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We’re holding a webinar on Family Tree Maker 2009, and we’d like to answer as many questions as possible. Please post the questions you have regarding the new version.

The webinar will be held on November 19, 2008 at 8:00pm Eastern. To attend the webinar, you must first register here.



  1. Donna

    I helped with the Beta on this one, and one thing I think should be stressed in the info is = = how accurate your “place” info has to be to make the maps turn out right. The town, county, state, and country = all have to be entered correctly or the maps will not be correct.

  2. Karen

    Michelle not a question but a suggestion, can you ask please if they can update their FTM 2009 shop site to include ‘view charts’. I would like to see some examples of the new charts e.g. the family tree chart. I liked watching the tutorial on line, it showed where new items were added to the publish section.

  3. Dan Riney

    Is there a way to batch print Family Group Sheets instead of one at a time? ie. Ancestors of Joe Smith or Decendents of Joe Smith.

  4. Mark Miller

    Why does the data shown in the “Possible Matches” sometimes change in the “Web Merge Wizard”? Example the birth date may show ‘Jan 1 1880 Boone, West Virginia, USA’ but when you click merge the “Web Merge Wizard” info for the same will show just ‘1880’.

  5. I ran the “Find Duplicate Individual” option and after 8 hours I went to bed. The next morning it was done. Something needs to be done to speed this option up. I have a database of over 104,000 names

  6. Carla

    Is there a way to batch delete a Family Group. In previous versions you could create a outline decedent sheet and then delete the individuals in the tree as a whole. But I haven’t found that option in 2008 or 2009.

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  8. David F. Klein

    Is the 2009 update coming by mail? I followed the link provided and gave the info. But that has been over a week. Is this free update being mailed?

  9. Kathy Marie

    There are still many errors in the reports being generated by FTM 2009. I am not talking about report format issues, but about the software developers using the wrong algorithm to devise a report output resulting in the software to generate the being incorrectly written and finally resulting in a report that is incorrect and cannot be used. All these wrong reports (and there are many of them) need to be identified and the errors in the reports need to be specifically identified and then the webinar needs to discuss the process that will be gone through to fix the errors. As it stands now many of the report outputs from FTM 2009 cannot be used because they are in error

  10. fabio

    I have a tree I published on the Genealogy user pages through the old FTM “publish” functionality. Since I upgraded to FTM 2008 this webpage is left without chance to update it.
    Will this link be re-established?
    Or, if I publish on the Ancestry users web pages like the new FTM allows, will I get the same kind of page?

  11. Kathy Marie


    See Item 10 above discussing the errors generated in reports from FTM 2009

    Below is just one example of the incorrect reports being generated by FTM 2009

    In order to show this error I created a very small file/tree for just one person.

    I named this person John Quincy Smith and entered that name as the preferred name in FTM 2006

    I then entered an alternate name for John Quincy Smith, and called this alternate name “John Smith”

    I then created and documented a Source for the preferred name and called it Source Number One.

    I then created and documented a Source for the alternate Name and called it Source Number Two

    I then generated a descendant report of John Quincy Smith from FTM 2006 [This report I shown below as Report 1 and labeled as being generated by FTM 2006]

    I then exported the FTM 2006 file to a file folder and then imported the file into FTM 2009

    I then generated a family group sheet report from FTM 2009 for John Quincy Smith [This report I shown below as Report 2 and labeled as being generated by FTM 2009] The option I chose for this report was to uncheck the box that indicates to include only preferred facts, in other words to have the report show both preferred and non preferred facts. I also indicated that I wanted the report to include sources

    The report generated by FTM 2006 is correct and you can see:
    The preferred name is listed on the report as ”John Quincy Smith” and correctly referenced in the endnotes as 1. Source Number One ——“John Quincy Smith”

    The alternate name is listed on the report as Name 2: ”John Smith” and correctly referenced in the endnotes as 2. Source Number Two ——-“John Smith”

    The report generated by FTM 2009 is INCORRECT and you can see:

    The preferred name is listed first on the report as “John Quincy Smith” and referenced in the Sources as “2 – Source Number One ——“John Quincy Smith” [NOTE: THIS LISTING AND REFERENCE IS CORRECT ]

    The alternate name is listed secondly on the report as ”John Quincy Smith” and referenced in the Sources as “2 – Source Number One —— “John Smith” [NOTE: THIS LISTING/SPELLING OF THE NAME AS JOHN QUINCY SMITH IS INCORRECT (and is the result of a software error) AND THE SPELLING OF THE ALTERNATE NAME IN THE REFERENCE AS JOHN SMITH IS CORRECT ]

    As indicated above the error occurs in the second listing of the name on the report. The name should be shown as John Smith [ just as it is shown in the source reference and NOT “John Quincy Smith” Also, as indicated above the error results from a software/programming error

    This error may seem inconsequential and trivial but it is not. The example shown above has only one alternate name. If you think about all the different spellings you have for a person in your data base and all the effort you have gone to correctly document and source those alternative spellings you will quickly see that it is not trivial. Also think about all the names you have in your data base (I have over 30,000) and for everyone of those names where you have listed and referenced an alternate name the report is wrong. However, the report is not only wrong it is unusable [because it is wrong] and if anybody is generating this report from FTM 2009 they need to be cognizant of the fact that the report is wrong.

    Also, as indicated in item 10 above this is not the only report with errors. There are many other reports that have errors, making the reports incorrect and unusable



    Descendants of John Quincy Smith

    Generation No. 1

    1. John Quincy Smith1.

    More About John Quincy Smith:
    Name 2: John Smith2


    1. Source Number One, shows John Quincy Smith’s name spelled as “John Quincy Smith”.
    2. Source Number Two, shows John Quincy Smith’s name spelled as “John Smith”.



    Family Group Sheet for John Quincy Smith

    Husband: John Quincy Smith
    Name: John Quincy Smith[2]
    Gender: John Quincy Smith[1]


    1 Source Number Two. shows John Quincy Smith’s name spelled as “John Smith”.

    2 Source Number One. shows John Quincy Smith’s name spelled as “John Quincy Smith”.

  12. Kathy Marie

    Oops I made an error in number 13

    Number 13 shows the following:

    The alternate name is listed secondly on the report as ”John Quincy Smith” and referenced in the Sources as “2 – Source Number One

    It should have read as follows:

    The alternate name is listed secondly on the report as ”John Quincy Smith” and referenced in the Sources as “1 – Source Number Two

  13. Will Campbell

    Will the webinar focus on new features in FTM09 at present, or will it discuss upcoming enhancements? If the former, I’d like an overview of source citations. I’d like to see the quickest/recommended workflow for adding and linking sources to facts. If the latter, I’m extremely interested to learn about planned changes to the relationship calculator. Thanks!

  14. Tony Cousins

    I tried 2009 and I seem to have hit a slamm problem, the little green leaves are nearly everywhere, those are the ‘hint’ flags.

    On those that I clicked on seem to exist in my database already, like census records that I already have.

    I need to do a little more research but it is very irritating to have the software give you hints for records / information you already have in the tree.

    Anyone else seen this?


  15. Larry

    Should older versions of FTM be uninstalled prior to installation of FTM2009? Will the directory containing the family tree files be deleted during un-installation?

  16. Paul

    Will there ever be any visibility/accountability by TGN to catalog and share the reported bugs and enhancement requests by various users? I have spent >100 hours beta testing and submitted ~a dozen bugs and ~two-three dozen enhancements. However, I never once got an acknowledgement that what I sent was received; let alone catalogued and posted so duplicates are not sent in.

    Once again poor communication from TGN continues.

    I also agree with comment #8; wait until we get it.

  17. Tony Cousins

    Larry #19

    I’m still running version 16 and 2009 on the same PC, but I can’t comment on 2008 and 2009 on the same machine.


  18. Larry Czarnik

    Thanks for asking. But I agree / vote for #20 – having a TGN based & published list of known errors / enhancement, and I’ll add – include a priority of when TGN plans to rectify, would be much appreciated. And maybe if TGN does WE all agree NOT to beat up TGN for slipping the dates (as long as TGN let us know they are slipping).

    Additionally I agree / vote for #11. But more specific, PLEASE support the old site with the new s/w and add new features to it.

    And further request when the BOOK feature will be available (see above & #20!!!)? Not the Ancestry Press version, but supporting the 2006 program version, again in the new s/w and add new features.

    And last, but not least, when will the outstanding reports, etc. be available? And if you want to know which ones, just run the old program, list the reports, charts, diagrams and etc, and do the same for 2009 and ANY and ALL missing ones – ADD!

    Thanks for having this blog, asking the questions, offering the free upgrade, and most importantly continuing with the program.

    2008SP24 08:20 Sydney

  19. Chris Harris

    If FTM 2009 is able to map the migration path of members in the Family Tree does this mean that the Residence fact no longer has a preferred setting? If not would it be possible to allow so method to show more than the preferred Residence in reports?

  20. Joan Hanlon

    Two questions:
    Would like to know if FTM 2009 will integrate with Ancestry Trees so I can make updates and upload to ancestry tree…esp. can I download the attached census records and pictures I have attached in ancestry trees to FTM 2009?

    2nd…Haven’t received FTM2009 yet, ordered on the 16th.

  21. Darlene

    What I would really like to see is Ancestry Press in a software disk program for mac or windows like other scrapbook making programs/disks you can buy. Then I could work offline – sometimes the speed online is slow; plus I then don’t feel rushed to finish my project – I can work on it at my leisure. When done, I could then upload the pages to have them published in a book – any possibility of this? Thanks!

  22. Athena

    Re #22:
    “And last, but not least, when will the outstanding reports, etc. be available? And if you want to know which ones, just run the old program, list the reports, charts, diagrams and etc, and do the same for 2009 and ANY and ALL missing ones – ADD!”

    I’d like an answer to a more basic question: Does TGN ever intend to do a proper application analysis of where and how each field in the old database was used? It’s not good enough to just make a list of reports and cross them off as new, less functional reports are added that happen to have the same name. Users don’t need reports with the same name, they need all the function (and more) that they had in the old reports.

    To take just one example: the “active” charts in FTM16 and earlier are much more usable than the FTM2008 versions — no matter what they are called.

  23. John Hunsicker

    I actually have a question, not a comment.
    How do I take the information from FTM2006 and convert it to 2008?

  24. Ancestry is a very good research tool, but could you change the command, or statement “bad request(invalid verb)”. It happens when you input the data yourself, or when one of the links on the screen. There should information indicating what a “bad request (invalid verb)” is, and how to properly input the correct data, to receive the right output data. This happens quite frequently, when I type in Benjamin Franklin Hansberry, Vivian Glaskins, Elsie Jones, Genevieve Virginia King, and Christopher Columbus Hansberry.

    Otherwise, this is the only problem that I am having


  25. Nick Davy

    Larry #19

    I have FTM 16 , FTM 2008 & FTM 2009 all running on the same machine. Mainly because at the moment I am unable to import to FTM 2009 directly (as it fails) and have to import via from FTM 16 to FTM 2008 first.

  26. Carolyn

    I just bought FTM 2008 in May (or thereabouts) And have been frustrated with the search among other things. What is the deal about FTM 2009 – is there going to be a n upgrade and if so, when will I get information about it. I tried to apply the SP3 path last night in an attempt to improve on line searching (in fact to enable on-line searching) but now it is so slow I might as well not bother. Should I just give up and try something else?

  27. Eleanore

    Dear Michelle, I bought FTM2008 from Ancestry shop(received from USA
    28 August 2007) but due to problems registering did not get it registered until late August 2008. I am in Australia and have not received any notice about free FTM2009. Might I still get an email about it or do I now have to buy a copy? Thank you Eleanore Reichel

    Thank you Eleanore Reichel

  28. Kathy Marie


    21 Written by:
    Tony Cousins

    Posted on:
    September 23, 2008 at 2:30 pm
    Larry #19

    I’m still running version 16 and 2009 on the same PC, but I can’t comment on 2008 and 2009 on the same machine.




  29. Jennifer

    Are there any plans to release a MAC version of the software? Those of us who use Macs would like to be able to use the software too.

  30. Connie Shaffer

    After downloading the new Family Tree Maker 2009, can I delete the FMT 2008 icons and information without causing a problem with the family trees which transferred over to the 2009 version?

  31. James

    I’d like to be able to handle unlinked sources (from many file merges) in an efficient manner. I can delete them individually but it takes for ever as there are 100’s of them. Many have the same titles.

    Also… Merge 2009 files but keep the image folders separate.


  32. Dennis Mc

    In 2009, is there a way to sort the index beyond Family name, Given name when the given names are all the same? For example; If I have 30 John Doe in my index, and all have different Dates of birth, how do I get the various John Doe’s to sort Family name, than Given name, than Date of birth? As it is now, all the John Doe’s are all together in the index, but the dates of birth are all hodge-podge, which makes it difficult and time consuming to find the one I need. V16 does this, but I did not see it in 2008, nor do I see it in 2009.

  33. KP

    I like the idea of having more the one prefence for a given field. Perhaps you could have a preference order (such P1 for 1st residence, P2 for 2nd residence, etc). The same for a field such as occupation. I don’t know about the 2009 version (waiting for it to arrive), but I didn’t like in previous versions that you either showed all of your fields on reports or only the preferred fields (because I really wanted to show the residence history).

  34. It would be really nice to be able to get FTM 2009 BEFORE a webinar is held. A week ago I called to find out about the status of the email being sent to FTM 2008 users, only to be told that it should be arriving any day. Still waiting….What gives? A postcard sent through the U.S. Postal service would have arrived faster than this “supposed” email.

    Before you ask, I am a registered (several times in fact) user of FTM 2008 in the U.S. I was even a beta tester of FTM 2009. God, how difficult can it be to send out an email? Sorry, but I get irritated when people don’t follow through on committments.

  35. John M.

    I agree with the comments about the reports. The reports still look unfinished and I don’t see any way to designate which photo should be used where.

    Are we ever going to get what we had in FTM16? Don’t tell me about the fancy addons; tell me when we’ll be able stop using FTM16. I’m not going to maintain two different FTM databases.

  36. Linda

    FTM 2009 is an improvement over FTM 2008 and there are some nice features that could be considered an “upgrade” type features. I’d really like to use them.

    Unfortunately, the improvements get offset by the fact that FTM 2009 is still lacking some of the offline publishing capabilities of pre-FTM 2008 versions. TGN is a bit closer with the offline publishing capabilities but quite frankly, Legacy is superior. What is the plan?

    Another issue is that after many years with FTM, I switched to Legacy 7 Deluxe this year. The supposed Legacy import contains so many problems, it would take months to reconcile and correct problems. The Gedcom import is better but I have concerns there too. Guess I’ll have to stick with Legacy. When will the Legacy import issues be resolved?

  37. Well the 2009 update arrived today, I installed it with zero problems in about 20-minutes, and 20-minutes later removed it from my computer and have thrown the CD in the drawer with your 2008 version. I am probably the only person in the world that demands simplicity and you continue to push forward on a very memory intensive, complicated cumbersome program, that is dumbed down and tries to tie up my entire computer. I simply refuse to use any version that does not meet my needs, so I continue to use version 2006 and will probably not upgrade on any newer versions as it appears you have decided on your direction. Sorry, but efforts fall far short of my expectations.

  38. Don

    I recently upgraded my computer, and am running Internet Explorer 7.0 with Windows XP. I had a new hard drive installed and when I attempt to load Family Tree Maker I cannot execute it.

    Any thoughts why this is occurring?


  39. Peter Mason

    Re. #44 – Dan – If it’s so bad perhaps you should return the disc for a refund! Ancestry give you 21 days to return if you are not happy with the product (if you read the small print on your order confirmation).

  40. Donna

    I would like to receive my FTM 2009 before seeing the webinar. I ordered it on 9/16/2008 and got a confirmation, but no other e-mails. I e-mailed support this morning regarding the status.
    I agrre with Darlene about the “off line” book idea.

  41. Ruth

    I just received my copy of FTM2009 & installed it. The first thing I tried to do was to create a Register Report, starting with my Great Great Grandfather. I had the same problem that I have had with 2008–the report spends time “generating” & then gives me nothing!! If I try to create one starting with my mother, it works. I need it to do 16 generations & I’m sure I’m not the only one that requires this. What’s up??

  42. Annette

    I asked this question before for the Summary or 2008. I would like to be more in control of being creative while in the publishing area. I would also like to be able to go into FTM open up a book area and let my creativeness go wild. I do not like that I have to take my information on line to get this.

    Yes I have other programs but I want to stay in one program making sure things fit… I want to load my own backgrounds. Put my own lines in where I want them. I want to create my own trees and allow them to branch off where I want them. I want to add clip art where I want it.

    Other users should be able to upload their black creations for others to us. I should be able to go to ancestry and get all kinds of layouts and templates. Everything is so limited. Here I thought we would get a lot of charts and it’s only a few. I should be able to spend time in that area and decide what I want without looking at the same ones all the time.

    That’s what I am wanting in FTM.

  43. Kathy Marie



    50 Written by:

    Posted on:
    September 26, 2008 at 12:34 pm
    I just received my copy of FTM2009 & installed it. The first thing I tried to do was to create a Register Report, starting with my Great Great Grandfather. I had the same problem that I have had with 2008–the report spends time “generating” & then gives me nothing!! If I try to create one starting with my mother, it works. I need it to do 16 generations & I’m sure I’m not the only one that requires this. What’s up??














  44. Lynn

    Is there a way to order source records?

    Why did the “ignores” for “Places” not import between 2008 and 2009?

    Will the future updates to 2009 include:

    * The ability to order source records associated with a person and/or fact (if not already possible)

    * Will it include the ability to recognize the usage of “Twp.” “Co.” etc. in “Places” – to eliminate the need to go into “Resolve Place Names” and select “Ignore.” I previously spent a lot of time making certain all of these added terms were included in the different “places” in my family tree (because I find this information to be informative).

  45. Athena

    “Filter” would be a good webinar topic; many users are unaware of its existence or possibilities.

    I’m disappointed to see that the CSV output remains dysfunctional. What is the point of generating a CSV file that cannot be used as input in any kind of standardized application?

    This is another example of saying that the program “supports” something that is there in name only.

  46. Christopher

    Hi, I’m from the UK, and have just received my free FTM 2009 upgrade, exactly a week after placing my order on the special order page, having rung Ancestry UK for the code.

    Thank you. It installed and copied files over from 2008 with no problems.

    Hope the wait was worth it! Cheers.

  47. Ian Smith

    In reply to ’53 Annette’.
    If you are running Windows Vista then you already have a tool in the operating system that will help you.
    Go to-START-All Programs-Accessories-Snipping tool- and follow the instructions. This lets you Snip any screen from the YFT program and either save or print.

    Hope you have luck

    Ian S

  48. Mitch

    Version 2009

    Please remove the INCLUDE MEDIA FILES check box from the backup creator. All it does is include files into the media folder that we specifically have excluded from that folder.

    Why in the world would anyone want to do that?

    When working in the sources window, if you want to link to existing media, the media is NOT sorted. You have to look at each file to find the one you want.

  49. Paul Epner

    Hi Michelle. Just received 2009. Due to the many place/description problems from 2005 and also to the amount of heresay contained in my previous work, I have decided to use my old files only as a reference, but start 2009 from scratch, i.e. not import any previous work. (I only had about 1400 names, many without a lot of detail). Therefore, I am seeking more advice on the pluses and minuses of various options, not just “how-to.” For instance, I can scan documents as a pdf or a jpg. Are there plusses and minuses? Also, what about linkage to media vs copies? I know how to do it, but would love a source for advice on choices like these.

  50. Peter Mason

    Having now received and installed my copy of 2009, I am disappointed to find that the reports are back to the same quality as the 2008 was when first released.

    You can only run reports with one fact in it – Name. Also you still have no ability to give each separate fact in a box to have a different text colour.

    How frustrating to have a report feature that has reverted back.

  51. Joy

    Why isn’t an Outline Descendant Report listed with the reports? I use it extensively and don’t know how to view it.

  52. John Donaldson


    The Outline report is in with the other report and charts the Publish area.

    It was substantially improved with the SP3 patch which took it up to similar capability in FTM 16

    John D

  53. Mike

    Is there any way of moving the placemarks on the maps in order to put them onto teh exact street relating to the person in the tree. (Assuming of course the street is still there!!)

  54. Sean

    FTM2009 – need help if possible on 3 items, that have bugged me:
    1) Ability to edit the “Places” database, as it reflects presents day names and associations, not time accurate places and associations (like you can with TMG)
    2) Ability to use custom chart templates (my biggest hang up with all such programs)
    3) change the search habits, permanently, of the hint finder, as I try to steer away from OWT, too many bad entries.

    I will say, the interface (GUI) is prettier than most, but I’d like to see more control over the data.



  55. Kathy Marie







  56. Mitch

    John # 66

    The first place I looked for the ability to uninstall 2008 is the add/remove programs panel in VISTA. Even though 2008 is loaded and working on my computer, it isn’t on the add/remove list.

    I would like to have only 2009 on my computer.

  57. Hello Michelle,
    Thank your team for sending me the 2009 Software; much appreciated. Here are a few things to consider:

    1. They might want to tell people to uninstall 2008 first because the software technically doesn’t upgrade.
    No worries though.

    2. Is there a way to generate a report that lets you pick how one person relates to another person without them being the home person?

    Thank you for your time!

  58. William Malloy

    When will we be able to disregard “hints” that are obviously incorrect? It is annoying to have the same “hints” appear when they have been marked as disregard.

  59. Gary

    After participating in the beta testing for FTM2009, the ability to format the page output of Genealogy Reports – Register Reports was still not addressed. In FTM16, you could format the page output, but with FTM 2008 and 2009, you can’t edit the output and every page comes up with the header and the footer which contains the Page number and date. and double lines separating the body from the header and footer. For those publishing their family trees, whether to a web site or simply to a file, it takes an unrealistic amount of time to manually delete the unwanted information. I still have to go back and use FTM16 for publishing to my web site.

  60. John Donaldson

    Mitch # 70

    It is but under some arcane heading

    I don’t use Vista but if you go to Start>Search and type in something like “Unistall programs” you will find it.

    John D

  61. Peter Mason

    Re my original #61 and your reply #65.

    Yes I am aware that the type of chart I want to design is available in the Pedigree Chart.

    However I want to do this within the Descendent Report and that does not allow me to add facts in the same way as the Pedigree Chart.

  62. John Donaldson

    Peter # 71

    I assume that you mean Register Report?

    In items to include you have a fair bit of control as to what facts to show eg

    preferred facts, private facts, person notes, fact notes, private notes, sources and name options

    What facts do you need that are not in the above list?

    John d

  63. Ronald Chambers

    Now that FTM2009 is released is it possible that you and your team look into what has been done to the processing flow and that FTM2008/9 has added many extra mouse clicks etc. Everything in the program is so sequential. One cannot select a number of databases to search but must do each at a time. This is all very HTML like rather than a thought out plan on how to assist the user. On the Add a person dialog, there is extra work in clicking on the dropdown for gender and then selecting the gender. This has happen throughout the program.

    I have ragged many times to FTM about this and in later versions (previous to FTM2008), we could select special databases etc.

    I also beleive that your design people suffer from TABitist. Why not separate the PEOPLE/PERSON info into a separate window. Likewise with the Name index. Why not use the F2 format and ditch the one on the PEOPLE TAB?

    Im very willing to discuss if you wish to e-mail me.

    RON C

    What do other users think?

    Please make the program more functional and don’t worry about how pretty it is or whether you are using the latest programming toys (TABS).

  64. Paul Conrad

    I am of more than average intellect but I struggle with FTM2009.
    I absolutely hate it. I have resolved anything with the tech. support. In they lost my photos of my son that died in 2005. All I want is a current copy of FTM2006.
    I’ll be glad to send back 2009 IT STINKS.
    Plus everytime I log in or call for help I get another userid…..

  65. Peter Mason

    Re #77

    Now I’vegot home and played around John, yes you are right I can create a descendant tree report similar to that I had in FTM16.

    I hadn’t realised that I could add facts in that way.

    So having now got all the facts I want in the boxes – Name, Birth, Christening, Marriage, Death, Burial and Occupation, the report still does not seem to allow the following.

    I can’t give each different fact listed above a different text colour for each type.

    That is a backward step from FTM16, unless you can solve that one for me?

  66. Peter Mason

    #83 – yes John sorry if I have not made it clear – it is the Descendants Chart (Tree).

    I have appreciated your help thus far.

  67. John Donaldson

    Peter # 85

    I thought it might be

    Once again you need to look at the RH panel.

    You have a fonts button to control the fonts and their colours and next to it the Box and line Styles

    This is the button that does the real work including the rather brilliant marked boxes where you can highlight one or any number of boxes.

    You have many more options that you ever did in FTM 16

    Box, Border, and Line Options
    Box, Border, and Line Options lets you set the thickness and color of lines in charts, including boxes and the lines connecting nodes. You can also set the color of box backgrounds and the chart background.

    The following table describes the options available:


    Boxes: item box
    The item box lists the elements of the chart that can have box properties. This lets you set the box attribute in the chart by type.

    Females: All females in the chart.

    Males: All males in the chart.

    Unknown Gender: All individuals in the chart whose gender has not been specified.

    Pictures: All pictures whether of a male or female. This makes a border for each picture in the chart.

    Marked Boxes: All boxes in that chart that you marked (see

    Boxes: Border
    Lets you select the color of the currently selected item.

    Boxes: Fill
    Lets you select the background color of the currently selected item.

    Boxes: Shadow
    Lets you select the color of the drop shadow of the currently selected item.

    Boxes: Double line
    Gives double-line border to the box around the item in the chart.

    Boxes: Rounded corners
    Gives rounded corners to the box around the item in the chart.

    Boxes: All boxes same size
    Makes all of the item’s boxes the same size.

    Boxes: Semi-transparent
    Makes the box fill color 50% transparent so the background can be seen through the fill.

    Boxes: Use gradient fill
    Makes the box background change from white (at the top, left corner of the box) to the selected fill color (at the bottom, right corner of the box).

    Book layout maximums
    The Book layout will adjust the size of the boxes to fit the space available. Book layout maximums lets you set the width and height that the box cannot exceed.

    Poster layout initial box size
    Sets the width and height of the boxes in the poster layout. You can later adjust the width, height, overlap and spacing of the boxes in the Advanced Layout settings.

    Chart border: Line
    Sets the thickness and color of the line that surrounds the entire chart. You can also select rounded corners and double line.

    Chart border: Background
    Sets the background color for the chart.

    Pedigree lines
    Sets the color and thickness of the lines that connect the nodes in the chart.

    Divider lines
    Sets the color and thickness of the lines that separate records in the chart or report.

    Again this is not the best forum to get this information (see my earlier post

    Have a look at the screenshots on this link

    John D

  68. Peter Mason

    #86 – Thanks again – It is the actual text that I wish to change the colour of within the boxes. The Facts from what I can see can only be all one colour, I want each fact in a different colour, for instance
    Birth – Red
    Christening – Green
    Marriage – Blue
    Death – Black
    Burial – Black

    I have raised an enhancement request with the Tech team.

  69. John Donaldson

    Peter #87

    Now I see what you are on about

    The font selections in 2008/09 are different to what you had in FTM 16

    As you note an enhancement request

    John D

  70. Sandra Boff

    Can’t comment on 2009 as I haven’t received it. This may seem alittle silly but some of you are typing in all caps which is like screaming at someone. I’m sure some of you meant to do this while others haven’t.

  71. I find it 10 times easier to input data into FTM Ver16 as apposed to FTM 2009. For me any many other’s with large databases this is very important. There are a lot of frills and nice to have options in 2009 but when you get right down to it people like to produce reports and books and wnat an easy interface. What can be done to make the interface in 2009 as easy and fiendly as Ver 16.

  72. Joel

    So I got my 2009 upgrade today in the mail, and was looking over the changes. The one item I still wish they would bring back in the Calendar Feature I have not been able to locate that since the 2006-7 version(s).

  73. Joyce Mills

    I can not register my Family Tree Maker 2009.
    I have been a paying subscriber since 2004 and upgraded my subscription recently. Then I sent off for FTM, but still can not register. Advise please.

  74. Thomas M Dooley

    Will family tree maker ever update to cover those of us in MA & CA who are in same sex marriages? We are unable to use a dual label of Husband and Husband in the tree.
    Thank you

  75. Colin

    Just received FTM 2009. Installed program on Vista based system and it resulted in a blue screen and program will not open. First time FTM product has done this. FTM 2008 still works. Any reason for this?

  76. dwalton

    How do I upload my information from my Family Tree to this site without having to rekey everything? I know there is a way…but it is not obvious.

  77. Samuel

    Word on the street is that 2009 will not ever have true book building capability without going online. Any comments on this?

    I’m beginning to suspect it’s true. All direct questions about that are being ignored, the tutorial doesn’t list it, and a high-demand item like that would certainly have been in the first release if was going to be there at all.

    Most likely, we’ll see another piece of software you can buy that will do this, or an upgrade to the online book building feature.

    I know other genealogy software does this, and I’m not going to wait around any longer. I want to finish my book by the holidays, so it’s time to just move on.

  78. Darrell Wesley

    One of the announced enhancements is tighter integration between FTM and Ancestry. Exactly what does that mean?

    Will it allow back and forth movement of information between FTM and your Trees on Acestry or what?

  79. I’d appreciate having ability to view Family Archive CDs within FTM 2009. This feature worked well in earlier versions; can someone explain why it was discontinued?

  80. fabio

    I just received FTM2009.
    Still I don’t see what I was looking for (#12).
    I assume the old webpage I must dismiss.
    Anyone knows if “sharing to Ancestry” ends up in something similar to the old user page? I’d like to know before proceeding.

  81. Paul

    Below is some of the feedback I have provided FTM on Bugs and Enhancements I have found and requested. My comment is when do we see any responses back from FTM (TGN) on what individuals submit?

    As a beta tester, I send them to both and A summary of what I submitted is below. (Note the references to attachments obviously are not part of this post.) I am providing it to give some additional visibility to the users of FTM- like what I discussed in post #21 and Ronald in post #80.
    As you can see most of my comments are around enhancing and improving function and flow of the core product as a person uses the program. Yes, having extra fancy charts, maps, and features is nicety that everyone wants (screams for?!?!), but in my opinion the core product/platform should first be made more usable and inviting to work with.

