Posted by Kenny Freestone on December 8, 2008 in Website

Our trees service will be unavailable early tomorrow morning for (we hope!) about 30 minutes starting around 1:30 AM mountain time.

We apologize for this downtime, but hope you take comfort knowing it should result in better performance for the more than 13 million photos you and other members have submitted.

This tree service downtime will affect Member Trees, OneWorldTree, some portions of Ancestry Press, the sections of the Home Page that are related to Member Trees, and the sections of 2.0 that are related to Member Trees.


  1. Helene Asaua-Puni TAUEU

    Im very sad that when I searched my husbands records on your ancestry search… his name came up with a wrong married wife….

    My husband Mose Taueu is leagally married to myself Helene Asaua-Puni TAUEU….

    My mothers family are all mormons and thats why I came in here to put in my family tree but there is something wrong with your system….

    are you able to trace you entered those incorrect results????

  2. Judy

    It’s 11:36 a.m. on Tuesday, December 9. I’ve been sitting here for an hour, and 90% of the time I’m getting ‘Come back later’ when I try the search. With all the other problems I’ve reported to, I’m ‘fit to be tied’…There’s something WRONG with your site, and no one will talk about it. It’s SLOOOOWWW, the results of searches are incorrect, the pages take forever to load…what the heck is going on, and will it ever be fixed????

  3. Barbara Graser

    I am writing because I’m not understanding something. When I find new information on my family tree, the next day you have a message in my email box saying that you found information on the person I just worked on. Why do you take credit, when I have done the work myself?

  4. Jack Hood

    I have just bought the Family Tree Maker 2009 cd. I am overall pleased with what I have used so far. What I can’t understand is why you can’t download the pictures from the search menu? It says try later this is not available now. This should be one of the most important features of this program and I can get them thru my regular picture download but this is one reason I bought this cd so that I could import data direct to my Family Tree program.This was not explained in the features before I got it and I am real dissapointed with this!

  5. Michelle

    I have also noticed a significant slow down since you updated the search functions. I LOVE the new functions and I realize the gynormous size of the database can slow things down. What is Ancestry planning on doing to regain the speed?

  6. Monty

    I am writing because I’m not understanding something. When I find new information on my family tree, the next day you have a message in my email box saying that you found information on the person I just worked on. Why do you take credit, when I have done the work myself?

    I might suggest, if you have more than one person listed as an editor, or have invited anyone to view your tree, this is simply a courtesy to them, giving notice new material has been added. I new here myself, but I believe that function can be disabled in your account settings.

    Im very sad that when I searched my husbands records on your ancestry search… his name came up with a wrong married wife….

    I have found, in the limited searching I have done here, to always determine if the information is sourced in an offical record at some place. I have found many errors, as other people attempt to search their ancestors and pick the wrong person.

    Of course these are just my opinions, I have no knowledge of how it actuall works!


  8. Paulette Stafford

    Since the update on the 8th, I can not attach relatives on Ancestry hints.
    Do you know when this will be fixed.
    Thank you

  9. Diane Scott

    Ancestry is so slo I could go to the store before a search result comes up. Has been for months now. Is your server too small to handle all the subscriptions you have or what. WHEN is it going to be better. If you don’t get in there before 10am Central time, forget looking for something.

  10. Karen Jeske

    I really like the little green leaves. Most of the time. I keep working to reduce them, and when I finish with my days endevors I find most of the time I have more!!!!
    Will there ever be a time when I’m without little green leaves? The only complaint I have with this new system is when I make a mistake and the system makes it hard for me to go back and clear the mistake without wiping away all my information. Otherwise it’s wonderful.

  11. Helene Asaua-Puni TAUEU

    Dear Kenny Freestone

    I further went and did a search for my grandparents and found out that again someone has entered my grandparents on my fathers side but put in wrong names, and wrong date of birth and added only two siblings on my grandfathers side and forgot the other 8 siblings. I couldnt send a message or edit this family free which is on your website but how do I get to send a message to the person whom put it up in the first place.

    Well I must say I have been working on my immediate family tree and things are looking good.

    I hope you respond.
    ((are you able to trace who entered those incorrect results on my extended family tree???))

  12. Norvell Dunnuck

    I have been invited to use Dunnuck65 for some time now and all of a sudden I can not add information to it. I can look at it and add pictures but I can not undate the tree. This is my nieces tree, Wendi Dunnuck. What changed?

  13. I have really had enough of this rapidly degrading site.
    For months now searches and page changes have become slower and slower to the point where waiting for a dial-up response would take less time.
    Each time I contact Ancestry about this problem I am told “this is a problem that we are aware of and we are working to fix it”
    WHEN ????
    I’m fed up with being directed to “New Search” by default.
    I don’t ever want to use New Search and each time it takes SIX (6) page changes to get back to the same person in Old Search. At least give me an option to turn off New Search.
    For some reason three major English data bases which were included in my subscription are now not accessible.
    Am I to recieve a refund on this subscription ?? or how else will I be recompensed ??
    Finally, there are now, apparently, major problems with log-on to the site. I have been unable to log-on for three of the past four days and nobody is offering me any explanation as to why.
    Ancestry, WAKE UP. Unless the situation improves very soon, I shall not be renewing my subscription again and I am sure there are thousands of other users as dissatisfied as I am.

  14. Anita

    Why is soooooo slowwwww? It is worse in the afternoons. Sometimes it takes me about 45 seconds to a minute for a page to open. Is it because there are more folks on then? If so, why can’t do something to their system to speed things up. We pay for our subscriptions and would like for them to work.

