. Leonard Ogle

    All I get when I go to is CHECK BACK SOON. Been this way for three days now. Unacceptable. Went to library yesterday and had no problem logging on. Expect same service at home. Still waiting.

  12. Charles Gustafson

    I sent an e-mail to Ancestry yesterday. Their responce we don’r support AOL BROSWER. Use IE or Firefox. Gee, I guess their technical support doesn’t know their servers don’t work. As of 4: 15 p.m. Eastern STLL can’t use FireFox or AOL (NOT THEIR BROSWER) IE is working.

  13. I have put my card information twice now and it is still me my account is going to expire in 21 days. How frusterating and if i get charged twice I am going to be very unhappy camper

  14. Carole Walsh

    Ancestry has been unstable and sluggish for several weeks. It’s all well and good attracting subscribers but if the servers are unable to cope with 1 million + members – it’s time to install bigger servers

    The “new” search facility has had very bad press and is considered by the vast majority to be a waste of time. Perhaps removing it could help the problems.

    I have now been without normal access since Saturday and am unable to access the 1871/81/91 UK censuses using the following link

  15. Bill Hampshire

    Add me to the list of people who cannot log onto the website. Been trying for over 24 hours, and all I get is “Check back soon.”

  16. Hugh Maynard

    When are we going to get an update on server problems at ancestry ? Still no access at 7.40 am 15/1/09 in my corner of uk

  17. Carole Walsh

    It’s 13.00 hours here in the UK and is still down. Still getting the Check Back Soon message

    If using the Ancestry Card Catalogue link – unable to access 1871/81/91 UK censuses – get the Check Back Soon message

    This problem has gone on for far too long now. Everybody accepts a reasonable amount of downtime but this has now been 5 days

  18. John Pickett

    What is the latest service status?

    I have been completely without service for at least two days and the latest information posted on this site is two days old.

    A customer-focussed organization would attempt to communicate with its users. The error page has links to other sites. Why doesn’t it have a link to up-to-date status?

  19. Charles Gustafson

    As of 10:02 a.m. Eastern still no on Firefox or AOL. IE seems to be working normal, at least in Virginia. Is now only supporting IE 6 and IE 7? I think th enew owners have taken the money and run.

  20. Leonard Ogle

    Great. Hugh in the U K got his service back today. Now try fixing the problem in the USA.It has been four days now. I have to go through RootsWeb to even get to Ancestry’s site and then when I try to search census records I get the familiar CHECK BACK SOON. Time to call in the pros.

  21. I never thought that I would write on a blog, but here it goes. It had been 72 hours since I have been able to access Ancestry … just keep getting that horrible message to check back soon. I even tried using Internet Explorer directly to access and my system froze. Here’s an idea … go back to square one, before you started to have problems and then you can see where you went wrong. Perhaps you did another addition and forgot to run your BETA test. This is getting ridiculous. For what we are spending, we should have access by now. Just a question, to quote from the movie 1776, is anybody there … does anybody care? And, David Graham, how about a real update?

  22. Charles Gustafson

    This is the message I received from Ancestry a few minutes ago. I repsonded that they need to hire new technicians that know what they are doing. has been experiencing
    technical difficulties.
    We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced over the past few days due to parts of being intermittently unavailable or slow.

    Your family history is our top priority and we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service.

    We have been working around the clock to fix these problems and we believe that things have stabilized. To help further, we installed new hardware this week. We are continuing to monitor the site and will immediately work to rectify any issues that may occur.

    We appreciate your patience as we resolve these issues on as quickly as possible.

    Andrew Wait
    GM and SVP

  23. Joe Pettigrew

    At 3PM EST, I can only get an occasional search through, and then only Census records. It’s been that way since at least last Saturday. If I see one more “Error processing image request”, I’m gonna go postal!

  24. Susan James-Morrow

    I, too, was getting an error message. To solve this I typed in rather than use my quick link or bookmark for Ancestry. I had no problem getting on and everything was available. I deleted the old bookmark and added the new one. Hope this helps.

  25. duane l. fitch

    for retired seniors is there ever a possibility for lower payments…SS only stretches so far…thank you so much…we’ve worked long and hard to get to the point we are at now in our lives…

  26. David Neerman

    After reading other messages I realized that I could access Ancestry through IE or Firefox, but not through AOL. Anyone know why that is? I tried deleting the AOL bookmark and resetting it, but still no access through AOL. ?????

  27. Connie Norheim

    It’s 3:45 PM on Thursday Jan 15th and I haven’t been able to access ancestry since Monday. Very frustrating to be off work all these days without it, I had to break down and CLEAN HOUSE. This message board has been my only contact that it’s a widespread problem.

  28. Ruth Lowe

    It is 5:09PM Pacific time and for the last week I also have had and am still having the error message “Error processing request” when trying to look at newspaper articles or military records. This is very frustrating as you say this has been fixed. I pay a lot for full access and am very dissappointed.

  29. john m. corley

    It’s been several days and I still can’t bring up the homepage for on AOL. What’s going on?

  30. Dianne Barfield

    I received the email telling us that you were fixing the problem of slowness and can’t find a page. You thought it was fixed. I have been on the site over 2 hours and things are still uploading very slowly and the new feature at the top of a page with the box that comes up with items from our trees to match the info we are searching for-is really slowing downloads down!!!!! And I have had one of the error messages saying it could not find a page I had clicked on and to try back later. I hope you can narrow down what the problem is because it is giving me a headache sitting here waiting for pages to come up or to click back to. Thank you

  31. penn

    Unable to unsub, even with suggestions from your site, so have no choice but to consign all email from to automatic delete.

  32. Lil Mees

    Have been unable to access since Sunday. Any idea when we can expect it to be back online? I live in FL–so it’s not just the UK. Really need you, please hurry with your maintenance.

  33. Annette W.

    10: James Ralston Reply

    Hi James:

    It will merge files. I myself have just finished a 2 day project where I merged all 26 seperate gedcoms into one file on the 2009v. Here is the link for it. Or if links are not permitted look under their FAQ Merging two files in Family Tree Maker 2008

    One thing I learned quickly about FTM 2009 is that it will NOT merge files. Any comment from users would be appreciated. Nothing to get excited about from the programmers.

  34. Sharon Young

    This program is the slowest and hardest to manipulate I’ve ever experienced! Whether on this computer or mine at home…There is ALWAYS an error on the page or you can’t get back to a page or enter an event. I have accomplished a lot during the time I’ve spent on but I’ve spent MANY MORE HOURS to do it than was called for! VERY UNHAPPY!!!

  35. Hugh Maynard

    8.30 pm UK time 16/1 09 , lost all ancestry service again ! So much for update on message 42 and being resolved on 13/1 /09 .The phrase “living in cloud cuckoo land” comes to mind .