    1. Witnessed a crash when I changed data properties on Birth fact to Place/Date.
    2. Had the debugger show up stating Object expected at the following lines: 73, 1467, 1526, 1533, 1561
    3. The scroll wheel on the mouse does not work when the mouse is over an image during web search. e.g. viewing a census record with the enhanced viewer. It does work however in Internet Explorer outside of FTM when searching
    4. The Hint leaves on the right panel on the People tab do not always work the first time you press them. In the attached video, I select a new hint in the web search, then change to the People tab, select a new person, click on the hint leaf on the right panel. FTM takes me back to the Web search page, but does not refresh the screen with the hints for the person I selected. However, if I go back to the People tab and then click on the Hint leaf once more, FTM takes me to the Web Search page and this time it refreshes the screen with the hints.
    5. While searching through the Web Search on in their Obituaries database, the program had a run-time error; Line 73; Object expected. All I did was attempt to click on a record from the list and this came up. I had chosen many records previous to this one without any incident.
    6. Tuesday afternoon I reported a bug via phone to tech support (David) on the 800 number. It had to do with slow and intermittent response when doing web searches. I have attached a screen capture video to show you what I mean. The initial search results pop up in 8 seconds after I press the ‘Search’ button, but I do not gain control back from the program until a full 45 seconds after pressing ‘Search’. Response is the same even after all my security has been disabled. Performance like this is very frustrating. This happens with virtually every search I do. I have no performance issues retrieving data from other web sites using Internet Explorer. Any ideas?
    7. I found an obituary on the Internet. I copied/pasted the address into the address bar in the Web Search tab. The page loads up properly, however the Merge information from the previous search I did still remained in the lower right panel. The Merge Results window needs to clear itself after a new Internet page is loaded.
    8. I had a Run time error; Line 34 (Object doesn’t support this property or method). I was in the middle of web clipping in the Web Search tab when this occurred.
    9. When doing a web search on any web site, double-clicking on a field or word to highlight it does not allow type-over (keyboard input) to replace the highlighted text. However, clicking and dragging (or tabbing) to highlight the text to type-over works normally like any other editor program.
    10. In the Web Search and People (family) tabs, the lower window will minimize itself if FTM is minimized and then maximized (e.g. as you toggle between programs in the taskbar). The lower window can regain its size by clicking on the Open/Close Bottom Panel button, but the problem remains the next time the program is minimized. Restarting the program or computer did not change how this worked. Note that I just discovered the problem will go away if I double click on the “Drag to resize, double click to reset” area. Somehow resizing the default bottom panel is causing this to happen
    11. When merging various media files (images) from (particularly MN marriage and divorce records, census records seem ok), for some files it downloads FTM creates a *.tmp file extension. This of course cannot be opened by typical graphics programs.
    12. We need the ability to name the media files during the merge in order to give them any meaning, but FTM instead uses some long numerical name that means nothing to us users – particularly when we want to find an image in Windows explorer. Also, having a title like “Joe Smith 1880 census” works for Joe, but not for his family members. And the current nondescript numerical name does not work either. You should set up a default media file naming convention in the Tools menu (you can duplicate the way audio programs offer to name a ripped wave files with track number, title, artist, etc. except using repository, source title, etc) or at minimum open up a file Save As… dialog box.
    13. The program allows duplicate residences to take place. During Web Merge, it should check for matching residences and offer to source them; it should not add a duplicate. Example: I have 1920 as a preferred residence and 1910 as an alternate residence. I attempt to merge a 1910 census record on this person while keeping 1920 as the preferred residence. However, what I am left with is a 1920 preferred residence (good), a new sourced 1910 alternate residence (good), and my old [potentially unsourced] 1910 alternate residence. Thus my file now has two 1910 alternate residences (very bad).
    14. I had a currently unrepeatable problem that I experienced a while ago and the details are foggy, but essentially it went like this. Trying to perform Web Clipping of a jpg image I found on the Internet. I noticed the person on the bottom panel was not the correct person so I tried (unsuccessfully) to select the correct person by choosing them on the small tree at the top of the page and from the family tab. Although in each case the correct person appeared in the lower box on the web tab after-wards, once I completed the Web clipping and Merge of the image it reverted back to the wrong person (media link was to the wrong person as was the current person). I redid this 5-6 times selecting the correct current person various ways, but each time it linked up to the previous (wrong) person.
    15. Another un-repeating problem developed while viewing a family: for a short time FTM decided to assign one person as his own father. Don’t recall what I was doing at the time, but after compacting the file and a restart it seemed to be back to normal.


    1. During a web merge, I would like the ability to add a new person for the record I found that I’ve selected and shows up in the merge box on the lower right. This will allow me to quickly gather new people that I may not yet have linked to the correct family. This can be accomplished in the “Select a Different Person” dialog box by adding a “New Person…” button.
    2. Below I have discussed the annoyance of not having FTM identify duplicate sources and the multiple navigation steps currently required to make sure you are not using an existing source during a web merge. One partial solution to this is on the Web Search page, to add a ‘Sources’ citation tab to the bottom panel (along with the other person tabs of Facts, Media, and Notes). This way I can quickly (one click) see whether or not a source has been used previously. I can also compare the current sources to the search suggestions on the same page – a wonderful yet simple improvement!
    3. For Publishing reports, program flow for exporting or printing them is very inconsistent. Why can I right-click on some reports to get an export menu, but not on others? Why is a right click the only way to access this export option? It should be included in a menu and/or icon. (In fact not having “Print…” in the file menus is VERY strange for a program that prints; yes FTM will print different things from different pages so you obviously need to accommodate for that.) Most people do not ever use a right click so how will they ever find this capability? And if it only works on some reports but not others…
    4. You have now nicely made some charts ‘interactive’ by allowing dynamic selection of the people in them. Great. In the Edit Person dialog box that appears after a double click, you need to add a control buttons to “Go To Person…” and “Set as Current Person…”. Ditto when right clicking on a person in a chart; you need to add the options to 1) “Go To Person…” and 2) “Set as Current Person” there as well.
    5. It would be nice to have a ‘Compare’ feature to compare two files (trees) and generate a report. This is essentially a printed version of the File:Merge… function; possible add a “Print…” button in its dialog box. This could be used at different levels. The most basic is to identify which people are unique between the two trees. The second is to identify which facts, sources, & media match/differ so that they can be identified to be added if necessary. The Merge function currently only deals with comparing facts; not sources or media.
    6. When switching back and forth between tabs, often the Hint Leaves on the People tab disappear for a time. It would be nice to have the rotating icon similar to the web site to know that the program is checking for hints (e.g. doing something) instead of showing nothing and thus leaving us not knowing whether or not a hint is available while you wait (perhaps unnecessarily) for the pending Hint Leaves to show up. If this is a memory hog, perhaps an option to display the rotating leave for those who prefer it…
    7. In the Media tab, we need the ability to select multiple media items at once for group editing. e.g. assigning a category (biggest need), or providing a caption (lesser need). Doing this one at a time is too time consuming.
    8. The Sources tab includes a link to see the selected source on-line at the bottom right corner; very hard location to see and notice. It would be very nice to have this link shown near the top just under the repository name.
    9. You often have to switch back and forth quickly between two tabs as you work through adding sources and web searching. It would be nice to switch back and forth between the last two accessed tabs via keyboard shortcut. Ctrl-Tab is the common keystroke for most other programs, but with FTM it just switches the focus to another control. Alt-Left (or right) only gets me to one tab over, not the last one I visited.
    10. For program flow I find it cumbersome to have two sub-tabs in the People Tab (Family & Person). I always find myself having to visit the opposite sub tab from the one that is shown causing additional delays (more navigation) in seeing the information I want. At minimum there should be a keyboard shortcut to distinguish the two sub-tabs, but ideally they should each be their own master tab.
    11. In the People/Family tab it has a person index for all people in the file. It would be nice to also have this person index available in the People/Person tab. There is plenty of room.
    12. In the Sources tab, it would be nice to also capture a creation/modification date (similar to the Media tab) of when the source was captured. This helps in auditing our efforts of what we did and when. Generating reports by citation creation (and media!) date would also be a nice to have at some point.
    13. In the Media Tab, the rightmost panel is different that the rest of the tabs. All others use tabs (not Icons) to switch between Facts, Media, and Notes. Why not here too? Besides the ‘Notes’ icon looks more like the ‘copy’ icon than anything else – very confusing.
    14. In the Plan tab under New Tree, the Continue button should be the bottom most button so that it is obvious to select it as the last step. Instead, FTM has the File Location below it which wrongly implies that you should do that step last. Not very intuitive…
    15. In the Plan/Current Tree tab, I would like to have the ability to select a task and then be taken to the individual associated with it. The Go To button accomplishes this, but it would be nice to also add this functionality to the right click menu to “Go To Person…” By the way, the “Go To” button label as is, is not descript enough; “Go To Person” is better. Again it is initially confusing to the the user what it does.
    16. It would be useful to have the ability to quickly assign a task to more than one individual or a (family) group of people; e.g. you find a census record for one person of the family and need to go back in the future to add all the other family members. Entering separate tasks for each person is too cumbersome.
    17. Clicking on the Filter icon on the task list causes the pop-up help text of “Filter tasks” to cover up the menu options. Same for Show/Hide columns. Yes it goes away after a few seconds, but it is annoying while it is there.
    18. Need the ability to select multiple Tasks at once and then edit them (e.g. Completed check box, high/med/low category, etc.)
    19. Have a way to quickly standardize ALL sort orders at once (e.g Tools menu option…) of children and spouses chronological rather than doing it one family at a time. If a different order is required for one family we can always re-order them the way we currently have to (one at a time).
    20. Need to have the ability to print ALL facts out on an individual; not just the ‘Preferred’ ones. And this is needed for any group of selected individuals (e.g. not just one person at a time). This way we can audit all of our information quickly. e.g. in the Custom Report include a check box to include Alternate facts as well.
    21. The Merge in the Web Search needs to include all the available info it can. e.g. a marriage shows the spouse’s name in the window above, but lists in the Merge box on the bottom! Also the marriage date will not merge unless the spouse is also merged. Although spouse and date are tied, you should not need to have one to have the other. In the family tab I can have a marriage date without a spouse listed. And often if the spouse’s name is already known all that is needed is to merge the date. But that cannot happen unless the spouse is merged as well.
    22. FTM allows duplicate sources to be entered which it should instead flag and let you know you already have it. For example, I merged a birth record to my mother from source A from the hints (leaf link). Later while searching for ‘More Records’ I happen to also select the same source A on her birth. I cannot quickly validate if I used that source already without leaving the Web Search Tab and going to the People/Person tab and searching for the fact and source. It would be much nice to have the program identify the duplicate and ask you if you still want to use it. You should also be able to generate a report that shows which people have duplicate sources in their data so that the info can be cleaned up.
    23. In the People/Person tab, it is clumsy and awkward to have to use copy/paste on sources when working on cleaning up sources (like duplicate ones that are mentioned in #4 above). Without very carefully watching your sources (or using an existing file from FTM2008) a person’s facts may have multiple names (John Smith, John A Smith, John Adam Smith, etc.) with one preference and many alternates. It would be helpful to simply drag and drop a source(s) from the right source tab onto the appropriate fact in the main window. That way I can have all my sources tied to one full name, John Adam Smith. Much cleaner and quicker w/ drag and drop than one at a time copy/paste.
    24. Combining the last two suggestions above, the program should also be able to tell you if you have a duplicate source during a drop and drag. At a minimum it should have an auditing tool that looks for ways to clean up records (remove duplicate facts, combine sources, checking to see if all potential family members have been tied to a source (e.g. each family member alive during a particular census), etc. This would save people literally HUNDREDS of hours cleaning up the messes 2008 made to their files.
    25. In the Web Merging dialog box, the change to discard the fact for both the original and merged info is nice to have and a big improvement over 2008. However it would still be very nice to have the date and place information separated as well. For example I have a known fact date of “7 Aug 1884” but no place for a birth-date. The census record I want to merge however has “Aug 1884, Minnesota” as its birth info. Neither piece of info is complete and I need to merge the full date with the place to get the maximum info during the merge. Otherwise I have to manually enter it and its source which is a PITA. And using Alternate and Preferred for two different (but essentially the same) facts is not the best way either.
    26. During web merge, I want to have the option to have an alternate name be saved as an AKA field instead of a Name field.
    27. Some death records create a BURIAL field (all caps) that is not recognized as the same field as the default ‘Burial’ field. Yes, this can be ported over using the Data Field Options, but the program should be smart enough to recognize that ‘BURIAL’ should equal ‘Burial’. Also they often create an ‘Other’ data field for the place – can this be intelligently put into the Burial fact instead of its own worthless ‘Other’ field?
    28. In the People Index and in the mini pedigrees at the top of the Web Search and Publish tabs it would be nice to have the option to include birth and death years added to the end of the names. e.g. “John Smith (1890-1964) similar to how the fly-over help text shows up.
    29. Why is it that some family relations are captured during a web merge with census records while others are not? It is such a time saver when it does include the families. Is this a database change? Or a FTM program change?
    30. During a Web Merge, why do we only have the options to edit some of the fields? e.g. if during a merge there are a number of children to be added, but one of their names is misspelled, why can’t I edit it like I can with the name of the person attached to the record? Or at least when the last name is misspelled for everyone, how come changing/editing the record holder’s last name does not also change it for all the other people being merged?

  82. John Donaldson

    Samuel # 98

    To the best of my understanding not true

    A commitment has been given for an in program book module as a free patch to FTM 2009

    John D

  83. Sally Nelson

    Hi. I agree that before you do a Webinar everyone should have a chance to receive and try 2009.

    I received mine the other day. It is the last thing I installed on my new laptop (with Vista) and now I cannot open my windows program. I don’t know if this has something to do with the program or not, but I will be uninstalling 2009 to see if that makes a difference.

    Also, it is my understanding that in order for many of the new features to work, I would have to put my tree on line. I do not want to do this until I am more sure my facts are as correct as possible, and some of my questions are answered about the privacy of my tree. I do not want it published for everyone to see yet.

    This may not have been the proper place to voice my concerns, but if you are going to demo this to others, you may want to consider the comments.

    Also, there needs to be some way for folks who have dial up to download the slides before the program. The last time I tried, 15 minutes was not enough time for the download.

  84. John Donaldson

    Sally # 106

    You understanding is ill founded. You do not have to put anything on line to use FTM 2008/9.

    FTM 2008/09 uses the internet for its mapping feature and also web search, be in in or any other site. Again it is one way traffic and nothing leaves your computer unless you choose to do so.

    John D

  85. Sue Cicherski

    I have tried ..several times, to stop the My and I know find I am still being charged.
    Please help

  86. Robin

    Hi Michelle

    I registered FTM 2009, and was also advised that I could extend my subscription for World Heritage membership by one month.

    However, on accessing the screen to do this, I was asked for my 19 digit activation code.

    I was given a code when I purchased FTM 2008, but I have not received a code for FTM 2009.

    How do I get this code for FTM 2009?

    (I did try the FTM 2008 code, but this did not work).

  87. Janet

    I have some questions about reports:

    1. Why is this necessary to configure a non-existent printer just to generate PDFs? Why can’t I save reports as PDFs whether or not there is a printer configured on the system?

    3. Why does FTM2009 just crash when the I try to change the layout if no printer is attached? Why does it let me “generate report” then wait until I try to change the layout to crash? Why doesn’t it do what every other professionally written program does when it encounters a problem and issue an error message?

    3. Where are the system requirements listed for FTM2009? If they are the same as FTM2008, why don’t they say that you have to have a printer configured even if all you want to do is generate PDFs?

    What kind of testing was done on this thing?

  88. Tony Cousins

    Kathy #108

    I don’t think it was the Wizard or even a tornado. I think Michelle stepped too near the black hole that seems to swallow up Ancestry bloggers, together with enhancement requests and reports to support people. 😉


  89. Kathy

    Well guys, when blogs don’t work. . .email! I finally got a code for 2009 this evening and put in my order with no problems.

  90. Robbie Burnett

    Yep, Tony (#18) sure have. It seems that when you add the entire family, ie, find the father or mother and source all of the children who are living in the same household with that initial source. Later the program does not recognize that you have already added the fact and the source. It wants you to add the fact and the source again using the child’s name.
    Kind of confusing, but hope you could understand what I mead

  91. Robbie Burnett

    #37. I ABSOLUTELY agree with James. Being able to identify and delete unlinked sources without checking each individually would be a great asset

  92. Donna

    Unable to merge files with 2009. I have even tried the GEDCOM–near the end of merging 2009 stops working and all is lost. I am also unable to print the Outline Descendant Report. The program stops working also.
    Also my burial places did not transfer–that same problem I had with 2008.

  93. Daryl Rickards

    Hi Donna,Ref 117.
    I just installed FTM2009 no problems it just took my FTM2008 data and loaded it for use – perfectly.
    The Outline Descendants report runs ok and also all the burial information is there for my data



  94. Robbie Burnett

    I am struggling with recording places. Most of my family are rural folks who ended up in District # or Civil Distric # such and such county. Seems it must be important to keep such data, but it doesn’t seem to jive with the place name. I know there is the “add a description” option. Would really like to know how everyone is dealing with this.
    Thanks for any comments

  95. Kathy Marie


    Comment Number:
    117 Written by:


    Comment Number:
    118 Written by:
    Daryl Rickards

    Donna and Daryl

    See items 50 and 52 for further discussion of this issue

  96. John Donaldson

    Robbie # 119

    I tend to use the Place name Authority for Places and add the secondary date, districts, suburbs, hospitals etc in the Description field

    John D

  97. barbara brown

    I haven’t been able to access the website on Sept 29 I paid $39.00+ and still cannot access the site. Please help

  98. Daryl Rickards

    Hi Kathy Ref: 121

    I have just run a Register report for 13 generations. 260 pages complete in 45 sec.
    The Ahnentafel Report starting from myself back 14 generations took 30sec and is complete. Both reports using preferred facts.



  99. Robert Good

    We as web users need to know more on the power people who was granted land, bought land, slaves,held offices in counties and county records that refer to wills, land tranfers, freed slaves, and those that married slaves, and abolishtionest.

  100. Nina

    I have been using FTM since the beginning. (A very long time!) I upgrade like a zombie and never complain. I assume every upgrade will be bigger and better, and that you know best. Who am I to question your knowledge and expertise?

    The last version that I truly was in love with is FTM 16. I won’t rehash all the issues that have been blogged up to this point. I will however mention a new one that no one seems to have missed. When 2008 was released I noticed the calendar option was deleted. I called customer service and was told that several items were placed on the back burner in order to release the new software on time. I sent an email off to ask for this option to please be included in a revision to 2008. When I received my 2009 that was the first thing I looked for. Once again, it was not there.

    Maybe no one else uses this function, but I use it. I know I am but one user. I use this function to produce a family calendar for my very large family, over 150 bitrhdays and 35 anniversaries. My famiy relies on me to produce this family calendar every year for Christmas. This function allows me to print a calendar with all this information, with relative ease. It brings my family together like nothing else.

    Please consider reviving the calendar function…

    Thank you.

  101. Christopher

    Regarding the “Life Migration Path” feature in FTM 2009:

    This feature is hopeless. If a street no longer exists, the map insists on finding one which does still exist, even if that place is at the other end of the country – and despite the town and county saying otherwise!

    For example –

    1920s-1950s Place:
    Artillery Street, Blackburn, Lancashire, England.

    2008 Place (result in FTM 2009):
    Artillery Street, London, England

    Why does it match on the first word only?

    Try switching? Have done: putting the street name after England (ridiculous) makes NO difference.

    A distracting gimmick.

  102. Pam

    Let me just say this: FTM 08-09 suck! What good is software if I can’t run it for more than 5 minutes without it crashing? I agree with the others, the older versions were much much better. It doesn’t matter whether I run the software on my laptop or my desk, it crashes before I have it open for 5 minutes.

  103. Kathy Marie


    125 Written by:
    Daryl Rickards

    Posted on:
    October 4, 2008 at 3:36 am
    Hi Kathy Ref: 121

    I have just run a Register report for 13 generations. 260 pages complete in 45 sec.
    The Ahnentafel Report starting from myself back 14 generations took 30sec and is complete. Both reports using preferred facts.






  104. Malcolm

    I am a new user. What determines the order in which people are shown on the charts? Surely it should be by date of birth but it seems to the order in which they were entered into the program. Is there a way to rearrange the order?

  105. Brian GRAHAM

    Hi Michelle,
    Just noted FTM2009. Have not received anything regarding the FREE upgrade from FTM2008.
    Hoping to hear soon,


  106. Daryl Rickards

    Kathy, Ref #130 – Caps Off

    I reran the reports again fully loaded,Preferred, non-preferred, sources, notes – personal/research.

    Register report for 15 generations, 635 Sources,285 pages completed in 2m50sec.
    The Ahnentafel Report starting from myself back 14 generations took 30sec.
    I assume your computer is well maintained(disk clean) and defragmented.
    Best of luck

  107. Bruce Morgenstern

    Michelle, as you can tell from the blog, many us really liked FTM 2006 and have some disappointments with FTM 2008/2009.

    My main disappointment is in navigation. In FTM 2006, you could create an outline descendancy chart and easily navigate through a branch of the family. I don’t know about other family historians, but I like to focus on specific branches when I do research. While your new navigation is interesting, it’s not as easy to use. In your webinar, I would like to see prove me wrong and illustrate techniques for navigation that are simply than navigating within a descendancy tree. And the focus should be on a larger branch. I agree that it is relatively easy to navigate within 2-3 generations. Also, it is very disappointing that the back/next feature works in a very limited manner. That was another simple navigational technique that was very valuable in FTM 2006.

  108. Hi, this is the first time I have discovered this website. I have very little info. and no remaining family members to help shed some light on my questions. I am of Cherokee heritage. At least, if not more than 1/8%. How in the world do I find out about my definite lineage to an American Indian heritage? I know enough about my maternal grandmother, (Opal Carrie Savage), and her father – Hamilton Jackson Savage. If you can direct me, I would be greatly obliged.


    Amy Nunes

  109. randall precup


  110. Ronald Chambers

    Paul #103

    I submitted almost all of what you have and a lot more starting back in the FTM2008 beta testing and never have seen or heard anything from FTM/TGN.

    All of the enhances should be compiled and a survey distributed as to the desirability of the request.

    RON C

  111. Harriet

    How do I get the researchers to discontinue researching the family they have helped with? I have as much as I need and can not get them to stop. Thanks

  112. John Cable

    As Donna comment 117 said unable to merge files in 2009, whatever I try will not merge causes a crash and when you reload the data is all over the place with duplicate entries children not linked to parents etc.

    Have asked for help and uploaded files that I am using and just get told that you can not open them. They open fine here just cannnot merge them.

    Also the place names do not appear to work for the UK, a place name is shown with a push pin on the map i.e. Bournemouth, Dorset but the name show unknown, when you go to resolve it, it does not list Bournemouth as an option only unrelated names like Bournemouth Gardens Jamacia.

    Also search results via the search option are never the same as the online search on

    Another major issue is not being able to upload an updated tree to an existing tree on Ancestry website.

    I feel this software is not really ready, too many bugs.

  113. Mitch

    I am very happy with 2009. There are a couple of issues I’d like to see fixed.

    I have already mentioned one … the media folder check box in the back up feature is nothing but trouble, and you guys know that. Make it disappear please.

    The other is the forward and back buttons … If you are working in the search window and have the left pane hidden you are placing one set of back / forward arrows below another. It’s real easy to click the wrong set. One set could be placed elsewhere to avoid this problem.

    The feature on the map which tracks a person’s trail in life is very handy. It has already shown me a few errors in my research because lines go where they should not. With some fine tuning this can be a real asset to the researcher. I would really like to see it have the ability to not show place facts that have been ‘made private.’

    I’m hoping the book writing feature that is coming will be much more advanced that it was in Version 16. That one was a real dud in my opinion.

    I believe that, in time, FTM will be an outstanding family research application and will cause other packages to gather dust.

    Keep up the good work!

  114. Janet E Roper

    I joined Ancestry about a year ago and I put all my work on line then one day everythink had changed Icouldnt find my work something else came up .I liked the way it was befor.Also you have put some more background pictures and some are very faded and I cannot see them

  115. Ian Smith

    In connection with 117 and 139, I have just ‘MERGED’ 20 individuals, some with sources attached, from Roots Magic to 2009 without encountering any problems at all.
    Hope no one takes offence to what I am about to say but having used 2009 for some months now (I was a beta tester) the program has never crashed and has carried out anything I have asked without problem.
    Many of the faults being reported in this blog could very easily be caused by people not being familiar with the software and I think that this could be solved by Ancestry providing a more detailed manual with the software when purchased. This would allow owners to become more familiar with the software than they are at present.

  116. Joann

    I just upgraded to FTM 2009.
    One problem that I have noticed when I ported over is related to the Sources that have been grabbed from Ancestry (eg. Census, Selective Service, etc.) – ALL of those sources had the “Include Reference Note” check marks completely wiped out in my file. Didn’t notice it until I generated a Report and found my references missing all sorts of commentary. Went back in and found that my file now has none of the check marks I placed for those particular references. Sources I generated myself, appear to have retained their check marks. Is there a way to globally fix this? So far, I have been doing it by hand but I have close to 2000 people in my file and this is a MAJOR bummer.

  117. Eileen Souza

    My old FTM (pre-2008) used to search automatically on married name when searchng the web using maiden name. Why doesn’t it still do that? If it does, how do I make it happen?

  118. Eileen Souza

    Follow up comment…I love FTM and I really made use of hte new search/merge facility. My only annoyances are the aforementioned maiden/married search and the fact that changing the preferred facts flip one up to a higher level in the tree so that I have to constantly go back to where I was.

  119. Joann

    I have searched the help utilities to no avail and would like to know if there is a utility within FTM 2009 for putting Sources and Media for facts/individuals in date order?

    Often, research uncovers something that fits in the “middle” of what you have already documented. To generate a report where the sources don’t bounce all over numerically, it would be nice to have a way to easily put the sources (for an individual fact) in date order – The only way I have found to do this is to unlink everything and manually relink it in date order…there should be an easier way to accomplish this.

  120. Lea Crouch

    I have registered FTM 2009, and was also advised that I could extend my subscription for World Heritage membership by one month.

    However, on accessing the screen to do this, I was asked for my 19 digit activation code.

    I was given a code when I purchased FTM 2008, but I have not received a code for FTM 2009.

    How do I get this code for FTM 2009?

    (I have tried the FTM 2008 code, but this did not work).

  121. Larry Czarnik

    A couple of things –

    When will we have the Book feature similar to V16?

    When will we have website access to update websites created and maintained for years with the older versions?

    And how can we implment specific addresses in Places that will be displayed properly on the map. EG Specific house address where my Dad was born. More than just town, county state and country. MSVE can do it. Why can’t FTM 2009?

    2008OC09 21:55 Sydney

  122. Marie Birkbeck

    I have just recently purchased FTM2008, and am attempting to import via GEDCOM all of my existing family tree which was produced on an older, no obsolete version of REUNION, on my old computer, however I seem to have hit a roadblock! FTM tells me that I need to have GEDCOM 5.5 or higher. (which obviously the older program does not have)
    SO my question is, is 5.5 the highest Gedcom available, or should I be looking to install a different version? Whichever I do, it is going to entail, connecting my old computer back to the internet to download the required Gedcom before I proceed with any further information transfer.

    Thanks Marie

  123. Natasha

    please can you tell me, I have FTM v. 10, and I am thinking about upgrading to 2009.

    I do not have an online account, and have never uploaded my tree, I want to do this now.

    Am I correct in thinking that, as soon as I upload the tree, I can no longer use the computer based software to edit my tree, as it will not update the online version???

    If this is the case, do I have to keep paying a monthly charge, or can I pay as and when I want to edit it?

    Does this change depend on what version of FTM I am using?

  124. Diane

    I have just a Canadian subscription to Ancestry and in FTM 2008 I had a box to tick in the Search Box so that only Canadian results came up. Now that I’ve installed FTM 2009 that option isn’t there and I often get millions of hits.

    How do I inform the program that I want just Canadian results please?

  125. Sue Duhaime

    Is there any way that you could provide an index for the photographs I add into family tree maker so that I can see who I have at a glance instead of going through 300,000+ names? It’s extremely frustrating as I would like to be able to see an index so I can quickly remove, add or replace photos with a newer or colour version. It would make records more easier to find too!

  126. John Donaldson

    Sue # 157

    Use the media report in the publish area. You even get a nice little thumbnail of the image

    John D

  127. David W.

    I have had absolutely no problems with FTM 2009 although there are still some improvements to the reports I would like to see. I ts great to be able to export reports to a word document in a nice clean formant but one addition to the genealogical reports I would really like to see is one that was in FTM 2005, The NGS Quarterly (Descendant Order). This report includes a child’s spouses information in the report. The report you currently have does not include this information. Would Youl PLEASE incorporate this report into an upcoming update.

    Thank you.

  128. Rene Thompson

    I have had FTM since the Banner Blue days and I noticed that the charts are still locking up. The 2006 was able to had 10 generation + charts with ease but 2008 and 2009 apparently get gummed up.

    Congrats on fixing the nickname issue, though! It really helps.

  129. Chuck

    Is there a way in 2009 to delete the SOURCE file; or at least delete the contents by a method other than one-by-one?

    I have a 2009 source file (within 2009) that is loaded down with no longer used source comments, and really need a way to delete … literally … hundreds and hundreds of the ones there.

  130. Leo-Guy de Repentigny

    I have a database of 150000 persons.
    Importing an FBC or FTW 2006 file in FTM 2009 gives an unknown error and the import is stopped. Import of a GED files was at 75% after 24 hours. Went back to FTM 2006.

  131. Kathy Marie


    This is probably not the place to report/discuss this


    The searching system for Ancestry.Com has gotten slower and slower in the last few weeks and has reached the point that it is getting impossible to use.

    When you use the regular search function by going directly to it just spins and spins –because they are loading special features and bringing up graphics advertising

    When You use FTM 2009 it becomes nigh to impossible to use—-First of all it searches on the preferred name which usually contains a first and middle and a surname. and it never finds this name. So you have to manually modify it to show first and last name and then it begins to bog down trying to bring up the advertising graphics. Also if you tell it to open up in a separate window (cause the first one is so small you can’t read it) it does so, but then it reverts back to the small window when you try to search again—–how about some remembering system so that when I ask it to open in a second window it continually opens in a second window until I tell it to stop. Look at features in—-there you can tell the system to remember window size and position. In general FTM 2009 searching is very ineffective and inefficient when compared to FTM 2006

    FTM 2006 is beginning to suffer the same slowness as the other search mechanisms (though it does a much better job of finding information than FTM 2009 does)

    Bottom line FTM2006, FTM 2009 and regular searching when just calling up the website is not good and is getting worse and worse.

    I am at the stage where I am beginning to use GENSMARTS for my searching, because of its ease of use and effectiveness/efficiency

    Would you please pass these comments along to the powers to be

  132. Margaret Ede

    When I tried to activate my 30 day free ancestry subscription, I was asked for my 19 digit number. I did not receive one with the FTM 2009 cd. What should I do?

  133. Frederic

    After installing FTM2009 overtop of FTM2008 and on it’s own, I am experiencing crashing of the application whenever I click on the buttons at the top (publish, places, media, etc) I have tried this on two different pc’s with the same result…
    I am not able to find a support address on the site anywhere…

  134. Terry Seery

    I live in Australia and have been using FTM for several years updating the program a number of times. My last purchase was the 2006 version updated later to Series 16

    I have heard the 2009 version is quite different and having used my present program for some years I an anxious that there may be another period of learning required to use the new program.

    I also recognise that the 2009 version may not yet be available in Australia where we usually use the English version with a particular date format.

    I seek some comment on my concerns

    Thanks in Anticipation

    Terry Seery

  135. Eileen Souza

    #159 You said “The NGS Quarterly (Descendant Order). This report includes a child’s spouses information in the report. The report you currently have does not include this information. Would Youl PLEASE incorporate this report into an upcoming update.”

