Posted by Michelle Pfister on November 19, 2008 in Family Tree Maker

To the people who joined us for this evening’s webinar, thank you! We enjoyed having the opportunity to answer some of your questions. If you didn’t have a chance to join us live, the webinar will be available in a few days at

As a follow-up, I’d like to clarify something I mentioned in the webinar. The current license for Family Tree Maker 2009 allows you to install the program on two computers in the same household.

I personally appreciate the many kind remarks made during the presentation. Thank you!


  1. Thank you for mentioning the June webinar. I went to the archive and found it answered some of my confusion. The only problem I had was synchronizing the slides with the voice, but I’ll work on it because I know I will be going back to it from time to time. Appreciate your time and commitment.

  2. Bruce Rohm

    Thank you very much for webinar of Family Tree Maker 2009. I really enjoyed it and it was hepful. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to future webinar.

  3. James R.

    Thank you for the Webinar. Very informative from what I could get out of it. The Webinar kept crashing both IE and Firefox, so I had some difficulty keeping up. Hopefully, the archived presentation will perform better and I can view it when it is ready.

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    You guys deserve a standing ovation for all your commendable work. I look forward to all your future ventures.
    Thanks a million =)

  5. Karen

    Thanks for the webinar last night, I enjoyed it.

    However, I had a question that wasn’t answered. You mentioned the upcoming improved integration of FTM to online trees on and how you will be able to upload info from FTM to ancestry. Will you also be able to transfer information from a personal tree on ancestry to FTM? I do most of my work from my online tree and I would like to be able to save changes I make online seemlessly (or as close to seemless as possible) with my FTM tree. Will this be available in the forthcoming update? If not, then I will have to do everything twice to keep them in sync.


  6. Sam Jobe

    I have been unable to register FTM 2008 for a while but after the webcast last evening and the possibilities of upgrading to FTM 2009, I began a search to correct the problem. Your Patch965 help to resolve my registration problem.
    My question is how can I upgrade to FTM 2009? Will I get an email?

  7. Rick K.

    What webinar?
    I have tried to attend all the webinars you have had for the past year. How/where was this announced? I missed the invitation.

  8. Anita Frankel

    The webinar was very helpful. I learned a lot.
    One question: At the end there was a reference to a 40% discount on the book “Official Guide to FTM2009”. Is that still available?

  9. adoptenough

    I enjoyed the webinar last night. I have an older version of FTM and can’t wait to get 2009. I will be able to transfer everything I have to the new one I hope. Keep up the good work. Is there a way to get the discount if we buy it at a store? Thanx

  10. Lynn

    Congratulations from the UK it was worth waiting up until 1.00am but please bear the timings in mind for your global clients. The 2008 software seems to crash when merging data from hints.

    Is it something I’m doing?

  11. Lori Collins

    I have been a member of the Family Tree Maker 2008 since Feb. I have never received an email of the free upgerade to 2009. Please help

  12. I was really looking forward to the webinar. The only problem is the email I received said November 20, 2008 at 8 pm. I just found out that the webinar was last night and I missed it! Next time can y’all double check the email you send out and make sure it has the correct date and time, thanks!


    I would also like to recieve the information about the free 2009 down load. I just got around to down loading the 2008 after the webinar as I wasn’t sure what to do with it before. thanks

  14. Peter Weaver

    Great Webinar. I am using the 2008 version and am anxious to upgrade so as to use the new features. I did not receive an e-mail on the free upgrade and wonder how I should proceed. Again, thanks for a great session.

  15. Michelle Pfister

    Thank you for your comments. For those of you who let us know of technical difficulties, thank you. I have passed the information on to our technical team.

    An email will be coming with the discount information, but in the mean time, here’s a link to 40% on the books:

    And here’s a link for the discount on Family Tree Maker 2009:

    To those of you who should have received an upgrade email, but didn’t, you can email

    To get help on technical questions, we have a great team in Customer Service. They’re available at, or 1-800-Ancestry.


