Posted by Ancestry Team on September 9, 2008 in Family Tree Maker

Hi everyone,

I’m Michelle Pfister, a Senior Product Manager working on Family Tree Maker. I’m looking forward to joining the conversation and hearing your suggestions for Family Tree Maker 2009. Thanks for your active participation!

First, let me give you an update. Some of our Family Tree Maker 2008 registrants have already received an email explaining how to request a free update to Family Tree Maker 2009. Most of you will receive an email today (assuming all goes as planned). We want to make sure that everyone who should receive the email does. I’ll be back on the blog to let you know when the email has been sent. At that point, if you haven’t heard from us, we want to hear from you so we can work on a solution. Thank you for your patience as we work through this.

While you wouldn’t expect it to be difficult to provide a free update — we certainly didn’t when we made the decision — it’s been far more complicated than we ever thought. There’s no need to bore you with details, but just as an indication, I’ve personally coordinated with over 40 people to make it happen — really. And there are many more involved. For me, this level of work, which has literally taken weeks and will cost many many thousands of dollars,  is an indication of the dedication we have to our loyal customers. The messages we’ve sent about our wanting to support you in your important family history work are not just marketing speak — we really mean it.

Now, for some ground rules. I plan to regularly read your posts, and I will try to respond to general themes and issues. I’ll be listening carefully to your concerns and the features you would like to see in the future. Although I would love to help with individual items — especially since I was once a school teacher and naturally love to help — I will ask that you contact Customer Service for technical support. I personally appreciate an active, respectful conversation, and its obvious from past comments that you do, too. No derogatory comments about the people involved on this project–or who blog on the posts–are allowed. I will delete them :). Honest feedback about your experience with the product is very appreciated.

Our first topic of conversation is taking care of the our loyal Family Tree Maker 2008 registrants. I’ll be back later to let you know when the email has been sent.

5:30 pm MST

We just clicked “Send” on the email for Family Tree Maker 2008 users who registered a US or Canadian version of the software (which means you purchased it from or a retail store in the US or Canada). If you fit into the group, please allow a few hours for the email to show up in  your Inbox. There are a lot of you, and it might take awhile. We tried to make sure everyone received an email, but we might have somehow missed some. If you registered a US or Canadian 2008 version of Family Tree Maker and didn’t receive the email, my sincere apologies. Please let us know here in a comment, and we’ll start working on a solution in the morning. Likewise, if you are in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and didn’t receive your email last week, please let us know.

Our 2008 users are the first to receive an opportunity to order Family Tree Maker 2009 from They’ll receive the same product and package that will sell in our online store for $39.95. In addition, they’ll receive the new functionality we’re planning for a free update later on:

3:30 am MST

If you follow the link in the Free Upgrade email, you might see this message:

“Due to the high popularity of our FTM 2009 free upgrade offer, we are unable to fulfill your order at this time. Please check back later.”

As suggested in the email, the best thing to do would be to check later (at least a few hours later).  My apologies for this inconvenience. We’ll continue to work on accepting as many orders as the system can handle. The coupon codes are valid until October 9th, so there’s plenty of time to request the free upgrade.


  1. Ian


    Thank you for your proactive approach to issuing the free upgrade. While I am neither a professional genealogist, nor am I one who has had many issues with the FTM program, I know that many folks on here are both. Even so, it’s nice to know that someone is ready to listen to our concerns and issues.

    As my research and data gathering are an even growing and changing organism, my primary issue is that I would like to be able to update my online content, rather than have to start a whole new tree. I would like to be able to upload updates to my tree as they occur, which is sometimes daily. As a project manager for software development, I recognize that many issues exist around creating changes to existing code. However, I have discovered that genealogy is an ever-changing element that needs the capacity to grow and it matures.

    Thank you for your time in reading my comments and for your attention for assistance.



  2. Tony Cousins

    Michelle, first of all welcome to a thread that has seen little feedback from TGN, I hope you intend to change that.

    You said “Although I would love to help with individual items — especially since I was once a school teacher and naturally love to help — I will ask that you contact Customer Service for technical support.”

    I have one question, or maybe 2 🙂

    When will TGN reinstate the Saturday Customer Service seeing as most people research over the weekend, and secondly why did they stop the Saturday coverage?


  3. Martha Brewer

    What happened to Ben? What happened to Russel? We want to talk to one person we can held accountable for their promises!

    You are not addressing issues.

    Why haven’t you relesased FTM “2009” as an upgrade to FTM 2008 yet? It worked for SP3, so it works for FTM 2009.

    Is is true, as some commenters have reported, that we have to pay for the “FREE” upgrade? Yes or No?

    Is it true, that we have to wait ANOTHER few week to receive it?

    These are simply questions.
    These are obvious questions.
    You have not addressed them at all.

  4. Martha Brewer

    BTW Michelle,

    I just saw that you deleted some critical post from another thread.
    Comment that were not derogatory in any way, just impatient, fortright and critical, and called upon you to honor your promises.

    Undersand this bit of advice, Michelle, If you are going to release crappy product, deal with the criticism.

    Censoring opinions you don’t like is not going to play well with the community of loyal users. You have earned your first minus points with this user.

  5. Terri

    Thank you for the update. The fact that the update contained specific information on what to expect was great.

    I want to echo Ian’s desire for the ability to update online trees. Family Tree Maker is a great tool and the best way to maintain a genealogy database, but is a great place to share the information. However, having to create a new tree each time there are updates severely limits the use of the wonderful features provides for soliciting input such as pictures, stories, etc from other family members. It’s no use to add those things if they have to be added again the next time an upload occurs.

    Looking forward to the ever improving FTM software. Even though there are frustrations at times, the information and tools at our fingertips is incredible compared to just a short time ago.


  6. Carol

    Michelle –
    Thank you very much for your explanation on the process, problems & progress regarding the free software.
    A lot of the anger from current FTM 2008 owners probably could have been avoided if someone had taken the time a month ago to explain what was actually going on with the release. The first release date was posted and came and went without comment from TGN. Duff Wilson announced a second release date, Sept 3, in his interview with Myrtle and that date also came and went without comment from TGN. I understood that when Ben left and Russell took over there would be a change in the Blog, however, allowing the requests for basic information to go unanswered or giving vague answers to questions(like “a few weeks”), doesn’t help when people are feeling cheated and/or taken advantage of.
    However much I like some of the new features like the maps in FTM 2008, the fact remains that it was released without a lot of charts & reports immediately available and it wasn’t made clear enough that FTM 2008 wasn’t going to have all the charts & reports that previous versions had. I hate to say this but I made an assumption (and yes, I know I shouldn’t have) – I assumed that the new version would be better than the old, but still contain all of the same charts, reports and features that I loved so much. That is what had happened several times before, so I bought FTM 2008 based on my love of previous versions. This however was like paying for a whole cake but getting only a slice – expensive and irritating!

    As to features – the all-in-one tree is the one thing I’d like to see in a future version of FTM. I save hunderds of dollars printing it myself. If it isn’t ever coming back I’ll have to buy different software.

    Michelle – thank you again for the explanation and good luck with getting FTM 2009 out without anymore problems!

  7. Michelle Pfister

    I appreciate the questions. Here are a few quick replies:

    – One of the things we’re actively working on is better integration with online trees. We’ve heard from an increasing number of people who want to continue to update their online tree. We’re excited to improve this area as part of the new features that are mentioned near the bottom of Russ’s post on Version 2009:

    – Regarding Saturday Customer Service, that’s something I’ll need to check into. I don’t know the reasons for our current policies, but I’ll find out.

    – I’ll send more details regarding the offer after the email has been sent.

    – Regarding the level of participation you’ve seen lately, you’re right, we haven’t been here as much as usual. Working out the details of our free offer has been the main cause. The changes in release dates were also driven by that complexity. I can see that it would be frustrating not to hear more details and to have release dates come and go. Perfectly fair and understandable feedback. I hope to do a better job of keeping you all informed as we move forward.

    – We appreciate the positive and helpful comments/questions/concerns. I’ll be back later with more details.

  8. Ernie

    I have asked this question before and have received no reply. I have been using FTM since Banner Blue and the most important feature has been the book-writing. Now, with 2008 this feature is gone. Will it be reinstated in 2009?

  9. LIsa

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you very much for your blogs today, they have been very informative. If only, as others have said before me, there had been more answers forthcoming from TGN there may not have been so much frustration shown on the blogs by FTM 2008 users. I admit I was one thise frustrated customers. I like 2008, although there are niggles, like the lack of the ‘all in one tree’ but overall I like the user interface. I eagerly await the email from yourselves today so that I can get my free copy of 2009.

    Please continue to update us, it is very much appreciated.



  10. Christopher

    Hello Michelle, welcome!

    Please could you address Carol’s question: will the All-In-One Tree be returning to FTM 2009, and if so, when?

    And a new question from me: when should UK users expect a free upgrade email and delivery/download of FTM 2009? Will there be a specific UK version, like there was for 2008?

    Thank you.

  11. Michelle Pfister

    Thanks for the welcome! Requests for the All-in-One tree come in frequently. It’s very high on our priority list. I’ll let you know when I can provide more information. Sorry — I know that’s not as much detail as requested. But, it’s what I can offer right now.

  12. I have not received my email yet. I am a registered purchaser and user of FTM 2008 and was sent an email promising me another email with info on how to get 2009 free. Please let me know how I can do that. Thank you.

  13. Kathy Cowey

    I have multipy entries in my family tree and need to clean it up. I can’t figure out how to do this other than walking through the list and taking each entry one by one. Is there a quicker way of doing this?
    Thanks Kathy

  14. Gretar Einarsson

    Michell welcome aboard.
    I have not had much problem with FTM2008 after patch 2, but I can understand the frustration of some persons that have got into a lot of trouble with FTM2008. People are complaing that they have to pay postage (even Microsoft offer you a free prodcut, but you have to pay the postage), but I think that is nothing if we get a decent prodcut, that I am shure of. If TGM would have been little bit more watchful about this blog and answered complains then customers would have
    been much more satisfied. Your step into that is a good process forward. I am looking forward to get my eMail and free FTM2009, I did register it through
    Keep on good work Michelle.

  15. Larry Czarnik

    Thanks for update. Any news is better than no news.

    Understand earlier posts, comments and promises, but really would like the two main features I used (and reason for my purchasing FTM in the first place back in version 4.4) re-introduced.

    “Introduced in Version 4.0
    Family Books — automatically assemble your choice of trees, reports, and other printouts into one continuous document with Table of Contents and Index.


    Free Web Page — where you can post trees and reports to help your long-lost relatives locate you and collaborate on research.”

    2008SP10 07:20

  16. Mark Miller

    Are their any plans to enable the online backup feature in 2009 that was offered in v16? I had just renewed/paid for another years service a few weeks before 2008 was released. Being an ‘early adopter’ type I jumped on the 2008 bandwagon as soon as it was available and have not been able to use the backup service as a result. Even if it wasn’t integrated directly into the 2009 menu if it was available via a separate website it would still be worth it to safeguard my 25+ years of research.