    You can add this data to any report. Generate the report you want and in the report toolbar, the first selections allows you to add fields. Add the additional data you want hear. On the right at the bottom of the report options are some checkboxes. Make sure show spouses is checked. Then when you have the report you want go to the save button and save it as a new template. Give it the name you awant and it will now appear in your Publish choices,

  136. Eileen Souza

    #157 When you select the media button on the toolbar you get a list and thumbnails of all your media files by file name. This is essentially an index. Then if you right click on one of the photos, you can rename, delete, add media, view, link to a person, etc.

  137. Tony Knight

    After using 2009 for about two weeks, I am greatly disappointed to find it crashes just as much as 2008.

  138. Sheila

    my problem is that since installing FTM 2009 I have been unable to register. The prog recognises my internet connection (i can connect to ancestry and FTM websites from the ‘plan’ page. but using the websearch facility returns error message saying software is not registered. Using the registration wizard and using my existing email address as I have a current subscription error message says ‘registration server error’ and recommends trying again later.
    6 days later I am still trying! In between I have carried out every check on FTM and ancestry.
    I even uninstalled and reinstalled FTM 2006 and that has registered OK (after adding service pack 3). So its not an internet connection or
    firewall problem. Anyone had similar problem with FTM 2009.? Or any ideas.? Have contacted FTM support and will post any solution if I get one!

  139. Russ

    Where is the All-in-One-Tree? how can you do a family history if you can’t put all your family members on it…… come on get your finger out…. going to remove 2009 and go back a couple of versions

  140. Helen Toohey

    In 2006 I was able to do a CUSTOM REPORT on cemeteries, ie a list of all people buried or cremated in particular cemetery. I could sort this by cemetery name, then the name & grave information. This was a very handy report, as most genealogists love to walk cemeteries looking for relatives, and I could generate a report with all the people in a particular cemetery.

    Am I missing something, as I just cannot find a way to sort a custom report by ‘field’

    I have tried to do this on 2008/9 and can only come up with a report that lists the cemeteries by person’s name only. This is useless.

    If you are lucky enough ( and I am the only one i know of that has) and listed the cemetery in the ‘place’ field in full, you can print a usage report from “places” for that particular place name. This however does not include the description field,so you have no way of knowing where a particular grave is situated in the cemetery.

  141. Mike Heyden

    It appears to me that when you go from “Notes” to “Facts”, it erases the clipboard. Since I’m copying and pasting source-citation info in both areas, it is very annoying. This this by design or an issue?

  142. Al Doherty

    I’ve received my FTM 2009 and installed it. It’s referencing my 2008 files okay, but my connection seems to be to and it should be to since I’m in Canada (shouldn’t it???).

  143. Nic

    I need help showing an adoption. My sister adopted her husband’s son from a prior marriage. The mother is deceased but we would like to show her in the tree. Is there a way to include this?

  144. Cary

    Why does Family Tree Maker 2009 convert image files on “Media Only” records to tmp files instead of a vaild graphic extension?

  145. Jan S

    Sorry, but just do not like FTM2009, have been trying to work with it for almost two weeks now and have decided to uninstall and go back to FTM2006 V16, which I love. I don’t need all the bells and whistles that have been put in this one. I don’t like the source merge feature as it does not include, what I think, are important info. Death Cert #, etc. In trying to make the sourcing easy, it makes the program to bulky and complicated. So thanks, but no thanks. Will just stay with V16 until Ancestry no longer services it and will then go to some other program. This was not an improvement, at least I don’t think so.

  146. Robbie Burnett

    I think you can have two mothers. Just add a second spouse to your sister’s husband. Then go in and add the child to both families. The bio mother would be listed as natural in the relationship view. Your sister would be listed as adoptive is the same view.

    # 178
    I have wondered the same thing. Does anyone have an answer?

  147. William Gaultier


    Nice to know that is evolving and seems to understand that Family Tree Maker and Genealogy buffs are very numerous and hungry for help.
    I was hoping you can send me links to solutions for the following issues:
    – Trying to export my Family Tree Maker 16 files into Gedcom WITHOUT loosing notes, scrapbook, mariage details, sources etc.
    – Trying to do the same as above but exporting it to HTML with all the scrapbook, notes, marriage details, etc.

    Also, the site where I can export my FTM files online seems to be from 1997…any more recent web sites where I can upload my FTM file and get a decent looking family tree with the branches and clickable details?

    I appreciate your help in advance.


  148. Christine

    Been working with FTM since the beginning. Tried to work with FTM 2008. Downloaded FTM 2009 – the program will not import the death certificates even though they were attached to the individual in FTM V16 and they were JPEGs. The program is useless if I have to go back and check all 4,000 + people for accuracy. Is there an alternative?

  149. Re: #22 & #27: I upgraded from FTM 2006 to 2009 and I cannot find how to prepare a descendant chart that includes only sleected individuals. The filter is not an option for descendant reports in FTM 2009. In FTM 2006 it was possible to create a descendant report by specifying the starting and ending individuals, thereby, limiting the individuals that are included. Is there a method of doing that in FTM 2009? If so, please inform us how to do so. If not, please include it as a requested upgrade.

  150. Keith B.

    How does one go about getting a response about technological problems with FTM.2008? I don’t feel the love once I paid for the product. Problem after merging trees; believe the problem is in the Media file. Two requests; 0 answers.

  151. Tyler

    I think the question is – it’s been a month since this post – when are you going to start answering our questions?

  152. Norman Last

    We were told that the summer of 2008 we would have a way of printing our own books on our own printers. What happened? Will we be able to print our own book on the 2009 version? and when will we be able to do this?
    Will it have all the choices that we have with the 2006 version 16 .

  153. Alan

    In FTM 2006 the All-in-one tree report is probably the most important report. The screen display works as expected, but the more useful ‘hand grab’ ability to move about is missing.

    Unfortunately the export All-in-one to a PDF causes the program to crash.

    Is this why the PDF export is now missing in FTM 2009?

    Also the All-in-one tree report to screen is also missing.

    So the most important, to me and everyone I speak to, feature is missing.

    Whilst the screen layouts might look better, the missing MAJOR feature makes FTM 2009 a DOWNGRADE.

  154. Alan

    It’s Oct 23rd NOT Feb 10th.

    What’s going on?

    It’s not my computer clock – it’s date/time is correct in UK.

    I’m not really sure what happened, but a few comments from October 23 were marked as being from Feb 10, 2009. We’ve adjusted the time stamp for your comment for the correct date (if this was a mistake and you actually were posting from the future, I have a few questions for you!).

    – Mark Allen,

  155. Al

    When are the Family Tree Maker 2009 Deluxe and Platinum Versions going to able available on the ancestry store website? I’ve noticed that they are available on Amazon, but I would rather purchase the Deluxe Version from the Ancestry Store.

  156. Bob DeViney

    After two weeks working with FTM 2009, I’ve given up and gone back to FTM 16. 2009 is incredibly slow to load and navigate. I wasn’t impressed with the new interface either, despite giving it a couple weeks to win me over. And ditto on all the comments from others on missing features from previous versions and inexplicable data loss. I must not be part of your target community any more, as I don’t need or want a state-of-the-art interface with lots of processing overhead – just more management control of my data, flexibility in constructing reports, etc.

  157. V. Thiebaud

    I’d like to know more about managing large files. One of my trees has 7200 people, and is over 240 MB. I have considered making multiple trees from it, but need to have the multiple common members in common.

  158. I have the UK version of FTM 2009. I have lots of places listed in the UK which are coming up as unrecognised in the facts window, when in fact they are shown correctly on the maps. In one instance I have a house number on a street in Salford, Lancashire which is shown in the right place on the map, although it is marked as unrecognised in the facts window, another number 3 doors away is not recognised on the map & gives suggestions for USA addresses! A little inconsistent? Is there any way around this?


  159. #172 Sheila, I have the same problem, but so far haven’t had an answer. As mine was an upgrade & included a free months subscription to Ancestry, which I also can’t activate, I’ve contacted the retailer to see if they can help.

    Not only that, but the more I try & use FTM 2009, the more I dislike it. For one thing, the layout is very similar to lots of the other available programmes which I rejected as I preferred the layout of FTM. It seems very cumbersome to move around and doesn’t do all the things the previous versions did. I might just go back to my trusty 2005 version if things don’t improve!

  160. Scott

    I’ve seen two other people asking about the all-in-one report and there is no answer to them. So I’ll be the third to ask about it. Where is it? I haven’t bought 2009 yet, and I’m very unhappy with 2008 not having it either (a waste of money to buy it without that important report). I had written to customer service several times pre-2009 and was told that it would be an update for 2008, then later they said it would be part of 2009. Well, 2009 is out and it’s not there. So give us an answer, when will it be added? Or should we all just find different software?

  161. Jim

    On August 8, 2008 I received an email telling me that I would receive a second email telling me how to get the free upgrade to 2009. I have not received the second email.

    I would appreciate receiving the second email in order to get the 2009 version.


  162. Heather

    Since installing FTM 2009 when I try to merge people from the “hints” the whole thing crashes. Anyone know what I can do to stop this. Thank you in anticipation.

  163. Nicholas

    I cannot merge two different files with 2009. I’ve tried this on two different machines, but just as the merge process is ready to complete the program crashes. This is absolutely ridiculous. Your program is getting worse and worse. You still haven’t fixed the issue with calculating relationships either.

  164. Michael

    I am running the three latest versions on XP pro sp3 with no issues. I am currently doing all my “work” in the v16 and importing it into the 2008/9 format. I’m also running the 2009 version on Vista sp1 64-bit without issues.

    I’ve noticed that some people are not thrilled with the new interface. I applaud the new back-end change-over. A really “cool” way the save the users that aren’t too happy with the new software is to have a “classic” view. The classic view would revert back to the v16 style interface.

    I purchased the 2008 Deluxe version in July ’08 and then the 2009 Essentials mid-October. I have a code from 3-months from the 2008 version but the 2009 version didn’t have the one month free number in the package.

    Here are a couple other issues, most are small: Bookmarks do not transfer from v16 to 2008 or 2009, I get a Home User – the same user even though I’ve added over a thousand users & keep re-importing the file to re-fresh the 2008/9 files.

    My descendant tree chart maxes out the width very quickly.

    I’d love an export ability to v16.

    The “Classic” view would be awesome and may save your project. The simple navigation of the classic view will help the transition to the new product. I think you need to really consider this possiblity.

    Thank you for creating a great product.

    FTW user since v1.0

  165. Michael

    The online book thing is not optimal. I personally prefer to have the built-in capability to build the books rather than to an online version.

  166. rita knight

    I have just been reading these pages but can’t find out how to contact you reference the FTM2008 free update. I have not received an e.mail regarding this although I bought the FTM 2008 in about Aug 2007 and registered it with you. Your help would be much appreciate. Rita

  167. I had given up on FTM 2008 and even bought Legacy. Got my free FTM 2009 as an apology for 2008, as I tell people. FTM looks like it would be easier to use than Legacy, less popups to enter info, IF it worked. Well, this 2009 version doesn’t print charts, let alone reports. Every time I click on even a pedigree chart, the program just freezes up and says “Not Responding” in the top bar of the computer.
    I have Windows XP Pro and a Pentium D, and Legacy works just fine, so what the heck is wrong with FTM?
    Roland Rhoades

  168. I have endeavouring to obtain info on my GGGrandfather, John Swain(e), who, I believe, was born 1790s. I have mbeen told that he came from Belfast, Ireland. I have also been informed that he may have come from Yorkshire,England. He Came to Perry’s Cove, Carbonear, Newfoundland, as a School Teacher and possibly a lay minister. He could have been sent here by the Church of England,England, under the auspices of the Spread of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. Any info you can provide I would appreciate. H.S.

  169. Lynn


    I find compacting the file fixes problems associated with the program freezing or slow responsiveness. To compact the file to “Tools” then “Compact File” – I would suggest backing up prior to compacting.


    Are you still planning on holding a webinar or somehow otherwise answering these questions? It has been over two months since you posted “What are your questions?” — I am still interested in learning the answers to my questions (#54), with one of those questions inquiring if there is a way to order source records or if you plan to offer this in the upgrade to 2009 that is being developed.

  170. Carlos Ruth

    When will we be able to import an FTM2008 or 9 FTM file into another computer? I normally prefer to work on my desktop but occassionally want to share something with a genealogical society or take my data when travelling. For those purposes I want to export my data file from the desktop and import it to my laptop. After the trip I would want to export from the laptop to the desktop so that I always working with the current data. I can do it with a gedcom file butr it lacks all the media based data. When will this be corrected. If my hard drive were to die I would really be stuck! This sould be a high priority item.

  171. Darrell Wesley

    Any chance the you will be changing your database for FTM to something more standard such as SQL Server?

  172. Mitch

    When I uncheck the ‘include only preferred facts’ box in an Individual Report I get eight name facts with exactly the same name in them. The only difference between the eight is the addition of sixteen different sources that explain the eight DIFFERENT name combinations that should be listed.

    Now, why would that be? Another bug?

  173. Kathy Marie


    216 Written by:

    Posted on:
    November 2, 2008 at 7:55 pm
    When I uncheck the ‘include only preferred facts’ box in an Individual Report I get eight name facts with exactly the same name in them. The only difference between the eight is the addition of sixteen different sources that explain the eight DIFFERENT name combinations that should be listed.

    Now, why would that be? Another bug?





  174. rebecca boykin

    can’t figure out how to start a new family tree, says start new one or work with current, but no way to figure out new one…. I am new to copmuter skills, so perhaps is just me.

  175. Joel

    I received an e-mail on September 9 to receive a free copy of the 2009 version but when I clicked on the icon to import it I received a message that so many had responded that the system was overcome and I would receive an e-mail in a few days to receive it. I have never received another memo.

  176. Peter Mason

    It would be nice if Michelle or somebody else could give us all an update how all the poor programming that still exits in FTM2009 will be corrected or at least an update, although I appreciate the free update offer debacle took a lot of man hours up and still people are asking how / why they have not received their e-mail.

  177. Steve

    Michelle, quick question I have had FTM for several years, (back to version 3 or 4 I believe), I also have many data cd’s that I purchased with my various versions of FTM, but I cannot figure out how to search my cd’s (such as passenger lists), from FTM 2009, can you help?

  178. Alana Sagar

    When was Carlos Bill manickchand born and Who is Mrs. Manickchand?
    Who is Carlos Bill manickchand to ME?

  179. Alana Sagar

    When was Carlos Bill manickchand born and Who is Mrs. Manickchand?
    Who is Carlos Bill manickchand to ME?

  180. Michelle Pfister

    Hi everyone.

    Thanks for the questions. The webinar will be held on November 19, 2008 at 8:00pm Eastern. To register, you can follow the link (just added) in the blog post.


  181. I currently have FT 2005.
    I would like it if when in the family section, my line of all of the kids would be highlited.

    That is, when I go back, I input all of the children of a grandparent. However, when several generations back, and updating, how do I know which is my ancestor?

  182. Thomas Scott

    I would like to know why you do not make ancestry operate on the Mac os tiger system .I would like very mutch to use it has i have on windows in the past but I now have a MacBook .

    Tom Scott

  183. Michael

    I’m interested in seeing the capabilities of publishing my family information to a website and the look-n-feel capabilities.

  184. Andrew Senior

    FTM will only be useful to me when it is possible to easily synchronize it with the on-line tree. Trying to re-enter everything that I have on line into a local program would take far more time than I have.

    The plus to FTM is that I can back it up locally.

  185. Darlene

    I think we need a way to edit places in the master list much easier. We should be able to look up and see if we have Seneca County, Ohio and have the optio to mass edit it to Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio for example.

    Also, can there be a way to use the bold, underline and colored fonts options in the notes pages so that they print out much nicer??? This would be FABULOUS!!!

  186. Les

    I hope you can direct me to use FTM 2009 in the family view format. I’ve not been able to find the feature in FTM 2009. FTM 2009 is much better than FTM 2008. It has many of the same features but it seems to function much better

  187. Marirene Blevins

    I am adopted so have 2 mothers, 2 fathers, etc. 1) Can you handle the 2 mothers and 2 fathers? 2) Can I print charts with both mothers and both fathers on it?

    3) how do I “attend?” 4) What is the cost?

    4) There is a free update? How can I get updated?

  188. Bev

    Hi, when there is a information about the wedding/marriage how do you add it to the marriage specifically? Or does it go on both members? FTM2009 differs from 16 in this way unless I’ve missed the link. Thanks, looking forward to my first webinar. Bev

  189. Karen

    Will all of my information, including attached photos, etc., on my FTM 2008 transfer successfully to FTM 2009 if I install the 2009 vewrsion? Do I need to do anything to version 2008 before I install 2009?

    Questiion 2: Does Family tree Maker 2009 contain tutorials?

    FYI: I have already received 2009.


  190. Sue Pearson

    The prepositions used in the Publisher portion do not make sense – especially the use of “in.”

  191. Nancy Gleaton

    Is there a limit to the number of records the new version will handle? I’m having a problem merging several trees into one, and wondered if the issue is a maximum number of records. They aren’t a problem in the 2008 version.

  192. Betty Hattan

    I have Family tree 2007. If I buy a new one how hard is it to transfer the information to 2009 and can it be done when it is downloaded.

  193. Lindy Hutchison

    Is there a way to copy the screen that appears with information from a Web search on a particular person, e.g., a census report page? I could easily do that in FT 2008, and would use it to work from offline without having to print/save it for all time.

  194. John

    FTM 2005 had the capability to generate a calendar showing selected birthdays. If FTM 2009 has this capability, I cannot fine it. If it does not, can it be added?

  195. Terry

    1. When I do a search for a specific date range and name why do I get 18.000 possibles with a range of over 100 years and all kinds of names. Most names nothing like what I’ve set the search for.
    2. The information I need from a few states hasn’t been added, SC, Ga, Tenn., parts of Ala. and NC.
    I’ve gotten more information from my sister who lives in SC and has a Church of Later Day Saints Library,

  196. Normally FTM which is sold as the AUST & NZ Versionincludes a limited subscription to but its for UK records only which is ambiguous as in is sold as the Aust & NZ version with a 3 or 6 months subscription to but is doesnt include access to Aust of NZ records only uk.
    Secondly if one has an existing UK membership its is difficult,cumbersome and impossible to extend your ” existing” membersip by the ” gift ” 3 months .

  197. Dave Wall

    I have lots of names but now I would like to know what procedures to use to finally get a book printed the best way to share with family members. I would appreciate your suggestions.

  198. I have used FTM since pre 2005 and usually update each year. when we went from FTM 2006 (ver 16) to FTM 2008. The export /import of info was very cumbersome and most place description info was not transferred directly across and involved numerous hours of manual input Why ?
    The web search function via FTM 2008 is overlly slow & cumbersome and it is often quicker and more stable to log out of ftm and login into direct. which deafts the purpose of wen search and inturn loses the ability to merge,web clip, & copy.

  199. Dan

    I would love to use the on-line features at to make books, but I will not as they do not stay in sync with the desktop version. Until this huge oversight is corrected, I will be limited to using the desktop version only as I just don’t have the time to make changes in both places simultaneously. Thus, I really need to have the ability to create books (like we used to be able to do) on the desktop version. This is nothing complex, just the ability to group a bunch of reports together and save that grouping. If I could keep the desktop book in sync with the on-line book, then I would use both.

  200. bill winfrey

    Will you ever create a FTM version for Apple computers. I am currently maintaining a seperate Pc just for FTM but the Mac is so much better. I have a version of REUNION on my Mac but it is not nearly as good as FTM. Please do it!

    Bill Winfrey

  201. Why is it when I search on your website for a specific person and provide exact information, the responses provided include names of other persons, birth and death dates ranging 50 yrs, etc. I sometimes find it somewhat frustrating having to go through 500,000 names when I asked for a specific spelling, within a specific timeframe.

    Otherwise, I enjoy using your program and have found many interesting facts about my family. Keep up the good work

  202. Pat

    I would like to have the ability to include more items in the reports, ie date and place christened or baptized,date and place of burial, occupation, etc. Is this a possibility in the near future? It seems like we have lost this capability in the more recent versions of FTM. It was convenient to have all of this information available when printing an Outline Descendant Report, for example.

  203. I have FTM 2008 loaded. If I load the 2009 CD, will all other 2008 components that are currently loaded operate the 2009 CD? Is the 2009 CD all I will need to install?

  204. Ralph K

    Is there a way to import information typed into the charts on into my Family Tree Maker 2009 Charts?

  205. Elva Gibson

    I had an older version of Family Tree Maker (not 2008) before I purchased the current version. (2009) In the ancestors view (family tree view) of the older version, I was able to add the words “continued on page 12”, (or whichever page number I wanted to put on there)to each of the ancestors on the last row of each page. This was really helpful when I printed the ancestor tree as it showed which page the last ancestors listed continued on and I could just turn to that page. I can no longer do that with the new version. If I do add it, it shows in ALL the boxes, not just the last row of boxes and I can’t adjust the number. Is there a way to do it in this new version? I’ve tried everything. Thanks.

  206. I would like to know how others have faired installing the FTW 2009 in a windows vista os; I have been afraid to install the new FTW update because it seems like everything I load on my vista machine ends up causing issues; stop errors, BSOD, etc. This might not be the correct forum for my question, so would appreciate any leads in the proper direction. Thanks!

  207. Jan Parker

    1 When wil we be able to sort reports like we could in older versions.
    2 When will we be able to create and print books as ih older version (ie self publish, not over the internet)

  208. jeff

    It would be extremely valuable to have two-way synchronization between Family Tree Maker and the web site. I find that the most frustrating part of the process. Any chance of getting that function soon?

  209. Bob Douglass

    Is there a simple way to edit a report which has been sent to file. I would like to insert photos and also, in some cases, edit or modify the text.


  210. Pat Galvez

    Will it ever be possible to have a user-friendly sort function of search results for records?
    It’s so tough to sift through all the records that it discourages me a lot.

  211. Margaret Frank

    How can I print the index of individuals without using so much paper? The 2006 version lets you do this on a landscape format and lets you pick what information you want to include….

  212. Gia Tran

    I am disappointed because I thought I can use Unicode fonts to input since our language (Vietnamese), even though a Latin-base type, requires special accent marks on the vowels.
    I can input names properly but they are converted to codes the next time I access the program.
    Can you make the program save AS IT inputs?

  213. Janet Windsor

    I am new to FTM and have the 2009 deluxe edition. We have a family tree that was created by someone else and need to make changes to it. It shows my husband married to someone else. I have tried to edit it but can’t figure out how.

  214. Is there a way when updating or changing my family tree at home and at without typing data into both of them? Sometimes I’ll update my tree at home, then forget to update my tree at

    Bill Nov 05,2008

  215. Jan G. Oldenziel

    After downloading FTM 2009 I have the next problem. When I open a page of a person in my family tree (some pages and not all pages) and I will make a print.
    I have a choise to make 5 types of prints. I order to make a print of Family Group Sheet for that person, than I see a page in the colour grey/black with the text “the document does not contain any pages”
    My question: What was happened and what I have to do to repair this page

    with the best regards

    Jan G. Oldenziel

  216. Q – Can 2009 allow you to print the entire tree to a PLOTTER and not individual sheets? For framing!
    Q – Can you build a tree template that looks like a tree growing up? Not a fan going down or upsidedown tree.
    Q – Can we be allowed to post our tree to our own webserver? Security issues with a www post!
    Thanks for all you do!

  217. Gene Crawford

    Will the new version of Family Tree Maker allow you to copy an Outline Descendant Tree and paste it into a Word document without jutting the contents?

  218. Heather

    I have almost 2000 stories and nearly 1000 pictures in my family tree on Do I have to copy each of these individually to my Family Tree Maker software or is there some way to copy my tree as it is from That would be a huge help for me and really the main reason I would switch to this product.

  219. When attempting to update my family tree I seem to have trouble with my sources scrambling. They go to the wrong names. What is causing this? Now I have to put info on FTM seperatly.

  220. Eileen Debesis

    I m having a problem with the entry of surnames in version 2009, which did not occur with earlier versions. In my ethnic background, in addition to an official surname, families carry a second “house name”, through generations. I have entered these always as SMITH(Jones). Version 2009 treats only Jones as the surname. I can manually correct each entry. BUT – when the given name also contains a nickkname, as in John James “Jim” SMITH(Jones),the whole thing goes haywire, refuses either the nickbname or the compound urname, and I cannot manually override. Any suggestions? How to handle this surname issue?

  221. rodney foster

    with this new version of family tree maker can i go to my home page at and download my whole family tree I have already built? That’s why I bought the product. I assumed it would be that easy. I have found it difficult as I have to add each member slowly and it’s not fun to do what I have already done on line.
    rod foster

  222. Bruce Kappele

    What are the differences between the new FTM and the last edition?

    I bought one a while back and there were no basic differences.


  223. Annette

    I would like to print out the Time Line under person. I do not have vista and if someone knows please give me directions. I really feel this should be printable if it isn’t.

  224. Peter Gregory

    I have updated to FTM 2009 from 2008. I was disappointed to see the book build facility still online to Ancestry.
    Could a patch be put into 2009 to allow a choice to book build offline on the home PC for the sake of ensuring accuracy firstly and secondly privacy. Later a decision could be made to upload to Ancestry.

  225. Larry W. Cole

    I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be able to update a CD when I add data to FTM. In the past, you had to use a new CD each time and could not use one that you had old data on. Make it work like the older version where you could update a floppy when you added new data to your file. The newer computers do not have a floppy drive.

  226. William E. Nees

    I have FTM 16. In the past I researched and entered four separate family trees with the same surname as I was not sure they were related. I have now determined they were brothers and would like to merge the four trees without having to re-enter the data. How do I do this? Thank you.

  227. Brenda N

    Hi, I received my FTM 2008 as a gift and not thinking ahead I started to input information for both my husband’s side of the family and my side in one tree. I now realize that I have far too much information for just one tree. What I should have done was start two separate trees one for my husband’s side and one for mine. Is there anyway I can split my one huge family tree into two or even more smaller ones? Is this something that will be possible in the 2009 FTM? Thanks.

  228. kathleen

    Why haven’t the Border crossing from Mexico records been fixed so that we can actually use some of them. There should be a button added to rotate the record…it’s a real hassle to try to read these upside down…also, so many errors by the translators…BC stands for Baja California NOT BRITISH COLUMBIA…how about hiring people that actually can read Spanish or give the user someway to change the most obvious errors…

  229. Melanie McLennan

    When entering placenames in the USA the data accepts town, township, county, state. When entering Canadian placenames using towns, township, counties and provinces I frequently get an error message.
    It will accept town, county and province, but not the townships.
    Please give our Canadian geography more clout!
    A source of excellent Ontario placenames (historic and modern) can be found at the website for Ontario Locator
    This has been an amazing tool for tracing Ontario records.

  230. ONE: A suggestive enhancement and a follow-up to Tony’s #18 about the green leaves. The leaves should remain active until viewed and either accepted or rejected at which time disappear. Upon a new match the leaf would re-appear.
    TWO: Charts. A person has multiple relations leading to children from several. One relationship leads to marriage. How would someone looking at the chart determine if any or all were relationships or marriages?
    THIRD: Web search often is faster using
    QUESTION: How to merge data directly from into FTM2009
    LAST (for now): Keep up the great work. My compliment in for asking for feedback and
    kudos to all working on FTM software.

  231. Thomas Woolverton

    FTM 2008 responded very slowly when data was typed in, so I went back to FTM 16. I have installed FTM 2009, but have not used it yet.

    Q – I have numbered the sources, instead of only having the source names, and have almost 1000. Is there a way to search the sources when adding a source to see if it has already been used instead of adding it again with a new source number?

    Q – Is there some way to identify direct ancestors – a specific marker or color code? The only way to identify direct ancestors now is to begin at the present generation and work backwards, writing names down as you go. It is impossible to identify the direct ancestor when beginning with earlier generations and working down to the present generation. If the direct ancestor were identified, it would let one know which child in a family to concentrate on researching for new data.

  232. Douglas Wagner

    When the free for 2009 version came around I was not able to get my free version. You sent me some links that did not work, so I am using 2008 version.

  233. Betty

    Is it possible to print a monthly calendar with birthday and anniv dates as I did with the Family Tree Maker Deluxe edition?

  234. Barbara

    I use the keyboard for navigation and avoid the mouse as much as possible. It appears that the ability to use the keyboard has almost disappeared. Why is this? The keyboard is more accurate and faster under most circumstances.

  235. Marion Jones

    I bought the new FTM 2009 and was very disappointed as I had problems loading it on to my main PC and my laptop – your tech team helped me sort out a .NET Framework problem but even now FTM2009 sometimes closes due to a problem and I also cannot register my copy on either PC or laptop which means I cannot get a live connection with – a new copy was being sent out to me in case I had a faulty CD but to date it hasn’t arrived.
    I have never encountered problems with FTM 2005

  236. Priscilla Poulos

    I hope this new program has the ability to list on the Index a person surnames–surname for the father and surname for mother. Example: Salvador Jorge Blanco.
    The Index will list him as “Blanco” instead of “Jorge.”
    In Latin America and also in Europe both surnames are always use. I will like the ability for the Index to list it using my example as “Jorge Blanco, Salvador”. Thanks!

  237. Fiona

    The relationship calculator does not look for further connections. My great-grandparents share several relations, but the relationship calculator only follows the male relations. There are closer connections through the female lines.
    ALSO, the previous FTM had an All-In-One chart, can the 2009 version have one also?

  238. Sharon I Dickson

    I received my 2009 FTM and as a loyal customer to FTM since Banner Blue owned it I was delighted. I loaded my files from my 2008 onto it and began using it. Not long after it crashed and I kept getting the message that it has encountered a problem and needs to close. I kept trying to open it and kept getting the same message. Well needless to say I had to delete it and go back to using my 2008 version and haven’t had any problems with it. Can someone please tell my why in all these years the 2009 version did this? I have emailed and also wrote a letter, but nobody has replied to my problem. Help!

  239. I have Family Tree Maker 2006 which I bought to upgrade from my 2004 Family Tree Maker. Is there anyway when we buy the kit and spend $300/yr to join the website that we can get free updates each year? I keep clicking on update and it says it is updated.

  240. Leaton Clark

    It’s a big job tackeling this new 2009 program, after using FTM since 2000, with my last upgrade being 2006. The 2009 family group sheets print out “yucky” with all the duplication of information and all the lines dividing individual information. Haven’t been able to get family group sheets to not separate individual person’s information at the bottom of the page and getting to talk with someone is “the pits”. Help is needed promptly.
    Leaton Clark
    Austin, TX

  241. Carole

    I would like to be able to customize the data error report. I get data errors generated because “born more than 20 years after the marriage occurred”. Let’s face it, in the early 1800’s it was common to marry at a young age and births 20 years after the marriage were happening. I’m frustrated I can’t customize the data error report to ‘tweak’ this.

  242. Vicki Blake

    I use FTM to search for information. From the program itself when you click on the individuals name you can do a web search which brings up birth, marriage, death, service records. There can be hundreds of birth records for a name and I would once I’ve found a birth record I would like to skip foward to a death record but you have to scroll through hundreds of birth records first. Can that be simplified. I see where you can change the search name but the drop down doesn’t include topics such as service record, divorce, as a search iem.

  243. Carol Gilmore

    I have been trying to find anything about my biological Dad but he has a common name – Smith! What are some ways to search by his full name? I have been a meber of FTM since 2000 and have spent untold hours searching. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  244. Mike Roberts

    I would like to be able to copy (Any method) and paste my tree or portions thereof into a document (Email or other) to send to other family members etc. In earlier versions this was possible but I cannot get this to work now. Everything else is good.