  16. Sam Jobe

    I sent an email to
    This is what I got Back!

    Subject:Upgrade Email
    Sent:11/21/2008 10:52 AM

    The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

    ‘’ on 11/21/2008 10:52 AM
    Invalid recipient

  17. The Webinar was very informative. However, looking at, I’ve a question: Is there a comparison chart of what is offered in the different Deluxe, Essentials, and Platinum editions?

  18. Stanley Blum

    This is my personal feelings. I think you had a good product, easy to use and easy to follow. It is FTM 2006 Version 16 and do not think the 2009 version offers anything over the version I use. I watched the start of the telecast and was completely confused by the presentation. Maybe if I had a copy of the new progam it may have been clearer, however I am satisfied with my present program. I find it very simple to input data and fully satisfied.

    Stanley Blum

  19. Ellen Rissman-Wong

    As this Wednesday’s webinar on FTM 2009 wrapped up, a page came up with specially discounted bundled offers. I was interested in purchasing the FTM 2009 + Official Guide to FTM 2009 bundle, which was being offered at a 25% discount for a total of about $45. I don’t know if it was me or my computer, but I couldn’t find a spot on that page to click for a link to make an online purchase, and by the time the webinar was over it was too late to phone in a purchase order. I did, however, submit an email to ancestrysupport@custhelp asking for instructions on making the purchase the following day. Their response was to direct me to phone 1-800-262-3787 to purchase the discounted bundle. I made the call, but the agent helping me didn’t know about the offer made on the webinar, and could only find a bundle at a higher price. Can that offer be resubmitted to me by email, or am I out of luck? I don’t think my missing out on the webinar deal would be fair, since I’ve tried to follow all the proper steps.

    I am eager to get my copy of FTM 2009 and catch up on a backlog of data that needs to be input. This past weekend I suffered a big fright, having had to evacuate my home in the face of a wildfire. I only had a short time to grab my computer, important documents, photos, and a few mementos, but not enough time to pack shelves of books, notebooks and printouts representing years of genealogical research. When I drove away from my house, fully expecting not to see it standing when allowed to return (particularly since a house one block to the north was already on fire), one of the thoughts that bothered me most was the potential loss of so much work. I was fortunate: my house survived and my research is intact. However, I will have much greater peace of mind when I’ve moved my research from shelves of dust-gathering notes to computerized records that can be backed up and shared with others over the Internet.

  20. Joan Loete

    Have you fixed the numbering on the ahnentafel chart yet? Is it possible to view Family Archive CDS with this version?

  21. Delores

    The webinar was very informative. You actually answered every question I had.Regarding the upgrade to 09 version:
    I do not remember when I registered my 08 platinum version but would love to upgrade.Will you tell me how.

  22. Nancy

    Michelle and Duff,

    I had some trouble getting the webinar to start, so missed a few minutes at the beginning. I tried using IE7, then Firefox, and neither one would work for me. I wound up going back to AOL, and things worked okay but had a clicking-sound throughout the presentation. I really enjoyed what I did get to watch though and learned much in using 2009. I bought the manual also, but seeing it in realtime helped so much. Thank you both for helping those who are still at the learning stage with the program, it helped a lot.

  23. Mary A. Gary

    My main computer is down. That is the one which has my Family Tree Maker. I have not been able to get the update, in fact I did not know it existed until the Webinar. I have my new computer ready to set up next week. I want to receive the update if possible. I’m using a laptop which has ancestry, but not Family Tree Maker. I also have a question. I have added a jewish ancester with his original name and also his father. His family officially changed their name, but I do not have the records. I cannot change his name and all his children have another name. How do I manage this situation?
    Mary A. Gary

  24. Hi, I really enjoyed the seminar(even though it ended at 3AM here in the UK…and i was at work at 07:30!)
    I was wondering if the 25% was available on the UK site?