  36. For me the site is still extremely slow; almost too slow to use at all. Cache was cleared etc. still slow. I had promised to show someone who will be in town for only one day tomorrow their family tree but it looks like I’m going to have to make other arrangements…as for Family Tree Maker, I am pretty surprised that Ancestry does not affiliate with any program which is currently supported for Mac users.

  37. bonnie cassady



  38. Carla Barber

    After days of “technical difficulties” and following your hints on how to get back on, I get to the site, but I can’t log on as a member. They want me to do a trial membership. I try to log in and I get messages that I haven’t seen in the the several years that I have belonged to Ancestry, and none of them work. I give up!!

    Carla Barber

  39. I had 3 more days til my trial period ran out which was 1-19-09, i can not get on my tree, so i went ahead an subscribed for a month on 1-16-09. i received an email about confirmation of my order so i could get on the sight an as soon as i signed off of it, that was it now it won’t let me back on it unless i subscribe again. i would like to know what the problem is. i was tryin to finish up some more of my tree before my trial period was up but that didn’t happen.

  40. Donna King

    I also have lost time on the subscription & it was due for renewal the 10th of January…automatically. I have tried to figure out how to get on with this notice..of clearing the cache…& don’t have any idea how to do it without calling in a computer tech to help me…and pay for him to come to the house. Help! Donna

  41. I emailed David Graham to complain my not being able to access Ancestry’s website. This was his answer:

    Try doing what is called a “hard refresh.” Just go to When you get the error page either press the Ctrl and F5 buttons on your keyboard at the same time, or hold down the Ctrl button and click the refresh button on your internet browser.

    I used the ctrl button and the refresh button on my AOL toolbar and it worked for me. You must hold down the crtl button on your keyboard while simultaneously using your mouse to click the refresh button.

    I had already cleared by cache and cookies but to no avail.

    So, at last I was able to access the website.

    You might want to try this!

  42. MWilhauk

    As an Ancestry customer for several years (spending over $900. in the last 3) I strongly resent getting a mail solicitation that offers a 25% discount for “new” members. It is a slap in the face to your existing customers. What about a discount for us?

  43. Teresa Wilbanks

    This 2008 software is useless for getting it to go online. I was unable to upgrade to 2009 because of site difficulties. When I attempt to go online I get a message that I am not connected to the internet. Not so. I have re-installing this software 3x. I have download the patch and attempted to run it and it tells me to run as administrator. I do that and still receive the same message.

  44. Ann Thomson

    I am unable to cancel my trial subscription as the reason for cancellation box is not working. What can I do?

  45. Al Mccarthy

    It is now the 17th (4 days later than your saying that you have fixed the problem. I got “We apologize, but we were unable to handle your request. Please try again later.” I received about 6 of these messages this afternoon (about 2PM), and then quit. I came back to the site around 7PM and have received another 3 or 4 messages.

    Just what is your problem? When are you REALLY going to have it fixed?

  46. Anita

    I hope this speeds things up. I hate to use in the evenings as it takes up to 30 seconds for a page to open. Very aggravating.
    Anita Wages

  47. Al Mccarthy

    Further to my note of 7PM today, I tried again at 10PM and once more at midnight, with the same result – apologies! I don’t want your apologies – I want what I have paid for!!!

  48. Marla Graham

    I just bought 2008 and can’t put it on my computer. I am having trouble accessing YOUR website at I just read all the messages left by other users and feel that you guys have a serious problem. I will try later.
    Please advise when you have your act together.

  49. carol berry

    I can NOT access a specific State such as Nebraska when i click Search. It takes me to the Card Catalog. Please look into this problem.
    I have no trouble logging in or getting census, Soc Sec. etc.

  50. I just received a user name and password for via email. I guess I registered. I say I guess because I tried to clear the spaces so the registration wouldn’t go through. I don’t find the ‘cancel subscription’ link on ancestry. The directions say there’s one, but it isn’t there. I am concerned I will be charged for a subscription and we can’t afford it at all. However, I didn’t enter any pymt card number. Do I have a ‘registered guest’ account? You help will be greatly appreciated.
    Patricia Knoke

  51. Cathy Champion

    Somehow my user name was changed from cacshantih to cacshantih1 sometime after Friday, Jan 16. I can log on with the second username but can’t access my trees. How can this be remedied?


  52. Mike Akbee

    I have been experiencing the “We apologize, but we were unable to handle your request. Please try again later.” issues, but only with ancestors in the US between 1600-1750. It also seems more prevalent on female ancestors. Makes no sense, but comes up repeatedly. This has been going on for two weeks. I have sent two messages to support but apparently I am such an unimportant PAYING customer that they wont even bother responding.

  53. Lisa

    It is still incredibly slow – it really takes the enjoyment out of trying to work on the tree when it takes so-o-o-o long to do anything.

    If it was a free service I would be more apt to think ‘you get what you pay for’ but I do pay and I forgo many necessities for what I consider one of my very few luxuries in life!

  54. Vicki Mcdonald

    Why is this website soooo slow? Also I have been unable to get to any of my trees for 3 days now. I paid for a year and I think three more days should be added to my time period. thanks

  55. No you have not resolved any problems with as far as I am concerned. Things still do not load, load sluggishly or the screens have to be refreshed several times to get a true picture. Also I have not been able to access Overview of my family tree at all ever after following your directions to hard refresh. Time is wasting so is my subscription money…….

  56. Margaret Rafferty

    I am getting a message saying my license limited exceeded. I am the only one on this computer and It won’t let me sign in. What the heck is going on. I have been a subscriber for years and I have never gotten this message before?

  57. A Cooper

    You guys are great and have helped me put together so much information. I can appreciate the time it takes to key in all the data you do.

    My question/comment is that I pay for a monthly World Deluxe membership in the USA and have invited some family members from Ireland and England to be editors of the tree I set up for us They have been unable to view photos in spite of registering. Is that part of the server problem or would this be something different?

  58. Charlene Stiffinella

    I couldnt access from jan 13-17. I was able from your suggestion, to access to further my family trees and started two new family trees in two other names. Now when you are in, my original tree is missing several hundred people and names going back to 1700…….what happened? I cannot afford this much longer and am trying to hold on to this family tree site that I very much have enjoyed. I am waiting for disability and dont want to forfiet this research…Help!

  59. Nancy Simonof

    Dear Ancestry, Just read over reader comments. Sorry to see so many unhappy problems. I get grrr-upset at some of the same problems and try other sites. Other sites, compared to Ancestry, at best, is difficult to find what I’m looking for. I believe you are having growing pains and working to resolve the problems as soon as possible. I’ll be patient and keep a good thought for your staff. In spite of all the problems I still thank you for a great tool to work

  60. Judy Hassler

    Your site has been excessively slow for over 2 weeks. So slow that it is very difficult to use the site.