  245. Stan Goodacre

    Why, Oh Why did we lose the functioality of being able to add an index to a Descendant Report in FTM 2009 (and 2008)? For this reason I still much prefer to use FTM 16 and therefore cannot gain the benefits of FTM 2009.

  246. Frank

    I’m still using FTM16 in addition to FTM 2009 because I need the calendar feature. This requires a lot of time doing double entry. Do you plan to make this feature available soon?

  247. Thomas W Frank

    Is it possible to print a registry report with footnotes instead of endnotes? If so, how? If not, can you add this feature? When working with a long family file, footnotes are much easier for both author and reader than endnotes.
    Thank you
    Tom Frank

  248. Harry

    I’m using Family Tree Legends (FTL) which, as you know, is out of business. However, we have over 15,000 photos attached to the “Scrapbooks” within the program. We want to switch to Family Tree Maker 2009 but do not know how to (other than manually one-by-one) bring the scrapbook files over to the new program. Help!

  249. Charlene Olbrich

    Why does the change order of wives not reflect in reports. I change the order of wives always listing the last wife first but the reports do not change the order. Why?

  250. John

    I have received FTM 2009 but have not yet installed it. I upgraded from FTM 2005 to FTM2008 last year. However I have not yet uninstalled FTM 2005. I am glad i did not because I find FTM 2008 difficult to work with, and have been using my old version for any new updates. One thing that I liked the most about FTM 2005 and previous versions is that the initial point of entry is the Family Group Sheet for data entry and report generation. FTM 2008 screens show what were tree reports in the previous versions, which I find confusing and difficult to deal with. It seems as if FTM 2008 is trying to deal with too much data on just one screen. Will FTM 2009 allow me to focus on the Family group Sheet first, like previous versions?

  251. Chuck Timmerman

    Recently we have been going to the German version of FTM; where we (naturally ??) find the pages in German.

    Is there any consideration regarding offering a ‘Translated’ link on the page(s) for an English version?

  252. Wigalso

    I have just reviewed most of the 300+ comments made about FTM2009. Very interesting that my beef shows up numerious times.
    My Beef: Why can I not produce a ‘Book’ report like the one I can with FTM 2006?
    I spent a number of months back in 2005 testing different software packages and when I received FTM 2006 and tested it … I had a program that provided at least a 90% fit. I bought FTM 2008 expecting a major up-grade that would hold with the quality of FTM 2006. FTM 2008 was/is a major disaster … less functionality, less intuitive, many tab, tab, tabs … I returned FTM 2008 for refund. I buy FTM 2009 and I find all the faults that arrived with FTM 2008 as well as many more.
    If quality updates for FTM 2009 do not come soon, FTM 2009 will be returned for a refund?
    What’s this about a ‘FREE’ upgrade?
    I’ll stay ‘tuned in’ to see what results happen from all the previous complaints!!!


  253. Diana

    I use FTM 2009 on my computer but also have my family tree on Is there a way when searching to add found information to both FTM on my computer AND update the tree on at the same time?

  254. Steve

    How do I get all the background notes I have made on individual ancestors into the book without copying onto a separate sheet then scanning & entering into the scrabook as an object?

  255. Steve

    Sorry. I have just realised that the comments are supposed to be about FTM 2009.

    I have FTM 2005 but judging by the comments made above about ‘new improved versions’ I consider myself lucky I bought that rather than a later one. I think I’ll hold off the 2009 version for now.

  256. Luis Freitas

    I like the FTM2009 version very much but I cant help notice the lack of the calendar report which I find very usefull.
    I’m certain You are releasing it in a future update because it’s an essencial feature.

  257. Astolat

    I’m fairly new to all this; some of my husbands family members were born in Drogheda, Ireland. What’s the best way to trace Irish records please?

  258. Martyn Jones

    I have received the upgrade to FTM 2009 which I have installed on my laptop. The laptop access’s the internet via a VPN through a corporate firewall and I find that the new version will not allow me to go online so is not much use to me during the day. I can only use it on a different machine which connects directly to the internet. As my current version (FTM16) works happily over the VPN and through the firewall, are there any plans to allow FTM2009 to also work via firewalls/VPN’s ?

  259. William Meier

    I miss the calendar feature of 2005. Also it would be nice to be able to have a report sorting the birthdays by month and last names.

  260. monica healy

    I have an older version and while using it I managed to place members in the wrong fields. I put them in the correct place but was unable to delete the mistake. I’d be glad to know how to remove them please? Thanking you, M Healy

  261. Susan Davis

    I think the timelines are great, but do not know who to print them. Will you discuss how to print timelines?

  262. Robert Sutherland

    In the older versions of Family Tree Maker you were able to scan a picture etc directly into the media area, but with the new versions 2008 2009 this option has been eliminated. The new versions requires many more steps to scan photo’s. I have many pictures to scan and the new versions just don’t make it productive to use.

  263. Theresa

    I have trouble with the search on the hints. It gives me hints when I already have that link (ie 1980 census) attached to that person.

    I addittion when merging link to person, it overrides the residency. Example> have 1880 census and get hint for 1850 census. In the merging section it offers to preferred and the other alternate or ignor. If I ignor than how does it link anyway?

  264. Mike Roberts

    Thanks to #112. I agree with the black hole theory. Some of the comments and questions are no longer on the blog. My question is no longer shown. It was about the difference between FTM 2005 and FTM 2009. I could take my tree and copy it to screen and send it to relatives before but not now. I could move information up to 2008 and to 2009 but could not move it back to 2005 to use the copy send feature available then.

  265. Royce

    I went from the 2005 version to 2009. In the 05 version you could save your tree charts as a pdf file (one large chart). I can’t figure out how to do that in the new version.

  266. Cindi

    I have a question about “merging” census “media” to an individual. Why can’t FTM automatically link the same media to each member of the family, when we go through the family merge sequence? Seems redundant to have to go to each family member and perform the “merge” function.


  267. Paul H

    With the 2006 version, there was a capability backing up online which was a servic that was charged for.

    I have not been able to find such a capability in either 2008 or 2009 versions.

    Also, the “user web page” feature appears to have been abandoned. This was a great way to share info and I connected with several long lost relatives because of it.

    The offline BOOK feature MUST be brought back and the sooner the better. I have a number of family books started in FTM 2006 and would like to finish them but it is gone from both 2008 and 2009.

    It may be my resistance to change factor but I liked the GUI far better in 2006. It flowed so well and was so easy to navigate.

  268. Allen Burt

    Is family Treemaker 2009 available for U.K subscribers. I have tried unsuccessfully to order a copy on several occasions, but the order has been declined.

  269. Ray Theberge

    How do I keep from repeatedly merging in the same data uncovered in a search? When I come back to FTM after a few weeks of not using, and I view my tree in the family view and I see all these little leaves, so I click on them and then after the search function shows me what it has found, I go ahead and click to merge the data into my existing person in my tree to only realize later that I have merged in the exact same data MULTIPLE times to the same person. Why doesn’t the software already realize that I have merged that data in and either stop offering it to me as a match or somehow visually flag it (or grey out) as having already been merged.

  270. Ray Theberge

    How do I add valid place names?
    The software doesn’t find the name of the town in it’s database that my ancestors were born in, but I know where it is on the map.
    Is there a function for me to enter place names?

  271. Ray Theberge

    I would like to see added to the help files if not covered in this webinar the following;

    1) how to deal with un-wed parents of children. the adults are not spouses so they shouldn’t be entered that way.

    2) moving children between step or half parents. when I accidently assign a child to a mother and father pairing but then need to change which wife of the father that they were born to, that process is challenging and I repeatedly mess it up

  272. Ray Theberge

    When merging in Census data, the residency data should come with it. In the left hand margin of the actual census form (in the US) is the specific street and house number of the individual. this would make mapping much more accurate.

  273. Ali

    2009 Webinar Question: How do I put in a person’s AKA so that it shows that person twice in the index? Thanks!

  274. Ray Theberge

    I would love to see an interface with a scanner to be able to scan in a stack of old family photos directly into FTM. Also, do you know of any software that can keep track of the scanned backside of a photo along with the front side? There is oftentimes SO much great data on the backside of a photo that I want to keep a scanned copy of the backside electronically linked with the scan of the frontside of the photo. Could FTM do that in the future?

  275. Ali

    2009 Webinar Question: I have been reluctant to add media to my database for fear of making my file size very large (often a cause of file corruption). Are the media files stored outside the main database file? Is so, is there a media file default directory?

  276. Margery Oberheide

    FTM 2009 is much improved over the 2008 version, but I cannot merge duplicate individuals. I ran that operation once and thought I had merged only to find the data untouched and the original list, now far insufficient, unchanged. No new duplicate individuals can be added and none have been deleted. It is frozen in time. Do I need a replacement or have to download a patch?

    The second question is that I am running a second album which really should be incorporated into my main data base very soon. How do I do that? I cannot find any documentation to instruct me in that process, and considering the problem I am having with the merging of duplicate individuals as specified in the first paragraph, I am doubtful that this can be done. Am I right? Hope not..

  277. Mike

    Hi, I still have FTM 2005 running, I have FTM 2008 running and now have the FTM 2009 running. I was impressed with FTM from the start of my use and still am. There are some things that were easier to navigate and search in the 2005 but the 2009 has worked very well without any crashing or problems. Now, with confidence I will delete the older versions since all data has been uploaded to 2009.

    Q. Can FTM 2009 be made with the availability to move tree files to Notepad making it possible to put the tree into an email or Word letter?

  278. Can FT2009 ad thumbnails within the Family Tree as with the Family Tree on your web site. It is nice to scroll back to the 1600’s, 1500’s, 1400’s and see your family thumbnails on the tree. Nice also when printing the tree that these thumbnails are attached to each person on your tree to see.

  279. Tony Worrall

    Where has the calendar printout gone. I used that once every year and never dreamt that it would be missing when I upgraded.

  280. Shirley Greenfield

    I will spend hours putting family information onto my FTM 2009 program. I save,close, and reopen later only to not find the information there.
    I also get an error message upon reopening the program saying that I did not close the program properly. Lastly this new program dose not seem to automatically merge people if I enter someone more than once.

  281. Ralph K

    It would be extremely valuable to have two-way synchronization between Family Tree Maker and the web site. I find that the most frustrating part of the process. Any chance of getting that function soon?

  282. John Elliott

    1. Why does it take so long to load the program?
    2. When comparing the size of type face between my old 2005 FTM and the new 2009, I find it very hard to read. Is there any way to increase the size of type?
    3. There are too many “boxes” on the 2009 version – it is too confusing.

  283. Robert

    This is terrible. Tell me if I remove this 2009 version will I lose my version 16 and its information. Would really like a refund of my money!

  284. Cheryl Skordahl

    1. Is there an upgrade for those who are using the 2008 version?

    2. I have all of my family tree together. Is there a way to separate out the individual families without retyping it all?

  285. Eydie

    I thought that 2009 was going to include the feature of being able to produce/publish a book from your desktop and not having to go out to

  286. Edie shapira

    I am very interested in knowing if and when you plan to release a mac-friendly version. Please comment. thank you.

  287. Karin

    Will there be a recording of the webinar so that it can be viewed later? The timing (2 am my time) is not great for me, as I live in Norway – 6 hours ahead.
    Look forward to hearing about all the features that are coming back, and give me a way to continue loving the program. So far, I have been extremely frustrated with 2008 and all the missing features !

  288. GBradfield

    Is it me? I bought FTM so I could email gedcom files only I haven’t figured out how to do this? Hold my hand please and tell me how to accomplish this. Thanks GB

  289. JaveaJames

    I paid over 30 pounds for my copy of FT2008 and was disappointed with some of the aspects particularly the charts. Here only 12 months on is FT2009 promising to put right all the things that people thought needed to improve it. Why is this not coming to us as a free patch? Is this not just another way of taking yet more money from us.? Surely we already pay lots of money to Ancestry through subscriptions.

  290. Robert White

    FTM 2009 is by far the worst program you have ever published. I understood that you were going to be able to publish your book from the desktop, but you are still forcing us to pay the extremely over inflated prices of your book service. I recently had a book printed and bound, (114 pages) with pictures and hard cover for $68.00. I will have to go back to my FTM ver 16. PLEASE give us an alternate to publish.

  291. ellen

    I am in Australia and because of the time difference may not be able to be able to listen. I will try but if it is not possible, would there be a site where I could listen to the Webinar afterwards?

  292. Dahl

    Have used family tree for years love it but not 2009. Is there a way to save your file to open it in a older verison of family tree maker and still have all your info and pictures ??I have added a lot of info and pictures since buying 2009 and like to go back to my older verison till I under stand 2009 better.

  293. W.D. Martin

    After loading FTM 2009 all my imput from FTM 2008 was imported into 2009 except the family pictures. Is there a way to copy my pictures from 2008 to 2009?

    W.D. Martin

  294. Marilyn Hartin

    Why is it that sometimes after entering info into the facts fields, I can go back later and it is not there. Also, how can I find sources that I have already entered?

  295. Thomas

    I would like to know how one would enter less than standard information. Ie I have someone who has five children all from different mothers. He has only married one of them. How do I enter that?

    How does one enter a transgender individual?

  296. Dale Rodgers

    I used to be a FTM 2006 user but I have recently taken to “cluster” genealogy using trees.ancestry.( member)

    I have a UK village and am trying to ‘model’ all the inhabitants mentioned in Census, BMD and PRs from other sources.

    I find ancestry trees online invaluable because I can link a particular census family to a family in my tree really quickly (all the family memebers entries are merged in one go)- I assume FTM 09 will only merge one person from ancestry at once ? If it did all memebers I’d be interested.

    Otherwise if you could ‘sync’ between FTM and trees online (both ways) I could use each to its strengths. trees online is not very good in the ‘clean’ up as it takes many clicks to achieve certain things (Merging 2 individuals within your tree fro example)

    This might be the best thing because sometimes I would access my online tree from a PC where I do not have FTM installed
    Another thing I also did was use genopro on the gedcom downloaded from ancestry to produce a report listed in a similar way to the census – this means I could identify areas to be cleaned up and census entries not captured – Can ancestry produce ad-hoc reports like this now ?

    Also does trees online plan to introduse WIKI-like features ? I can see it as the next stage in collaboration – I have identified numerous other Ancestry members also tracing people within my village and I feel a WIKI option would allow shared events, publications to be shared. These people have a shared interest in these facts even though our ancestrose are not related (not within the documented era anyway – who knows if you could go further back)

    to sum up:
    1. can merging from ancestry merge whole famialies census to each memeber of the family from a particuar census entry in one go

    2. Can BMD and other entries me merged )(not avaialable in at the moment)

    3. Can the FTM database be synced bothe ways with an online member tree ?

    4. How good is FTM’s ad hoc reporting (particularly in census oreder)

    5. Does ancestry member trees online plan WIKI like functionality ?

  297. Debra

    This is a very basic question. I have been working on my family tree since about May 2008, and have about 55+ people. I just now bought Family Tree Maker, though I am not sure why, but I hoped it would somehow improve my whole family tree making experience. Does it add to how good your tree will be, and if so, how? And most of all, how can I get all the work that I did on to get over into my family tree maker, and where should I work from when I am researching and entering new info, FTM or If one or the other, how to move the new info to the other one?
    As you can see, I am a super neophyte.

  298. I would like to know how you move your tree information from into Family Tree Maker without completely retyping? I belong to Ancestry and I also own Family Tree Maker, but I have tons of information on Ancestry and just purchased Family Tree Maker. Thanks, Vickie Gregory Fuller

  299. Cindy

    Some of the many things I do NOT like about FTM 2009:

    1. The format for information is so vastly different from FTM16 that it is confusing for me. Change is not necessarily a good thing when you have entered thousands of names with info a certain way. To “change” slows me down…and my time is very valuable. I can’t afford you!

    2. Menu choices are limited and confusing. The ones I want are no longer there, or are too difficult to find. FTM16 was much better.

    3. Who gives a rip about having more fonts and colors if the whole program is too confusing to use? I just want to input my data and get it right. You could update the fonts without changing everything else in the format!!

    4. Who do you think owns my information? When I create a report in 2009, I cannot copy and paste to another document (such as Word), and I cannot delete information I don’t want others to see. This info is MINE, and I am forced to continue to use FTM16 so I can print reports MY way, not yours. You need to stop trying to control MY data for me.

    5. When entering data, it takes forever! I like FTM16 because all the info is on one page and I can click and type. Now you have me clicking here and there and entering one item at a time. It takes WAY too long! What was wrong with the FTM16 format? Why can’t you update that program for those of us who wish to have it back with a few upgrades? Someone referred to it as the “classic” view. I like the classic view!

    I don’t need a list of names on the left side of my screen while I am trying to work. I don’t need info on the right side either. I would just like to see a large family page like I had in FTM 16. I would like to click a box and type the data in the box. Is that simplicity too much to ask for?

    6. I do not use the 2009 program very often because I get angry every time I open it and try to work. I have given this program a fair shot, and wish someone would contact me with something I can use. If not, it’s backward to FTM16 for me.

    7. I realize I wasted $160 with FTM 2008 and 2009. I could not get 2008 to run on my machine, so like a fool I went back out and purchased 2009. I attempted to get the “patch”, but the 08 program would not let me do that on my new computer. I really would like to have my money back for 08 since I have NEVER used it? Any ideas on that? I thought I had to have the upgrades! Wrong! I wish you would give us an “upgrade” that would allow us to revert our new info back to FTM16.

    You have not done me any favors with this new program, but ENJOY! It is the last time I will purchase a program from you unless you give me something fast in the form on a sensible solution to my problems and concerns!!! I want the old format and ease of use. This program is NOT EASY TO USE! Hate to break it to you!

    In reading these posts, I see I am not alone. Maybe you need 2 programs….one for those who have used the FTM programs for years and only want some upgrades to the existing format, and another program for the newbies who like what you are doing as you play around with technology and what you think everyone wants to see. Some of us don’t want to totally change and learn a new format. I also don’t want you thinking you control my info and I can’t print or copy my info without your permission. I am not planning to use your program to create a book necessarily, but would like to print various parts with ease. If I do wish to print a book, I want to control and print it, NOT leave it to you to do for me. I have no plans to post all my data to the website.

    I wonder if you will even attempt to make me happy this year. If not, PLEASE be kind enough to send an e-mail stating that you have no plans to do anything I will like. That will answer lots of questions for me and I can go back to the “old” way!

    By the way, an upgraded program should not be so complex that I have to read a manual to do the basics I have been doing! I refer to the manual for the more complex things I wish to do. You have taken the simple and made them time-consuming and no longer “fun”.

    In addition, your website has changed and is not as easy to maneuver. Takes far too long to pull up the various family trees for an individual. My computer is new and has great memory, so that’s not the problem…..but your website takes too long for my DSL and new computer capabilities. Before you publish a 2010 version, you might wish to get all these problems straightened out and quit trying to reinvent the wheel! You are trying to make too many people happy, but in the process you are losing some long-standing customers….as we cannot trust you at this point. Show us something soon!

    Hope your webinar is recorded and made available for us all. Thanks!


  300. Dorothy

    After years of happily and successfully using FTM 2005 and 2006, I upgraded to FTM2009. It was a disaster. My computer crashed or hung up over and over, until I finally had to revert to the older FTM version. For example, when I tried to edit or add a FACT, FTM2009 shut down every time. It shut down at other times as well, but I could not clearly identify the pattern. When I use FTM 2006, no problems. A search on the internet for “FTM2009 crashing” showed numerous users with similar problems. Is a fix on the way?

  301. Kathy

    When will there be a MAC version?

    Also, I too, echo comment #293. I am still using Family Tree Maker 2005 because whenever I click on update to new version it tells me that there are no updates to install–how does one update to a new version? Is there some special magical button???

  302. Steve

    I hope the timeline has been improved form FTM 2005 and the weak, puerile ‘important’ items replaced with something relevant:

    e.g. What on earth are the following doing on the timeline?

    ‘POW Jessica Lynch rescued by fellow US soldiers in Iraq’!!!!

    ‘Actor Arnold Schwarzeneger re-elected Governor of California’!!!!

  303. John Donaldson

    Ellen #357

    The last two webinars have been available for “replaying” some little time after the original was “broadcast”

    The only difference is that you can’t post questions live so it becomes effectively a podcast

    John D

  304. John Donaldson

    John 348

    The file format in FTM 2009 and FTM 16 are totally different, in fact you can run both programs on the same computer

    John D

  305. John Donaldson

    Ali #339

    FTM 2008/09 links the media files so only the links add to the FTM file which are minute when compared with embedding images as you do up to version 16.

    So link as much as you like

    Note when you link you can either link to the image anywhere on your hard drive or make a copy of the image to the FTM media centre and then link from there

    John D

  306. John Donaldson

    Ray # 335
    The description field (new in FTM 2008/09) is a good place to add a town that is not in the place name authority

    So you may have

    Place: Large town, country
    Description: Small place or suburb

    FTM will combine both in the People>Person View

    John D

  307. Michelle Pfister

    I created this blog entry awhile ago, expecting it to be a holding place for questions that we might answer during our Webinar. Now that the webinar is two weeks away (see the original post for details), we’re starting to prepare the Q&A section. Duff and I are reading these questions, and I can see that I have some work to do! There are questions here that I should have ideally been answering all along. I’ll try to start that work later on today.

    Duff Wilson is also formulating many answers that will be addressed in the webinar. Fortunately for all of us, he’s providing the webinar training — something I’m particularly happy about because he’s such a great teacher.

    I appreciate the many good answers that have been provided by John Donaldson and others. The answers have been accurate and very helpful.

    Thank you for your questions! We’ll continue to provide some answers.

  308. Joe

    I’d really like to see the calendar brought back or even a plug-in for Outlook that allowed us to “put” it on our calendar so we don’t forget Birthdays and other special events. I really miss the calendar as well.

  309. Joe

    I’d really like to see the calendar brought back or even a plug-in for Outlook that allowed us to “put” it on our calendar so we don’t forget Birthdays and other special events. I really miss the calendar as well.

  310. Joe

    Have you considered using the power of the vista indexing for pictures as well? For example, if we knew the database id for each individual, we can tag our 15,000+ pictures with this ID so Family Tree Maker can at least find and reference this pictures. Face recognition would also really help. Using names really doesn’t help when you have generations using the same names. If you put a red box around the picture in FTM, this could indicate that our pictures where found on your computer but are not imported into FTM and that they are not backuped up using the FTM backup. You’d want to not display the box when creating a photo album. Thank you.

  311. annie

    Hi I am having problems with my billing I paid up for A year August 2008 to August 2009.Now when I go to tree I get upgrade I only have one tree under my acount I called abot this I got this u have different trees ?I can,t get to the trees he mention to delete them The reason for that was A free subscription when I purchased a tree.Then I subscribed to Ancestry at 6 month till they took 1 year from my credit card so it is A strange thing that I have more than one tree I am only using one tree under Anniehall52 I am gonna talk to my legal advisor on this.

  312. Bill Smith

    all photos that I had attached with individuals or family all ended up in the media folder and not associatedwith individuals I had attached them to in FTM 2006 when I converted to FTM 2009. Yu should not need to relink the photos to get the database back to the way it was. I tried this with xp and vista os’s.

  313. mary callen

    will FTM ever be mac compatible? i have a mac
    now as my primary computer and not having access to FTM is virtually putting me out of the
    ancestry business.

  314. Laurie F

    I want to take a group photo and take the face of just one of the people in the photo and use that cropped face for a certain persons media page. their main photo to use in trees and group sheets.
    i loved the older versions being able to do this soooo easily.
    how is it done now?

  315. Betty Blagg

    Will all my information transfer easily from my current version, which is version 16 deluxe edition, to 2009 edition?

  316. Gary Schwenk

    Why does Family Tree Maker’s drop down “FILE” menu not include the “standard” Windows items of “SAVE” and “SAVE AS”? There have been several times when I had been “playing” with a file and decided that I didn’t want the information that resulted. However, upon exiting, everything was saved, with no option to do otherwise!

  317. Bill Campbell

    1. When using information from several pages from a single book what is the best way to enter the source information?

    2. My family history has been developed from what I call reliable sources. Now I have purchased a family history book which details one side of my family. The author has documented data which is in conflict with other sources. He states that he is aware of this conflict but feels his data is correct. How does one determine which data should be primary?

  318. Teri

    What do you do when children are born out of marriage, but you want to list the father? How can you show multiple fathers without making them married to the mother?

  319. robert

    Can you enter more than address for an individual? FTM 2009 suggests that you can track an individual’s movements by using addresses but it is not clear how you enter the address information.

    Also FTM 2009 has not done anything to deal with ‘Place’ info where the place name has been changed over time. A lot of towns and cities have been joined under new names or have become ghost towns or names have been changed because of changes in government.

  320. Pamela

    Would like to see this offered at another time or available to replay via tape. I can’t make it on Wednesday nights.

  321. Lee Recknor

    What is being done in FTM2009 for those of us whom have spent hundreds and maybe thousands of hours developing books in previous FTM versions?

  322. Jeanne Jermark

    I have an older version (2004 or 05) at this time. Will the 2009 version give me all the up dates to this point or do I need to purchase all the older versions to be caught up?

  323. Emily McIntosh

    I also would like to know when Family Tree Maker will be available for macs. As a medical illustrator, I exclusively use macs and have had to resort to elaborate vector drawn maps similar to genetic charts to record my family tree. I can only share them as PDFs and can’t import research done by others on my trees. I’ve been waiting for years for a mac version!

  324. Mike Harmer

    Have you made the 2009 FTM, Windows 2000 friendly? Cannot see by a new
    OS when things are doing just fine.

  325. Mike

    I have used Family Tree Maker for a number of years. With some exceptions I have found is very adequate.
    What I don’t understand is the various information site. There is,, and others. If I buy into them, is one better than the others. Or is certan information only available on one and therefore I need to buy into all of them? Very confusing

  326. Allen O'Shields

    Have used FTM for years on a PC. Now need to move files back and forth between a Mac and a PC. Will that work? If so, how?

  327. J. A. O'Brien

    I purchased version 2008 about 6mos ago and finally got around to installing it last month-I keep trying but I can’t seem to register -I keep getting “there is a problem connecting to the registration server”message, I kept all the data, including the box, what do I do now-delete & reinstall???

  328. Joy Bartholomew

    I am in the long lasting process of writing a book and am afraid to update FTM for fear of what it my do to it. Also, I have a few $1000 worth of FTM World Family Tree volumes and have not been able to use them? Why?

  329. Robert Gifford

    I hope that FTM 2009 will do the three following things:
    1. Allow backup on a different drive from that where the primary database is located.
    2. Allow the user to “color code” or use some other method to indicate where sufficient primary evidence as been obtained.
    3. For primary lines (grandparents) have a color code to help thread through the database. With a large database it is difficult to thread through the generations, especially when going from older to younger.

  330. Mary Lou

    Do you plan to bring back the genealogy or narrative report? It is the report that I consistently use and I’m holding onto my current version until you include it. It was one of your best features.

  331. Robert Barker

    When are we going to be able to have a copy and past function, as well as, many of the features of Microsoft Word for an individual’s “NOTES SECTION”?

    Most folks would like an import and export capability for this section too.

  332. Marilyn

    I would like to know if it is possible to import media directly from my scanner to Family Tree Maker 9 – This option is not present when you select “add media”.

  333. Mary Sicard

    Please please let me split a file keeping all the records under that person – I record parents of the spouses and you dump them as they are not “descendents” – Provide us an option – When people send me a partial file I don’t get the parents of the spouses and we all want them

  334. Bryce

    I have a G Grandfather born 1866 unable to find his record. Wouldn’t he have had to produce one to get married? He did but with wrong names on it.

  335. Would love to see an option added that would allow users to loop on the slideshow option of photos compiled under family members. Also by allowing for users to input music selectiond, this would be an excellent and enternaing feature that can be utilzed at family gatherings.

    Looping slideshows to music of family members would be top on my list of new features/options. Also, Be nice if it could random loop slideshows on all photos of family members in a family tree. Call me if you need more detail.

  336. Ray Hurle

    How do I delete a photo from the personality file. I copied a photo fom My Pictures into the media file, the found it was not needed and tried to delete it but coudn’t find any process to do so.

  337. Allen Highman

    Years ago when I began family tree I added my spouses family tree and over the years has gotten very large. My question is can I easly seperarte that branch of the family into a seperate tree by its self, without having to reenter all of the information?

  338. Dale

    What does FTM do for me? I have an Ancestry subscription and on my old computer I have FTM 2006. If I can remember correctly I was very confused why I would want FTM. I think I can remember that I had to retype all my information into the program?

  339. Mick

    I am still using FTM2006, as it offers me the “All-in-One” tree option. Has this feature been reimplemented in 2009? If not, I’ll be sticking with 2006

  340. jane fisher

    i have been using for about 9 months now and have 3 trees and many duplicates. i don’t know the best way to merge the duplicates so that i don’t have to repeat work i have already done. just got family tree maker and am unable to use the trees i have or can’t figure out how to. help!!!!!!jane

  341. Tom

    I have a rather large family tree that has been built up over many years using Broderbund’s Family Tree Maker v.6. I wish to know if this tree can be read by and continued in the Ancestry Family Tree Maker if I were to purchase it?. It would be a very major task if I had to re-enter it manually.

  342. I maintain my research on Family Tree Maker 2009. I have uploaded my tree to at the above site. I have added 4172 people, 992 photos and 101 stories. After doing all this work, I uploaded the lastest research from Family Tree maker and found that none of the photos or stories transferred. I don’t want to have to add them all over. Is there an easy way to merge the new research to the ancestry site without losing all the photos and stories???

  343. Judy Hoenke

    Have enjoyed FTM for many, many yrs. Best prog. out there. (#1)The geographic location data is confusing. Without being able to input the word “county” with county name, it is hard to distinquish whether the geo. name is for a county or township. Would like to see this changed. (#2) Was wondering where my 2008 Update patch is. You offered an updated patch to my purch. FTM 2008.

  344. James Bryant

    I currently have FTM 16 on my machine. When FTW 2008 came out, I initially upgraded to it but, had some technical problems, the solution suggested was to turn off my firewall which was an unacceptable condition.

    Also, I found that much of the functionality was taken from “in house” and was being routed to the Internet. That was also unacceptable. The end result was that I removed FTM 2008 from my machine and reverted back to FTM 16, then I gave my copy of FTM 2008 to an unsuspecting friend.

    Can you tell me if full functionality as found in FTM 16 has been returned to the user for in house processing, printing, etc., including all the chart and book making features as found in FTM 16?

    I recall at the time that FTM was saying they were heading in a new direction apparently to facilitate increased interaction with the Internet but that was/is not a way I want to go.


    J. M. Bryant

  345. Zella Van Offeren

    How do you enter or connect a person in Family Tree Maker when that person is already entered.

    Ex: Mary Smith is the daughter of Morris Smith. You are entering another family and discover that the same Mary Smith is the spouse of the son you are entering.

  346. Phil

    Somehow I have a few people showing multiple spouses even though they do not exist. They show no information, only a second or third spouse. I cannot find anywhere to delete these phantom individuals. Can you help?