    Mark Miller

  17. Bob S


    Firtsly good luck. Yes I registered, yes I was informed I had been picked for Beta testing version 2009. Yes, I returned the signed document by fax. No, I never heard anything from that point.
    No, I have, (as yet), received my free update to version 2009, BUT, wether free or ‘postage cost’, how are we in the UK going to be dealt with please.

    This is not a complaint about the past, what has gone is gone, it is a hope/question that faith can again be gained in FTM, and it’s company.

    Enjoy life.
    Never promise, but, will always try.
    Bob Sangster.

  18. Diana

    I would really, really like to have an option online at where I can designate some trees as “not ready to share” while they are in process. I don’t mind sharing info, but it REALLY bothers me that people might be finding WRONG info — things I am in the process of verifying but am not sure about yet.

  19. Gretar Einarsson

    I have been a beta tester for a some time and that company did make the beta testers a privilidge, that is a very important customers/user. Beta testers are one of the most important user for a program and if you do not yous his importatnt iformations you are definetly going into some problem. Even if my info was not use at beta testing period I was informed (this was not a minor company if had a dominant value in it category) So it is bad what Bob tells. Not promising. Beta testers are so valuable. Still looking foreward.

  20. Charlene Smith

    Welcome Michelle.

    Now on to the bad news… I have inserted the coupon code and clicked apply but the cart still shows the the full purchase price at $47.65. I also tried to use “update” in hopes that it would reflect the coupon. It did not. Unfortunately the customer service department is closed as it is now after 5:00 PM Pacific Time…


  21. Daryl Rickards

    I have did not receive your email last week. Below is the conformation of my registration. Looking forward to the 2009 upgrade.
    Daryl Rickards
    Warrawee NSW

    Dear Daryl Rickards,

    Thank you for registering your copy of Family Tree Maker. As a registered user, you are eligible to:

    Have Family Tree Maker automatically search for more information on the ancestors in your file through our Web Search feature.
    Receive discounts on future versions of Family Tree Maker and other products.
    Enjoy using Family Tree Maker, and best of luck in your research!

    Best regards,
    Your Family Tree Maker Team

  22. Robin

    Hi Michelle

    I’m in New Zealand, and registered FTM 2008 on September 2 2007.

    I haven’t received any emails regarding the upgrade to FTM 2009

  23. Brian Marburger

    I just got the 2009 upgrade e-mail. Clicked the link and nothing happened, just sits there. Once again you mist the most important rule of customer service and retention…do it right the first time

  24. Ian

    LOL… guess they released the email for the free update:


    Timed out
    Timed out
    Timed out
    Timed out
    Timed out
    Timed out
    Timed out
    Timed out
    Timed out
    Timed out

    Average time over 10 pings: 0 ms

  25. Shannon

    Brian, it’s just that everyone who got the email is trying to access that page at the same time and it’s timing out, which isn’t Ancestry’s fault.

    What is their fault though is that I’m also having the problem that it’s not discounting the price with the coupon code.

  26. Larry

    Here we go again. The free copy by e-mail for all of us that have been promised this won’t even download.
    Come on, let’s get it right. When you put it in the cart everthing locks up and asked you to come back later because your are having cart problems. Way to go.

  27. Ronald Chambers

    Another TGN fiasco!! Received e-mail to get released version of FTM2009 and the Ancestry web site/store is messed up. Was able to get it up then I placed my code into the slot and two hours later still waiting.

    Why not allow us to download?

    RON C

  28. Donald LeDonne

    Does FTM-2008 allow me to print out the entire family tree that I have made? Seems like I have to print out separate section , one at a time.

  29. Frederic

    Well look on the bright side, at least the forum site is up so we can complain about the shopping site being down.

  30. Richard

    While I have been a loyal user of FTM for almost as long as it has been out, I too have been disappointed in some of the upgrade options when I went to version 2008. But I can also see things as a computer manager for a large organization that some persons can’t. There are a lot of issue that pop up that might be unforseeable. While I appreciate the comments being made in a public forum, eveyone who as used the program for as long as I have must have realized some of these problems were going to happen. If you send an e-mail to 10 people and so on, by the time it gets to the 6th level you have over one million e-mails. Imagine the number of e-mails going out and the number of people trying to access the site all at once. I am just as anzious as everyone, but I think we all need to take a step back and be patient. Thanks for the updates Michelle and I hope we have your ear for current problems and future upgrade thoughts at the same level. Keep up the great work.

  31. Carol

    Michelle –

    Thank you for keeping your word and getting the email out today.

    I must say however my coupon code didn’t work tonight so I’ll try again tomorrow.

  32. William Carr

    I’m a registered user of FTM 2008; however, have not received any emails regarding update. In fact I don’t recall ever getting an email acknowledging my registration (I’ve done it multiple times). I have received emails confirming registration of the webinar and other items fromm

  33. John

    I received my e-ma; with free upgrade code (I was a beta-tester). However uisng the links in the e-mail, gives me a message that due the overwhelming response to the fre upgrade TGN cannot service my order – try later.

    If I go to the ancestry site and select Store – a message says it is unavaible vut you can still select software and order FTM2009 – but BEWARE — the code in the e-mail does not work — it still shows total price

    I suspect the code only works on the link from the e-mail!!

    At least some progress is being made but one would have thought they should have expected the high volume.

    The upgrade should have had an option for a download version or CD –
    most online sites have that feature!!

  34. Frederic

    There is a message on the site now.
    Due to the high popularity of our FTM 2009 free upgrade offer, we are unable to fulfill your order at this time. Please check back later.

    Thank you, The Generations Network, Inc.

    It should probably be fine by tomorrow depending on the volume of traffic the site gets..

  35. Robbie Burnett

    Hi Michelle,
    It is 10:17 PM on 9-9 and I don’t have my email yet. Perhaps because I registered under my old email address, I did change that email address with Ancestry but assume that there could be a problem. The correct email did come up above.

    Now, I think I have a problem that I haven’t seen with other posts. In the relationship view, people are listed as unrelated person even though they are the preferred, natural parent. I went in tonight and deleted an entire family relationship, not the people, just the relationships. I then reconnected and everything seemed ok. Later I go back and it has returned to the unrelated person. Sure hope that is fixed in 2009.

  36. Robbie Burnett

    Ok, I just went in and registered the program again, this time with my new email. Hopefully that will get me the coveted email.

  37. Paul Sarjeant

    I am a registered user of FTM 2008 and have not yet received the update e-mail. I believe I am registered through the UK although I am located in Canada.


  38. Dave

    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for your update, but although I have registered, as yet I have still not received any emails (it is now midnight in Ontario).
    Hopefully you guys will find me soon! looking forward to getting 2009!
    Thanks again

  39. Barbara Cunningham

    As of 2306 CDT, I have not received the email telling me where I can download the free upgrade.

  40. Charlene Smith

    Hi Michelle,

    Just a quick clarification. I did use the link in the email during my attempt to use the coupon code.

    I wish all of luck…


  41. Eric

    It looks like the volume of requests may have crashed the servers. At least that is my guess. I have been getting this message for a couple of hours now.

    Due to the high popularity of our FTM 2009 free upgrade offer, we are unable to fulfill your order at this time. Please check back later.

    Thank you, The Generations Network, Inc.

    Disappointing but will try again in the morning.

  42. LIsa

    Hi Michelle,

    Unfortunately I have not received your email and I have also checked the spam folder, I am in the UK, what happens now please?

  43. Pat

    I purchased and installed FTM2008 in late July. I am sure I would have registered as part of the installation process but I have no proof that I did. I was so thoroughly disgusted with the software that I removed it shortly after installation. I did receive the note in August advising FTM2008 users would be given a free 2009 upgrade but I have not received yesterday’s email with the coupon code.

    I am in Maryland. That’s in the U.S.

    Also, Michelle, I would like to thank you stepping up to the plate. I’m not sure what’s going on there at TGN but the silence had become deafening.



  44. Michael Heagren

    Hi Michelle

    Thanks for you informative update, looking forward to the new release. I am a customer that has not recived an email. Can you please advise whom I should contact.



  45. Michelle Pfister

    If you follow the link in the Free Upgrade email, you might see this message:

    “Due to the high popularity of our FTM 2009 free upgrade offer, we are unable to fulfill your order at this time. Please check back later.”

    As suggested in the email, the best thing to do would be to check later (at least a few hours later). My apologies for this inconvenience. We’ll continue to work on accepting as many orders as the system can handle. The coupon codes are valid until October 9th, so there’s plenty of time to request the free upgrade.

  46. Peter Mason

    I live in the UK and bought a UK version of 2008 from a 2008 online UK retailer.

    I have not received any e-mail offering the free upgrade.

    When I phoned “customer services” yesterday, they told me that all UK registered users should receive the e-mail by the end of next week!!!

    Michelle – can you look into why there is so much miss-information?

    Can you confirm whether I should have by now received the relevant e-mail?


  47. Daryl Rickards

    Hi again Michelle,
    It must be busy for you but what about we folk outside the US. If the clock is ticking down to the 9th October and given the problems the US folk are experiencing will we miss out on the free upgrade.
    best regards

  48. Paul

    OK – why is everyone here in such a rush to download this update. Just think about your experience with FTM2008…patience.

  49. John

    Still no luck this morning – 7:45 Eastern!

    The link from the email still gives the overload message and the Ancestry Store, although now available doest not apply the upgrade code.

  50. Sandra Boff

    Hi Michelle,
    You requested we contact you if we did not receive a email about FMT 2009 free upgrade. I have not as of yet. I also would like to know if it is possible to upgrade further from that point?
    Thanks so much,

  51. John

    How about a status update on what is going on!!

    Maybe they are re-thinking a “downloadable version” instead!!

    What about the code not working on checkout?

    In any case give us a status update please!

  52. Amy

    Hours later and hours later again- I still cannot get into the store by following the link for my free upgrade. I have to agree that a coupon code that simply would have fixed the price and perhaps granted free shipping would have worked. Other online stores do things like this all the time.

    Typical for what we’ve seen with FTM2008- It took 40 folks to still have problems with the free upgrade. Reminds me of those “How Many Aggies” jokes.

    Why not concentrate on getting the release right in the first place? There are already things hanging for 2009 that are planned as upgrades? This has been one of my biggest FTM gripes. . . one version right after another leaves little time for true working with the issues at hand. Thankfully, this new version is suppose to come to me free. . . if I can ever get the link to work.

    Suggestions/ Requests:
    True intergration with the online family trees.
    Recongnition of dial-up customers and the impact of this on using features.

  53. Barbara Cunningham

    I still have not received the email advising me about how to access the free upgrade. I received an email in August advising me that I would be receiving this information. Since then, the silence has been extremely deafening.