  61. Lynne Denning

    I am having severe problems. Could it be because I have so much information stored? I can not do anything.

  62. Harold Weinbaum

    Over the past few weeks I have had nothing but problems trying to upload pictures to the website.
    I get error after error and then mutiple uploads when it says it is not uploaded. It has become impossible to upload anything. Before it was fast easy to use and no problems.

    Thank you

  63. Ginger

    I am still receiving the error message when I try to post a reply…even after refreshing and clearing the cache.

    Is this problem with ancestry/rootsweb or with my computer?

  64. Debbie

    Cant view information on the ancestry family tree maker where you can click on tree maker to go into the web. why?

  65. marion rothorck

    My searches have gotten so slow recently that for the time being I have just given up. I do not have all that much time to do my research and can not afford up to 10 minutes for a single search. I have went to different connection speeds from 12 mbs to 112 mbs and it does not seem to matter which leads me to believe that the problem is with Ancestry. When do you think this will be resolved?

  66. I Konrad still is unstable and will not accept new subscriptions. I’ve tried several different computers and several different browsers and got no where. Oh well, may have good information but I can’t get to it so I’ll use the LDS Church instead.

  67. Malissa Fox

    Still find that your server is running very slowwww.

    When I first log on, it switches somewhat fast between pages. Then, as time goes on, it becomes terribly slow till after 30 minutes it feels like I’m on an old dial-up. have tried all your suggestions.

  68. Malissa Fox

    Oh, by the way. Last august when I signed up for a ‘second’ account with the “free 30 day trial”–my credit card was used by someone–somewhere! Luckily this alerted my bank and the card was cancelled quickly, but not before they could run a few small “test” transactions.

    Your site really seems to have some serious issues.

  69. les gowell

    I got a link They have a trial period also, only in order to cancel you must request the info to do so. I know this is not your issue, but you guys are the biggest site and maybe you can tell me what to do to get their attention. I have requested info several times and they too have my credit card number. Thanks for anything you can do. Les Gowell

  70. Joyce T. Plyler

    You do not show me as a customer. Therefore I cannot even get in. I have had this problem before. I was at, and have had this conversation with you before. We are currently at I am a current suscriber. Please straighten this out. Joyce Plyler

  71. E. Padalino

    I have been having severe problems for over a week now. I have done all you recommended and still cannot access records and if I do, it takes forever for the site to process. It sounds like you are still having problems. I’d like to recommend that you give everyone a complimentary extension of their subscription.

  72. jean bramham

    ancestry said someone else was using my account and i could not get on line to ancestry but no one else uses my account.

  73. sharron scott

    I was invited to visit the Julies’ & Ed’s family History-world tree and Black, Neel, Belknap, Landers, Cantrell family history-world tree. you will not let me visit the site without paying for it. Julie Neel is the owner of the site and she pays you for the site. I was just invite. why do you want me to pay for it too.
    sharron scott

  74. Dorothy Rosa Durkee

    Interesting that believes that the site is now stable. Despite clearing the cache and doing a “hard refresh,” I am still getting irrational error messages and information retrieval errors. I agree with other posters that subscribers should be compensated (by subscription extensions) for this frustrating experience.

  75. Claud I. Brandon

    Dear ANCESTRY,
    Deseo obtener el certificado de muerte de mi Gradgrandfather DAVID HENRY BRANDON was born Philadelphia Pa. was Deth Ag 10, 1903 in Panama

  76. Judy Cameruci

    I have forgot my password. I have sent at least four requests for you to send it to me. What does anyone have to do go get a response? Would appreciate a response please!!

    Judy Cameruci

  77. shirley jones

    i signed up for 3 month service.but while trying out ancestry .com free 14day trial.have desided not too take the service..i am not getting anything of value from you..i only see the information i am inputting fore you too sell and make money. shirley jones jan 21 2009

  78. Anthony Procaccini

    Dear Sirs, In “Contact Us” I don’t find a way to contact you.

    Tony Procaccini
    2540 31st Ave Apt 1C
    Long Island City NY 11106

    Please advise me by e-mail ASAP.
    Thank you very much.

  79. Today I started my free 2 week trial and I purchased a 3 month subscription. I am requesting an immediate refund as I do not like this new system at all. And I have lost all my photo’s, and other attachment’s since the last time I was an active member. Needless to say I am unhappy and too upset to think I have to verify all of my entries and reenter photo’s and documents. What on earth were your programers thinking? Please work on simplifying.

  80. I am having a problem when attaching a census, it is not updating all members on the census, only the member you are under.
    Can you fix this, it was working the other day.
    thanks, Jannelle

  81. Catherine White

    Every time I open, I get an “Object Error”. I can live with that. But the site is SOOOOOO slow moving from page to page, even when returning from viewing a link on a page. It’s terrible. Thank you.

  82. Bonnie Glass

    I have been a member of before and I have been trying to join again and it will not let me. It is asking me to fill in 3 lines and i don’t know what I am to put in those lines. Also there is no place to continue after I put info in.
    Is Windows XP alright to join and do I have to subscribe to the new 2008 family tree maker? I have 2006 version.


  83. Judy

    Fixed? My foot!! For nearly 2 months now it’s been so slow and cumbersome to navigate anywhere on, that I often give up & try to find info on other sites (and other sites are NOT slow, so the problem lies with Ancestry). I’ve read articles from others all over the web saying the same thing, so it’s NOT just me. And I’m getting NOOO help from Ancestry….
    I pay the big bucks for access, and I’ve wasted 2 months of that subscription, unable to search with any efficiency & waiting for them to even admit the problem! They SHOULD extend everyone’s subscription by at least 2 months in my humble opinion!

  84. Judy

    Well…I was concerned when I mentioned in my other post that I’d been having problems “for the past couple of months”, so I checked in my ‘Product Support’ file. And guess what…my first email to was 11/25/2008 05:34 PM
    I quote:
    “For the past week or so I’ve been having a difficult time ‘moving about’ on the site. I have AT&T DSL connection, and at first I thought it was that, but when I go to other sites, there seems to be no problem, so I have to believe it’s something at Ancestry. It ‘feels’ as lumbering and cumbersome (even more so at times!) as when I had only a dial-up connection.
    Other problems are also occuring. The ‘screen’ (home page) ‘jumps around’…that is, I start to type in a name, and suddenly the screen changes so that I’m viewing the bottom portion of the page. AND, today I found many times when I’d type in a name, hit ‘search’ & be told there were no results…yet, changing NOTHING, I could hit ‘search’ again, & all kinds of results would show up…very annoying & confusing, to say the least.
    Is something happening at that could be causing this?
    Thank you,”

    I was polite back then, wasn’t I???
    Now, not so much!!
    BTW received Auto-Response – 11/25/2008 05:34 PM
    Answers suggested–no help at all.