  347. What is the difference between Family Tree Maker and Family Tree Builder? I have used the latter (which still has a few bugs) – but it seems pretty cool nonetheless.

  348. Brent Theophilus

    I have used family tree maker and have more than 1000 people on it. My computer failed and was replaced but I can not find the original disc I have the back up on floppy. Now the problem is how to use it.

  349. David

    How do you change the “Home Person” on a family tree in ancestry to reflect more current generations?

  350. Edith

    I currently use FTM version 10 and want to either upgrade or change to Legacy. I’m interested in what may be new/different in FTM 2009 and how it differs from Legacy.

  351. There should be a section so that you can add-edit text, comments and stories about each person in the tree that will be an option to print when you publish the tree or any of the reports. I would like to include brothers and sisters in some of the views to print. What about same sex relationships, adopted and foster children. More flexability about text to include in family group sheets and other forms for print.

  352. PJ

    I too agree on the many charts and trees comments. I have beta tested since version 4.5 and still cannot fully utilize 2009. During beta testing I repeatedly asked that the charts and trees all show the option to check a box which eliminates blank boxes. Very few people will know their ancestors back the same number of generations on all sides. This currently results in MANY empty boxes which make the charts and trees outrageously huge to print. I keep going back to my 2006 version to do this. This was one of the functionalities which initially brought me to FTM and which many people continue to use regularly however at this point, it is useless to most of us as far as printing is concerned.

  353. Denise

    Is there anyway for my family to see what I have compiled without having to “join” the site?

  354. David

    I have the Family Tree Maker 2005. I have never used it. Do I need to get the 2009 version or use the 2005 one? Is the 2009 that much better? Thanks for your help.

  355. I started with a Sierra “Generations” Program. FTM is much better, with one exception. I cannot print a complete family tree in landscape mode as I could with the other program. Since I am well over the hill, I’d appreciate it if you could add this feature prior to my just becoming a name on the family tree.


  356. Warren Harris

    I have FTM from the begining.
    When 2008, A problem has occured.
    When 2009, The problem still lingers.
    All my uncles on my mothers side are listed as my seventh cousin 2x removed. They are probably…. How can they be listed as my Uncle’s…
    I’ve tried to get help from FTM and they could not fix the problem…
    Can you help me with this odd problem ????

  357. Elwyn Smith

    Will the new program allow me to insert photos, save the file to disk and then reload the file or program on a newer or second computer whitout loosing the inserted pictures?

  358. dick dolan

    I print an annual family calendar with birhtdates and anniversaries noted in the appropriate dates. I would like to add additional comments and/or pictures into certian dates.
    How can I do this?

  359. John Patterson

    I just purchased FTM 2008 Premium… should I return it and get the 2009 version instead? (What are the advantages and/or improvements in the 2009 vs 2008 versions?)

  360. Dorothy Cooke

    How will the 2009 FTM interact with my current FTM 2006? Will all of my data automatically transfer onto the 2009 version? Thanks.

  361. Vivian Hull

    Many years ago FTM users had the ability to search within an individual’s notes to find a particular word, phrase date etc…in that person’s note section. That feature turned up missing with one of the newer versions and has never again returned. Many of us who have spent years on a family tend to accumulate long notes. Often one needs to be able to go directly to a word or phrase in a particular individual’s notes but we do not have that capability to search for a word or phrase.. I have asked over and over and sent requests but no one EVER responds to my needs or even tells me why it cannot or is not being done. Will we ever get that ability back. PLEASE.. I need it. Many of my notes are 8 or 9 printed pages… I need to be able to go to a particular spot in my notes without reading them all in their entirety. I also agree the user comments requesting the ability to edit notes using fonts, bold, underline etc.
    Thank you

  362. Pat McCaffrey

    I’m with #17 above. I was ready to purchase 2008 and after reading the reviews changed my mind and have been waiting for the “accurate” full system. Are provisions being made for long time users of FTM who curtailed their normal upgrade because of all the issues?

  363. Ordered the 2009 version of Ancestry. Hasn’t arrived yet. But I do have a question? If I make a gedcom copy of my present tree that is in a Roots Magic program will I be able to transfer it to the Ancestry version 2009. Thank You.

  364. Joann

    Will version 2009 fix the problems with Vista? I still can not get my data from version 16 to 2008. I called and asked for help two times and nothing has worked. I have over 8500 names to import into the new version, any suggestions?

  365. A. Mailmanyouknow

    I also did the beta for 2009. I had questions, experienced a lot of problems, and don’t understand why TGN never bothered to answer my emails. Notice they aren’t answering anyone on this blog, either…

    What I’d like to see is for Ancestry to allow us to update our Tree online without having to have the photos loaded into the FTM program. Photos slow the FTM loading and running time down. It would also be nice if it ran better with Firefox. I nicknamed the thing Crash 2009.

    It would have been nice to see a bug list, to know for sure if it was me, my computer, or the software….and it would have been nice to get responses to my questions. The thing hung up my computer constantly and drove me nuts. And the search is no different than just searching Ancestry on a browser. Big deal. Sometimes a different search enables you to look at something a different way.

    I have used 2006 for the last three years, and it works great except for the occasional Firefox .pdf crash when more than one .pdf document is open. Simplicity in a program counts for something. So many genealogists do not have high-powered computers.

  366. I love my FTM on my old computer but was really disappointed when the company decided not to update for the Mac. I had to buy another program for my Mac G4 but it will never be as good as FTM. There are a lot of Mac users out here and you might think about it in the future Thanks!
    Candace Millsop

  367. Fraulene Sawders

    I wanted to know if FMT2009 would install over my FMT2006 without first installing 2007 & 2008 (if there was a 2007).
    But after reading all the problems users are having with the versions AFTER 2006, I think I’ll skip upgrading!

  368. Mary Ann

    I have my data in Family Treemaker 2.0 (It is on my old computer). What is the best way to migrate my data forward to FTM2009? I have MSWindows Vista. (I know, I should have upgraded and migrated along the way.) Please help. Thanks. Mary Ann

  369. A while back I received an email suggesting that I could upgrade for free to 2009, from my 2008 program. AFter reaching the site to do so, there was a message saying that due to the overwhelming response that Family Tree was unable to allow further upgrades, and that there would be another free opportunity in October, which I never saw and consequently have not done. How can I upgrade to 2009? Do I have to buy a whole new software package? What’s the BEST deal out there for current 2008 owners, if the free deal isnt available as promised?

    Chris Lee
    Winter Park, FLorida

  370. when I am searching the web for info the window at the bottom doesnot change with each person selected. It only shows the first person I am researching and stops there. Is this a softwear problem as it never did this with 2008 only when I upgraded to 2009. It seems stuck on one page and stays there. Can you help with this problem. Thanks I love this program and have been using it for years.

  371. Dennis Sethe

    Still looking for Book function like in previous versions and promised for Spring of 2008 for FTM2008. Didn’t show up and isn’t in FTM2009. With the hard relearning curve instigated by 2008, I see no reason to spend the time until the Book function exists. Ancestry Press Online isn’t going to cut it.

  372. Linda Pitcock

    I have a question for you. I am currently using Family Tree version 16 purchased in 2007.

    I have 16,300 family members and other information.

    I bought the 2008 version only to find out that I would have to re-enter all of my tree information because I could not convert from the 2007 version.

    Have any suggestions?

  373. Carrie

    I would like to know if there is a limited # of people that can be entered into the FTM programs. I currently have FTM16 & it seems to crash every time I get over 5000+ individuals.

  374. George Anthony

    I have been stuck on my family genealogy for some time. There are a lot of the same name and the census data in 1810 leave a lot to be desired. Is there any hope in solving this dilemma?. Geo

  375. Louise Lowrey

    I’m anxious to receive the 2009 upgrade. When and how will I receive it. I bought FTM 2008 and haven’t been happy with it. Actually I didn’t like it at all and hope 2009 version irons out the rough spots.

  376. Carley Sala

    I started with two separate families, mine and my husbands. Now I would like to merge them together. How would I do that?

  377. Joann Covert

    I haven’t purchase the Family Tree Maker yet. I am looking forward to seeing the webinar. One thing I would like to know if you can use it for more than one family tree?

  378. Herb Scott

    Why can’t a free version of the FTM come with a paid yearly subscription ot Being soaked for another $30 or so every year over and above the subscription fees shows how much Ancestry values your most faithful customers.
    In addition FTM 2008 was NOT user friendly. Too many bells and whistles and not enough straight forward usabilty. Will FTM 2009 be more of the same?

  379. Riley Daniels,Jr.

    I just purpose the Family Tree 2009, I noticed that you can not create a book, like you can in Family Tree 2005. If I can create a book in this 2009 program, please give me the instruction on how to do so. Also I did not get an instruction book with my CD, however I did call customer service who informed that the instruction book for 2009 cost $ 21.00 please e-mail me back with answer, thanks.
    Riley Daniels

  380. John Donaldson

    Linda #451

    FTM 2008 will easily open and read your version 16 file

    Plan view new tree and follow the prompts

    John D

    Have you updated your FTM 2008 to the FTM Sp 3 patch?

  381. John Donaldson

    Carrie #452

    FTM 16 should accept about 250,000 individuals without a problem other tan it getting a bit slow

    I don’t know the limit of FTM 2009 but I would expect it to be much higher.

    If your FTM 16 is crashing i would be looking at your computer eg how much RAM do you have etc?

    John D

  382. John Donaldson

    Mary Ann #447

    I haven’t tried it from version 2 but FTM 2009 should be able to read it.

    If not you may need to download the free FTM Family Archive Viewer and open your FTM 2 file with the viewer them export it as a GEDCOM and then open the GEDCOM in FTM 2009

    Delete the FAV when you have finished using it

    John D

  383. John Donaldson

    Dorothy # 438

    You can install FTM 2009 on your computer and leave FTM 2006 unchanged ie use both

    FTM can open your FTM 2006 file, make a copy of it and then convert the copy to FTM 2009 format

    It is done from the Plan Workspace

    John D

  384. According to genealogy research how is it possible that there are so few names to search on in for example;
    Russian and Australian genealogy and
    North European states? (Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland and Sweden)

    Its much easier to find names of ancestors in Usa and Canada than in Other States as mentioned.

  385. James D. Robertson

    I have used FTM for years and years. As a matter of course I purchased FTM 2008 for a considerable amount of money only to find it to be an amateurish and incomplete, all but useless vehicle for anyone who is the least serious about genealogy. Where for instance is the Genealogy Report I use constantly in FTM 2005? Why can’t I download the myriad of updates you purport to have available? How can you possibley have the nerve to issue FTM 2009 when we are drowning in FTM 2008’s incompetentancy? I have gone back to 2005 where sanity pervails. You have seriously comprimised your reputation and I am helping that along by passing my thoughts along to the many Genealogy Societies of which I am either a member or officer.
    James D. Robertson
    335 Vineyard Rd. NW
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    tel: 505.345.0999

  386. Carolyn

    How do you enter children with different fathers when the childrens parents were never married so that you can see all involved.
    Mother Doe
    Child 1 —
    Father 1
    Mother Doe
    Child 2 —
    Father 2

    Mother Doe is the mother to both children however, never married to Father 1 or Father 2. Then Mother Doe marries to be Father 3.

    I do not want child 1 attached to Father 2 or visa-versa.

    Please help this is so frustrating.

  387. Paul Stott

    I recently acquired FTM 2009 after many years of faithful service from FTM2005. My initial impression is that for a frequent user there are significant productivity gains to be had from FTM2009 but initially there is a lot to comprehend in the various screens hence practice and training are vital. However, one notable step backwards is the inability of the people index to sort persons with identical names into a chronological sequence (as could FTM2005 using birth dates). Many UK families in 18th & 19thC repeated given names so the incedence and frequency of identically named persons is high. The 05 sort function made it easy to identify a person of interest quickly. Not so in FTM 2009 which provides a random listing. Can the 05 sort function be incorporated in 09? Second, the Leaf links in my case are producing quite irrelevant matches and missing obvious ones I’m aware of. This wastes time and casts some doubt on the credibility of the Leaf function. Can it be made to do better? Thanks and regards, Paul (West Vancouver, BC)

  388. L

    Is there a way to create a report that does not include the names of photographs or the weblinks for stories? I’m having trouble creating clean reports.

  389. Mike

    Have over 200 names on tree (husband & wife). The problem is they are on old 3.5 inch floppys and very old versions of Family Tree. Could we send them to you for transfer?

  390. Henrietta

    The reports are terrible, when will they be corrected? I’ve gone back to an older version just to make sure my information is correct.

    On the timeline of the individual, why can’t we print that? It helps in analyzing their facts, children, etc.

    My old family books which are 200+ pages now can not be printed unless we use the Ancestry book feature, I want the old feature back.

  391. Family Tree Maker 16 Works Very Good,
    but I `ll got a question about if there are a lot of ancestors with the same first and surname, it can cause some confusion about that how to decide who is who, when you are expanding the tree so to speak.

    What to do?

  392. rae blacklock

    Can reports be printed on banner paper ?
    Is the data automatically sized to the banner size?
    What banner sizes are accomodated using 8.5″ x 11″ connected sheets ?

  393. Sabrina

    I have the same questions as comments 420 and 422, and two others:

    How do I enter two individuals who started out together as unmarried, had children, and then married later?

    How do I enter a spouse relationship after the couple was initially married, divorced, and then married each other again?

  394. Using the outline descendant tree report, I would like to have an option for a count of direct descendants. E.g., John Heinl, first generation, had 421 direct descendants. I’ve been asking for this feature for years. Thanks

  395. I bought Family Tree maker version 10 after reading the publicity that I could migrate from Family Origins. It proved to be not the case. As it could not import the exported ged version 5.5 although PAF accepted it. I contacted technical support and they hadn’t got a clue what I was talking about. I still have Family Tree Maker version 10 but never used it. So is this version going to accept Ged version 5.5?

  396. malcolm Glennie-holmes

    Why does Family tree maker not have a primary field for the baptismal date? Almist every ancestor born before 1800 is unlikely to have their birthdate recorded, but Parish Registers always recorded the date of baptism.
    malcolm glennie holmes, Wagga Wagga Australia

  397. malcolm Glennie-holmes

    Another lack in FTM – a method of indicating that a person never married, or if they did, that there were no children. If the spouse and/or children fields are left blank, does this mean they didn’t, or that you just don’t know -yet?

  398. Andy Hennis

    First I have to say that Ver. 16 is so much better than 2009. With that said my first question is why do we not have more options as to what should be included in “our” genealogy reports? For example, I do not want addresses included and don’t understand why the program says, “address was” rather than “address is.” “Was” would work for dead people but then they don’t have addresses. Also, shouldn’t “Reference ID was” be “Reference ID is?” It just doesn’t read well. I don’t care for the “short biographies.” I am sorry to critize but gosh I liked the old software so much better than the new.

  399. Andy Hennis

    After reading some of the comments in this blog I have to commend Cindy, #366 and James, #467 for stating the truth. I could not in good conc recommend 2009 to anyone in my genealogy sphere. I’m sticking with Ver 16 for now and if help is not coming very soon for 2009 I will opt to change my software to another provider. I spent forever tonight just trying to get a genealogy report ready for PDF for emailing to a relative. I don’t have the time for this. What has happened to FTM’s software program
    developers? The knowledgable ones must have resigned because it is terribly obvious that whoever designed 2008-2009 is out in left field.

  400. I would like to see the text top down hierarchical report prsented with the SPOUSE name, separated by a “+” sign, on the same line as the person name instead of on the line below. This will save space on the printed/display format.

  401. Robert McMillin

    I have an earlier version of Family Tree Maker Delux II for Macintosh. When will you create an updated version – that will run on OS X. I very much like the version that I have but I cannot print to the OS X printer and OS 9 printers are no longer made. I have several family members with Windows era computers who have family tree maker but we cannot communicate.

  402. Gerrard Mcguinness

    I too am unhappy with 2009 and continue to use 2006 mainly for the all in one chart. to overcome the PDF function crashing the program I copy the file and paste it into Photoshop Elements and then save it as a jpeg file this is a work around a deficiency in 2009 please address it. Maybe 202 answer is the way to go ie find different sofware

  403. Ruth Alexis May

    When will I get my free subscription upgrade to 2009??? Was there a webinar on 2008? Please contact me directly on my email. Hurry.

  404. John Donaldson

    Malcolm # 477

    FTM does in fact have this ability

    Simply in the People Family View in the RH editing panel click on customize view and add baptism or any other fact(s) you want to be present in that view

    John D

  405. John Donaldson

    Malcolm # 478

    “Not Married” is accepted as a valid marriage date entry and was added to FTM 2009

    John D

  406. John Donaldson

    Don # 476

    All version of FTM from 2009 to ate least version 5 accept GEDCOM 5.5

    FTM 2008/09 will not recognize GEDCOM 4.0

    John D

  407. John Donaldson

    Joann # 456

    You can create as many tress as you like in FTM 2009

    No different from any other version

    What you can’t do yet in FTM 2008/09 as you can in versions 11, 2005, 2006 and version 16 is have two files open and copy an merge between the files

    John D

  408. tom rees

    Where can I find how to get my database into a GEDCOM format and where are all the new sparkling charts….example a “all in one” chart like FTM 2006 or in Family Historian.

    Disappointed Tom

  409. Colin

    Why can you not hold the webinar at a more suitable time such as a weekend. This may come as a shock to some, but there is life outside the USA!

  410. Bambi Lynne

    My FTM will not run the function of merging duplicate individuals. Also Web Search Resources is a hit and miss proposition. Tonight, 11/7/2008, it is listing results but in the lower left, is states “No Results” and refuses in interact with all the listings shown above. At this point, I am afraid I am going to lose all my information. I have back ups, but have added quite a lot of information since the last one and to lose any of it would be heartbreaking.

  411. Betty Eppes

    I have requested but not received my free update to Family Tree Maker 2009. I did sign up for the webinar but I need the update/upgrade before I participate. Several of my cousins, who also are involved in family research, have received their free update/upgrade. Please explain to me why I have not received my update/upgrade?

  412. Ruth

    Ihave emailed abt this before……..many of us have done our dna. would you please put a visible block some where at the biginning that we can check off that this person is in our DNA. This is very important. Thank you

  413. Frank

    When I installed FTM 2009, it didn’t search for previous versions. I had difficulty in transferring from previous version and then when it was done it disappeared again. Thankfully it was still on the old version.

  414. Heather M Silver

    My husband recently passed away this year and I was wondering if the ftm is planning to put a more extensive medical history section in it. My husband had Marfan’s Syndrome and knew nothing about it because he was adopted and no family history was given. We just recently found out this is a hereditary diease and both of my children have it. My daughter was also advised never to have children because this diease could kill her when she goes into labor because the heart can not withstand the pressure of pushing or carrying an extra life. I would like to include medical histories on all of my family members to that this does not happen to their children or their children’s children.

  415. John M. Cowart

    I hope this is the correct location for posting question for the webinar. Question is as follows:

    What is the best and easiest way to reconcile trees on published and Family Tree Maker 2009?

    I want to keep both trees current and correct. They continue to evolve as I continue research on Family Tree Maker 2009 and others post additions to the published tree on How can I quickly and simply synchronize or reconcile the two back and forth so they both remain updated and current?

    Thanks very much. Mike Cowart.

  416. Teresa Finney

    I am a new user of Family Tree Maker 2009. I have extensive family info on I do not know how to transfer this.

  417. william mustoe

    Have family treemaker which dates to about 1998. can I get new up dated program and not loose my data. have received data from people who are using newer programs and I can’t down load it.

  418. Deb

    As 2008 FTM forgot to put on the “All-in-one-tree” I was hoping that it would be included in the 2009 FTM. Please let me know what is the case.

  419. Robert Norton

    Why did my file jump from 40,000kb to 140,000kb? I’m not too sure FTM2008 and FTM2009 are any improvement over previous versions. I don’t like doing the book on line!

  420. John Cornelson

    I have a number of entries in my family database which are investigationale in nature (i.e. I have no documented evidence that they are correct) It would be very useful if a field were added that would identify entries as verified/unverified.

  421. Bill Collins

    Can you make it so that we can copy an entire branch of our tree behind a selected individual and paste it behind another selected individual within Family Tree Maker?

    My wife’s tree is absolutely full of European Royalty and it keeps doubling back on itself through marriages.

    I’ve hit Charlemaign from at least 6 different individuals, so far….and who wants to have to cover the ground behind the same individual over and over and over again just to fill in the tree!!!?

  422. Cathy Bennett

    Questions for Nov 19 Webinar:
    1. I have FTM 2006 Ver 16. Can I upgrade directly from that to 2009 and will I need to do anything special for my existing data files?
    2. Is there any new functionality that would allow me to add a new individual to a family group (or separately) “on the fly” when I am doing a web search? I’m not talking about the “automatic” adds when one is, say, merging in data from a census, for example. It is awkward to have to leave the web search results page to add a new person. How about opening a new window to get the new person set up, at least?
    3. Will there be some improvement to the selection method for Customized searches? On some of the listings, one has to click through several pages of listings to get to the desired database. Some refinement would be great, to get quickly to the desired records.

    Thanks! I look forward to the webinar and learning more about FTM2009.

  423. Joined Family Tree Maker years ago with 20 some discs. 2 month ago joined First I cannot use any of my disc, and secondly I cannot find anything at Ancestry. Do I need to belong to both FTM and Ancestry? I am doing something wrong, but not sure what.

  424. Bill Collins

    Can we be given more selective control over what web search searches for in Family Tree Maker, so as to give it quicker search results?

    Many times I only want results from’s Member Public Trees, but I have to wait while the search checks stories, photos, death records, newspaper articles, etc., etc……all of which I don’t even want to have to wade through to see my public tree search results.

    And why it is that the Public tree search results are listed at the bottom of the results, when results are catagorized, to where I have to go to the scroll bar just to get to my desired search results? Souldn’t they be displayed at the very top, for convenience sake?

  425. John McGrew

    I use FTM with a database of about 30,000 records. Many of the names are duplicate as our family repeatedly used the same first names. I would like an “AND” search capability so that I could search on NAME and DOB fields, for example.

  426. David Russell

    I have requested but not received my free update to Family Tree Maker 2009. Please explain to me why I have not received my update/upgrade?
    is it only for the U.S.A and Canada
    and not for the U.K

  427. Bill Collins

    On Member Public Tree searches, can you give us some way to keep a desired tree we find within the results at the top of all future results listings, so that we can find it easily again for use on our next generation, too, once we found a really well sourced tree?

    Can these search results also be filtered so that the best sourced results appear at the top of the results?

    I had one tree I’d found that had over 30 sources listed for my desired individual. On my next search, even though I had written down that tree name, it must have been buried so deeply in those results that I couldn’t find it because of all the unsourced results listed at the top, even though on my previous search I had noticed that the parents I would be searching for were listed in my desired well sourced tree.

    After unsuccessfully going through about eight pages of unsourced search results, looking for that well sourced tree again, I finally threw in the towel and gave up!! Frustrating!

  428. I am disapointed that the 2009 update still does not have ablility to upload to my “home page”. Plus my understanding that this home page web sites will not be included in future software updates. I have been using my home page since 1995 and have purchased many version updates over the years at least 10! The fact is over the years many many people have come to my web site and gave me more information about my family tree. How in the future is this going to happen without a home page? I certainly makes me rethink what other programs for family tree software I should reconsider…

  429. Peggy Harless

    Ihave a new Mac Computer and it does not except theFamily Tree Program. I am using a program called Reunion but there is no comparison to my old Family Tree Program. How can I let FTM and Apple know the GREAT need for this?

  430. art

    I still have no idea where this seminar will be held. I registered in the hopes that it might be nearby. But to travel to Utah or California might be beyond my travel budget. So where is it?

  431. Richard

    I just obtained FTM 2008 and have been using #6.I cannot transfer 6 info to 2008 program.It is probably very basic,but I need help

  432. Chris Wright

    Will you record this session for those of us on the west coast who will still be a work when this is happening? I would love to be able to take part but cannot go on line at work.

  433. Richard

    I just obtained FTM 2008 and have been using #6.I cannot transfer 6 info to 2008 program.It is probably very basic,but I need help RE #29

  434. Diane Allan

    every time I try to get some information about my family nothing happens, it is as though I don’t exist
    Diane Allan

  435. C. Medcalf

    Does your program include Mac X? I had an earlier verson of your program
    which is useless for updating.

  436. Shirley Greenfield

    Is there a way to catch a mistake before it is made? When i add a child the program automatically marks it as a female (unless you click the ‘f’ and change it to “M”. sometimes i don’t catch it and end up with a woman married to a woman. Now days that CAN happen, but couldn’t the program ask the question..(for example: you are about to add a female spouse to a female, is that correct?

  437. Mary

    The report my family wants to see is a family tree where you click on the name and behind it is all the pdf files of copies of vital records, obits etc.

    Does this function available in this format?

  438. betty lloyd

    I would like to know what or how do I get rid of all my familytree makers that I have. from #3 up to 2006. I do not or am able to use any old one. just throw in trash??
    I would like to see the 2009 before i buy it as i do not like the layout from 2008. thanks
    betty lloyd

  439. Roger Mortimer

    I would like to know when it will be possible to work in FTM 2009 and for this work also to be updated in my Ancestry public tree.
    It makes for twice the work particually when attaching other references, census data etc.

    Thanks Roger

  440. mt father fought in theworld war one he was ststioned in france he died in 1982 he was 87 trs old where would i go to look up info on his records his name is claudy williams home place greasy creek kentucky if you can help me i would sure thank you very much i am new at this and i dont know a great lot about this matter pattyrobinson

  441. Donna

    Like Larry Czarnik (post#23, my burning question is when will we get back the book feature as it was in FTM 2006? We liked to use the index feature in a small book we would prepare to take on research trips. It was invaluable for quickly referencing our ancestors of all surnames. Also, I don’t feel that I should be required to upload my family tree on to make a book, plus it does not offer an index.
    I do LOVE the online publishing features such as the different backgrounds and embellishments!

  442. Philla Kirkpatrick

    Will this version allow us to open backup data from the old Ancestry Tree ,, I have backups I can’t open or download to FTM b/c it only will open the ATF’s NOT ATZ and I am having to RE_WORK about 6 years of work….. Or can I get a old version of the original Ancestry program to get my information…..

  443. Les

    With reference to #’s 252, 438, 500 and 504.
    Not all information is correctly transferred from older versions of FTM to FTM2009.
    One example is the Occupation fact that either suddenly gets created, or else gets corrupted with other information. For example :-
    The *.FTW file from FTM2006 was directly loaded/imported into FTM2009 (
    a) I have found that “Occupation” facts were created where none existed when the individual had a “Burial” fact.
    Where the individual had a “Burial” fact, there also appeared an “Occupation” fact that contained as the “Place” details the same information that is in the “Burial – Place” details.
    b) Also, where an “Occupation” fact already exists and where the individual also had a “Burial” fact, one of the “Occupation” facts became corrupted.
    Where the individual had a “Burial” fact and “Occupation” facts, one of the “Occupation” facts contained the correct date but the “Place” details had the same information that is in the “Burial – Place” details.

    Until a FTM2009+upgrades can import a FTW file from FTM2006 and output a GEDCOM file that has the same information as the GEDCOM produced by FTM2006, then I will not use the new program.

    As in the above example, if information cannot be correctly imported to the new program, then what else has it changed or corrupted?
    I am not prepared to accept a program that has fundamental errors on importing such critical data.

  444. Dee Turner

    Why can’t we print family group sheets, a standard format in genealogy research, in Family Tree Maker 2009?

    Why can’t we print dates in trees? This is necessary!

  445. Rick

    Have you corrected the problems with the 2008 version in the 2009 release? Such as the Map program. Also have you added the fan chart back in to the new version?

  446. Jennifer

    I am having trouble getting information on my female line to print on an Ahnentafel Report. I have a couple that were divorced and then married to each other. The divorce for him shows up but the one for her does not. Also I have marked 2 of the children from her first marriage a step and they still show up as “Them having 7 children” when they really only had 5. Any thoughts on how to get it to show? Thanks.

  447. Walter S Cobourn

    I was a Ancestry member. After I purchase 2008 I was so discusted I let my subscrition expire, will this be the same???

  448. Julia Brock

    I have a very old version of Family Tree Maker (version 6.0). Will I be able to upgrade to the 2009 version without losing any information or without any glitches?

  449. Barry Graham

    I find FTM 2009 (and 2008) a nightmare to use. It’s hard to navigate around, to go from parent to children.

    It’s hard to share family trees on the internet. Whereas with the good old FTM I could simply upload my tree to my FTM home page and give anyone my URL, now I have to invite anyone that’s interested, and to make matters worse, when I have an updates, it creates a brand new tree so now I have to invite those same people all over again.

    Now I am having issues registering my FTM 2009 online.

    If it weren’t for the fact that I have invested weeks of time in getting my tree just right for FTM, I would be looking for a different program.

    I hope you will get to address some of these issues.

  450. John Rousseau

    Version 2009 is supposed to allow Ignoring a hint. I subscribe to the UK package and get hints that include USA info. Version 2009 will not allow me to ignore the USA hints. Can this issue be solved? Also why does a search for an individual born in England come up with “hints”, names of people born in the USA?

  451. Vera

    I have submitted my family tree to Family Tree Maker and wish to update it but am unable to do so. What is the process to change my own submission?

  452. I own the Deluxe Family Tree Maker 2008; and the activation code. However, I also have a new computer with Vista software. How do I go about getting the free version of Family Tree Maker 2009 (which I assume will be compatible with Vista)? Than ks for your gracious help. I think it is commendable that you are offering the free version! Dr D A Hanson

  453. Beth Kloman

    This is a question for the November Webiner. Before this new version, I could edit and print my Notes. It does not seem that the 2009 version permits editing in the Notes section. Will future version return this ability?

    I greatly miss this ability. Alternate methods for editing notes involve multiple steps using my word processor.

  454. Billie

    There are 2 features that I’m constantly missing:

    1. When working on my tree from within FTM, the Ancestry Hints never include Public Member Trees. I often run FTM 2009 in one windows and in IE to compare hints. I really wish the hints could be synchronized.

    2. I often work offline in FTM 2009 but want to update the version of my tree stored on There is no way to easily do this – I have to delete the version on and upload a new copy. The worst part is that then my tree starts getting Ancestry Hints from MY deleted tree. Why is it so difficult to synchronize my work offline with the online copy I want to share with family members?

  455. Sharon Green

    Hi, I was really interested in the November 19 seminar, but I have a “LOW BANDWIDTH’. Will this interfere with being able to be part of this seminar?

  456. Alan

    I have issues with the relationship portion of FTM2009. I listed my current spouse and ex-spouse, entered marriage and divorce dates and places, went to relationship window and selected ex-spouse as “other” and “divorced”. When I go into FTM2009 it still shows ex-spouse as “wife of” and current spouse as “wife of”. How do you correct this issue? It should show ex-spouse as “exwife of”

  457. Michael Kennedy

    Please, please, please can yoou include the “ALLinOne” chart in the next version. I wanted to be able to print out a poster for my family, but couldnt do it on the current version.
    Also, your other charts need work.

  458. would any body know anything about James Devine who married Mary Anne Thomasina Poole June 1870. can’t find any birth or death certificates in Tasmania, or no convict records.I won’t be here from tthe 18th till the 21st. of November. James and Mary’s children were born the Evandale, Morveen,and Fingal in Tasmania

  459. kate

    Why don’t you have Family Tree Maker for Macintosh anymore. I really like the program but have a Mac and not a PC..will there ever be one made for Mac in the future.

