Posted by jhodnett on January 12, 2009 in Site Issues, Website

We just wanted to quickly let everyone know that we’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties with our servers over the last 24 hours. Because of this you might experience error messages or portions of the site may be inaccessible. It is also possible that some pages, or parts of pages, may load more slowly for you.

We’d like to apologize for any inconvenience this might be causing. Our development and web operations teams are working on the problems and we will have them resolved as quickly as we can.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these issues. We will post an update when things are resolved.


  1. Mike

    That’s what you get for inviting Randy Seaver to tour your server farm. Doubtless he stuck a wad of gum somewhere when it got stale, and maybe the shiny metallic coated wrappers too when he reloaded :).

  2. rod

    And, I thought it was only that all of the advertising on the pages had finally consumed the entire system.

  3. Jade

    It is refreshing to have Monday-afternoon notification (of a problem that was noticeable Sunday evening).

    Perhaps a timely post on the Rootsweb side message boards for Ancestry issues (say, the “Comments” board) would have been useful for the many of us who were trying to get into the Ancestry sites.

  4. Hi Jade, Not sure where you are but we noticed the problem around 2:00 Central time, pages not loading etc.

    On a seperate note I just heard that the UK has released the 1911 census online – when is Ancestry going to provide access to this data base???


  5. I have had nothing but trouble for weeks…I talked with Debb on the phone and thought it was all set. I cannot get into my AncestryWorldTree or Ancestry…or Willis DNA. I’m sooooooo frustrated. I need help…but most of all I need to get into the ones I paid for!! I had soo
    much on those sites…it seems they have changed them too much…

  6. Meg

    And you keep asking me to upgrade my mebership? I have been a member for 10 years. Why do you continually cite site issues days later? As of a few months ago all of my family gedcom postings are gone – poof – just completely gone. 10 years worth of work to share with family. You even have the wrong email address listed on the only part you did keep – and you want me to pay double to upgrade my membership. This is great service in a time when economic situations are bad and companies need business.

  7. Judy

    Ancestry has all subscriber email addresses. Why can’t someone send an email to the subscribers when there are issues like this? Why do we have to depend on Dear Myrtle’s emails to find out the servers are down, pages won’t load, etc.?


    Come on, this is at least a week Ihave not been able to use All I receive is the message “CHECK BACK SOON”. All of my records are not available and

    Come on, enough is enough! I have been with out for at least a week and my records are unavailable. All I receive is “CHECK BACK SOON” and that is becoming old. Understand having trouble but this is unaccepable service.


  9. judith roberts

    Unable to enter on 1-16-09. I have cleaned cache and done the “hard refresh,” with no luck.

  10. yogi418

    I can not gain entry into the web site. I tried changing pass word the response is it is sent but I never receive it even with my fire wall down.

  11. susan

    I find that I can access ANCESTRY if I go through but not through It is still so slow that it’s a complete waste of time.

  12. Cynthia

    Read Susan’s comment with amusement. I cannot access, but I can access the UK site. It is also too slow to be of use.

  13. I am hopeful that there is a glitch in the system. My ancestry web site says I have no files in there. I have been updating my site as of yesterday and received an email that new content has been added to my site. Now, today, I try to open my tree and it says I have 3 trees dennissoricefamily and none have been updated since 5-27-2007. These are not my trees and there are 0 files in them. I am not a happy camper because I have been a subscriber for years. Please fix this problem.

  14. I read all the comments before mine. Today is 1/27/2009 and I am still unable to access the site – all the words are there but no graphics. I can’t click on anything and the usual appearance of the page is not the same at all. Is it me?

  15. Barbara Lokting

    Still having troubles…
    Family tree pages come up nicely, but disappear in 2 seconds. This is after I click on the green icon and bring up a list of possibilities. What now???
    Thanks. Barbara

  16. I can’t get to site. I have pay for one year to ANCESTRY. Some time can log on and it well nott me off .I’m soooo frustrated. I don’t what to losee what I have done. I sould not have to upgrade all the time. VERY VERY FRUSTRATED!!!!

  17. Diane

    How slow can ancestry become? I see these comments and wonder why we are all experiencing these issues. I cannot research other public trees to potentially update mine. And when I do run searches or try to access a “hint”, the site takes forever to upload. I know it’s not my computer as I access the site from several different computers and get the same experience with them all. This so needs to be fixed! Also, I have an old tree out there that I did delete but it still shows up in searches but not in my tree list…it’s frustrating.