  85. I have been experiencing many of the difficulties others have been experiencing. Most have been corrected. The problem I am still experiencing is clicking on the leaf icon, nothing downloads. The computer keeps with the downloading emblem and says “done” in the bottom bar! I sure hope our subscriptions are extended, or refunds for the down time.

  86. Jan 23 2:19pm
    I just tried to reply to a post on the KETCHUM board for the 3rd time in 3 days. Still get an error message directing me to this page to check on server problems.

  87. dondemers

    I am very frustrated, I am on the 14 day free trial and have had problems downloading or even searching via FTM. I have done everything you have suggested, even shut down firewalls and still cannot search from FTM. I don’t thinkn I will continue my subscription at this rate. I believe that Ancestry support staff have left us without answers, or replies to our queries. What ever happened to the customer service of the past, it seems you have disappeared.

    Let us know what is going on and when to expect results and extend our free trials and subscritions. We should not have to ask this.

    Don Demers

  88. b jordan

    Why is now impossible to browse states doing a search? I had Trow’s NY city directories 1885-1898 a couple of day’s ago. Now it can’t be located. Thanks.

  89. Titiantop

    Most of the time when I go into the UK census pages it will tell me there are ?? so many people with that name in ?? census year but when I click on it is just tells me there are no matches. It has been doing this for some time now. Also it has been jumping about all over the place and driving me mad. Must say though I have had no problems getting into the site.

  90. Phyllis Masterhous

    I can no longer get into ancestry
    I was invited in months ago and all
    was fine now I cannot get in. My
    cousin Kenneth John Christie says
    it says my email is invalid, what
    happened it is coming up PEMJFM & I
    told him I was changing something on
    one of the game sites and may have
    messed it up. Would like to be back
    in under

  91. Ellen Miller

    I have no problem logging into, but “sluggish” is the word on trying to get anything done. It was not operating like this when I first signed up a couple of months back. Now most searches are impossible. We are obviously not getting the product we signed up for. This is feeling like bait and switch. And how can you have no updates since the 16th, when there is obviously still a problem? Where is your customer service?

  92. David G Smith

    AFter trying all your suggesitons I still get “error on page” when trying to “add this person to your tree”. I even accessed Ancestry on my laptop and gotr the same results.

  93. David G Smith

    Still not working!!!!
    When adding a record to your tree, we get “error on page”. When is this going to be fixed?
    How about extending my subscription for all the time the site isn’t working?

  94. Karen

    I have been having problems being able to access any census because as soon as I try to open anything the image disappears. I am still having this problem. Also, the screen goes dark. Please keep me informed as to what is happening.

  95. DeborahGuzinski

    When I try to attach a record to someone in my tree, the screen comes up to type in the person’s name, but it stays gray and will not allow me to enter the name.

  96. Mary Turecek

    The site has become EXTREMELY SLOW! The time to open a page is unreal. Realize that you are having problems but would expect some compensation in the form of a subscription extension. Am not pleased to be paying you for your problems.
    A long time customer!!
    Mary Turecek

  97. Marinelle Carter

    Why is the site still so slow and difficult to move through? And why weren’t members compensated for the problems?

  98. Lisa Ferguson

    Why do the pages update and load so slowly? I have a cable modem and other sites load just fine.

  99. J. Metz

    How do you check your messages to see if anyone has responded to my note through the anonymous contact system? Is it through my personal email or is a separate inbox on Ancestry? If is the former, I have not received any responses to my emails so I have a hunch I am doing something wrong, but I don’t know what…

  100. Richard Robinson

    When I try to login to the site I get a message that I am already logged in to the system. However, I am not logged into the system. There is no way to access my account information to see if my subscription has run out or what the problem may be.

  101. ken coates

    your site is extremely slow and I continue to get a delay going between
    subjects and sometimes I the site just freezes up or jumps so much between the subjects I choose to view that I just give up because it’s so frustrating. I’ve tried everything I know to resolve the problem but I think it’s your site that’s the problem.



  103. Marcia Gibson

    Thanks for the update. However, the Ancestry site is sooooooooooo SLOW! My computer runs fast on every other site I go to. Please do something to speed things up! It takes about 2 minutes each time I hit the “enter” key. This takes all the fun out of searching for my family.
    Thanks for considering my request.
    Marcia Gibson

  104. Donald Sylvester

    I don’t know if it is my computer or but the site now has been VERY VERY VERY VERY slow for the past six months.
    I even access it early in the morning; but it is very slow all times of the day?
    Donald Sylvester

  105. c wood

    It’s January 25 and I can’t access my account. I keep getting a message saying that someone else is using the account, which can’t be possible.

  106. I can’t get a response to my request for my password. I’ve done it 5 times over several hours, and still no answer. You renewed my subscription for this year, but if I don’t have access, I will be asking for a discount for the time I can’t get any research done. Please help me recover my password

  107. Terr Howe

    Why oh why did I not read this blog before shelling out for FTM 2009! If users of FTM 2008 were given free upgrades to FTM 2009 why was that not offered to me? I much prefer the FTM16 page layout but wanted the multiple sources etc and am now having to suffer multiple crashes for no apparent reason. In addition the new search on ancestry is a backward step – scrap it and keep the old version spending the time and effort in keeping the site working. Surely it is not rocket science to allow a problem free download of the enhanced viewer or is it really only 53KB!!

    Come on folks – new developments are great but keep the basics going.

  108. Keith Whaley

    I am doing research on Whaley & Edwards for Duplin Co., NC. The site is not recognizing even surnames entered. States no info. What is going on?
    Keith Whaley

  109. Chris Rucker

    I can’t even get the “search” function to work. What use is to me if I can’t find someone in the census? I won’t be renewing my subscription.

  110. I am still experiencing extreme slowness on the site. It can take a minute of more for the ads to download or to move from one task to another. The record I seek pops up immediately but I cannot navigate the page until the ad pops up. I really would prefer NOT to have the ads on every page. I know what you are offering and I will use it when I am ready.
    But – THANK YOU – I know what a tough job it is to be a system administrator on a popular and growing site.
    Also, a suggestion for future software enhancements. It would be nice to have the key person and related persons on the sidebar as one looks at the census or other such documents. The key person is often above the viewing level. To double check about related persons – wife, children for example, I have to back up to the “person” again.
    Another option I would like in the sidebar is the 5 generation family tree – again to be able to check information. There is so much information with many families and generations with similar names that it is essential to check birth and death dates and compare generational information before selecting the document or the ancestry tree.
    Thank you again!!!