    While FTM 2008 has some features I like, it also does not have the functionality I remember from FTM 2006. I am hoping that FTM 2009 restores that functionality.

  54. Steve

    Still trying to get the upgrade, even trying to paste the site automatically redirects me to the page to try later, it is not even trying to get there anymore. Why not just automatically mail a copy to everyone that you offered it to. wouldn’t that be much easier? send out a form to email back with request and address to send software. just a suggestion. Hope all works out and thank you for the offer. looking forward to getting FTM2009. 🙂

  55. Randolph Clark

    Here’s my registration:

    X-Originating-IP: []
    X-Authority-Analysis: v=1.0 c=1 a=HfUzXJc2AAAA:8 a=WrT98moskGoout5-5NgA:9 a=lxSDx_snAEK40CrJCkACT3MBehoA:4 a=oJvj-ygz_HcA:10 a=9OHTkwyHC8cA:10
    X-VirtualServer: comm,,
    X-MailingID: 00000::00000::00000::00000::::507967
    X-Mailer: StrongMail Enterprise 3.2.0(3.00.196)
    X-VirtualServerGroup: comm
    X-SMHeaderMap: mid=”X-MailingID”
    date: 16 Jan 2008 13:39:02 -0700
    subject: Welcome to
    X-OriginalArrivalTime: 16 Jan 2008 20:39:02.0635 (UTC) FILETIME=[D452DBB0:01C8587F]

    Dear Randolph Clark,

    Thank you for registering your copy of Family Tree Maker. As a registered user, you are eligible to:

    * Have Family Tree Maker automatically search for more information on the ancestors in your file through our Web Search feature.
    * Receive discounts on future versions of Family Tree Maker and other products.

  56. Even when y’all DO get the email, I doubt its going to work for you…almost 12:30 here est and I still cant get to the site to try to get it. I even tried just going to the store without the link and applying the coupon code and it doesnt work.

  57. Sandra Boff

    Thanks Michelle I got the email.
    I’ve never seen so many angry people over getting somehing free. I never expected to get this and am happy to wait. Even though there has been problems ftm 2008 is still better than most out there especially combined with Your ancestors will still be there tomorrow. Take a deep breath and for the time being research

  58. Sandra Boff

    Just one more thing, I’m not sure but I’d bet that some of you that don’t see a discount at checkout are not going through the email but going directly to and trying to use the coupon. I’m pretty sure you have to start at your email and click on “get the software”. Could be wrong but…

  59. TonyC

    Still getting the unavailable message using the link from the email – unless of course you go to the store and try to buy at the full price, no problems there. So current users of FTM2008 are being given a lower priority – that just doesn’t seem right to me.


  60. Alice Lance

    I was looking forward to all the upgrades that were to be part of FTM 2009 and the fact that it was given as a free upgrade made them that much better. I was very disappointed when I received the email about the free upgrade and the “Free Software” link got me nothing but an “I’m sorry”.
    Very disappointed!

  61. Michelle Pfister

    We sent you an email yesterday with an offer for a free Family Tree Maker upgrade. Because of the enthusiastic response, our site went down and many users were either unable to access the site, or their codes did not work properly. To resolve the site issues caused by this overwhelming response and to minimize wait time, we are sending a new email with instructions that will remedy the problem. This email will be sent out in a tiered fashion to smaller groups, but all should receive the email in the next few days. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    The new email will provide a new link and a new coupon code. Please use the new email instructions when requesting your free upgrade. We want to make sure you have an opportunity to receive the free offer you were promised so the new coupon code will be valid through October 15th.

    Because of the nature of this offer, the coupon code is designed to work only in the online store through the special link provided in the email. Our Call Center cannot process Family Tree Maker 2009 Free upgrades.

    Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we resolve these issues.
    Thank you.

  62. Amy


    We are going through the email. Using the code from the email by just going to the store does not get you the discount.

    It’s not that I’m in a rush. It’s not that I’m angry- it’s disappointment. It’s that I had hope that our FTM 2009 experience would be different from the last one with FTM 2008. But, ill-planning such as we are seeing today does not bode well for those hopes. I think that many others feel similarly.

  63. Jeff Jahn

    Sometimes I think Ancestry goes out of their way to make things more difficult, expensive, & complicated. Why was all the time, resources and money spent on figured how to do it going around the store coupon window. Wouldnt it have been easier to just have a coupon that works through that window? You dont see other companies stating you have to go to this site instead to use this special coupon, and when the rare cases you do its cause its someone spoofing the site and trying to gain personal info from ya.

  64. Randy Crain

    I bougth and registered FTM 2008 when it first came out. Although I had many problems and crashes and hated the program I still used it. I have not gotten an email either

  65. Eric

    Well I can certainly understand not initially having enough compute capacity to handle an intial surge. I don’t understand not having enough reserve capacity on demand to resolve the issue. I woul dhave also expect a note in EMAIL stating that the first site does not work! I am glad I found this blog by accident a few weeks ago and pity the folks who did not and are still clicking away on the site. They will be infuriated!


  66. Robin

    I am now thinking that Ancestry does not actually know who is a registered user of FTM 2008.

    It must surely be easy to pick up all registered users and send an email to them.

    I regularly receive emails from all sorts of sites where I’ve registered, where the trader is trying to sell upgraded versions.

    Why not Ancestry for FTM 2009?

  67. Richard Winstock

    Hi Michelle,

    I’ve had Family Tree Maker 2008 since October 2007, also beta tester of FTM 2009, but like so many people no email yet…I to am from the UK.

    How long is my beta of 2009 going to keep working?



  68. Frederic

    Just received this email:

    Dear valued customer,

    Yesterday, we provided you with an email offer for a free Family Tree Maker upgrade. So many people have tried to upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2009 that it overwhelmed our online store site. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

    In the next few days we’ll send you an email with a new link and coupon code, plus instructions for getting your free upgrade before October 15th. Please note that we can only process upgrades through this link and not our call center.

    Thanks for your patience. We’ll send you that email soon.


    The Family Tree Maker team

  69. Susan

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks. I must reiterate the comments about the all-in-one tree. It’s the only thing I use and I cannot work without it. I need to know how high a priority it is, so I can decide whether I need to buy another program or not.

  70. Christopher

    Hello Michelle,

    Thank you for your prompt response where you recognise that the All-In-One Tree is a priority for many of us, and is currently on TGN’s priority list. I know that’s not a lot of information – but you’re the first to acknowledge its importance to many of us!

    Now for the bad news: I live in the UK and have not received an upgrade email.

    I registered FTM 2008 last year, and a number of times recently, just to make sure…to no avail. I have never had an email acknowledging my registration though, just a confirmation on screen.

    Please help – if time is running out!

    Many thanks.

  71. Christopher

    P.S. Michelle:

    This may not be relevant, but what has happened to the monthly Ancestry updates I used to get? I haven’t had one for six months or so…and then today I got one, with my name on, asking for vounteers for a Landmark Collection of immigration stories.

    Is this linked to registration or emailing problems at TGN/Ancestry?

    By the way, have you noticed how your regular communications have successfully changed the general tone of this board, despite the ongoing problems?

    Well done – keep up the good work!!

  72. Robin

    As I have previously said.

    Can Ancestry give an assurance that the “all-in-one tree” chart be added to the program before the end of the year?

    This will help restore some faith in Ancestry for users of FTM.

  73. John


    I also registered FTM 2008 (more than once) but have not received an email.

    In fact I haven’t received ANY promotional or other emails relative to FTM (other than from development folks like Ben) for more than a year, even though I have tried to set preferences everywhere I could to get them. Am out of ideas how to get on the “list.”


  74. Karen

    The book feature and all in one chart sound like they will happen in future updates.

    One other feature that is important, is the ability to run FTM archive CD’s.Will this feature be added in future? I know that some/most of these programs are on ancestry but not all users of FTM continue to use the site. I realise the program can be run separate to FTM if you have an family archive viewer program. If there are no plans to add this feature in future, will there be support of the FTM Data CD’s via a free down load of family archive viewer? One that will keep up todate with a change to operating systems eg XP to Vista?.

  75. Janice Heidt

    I am in the United States and as of 7:53 p.m. CDT, I have not received any email with information about the free upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2009. I registered my software last year but have gotten nothing. What should I do?

  76. Janice Heidt

    I just realized that like John in message #89, I have not received any emails for a very long time, even though I am an Ancestry member and have registered my copy of FTM 2008 (more than once as a matter of fact). What do I do to get the free upgrade?

  77. Hi Michelle,

    I am a registered FTM 2008 user and have not received any email messages regarding how I would go about receiving the upgrade. I recently registered again since I had not received any of the prior communications.


  78. Robin


    There are so many users now saying that they have not received any emails. And you will be only seeing a small number of FTM users, those who are contributing to this blog.

    You say that you are sending out another email. Who are you sending these to?

    I am in New Zealand. Have you sent any emails to users in New Zealand?

    Can you confirm that there is a problem with your registration system?

    If this is so, then what is Ancestry doing to address the problem?

    I registered last year, got an email to confirm that I had registered.

    But have received no emails! And I don’t think I am likely to.

  79. Eric

    I know this sounds obvious, but scan your junk mail closely. Even though I get lots of solicitation email from Ancestry and family Tree maker my first email ended up in the junk mail.

    This seems to be a repeat of the delivery fiasco from last year. I preordered a few weeks in advance and never got the initial delivery. It took several call and 1.5 months to finally get the software after the initial ship date. Then I could not even transfer my FTM 2006 files until after the second service pack. Start to useable was over 6 months. I am happier with 2008 after I have gotten used to it. I am looking to get the upgrade and then like Microsoft OS’s put it on the shelf for 6 months while the bugs get worked out and features are added.

    Regards, Eric

  80. Sue Whaits

    Hi, I have not got my email regarding upgrade to 2009.
    Also, wonder if anyone can help – have sent requests to Ancestory – no reply.
    I have asked for a syncronisation function so that I can sycronise the db on and my local db in FTM. Often I am on the web and do research – this updates the db uploaded to the web. I want to be able to sycronise back to my FTM db. Is this possible or is that another way of doing this?

  81. Catherine Mossano

    Hi Michelle,

    I’ve been waiting all day and I still have not received my email to upgrade to 2009. Do I need to call customer service? I bought 2008 when it first came out and have had very little problem with it and I registered with no problem so I don’t understand why I have not received my email.



  82. Lisa


    I purchased FTM 2008 and have not received an e-mail regarding the FTM 2009 offer. (I registered the product recently, so that may be why.) I look forward to receiving the upgrade.

    Thank you.

  83. Michelle Pfister

    In terms of priority, the all-in-one tree is in the same general area as the features that are planned for the next free upgrade. It’s a very, very important feature to us. I can’t say more than that because it is also difficult to implement. I don’t want to make promises we can’t keep… Rest assured, though, that we understand it’s importance and we’re actively working on it.