    Bruce McLachlan

  25. Graeme

    As a user of an alternative genealogy product, and considering whether to switch, I enjoyed the webinar. I submitted a question during the webinar relating to import of data from another application (Ancestral Quest).

    I am reluctant to switch without knowing more about the efficiency of the import process. Where can I find more information prior to purchase?

  26. Teri

    Thank you very much for the webinar. I found it very useful. I have been a FTM fan since version16. It has really come a long way. 🙂

    I’m also glad you keep previous webinars available for us to view at our ability. Keep them coming. 🙂

  27. Wm D Whims

    I trioed to access the Webinar, and although I was registered and all tests were positive, the presentation would not work.

    It does work on the rerun.

  28. Bettye Mitchell

    I was unable to “attend” the webinar as I had planned to but I really enjoyed being able to watch it later. Thanks for making it available.

  29. Shelly

    I have been a user of FTM since 2005- I like the new version 2009- one of the nice things is to be able to see where your ancestor lived and moved during their lifetime- however, some of the push pins are located in the wrong location. Whether this is due to me using a historical place name or other issue. I would like to be able to move the push pin to the correct location. Other software allows the user to do this- ie Legacy version 7. It would be great to be able to correct a location and have the push pin in the correct location when showing family members where our ancestors lived. Loyal user and plan and staying with FTM

  30. Lynn


    Thank you for the webinar, unfortunately none of my questions were answered. Although I appreciate you letting us know you forward the requests/questions people list on the website to appropriate parties at Ancestry.

    Can you tell us more about the sourcing template that will be part of the 2009 update — based on the book Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

    To other blog readers, one of my prior questions/requests was about the ability to order source citations associated with a particular person/fact. Although Ancestry has not let me/us know if this is going to be possible in the future — I have found a partial workaround for those who may be interested … since FTM lists source in order of input, you can copy and paste a duplicate source to have them listed in the desired order … although not perfect, it provides me/you with some control over the order of sources.

  31. Teri

    I have also attempted to send an email to the support link, and it was “undeliverable” like another post earlier…any suggestions?


  32. Debra McCready

    I also sent an email and no undeliverable message back, however I no reply. I then emailed via the link on the website. I received a reply today that the offer has ended. Customer service appears to be unaware that we have been advised to contact them.

  33. Jim Armstrong

    I have been trying for 2 weeks to get the update from 2008 to 2009. I have been answered twice today and Natanial at FTM is adament that the offer has finished and there is nothing that can be done about it. Again it appears that the loyal are being bypassed. It looks like we will all have to go and buy the new version if we want it.
    My question then would be if we buy the new version, will it be updated as promised or will we be sucker punched again? Food for thought.
    Jim Armstrong
    Brisbane Australia

  34. John Donaldson

    Jim # 39

    FTM 2009 will be updated with a free SP1 patch that will contain a book, source templates, calendar and other new features.

    John D

  35. Peter Weaver

    I too had problems with the Support link. The link had a “.” after “com” which I believe was the problem. Use and you should be OK.

    Unfortunately, I was advised that the 2009 free upgrade was over. The fact that I didn’t get the original e-mail doesn’t seem to matter. I guess I will continue with the 2008 edition.

  36. Jim Weiss

    Reltionships report is incorrect, I think. Persons identified as grandchildren, should be grandchildren-in-law.

  37. Ian Smith

    With reference to ’42’ from Jim Weiss. Sorry to seem thick but as far as I can make out, you get ‘Grandchildren’ from your legal children having children of their own therefore both you and the legal mother of your children have ‘Grandchildren’.
    If you have remarried and your current wife/husband has already got ‘Grandchildren’ then they are your ‘Stepgrandchildren.
    What are Grandchildren-in-law ?
    Hope someone can enlighten me

    Ian Smith

  38. Dana

    I missed the live Webinar and today started to watch it however when I had to pause the program, I am unable to restart at the same point, it takes me to the beginning every time. How can I resume in the middle, say around 30 minutes into the program where I left off?