  111. stella hennis

    I have requested that my password be emailed to me 4 times and I have yet to receive it. Please assist.

  112. This is to let you know that I still am having problems. When you want to save a record to the tree the hole page is hilighted and you can’t do anything. Even if you put it in the shoebox the record is stuck there.

  113. Every time, Today, that I have tried to attach a document to one of my pages, the screen turns dark and I cannot attach the document. Everything is loading very slowly today as well. It’s not my computer, I have FIOS and this thing downloads & uploads like a computer on “speed.” What’s going on at your site????

  114. Billie has reached a new low today. After putting up with slow, incomplete searches for weeks, today the whole search page went into a bizarre state, loading “something” endlessly while at the same time telling me:
    All widgets have been added to your page.
    You will be notified when more become available.

  115. Diane Ruane

    Am having the same problems as others. Can’t add things to my family tree. The screen goes dark, but doesn’t allow me to add to a person in my list. Also, am experiencing the site being very slow. I pay a lot of money for your service, would really appreciate being able to use it! ! I hope fixing this glitch is a priority this week! ! !

  116. Michael Simmons

    SAME PROBLEM AS YOU GUYS. When i go to add somebody to my tree, the screen turns dark and i am unable to press anything. This is very disappointing because this is an awesome site and i was excited about it.

  117. David Lang

    When attempting to access site thru an invite to view someone’s family tree, I am still getting an error message. I tried the “hard refresh and clearing my cahe with no success.

  118. Jackie Harrison

    Hi–I am still having problems when I try to save a historical record to a person in my tree. The screen goes gray and you can not take an action. I have cleared my private history and increased my cache size to 300. Are others having similar problems?

  119. caland36166

    It has been MONTHS since I’ve been trying to open census pages. All I’ve gotten are blank images. It doesn’t do any good to download Enhanced Image Viewer – it doesn’t help.
    I don’t like paying for something I’m not getting.

  120. Cheryl Keene

    I have been reading all the comments, and must say, that I do not no where alot of it is coming from. I have not experienced alot of these problems at all and work on Ancestry and Family Tree Maker every single day. I do have slow time but you get that with any website. I periodically go in and clear all my temporary files and lots of cookies,and, wammo, I am speeded up. Every website has their problems and we all just need to be patient. I love Ancestry and everything about it. I know they are trying to do the best posssible. And I say, keep up the good work.

  121. Deirdre

    My *GOD* the site was slow over the weekend. I finally gave up in complete frustration. Still seems awfully slow tonight, a monday. had trouble uploading a pic. load time is unacceptably long; please upgrade your servers – or fix them for real.

  122. I have accepted the use of the above website but cannnot access it.  HELP ! all i get is a trial that I started sometime in Dec of ’08 which I WANT discontinued as SOON as possible!  HELP! Many years ago I DID have an e-mail address with you of RUTH HOLLAND1226 is this the trouble?

  123. Rowena Gray

    Is anyone reading these comments? How do you even get to Technical Support if there is one??

    What is going on? Don’t we at least deserve some kind of answers or explaination??

  124. Mary Rowe

    I have been advised that my subscription expires mid February.
    Would you please advise the actual cost on A$’s for the renewal.
    Thankyou and I do enjoy


  125. don ehrnsberger

    WHY are you ALWAYS changing something???????? That is when I start having problems!! I asked for a NEW aol disc (for my tower);but NEVER recieced one! They told me,you changed something,and maybe my browser was NOT working right.So I thought a NEW disc would sovle the problem!!! I have been a customer SINCE 1998!!!!!!!

  126. Don Bradford

    The system continues to be very, very slow. When do you expect to have the system back to where it once was. For high speed users such as myself, it is frustratingly slow. Also, I have noticed that the more I use the site, the slower it seems to become. I have to log off and then log back in to get any reasonable response time. Thank You

  127. David Smith

    Stabilized? My a–!!.
    I have been unable to save a new record since 1/22/09, 5 days ago. I don’t believe they even read the emails and comments.
    All I get is “error on page” even after trying all their techie suggestions. I am an IT professional and know about cookies and cache and stuff like that. Believe me the problem is, not my computer; I have the same problem on four different pc’s. HELP !!!

  128. Kerry Kilpatrick

    My signon name is kerrykilpatrick1. I have the world membership. After I sign on (with some difficulty) the system seems to work fine for a few minutes and allows me to search. Then when I request to see the original document it kicks me back to the “sign up for a free trial page” and will not let me see the document. There is no log off capability at this point. So, when I try to log on again it says my computer is in use by another user and won’t let me sign on again. I agree with all the other posters – you need to get your problem fixed now. The problem is on your end not mine and I hope you get it fixed before I have to cancel my membership.

  129. Sarah H. Studstill seems far from stabilized!
    I am having more trouble NOW than I ever have at any time!
    I have tried the service to which I have been a long time subscriber – at all different times of the day, evening & night – NONE seems to work any better than the other.
    Last night, for instance, the screen when loaded was dark & would NOT work, period.
    This AM, I cannot load a page from a Family Tree to which I am admitted – it shows as loaded when it is NOT!
    When is Ancestry going to get this service fixed which costs us dearly & yet has been almost a month of pitiful to no service –
    I have not seen a rebate, refund nor lessening of the costs to me for this membership – World Deluxe.
    Please respond,
    Sarah H. Studstill

  130. Bonnie Whitley

    How do I get tech help when something is not working right?
    For the first time I cannot print census from the print icon on the top right side. The census page preview for print shows blank, no text. What’s going on? I even tried file, print preview, still nothing. Are you still having a server problem? I prefer to use the classic search page, why are you trying to change it when we’re happy with the normal search?

  131. M. J. Humphrey

    I’ve been sitting here reading this blog for the last five minutes, waiting for a hint to merge into my family tree (using Firefox on a Mac). I’ve tried several times over the last week or so to merge information into my family tree, and same thing. This is *beyond* slow, this is ridiculous. Everyone pays waaaayyy too much money for this, for The Generations Network to refuse to upgrade their *%#& servers. Finally, I have gotten a “Page Load Error”. As the LDS slowly works on digitizing their records, I am quickly seeing no need to pay the amount of money I pay to remain a subscriber to Ancestry.

  132. Linda Stone

    I’m not sure about this. This is the SLOWEST site I have ever been on. I can just about take a walk between pages!!!!!

  133. Linda Stone

    I just read some of the earlier posts. I agree. Why in the world are we paying for this slow frustration?

  134. Doris McCoy

    Its disheartening/discouraging to have “just” signed on and experience problems. Am on trial now.

  135. Barbara A Howe

    Please tell me is still so slow. I get messages that tell me my searches can’t be completed. The entire system is so slow. I have an on-line family tree that I’m trying to work on…but it consumes sooo much of my precious time.