  84. Michelle Pfister

    We have extended the expiration date on the new coupon codes so there’s extra time to order the free upgrade.

    It seems that several of the people who didn’t receive an email update live in countries other than the US. In addition, there are others who purchased a UK or AU version, but live outside of those areas. These are the two groups for which there is some cross-over of internal responsibilities here at The Generations Network. As promised, we will work with those who should have received a coupon code but didn’t. You should hear from us as soon as we resolve the issues associated with the online store going down.

    I am responsible for the US and Canada regions, but I can make sure everyone who has mentioned a concern receives a coupon code, regardless of their location.

    Please bear with us as we work through this. Thanks!

  85. Daryl Rickards

    Thank you Michelle,
    I look forward to the upgrade and that the ordering process is fixed to your satifaction.

    Daryl in Oz

  86. Dan Wilmoth

    Would it be possible to give the faithful users of 2008 the option of getting the new program on CD???

    I would be quite willing to pay a nominal amount to get the new version on CD. That way if my computer crashes, I could reinstall the new version.

    With only having the option of getting 2009 as a download between now and 10/15, what happens after that???

  87. Neil


    I have been a Family Tree Maker user from the 90’s and I have bought all versions when released and registered. I was also selected as a beta tester…can I please receive my email with the link for the FTM 2009 final release. Thank you.

  88. William F. Yull Jr.

    How do I obtain the new Family Tree Maker 2009? I can not find a way to order the upgrade. Please advise.

  89. Robin

    Thank you Michelle

    I purchased the AU version and live in New Zealand.

    Have not received any emails, and look forward to your advice as to the coupon.

  90. Michelle Pfister

    Hello all,

    Just as a quick update, we have still not sent out the new email, but we are getting much closer to getting everything worked out to do this. With the changes we are making, we feel confident that this should be a much smoother process for you. As mentioned before, your response to the 2009 upgrade has been overwhelming. We’re happy about your interest in the product.

    Regarding the question about why we are or are not offering a CD, first, to set the record straight, we will be sending out a CD. In fact, the package that will be sent out as an upgrade will be exactly the same product that new purchasers will receive. We wanted to make sure all our 2008 users would be able to load a “fresh” install of Family Tree Maker on their computers, and that they would be able to have the actual CD in their possession. In the end we felt that this was nicer than a one-time download link.

    Again, thank you for your patience, and we will continue to keep you all informed.

  91. John

    I am a little confused, should registered users in the UK have receieved the email yet?

    I have not received an email, but there is always a danger of it getting gobbled up by a spam filter.

  92. John Donaldson


    I understand that the upgrade (it is not really an upgrade it is the full FTM 2009) will be provided on a CD not a download

    John D

  93. Jerry Spillman


    I purchased FTM 2008, directly from Ancestry Store in July 2007. I have also been using FTM for many years and upgraded each time.

    I did register online when I installed FTM 2008 in July/August 2007.

    I never received the first email you mentioned. Should I register again in case my original registration did not go through for some reason? I just tried this and got an error that stated the connection could not be made at this time. (9/11 ~3pm Pacific Time.

    Thanks ,


  94. Michelle Pfister

    If you have already registered your Family Tree Maker 2008, and didn’t receive an email, there is no need to register again. Instead, I’ll work with you so you have an opportunity to get the free upgrade.

  95. Thanks again Michelle. Just for clarification, when you say that you will work with those that haven’t received the email, can you provide rough timelines as to when we can expect something and/or in what format?

    Kind regards,

  96. Jay Thompson


    I am one of those who have not received an email. I was, in fact, one of the 2008 beta testers. I have been most excited to see the improvements that have come with the patches to 2008 and am looking forward to 2009. I appreciate your kind offer of a free copy of 2009 and look forward to it as well.

    Jay Thompson

  97. Les McFadzen


    Reference your post 111.

    Our overwhelming response to the 2009 upgrade has not been about our interest in the new product but because we are pissed off with 2008.

    Registered and still no email?

  98. David Campbell-Williams

    I purchased 2008 in April or May, and initially was frustrated, as it was not as easy to instal as other upgrades, and I could not get it to register.

    I have in the last few days got it registered. Another few (wasted) hours working on FTM 2008 has convinced me to go back to my trusty Version 11 until I am sure my data has not been lost. While I have located the notes data that I had thought had disappeared, the marriage data has partially disappeared, in that there is merely a common event date, rather than a “marriage”, a date and a place and it does not appear to be capable of being inserted in a chart. With about 600 individuals, and 3 or 400 marriages, I cannot take the risk of having to manually re-enter so much data.

    The loss of the all-in-one chart is also crazy and had I known that, I would not have purchased 2008. WHOSE idea was that?! Own up!

    Fortunately the new data I entered into 2008 was minimal as I spent the time trying to find things and I still have the V 11 disc and data in V 11 format, backed up.

    The upgrade to 2008 was my 4th FTM upgrade since my original purchase of V 3 or 4, and I wait with baited breath down here in AU, to see if the free CD upgrade arrives.

    I must say that I had thought the issues I had were probably mine alone, but I have been astounded to see in the last few days, that they are not.

    2008 is plainly a triumph of form over function; the form is a vast improvement,and while I have not had crashes, even with extensive FTM and computing experience experience, I cannot be confident it is worth the risk of using it until it is fixed. Intuitive it aint!

    And bring back all in one trees!

  99. Kev Schache

    I am an Australian and a registered user of FTM2008 purchased directly from Ancestry Store in USA.Order date 17.07.07 Order number 20288396
    I have not yet received my email about getting FTM2009 free. Please advise the action I should take.
    Thank you

  100. Phil


    No email here yet.
    I registered the Australian version with Australian postal and email addresses.


  101. Donna Marie Blauvelt

    I am also an Australia user of FTM 2008 and am definately register but have not received any emails regarding 2009 update.
    I purchased the product when it first came out from a group that I am a member called VICGUM they are a genealogical computer users group in Victoria, Australia.
    I absolutely love the new format and particularly love the web clipping feature (saves major time)and yes there are features that I miss but I have confidence that these will be addressed in future as best as they can be.
    thank you
    a very happy 2008 user who is looking forward to using 2009.
    Donna Marie

  102. Sara Ellis

    I am terribly disappointed in Deluxe Family Tree Maker 2008. On the box it advertises 3 months premium access to, never mentioning anywhere that access is denied to all UK records.
    It’s no good at all to me as I have traced all my relatives back to the UK, but am unable to go any further. I always heard bad things about but was willing to give them a shot for $40. I’m really ticked off
    and feel that I’ve been cheated.

  103. JoelSwanson75

    It is now the morning of the 12th and I have not received the email about upgrading to 2009.
    I registered version 2008 when purchased and back in early August, when the first information came out about 2009, I verified again that my copy was registered.

    Thank you

    Joel R. Swanson

  104. John

    Why doesn’t TNG listen to its “valued customers” and provide a downloadable copy of FTM2009?

    It would be so much easier and cheaper!

    Do you not have the experts to do this?

    Listen to your customers!!

  105. DavidN

    Having recently purchased FTM 2008, I was pleased to find out about the 2009 upgrade offer. Please note that after checking my junk email folder and others, there is not an email to be found. In fact, after agreeing ot have newsletter, tips, etc, sent to my email, I have yet to receive an email from I even double checked my email address in my account and made sure it was correct. It was. Please see if an email could be forwarded so that I may take advantage of the offer others are getting.

  106. I to have not received an upgrade email. I am registered and have registered evey version of Family Tree Maker for many years. Aside from a few import problems and missing data FTM 2008 I find to work quite well. I also subscribe to and the green leaf matches are sometimes way off target and repetitive but given time I’m sure that will be resolved. Looking forward to the new 2009 version.

  107. Michelle Pfister

    Hi everyone,

    This morning we started sending updated emails to the 2008 registrants. I’ve noted the several new comments regarding people not receiving the email. I’ll be in contact with each of you shortly (within the next few days).

    Thank you for the continued feedback. I appreciate both the positive and negative comments. We at TGN still have some work to do 🙂


  108. Tony A

    Got my email on the new link, clicked on it, was done in about two minutes and even free shipping for “NON EXPEDITED” shipping. Painless transaction.

  109. Jeff Jahn

    I was able to get mine too from the new system. Did find it funny though that I first got the message stating that due to high demand it was temperarly down. Then it stated their was 1 of 1 in the que. Shortly after that the store link poped up and i clicked. Very quickly after order was placed I received the confirmation email of the order. Thanks

  110. Eric

    I recieved the email about 15 minutes ago and have already been able to order. Seems to be working better even if at a slower pace.

  111. Ernie

    I just got the new e-mail for the free copy of 2009. I clicked on GET THE SOFTWARE, got a page showing a few in line waiting, waited until the GO TO STORE came on, and then tried the four step procedure. First off I could not type in my zip code, then I could not change the code number from FTM001F56F to the new code number. When I clicked on Item No 4 all the page would do would blink about every ten seconds. What gives?

  112. Kathy

    I just got the new e-mail. I clicked on “Get the Software” and went to “Go To Store” after my 12 minute wait time.

    I copied and pasted my new coupon code, then clicked on “Apply” but the price stayed the same.

    What else can I do to get the coupon code to change the price to $0.00?

  113. Tony A

    I didn’t even have to enter the coupon code when I got mine. It auto populated. I did enter my zip with no problem also. I selected the non expedited shipping, the shipping changed to $0.00 and hit complete. I wonder if the system is now getting bogged down.

  114. Fred

    After waiting 30 minutes, I still had over 800 people in front of me. Then all of a sudden I had 0 minutes and 0 people in front of me.

    I am still waiting.

    System must be slowing down.

  115. Charlene Smith

    While waiting in line to enter the store I received the following error message:

    Sys.webforms PageRequestManagerServerErrorException

    An unknown error occurred etc.


  116. John Vaughan

    Family Tree Maker 2009,
    Sorry but I have not got my Email yet.
    I got a US copy FTM 2008 from the retail store.
    my order No 20886962.
    John Vaughan User, ellesmere801

  117. Kathy


    After I unsuccessfully tried to get my coupon code to change the price of FTM2009 in my cart, I decided to try again.

    I waited a while, and started the process at the beginning by clicking on the link in the email. I waited my turn in line again to get into the store. I now had two FTM 2009 in my cart. As soon as I deleted one of them, the other FTM 2009 in my cart changed to $0.00. The order went though ok.

    I wish I could say what I did differently to make the coupon code work the second time. Perhaps when I first tried, the system was overloaded.

    I am looking foward to receiving my copy. Thanks.

  118. Bob

    As of 7:08 PM there are 2,091 people in line at the FTM store and the estimated waiting time is 88 minutes! This is an improvement?