  460. Anne

    When you merge records from into ftm they are “links” What happens to these links if for any reason you are unable to continue with membership in

    Do you have to save all these documents in order to retain them in your tree?

  461. Susan Watters

    I have only had Family Tree Maker & for about a week but I am very tired of being stopped in the middle of my searches for another credit card number. So far I’ve joined, Charged for VVital records,, and still can’t get any answers to divorce/adoption questions,
    Color me Frustrated

  462. Steven Ward

    I have the 2005 version with over 4000 names & information entered in my tree. I have also uploaded this to & have a current subscription. I am very concerned about the ability to transfer all of this information into your new version & also all of the problems people are having with your new version. Can I transfer all my tree without losing any data? When will all of the errors being reported be fixed?

  463. Charlet Grace

    Question: Can I transfer the information I have entered on my tree to the FamilyTree Maker?

    I just bought the software and realized how long it will take me to re-enter the names of hundreds of ancestors.

  464. When printing or sending a family tree for or to a family member, I’d like to leave off branches either ancestor of decendants or usually both. How can I temporaily eliminate branches for my print or e-mail without damaging my original tree?
    I am still on V16 but if I see this addressed, it alone could sway me to upgrade to V2009.

  465. Charlet Grace

    After reading many of the comments made in the blog, I don’t think I want to tackle the FTM 2009 program.

    Obviously, there are too many glitches to tackle.

    I think I just threw my money out the door.

  466. sharon carver

    When I merge from a census, sometimes only the head of the family is merged, and I have to repeat for each member–couldn’t there be a way to copy the “residence” fact completely, like we can a source, and copy it to each member, instead of having to find each one again in the census in order to merge them or type in each one from scratch, copying in the source and image?

  467. sharon carver

    I have had a problem with older versions crashing and losing information, which caused me to doubt that my files were usable. Later, when I checked parts of these files, I discovered that I had information that I didn’t have in the newer files, but the files are too large to compare, person by person. Can’t FTM find a way to compare files for differences so that they could be merged where needed?

  468. I am having a problem with FTM 2009, in that I have to keep a flash drive in my computer to be able to use the program.

    Other wise I have to reload it each time.

    Please tell me how to fix this problem.

  469. One more comment. I have a lot of FTM and CD’s how can I read them with this new FTM 2009. I loaded the program Family View 11 but it locked up my Computer. I have Vista and also
    Word Student 2007.

    Thank you for any help.

  470. Robert Berry

    I have a question using the existing or new version of FTM. When I download someone else’s files and merge them into mine, I also get all of the “facts” that the person who originated the file put into the person. For example, I am not a Morman but often Mormans put LDS Baptismal information as a fact in the person’s file which is then downloaded into mine and then it appears in the various genealogical reports that I generate. Can I now or can I in future eliminate various facts or fact fields from my files with as a whole, rather than deleting each of them individually.

    Another example is the fact commonly used by people called “Record Change”. I don’t even know what that means, but, regardless I don’t want that field on any of my people. How can I eliminate all “Record Change” entries in my file?

  471. Linda Shepard

    This is more info on my recent submission today: I am acutally using FTM 2005. I have 8302 individuals in my FTM database which I am using for a book I am writing on nineteenth century pioneers in western new york state. I am a bit hesitant to upgrade to 2008 to just then convert to 2009 if I don’t have to. What is recommended for me to go from ver 2005 to 2009?

  472. Betty Moore

    I recently visited the FAQ section and noticed there is no information for Vista users under “Managing Internet cache and cookies”. Please update to include Vista.

  473. Gerry

    I was wondering, I have done all my work really on line at the site and was wondering how I can download all that info into my computer or do I have to type it all in by hand?

  474. I have a new imac that appears to have no trouble
    with the demo that accompanies the info on FTM 2009. Is it really possible to use 2009 on the IMAC?
    If not, is there a plan to publish a usable TFM that doesn’t require a special fix to work on the MAC?
    Certainly hope so!


  475. Bob

    I started with about a year ago and have my work, photos and documentation online. I have purchased and loaded FTM 2009 on a properly equipped computer and have cable internet access. To my question: I want to have access to my research online and on my PC and have them available and matched both online and off. What is the best way to go about this and going forward, what is the best way to continue my research and maintain updated information both online and off.

  476. cathy

    As a Brit living in the US and having a worldwide membership to, would it be more advantageous for me to buy the UK version of FTM 2009 as opposed to the US version of the software…or does it not matter either way?

  477. Luxembourg - American

    We use both version 16 and 2009. What are the steps to transfer date from version 2009 to version 16?

  478. Kathy

    Help! I inadvertently added a source reference to the wrong person. How can I delete that source from that individual without deleting the source completely?

  479. I have Xroots – Personal Roots Deluxe – an old DOS program from Expert Software. I have thousands of people entered already.

    Can these data be transferred cleanly and completely to Family Tree Maker 2009? Some day soon I’m afraid the next-generation computers will no longer handle my DOS program.

  480. Ann duncan

    How do I merge two FTM files. I tried but failed.
    Will there be an accounting of the questions and answers asked and answered on Nov. 19?

  481. Truman Donoho

    I have been using FTM since late 1996. My problem is that as I started adding photos to FTM, I did not know that I would wind up with so many. If I had known I would have created a more logical folder based storage system. I have photos stored in many different folders, but they are linked to individuals in my database. I am afraid to move them to a more logical structure for fear that I will break the linkage. Is this important or should I just not worry about it. The main concern I have is copying my database and photos to share with other family members, or duplicating it on my laptop to have when I travel.
    Many thanks,

    Truman Donoho

  482. Vee

    I am having a problem installing FTM 2009, as like 2008 that I never got installed using visita, and the web brower FireFox…What can I do. It all works with Windows XP

  483. Elise

    Why don’t my sources import over as sources when I import my tree from
    It is extremely annoying to have to go back and re-do the same work over again that has already been done.

  484. Dear Michele
    I bought FTM 2008 Deluxe and don’t find a place for my 3 month activation 19 #code. I also did not get a coupon for FTM 2009. I purchased ftm 2006 and enjoyed it.

  485. Sam Jones

    Having transferred all my data(including photos) and subsequently added more photos to individual media, I get “Media could not find the file” when accessing the photo. Consequently, I can not correct or otherwise change the info on that photo. What to do??

  486. Sam Jones

    Ref 581 I transferred from FTM16 to FTM2009. I have a Genealogy session in our Westbrook Village Computer Club, so I need answers to this question as well as other concerns related to 2009. Thanks, SAM JONES

  487. Betty

    I’m having a problem because I’m a novice computer user and I beleive I just downloaded the program. I had a computer virus in my laptop and now I have 2 new computers in my household and I no longer have a working program on any of them. How do I get a CD copy of the Family Tree Maker 2005 so I can reload?

  488. Lynda Greaves

    I do not currently have 2009, but rather 2008. I have so many problems with 2008, that I would like to attend the webinar to see if I want to buy it. Would this be helpful for me? Also, I was told that I would get a free update for 2008 but never received an email notice. Can I still get the free update for 2009?

  489. Douglas E Walker

    I am using the version 16 since neither 2008 nor 2009 accomodates the facility of Family History BOOKS ofwhich I have six. I believe it does not provide the Family Trees with photographs which I am happy with.

    Is it correct the a patch is soon to be provided? If so when is the 2009 being launched comparable to version 16. Regards Douglas E Walker

  490. Jonathan

    I use FTM 8.00 which is good. I only have 2 issues with it :

    1) merging trees. Source information on the imported tree gets reset to it’s filename, so you can loose source info

    2) Please release a native Mac version so I can finally turn off my old windows laptop forever. I have a Mac , and the only thing I don’t use it for is Family Tree maker

  491. Stan

    Unlike many of the other posts, I have had few problems with the 2009, unlike the 2008 which crashed all the time. I do like the layout of them both- especially now that it stays running.
    I have one question though: I have a desktop and a laptop, at home I prefer to work at the desktop, but for obvious reasons when I go researching at town clerks etc I will bring the laptop. I tried Export and it seamed to hang up. I used backup but when I restored it on the other machine, it sometimes lost link to stuf like media. What is the best method for moving my file from one machine to the other?

  492. John McGucken

    I bought FTM 08 but have been unable to install it on a new VISTA system.
    Where can I get Tech support?

  493. John Bradburn

    For me, the one key feature dropped from FTM 2008 and 2009 ancestor charts (unless I am looking in the wrong place)but present in earlier versions is the option to view/print siblings of all generations. I found this a vital thing for checking against census data etc and after being an FTM user since 1996 will be forced to look for it on other software if it can’t be brought back soon. In general I applaud your decision to rewrite the software, but the rewrite specification seems to have been written in a closed room (or maybe for your new owners , Ancestry, rather than for us the users!). As a UK user I can’t attend the webinar as it is at 1am our time, so I hope the results will be available to all afterwards.

  494. kat

    My uncle has 2008 version, and I want to purchase software compatible with his. Will the older version be able to read and integrate information from the newer one?

  495. Dorothy Dunbar

    I received the free upgrade of 2009 FTM but I can not connect online with it. I liked this feature the best on the 2008 FTM but it kept freezing.
    What I don’t like is Ancestry’s control over the book making ability. I want to be able to continue making books as I use to by copying material over into Word. I respectfully do not wish to use the internet to use my families personal information. Please give me back this option as I have now reverted to using the old FTM version.
    Thank you.

  496. Kay

    Why or why did you make it so complicated to copy a report to another site or program? Unable to highlight, copy and paste, I have to copy it to a disc then download it to where I want to work on the report.
    Also, liked the opening page of the family sheet report (2007) instead of the horizontal tree. The way we have to move between people is awkward. The 2007 version was much more user friendly.

  497. Glenwood Robinson

    I own a complete set of Family Tree Maker CDs. Will it ever be possible to access these and the data they contain from FTM 2009 as we could do prior to the rewrite of FTM 2008?

  498. Jack Goodhue

    Michelle Pfister:

    I have been unable to use either v. 2008 or v.2009 because neither converts my large v.2006 (FTM v.16) files correctly. As a result, I have been advising friends not to purchase the 2008/2009 versions of FamilyTree Maker.

    The big problem, which I wasted a lot of time trying to explain on the telephone to several representatives a year ago (before giving up), is that kinship/relationships are not calculated correctly on the two newer versions. v. 2006 (FTM 16) does a fine job of this(even though very slow).

    An example: In v. 2008/2009, the relationship with me of my mother is correctly stated as “mother”, but the relationship of her siblings (all “natural”) is reported to be that of 24th cousins– apparently from some very distant common ancestor. As a result, relationships to me of all of these related families are incorrect. FTM 16 and its predecessors were programed to give only the closest relationship, in this case, “aunt” or “uncle”.

    One of the major purposes of genealogical software is to calculate relationships. If v. 2008/2009 cannot do that, what good is it? It is useless to me.

    Jack Goodhue

  499. James J. Corless

    I own a Mac and I love OS X. I have used FTM on a PC many years ago and still think it is the best genealogy software out there. As far as I know FTM is not available for the mac. Is there any plan to make FTM for the mac?

  500. PhyllisVigilMiller

    I have have been using ftm for many years, 2008 program still tells me its incompatible, will run but, not computer w/ vista . I hope the new 2009 is more compatible….I am hesitant to upgrade till after the webinar!

  501. Jennifer

    In older versions of Family tree maker, the kinship report included all ways of kinship. My tree crisscrosses so I liked this function, but I have not been able to figure out how to get this information from FTM 08 or 09. Is it possible, if yes how? If no, will this be included in an update in the future?

  502. Question: What is the most “green” way to print a descendent genealogy report in 2009? What I do in 2006 takes 119 pages, 2008 takes 223 pages, 2009 takes 300+ pages. What am I doing wrong? At the current time I am sticking with 2006–easily read and more accurate reports.

  503. Al

    I have a suggestion for a new feature. I was wondering if you could add another way to view your tree so that you can see the whole tree at once. This way, you don’t have to click back and forth from person to person. That would be a big help for me, considering I have 20 generations and I am looking for more.

  504. Kay Dirks

    Will you ever have a “class” like this for those of us on the west coast. One which those of us who work full time can attend? That is something either on a weekend or later at nite?

    Thanks for your consideration.

  505. Angela Linnell

    I’ve just received your e-mail but it doesn’t seem to mention the location. I assume it’s in the States and I’m in the UK!

  506. Lee M

    I currently have Family Tree 2005 on a Windows 98 system. I just purchased a Gateway with Vistra. Can I load my genealogy data from WIndows 98 on to a CD and upload it to Ancestry Family Tree 2009 on my new computer with Vistra without problems or are there other steps I should do?


  507. Ann Whittemore

    I purchased the Family Tree 2005 or 2006 (whatever was available in the Summer of 2005). I NEVER received it as Hurricane Katrina hit my home soon after the purchase, and I was living in another part of the country for almost a year. Therefore, I have never used anything other than what is on the website. Question One: Was I ever credited with the purchase price of that edition? Question Two: Will I be able to understand the demonstration on 11/19 if I have no clue as to how to use the Family Tree software of any year? All of the posters seem so knowledgeable! Thanks

  508. George Boggio

    I think some of the new features of FTM 2009 are great, particularly the ability to have a “background” photo on some of the reports. One feature that I am totally disappointed in is “mycanvas”. I find it to difficult to design my own Book. I orginally had FTM 2005 then upgraded to 2008 (found to many bugs), then upgraded to 2009. In FTM 2005 we had the ability to disign and print our own “Book”. FTM 2009 does not have does not have this feature. I was told that it may be included in the next upgrade. We can input all the data in the world but if we don’t print our own “Book”, why enter all this data. Why was this feature dropped from 2005 and can you please let me know if and when an upgrade including the Book feature may be expected?

    A second suggestion is to be able to print a photo album by catagory. Yes we can print a photo album by individual but I see many uses for a photo book by catagory.

    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    George Boggio

  509. Laurie McGowan

    I have an older version of familytree maker…is there a way to update it without having to reenter everything.

  510. Sharon

    Does FTM2009 include a way to create a copy of an complete family tree, including siblings and their descendants in each generation, in a format that can be taken to a printing company to be reproduced as a large poster with a chosen background (ie., coat-of-arms or photograph)?

    Also, can the reports print a list of all individuals organized by date of birth and then by name?

  511. David

    A couple of questions:
    1. How can I change the order of the display of fact sources in the ‘person’ view? They seem to list top to bottom in the order they were entered but I often have multiple year census information that I would like to display in year sequence.
    2. It took me a long time yesterday to figure out the fact, media and note icons on the header of the ‘person’ view. I couldn’t find any information in the help function. Can information be displayed when you move the cursor over an icon or heading label?

  512. Del Hamm

    ITEM ONE – Robust, full two way exchange of data between FTM and Ancestry Trees.

    Currently, the FTM to Ancestry Publisher works exceptionally well in transfering all the information including media. Today, Ancestry Family Tree back to FTM is not available other than gedcom (no media).

    NO COMPANY HAS THAT CAPABILITY and therefore it is a gap that could continue to put Ancestry in the leadership position.

    Imagine being able to take full advantage of the web based interfaces on Ancestry and still save and manipulate the data on a personal computer.

    ITEM TWO – Face “recognition” software like Heritage is offering. Not sure how mature this capability is yet if mature enough, could once again put Ancestry in a leadership position.

    ITEM THREE – Sharing of photos without having to share family tree. Unfortunately, in my decades of using FTM with over 30,000 individuals, I put private information into my sources and into my notes that will take years to correct. Fortunately, I can use private notes on the new software for new information. So, being able to share pictures without share the tree could be very advantageous.

    ITEM FOUR – Simplified Source Names. Whenever I try to use an existing census record as a source, the name for the string is unreadable on my screen. I have to have memorized the city, county and state which is about 30 characters into the name of the source. Possibly the year of the census and then the individuals name it was captured under rather than a name of about a hundred characters with the last few character being the name of the individual. I have to move my cursor over item to high light it to read which person is at the end of the source individual’s name. On some, the source individual’s name is not available and I have to add a new sourse.

    ITEM FIVE – Source Merge. Just as we can merge individuals, how about a source merge. Again, after decades of FTM and over 30,000 names, I can have once census annotated over 10 different ways depending on when I entered it and which FTM version it was.

    Thanks for listening. I believe these are a few good opportunities for FTM.

  513. George F.

    Is there a way to print a Family Group Sheet in narriative form and restrict the information on children to basic facts only, i.e., not include the Notes? I do not want the history of the children and their lives but only basic info, b, d, m.

  514. Kathryn

    Does the program allow for different last Surnames in the same family ?

    I have a different Surname then my half brother and my my surname on my birth certificate is different from that of my real dads last name that I research.

    How open minded and liberal is the program to allow for adjustments to names ?

    I want to make picture calenders with birthdates, anniversaries, dates, along with a picture on the date. Does the program allow this ?

  515. Kathryn

    Does the program allow for different last Surnames in the same family ?

    I have a different Surname then my half brother and my my surname on my birth certificate is different from that of my real dads last name that I research.

    How open minded and liberal is the program to allow for adjustments to names ?

    I want to make picture calenders with birthdates, anniversaries, dates, along with a picture on the date. Does the FTM 2009 program allow this ?

  516. Jerry Persall

    Why use Family Tree Maker vs having a family tree online at
    What are the advantages of using one versus the other?
    Specifically and very precisly, pleasse dscrbe exactly what synchronizes between the two.
    Many thanks!
    BTW, no one at customer support that I have spoken to has the slightest insight into this.

  517. Dennis

    is there a way of copying and pasting information from a ‘book page’ to the notes section of a person’s profile?

  518. James Bryant

    I have purchased every upgrade since my beginning with FTM many years ago through FTM 2008. That’s where it has stopped. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, after installing FTM 2008, having the initial technical problems for which there was no acceptable solution, and then seeing the functionality that was lost, I reverted back to FTM 16, removed FTM 2008 and gave it away.

    Has it EVER occurred to you that, in going this “new direction” which clearly is an attempt to lock users to’s Internet services instead of allowing we users to make our charts, books, etc., and print them ourselves, and then having to have a “Webinar” to explain to users how to use a program that used to be pretty much self intuitive or how to get around functional problems, that you have embarked in the WRONG direction???

  519. Sandie

    Will Family Tree Maker 2009 work on Vista 64 bit? If not, why not. Anxiously awaiting your response.
    Thank you,

  520. Gwen S

    I purchased FTM 2009, it doesn’t work, I wrote an email and asked for help and I was ignored. Already, I have written several times and asked for my money back and I was also ignored. My supposed “free 14-day trial membership’ at still has five days left and already I have asked to cancel my membership several times before being charged and I have been ignored. I have received a total of ZERO from FTM/ – no repsonse, nothing. How long does it take to cancel? Does this company think they’re so big and important they can just blow their customers off while they collect the money?

  521. Leanne

    1. Is there a way to reset the green leaves so that ones you’ve already reviewed can be shown again.
    2. Is there a way to easily identify which people have a green leaf rather than individually select each of the people. Difficult with a 100,000+ people in your file.
    3. Are books going to be able to be done on our own PC’s rather than across the web? If so, when is it planned?
    4. Is there a way to add spouse’s parents into Outline Descendant Reports?
    5. Is there a way when doing a descendant chart in book form that it can show more than 2 or 3 generations per page?

  522. Tony

    Can we ever hope to see the book secton return. I used to be able to produce a 1000 + page book with version 16 and completely lost them when I updated to 2009. I had to reload 16 and continue to use it.

  523. Bonnie

    I am just starting with the new 2009 FTM and have a question: How can I add non-related people into my tree? My mother’s godparents, although not related to her were very important in her life and I’d like to find out more about them. Thank you.

  524. Lynda Welch

    Is there any way for “problems” with the tree to be identified – for example, if I have duplicates of the same name, an easy way for the incorrect or incomplete one to be identified aside from the names listing.

  525. Curtis Hathaway

    I like the feature in all of the FTM versions of showing how one is related to another individual. I would really like to be able to see how two people are connected even though not related. I have a little more than 50K names and when I get inquiries from other researchers about how I’m connected, it is sometimes very hard to find out.

  526. Buddy Harrelson

    I know you wanted questions only about FTM 2009, but I have bought all ver upto and include Ver16. My question is why can you not just improve Ver 16 and let us that want to use it to continue. The 2009 I am still scared to buy it and transfer years of work to it.
    Buddy Harrelson
    Mullins, SC

  527. Why is it that you do not include single people in the next generation. I have two married children and one single child. When you look at the descendant chart, only the married ones appear in the next generation, it’s like my third child doesn’t exist.

  528. Ethel Cornish

    1. Need to fully download all data visible online to one file or linked files that Family Tree Maker can capture.
    2. Need Family Tree Maker to upload all visible data to include historical records (sources) for personal events to Ancestry. Com. It does not at time.
    3. Need Ancestry. Com to allow separation of family trees based on ancestors/decendants of a family member as is possible in Family Tree Maker.
    4. Need to perform error checks in data as is now possible in Family Tree Maker 09.

  529. 1. I have lots of pictures on FTM. When I upload our trees to, how do I get the pictures to go there also . . . or do I have to do them individually?

    2. When I’ve made additions to FTM and upload to, why do I get a new file instead of just overriding the old one?

    Thank you!

  530. Julia

    What does it mean when they say your web site? Also I am not interested in changing my pass word that I have on there! thank you for your help.

  531. Ann Meighan

    I have 125 people on my tree and would like to preface my book with a chart showing the tree on one page. How can this be done?

  532. PTW

    Just a comment: am grateful you included the fan chart in the new version, but must say I was very disappointed in it. The look and especially the spacing was MUCH better in the old version and will still use that one for fan charts.

  533. Clarke Fariel

    I started with Version 5 then went to 16 then wanted to go on Ancestry and after talking to technicians found that 2008 made it much easier to transfer info and pics so now have Version 2008. Made an error in putting live people’s full names, dob’s pob’s info and pictures on Ancestry. Now I find out that I probably am giving out info that may be helpful for identity theft. What do I do now? Is it safe to put plc’s of live people on my computer’s FTM and burn CD’s for relatives? Is there a form to use for permission to use info on Ancestry of live people?

  534. Still using FTW 2006. For some reason have never been notifed of upgrades since then. Later trying to find out about changes in later versions was almost impossible, and the word on the street was do not upgrade.

    I just ran into this site, and this is probably the wrong place for info request (I am not available the night of the webinar). I am seriously looking for a program that will allow me to open more than one FTW file at a time. Also, I need to be able to search multiple FTW files for “John Hawkins, b.1799, d.1864, etc. (I am the administrator for the Hawkins Worldwide DNA Project, and my various Hawkins files are much too large to put all into one, as we have already established more than 50 separate family lines).

    I have used Family Tree Maker from the beginning, and I hate to think about moving all the data and sources to a different program.

    Can you offer any help on multiple search and open programs, and a reason to stay with FTW.

    Phil Hawkins 11 Nov 2008

    The website shown above has not been updated for a long time as my data is too large.

    The Hawkins DNA Family pages are at

  535. i looked in all the geneoglis roots for my ansesters and counten find them i know the year that my grandma was borned and where but i cant find the rool number hir father name was william denis (pat)roach and hir name was emma d roach hoover if i could gwet some help i would apereache it

  536. Hugh Andrew

    Today, 12 Nov 08, is the first time on this site. It appears that there are a fair number of “pro’s” using this blog who are having troubles. I am just an normal guy trying to plot the family tree using FTM 2009. I have four lines of children to present day plus partials of others, of a grandfather dating back to 1760 in Scotland. My known issues to date are:
    1. I printed out the descendant chart and it was horizontally linear, extending so long that I had to go to a public building with adequate floor space because I couldn’t fit it in my apartment. My brother had 2006 or 2007 and he was able to get the print out configured so that the it was more square, with some stacking. This would be preferable. Can I do this with 2009?

    3. I plan to launch my own family website and post descendant and pedigree views on it. How do I get from a FTM file format to something that I can post on my website?

    4. I’ll have to dig in the help menu to see how to print a PDF. I hope it wouldn’t be horizontally linear as well.

    That’s all for now.

  537. John Donaldson

    Phil #647

    FTM 2006 will allow you to have two files open at once, you can copy/merge and paste individuals, families descendant lines including also sources, notes and pictures between files

    To open a second file simply do a File>open

    Use the restore down buttons to adjust the screens

    The specialized copy and paste functions are on the People menu

    As this functionality is not yet in FTM 2008/09 it is unlikely that it would be covered in the webinar

    John D

  538. John Donaldson

    Gordon #641

    FTM 2009 will simply make a copy of your FTM 2005 data including images, convert the copy to its FTM 2009 format

    It will leave your FTM 2005 data untouched and you can safely use both programs on the same computer

    John D

  539. Virginia Eastman

    When I upgraded from an older version of FTM to 2008, and now 2009, the field that was “Occupation” has now become “Place” of occupation instead of “Description” of occupation. Is there a quick fix to this? I have over 7,000 folks in my file. Now when I list my Places, they are a combination of places and occupations.

  540. Tom Cambron

    When I installed the new 2009 version of FTM it installed ok, picking up data from v 2008.
    Did it pick up all data?
    It did not delete 2008 nor its icon. Can I delete the 2008 file without harming 2009?

  541. Kathy

    I am using FTM V16,been reluctant to upgrade due to the the problems. Does FTM fix the problems:
    1) of corrupted/corrupting files
    2) Does it address the long load/conversion time
    3) Can it handle files over 2 GB (I have had to create many files to manually address this issue)
    4) Can you create a ‘book’, without connection to the internet, ie is the software capability like it is in V16?

  542. Peter

    Hi,I was disappointed to find that my first two complaints about 2008, also apply to 2009. 1. I have a large FTMdb of nearly 16,000 persons. I have, for example over a 100 John HOLMANs, to find the one I want to look at I really need the index sorted by date (birth or whatever) as well as name.All previous FTMs sorted by birthdate within names.
    2. Back button, does not go back to previous views as the original FTMs did. Again I often need to search through a number of people and then return to where I was by going “BACK” – this isn’t possible with 2008 or 2009.
    Frankly if you can’t deal with these basic faults, then 2009 isn’t much better tham 2008. As I said before in redesigning FTM you have “thrown the baby out with the bath water”!
    Incidentally now that I have FTM2009, can I uninstall that dreadful FTM2008- sorry if that upsets anyone?

  543. Peter

    I also support the point made by Karen point 7, that batch delete facility was very useful when someone sends you GEDCOM file with some person info that you dont need. Another serious drawback.

  544. Frustrated

    I have just finished transposing my data to a self designed spreadsheet. After spending three years reconfirming data because of false data from Ancestry. I concede some of that was my own fault for not checking their sources prior but I did not realize the depth at which the errors went and how it affected my files in FTM. It was a total nightmare. Since FTM does not handle merging files or individuals very accurately, I have given up on both the over priced Ancestry and Family Tree Maker.
    My spreadsheet handles data much more efficiently and I am able to find errors immediately. Also able to sort and print files anyway I wish.
    While I prefer to do most of my searching in the library and stomping the graveyards, late at night when I am on the net, so many times when searching for info I keep getting sent to Ancestry. They continue to try to monopolized all the information they can grab free and sell to the new people who are unsuspecting of misinformation which it might contain. So many times I have received false information from other researchers propagated from Ancestry.
    Be careful people, Frustrated

  545. Richard Fox

    Can you create a new Relationship Report that is in narrative form for one family, i.e., a husband, wife, and children?

    I can sort of do this with by creating a one generation Ahnentafel Report, however, I do not have the ability to exclude the Notes for each child, which contains volumes of information on the family of each child, which is irrelevant to the one family I am trying to document.

    I have the same identical problem with the Family Group Sheet, i. e, I do not have the ability to exclude the Notes for each child, which contains volumes of information on the family of each child, which is irrelevant to the one family I am trying to document.

    Can you provide the option of excluding the Notes for each child on these two reports?

  546. Donna

    I recived an email a couple of months ago that said that I would recieve a free update to the FTM 2008
    I just bought. I keep checking but nothing has arrived.

  547. Eleanore Diiulis

    I have version 16 and have installed the new 2009 in my computer. How do I transfer the info from 16 to 2009?

  548. I am using FTM 9 successfully because I was able to buy the book to learn how to use it.
    Does the 2009 version have a tutorial or book?
    How would I transfer my information to a new software?
    Can I downloan 2009 or do I have to buy it at a shop?
    I am pretty much a novice! Gladys

  549. 1. Will you be able to up-date an existing family home page, that was created from an older version of Family Tree Maker with Family Tree Maker 2009?

    2. Will you be able to create family home pages from Family Tree Maker 2009?

    3.Is their a limit to a total of individuals that you may include in your family home page?

    4.Can you have more than (1) one family home page with Family Tree Maker 2009?

  550. Mary Morabito

    I purchased FTM 2008 in order to open an earlier version. I saved the information to a floppy disk and the file extension is FBC. I am unable to open it. What am I doing wrong? Help. It is the only copy of the information.

  551. John C

    In FTM 16 I have many names with suffixes. Like
    “John Smith, CD**, RCN”
    When I import my data base into the FTM 2009 the name changes to
    “** RCN John Smith CD”.
    FTM 2009 does not seem to understand that a comma after a surname means the start of a suffix.

  552. John Donaldson

    Mary # 665

    FTM 2008 will not open .FBC files

    Options are to use a version up to FTM 16 to open the FBC file and save it either as a GEDCOM of .FTW

    If you don’t have a copy maybe a friend can assist?

    Alternatively, download the Family Archiver viewer and convert the file to GEDCOM or .FTW

    John D

  553. Sharon

    Does FTM2009 include a feature to change the site being searched to something other than (ie. for your international customers?

    Also, if the all-in-one report is not included in FTM2009, what are you offering in its place? It is an essential tool in identifying at a glance the generation and family line of people with similar names.

  554. James Griffin

    Can I simultaneously add material to my Ancestry.Com Tree and to FTM?
    Let us say I click on a green leaf and wish to add the information, do I have to enter this information twice?

  555. George Boggio

    I was having some problems with Family Tree Maker 2009. I was told to uninstall Windows Service Pack 3 and use only Service Pack 2. Furthermore I was told that sometime in the future a patch will be issued so that I could again use Service Pack 3. Can you please tell me when this patch might be issued? Windows sometimes automatically sends updates for my software. I just caught one where they wanted to again send Service Pack 3. I have to be on my toes to prevent an automatic update that will again install SP 3 which will again cause problems with Family Tree Maker 2009.

    George Boggio

  556. Keith

    Just like “#25 Joan Hanlon”‘s question. I would like to be able to “Sync” my FTM file with my file on I don’t always have my computer with me while doing research and can not always get online at other times, but I would like the files to be the same in all respects.

  557. gail

    On the maps– How do you “need” to enter the address. I have entered it as: 1700 East Hwy 169 (for example) and I get the pin on South 169. How do I move the pin to the correct place?

  558. Peter Smith

    Dear Michelle,

    1. I notified Ancestry of a problem and a request back in August. I was told I would be sent a free upgrade to FTM 2009 shortly and that it may fix the problem. After a few weeks with no indications of any upgrade, I phoned the local distributor, (Mindscape Australia) and found that they no longer distributed the product, but gave me the name of the new distributor, QV software. I tried contacting them but the phone would always switch to a fax machine tone. I’ve not been notified of any upgrade from 2008 to 2009?
    When will it come?