  15. I’ve been a member for about 3 years and overall, I’m really happy with my subscription. I’ve noticed quite a few people complaining about the response time on the site. Since I’ve been a member, I’ve found that response time for Ancestry hints to upload to your tree is significantly slower over the holidays. This might be due to so many people trying out the site on trial memberships (since this is a great gift idea for Christmas). The site usually works alot faster after the holiday season ends. Be patient, folks! This is the best site I’ve come across and the subscription fees are VERY reasonable, considering all of the information available on the site. Other sites I’ve worked on just don’t compare to Ancestry.

  16. I’ve only been a member for a short time, but I love it. As in any website when its busy things are slower, thats only common sense. I’ve recently started doing entry of data off of records. I love it. Inputing the information that will help someone find their ancestors makes me feel great. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  17. Char

    Site is way to Slow……….
    It also gets hung up and I have to shut down because it is so slow.
    Please take care of this.

  18. Kim

    Pages are so slow to open. Photos don’t upload, I get a timed out response. I have to walk away for a few minutes while the page tries to open.
    Ancestry is great source of information, but getting to it is frustrating.

  19. K.J.

    Dear Santa,
    Please ask Ancestry to speed up their website. It takes me 3X longer than it should to do a task. I don’t like to waste time, I have a lot of other things to do, and I’m not a multi-tasker!

    What happened???? A month ago opening pages was a breeze, now it’s like pulling teeth. It’s painful.

  20. Allbert E. Welch, Jr.

    I have been a paid member for three years, but am unable to complete any search unless I subscribe again. There is no place on the website for me to log in as a paidup member.

  21. Muriel

    I’m looking for any information on Henry Bonds of Vian Oklahoma. He lived in Indian Territory/Cherokee Nation. Married to Mary, kids;Beatrice, Lily, and Emma.

  22. Linda

    I see lots of other people commenting on how slow they find But actually, I don’t find this site so slow; well sometimes. But generally, it’s fine. I have a very fast computer with WiFi, etc.
    So, even photographs download almost instantly. There are some days, some hours, that it does take a few seconds (maybe 15 or 20) to back up; but generally I find this site as fast as any. If you’re standing around waiting, it may be your computer; do you still have dial-up? Maybe some people have slower computers than mine. I enjoy this site and love all the work (fun really) I get done on Thanks
    everybody! Linda

  23. Lois

    So for the past two days whenever I try to access I get a message saying the site is down for maintenance! What gives? When will it be back up???

  24. Leona

    There is anyway..I can find any more information the the website…without having to spend money..or become a member..?I am just trying to find out my Family History. And, every time I feel like I’ve come cross something, it tells me I have to pay money..Can’t I just see the information without spending..$79..on one family tree..?

  25. Lisa McCowan [Burnley]

    The information that you have on Junita J. McCowan [Portwood] is incorect She died in 1963, and has 8 children. She died in Claycomo Mo. and was buried in White Chappel cemetary.

  26. James

    Give me an option to turn off the bloody NEW search!!!! Really irritating>>>I am just about over the slowness of Ancestry to download and move from screen to screen….no problems with find my past or other Sites. Transcription errors are apalling and tonight I found records for WWII filed in WW1……but of course too slow wwwwww…. to be botherd to leave a comment…….glad other agencies are providing similiar services ….get it together Ancestry….really poor service Ancestry is just woeful and totally biased for American users…….filters for screening unwanted info are pathetic…….PLEASE get rid of the helpful pop up box or I will have to get rid of you and use free service at library ONLY when I am desperate…..bring on the competition!!

  27. On numerous occasions over the last month I have been unable to access the Ancestry website. Also the ‘Help’ function above yiels the same message = “Check back soon”,
    Surely one is entitled to a subsciption refund!

  28. Oxpictus

    Researchers need to use common sense when posting places of birth, dates, etc.

    The tree I am working on is now in the 11th Century AD. Millenium Research will show a person dying in North Carolina, USA (HELLO?? America wasn’t discovered until 1492!!)

    I have also seen children listed that are supposed to be born two years BEFORE their mother was born, also borne to mothers in their 70s.

    I would certainly hope that those persons entering this data (AND those checking the data) will NOT just mindlessly select a place at random, when the computer program offers several choices.

    Especially with the monarchs of England.(From whom my husband descends.) This is plain sloppy genealogy.

  29. Can you please tell me where to find the best information on using and getting aorund my tree here on ancestry.

    I have a book for home MFT2008 but the tree here works totaly different.

    I seem to always going in circles and get nothing done.

    THanks you

  30. Maggie Brost

    Upon future updates:
    After I finish attaching all updates, there is no option to select to take me right back again to “updates.” If I have several people to update, I have to keep hitting “back, back, back” to get back to this menu. The only option otherwise I can see is to “go to my tree.”

  31. I cannot download anything but ‘find’ information. the hints, the other member ancestry trees, all just display a loading loading loading loading. At the bottom a false or error message pops up. I am not sure what ancestry has done, but on my site its hopeless. (fixxed every thing I have investigated) reboot reboot reboot reboot.

  32. Cindy

    I currently have the 14 day trial subscription. I would LOVE to spend hours searching from my family members. The problem is, I am spending HOURS waiting for pages to load. I know it’s not my computer because I don’t have any problems with other web sites. Is always this slow? I don’t want to spend 30.00 a month to sit at my computer aggravated.

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