  119. Mitch

    I just tried your latest effort to give us the free upgrade that we have waited so long for. Yea, long wait … 88 minutes. 1500 people in line ahead of me. Then suddenlyl, I’m in! Only to discover there are 11 or so copies of the software in my shopping cart and the total bill is over $400. Nope, I didn’t put all those copies in my shopping cart. OK, I try to remove the ones I don’t want. Impossible. Error messages abound. Failure here. Failure there. You guys know who we are. We registered. Just mail them to us.

  120. sara fleming

    Hi I just purchased 2008 yesterday and upgraded my 2006 version without knowing about this. Did I miss the boat on getting 2009 for free? Just my luck that I missed this by a few days. Is there still a way to squeeze me in?

  121. Robbie Burnett

    Count me as one of the unhappy ones. I still do not have the email. In fact, I never received an email which told me you were going to send an email. I just happened to check the forum the other night.
    I called tech support and was told to “put a big note on my computer to contact you on October 1, 2008 if I had not yet received my email”

    I was also informed that it wouldn’t matter if I got my email because the store was so overloaded. Frankly, I am getting angry.

    Also, your tech support is only up during regular working hours. If you have a problem (and who hasn’t), you have to take time away from work to get support. Why not some evening and weekend hours for those of us who remain working stiffs?

  122. Karen

    The happy few who managed to get something ordered are fortunate indeed. For the rest of us, the Ancestry store has become the cyber equivalent of Best Buy or Circuit City the day after Thanksgiving: long lines snaking around the store and spilling out onto the sidewalk.

    My primary thought at this point is that Friday is not a good day to try to activate something like this. 2200+ people were in line the last time I tried; imagine what is it going to be like over the weekend!

  123. Lynn


    In some ways you are lucky, some of use have not yet received the email with the updated link and “coupon” code … I am still waiting to be invited to stand on the long line snaking around the store …

  124. Bob

    The time is now 8:04 PM EST. After having the FTM srore’s server crash on me just a few minutes ago, I decided to retry. Again, the line was long as was the waiting time, but before I could finish reading the screen, a message flashed up telling me to go to the store.

    My cart was already loaded and priced and as soon as I pasted the coupon code in the space provided the total charge changed to zero! The only problem was that I was asked for my Ancestry username and password before checking out. I was in and out of the store within two minutes.

  125. John

    Why can’t the ancestry people respond to emails? It is like they don’t really exist! And they wonder why people are upset!

    Give us a downloadable product!

  126. John

    Someone mentioned about the weekend — how much more of a queue there might be at the ancestry store!!

    I seriously doubt anyone will get emails over the weekend! I think they have closed up for the weekend! It is certainly not a 24/7 operation!

    Give us a downloadable product!

  127. Chris


    I have been waiting patiently for the email providing registered users the coupon code for FTM 2009 but have not receive it as of yet. Is it possible that there still is a glich in the system.

    I did recieve an email on 8/8/2008 stating that register users would recieve a free copy of FTM but I have not received anything since then. How would I get my free upgrade.

    Thank you,


  128. Roxanna Deane

    I have tried several times to order the free upgrade. I do get a message that says there is a long wait and then “go to shopping cart” pops up. The screen that comes up has an order for two copies. I remove one, put in the code and the prices all go to 0. Then when I to go to checkout, I am asked to log into ancestry and put in my credit card information. After that the screen pops up with the original price – shipping costs and taxes. I am asked to confirm my order which I don’t do. Please fix this.

  129. Don Knupp

    I’ve been a Family Tree Maker user since 2006. 2006 is a great product. I purchased the 2008 version in March 2008 and found it to be mediocre at best although I find its’ web search feature to be better than even the search feature on – I get more matches to my search queries.

    I am another one of those individuals who never received an email about upgrading to 2009 even as recently as 8:00pm. What’s up with this?

    Will the 2009 version solve issues with exporting to PDF? I would like to share a rough draft of a descendant chart with relatives as a single-page PDF to hopefully provoke some sharing of information and photos. My chart size is currently 8.5 x 154. When I try to export to PDF, the resulting file consists of 15 pages of 8.5 x 11 pages. This is impossible to follow. I’ve tried adjusting the page size to larger than 8.5 x 164, and adjusting PDF settings and still get the same results.

    I realize that this blog is probably not the right place for an Export to PDF problem but when I asked the question to technical support the response was to send the chart to my printer and it would make the necessary adjustments. “Send the chart to my printer and it would make the necessary adjustments”? I am trying to export to PDF. Did I miss something?

    Amyway, as a registered user of 2008 I am hoping that 2009 will resolve this and other issues and I am hoping to see an email for an upgrade before the time limit runs out.

    Thank you.

  130. Megan

    G’day from sunny Australia!

    Have just received a second email with a second coupon, but it is evident from posts to this blog and my own attempts at getting onto the Store site, that there are way too many attempts being made to allow the page to actually load in Australia!!!!!

    I would suggest that the software be available to download to us registered users, once we provide suitable “keys” to unlock the download.

    Ancestry already has our FTM 2008 registration details, and the requirement to logon to the Ancestry site will double-check the downloader’s credentials!!!

    Any software developer knows that a distribution method is better than a purchase method – look at software like Adobe and utilities like Java… download and use the software in a basic format, then purchase if you are really serious.

    Come on, you guys at Ancestry – wake up and give the world a go!

    Let actual purchasers use your Shop and provide the upgrades on a download site….

    Michelle – I hope you can help here

  131. Bill

    > Likewise, if you are in the UK,
    > Australia and New Zealand and
    > didn’t receive your email last
    > week, please let us know. (Sept 9)

    I’m in Sydney and haven’t received *any* email about FTM 2009 yet… who do it “let know” and how do I make contact?

    Also, I’m **** extremely **** disappointed by the message (in another thread here) that Vista x64 is not supported for FTM2009. Vista x64 has been on the market for almost a year and three quarters now, there are tens of millions of PCs running it and the uptake rate is now far outpacing Vista x86!

  132. Karen

    If they don’t have the capacity to handle a few hundred 5-minute transactions, they certainly don’t have enough bandwith to handle more than a handful of simultaneous full product downloads.

    The download option would mean we’d all be in queue until New Year’s day.

  133. ChrisP

    I have not received any emails from Ancestry concerning the FTM 2009 upgrade. Have all the first email notifications been sent? In the past 2-3 months I have notified Ancestry that my ISP is blocking emails from Ancestry. This still has not been fixed for me to receive newsletters and other emails from Ancestry group. Ancestry Security was suppose call my ISP. Now today I have received very few emails from my list if any at all. I have been a regular since Ver2. I just want to get the emails to upgrade to FTM 2009 and receive my newsletters. Please help.

  134. Paul

    So much impatience….come on, you have 1 month to order this free software….and like last time its going to take 2-3 weeks to get through the mail anyway.

  135. Mitch

    After posting 151 I tried the store for the free upgrade a few minutes ago. I got right in to the server without a wait. Placed my order for the free upgrade and was back out the door in two minutes at the most. Success!

    After SP3 came out for the 2008 version I am well pleased with 2008. I expect 2009 to be well worth hanging in there for and expect an outstanding application as time passes.

    I’m looking forward to trying the new product and the additional features that are coming down the line.

    Thanks for the upgrade!

  136. Glenwood Robinson

    I thought that I received an email with a coupon code to be used to obtain my free copy of FTM 2009. I was a beta tester for FTM 2009. When I tried to use the code, the dollar amount did not go to zero.

    Thanks for your help.

  137. Chris

    Comment Number:
    161 Written by:
    Roxanna Deane

    Posted on:
    September 12, 2008 at 5:49 pm
    I have tried several times to order the free upgrade. I do get a message that says there is a long wait and then “go to shopping cart” pops up. The screen that comes up has an order for two copies. I remove one, put in the code and the prices all go to 0. Then when I to go to checkout, I am asked to log into ancestry and put in my credit card information. After that the screen pops up with the original price – shipping costs and taxes. I am asked to confirm my order which I don’t do. Please fix this.

    Roxanne, I’m having the same problem. Have spend hours today trying to figure out what is wrong! Maybe they think we’ll get frustrated and want the product so much that we’ll just give up and pay for it!

  138. Charlene Smith

    I waited after my first foray into the jungle did not work out well. All was quiet as I entered the second time. Yippee! I was able to get the order in.

    Thank you!

  139. LIsa

    Hi there,

    After reading all the problems with the code, let alone getting the email, which I still never got. I decided that I would purchase a copy of FTM 2009 instead. I decided that it would be better than waiting and waiting and waiting…..

    I got my disc this morning, and I have loaded it and YES there is the ability to export to a single PDF – thank you thank you thank you, it was woth paying the full price for to just get that function for me.

    However when I registered my copy , it still came up with FTM 2008 registration page and not 2009, but It is definately 2009 that is running. I might email ancestry support about this as I will want to get the correct updates for FTM 2009 as and when they happen.

    Thought you may all want to know about the export to single PDF page


  140. LIsa

    I love the changes, there have been some little tweaks meade and they are very good. You can now choose to ignore records to stop the green leaf always showing. However, you cannot ignore all of them if you do not subscribe to the worldwide ancestry. I am in the UK and I subscribe to the UK membership part, so i can now choose to ignore irrelevant records for the UK but not for America. I hope that can get sorted eventually, however well done so far!!!

  141. John Donaldson


    FTM 2009 supports single page PDF

    best to pose technical questions to the FTM-Tech list where most of the long-time users hang out or to the Ancestry FTM site

    John D

  142. Brian J Cook

    I have not yet received the update email. I did receive the previous mailing. What must I do to obtain the 2009 version.

  143. Christopher

    Especially if from the U.K.

    * Free UK registration contact no. 0800 404 9723
    * Not an automated voicemail system!
    * Direct to TGN/Ancestry in USA
    * Open on Saturday!
    * FTM 2009 update emails on their way
    * Should receive by Friday 19 September at latest


    As I’ve said earlier here, I’ve not received an upgrade email, here in the UK.

    However, yesterday I did receive an email from TWR Computing from whom I bought FTM 2008. They they said this about the current upgrade situation:

    “Customers who have bought FTM 2008 over the last 12 months will probably be already aware that they are entitled to a free upgrade as they should have received an email from Ancestry explaining how to send for a disc. If you have registered your program and have not received the email then we suggest you ring the Ancestry help line 0800 404 9723 to find out how to go about receiving your free upgrade. However there is a deadline for this offer which ends on 26 September.”

    That’s me – so I did! This is what happened when I rang at 1.00pm, GMT+1 today (Saturday 13 September):

    After a musical interlude of less than five minutes, I was put through to a friendly and calm operator, based in the USA. I explained that I hadn’t received the expected email, and she checked to see whether I was successfully registered. She assured me I was, and instantly read my home address and other details back to me based on the email address I had used to register. My name was wrong, based on a previous Ancestry account I had, so a little updating was done there, but she said that wouldn’t have affected the emailing process.