    When will help arrive?

  136. geraldweeks24

    I have been reading all the comments outher people has sent in, it seems we all are having problems with, Last winter it worked find for me,,,,,,but this winter is a differt story not so good, I have just had my computer checked and up dated cost me $462.00 and i stell have the same problems with Ancestry. To slow to slow and pages won’t turn , takes to long, Have lost some of my tree, when putting it back it won’t put dates in order and when i click save it my not.
    Please Help I hope you are working on these problems, it is NOT my computer. thanks Gerald Weeks

  137. Suzie Lomax

    I have been trying to save info to my tree for a week, all I get after clicking the save now, is a black transparent screen cover over whatever I look at and it freezes my computer ,it says it’s accessing yahooapis ..when it locks up. At that point all I can do is close the screen or risk losing my work!
    There is no way to log off and save wherever I was, and now it says the system is under maintenance, and I can’t do a thing. Same story repeated daily for a week. We need credit, or an extension of the subscription to make up for the time this has been acting up, about 3 months.

  138. Linda Lindon

    When i try to add some one or a date it says its downloading but never does. I started having this problem yesterday.Before that it was fine. I cant add anything please help Linda

  139. Stan

    Have you all tried this. I had the extreme slow issue for days and it just got resolved by this advice from support:

    Announcement 01-16-2009


    After experiencing some server problems on the site, the site has now been stabilized.

    If you are still getting an error page when trying to access the site, first try doing what is called a “hard refresh.” Go to and when you get the error page either press the Ctrl and F5 buttons on your keyboard at the same time, or hold down the Ctrl button and click the refresh button on your internet browser.

    If you are still experiencing errors after that, please try clearing your internet cache and then try accessing again.

  140. I am still having trouble with the site. When doing reasearch I get a message stating that the tree or information I am seeking is unavailable at this time. It is also incredibly slow.

  141. Patricia Rowe

    I am tired of being patient…every time I log onto this website I spend 2 hours doing what I could do manually in 10 minutes – it keeps “not responding” – I have cleared cookies, and everything else. I think you have too many people logged onto this web site. Maybe you should develop an alternative one.

  142. Elaine Gazaway

    Get a msg saying thanks for trying the new search but unable to return to old search style where the maps of the states are shown and you can click on a state for further searching.

  143. M. J. Humphrey

    The “Page Load Errors” I’ve been getting have nothing to do with the Internet cache. Firefox clears the cache every time you exit the browser. My errors have been happening while trying to merge a hint into my online family tree, specifically from One World Tree. It seems to work okay with hints from other places (i.e. census, death records, etc.). After waiting five minutes to get “Page Load Error”, I hit the “retry” button, and it acts like it has loaded all the information, but I’ve found it does this only *partially*.

  144. Kim Arnold

    is anyone else having problems saving census information. I can get the first person on, but subsequent family adds just have me getting a Dark screen….

  145. I was happy to find the site working very rapidly this morning and was hopeful that you had fixed the egregious problems which have been driving users to exasperation for so long. But no – I searched for a census record, found it quickly, then tried to attach it to “Bernard Decker.” Even though I searched from his page, I was asked to select the person to whom the record should be attached. I tried typing his name in the box, but the site didn’t recognize it. I went to the list of all the Deckers in my tree and chose Bernard. Alas, when I clicked on ATTACH, all I got was the list of everyone in my tree. Does anyone monitor these comments??

  146. Jeanne_Rex


    USERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!

    I am blocked from using because it tells me another computer somewhere is logged on to my account.


    But I did receive a fraudulent email from a distant cousin I rarely email asking me to send $2,500 to England because she lost her wallet.

  147. Jeanne_Rex






  148. Dwayne Peterson

    while searching a series of census pages (progressing in one district) I still experience a delay of anywhere from 7 to 15 seconds before the next page is competely loaded and available for reading. I have already worked on deleting my cache – cookies, teporary files, etc., – have you another suggestion – or is the site still delayed at origin?

  149. geraldweeks24

    This site is a little better this moring, putting dates in places, but still slow, to long to turn pages, and to save, Keep working i beleave the site is getting better for me. thanks

  150. victor schroder

    signed up today but your system not recognizing my password and/or name.

    advise when problem fixed


  151. Tom Rugh

    I cancelled my trial subscription yesterday, and I have not received email confirmation that you did this. Please send me an email that confirms that my trial subscription has been cancelled. Thank you.

  152. Cheryl Keene

    I am also today having problems attaching a document to someone in my tree. Also, if I find a census, it will only load on the primary person even though I clicked to see others and checked to attach. Those others do not get the info attached.
    I notice there has not been an update of problems from ancestry since the 13th. Are they even reading any of these complaints.

  153. Conni Brennan

    I have tried twice to join. I get an error saying I have a password and it is being sent to the above address. It has not been sent, so I cannot sign up for the 2 week trial. Can you help?

  154. Robertr McCausland

    I am still using FTM Ver16 as Ver 2009 is so terribly slow.
    I have a World Wide one years subscription to Search
    however I can not access the search function either from FTM or directly. Ancestry first tells me there is a problem with my E-mail address. but then it says it doesn’t recognize my login name OR password. There is NO problem with my E-mail address and my login name and password are the same as a month ago when accepted them to collect payment.
    I have emptied my cookie folder and refreshed the screen to no avail.

    I would like an immediate fix for this problem or a return of the hundreds of dollars that I have paid in advance for the service.
    Robert McCausland ADCS Ret.

  155. Cameron Null

    Earlier today I enrolled for the free membership that came with my FTv16 using my Discover card….I have not been able to log on because I never set a password and even though I’m informed that my password has been sent to my email address….there is no email from Ancestry…Did my transaction get lost in the melee today? and could you advise me the best way to access your records…Thanks, Cameron Null

  156. ken coates

    Mr. Graham,
    You need to withdraw your posted letter because it’s very obvious that your site is still not working properly and the problems have not been resolved. It appears to me that you haven’t taken the time to read any of the numerous responses to your letter.

  157. D Allen

    For the last three days I have been unable to attach records to individuals in my tree. A glitch lasting a few hours is one thing……but to last this long is ridiculous. FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!

  158. i have been tring all day to locate my “wooten padgett” tree with no success ,what happened to the owt ?
    i have 12 pages of family info. there and i am pissed

  159. Betsy Conerly

    I am not able to attach records to people in my tree. When I try the page goes black but the screen directing where to attach the record does not come up.

  160. Esther Wells

    I have been trying to do research from my FTM 2006 and nothing comes up. It is just a blank page. This has happened several times in the past few months. I don’t think I would like to try the 2009 version, but I would like to have the other info that is included with it. Can’t you offer those items to add to your other versions that are being used?