    2. The request I had was to allow people already in the tree to reenter the tree. For instance my grandfather’s first wife died quite young. Her younger sister, came to mind the children. After a few years she married my grandfather. FTM can’t handle this in an efficient manner. Can you add this feature. I have another example in my tree where a cousin, mentioned earlier in the tree marries another cousin. I know of others with similar occurrences with other families.
    thank you
    Peter Smith
    FTM 2008 user

  559. Thayne Tessenholtz

    In Family Tree 2009 will I be able to make a family tree of a couble who does not have children? I would
    like to see it on the same page. So that their marriage date is there and that their family is now joined.

  560. Adrienne

    I purchased a computer with Windows Vista earlier this year. I loaded FTM2005 (the version I have currently), but the driver to print to PDF did not load. Instead I only have Windows XPS Writer. Is this a compatibility/rights issue, or has it been corrected in FTM2009? Thx.

  561. Kelly

    I have two instances where the same person appears on two different family lines (as a result of second cousins marrying). Is there a way to merge data from one family to another and show duplication on the tree?

  562. john garrett

    I had Family Tree Maker 2005 when my computer crashed 2 weeks ago.
    I had everything transfered over from the old hard drive to the new, but Family Tree Maker does not work now.
    Can you tell me what happened?
    How can I get MY Family TREE back?

  563. I just bought Family tree and downloaded it. but I am unalbe to get the tutorial. What did I do woring. Also, the wait to talk to someone when I call is way to LONG, I never can reach someon. Consequently have not gotten much done on my family tree. All I received was a cd and nothing else, I oredered it from Family Tree In Sept. Thank you

  564. Dave Shaffer

    FTM 2009 is installed on my home desktop computer that runs Windows XP. This is my main computer. However I recently bought a laptop to take with me ‘in the field’ to cemeterys or the library etc. to update FTM with new info found. My laptop runs Windows Vista Home Premium, which I have installed FTM 2009 on it. Question is…how do you update each computer with the latest info inputed? If I’m home and update that computer then I will want to some how download that latest update to the laptop. Likewise, when using the laptop in the field inputing info, I will want to update my home computer with that info to keep them both the same. I can’t find the correct steps or method to do one to the other…is it because XP and Vista don’t like each other or???????? HELP! Thanks.

  565. John Wypich

    I have used FTM 2005 and upgarded to FTM 2009. It was possible to create an “ALL IN ONE CHART” in FTM 2005. It had a problem with mutiple spouses but otherwise it was usefull. FTM 2009 does not allow me to make an “ALL IN ONE CHART”. Will you add this feature again? When? Is there an Alternative?
    Thanks JW

  566. Joan Paggett

    I have the Family Tree Maker Delux Edition III and the Ultimate Family Tree Platinum. Will I be able to use my info from these to transfer to the new Family Tree Maker? What is the difference? Will there be a pilot slide show on the new one? Will there be an easy way to make a Website? Thanks, Joan

  567. Robert Etienne

    Comments = Questions?

    1. I would like to send unwritable copies of tree that include media to various family members. If possible, How?

    2. In the past, items that had been previously mergred were so indicated. I assume that was stoppeed because of the expanded merge features…but, why not provide a list of merged sources for each person?

  568. Stephen

    Help! I started using Family Edge (a DOS program) about 16 years ago, and about 9 years ago I upgraded to Family Edge Plus – still a DOS porgram:( It’s certainly time to upgrade to a genealogy windows program – such as Family Tree Maker: although I have not purchased a new genealogy program yet. Should I obtain the “separate GEDCOM utility” in order to export the data? (Perhaps this utility is still available somewhere). I will probably also have to get “teckie” (which I am not) to help transfer/convert the data from my old laptop (Win95) to my desk top (XP). Would you please provide suggestions, comments, “converting problems/solutions” and/or how to actually transfer the data to “Family Tree Maker 2009”?

  569. Audrey Waddle

    I would like to see the availability to find a married woman by her married name as sometimes you don’t know their maiden name or the spouses name, making it rather difficult to find them. I also would like to comment on the fact that version 2009 seems to shut down far to frequently. I have been doing a lot of maintenance in family tree 2009 and sometimes I can only do a couple of names before it shuts down and it can be very irritating. Hope both of these issues are being addressed.



  571. Brenda

    I liked the older Media center where pictures where attached to one person not just put in a bulk file, are you ever going back to that?

  572. Janet

    Question for Nov. 19th Webinar:

    I have used FTM versions for many years and am very pleased with FTM ver. 16. I am now apprehensive about using my FTM 2009. I am not pleased that FTM 2009 did not transfer ALL of my reports and charts from FTM ver. 16. Do I now have to re-create ALL of them in the new version? Do I need to upload ALL of my database to Ancestry to the “Publishing” area AND re-create these reports? I do not like having to do that — bring back the ability to import my reports and charts to FTM 2009.

    Can the FTM programmers write this ability to import my current reports and charts FROM FTM VER. 16 to FTM 2009 as a PATCH or merged them into the new version following FTM 2009?

    I look forward to the Nov. 19 Webinar.

  573. Gale

    I purchased FTM yesterday but had to
    return it today. I couldn’t download
    it to my computer. I was told that the reason was”It wasn’t compatible
    with my Computer. it was only for users of Vista. Do you have anything
    for Windows XP pro?? Needless to say,
    I was disappointed.

  574. Lee Mitchell

    Can you explain how to record on a family Group Sheet more than 1 residence. At the moment all I can get is the first record of residence.
    Also when doing a web search and hints come up how do you get the ignore button to work.

  575. John Donaldson

    Gale # 692

    FTM 2008 and FTM 2009 will work perfectly with XP Pro

    Who ever told you it won’t run on Xp is telling you rubbish!!!

    You don’t download it, you install it from the program CD

    John D

  576. John Donaldson

    #687 Stephen

    Yes make a good GEDCOM

    What ever program you decide on you will need a GEDCOM to transfer your data,

    In terms of FTM 2009

    install it on your new XP computer

    Copy the GEDCOM file to a suitable folder on your XP computer

    Open FTM 2009 and from the plan view import your GEDCOM

    That is all there is to it

    John D

  577. John Donaldson

    Robert # 686

    After you have created your reports or charts in FTM Publish, use the Share Button and either export to PDF and then attach the PDF file to an email or better still, send to PDF where the report or chart will be created and your email client opened and the report or chart attached.

    How easy is that? Try it and send an email to yourself as a test

    Anyone with the free Adobe Reader can open, read, and print your chart or report exactly how you created it.

    Note in FTM 2009 you can end as a single or multiple page PDF. Single is usually the best choice for charts up to about 4 pages beyond that multiple may be better. Experiment

    John D

  578. John Donaldson

    Lisa # 685

    TGN has announced that it is working on an in program book (as opposed to Ancestry Press) which they plan to make available as a free SP1 patch for FTM 2009.

    I don’t have a date but I guess that it could be relatively soon

    John D

  579. John Donaldson

    Joan # 684


    FTM 2009 will open a GEDCOM created by either of these programs as well as opening your FTM Deluxe 111 from the .FTW file

    John D

  580. John Donaldson

    John # 683

    FTM does not as yet have an AIO chart but it is high on the priority list.

    In the meantime keep your FTM running so that you can make an AIO if you have to

    I still have FTM 16 on my computer as well as FTM 2009 so I can make an AIO, do a book and get to my FTM homepage

    John D

  581. John Donaldson

    Dave # 682

    You need to think of the two computers as a master and a slave. Data only moves in one direction.

    So in my case I have a PC and a laptop. The PC is my master and all the edits are done on it. From time to time I transfer the file to the laptop which allows me to look up data, print reports and charts, act as a backup for data in a different location etc but I don’t do any editing on it.


    If I was planning to do an extended field trip I may then use the laptop as the master and then update the PC

    Bit like running trains up and down a single track. the train can only go in one direction at a time

    John D

  582. John Donaldson

    John # 680

    Reinstall FTM 2005 from your program CD

    Then open your data file or use one of your recent back ups

    John d

  583. John Donaldson

    Kelly #687

    use the merge two individuals function on the people menu

    Note that when merges the individual will show up in an outline descendant report and other reports twice, because of the dual relationship

    This is correct and what should happen

    John D

  584. John Donaldson

    Adrienne # 678

    You need to install the free Vista patch for FTM 2005

    Go to and search for article 2777

    This will install a new PDF writer that will work under Vista

    Alternatively, go to Help>check for Updates

    Also as you have reloaded FTM 2005 from your crash, you also need to reinstall the FTM 2005 patch.

    This is different to the Vista patch!!!

    Again, go to

    and search for

    article 2537

    John D

  585. John Donaldson

    Dale # 676

    Install FTM 2009

    From FTM 2009 Plan view Import a tree from an existing file and follow the prompts

    FTM 2009 will make a copy of your earlier file, convert it and open it in FTM 2009

    Your original file will be unchanged and in fact you can have FTM 2009 on a computer with earlier versions

    I have both FTM 2009 and FTM 16 on my computer and in fact you can have both programs open at once if you choose

    John D

  586. John Donaldson

    Sharon #669

    From FTM 2008 and FTM 2009 you can search from inside FTM any web site in the world. You can create your own bookmarks and better still capture and merge text, data and images from the web clipping feature as well as archiving the site

    The AIO is I understand high on the priority list for a future patch or release.

    John D

  587. Was anyone offered a free copy of family tree 2009 from ancestry because they have been a valued member for years? I was, but have been waiting for the program for 2 months now, they keep saving they have mailed it. I am very disgusted with ancestry now.

  588. Lori

    Is it possible to pull one branch of a family tree out to share with someone else? I have people who would like my side of my family tree but not my mother’s side for example. My tree is huge and difficult to share when much of the information is not what someone is interested in.

  589. Gin

    I have been a FTM user since 1997, two features that I used quite a lot in earlier versions seem to be missing from the FTM 2009. 1.) The Calendar and 2.) the ability to create a Custom Report. The Custom Report was used for editing and to create an address list.
    Over the 11 yrs that I have been a FTM user I added over 2000 people to my. In earlier version, to accomodate my needs (references, etc.) I added “user defined facts” for many of the fields that you now have. To go back now and move these items to the new fields would be a HUGE manual job. I really need the Custom Report to manage my data.
    Am I missing something or is there a plan to bring them back? Not having these two features has made me consider going back to an earlier version. Any help you can give me will be appreciated as I really enjoyed using FTM in the past.

  590. John Donaldson

    Gin #710

    The custom report is in both FTM 2008 and FTM 2009 in the Publish Workspace.

    I don’t think it works quite as well as in previous versions but it is there and the arcane = and != commands are now clearer and have been replaced by empty and not empty.

    The developers are aware that it needs a bit more works.

    Re the calandar. I understand that it is high on the priority list so maybe in the next patch?

    John D

  591. John Donaldson

    Lori # 709

    You can select a lsit of people using the custom report in the Publish workspace to export a list of inividuals in PDF, RTF etc

    Alternatively on the file menu you have the same slection capability that lets you export as an FTM or GEDCOM file

    John D

  592. Maureen Smith

    I haven’t registered for the webinar asI live on the West coast and will not be home in time to see this……Is there any way I will be able to see it at a later time?

  593. Carol Bishop

    On FTM 2009 or a future upgrade, I would love to see word processing features such as “find” and “find and replace”. Are there going to be more report options? I’d like to be able to get a listing of all males, for instance to lookup military info, for a special scrapbook I’m assembling.

  594. John Donaldson

    Maureen # 713

    Every other webinar has been archived to allow for later viewing (I will miss it too) and I am sure that the link will be provided shortly after the webinar on this blog and elsewhere

    John D

  595. good morning
    I have purchased the FT 2009 software but have not been able to register. I keep getting a server problem notice and to try later – can you tell me when this problem is going to be resolved?
    I have cancelled my subscription with Ancestry Com on the basis that i have free membership via the FT 2009 set up. Not getting anywhere at all now and wish to be able to use the online search facilities.
    I have been a user of the family tree software since 2005.
    Thank you

  596. Sally

    1) I have ended up with 2 family trees on that have great deal of overlap, but some on both that do not overlap. I was told by Support that there was no way to combine and merge these 2 family trees. Surely there is a way, and if not, then please add that to your list of needed updates.

    2) Is there a way to easily get all current data, images, photos, documents, sources, etc. uploaded to my family tree on I would like to have same data online on my family tree as I have on my FTM on my computer. I wish there to be a sync mechanism so that if I find a match online, after receiving a hint, then I can sync it so that it is downloaded and put in proper place on my FTM on my computer. And vice-versa, if I enter some info into FTM on my computer, I would like to be able to log on to my family tree at and for it to upload and automatically be put in correct place.

    Right now, I have too much info online on my family tree at that is not on my FTM database on my computer, and vice-versa, a lot of info on my FTM database on my computer that is not online. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Thank you,

  597. Roseann Barrow

    looking for way to print Kinship Report with only decendents listed and not ancestors. Have Version 11
    please advise

  598. bruce maceacharn

    I recently purchased (July 2007) Family TreeMaker 2007. I had had the earlier version. The earlier version was much more satisfactory as in produced a complete family tree (the earliest ancestor at the top and descendants down in an ever longer family tree – inverted if you like). Is it possible that new versions will have this capability if not can I purchase, again, thje earlier version?
    I am in the UK

  599. Jim

    I think the following would be important to address as it concerns the same feelings several gene friends expressed. I have also submitted it to the tech staff, but a response has yet to come from them. keeps touting upgrades to your search engine. Most of your upgrades have been superficial and cosmetic, adding little to the functionality. Yes, for those of us who have diminished eyesight, the ability to increase the size of what we seen is important. And adding more lists to your extensive collection is great. However, we still get the same frustrating, time consuming results with a lot of useless clutter scattered in between.

    There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the way the results are presented. Almost as if the results, as they are found, are placed in a list in the order in which they are found, hiding positive results among clutter. If you truly want to improve the capability functionality of your search engine, add some meat to the bear bones. I suggest adding the following choices to your search criteria.

    Before or After Date – This would eliminate useless results that have no relationship to what one might be searching for. Example: I know that my great great grandfather, William Gilligan, came from Ireland. And I know he was in New York by July 5, 1848. (I have his Intent to Become a Citizen Paper.) A before date would eliminate useless dates when searching for a ship he might have come over on.

    Improve the Alpha sort routine – Why should I have to go through page after page of search results to find name I’m looking for, when in fact, it matches perfectly the criteria I put in? But, the entry is number 1,479 on the search results list. And using Exact eliminates too much possible date.

    Key words to Exclude – Many times we get the same incorrect results which might be close, except that some details don’t fit and you know the person listed has no relationship. Being able to block out results which have no bearing on what you are looking for would be of great help. You already have Keywords to include, why not Keywords to NOT include.

    The above are but a few of the possibilities that could be added. Being able to sort the retrieved data would be of great benefit. Allow the user to choose the way they want the data sorted. i.e., by date, Alpha by name, by age, Alpha by city, and type of data collected. Even extend the sort by stating what order you would like the data sorted… First name, second age, third city, forth state, and so on.

    You may say that these additions to the search engine would cause the engine to run slower, which might be true. However, it can’t take as long as looking through 50 pages of information at 50 items per page, to find what you are looking for. The tradeoff for speed is far compensated by the improvement in results. And if the search routine is written correctly, we should be talking about milliseconds.

    You did a survey on what we would like to see in new data. How about doing a survey on what functions you would like to add to your search results.

    Jim Leahy

  600. Gail Harrington

    I amassed a 3500 name tree and tried to save it many times, but it just wouldn’t save to any disk (I don’t have a stick) then my ‘puter crashed and I lost all my data.
    Can you recommend some way for whenever I reassmble the Tree to save it?

    Thank you, Gail

  601. Elizabeth

    I have upgraded to 2009, having also on my computer 2008, 16, PAF 5 and GenSmarts, and having removed FTM 4, etc. I now do my genealogy strictly on my laptop and not on my XP desktop.
    1. I love the new user interface/format and have not had any difficulty upgrading, altho I was unable to register 2009. I am very pleased that 2009 works better with Vista. Vista recognizes FTM as a legitimate program and I don’t have to give approval to open the program after selecting it. That was a real problem on 2008 and although I followed the instructions on how to fix that (instructions provided by Microsoft), it didn’t work and I found it extremely frustrating to click on the icon and then to have to click again and then approve the request to open the program. So I’m very happy with this aspect of 2009.
    2. When I switch back to normal Family Tree/Person Data view from Publish or Manage Sources view, sometimes the Person Facts column on the right side of the screen is hidden. I have to click and drag to bring the data back into view.
    3. Sources: When I add sources to a name, such as census records, they do not list in the order I enter them (chronological order 1880, 1900, 1910, etc.) The program just seems to add them some at the top of the list, some at the bottom or in the middle — this is a problem when I print reports as the census records should print in chronological order. I have tried deleting all the sources for one name and then reentering them in chronological order but it still just adds them to the list in random order so my sources on the report are out of order. For myself it isn’t a big deal because I know I did everything right, but I hesitate to share these reports with others because it looks like I don’t know what I’m doing.
    3. On the Family Group Sheet, I would like to be able to print the children’s names in bold (like it does the parent’s names). I have lots of families with large numbers of children and they print over several pages, so it would be easier to read if the children’s names were in bold.
    4. I would like the Family Group Sheets layouts to avoid “widows and orphans” by starting each page with the name of the person and not start in the middle of the facts data. The report might print over more pages, but the report would be easier to use. For the same reason, I would also like the Notes section and the Sources section of the reports to begin at the top of a page.
    5. I would like to be able to import the reports into Word or Publisher or other program where I can massage the data to my liking, change fonts, add colors, remove or add text lines, etc. Is there a way to do this? I’ve tried some of the Share features but so far haven’t been able to find a way to actually be able to edit the text/format. There is a way to export the raw data (rtf, I think) but I want to be able to edit the formatted text. The .pdf function doesn’t let you actually use the text tool and edit the text. I need to be able to do this to compensate for the varied interpersonal relationships that modern families face as well as for those in pioneer days who had children by multiple spouses but were all raised as one family or by relatives when both parents died.
    6. The photo album feature is useless. It just puts the photos on a page in random order and I wasn’t able to get the caption function to work. It was such a neat idea that I ended up laying out pages in Word and typing the text. Would be nice if I could just have control of the text in another program and lay it out as I want.
    7. Ditto comment 618 #1.
    8. Charts and Reports: It would be great to have greatly increased control (via options) over the charts and reports and I would like to be able to force it print on fewer pages or to print certain sections on one page. The way the charts print leaves a small family group spread over two sheets just because of the links to other family groups. I think there is a more intelligent way to lay the pages out.
    9. FTM really needs to come into the 21st century in terms of indicating/labeling relationships. Blended families are impossible to accurately describe, display and print. Even though a child has relationships with both biological parents, they also have deeply emotional ties to their step-parents and the step-parents consider these children theirs and have had very active roles in raising them. Yet, children only display with the biological parent set, not with the step parents and their biolgocial children. And when the Home Person is a product of a second marriage, the report prints the second marriage data first — thus not in chronological order which is offensive to the siblings. The only way to get the reports to print correctly (and so as not to offend the siblings and other family members)is to change the Home Person for the duration of the report printing. It’s a nuisance. And these days women are having children by 2 or more men and all the children have different surnames and FTM just does not accommodate all these modern day variations. And then there is the issue of same-sex unions, there is no way to accurately enter, display or print these in any compassionate sense. Also the issue of cousins marrying or of a spouse dying and the remaining spouse marrying a sibling of the prior spouse. In the 1600s and 1700s in Quebec and other places/times, these were common practice due to the lack of a large gene-pool.
    10. When I didn’t understand how to work with source citations, I unclicked the Include Citation in Reference Note option. When I realized that meant the info wouldn’t show up in reports, I stopped doing that — but when I try to put a check mark in that box to rectify my problem, the box is grayed-out and I can’t. So I have to copy/ paste the citation detail into the box on the Reference Tab. This box should never be inactivated. Related to this, I do love having the option of editing the Reference text. This is how I get around the problem mentioned elsewhere that the person’s name, say in a census record source citation, normally is at the end of a very long citation which makes it difficult to distinguish between source citations on the Manage Souces screen and makes for difficulty when reading the sources on the reports. Now I always edit the Reference data so that the name of the person is at the front of the source/citation string. It’s been a lot of work to go back and fix all my source-citations but very worth the effort. I think FTM should do this automatically. And for those incredibly long legalese source-citations for the entries taken by connecting to that then repeat a zillion times on a report (once for each time a source was acquired this way) just adding useless text while wasting paper, I save many trees by editing these citations down to just “from” Seems like the lawyers could think more “green,” and write a shorter citation.
    11. Thanks for adding (in 2009) a way to force the order of spouses into correct chronological order. This is wonderful. Thanks for responding to my previous request for this. I really appreciate you fixing this. There are many valid requests and comments on this blog — but I want the software staff to know that you are appreciated and that FTM has always been and still is the best genealogy program available. It’s great to know that you are always dedicated to improving the product. I think now rather than adding new features and extending the web-interface features, it would be best to focus on fixing old problems, adding flexibility to existing options, beefing up charts and reports, etc. If the basic program doesn’t fill the needs to accurately enter, display and print the data, getting more data from the internet doesn’t obviate the basic inadequacies/frustrations.
    Thanks for listening and keep up the good work. Don’t let all the problems get you down. It’s a good package and getting better. Thanks.

  602. Frank Nolan

    How can I rearrange the photos in media?
    I can’t load audio clip as I did with the older editions, ie pronouncing surnames.
    Web dash board doesn’t work.
    Book goes not work.
    Having problems correcting duplicate, by accident I entered a person twice and all the descendent are duplicated. I deleted the person but the duplicate childeren wee not deleted

  603. Michelle Pfister

    Lloyd #689

    The subscription signup is similar to many online subscription services, in that it auto-renews. Many customers enjoy receiving uninterrupted service that they can easily cancel. To stop the automatic renewal and cancel your subscription from, choose “My Account” and select “Cancel Subscription” in the right-hand panel.

  604. Mary Perry

    In FTM 2009, is it better to leave Cemetery names in the PLACES database (ex: Antioch Cemetery, Thonotosassa, Hillsborough, FL), or put them in the description field that is associated with my fact, BURIAL?

    Thank you!

  605. Danny

    How do you move a tree from one computer to an other? It keeps coming up you can’t save a back up copy. Also why is there no way to download birthday and annivsary dates. it was in the old ftm.

  606. John Donaldson

    Mary # 729

    I have resolved all my place names in FTM 2009

    In the case of your example I would put

    Place: Thonotosassa, Hillsborough, FL

    Description:ex: Antioch Cemetery

    You may have to resolve the place which would be
    Thonotosassa, Hillsborough, Florida, USA

    John D

  607. John Donaldson

    Alice # 732

    To add additional sources to an event

    Go to the People>Person workspace

    Select the fact or event that you are wishing to source

    In the RH panel click on the Sources tab

    Click on New

    and either add a new source or link to an existing one

    New is fairly obvious by use existing if say you had a cemetery inscription that perhaps referred to a number of people

    Remember FTM all versions has an F1 context help function

    See also Help>Training Tutorials Sourcing

    John D

  608. George

    Is there any way to restrict a narrative report (such as the Ahnentafel Report) to just one generation or family? Whenever I try all the notes on all the children concerning their adult lives are included. With 8 children a 2 page report becomes a 12 page report.

    All I want is a one family/ one generation report with info on lives of children limit to basic facts, dob, dod, dom, who married, – not detail about their adult lives.

    Bottom line: I need a report restricted to one family, – husband, wife, kids, – not the childrens lives.

    Any way to do this?
    Even a Family Group Sheet cannot be restricted to one family/ one generation, – all information on the children when they are adults is also included.

  609. Robert

    After having the DNA test and receiving the results what is it I can do with it? I only see a list of people that took the test to see if I am a match. The information I got tells me what part of the world my ancestors came from which doesn’t help me at all.

  610. Mary Perry

    In FTM 2009 — How do I change/correct a single fact for a single person? Before, if I selected the wrong fact when entering data, all I needed to do was click on the drop-down arrow, and select the correct fact. Now I have to cut the old fact info, select the correct fact, paste in the info, then delete the wrong fact name!


  611. When I upload my tree to, why (1) does a new tree appear on Ancestry instead of overriding the last one, and (2) how do I get my pictures to carry over from FTM to Ancestry each time?

    Thank you — I’m looking forward to the webinar.

    Monika (SunshineMD52)

  612. Diane

    I wish that you had a software version for Mac computers. I am using Boot Camp to access your software, but would love to have a version that works on the Apple computer platform.
    Thanks and look forward to the webinar!

  613. Virginia L. Streader

    I have registered. Plan on attending
    tonights webinar. Where do I view
    this – do I open and
    go to ….. where?
    I have never done one of these.
    Please help.

  614. Chris Dart

    Hi, I have been using FTM2009 for a few months. I recently had a wife with two husbands – not at the same time, one after the other! Later realising I had made a mistake I deleted one husband. The name was replaced with something like “Spouces name not specified” and the count stayed at 2. I only got rid of it by deleting the whole entry.

  615. Marian

    I have sent two questions to your support email with not even an acknowledgement!

    I have a problem with the ‘Individual Detail view’ as per page 19 of your booklet.

    I tried to customize but it resulted in problems – how can I get it back to the default?

    At present I have no info in the individual box on family page.


  616. Re my message #211 here, I have worked with FTM tech support because the program just freezes up when I click on creating any report or chart, just like 2008 did. They said to un install FTM 2009, uninstall the Microsoft .NET framework, then reinstall FTM. I did, and it still freezes up when I try to view a report or chart. There is a limit to how many hoops I’ll jump through to use a genealogy program; there are plenty of programs out there that DO work.
    If it is fixed, I also question the value of register reports that won’t provide an index. Even the free PAF program does that. Not necessary for a 5-page report, but when you want a printout of 100 pages to see what may or may not still need researching, you need an index to find a family. I’ve been using FTM 16, but that doesn’t index either. I have 2 other programs on my computer, but would rather use FTM for the ease of data entry, IF it worked.
    Any hope?

  617. Luther Wilhelm

    I have a relationship problem in FTM 2009. I have an ancestor, John Duncan MacCorde (b1660), who had several children. His son, William McCord (b1680), shows, along with other children when I view John Duncan MacCorde in the family view. If I move to the family page for William McCord, all his ancestors disappear, and I can access them only by going to the name index. This problem may have been present in FTM 2008, but I only noticed it after cleaning up some duplicate listings in the family line.

    Any help in resolving this would be appreciated.

  618. Herman Cummings

    I would like to see one the census records in the pre 1900s show all relatives show up instead of trying to find each one, like it does on

  619. Beth

    Immedate crash upon start up of FTM 09. Can’t run the program at all, gives me a ” report error to microsoft” message. Then gives me the “compact file upon restart” message.

  620. Gary

    The last version I owned of Family Tree Maker was Version 5! I want to import my old files and I only have a file with the .fbc extension. How do I get this file into my new Version of Family Tree Maker 2009?



  621. Helen

    1. I have a question about stepchildren – I have added my husband’s children to he and his first wife. How do I show them as stepchildren to me? When I added them to my name and my present husband, they showed as half sister and brother to my children rather than step sister and step brother.

    2.Is it possible to have sub folders in the Media folder?


  622. Betty

    Once you have purchased FTM, is there a time where you will also be charged a membership fee to access information from

  623. Jim Pritchard

    1. Is there a way to turn off the highlighting on the results of a websearch when using the Enhanced Image Viewer? I use Snagit to copy the subject article and the highlighting hinders subsequent printing.

    2. Is there a way to create custom magnification levels (other than 25%,50%,75%,,,in the Enhanced Image viewer?

  624. John Elliott

    Hello Michelle Pfister,

    I have just spent an hour reading the comments posted by readers and the jist of it is that 90% don’t think much of the 2009 version. I signed up for the webinar but I think I’ll pass – no sense wasting more time. I will simply continue using your good 2005 version.
    Maybe some day you’ll understand that making something more complicated is not in the best interest of users.
    Adios… John

  625. Ann duncan

    How do I merge two different FTM 2009 files together. I tried but failed. I have two separate FTM files that should be joined.

    I may have to miss the Webinar on Nov 19–will there be a printed copy of the answers given?

    This is the second time I have sent this request.

  626. Melinda Dixon

    Can you please tell me how to show that some-one was adopted. Also relationships where the people were not married, and how to stop children from previous relationships (not in my family) from appearing in the charts. Thanks

  627. Liz

    Unfortunately, something has come up at the last minute and I will be unable to join the webinar this evening. Will you post a replay of the webinar sometime later, so I may be able to see/hear it? Thank you so much.

  628. Rita

    Will the “Book” option from previous versions be in future updates? By this I mean the ability to design and print a book on my printer.

    Thank You.

  629. Pat

    I am sorry I posted before! After reading someone else’s comment I realized I am 12 hours early. I will participate at 8:00 TONIGHT! Sorry!

  630. Shirley A Louther

    can I search by locale? ie, all names in my data base located in TX, Gonzales County.

    Thank you very much

  631. Virginita McGrath

    Is there any possibility of getting the calendars with birth dates and anniversaries back? It made a great Christmas present.

    Is there a way to upload my information to the publish site or transfer my old books that I worked so hard to the publish site. I have too many names and information for it to work with the 2008, so I am having to enter by hand.

  632. David

    I was advised about the webinar, 8pm EST = 3pm GMT (UK/Ireland), got reminder, etc, etcc, but then found no link or URL to actually access/view the seminar. Absurd!
    Is there any way to view it after the event?

  633. David

    Yep, if you click “join the presentation”, it just takes you to a summary page with just a link to this blog., plus “test your system/help/download real player/MS media player”. Help section just suggests go to page to check test video. I can view that fine!! Grrr.

  634. Geoff Walker

    Please please can you address the error in both FTM 2008 and still in FTM 2009 i.e. not producing the correct Relationship and only displaying the “No direct relationship found” message” in anything above first cousin etc.
    I am sure that you are going to address this issue as you said in your last webinar but when????


  635. I have been using the computer for genealogy since 1985. I have come up through the PAF and then the series of FTM programs. The new version is the least user friendly of any I have ever worked with.

    I have read and re-read the manual, I have gone through the tutorials and have taken advantage of any help available and none seem to address my problems. They are all cursory in nature. 60% of my data entry time is spent making sure I have accurate info entered in the right places to produce a reliable end result.
    1. There are entries to be made in new sources, sources for individuals, media both new and specific, citations, citation text, notes and so forth. I am missing something because I feel like I am alway entering or re-entering supporting data in these fields.
    2. On the person>fact page there are notes and media in the lower left panel and sources, media and notes in the right panel. My info is different in each. Again, what am I missing?
    3. Explain the copy function. I feel like I am not using it to it’s fullest.
    4. In the web search “merge” sometimes I get the option to merge with others in the family and other times I can’t access it? Other times I feel like I have merged the same info more than once.
    5. The screen in “web search” is so small it’s very time consuming to go through many pages of results. I have used the enlarge function but it’s still restrictive so I often choose to search Ancestry a part from FTM. When I find info I get the option to “save to my shoebox” or “my computer”. When I want to transfer the data to FTM, I have to type in all the source and media citations again. The Ancestry tree lets me save this data directly to a person in my tree. Why should I use FTM when the Ancestry tree is much more user friendly?
    6. On occasion I get the message FTM has to shut down. Sometimes it suggests compacting. Rarely do I save much space by doing so. What is causing this to happen?
    7. How do I delete “preferred” data on the facts personal information page?
    8. Media entries can have one of two icons. What is the significance of each.