  18. geraldweeks24

    28 Jan. 2009 Hi, i am having problems on this site it gets slow and slower as i work, so slow till i just quit. This moring i lost a hole family, as i tried to put it back in, it would not put in with dates in order, and when i put the last child in i lost it and one i had already put in. Thay had 6 childern but only 4 well show, PLEASE HELP ME. and PLEASE reply Gerald Weeks Ph. 919-280-3496

  19. geraldweeks24

    Again thanks for eny help you can do. I have just spent $462.00 checking out my computer and updateing it. I have the same problem, and i see outher people are having the same also. To slow to slow to slow. some times it takes almost 45 seconds for the next page.
    Thanks Gerald Weeks

  20. Robert

    Last week Ancestry told me they were putting in new servers. Still ridiculously slow.

    Still, it’s an original way to find one’s ancestors – the page takes so long to load, you die and join them.

  21. I am “continually” having response problems, and frequently get messages back stating “We apologize, but we were unable to handle your request. Please try again later.”

    I recently complained and received a canned message back suggesting I clear my cache. I did that and “still” I have sloe response and the same message coming back, to try again later.

    I need the site, when I need it, not when is ready to give it to me. Where are my subscription dollars going?

  22. If this site gets any slower I will soon be able to drive to each states archive repository and find info quicker that way.
    You folks have always been top of the line in what you do and I greatly appreciate that, but come-on, the Ox is in the ditch, get someone to get moving.
    “Service” is all you have to offer, after that NOTHING !!!

  23. Donna

    I just signed up for this site, and now it will not let me logon with my confirmed user name and password. If I try to change either, it will not accept my submitted e-mail address either.

    What is going on?

  24. Jon

    The site has gone down today Donna so it just seems you have registered at a really bad time. And no word as yet from the ancestry team what the problem is and when it may be fixed.

  25. Robert

    A few days ago I spoke on the phone to a spokeswoman. She said that the problem varied greatly – some had experienced problems for days, some for weeks and some for months. Also that the problem was baffling their experts geographically – even within the UK there were areas with no problems and areas with lots.

    She said that they had a special team assigned to the problem. The new servers had still to take effect.

    She could offer no guarantee that the site would ever be as fast as it used to be because of the sheer growth in their records and membership.

    Basically, she told me that I’d have to make a choice – subscribe to a faster, smaller site, or stick with Ancestry.

    That would be OK if they’d refund the unusable part of my subscription!

  26. geraldweeks24

    what is your e-mail address,, i tried sending you a e-mail and it comes back, wrong address.
    thanks gerald

  27. Tess

    I just renewed my subscription after a few months off. What’s taking so long?

    There’s a 30-40 second load time on every single page, and it appears that it’s connected to a Javascript command; one of these linked to the “View Siblings” line under the parent names. Maybe just remove it altogether?

    I would suggest you get a couple new developers on your team. There may be a lot of data but the type of coding needed should be fairly simple for a decent developer to write.

    Whatever’s causing it to hang, just remove it and get it working on your test servers before putting your customers through this.

  28. Lisa

    Is any one having a problem with the ancestry site signing you out? it is to the point now I get signed out after every page I look at.sometimes I can re-sign in and it will have me signed in as another user.I am also having problems with my searches,I will be using the old search and it keep switching me to the new search feature.I have been dealing with this since I renewed my subsciption six months ago.

  29. Shan

    Spent 7 hours trying to access search today. Eventually got on for 1/2 hour at midnight, now will no longer search, taking too long to download again!!!!What is going on???? I have tried various ancestry sites, removed my cookies etc to no avail. I have changed nothing on my computer. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Diane Lindsley

    For the past 24 hours, all searches end with “Come Back Soon”. I can log in and enter data but that’s it. Any idea when the site will be functional again?

  31. Suzie

    You could grow old waiting for anything to load on Ancestry. My membership just renewed last month, but I’m seriously considering cancelling it.

  32. why in the last few days when I am rechecking some relatives on the 1901 census do I have the message no records found ! when I know their ages/names residence/place of birth etc. After all, it was that has given me this info over the years ! transported by aliens ? I am paying for the subscription only to be told that none of them were alive in 1901 whenI knew they were. What on earth is going on

  33. jane risdon

    cannot access or .com – bar loads up and sits there forever then nothing! have always been able to go in to friends site as a guest and my own but since early feb 2009m, nothing! checked my computer and seems ok, help please frustrated as working on big family project. thanks

  34. rosie howard

    im having so much trouble searching my ancestery site because of the slowness,that i am considering changing to another site ie genes reunited,ifeel that my monthly subscription is a total waste of my money,as i am unable to access what i am paying for.i visited the metropolitia archives yeaterday,and did not have this problem accesing ancestry on thier computers.

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