  161. Carole O'Malley

    I have been trying to reach Ancestry by the telephone #on your Ad. for a couple of days. I am reaching something else, that is not good. I would like to speak to someone on the phone, Is that possible? Please reply ASAP. Thank you,

  162. When trying to attach documents to any person in my family tree your website freezes this has been happening for at least a week. I have sent an email. Have had no response. What do I need to do to have this problem corrected.

  163. BEVELYN

    I want to know if my subscription has been closed? I closed it on Jan30, 2009. Please check it ASAP be for Feb 2. I don’t want it. Also The 800 number is not working

  164. Dale Dickey

    I’m not getting any error message. I can sign in and get to the homepage but I can’t see my tree. I get a blank page and it says ‘waiting for’. I wait and wait and nothing happens.

  165. anthony somma

    why cant i upgrade to world paying monthly or quarterly i may not need a full year of service to finish my tree so i want only to pay by month or quaterly please get back to me as soon as possible as my subscription ends on the 6th of this month. thank you anthony somma

  166. Judy Wick

    Once I attach a record to the person who’s name I was searching, I am unable to additionally attach it to other family members. When I click to attach, the screen goes to a dark shade and won’t attach anything. This has been going on for several days now.

  167. Kathy Trudeau

    It would have been nice to have recieved a warning that you were going to be doing work tonight! I lost some valuable information that has taken me weeks to track down, boy it really makes me angry, I wouldn’t have worked on the family tree tonight IF I HAD KNOWN! I’m sure glad my membership is free until June, at least I don’t have to pay to get mad, I was going to up grade but not now, not until I’m sure this site is stable, you guys charge a lot!

  168. Tim

    So what is happening today – I am unable to log on at all and even the home page of is unavalaible

  169. Desmond Hobson

    Bad news, David. The site is down again!

    I cannot even log in with my account. I am on a 14-day free trial which expires on Feb. 8.

    I am writing you in case you are not aware of the issue. I have no other way to reach you right now.

  170. Alison

    Re Judy’s post #216 – relieved to hear I’m not the only one having problems.
    But can’t get on to the site at all now. Have tried “Ctrl F5” – nothing.
    At least my husband’s pleased – he’s got his family-history-obsessed wife to himself for a few hours!

  171. Kevin

    Unable to Access today. Have deleted cache etc and tried Hard Refresh of the web-page still no joy.

    Just get the following message:
    We’re sorry but this page or feature is temporarily unavailable. We are undergoing maintenance or resolving some errors. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience at this time. Please try this page again shortly, or try one of the links below.

    Search — Search historical records with information on over 6 billion people

    Family Trees — View or build your family tree

    Or visit our online Help knowledge base or Ancestry Blog to find up-to-date information about any possible website errors we may be experiencing.

    Thank you again for your patience.

    Neither of the links work either. What is going on.

    I Pay for this service.

  172. Paula

    I finally get five minutes peace to research the family tree without the kids nagging me and I cannot get onto the website, I keep getting the message check back soon. Hurry up and sort it please Ancestry.

  173. Alexander Hardie

    I have paid for 3 months!!!!!! Why do I get blocked and asked to still join?? Plus lose my place on the site?????

  174. Constance Peck

    I am all of a sudden locked out and told to subscribe. I have been a paid subscriber for 2+ years.

  175. Joyce Wallace

    Ancestry is constantly trying to open other pages, apparently advertising, which slows my computer to a crawl. This does not happen with other websites. I constantly have to click NO to deny permission for these attempts. It can take up to 30-40 seconds before I can click another link, the back button, or the scroll bar.

  176. Bea La Scala

    I have lost all the names (people) on my pedigree tree. I called yesterday (1/30/09 for help. I did get help, however the same thing has happened again but now it is even a wider range of people I have lost. The names are still on the “list of people”, but not on the tree it self. I am the “home person” but I too was taken off. I am afraid to work on it as I don’t know what will happen next. Please help!

  177. Robert E/Gene Bruner

    I am unable to access this morning, Saturday, 31 January 2009. What gives? I do not close out but this morning when jumping from my Family Tree Maker to, I get a login request and I have misplaced my password. A request for my password has gone unanswered. Surely my subscription has not lapsed. A quite-some-time-ago email address for me was I’ve got to have my input fix today and I’m flummoxed. Please help.

  178. Janet Schmitt

    Are you still experiencing problems? It is Jan. 31, 2009 today. I am trying to upload my new family tree.

  179. Daniel Warfel

    Can’t create download of tree. Server just keeps running to create he file and never gets past 0%. Even when I sign back in it is still running?

  180. mary Erbert

    Pulling up any kind of record is “iffy” at best. Most of the time, when I try to pull up a censu record or what have you, I get “invalid request, something or other verb”

  181. Shaye Bureau

    I am experiencing lots of problems. I can log on but when I try to research on a person’s profile the screen keeps trying to load that person up, it appears briefly, and then starts to search again. I keep getting an abort message and get kicked off. Can you help?? This is very frustrating.

  182. You are sending me replies to my complaints but the ancestry website is TOTALLY screwed up and at the moment my monthly cost of 31.00 is a waste. The latest of many issues in the last thirty days is all day today when I do a search and then try to add it denies me access saying I am “not authorized to modify the tree” NUTS – I am logged in to my own tree doing searches and the website isnt working – whats the progress here please!!!!!!

  183. Last comment and recommendation for the day and month is your IT manager and department and your CEO needs to post something to this website and advise paying subscribers of the CURRENT status and efforts to fix, your awareness of many problems.
    The absence of your comments implies distance and lack of corporate response. Please post a corporate IT response.

  184. Frances Nash

    I have recently been having trouble attaching historical records to my family tree. The screen goes grey but the box to enter the name is not accessible OR the screen goes grey but the box does not appear at all. I have been saving to my shoebox to try again later. I was able to attach one record today and now I am having the same trouble.

  185. Barbara Dinsmore

    Dear Mr. Graham:

    Today is Saturday, 1-31-09, and I attempted to enter your website with my username and logon and was unsuccessful.

    Please let me hear from you as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    Barbara Dinsmore

  186. david abbot

    adding pepole on to my family tree
    find people i want to add then
    it says save them
    press add then erra message comes up

  187. Sharyn Turner

    I can’t create a download of tree. The server just keeps running to create the file and never gets past 0%. Even when I sign back in it is still running? It’s been running for 2 days now. What gives???

  188. Keith Olson

    Good Morning. I uploaded a Legacy Ged file to Family Trees but it shows it is still uploading. This has now been going on for 30 hours. Is there someway someone can see what the problem is with uploading my file?

