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Starting at about 11:00 PM tonight (Mountain Daylight Time) our Tree Service will be down—we estimate this will last about 30 minutes.

We’re doing this to accommodate the tremendous growth we’re experiencing.

This tree service downtime will affect Member Trees, OneWorldTree, some portions of Ancestry Press, the sections of the Home Page that are related to Member Trees, and the sections of 2.0 that are related to Member Trees.

We apologize for the downtime.


  1. I had been hoping that this might have resolved the issue with the massive ancestry file corruptions that are happening but it didn’t!
    Even the simple act of merging a single census data entry into my tree results in duplicate records, missing records and broken relational chains. This problem began with the latest change (about 1 week ago) that added sibling options and edit options to children lists. Records that I deleted 5 or six days ago reappear. Any modification to a record, i.e., adding a middle name, results in the original record and the updated record both remaining in the chains. When you edit the “bad” record, in an attempt to remove it, then the “good” record comes up for editing. I am watching one year’s worth of research being slowly turned into an unusable piece of corrupted and worthless information. Any attempts to notify ancestry of this problem has been ignored. Like so many other users that I am in contact with, it appears that a large number of users need to cancel their membership in order to get’s attention.


    cant add ebenezer because the parents arent on this census which should have been William Foster and Patience Clark Foster

  3. Kenny Freestone

    In response to #2…

    Hi Dale,

    Please send me an email with some details for us to track this down. What you explain sounds unusual and horrible. If we can reproduce it we’d love to fix it.

    kfreestone at



  4. Connie Norheim

    Suggestion to improve the photo section of the online trees:
    Give us the ability to rearrange the order of the photos for a person. Currently the photos arrange with the most currently added photo becoming the furthest to the left photo. If I’m posting all my photos for a person & am posting them at the same time, I can input them so they end up the way I want them. I’d like to be able to post pictures in chronological order, with a baby picture to the far left, then maybe as a teenager, a wedding picture, and probably ending with tombstone photo or obit. As it exists now, the obit would always become the first picture of the grouping unless I wanted to remove all the photos and start all over. Would love to be able to just rearrange the photos.


    for the last 4 nights your site has been EXTREMELY SLOW………….. I believe jewishgen has signed for your services because they think you have enhanced computer savy.well they are in for a surprise.

  6. Amanda Jacobson

    I have been trying to access the publisher tab for the past week which is when all of a sudden I sit for ever while it says waiting for I can get into every other part of the site but not publish which is where I want to go to work on my books. I could get in a week ago but no longer! This stinks because I am almost finished and ready to order my books!

  7. lucybutko


    It is 19 Sep 2008 and I can’t even get to the website, through a bookmark, through google, by typing in the adress.


  8. dauncey1 was working fine until 6:30pm PDT tonight. It is now totally unavailable. Have cleared cache, etc.

  9. BethHunter

    I was in working away, tried to go back one page and get the message ‘connecting’. It’s been connecting for almost an hour. Is there something the users can do to resolve this problem?

  10. My Root Are Showing

    I paid for the ancestry subscription, when the site goes down, more than once, will I get some credit for a non-working site?

  11. safelykept44689

    Whatever was done on September 17 clearly didn’t work. It’s now September 23, and I’ve been trying to merge info into my family tree for the last 5 minutes, and it just keeps saying “loading…..”, “loading……”, and then nothing happens. This, after an entire weekend of bogged down performance, information not merging into the tree, and other various irritants, having used 2 different browsers, Mozilla AND Safari. It’s getting ridiculous……

  12. Linda Matheny

    Since about the time described in the comments here, I have been unable to get ancestry to accept the pictures I try to upload to the book I’m making, which had worked perfectly before this. I have deleted images from the photo collection at ancestry for me; I have re-scanned images. All my images are JPGs. When I try to upload a picture to ancestry, it either cranks and cranks with no result, or I get a message saying that there was a problem downloading the picture. Obviously. What’s the deal?


    After reading some of the comments,i have to admit that ifeel more than a little bit “thick”..English for stupid lol…. My husband is the pc nut in our family but due to his job, it means that he is away from home for months at a time…this is were i start to suffer problems that until today i thought were because i was not pc savvy!!!…I work on my tree from Germany so on reading your blog about “down time” explans why ifind that in the middle of the day and early evening i have MANY problems with your site…it goes from slllllloooooow to not at all …. but as i said earlier,after reading other peoples comments, i now know it is NOT me !!!!

  14. Yolanda Simpson

    Hello. I am looking for my father.Leslie George Simpson born 1/15/47 in Jamaica West Indies. I have lost contact with him since the age of 12 and have been searching for him. He was last seen sometime in either 1999-2002 at a gas station in South Ozone Park,Queens,New York. Please if you have any info on this man contact me at my email above. God bless you.

  15. mohammed yunus (FIJI)


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