  39. John Donaldson

    Dana # 44

    I don’t think that is possible as it is streamed each time you access the archive

    John D

  40. Ian Smith


    When the Webinar runs, if you look at the top left of your screen, you will see a box with a graphic illustration of the progress of the Webinar. This shows among other things a running digital clock showing how far you are into the Webinar.

    At the top of this box is a slider with a small button on it which moves from left to right as the video progresses

    Move the mouse pointer over this button and right click (Holding this )and drag the button to the right while at the same time watching the digital clock which will progress in time.

    If you drag this till the clock reaches ’30’ the let it readjust, you should be about 30 minutes into the Webinar

    Good luck


  41. Walter

    I enjoyed the Nov 19 Webinar and greatly appreciated that FTM was offering a free upgrade to FTM 2008 Purchasers. I certainly qualified as one of the highly disappointed owners and had been most vocal about the failures of 2008. Finally tonight I installed FTM 2009, Imported a existing tree, generated the most fundamental thing in Genealogy communication, a Ahnentafel (Ancestors) Genealogy report. I then exported it to .rtf format, opened it in Word and made a couple of additions which BUTCHERED the report formating creating a whole page of mostly blank space and screwed up the page numbering! I am speechless! I cannot believe that over a year from the introduction of 2008 that Ancestry still does not get it! NO REAL GENEALOGIST creates a Genealogy Report automatically from a Tree program and just PRINTS it as the program generates it! To not understand something so basic is not comprehensible to me. You save the report, open it in a word processor, enter the authors name, date, comments for introduction and likely edit the few typos you see for the first time from your data entry, then probably send the report to someone. Get some REAL Genealogists to test the program for real work. And for goodness sake create genealogy reports that can be edited with no effort!

  42. John Donaldson

    Christian # 48

    Firstly you need to advise what country you live in as the contents of the various FTM packs differ in various countries.

    In terms of program the three packs are identical, ie they all contain FTM 2009.

    What varies is the amount of subscription to and the supporting additional CDs which may or may not be of use to you.

    This link will give you details of the Australian New Zealand pack contents.

    USA, Canada and the UK retail packs will all differ slightly

    John D

  43. Lise

    I have still not heard from your company about my free upgrade (was discussed during the web seminar). What do I have to do to obtain it?
    Lise from Ottawa, Canada

  44. Will Campbell

    @Walter, Post 47
    I sympathize with your frustration, but it sounds as though your dissatisfaction is with your RTF editor (i.e. Word), not FTM 2009. In general, I wouldn’t recommend making changes to your generated reports after they are created. The better approach would be to treat your family tree file as the ultimate factual authority. Things like typos should be corrected within that file rather than afterwards in the report.

  45. Ronald Chambers

    After viewing the webinar, I found something that is very useful – “Edit Person” popup dialog from Publish. Can this be included in all other tabs? Between it and the “Index of Individuals” (F2) being able to open in all tabs will make the program very useful for updates/corrections to the person’s tree.

    I had request something like this monthes ago.

    I’m willing to Beta test the next update as I have the others.

    RON C



  47. is there a way to access all the items that are posted to a specific individual in so that things such as historical postcards,
    baptismal records, stamps can be copied from ancestry and pasted into mycanvas? Only a few items show up in the left hand menu.

  48. Marylea Gazette

    I just now heard about the availability of the new 2009 Family Tree Maker Software because of an e-mail from Amazon trying to sell it to me. When I went to the blog area I discovered you attempted to send free upgrades to current subscribers. I never received an e-mail and I am a registered subscriber. I began with ver 16 some time ago and upgraded to FTM 2008 last year. You have a link here to get it at a special reduced rate of $29.99 but Amazon is selling it at $24.99. I just wonder why I wouldn’t still be eligible for the free upgrade or why my good deal doesn’t seem to be not such a good deal? Thanks for giving this your attention.

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