    I’m telling you all this to reassure you that TGN/Ancestry probably do have a record of your FTM 2008 registration, even if it appears otherwise.

    I was then told that the emailing is being done in batches, and I should receive one in the next day or so. However, if I don’t hear by Friday, then I should not hesitate to ring back again.

    She also updated my records so that I receive monthly updates from Ancestry once more. We had a little chat about FTM 2008/9, and hoped each other “had a nice day” – which you have to do; I think it’s the law!

    I can’t fault her customer service, and the speed at which I got through. I’m just a bit mystified that the number I rang hasn’t been issued here (actually, I can guess why not!), along with the information I’ve just been given – assuming it is correct, of course!

    Here’s hoping it is – I’ll keep you posted…!!

    Having said all that, I do feel Michelle Pfister is doing her best to keep this board informed. Keep up the good work, Michelle. I know there have been issues with FTM 2008 (I bought mine a year ago this week), but I am genuinely excited at the prospect of trying out FTM 2009.

  144. Kerry

    Hi Michelle,

    I have not received any emails regarding FT2009. I bought my version locally in Australia and registered it through Does this make any difference, or will we not receive the FTM2009 option?

    As I am not the only person with this query, a response would be appreciated, as to date I haven’t seen any response to this question from Aussie and Kiwi users.



  145. Michelle Pfister

    Here are a few updates:

    We sent emails throughout the day yesterday to the first small group of version 2008 registrants. I’m glad to hear from those of you who were successful. I hope you enjoy the new product. Now, there are still many more emails to send–so don’t worry if you haven’t seen one yet–but we wanted to make sure there weren’t long wait times. In spite of this, we noticed that most people came to the store at the same time. One of our engineers says he regularly sees this happen (and it’s not just during the times people get home from work). Apparently, a lot of us are following a common internal “clicking clock” 🙂 A newborn labor and delivery nurse told me the same thing happens with women going into labor–she said she saw more women delivering during a full moon.

    Anyway, here are some details:
    * Yes, the online store went down again. This is why it happened: when people weren’t able to come in through the email link, they came in through the main store and searched for the product. All the extra searches brought down the database servers. Those of you who saw unusual behavior in the store yesterday were seeing the results of this. I’m sure it was a very frustrating experience–something we really wanted to help you avoid. In spite of our best efforts at throttling, it looks like the “clicking clock” got us. We’re working on solutions.

    * We have not sent more emails since 4pm MST yesterday. Those of you who received an email and didn’t get a chance to order can try today and will probably have much better luck.

    * We used to keep the Call Center open 24×7, and we found that there were normally very few calls on the weekend. It didn’t make sense to keep the center open during those times because the staff weren’t called enough. Last night, we had Call Center agents stay 3 hours beyond their normal time to take calls. The “clicking clock” was alive and well at the same time, and this is when the database servers went completely down. It was a day for all of us — even one of Family Tree Maker’s lead marketers was in the Call Center taking calls. We’re discussing a new method for dealing with the “clicking clock.”

    * People have asked why we don’t provide a download. There are a few reasons for this: 1) The download would be too large for practical application, and we expect there would be a lot of problems associated with this. 2) We wanted our Free 2009 upgrade users to have a full disk and package like those who have bought it.

    * It’s not every day that a company offers a free upgrade like this. Our online store servers were assembled to handle hormal store traffic — not the free upgrade of many many many thousands of users.

    * As we dealt with the extra load from all these Free Upgrades and “clicking clock” mentioned above, I asked if we could quickly put some extra hardware in. I was told that one extra database machine would cost at least $125,000. Wow. Even if we did want to spent that amnount of money for this one-time FREE upgrade offer, we couldn’t do it in time because these aren’t the types of machines that are readily available.

  146. Scott McWilliams

    I received my email yesterday (Friday) around 3.15p edt but waited until this morning to try it.

    The link works, I saw I was in a queue with nine ahead of me, then presto I was told to go to the store where I entered my code and pressed Continue. However from that point on red words appeared saying the site could not take my order now, yet I could still enter data incl my credit card info (why if it’s free?). Three more screens go by and I am easily moving through the ordering process, yet get the red warning we are unable to process your order at this time…so why is the site letting me continue? I’m at the last screen now but not sure whether to commit…if I do and it’s offline do I get blocked from trying again?

    If the site cannot process the order then it should clearly stop the user at that point rather than requesting more info in a different part of the web page and letting the buyer continue.

  147. Alan James

    I’m still using FTM v16. Having tried a friends disappointing FTM 2008 I decided not to upgrade.
    I’ve always had 2 major problems with FTM v16. Unfortunately I can’t find any wishlists or full feature lists for 2008/9. So I’m posting here.
    1) When printing a chart I would like to set some kind of size for the photographs included in my trees. This seemed to be available in FTM 2008, well done. Of course I’m not sure if his version of 2008 was up-to-date but I’m hoping it will still be in 2009?
    2) When printing my descendant chart in v16 it is extremely difficult to join it together. No printer for the home market prints 100% straight pages and therefore you can’t just cut all the pages to the same size and assume they will line up. But FTM could have made it easier by printing marks on the individual pages to help cut and therefore align the pages when joining. Every other piece of software I’ve used, to my knowledge, which allows printing over multiple pages has included this option of printing cut marks of some sort. Usually lines at right angles in the corners of the page.

    My only other issues have been wanting more control over the layout of my trees in order to reduce the number of pages for printing.


  148. TonyC

    I received the e-mail last night but left it until this morning. I was told to go straight to the cart, no waiting.

    I followed the instructions and entered the code, clicked apply and lo and behold got this message:

    There are problems with the current shopping cart.
    We are unable to process your order at this time. Please try again later. Thank you.

    On a whim I removed the coupon code and it removed the message. What on earth is going on?

    From my experience this morning, I can pay full price and the process will go through, but enter the ‘special’ code and it fails.


  149. Chris

    Tried again this morning. Here’s the message I received…

    There are problems with the current shopping cart. We are unable to process your order at this time. Please try again later. Thank you.
    Item Quantity Price Total

    Family Tree Maker 2009 Upgrade * USD 39.95 USD 39.95 Remove

    Subtotal:USD 79.90
    Calculate Shipping
    Postal Code (US only):
    Standard US)
    Expedited (US only
    Outside US

    *Shipping:USD 4.00

    Redeem Coupons
    Coupon Code: FTMHGPVT
    Tax:USD 3.41
    Total:USD 47.36

    Return to shopping
    * includes shipping and processing

    When I clicked on the link it went to the page stating the wait time and number of people in line. Wait time was 1 min…2 people in line. Then the button appeared to go to the store. Clicked on it once. The shopping cart appeared with 2 FTM upgrades in it! Removed one and entered the code. That’s when I got the above message…and the price was still there…instead of changing to a zero…

  150. Ken Marcum

    I hope FTM 2009 is the answer. I bought 2008 just after it came out but I was smart enough to keep my FTM16 intact and working. I used both programs for awhile just to see how things were going to work. After about 1 month worth of problems on 2008 I quit using it. From the comments that I have read over the past few days it seems like we are not getting off to a good start.

  151. Michelle Pfister

    Thank you, everyone, for logging your latest experience. It has helped us identify something that just surfaced in one of the underlying systems that our system calls. Not sure why it’s happening, but there are several engineers working on it. Apologize for the inconvenience. Your feedback is very helpful. Thanks!

  152. Michelle Pfister

    Why didn’t we just mail copies to everyone?

    I’ve seen this question a few times. Here’s the answer: Entering an address in the Family Tree Maker registration isn’t “required.” Many of our users didn’t enter their address, moved, or didn’t fill the address in correctly, so emailing was the only reasonable method we had. This is just a small part of the many issues I alluded to in my original post that created some complexity in providing this free upgrade offer.

  153. Michelle Pfister

    Just heard from our lead engineer. They have the main problem fixed and we’ve watched 200 more orders come through in the last few minutes. You’re welcome to try it out.


  154. Pat


    I understand that you are releasing the new coupon code emails in small groups. I am still waiting for mine. Could you please provide some numbers on how many emails have been sent, how many are left to go, that sort of thing? Or let us know when you have completed the emailing process? I would hate to keep watching my in-box for something that’s not coming, if you know what I mean.


  155. Judy Brown

    I have been trying since yesterday to use my coupon code. It does not work yet even though you posted that it was working @9:30 a.m. It keeps asking for my credit card information then it charges me the full price for the upgrade even though it shows 0.00 charge before the shipping screen comes up. Please! Do they think we have nothing better to do than to fool with this non functioning site all day!

  156. Ruth

    Have tried for several hours on & off since I got the email last night. I keep getting this message:
    ERROR! We’re sorry but the store is temporarily unavailable. We are undergoing routine maintenance or we may be experiencing unexpected technical problems. We apologize for the inconvience and ask for your patience as we work to correct the situation. Please check back with us shortly.

    So, now what?? I realize that this is a huge undertaking for TGN, but, giving us something for FREE should have prepared you for the huge response. It’s just human nature to want something for nothing.

    Hope this upgrade is worth the wait.

    Ruth Skinner

  157. TonyC

    In the last few minutes I successfully completed the process to order the free 2009 version.

    No glitches this time, shame it didn’t work the first time, but then these things do happen 😉


  158. Scott McWilliams

    Michelle, thank you for your update. I was able at 1.25p edt finally to use the coupon code and order the update.

    Unlike Tony above, I would add as an IT Director that these things do NOT have to happen: e.g. rolling out an upgrade on a Friday afternoon is not a best-practices event anywhere in IT. Perhaps you all can meet when this settles down and review what went wrong. Many groups in banking and healthcare (my own field) do orders and upgrades like this with no failures (in fact we are legally required not to have them)..perhaps some outside consultants could give you better forecasting advice on methodology for future planning.

  159. TonyC

    Sorry Scott – it looks like we’re in the same business, and with the same title 🙂

    It’s called Murphy’s Law


  160. Michelle Pfister

    For those of you who had a good experience with this free offer, I’m glad! For those of you who have had a frustrating experience, I’m genuinely sorry, and also, I just might understand a little of how you might feel.

    This week I had a slightly similar experience–it wasn’t as difficult as some of you have had, so I’m not meaning to compare except to say that I can maybe relate. I signed up for a special lunch deal. My request was inadvertantly lost, so when I showed up for lunch, there was no lunch for me. I was frustrated; whereas if I’d never been offered the special deal I would have been fine. I can’t blame those of you who are frustrated for feeling the same way. I wish I could make it up to you, but we’re already giving away something free (including shipping), so I can’t do more. This overall experience with Version 2008 is something we’ve learned from, and we’re taking measures to do much better moving forward. Appreciate the suggestions from those of you who have experience with these types of things.

    So, regarding my previous post about the problem being fixed, I just learned that there were a few lasting problems that have now–really–been resolved. I’ve tested it myself. Everything seems to be working.