  189. Gregg Barnes

    Your site is so slow. I have to sit here and wait for minutes for a page to load. You might ask if it is my computer or my high speed connection. I assure you it is not. I feel like I should have bought a 6 month subscription that way I could get 3 months work done.
    I know by the nature of the site you have many documents as well as pictures being stored and accessed. I think you should stop taking new members until the time you are able to handle the traffic.
    My subscription was a Christmas present. I doubt I will be renewing the membership anytime soon. The information on the site is extremely helpful, but only if I an access it. I have been trying to a GEDCOM file, but it is also non-operational.
    I hope u get you stuff together. As it is there will be no recommendations from me.
    Gregg Barnes

  190. David J LaBier

    I can’t create a download of tree. The server just keeps running to create the file and never gets past 0%. Even when I sign back in it is still running? It’s been running for 2 days now. What gives???

  191. blodgety17

    Site is very slow. Takes 3 to 5 minutes to check out each hint or find info. It is NOT my computer or internet connection. This has been a re-acurring problem. Would be nice if you could get this corrected.

  192. Patricia Bays

    I am not able to access any information from even though I have a paid up subscription through march or april 2009. I contacted a technical support person via telephone about 10 days ago and she told me that my subscription was under the account patriciabays1020 and that my password was boomer 21. Now again today, the site is telling me that I am NOT PAID AND NEED TO SUBSCRIBE FOR ANOTHER YEAR. Please help me this has been going on for about 4 months.

  193. I just purchased FTM 2009 and it is installed and I already subscribe to However FTM will not let me access Ancestry to do a search, nor will it allow me to register. I continue to receive error “server authintication failed.” Please help me resolve this.

  194. Unable to access web site. Says no matching user name and password found. Not a good start considering I just joined up yesterday. Tried to have link sent where I could add new password but that does not work either. Tried that at least half a dozen times but no link or anything else is sent to my email address. Weekends are the best times to be able to do some research. Not worth a crap if I can’t get into site.

  195. scott jensen

    I have been a subsciber since 2004. Over the past three months your ads are taking 7 seconds to load on each page. I will not continue to pay for a service that delays my connection on every page because of ads that fail to load properly. Please correct this problem.

  196. Lois Fonseca

    I’m continuing to have “error on page” problems. Your fix, deleting temporary file, works. I don’t want to do that every three minutes.

    I’m considering closing my account because your site is such a nuicance to use.

  197. Catherine Drennan

    I am not able to login, and when I request a temporary password, my email address is not recognized. I have enjoyed working with, but I have to be honest and say I have not experienced the most helpful response to requests.

  198. I’ve been experiencing problems with information I’m trying to load today, so I’m happy to hear that you will try to fix things. My biggest problem, however, is the slowness of this site. I don’t have problems with any other sites, just this one. It’s truly too slow to use. I will have to cancel my subscription if things don’t improve soon.

  199. nancy

    I’ve been a subscriber to Ancestry for many many years and I have had more problems during the last 6 months than I have ever had. I do all the recommended things such as clear cache/cookes on a very regular basis, I have the highest broadband speed available from my provider, I’ve checked my download and upload speeds and they are fine but my problem with ancestry is that the pages hang it takes probably 5 to 10 second each time I want to change pages. It has to be your website because this does not happen to me on any other site. PLEASE CHECK INTO THIS BECAUSE IT’S GETTING VERY ANNOYING. ALMOST ENOUGH THAT I’M THINKING ABOUT NOT USING IT ANY MORE AND I USE IT ALOT.

  200. Mary Pennington Rushing

    Trying for 48 hours to down GED COM files, just is hanging on 0% with the little wheel spinning! Can’t get it to STOP! or download


  201. Melva Bartush

    I am still having trouble downloading information. The download sometimes takes 2-3 minutes for the information to appear on the screen. I have just renewed for one month for the Deluxe edition to see the information available, but I am discouraged that it is so slow.
    Melva Bartush

  202. Jon

    Still NO EXPLANATION on this blog about the problems over the weekend. The people behind ancestry really see to be total cowboys.

  203. Eva

    Why is the sentence below always at the top of the, in a pink banner, when searching for ancestors?

    There appears to be a problem with your email address. Click here to verify your email address.

  204. Richard James

    Efforts to make it easier and faster to delete one or more individuals from a given family tree would be greatly appreciated, as it is now, deletion of multiple persons is like pulling teeth, slow and painful. Try it, you’ll quickly come to appreciate my concerns.

  205. Roane Burgess

    David Graham,
    Please cancel my account held with VISA # 4644110396309990. Cancel it effective 2-2-09.
    Thank you,
    Roane Burgess

  206. alan cook

    can anyone tell me how to stop ancestry changing the date formats on my tree….i spent ages amending them to the british format eg 26 03 1965 and it then changed them again to american format 03 26 1965 which i dont want

    thanks in advance


  207. Mary

    I am helping my husband with his research. I find that information and photos that have added come up missing. Some information that is updated has to corrected time and again.

  208. Mary

    I am helping my husband with his research. I find that information and photos that have added come up missing. Some information that is updated has to be corrected time and again. The problems are starting to out weigh the benefits especially since we are not finding that many new facts.

  209. Once again, the attachment feature is not working. Everything proceeds as expected, but the record simply isn’t there at the end of the process. I’ve also been getting an error message when I try to add another person to the list of persons on a photograph. The message says my request cannot be processed and suggests I go to some other sites in the meantime…

  210. I canceled my free trial it said i canceled it and yet i was still charged all the steps in list to do were no help i says click on this and that yet there is no such thing to click now i get charged and can’t contacted anyone with were my money is Thanks a lot for overdrawing my account.I think your free trial is a scam to get peoples money!!

  211. Shan

    having trouble accessing the home & search sites today. Took 1 hour + to downlaod search page, then search never appeared. After 7 hours trying all kinds of ways to access the site, I gave up!I have been a subscriber for at least 3 years and have never had any trouble until about a month ago when things started to slow up and the BMD would not effect a search. Search pages for historical resources was also slow. I haven’t changed anything on the computer, hardware/software/firewall/security etc are all the same. Am I the only one experiencing problems or is it something to do with the recent changes? I would be grateful for a reply because I won’t bother if it’s a problem at your end. 7 hours of trying to work things out when you think you are at fault is wasted valuable time!

  212. Brittney

    I’ve tried recovering my password for 3 days now! I’ve clicked ‘Request Password’ about 10 times and I have not recieved the email with my new password! I can’t use the subscription I bought if I can’t get into the site! Please send me a new password!!

  213. Don Row

    I’m getting this error. What’s happening?????? Is this common????? How long will I not be able to access my tree????

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but our Family Trees are undergoing maintenance. Please check back soon.

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