    Am so glad your are offering the webinar. Looking forward to it tonight.

  636. ary Burchfield

    Why must the writing be in yellow-green print? It is very hard for some of us older people to read, especiall when it has a colored background.
    Thanks for listening, and looking forward to easier reading.

  637. My question is regarding Family Tree Maker 2008. I had downloaded my cd in September after purchasing Family Tree Maker, then my computer crashed. I now have a new computer and as you can see I am connected to internet. I downloaded cd and in trying to access program it says I am not connected to internet. You can see am. What can I do? There is no phone number to call.

  638. David

    RE: Exporting All-in-One Family tree as PDF file. I am told the new version does not permit export to “one large sheet.” This is essential for my business. If true, when will you fix this problem? (I use the 2006 version of FTM.)

  639. Joan Smith

    I have just realised that 8 pm is American time. Am I right in thinking that means 3 am GMT? If so, is there a way of recording this webinar as I’m afraid I shall be in the land of nod at that time.

  640. Sounds to me that there are still to many bugs in the 2009 version. I think I will stick with the FTM16 for now. It seems to work well. Why take a chance to screw up what I already have.

  641. Richard Burke

    When entering in a family name do you have to always work backwards from the youngest to the oldest person of the same family group?
    2. If by chance I want to bring forward into another family gorup of the same last name and the family I was working on does not connect to the ones that i have entered of earlier dates ,how do I bring then into the family that I wnat to of the same last name? I have tried to do it through the “Move the family into another name ” but the family name that I want does not come up so that i could move the whole groups into the one I want.

  642. Dean Duet

    I registered for the FTM 2009 training for tonight at 5:00 PST but never recieved an email or link for the training? Can you please help.



  643. Lynn

    Is it possible to add other search engines to the software and can I swap between and, has I have found differences when the search returns the hints sections.

  644. Karen

    Hi,I was wondering about media (photos ) transfer from both family tree and ancestry why dont they go or come with down or uploading a file

  645. jessie

    I registered and received 2 reminder notices, however there is no “link” in either email, so I am not able to download the slides.

    I fear I also can not join the webinar – one hell of a way to spend my birthday.

    please help/ I only have 89 minutes left.

  646. Ken Nelson

    Previous FTM versions had lookup leaf references in great numbers (too many). In FTM 2009 I get very few (too few) reference leaves using the same basic tree information. Is this expected and why?

  647. i am trying to find where my father was stationed in france in the war im not sure which year it was exactly he was birn in 1893 and died in 1982 it was before he married my mom i am 68 yrs old i think it might have been in world war 1 if you have any info or a weblink please let me know

  648. sgbrooks

    It is now 7:19 EST I am on the computer, have tried repeatedly to join the presentation and nothing. What do I do to join the presentation…spent a lot of money for the new version that I can’t make heads or tails of!

  649. Susan

    I tried to upload a GEDCOM from another program to FTM and it would not upload tWhy? Is there a way to do it?

  650. Priscilla Ware

    I would like to know if it is possible to export any of the various reports to WORD.

    I want to be able to use WORD to assemble a book rather than using Ancestry Press.


  651. Susan

    I’m rewriting my comment as it wasn’t all there.

    I tried to upload a GEDCOM from another program tp FTM and it would not upload the sources/references. Why? Is there a way to do it?

  652. Kathy

    FTM is very limited when printing a geneology report. You can tell it how many generations to print but it will not branch out to the family of the married spouse of a decendant and print this information. When doing a book it would be great to be able to incorporate documents and pictures.

  653. Sue Roberts

    Another family member enter all of our family in FTM but also included all of her husband’s family. Can I split off that family? There are over 10,000 in the files now.

  654. How do I get the 2009 to show up like the 2008 with the pictures of each individual.
    Also I find that the relationships are not correct in the case of second marriages, the offspring of which I presume to be step.



  655. Tom Atkinson

    I would like to know when, if ever, do you plan on releasing an update to 2009 that will give us more options in printing photos? I upgraded with the understanding that FTM 09 would do what still requires Charting Companion to do!


  656. Is there any plans for a seperate section for putting an exact GPS coordinate location for graves? As most mobile phones now have a GPS facility it whould be handy for other to locate ancestors graves.

  657. Michael

    Hello Michelle,

    I know that provides a way to export a family tree to a GEDCOM file, and you can then import that file into Family Tree Maker 2009. But I would like to know if there is anyway to just “synchronize” the trees without exporting and importing files manually.

  658. cheryl bugala

    When will you have a feature that allows pictures to move over from FTM 2009 to the website? Everytime I add pictures or documents to my FTM 2009, I have to remember to add to

  659. Christiana

    I keep all of my records in and periodically export them to Family Tree Maker to run kinship reports and print descendant trees. Is it also possible to export the photos that I uploaded to (along with their descriptions) into FTM?

  660. Lesley Clulff

    Can’t do the book thing on ancestry- doesn’t do it the way I need. No online time to do it online. Have many orders for books, and without the old book making section in FTM, its taking forever to set up and print – then collating the sheets will kill December. Goes with question 3 from Dan

  661. John Wootton

    When performing a Search and I enter the name of a State of birth and the State of death, why are other states and countries included with the response?

    Also after installing version 2009, can I uninstall version 2008?

  662. Royce

    Will I be able to merge my my family tree with a tree that I have up loaded on the ancestry site, with out uploading a hold new tree.

    If not can I delete the tree previous uploaded, then uplad a new tree.

  663. Don Green

    I would like to see upgrades/new editions of FTM provide for a “transparent” installation that would assume existing data files rather than our having to upload/download to retrieve those files.

  664. Art McGinnis

    When I add a new person to my tree lately, the program shuts down. When I bring it back up again, the information that I entered is there. I tried to compress the database, but it results in very little space saved, so it is not that. Any ideas

  665. Alan

    Minor suggestion. Move the button for launching the webcast higher on the page. Kept loading the page not thinking to page down.

  666. Cindy

    I’d like to know when any of the family tree software programs will get to the 21st Century and allow us to print family trees that included our “blended” families. My stepson and daughter share a father but I can’t get them to print together on MY tree. Version 2006 had a Print All option for a chart, but no other version has had this option.

  667. What is the work process for integrating FTM2009 and the family tree?

    Does anyone know what the integration between the FTM2009 family tree and the family tree is?

    I just recently purchased FTM 2009.

    I easily created a tree in FTM2009 via a gedcom file.
    I then easily added some photos and updated the information of seveal people.
    I as well added more people to my tree.

    So I am all set to upload the FTM2009 tree to … which I did the first time with no problem at all.

    So now for the problem …

    … I have updated the FTM2009 with yet more pictures, people and new info for already existing people on my tree. I want to get these modification into my family tree.

    I appears when I attempt to upload for the second time that I have to update a completely “new” tree, different from the tree I uploaded the first time.

    At first thought this appears to be no problem. I could just update to a new name and then go back and “delete” the “old” tree, that was previously updated.

    But the problem is what happens to those people whom I have “invited” to view my tree? They will be deleted if I “delete” the old, or previously updated, tree.

    So my question is this:

    What is the work flow/process for integrating FTM2009 and the tree?

    I want to add my info to FTM2009 and utilize the benifits of FTM2009.
    I also want to have an online tree with the ability to “invite viewers”.

    What is the integration between the FTM2009 family tree and the family tree?

  668. Nancy

    I have to constantly export a GED to 2006 in order to export a file to either PDF/RFT or TEXT. Why doesn’t 2009 have this option?? And 2006 isn’t able to open up any tree exported from 2009, other than the Gedcom.
    Will these issues be addressed in an upgrade?

  669. Lesley Clulff

    I was registered, I did what the instructions said, even if there wasn’t the greatest consistency in them. Its now 8:15, I’ve been around since 7:45. I’ve tried to pre-download several times, and its still trying- comes to a deas stop about 3/4 of an inch from the end of the bar. Tried to skip predownload, and that got me nowhere either. Tried to reload the event lobby page, which produced nothing. Have my speakers on, which are not picking up any sound.
    Either this webinar is a technical bust and its not just me, or someone didn’t do a great job setting it up to be in any way user friendly.
    Still nothing downloading, nothing happening, don’t know where else to hit any buttons since the Launch button doesn’t work. I was really looking forward to this to!!!!
    Please let me know if you or me did something wrong and what it was!
    Lesley Cluff
    FTM2009 use and long time FTM user..
    still not downloaded, still nothinghappening anywhere.

  670. I purchased the Family Tree Maker Version 16 and was supposed to have a year free subscription and ended up getting charged for the year instead. Never did find the place where I could check for the free subscription only the 14 day trail. How can I get my free year?

  671. Dianna Moran

    I agree with #809 Leslie. I too was looking forward to this….was this some kind of joke or what happened? I don’t need this FRUSTRATION ! ! ! ! remove my email address from your email list, thanks, Dianna

  672. rae blacklock

    I am anxious to know what accomodation you have made for banner printing of descendant report – if any.

  673. Jennie Hudson

    Hi – I am in Australia and am using 2008 FTM. I have never received an offer for 2009 upgrade. Please tell me how I can get this.

    kind regards

    Jennie Hudson

  674. Lynn Lidz

    Is it possible to create an Ancestor report which results in all the offspring of the most recent generation, rather than a single individual?

  675. How are you handling the Reference Number for the individuals? I am currently using version 16 and for example, my id began as 1 with no preceeding zeros until i reached 10 people in the database. Then my number became 01, etc. I am now close to the number of 10,000 individuals in my file which will cause me problems with my GEDCOM file as FTM will add another zero in front of my id. My website that uses the GEDCOM file I export from FTM and all of my links are created with only 4 total digits for the id. When I reach 10,000 people, everyone’s links will be lost. Is there anyway to prevent this? Can I keep the existing id’s as they are now and just let them grow without preceeding zeros?

  676. Edward Dick

    I believe that I’m having great success with FTM 2009, but the Webinar has been a complete bust for me. I’m going to give up at this point.

  677. Nancy

    I am currently still using version 2008 but I need to get the update to 2009. Where can I get the information regarding the free upgrade. I am an international customer.

  678. Nancy

    Where can I find basic information on navigating and using the software to its full potential? There are certain features that I am not using since I am not sure how they are to be used properly.

    Is there somewhere on your website to get more specific information on program features and usage?

    Could the “Help” within the program be enhanced to provide more detailed information on product use?

    Notes that I have made in previous versions for individuals seem to have disappeared in the 2008 version. Where can I review my existing notes and create new notes for individuals that may not have had notes previously?

  679. Bruce Crampton

    I am currently using FTM 2005.
    Will FTM 2009 efficiently import and organize all data from my FTM 2005 program ?

  680. Lloyd

    I live in Canada and because most of my ancestors originate in the UK I bought the UK version of FTM2008 from TWR computing in England.
    I registered my software but never received an e-mail telling me how to get the free upgrade to FTM 2009.
    Your Webinar tonight mentioned this and indicated that many customers had not received their e-mail upgrade notice and that the offer had been extended, as the original offer date had expired. We were told to get information from this blog as to how to get the free upgrade. All I see are over 800 messages of people in the same boat. When will someone from The Generations Network give us an honest answer?

  681. Larry Czarnik

    Duff & Michelle, et al,

    Thanks for a great webinar. Look forward to more.

    2008NV20 13:45 Sydney, NV19 21:45 US EDST



  683. Walter Lyon

    I’m sorry I missed the Webinar, believe it or not; I was on a trip
    home from SLC.

    Is there a way in which I can view it
    later ??

    I hope I can.


  684. r. marquardt

    Why did you advertise this as being presented at 8:00 pm EST when it must have been time set for all zones at 8:00 pm.? I missed it!

  685. Bill

    Is there a way to record or show a name change. I have a family member that legally changed her name when she reached the age of 21. How do I show the name change? It’s the last name that changed.

  686. Hugh

    Possible Enhancement: Allow Addresses to be Individual or Shared. I’ve just spent the evening working on making addresses synchorized between husbands and wives.

  687. Clarence

    Well, well!!! I just realized how come nothing was happening at 8:00PM .. I’m not in the EST zone!!!
    Looks like I’m not the only one who missed be told that FTM is going to improve to look & act a lot like FTM2006 …. let us have a big improvement … PLEASE.

  688. Wayne

    How cruel is this. Have gathered 7 (yes seven) FTM users……Most have V 16, 2 have V 17.When does something happen.
    My systeme tests OK
    What a rip off.
    Legacy is looking pretty good right now. Wayne

  689. John Donaldson

    Melroy # 836

    Up to FTM 16 you can batch print FGS’s from the File Menu

    In FTM 2008/09 the function is not available

    John D

  690. John Donaldson

    Bruce # 822

    FTM 2009 will import your FTM 2005 data including images, sources and notes.

    It won’t import books

    John D

  691. John Donaldson

    Nancy have you looked at the tutorials in FTM?

    Have you looked at the poste getting help on this blog?

    Notes should be displayed in the People Workspace>person tab then Notes tab

    John D

  692. John Donaldson

    Nancy #808

    I doubt it

    FTM is a totally different build and base language from earlier versions that the developers decided not to try and do this.

    John D

  693. John Donaldson

    Art # 802

    It would be helpful if you could be a bit more specific

    What version of FTM are you talking about? What version of Windows?

    If it is FTM 2008 have you installed the FTM SP3 patch?

    Please provide a bit of basic information

    John D

  694. John Donaldson

    Margaret # 792

    diacritical marks to names was added in FTM 2009

    Edit>Insert Symbol or Ctrl+L

    diacritical marks to names in Notes is supported in both FTM 2008 and FTM 2009

    John D

  695. John Donaldson

    Tom # 791

    If you are talking about the thumb of the person in the RH panel in the Family View right click on the silhouette and either add of link a media item

    It is exactly the same in either program

    John D

  696. John Donaldson

    Priscilla #787

    Most reports can be exported to RFT from the Share menu and saved

    Word will open RTF files

    John D

  697. John Donaldson

    Susan # 785

    More info please

    What program created the GEDCOM?

    Is it GEDCOM 5.5 or GEDCOM 4.0?

    Have a look at the GEDCOM file in a text editor or word processor

    Do the first two lines of the GED have these lines?

    0 HEAD
    1 SOUR FTM

    If not add them with the text editor

    Save the file with a .GED extension

    Try again in FTM

    John D

  698. Carolyn

    I’m in Australia and I was unable to enter the Webinar. There was no link on the page to let me in. I tried everything – what went wrong? I see in the blogs that I am not the only one affected.

  699. Joe A. Pearce

    Was looking forward to the webinar, however:
    The left side was the photograph of the two employees.
    The speaker kept referring to the “RIGHT PANEL”. I could only see about 1/4 of an inch of that right panel. If the “Left Panel” consisting of the two photographs had not been on the screen, I probably could have seen the “right panel”?
    Also there was a constant “ding ding” sound.
    I only lasted 17 minutes – the ding sound plus not being able to see the right panel drove me away from the webinar.

  700. Jimj Cathcart

    I got caught in a traffic jam and missed the November 19/08 Webinar. Will it be held another time or is there info on the FTM 2009 that you can forward to me? I’m thinking of upgrading from 2005FTM to 2009. How can I do this without losing existing data?

  701. William Boswell

    When merging data and images to FTM 2009, the default is to store the images in a subfolder where the backup files are stored. I like to put my images elsewhere with other images. Is there a way to do this for images only? I haven’t been able to find a way within FTM.

    What I do now is move the images from the default folder to my folder, then update the location within FTM.

  702. William Boswell

    Jimj Cathcart:

    I just converted my FTM16 data file to FTM2009 and found I had a major cleanup job especially sources and citations. It’s taking me over a month.

    You should worry about losing data. Keep your backups separate between the two programs. I’d also use both programs until you are comfortable with 2009. It’s a pain, but I’ve used two different genealogy programs for years, then finally dumped the other one because FTM2009 is a better program.

  703. Hello Michelle,

    I have a question in regards to the GEDCOM file, download, or conversion. Downloading a GEDCOM FILE from the Ancestry Research engine. Would it be possible to show the steps on how to download it in a different procedure: for example: in format used in by (” The Professor training CD’s”)? thanks

  704. George

    I was at acgsi computer meeting and saw the webinar last night and I was impressed. At the end it stated that we could get a 255 DISCOUNT ON FAMILY TREE MAKER 2009. i DID NOT SEE ANY CODE.

  705. Chris

    What is the best way to manage sources? I have merged the sources I have found on Ancestry into FTM 2009 only to have perhaps too many sources for an ancestor. For example, I may not be interested in having a birth date sourced from a census record that states abt. 1897 when I know the actual date from another source. It would be logical to just delete that source, but I get a warning note that the source is linked to another fact that I do want to keep such as a residence. How do I keep the source for the fact I want and remove the source from the fact I don’t want?

  706. janet mitchell

    Sorry, I missed the presentation. Will this be repeated soon? Is it archived for review? Thank you.

  707. Julie

    One thing I liked from the older versions was the family file statistics. It showed the number of individuals, no. of marriages, average life span, earliest birth date, etc. all on one page. Will this possibly be brought back in a later version?

  708. jerry westby

    I was registered for November 19, 2008. When I tried to enter the Webinar, a message read: Webinar November 20, 2008 8 p.m.

  709. Julie

    I’ve been sitting here since 8:05 trying to get the webinar to load and nothing. Will it be offered again. I had to miss the Nov. 19 presentation due to conflict.

  710. Rebecca Ramsey

    Will this webinar be offered again? I was working and had to miss it. Or will the moderators’ answers be posted somewhere?

    I own Family Tree Maker 2008, and would also like to know how I get my free upgrade to 2009. None has been offered to me yet.

  711. John Donaldson

    Nancie # 871

    An excellent find duplicates feature is in FTM 2009 along with a very good data errors feature

    John D

  712. John Donaldson

    Chris # 863

    You need to understand that in FTM you link sources to events and facts

    This blog is not the best forum for a detailed description however:

    To manage them

    Go to the people>person tab

    Select the sources tab in the RH panel

    Select the fact that has (in your example) has multiple sources

    You will see the sources listed

    Now you can select each one in turn and unlink it

    Also have a look at the Edit Manage sources and also the help>Tutorials Sourcing

    John D

  713. Ed Newman

    Received a notice on 11-09-08 of a Webinar at ON-24 to be held on 11-19-08, which I registered for and tested my system. On that date, I went to attend the event and was notified it was to be held 11-20-08. Went on-line 11-20-08 to attend and could not find it.
    Did it occur and is there any follow-up location where I could see some of the information covered?

  714. C. Alexander

    Very unhappy with FTM 2008, I have the Deluxe Prem. version 2008 and do not like the indexing set up. I will probably go back to my 2006 which is much easier to follow for me. Why was it necessary to make such radical changes in the set-up? I have recently found that when I log on to thru FTM invariably I am on to the Canadian records and my research is mainly for the United States.

  715. Howard

    I have no idea when the webinar was held other than at 6pm Eastern. I’m on west coats time and tried at 5pm my rime then figured it was maybe still figured on daylight time but then tried again at 8pm my time and still missed it. Not to worry from the sound of the comments from the persons already useing the 2009 version – I’ll stick with my ’05. thanks but no thanks

  716. Nancy Moosburner

    My Family Tree is so large (4MB)that it will not even open the software program . It just crashes. I tried to load last years new version hoping it would allow for large programs and it did not. I wish this problem could be resolved!


  717. Marta Hudson

    I get so many emails that I failed to see the email about the Free Upgrade for my Registered Family Tree Maker 2008.

    Is there any way that I can get the free upgrade disc now?

  718. Ruth Plowman

    I want to use the genealogy report when I print my book. Is there anyway to incorporate a picture like you can on the Family Group Sheet?

  719. James

    This may be more of a question for than Family Tree Maker, I am not sure.

    Does Family Tree Maker/ have a means for dealing with historically accepted lineage vs. actual biological lineage? I am researching a lineage that has many well known illegitimacies, however, because the status of individuals in the lineage, these illegitimacies were historically accepted as the true lineage. If I add someone to my tree that as an illegitimate child, will FTM and match the records?

    Ex: A Prince is the son of a Queen and her lover, but to save face is accepted as the legitimate heir of the King. If I enter this individual into the tree correctly – as the son of the Queen and her lover, will I be able to find and match records for this individual when the records will most likely show him as the son of the King?

  720. Janet Hickey

    Add me to the long list of people who have FTM 2008 and have not received an email reqarding the free upgrade to 2009. I trully enjoy the program and would look forward to the upgrade. I am also a paid subscriber to Hope to hear something soon, Christmas will be here soon and I was hoping to publish some nice charts for the family with FTM 2009. I look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks!

  721. John Donaldson

    Marta # 881

    The free upgrade offer ran for about 2 months.

    I believe that it is now no longer available

    John D

  722. John Donaldson

    Ruth # 882

    Through the Share feature, export the GR as an RTF file and save it

    Now open it in Word and add as many pictures as you wish.

    Using the picture tool bar in Word you have a lot of control on placement and other effects

    John D

  723. John Donaldson

    Nancy #880

    4 MB is not a large file

    If you are having crashes it is unlikely to be related to the file size

    Have you compacted the file, sometimes this helps?

    If you are still having problems I would be looking at other areas in your computer, particularly Windows issues

    John D

  724. Michael

    You guy REALLY need a better Support Site / System. This blogging is for the birds. How about a more traditional forum where questions can be submitted and other users as well as support personnel can provide answers. My batting average for even getting an answer back from support would get me kicked off any ball club.

    Also, I bought FTM 2008 back in July/August. Am I eligible for the “free” upgrade?

    Seriously, you need a tech support forum.

  725. John Donaldson

    Michael # 891

    (and other who are posting tech queries to this blog)

    Whilst the blog is useful, it is perhaps not the best forum for getting help

    Elsewhere on this blog site is a post about (you guessed it) getting help.

    In particular, I would suggest

    Option 3: Another excellent source of FTM help is the FTM-Tech list

    To Join FTM-Tech

    send mail to with the single word subscribe in the message subject and body. To join FTM-TECH-D, do the same thing with

    • Subscribe to FTM-TECH-L
    • Subscribe to FTM-TECH-D (digest)

    This list was started in 6 April 1995 and has been operating more or less continuously since then.

    On this list most of the long-time high end users hang out, a lot of whom have been or are beta testers etc.

    This opens up a greater range of opinions and answers.

    This blog does not have the depth of tech knowledge to suit users and whilst it has its uses, I urge people to also consider what well may be better avenues to get assistance.

    The FTM-Tech list is users helping users.

    John D

  726. Robin

    The next update was mentioned in the webinar, and a question was asked as to when it would be released.

    Although details of what would be in the update was given, when wasn’t answered.

    Can we expect it before Christmas?

  727. John Donaldson

    Robin # 894

    I don’t think a date is available for the patches’ release?

    I would think it would depend on when the patch is written and tested

    John D

  728. Michael

    Here’s a great way to synch your data between computers. Use Microsoft’s SynchToy application. It’s a free download that works with XP and Vista 32/64bit versions. I actually keep three pc’s with multiple operating systems synched up with v16, 2008 and 2009 FTM editions.

    Synch the data directories to a jump drive, then just synch from the jump drive back to the next computer. Works wonderfully.

    FYI, version 2008 and 2009 open the same data files just fine.

    Just trying to provide some helpful info for y’all.


  729. Thanks for the hint about synch toy. I just started using it to synch FTM 2009 files between my laptop and desktop. The computers are networked so I do it wirelessly.

  730. Georgia

    How does one add Witnesses/Sponsors to the marriage or baptismal record for each individuals. I just can’t seem to locate it.

  731. John Donaldson

    Georgia # 900

    Thank you for advising what version of FTM you are using. Due the the considerable differences between versions, this basic advice is mandatory

    In FTM 2009 there are two types of Facts Individual and Shared

    So for a baptsmal record

    Go to People>Person View

    Select the Baptismal Fact

    Click on the + button

    The Add Fact dialog will open

    If the Fact name you want is not available eg “Sponsor” Click on “New” and Add a new fact name eg Sponsor

    Proceed with adding the details

    In the case of the marriage click on the marriage fact again in the People>person View

    In this case it is a shared fact and when you click on the Add fact button you will see that witness is a standard shared fact

    Add your details as appropriate

    Note all Facts can be sourced and can have media, notes and reference notes associated with them.

    John D

    John D

  732. Howard J Wagner

    2009 will NOT start!
    This application has failed to start because the application is incorrect. REINSTALL!
    Reinstalling doesn’t work- WHAT DO I DO NEXT?

  733. John Donaldson

    # 902 Howard

    Try and install it on another computer

    That should at least prove that the program CD is OK or not

    If it won’t install on another computer then you may have a faulty CD

    However I think that it is more likely to be something in your computer

    What are its basic specs, Windows version, RAM, free hard drive space etc?

    John D

  734. Joan Paggett

    I have both the Family Tree Maker Deluxe Edition III and the Ultimate Family Tree Platinum, will I be able to use my info on these. Joan

  735. Virginia Davis

    I would like to take pixs from branches of my family and place them onto a DVD for gifts. How can I accomplish this?

  736. Johnny Haynes

    I have used family tree maker in the past and submitted my family tree that I had been able to come up with. Since I have found other information and have used ancestry. I wonder if I can access the information previouly submitted. I lived in Columbus, Georgia at the time and do not remember what email address I was using although the last email I had when I was using it was

  737. Timothy


    I just purchased Family Tree Maker 2009. The problem is I reside in the Philippines which means that it would take some time before I receive the installation CD. I would like to ask if it is possible to download the software pending delivery of my installation CD.


  738. Karlene

    I am having trouble starting FTM 2009 for the first time. I have installed it but it wont run. I get an error message that there were problems with how it was closed last time (I’ve never run it!) and to compact the file (which one?). Any suggestions?


  739. Bob Smith

    I had ordered “Family Tree Maker 2009. Today I received it in the mail and it will not install in my computer, it just sits there and the screen goes white, my arrow for my mouse turns into a blue circle and keeps turning round and round. And it will not install.

  740. Sandy

    I hate the new versions, I find them hard to use, hard to find answers to. I really liked the 2007 version wish I had not gotten the new one. I
    am just having a horrid time

  741. Sandy

    HI, I have several things I would like changed and several things that are wrong.
    1. I would like to have 2009 to have the pictures to attach to the person you want it attached to not the whole tree.
    2. I have found on some of my familys it shows brothers and sisters as halfs even through I have all the relationships right.
    3. I can only see the children in one of the parents not both, is that the way it should be??

  742. My FTM-2009 software provides me my “Index to Individuals” which includes many possible duplicates;however only a small minority of these names are included in the “Finding Duplicate Individuals” page.This makes me have to scan through nearly 3900 names to correct duplications.Can this be corrected?

  743. Linda Cornette

    Will the Family Tree Maker software work on a Macbook Pro compute or is a pc application only?


  744. John Donaldson

    #919 Linda

    I suspect that it is not far away

    I am sure it will be announced on this Blog (and other places)

    John D

  745. John Donaldson

    # 917 Mark

    The find duplicate report in FTM 2009 is fairly cautious (as it should be) but it does preuce a good rating system

    It works by looking at namees and dates to identify possible matches

    I suepect that in your case that you may not have some dates with some of your potenial duplicates which would make it harder for the report to rate the possibilities

    As you add dates etc you give FTM a better chance to be more positive

    I would suggest that you start with the top of the list, those marker 990~ 1000 and work down

    John D

  746. John Donaldson


    HI, I have several things I would like changed and several things that are wrong.
    1. I would like to have 2009 to have the pictures to attach to the person you want it attached to not the whole tree.

    Are you sure you are ataching media correctly? You can attach medi to persons or any fact. Have a look at the tutortial on the help menu

    2. I have found on some of my familys it shows brothers and sisters as halfs even through I have all the relationships right.

    Are you sure. Go to People>Person and click on the Relationship tab and see if something is not amiss

    3. I can only see the children in one of the parents not both, is that the way it should be??

    That sounds like you have entered something wrong

    Maybe run a realtionship report and just check that you have connected everyone correctly

    John D

  747. John Donaldson

    # 910 Viginia

    Copy the pics into image editing software and save them as image files. eg JPEGs

    You can then copy the files to a CD or DVD

    IF you want to do it better use something like Photoshop Elements to create a slide show

    The free Picassa can also do someting kike this and also the free Picture Story from Microsoft

    Lots of good options

    John D

  748. John Donaldson

    # 909 Joan

    You need to get a 5.5 GEDCOM to use in FTM 2009

    FTM 3 will not produce a 5.5 GEDCOM as the standard was not in existance when FTM 3 was released.

    You can download the Family Archive Viewer which will read your version 3 FTM file and converrt it to GEDCOM 5.5

    Go to and search for article 3673

    In the case of UFT if it can export a version 5.5 GEDCOM then all is well

    If it also has the same rpoblem then a solution (that also will work with FTM 3) is to download a free version of Legacy Family tree (Standard) or The Master Genealogist and use either to open the version 4 GEDCOM from UFT and/or FTM 3

    Bit of trouble but works fine

    John D

  749. Susan Bellomo

    Our nonprofit genealogy library received donations of some old Family Tree Maker data CDs that require GRS software to view.

    Is there some place we can purchase or acquire the viewer needed to access these CDs?

  750. desiree henderson

    Hi there, gee I am glad I found this.

    I have been looking at your site so many times, my eyes are blurry.

    My grandad sargeson is listed on your site as being born in 1886 i have his birthcertificate I know he died around 1959-1960 but I can not find his listing in the death columns. His name is Christopher Sargeson dob 1886 married to Everal Williams 23.1.1914 in Yorkshire .

    Can you help me here, also Robert Sargeson 1801 married an Eliza (surname) unknown dob 1811 he was a spindle maker, I would like to view there marriage certificate and birth certificate but can not.

    can you help me… please….thankyou

  751. Sharon Schrag

    I would like to try and get my old address back, I was hacked into and had to have my computer fixed. Now I cannot use my username or email, My new email, my old is I cannot get into my other sites, because, they deleted all my passwords, so now matter how I try it will open with my old password.. Thank tou

  752. John Donaldson

    # 929 Sharon

    I think you will need to ring Ancestry to sort this one out

    I don’t think this blog can help you on this one.

    John D

  753. I purchased Family Tree Maker 2008 and was supposed to receive the 2009 version free. I haven’t received it or received any communication about it. Can you please help me update?

    Lysle Meyer

    I really enjoyed the Webinar.

  754. John Donaldson

    #932 Anmdrea

    Not directly

    FTM 2009 only reads down to version 5

    and FTM 3.4 only makes a GEDCOM version 4 not version 5.5 as FTM 2009 needs

    Many solutions

    Maybe the best to download the free Family Archive view and use it to read your FTM 3.4 file and save it as a 5.5 GEDCOM that FTM 2009 can open

    Another option is download the lite version of FTM 2006

    article number 3673

    John D

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