    Regarding when more emails will be sent, I can’t say yet. We won’t be sending out any more emails until we’re sure it will be a good experience!

  161. Michelle Pfister

    Hi Judy. I’ve emailed you to get more info. My testing shows that everything’s working as designed. I want to find out what you’re seeing. Thanks!

  162. sara fleming

    Is this free offer open to people who bought 2008 before a certain date? I just bought mine 2 days ago from best buy without relizing 2009 is out. Will i get an email with a coupon?
    BTW I seem to be one of the few who really likes 2008, I haven’t had any problems with it at all. And I’m running windows on a Mac!

  163. Michelle Pfister

    If you are a new purchaser of Family Tree Maker 2008 and register within the next week or so, you will receive an automatic update email in the future.

    We find that people who are new to Family Tree Maker really love it. They like the up-to-date interface and appreciate the functionality.

  164. I have been trying to upgrade for days. Today I am able to access the site, but the coupon code does not cause the totals to zero out. It still shows the full price. I have tried hitting calculate, apply and update. Still NG. I have had this happen on about 8 attempts now.

  165. Robin


    As previously asked:

    Has anyone in New Zealand been sent an email with the coupon code.

    I haven’t received any email yet.

  166. carl

    I too never recieved a e-mail regarding the upgrade to 2009. How do I go about notifying someone to get the upgrade?



  167. Audrey W.

    Michelle: I am trying to obtain the free FTM 2009 using the Coupon Code ‘FTMQTYYN’ that I was provided in the email Sep. 12. I also indicated that shipping was ‘Outside US’ as I live in Canada. I went through all steps, as indicated, i.e. 1] Enter your Free redemption code; 2] Click the ‘Apply’ button. The Amount did not change to ‘0.00’. However, the description of the item changed from ‘Free FTM 2009 Upgrade’ to ‘20% Discount With World Deluxe’ – USD 31.96. Will you please help me with this. What am I doing wrong?? I have been a subscriber to FTM since Version 8 and also have a World Deluxe Membership.

  168. Ruth Skinner

    It will not work!!! When I input my coupon code (a different one than what has been posted here), it will not re-calculate the total so that it is free. Very frustrating!!

  169. Martha Brewer

    > People have asked why we don’t provide a download. There are a few reasons for this:
    > 1) The download would be too large for practical application,
    That is nonsense.

    > 2) We wanted our Free 2009 upgrade users to have a full disk and package like those who have bought it.

    We want a download.

  170. Linda Ley

    Michelle, I’ve been trying to get my upgrade since yeaterday afternoon. I can get into the store , go to shopping, the regular price appears, I have entered my zip code and my update code from the email link and click apply. The screen does not change the price to zero. Am I doing something wrong? I realize that i have time before this offer expires but what happens if I try everyday and there’s no change? I read your reply about sending them in the mail you have to have an address, couldn’t the link just have brought us to a form to fill out our address since the upgrade is going to be mailed anyway? I realize this is a great opportunity, I hope problems can be resolved soon! Frustrating!

  171. Michelle Pfister

    Thank you for the additional feedback. If you’ve had trouble ordering the software, I’ll individually email you in the next few days and order it for you.


  172. Michelle Pfister

    The emails have been sent to many areas of the world (including New Zealand). If you have not received an email when we have finished sending them out, I will plan to send one to you or provide you with information on how to request the upgrade.

  173. Kathy


    Could you contact me on how to obtain my FTM2009?

    I clicked on email link. Put in code, hit apply and amounts switched to zero. Clicked continue until I got to page to confirm my order for 2009 and it was no longer free.

    I placed a zero in the quantity box, updated the page and closed it.

    I clicked on the link again and when I go to Checkout I get 2 orders for the upgrade. Even after removing 1 of the orders and putting in the coupon code I can’t get the amount to zero out.

    It appears that the “store” thinks I already used my coupon and ordered my free copy. I tried but didn’t finish the order.

  174. I received my copy today of the new FTM 2009. I was a Beta Tester and reported a problem three times during the testing period. I was disappointed to find it was not fixed. I imported a large file with 105,000 names. If a name in my file exist as “Malinda (Ada) A. Baugher” it show up in the index as “A. Baugher Malinda (Ada)” and also reports. If I add a new person the same way the result is the same. I just don’t understand why this wasn’t fixed.

  175. Richard

    So as a user of FTM back in Version 1.x something….I see that people are receiving the upgrade email however I have yet to see it.
    I call customer support and I keep getting a ‘please’ wait line and contact us again in another week.
    Who the project manager on this?

  176. Michelle Pfister

    I want to take a minute to say “Thank you” to the many cool heads and kind responses on this blog. I appreciate hearing about both your successes and suggestions for improvement. The way it’s said makes all the difference. Thank you!

  177. Lynn


    Not wanting to be too impatient, but do you know when Ancestry will send the next batch of emails? I realize that you do want to create a good experience for those individual (understandably so), but the flurry of complaints about having difficulty ordering the free upgrade have subsided.

    In other words, based on few blog entries from individuals who have already received 2009, I am excited to start using 2009 … it sounds like many improvement were made.

    Thank you for your continued comments on this blog, it is much appreciated and a significant improvement from prior experiences on this blog!

    You are restoring my faith in FTM, and ideally that will be reinforced by the functionality and performance with 2009.

  178. Michelle Pfister

    Thank you, Lynn. Very appreciated.

    Regarding the next batch of emails, we’ll be making the decision Monday morning, and I can give more details then. Thanks!

  179. Michelle Pfister

    To our beta testers:

    When you receive your new product, please uninstall your existing FTM 2009 installation before installing the final CD. Otherwise, you may see an “insert disk 1” message.

  180. Gene

    I’ve been a loyal FTM user for, well, more years than I can remember. I didn’t upgrade to FTM 2008 for one reason – the lack of integration with my online family trees at

    I’m trying to engage my relatives in my research so the online trees are essential, and not being able to move back and forth between the online trees and FTM forced me to make a choice, and I had to opt for the online trees.

    Now I see that FTM 2009 will – eventually – offer integration with the online trees so I’ve taken a risk and ordered 2009. I hope the integration truly allows me to use both.

    To me, what integration means is that I can sync the online trees with FTM – I don’t expect it to be seamless, although that would be nice, but, at a minimum, I would expect to be able to update one from the other, to include people, data, photos linked to people, and links to records.

    If FTM won’t be able to do this in some fashion, it simply won’t be usable to me and I will have wasted the purchase price.


  181. Kathy


    I have tried repeatedly to”zero out” the amount for the FTM 2009 upgrade and it will not accept my code. I previously received an e-mail that stated “Please use the coupon code below. The old one will no longer work.” The new code will not work either, even after trying a dozen times. Is there someone that I can contact regarding this?

  182. Martha Brewer

    > 1) The download would be too large for practical application

    > and we expect there would be a lot of problems associated with this.
    You expect the wrong way round?
    You keep creating problems.
    The FTM 2008 Beta download worked fine….

    2) We wanted our Free 2009 upgrade users to have a full disk and package like those who have bought it.
    You can do both.

    I’ve said that before and don’t understand why you edited my post to remove that. Why don’t you want other commenters to know this thought?!?

  183. Daryl Rickards

    May I suggest – Flame off to those turning up the heat on Michelle.
    She is doing what she can to make this upgrade go as smooth as possible given the technical issues that the process is creating.
    One day I will receive the email to take advantage of the upgrade and continue my good experience with FTM

    Daryl Rickards

  184. LIsa

    I agree with #221. Although I had niggles with FTM 2008 and was frustrated by the lack of communictaion, Michelle has more than done her best to keep the FTM 2008 registrants informed of what is happening, so much so I see she has emailed indvidual people. If you are so desperate to get hold of FTM 2009 why not just purchase it like I did. It was worth the money and there was no hassle waiting for an email or trying to get the copy through the link.

    Keep up the good work Michelle

  185. Deborah Harrison

    When I enter the code from the second email, it does apply the discount and erase the price and shipping.
    Then I click continue and it asks me to log into my account.
    The problem comes after I log in and verify my shipping address.
    Then I get an error message saying there is something wrong with my cart and wrong with my address, which is not true. It’s my address, the one I always use to order from the Ancestry store.
    Then I get a message that either the site is down or experiencing technical problems.
    I got my code Friday and have tried multiple times every day since then.
    Please help! This is apparently not the issue others are having.

  186. Sandra Boff

    To 221 & 222, Here, Here!! Lets give Michelle a break. This will all be cleared up soon. If you have a problem or concern stated it as if you were facing her not behind a screen. Be thoughtful as I think Michelle is trying her best to do under the circumstance.
    Quote from a sampler: Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

  187. Judy Brown

    I think I owe it to Michelle to post a big THANK YOU on this blog. She personally took the time to email me and phone me to help with my problem doing the free coupon download. So, to everyone who is still having a problem just be patient, I’m sure she is doing her best to try to solve this.

  188. David Ferrie

    Hi Michelle,
    I live in Ireland and purchased FTM2008 from a UK retailer . I registered in Jan 2008 but have not received the email for the FTM2009 upgrade.
    When can I expect it ?

  189. Deborah Harrison

    Michelle, I just tried again and it seems to have worked this time. Don’t know what the problem was, but it seems to have fixed itself.
    Thanks for all you’re doing for us.

  190. ChrisP


    Why is the registration confirmation not written into FTM program. This way we that have purchased the product can see the date we actually registered with the confirmation number if needed in the future. Also I do not remember getting an email after I registered.

    Chris P.

  191. Richard

    I got the link to work last Friday. It took a little time, but it finally worked. Kudos to Michelle and teh Technical staff for working so diligently on these problems and dealing with all the complaining that has been going on.

  192. Robin

    I really think that those of us who don’t get an email with a coupon code, Ancestry do not have us as registered users.

    As I’ve said before, if a person is registered, surely it must be easy to pick up the database of users and send them an email.

    Michelle, please confirm that there is a problem with your registration system database.

  193. Christopher

    Hi Robin,

    Obviously I don’t know what the technical difficulties are, but maybe my experience as described in post #175 might put you at your ease?

    Hope you get your email soon. I’m still waiting – in hope!


  194. Nancy Offield


    Thank you so much for giving us an explanation on why many of us registered 2008 users haven’t gotten the upgrade email offer as yet. It has taken the anxiety out of the wait for us, and I hope that not too many of the staff at Ancestry have to purchase wigs (from pulling their hair out:) after this transition has been accomplished.

  195. Alwina Bane

    I haven’t received an email for the free update for Family Tree Maker 2009. I have been a registered user of 2008 & all previous versions. When will this happen?

  196. Robin

    Thanks Christopher

    I just hope that when all users have been sent their emails, and obtained the new program, future emails sent out by Ancestry will be received by ALL registered users, not just some of them.

    I still believe that there must be a problem with their “registered users database”, or how they access it.

  197. Michael Schuler


    Thank you for finally being a voice that at least answers questions in a timily manner. Many of us have stuck with FTM 2008-2009 and been beta testers, offered suggustions, and tried to help with like or no reply from I believe you have replied to users more in the last week then others did in the last year.

    I for one understand problems and other setbacks but did not until you started understand the lack of information and care for the user community. I hope this continues and welcome the noticable changes.

    As a beta tester for FTM 2009, I think you have made the Program much more stable and I welcome that but some things still concern me:

    1) The Register Report (based on the NEHGS Register Report) is still lacking compaired to the one in FTM 2006. Most noticable is the formatting is not as nice and the family path is missing. With a family like the Adams or Van Valkenburgh that have many people with the same name this is a very important tool to printing a report that people can follow easily.

    2) Like many other have said intregration with the very cool and online trees would be a huge thing. As it stands know most of the multimedia needs to be re-added and any work done on the web can not easily be converted back.

    I know you as a company have done a lot of work on this in the last year and just knowing your direction and estimated release schedule would help a lot.

    3) Web Searching is still not to the level of FTM 2006. Many of us have a data background or have learned tricks to find our family members and the new search has helped somewhat but work still needs to be done to make the search usable for advanced users just as it has been upgraded to help with novice users.

    Again I am hopeful that your envolvement and daily care and feeding will help and me for one wants nothing more then for FTM 2009 to be the product we all know it can be.



  198. Michelle Pfister

    Here’s an update. The free upgrade system has been running smooothly for about a day now. It’s running much faster, too. I expect that we’ll start sending more upgrade emails tomorrow. I’ll let you know when we start sending. It may take a few days to get all the emails out.

    I also owe several of you a follow-up so we can take care of those who didn’t receive their free upgrade email. (Incidentally, our registration database is in great shape as far as I can tell. I think I know why some of you haven’t received an email — it has to do with the cross-over of responsibilities between the US/Canada and International operations. It’s all fixable.)

    I’m looking forward to everyone having their new copies so we can start talking about the new features and ideas you have for the future.

    Thanks, everyone, for your kindness. Now we can start having some fun 🙂

  199. Brian

    I have a registered copy of FTM 2008 purchased in Canada; however I haven’t yet received the email regarding the free upgrade

  200. Lea Crouch

    Hi Michelle,
    I am in Australia and have registered my 2008 FTM, but have not yet received any of the emails which have been sent out.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  201. melanie

    I received the email on Friday and was able to place my order this weekend without any of the problems from the first email. I look forward to trying out 2009. I didn’t see many of the problems with 2008 that many people did but I just bought it last month and many of the bugs have been worked out. There are some things I miss but it sounds like many of them will be in 2009. I look forward to trying it out.

  202. Nick Davy

    I too have registered my 2008 FTM (UK version), but have not yet received any of the emails which have been sent out.

    Regards Nick

  203. Stuart

    I just want to say thank you for what has been (for me) a smooth process for ordering and receiving the 2009 (UK version) upgrade. I received the email on 4th September and ordered the upgrade immediately. It arrived in the post this morning. Well done to all concerned!

  204. ChrisP


    Has all the USA received their emails? Here in NJ, USA I still have not received mine. Could you also check to see if Comcast is blocking your emails. I know they are blocking my newsletters and other emails from Ancestry and affiliates.


  205. Sandra Boff

    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for all the hard work. I haven’t received an email as of yet and am anxiously looking forward to it. I was alittle dismayed to see that people who just registered within the last month have received the update before others but I know will all be taken care of in the end. Thanks again.

  206. RamseyD

    Still no E-mail on my tree. What is the longest period of time past today, Monday 15 Sep 2008, when I should start to worry about my upgrade notice??? I have fought through many wasted hours since registering my 2008 many many months ago!
    Thanks for any help you can give to speed up the process for all!

  207. Don Knupp

    In response to Posting 171 from Lisa and to Posting 173 from John Donaldson:

    Thank you both for your information about PDF. It will be very helpful in alleviating issues with certain family members I have been sharing information back & forth with.

    John, I agree that technical questions should be posted in the technical support section (and commented on same in my posting) but in reviewing my original posting you will see where I did originally post to technical support and received a less than useful response.

    In fairness though, when I eventually obtain FTM 2009 if I have any issues I will try technical support again. Until then I will continue to work on cleaning up my facts and sources which were severely disassociated and misassociated when I imported them from FTM 2006. That was six months ago and I am still finding items needing correction. Fortunately, I kept my FTM 2006 installation intact and have referred back to it to help.

    Thank you again Lisa and John for your replies to my original posting.

  208. Linda Ley

    Michelle, I decided to give it a try today . Success!!! The site was so much easier to get into and everything was on one page. Thank You for all the time and effort you have put into this. I look forward to receiving my upgrade. For those of you who are still having problems or haven’t gotten an email yet. Try to be patient!! Hopefully all the bugs have been worked out now and everything will be a lot easier now. Thanks Again! This is a wonderful opportunity and is appreciated

  209. Kathy Marie

    For Michelle Pfifster

    Glad you want “to hear thoughts and suggestions on the latest version of Family Tree Maker.”

    Michelle. I, too, never got an email. but, I quickly
    But, I quickly and easily ordered a brand new 2009 product for $50.00 with priority delivery —— all in all the cost is not that much ——i presently spend over $70.00/month for ink for my printer, so the $50.00 is relatively small in comparison

    And I am glad to hear that it will come on a CD

    Also hoping that the 2009 version is significantly better than 2008sp3

    Hopefully after getting the upgrade we (the users) and you (TGN) can continue to improve the product –so many features are still missing

  210. Karen

    RE: #249 by Don Knupp
    “Thank you both for your information about PDF. It will be very helpful in alleviating issues with certain family members I have been sharing information back & forth with.”

    Have you tried using the book format of the descendant report (available in both FTM16 and FTM2008 SP3)? Most people find that much easier to work with than one large chart.

  211. David Ives

    Just wanted to let you know that I have not received the e-mail notification about the FTM 2009 update (I purchased my FTM 2008 from Thanks — and I do NOT envy you your job! ;>)

    David Ives

  212. Audrey W.

    Michelle and anyone else having trouble accessing the site for ordering the FTM 2009.

    Further to my message #204.

    I just tried the site and had no trouble ordering my copy. This time the site opened to a ‘one page order form’ which was different from my attempts on Saturday. Hope this helps anyone who was having trouble a few days ago.

    Michelle: Thank you for your offer to ‘contact’ everyone by email who was having trouble. You can ‘remove me’ from your list.

  213. Karen

    Re: #174 by John Donaldson
    “best to pose technical questions to the FTM-Tech list where most of the long-time users hang out or to the Ancestry FTM site”

    That’s another problem with FTM: poor online support. The mailing list may work for “long-time” users but it’s unreasonably inefficient for newer users to go to one place to search the archives then subscribe and send an email message and have to set aside resources to cull through messages with kernels of responses or new information buried within repeated text.

    The message board for FTM on Ancestry is a joke. There is no participation from TGN and the most helpful individuals frequently post misleading — sometimes wrong — information.

    If TGN takes it’s responsibility for user support seriously, it should set up a more usable online support venue.

  214. Michelle Pfister

    We just started sending more “Free Upgrade” emails. These emails will go out over the next several days. It looks like those who are trying the new process are having an easy time of it. Thanks!

  215. Sandra Boff

    Thanks Michelle, got email, was a breeze to use but…I thought there was a download also. Did I miss something?

  216. William Greene

    I am disappointed that the book section was left out of the 2008 version. this will force me to continue using Tree Maker 16.

  217. Carol

    Thanks Michelle the email link worked great this time. Look forward to seeing the changes and thanks for answering the all-in-one-tree question!

    [Sandra you didn’t miss anything – there never has been a download for FTM2009; see post#178 for this answer regarding a download – “* People have asked why we don’t provide a download. There are a few reasons for this: 1) The download would be too large for practical application, and we expect there would be a lot of problems associated with this. 2) We wanted our Free 2009 upgrade users to have a full disk and package like those who have bought it.”]

  218. Joe Dutcher

    Just received the email, and everything worked out great.

    Can’t wait to get my FTM 2009. I am a neewb at genealogy, but I am learning alot of the ins and outs along the way. This is very interesting to me, and I hope this makes an even bigger impact, than FTM 2008 did.

  219. marjorie bednarek

    Can you update me on FTM 2009? I did not get any email about the product as of this date. Just stumbled upon it while trying to reinstall FTM 2008. I am always interested in upgrading my FTM program. HOpe you can get back to me with sales coupon data. Thanks, Marjorie Bednarek

  220. Alwina Bane

    I posted information that I thought was going just to you on the blog. It is comment #236, written by Alwina Bane. I would like this removed.
    Thanks for your help in this matter.

  221. Richard Holter

    Now that the ordering process is operational, can you tell us what the turnaround time is from order to shipment and the average timeframe for delivery is?

  222. John Donaldson


    All I can do is repeat my advice about FTM-Tech (which has been going since 1995). There is a lot of very experienced FTM users who can answer most questions and very quickly.

    Users helping users

    The members are all users but we get by fairly well

    John D

  223. John Donaldson

    William Greene

    Note in the release notes for FTM 2009 is that it is coming.

    I too still run FTM 16 for books


  224. Karen

    John – I know all about mailinglist and I don’t want to use any mailing list these days; they are much too cumbersome. I want a full featured web message board where I can easily review what has already been said on a subject and post my query or response. I want to know that a company representative is actively reviewing what is being discussed by ordinary users — not just those who are stuck in mailing list mode.

    The fact that FTM is stuck on a mailing list could a factor in the gap between user requirements and what has/is being delivered.

  225. Ian

    I live in UK and received my email offer on 5th Sept. I completed it, returned it and today 15th Sept I received my 2009 disk. Guess I’m lucky when I read other comments but I will say this, it’s worth the wait.
    Many thanks for your ‘considerable’ updates


  226. Chris

    Thank you Michelle Pfister!

    After many, many attempts, I was finally able to order FTM 2009… took all of about 30 seconds! Yippeee!!

  227. John Young


    I just got excited ‘cos I received what I thought was THE EMAIL. But no – it’s just an email from “Family Tree Maker 2009 Special Offer”, the special offer being ‘pay $39.95 and get free shipping’.

    Having purchased over the years probably every version of FTM that’s been put on the marlet I’m currently using v16 since the 2008 version I bought had to be uninstalled as it was continually crashing. I think I registered it but I’m not 100% certain – I’ll just continue waiting to see if I do get THE EMAIL offering the free upgrade to 2009 in due course. If not, then I may, eventually, take up the special offer and pay $39.95 with free shipping to the UK!

    Kind Regards


  228. Dean Barnard


    I’ve also not received my e-mail (UK User). I’ve sent a comment in via your help system, but not received any answer back. What is the best way to inform you? (Or is this it?)


  229. Nick Marklew

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m yet another UK reistered user of FTM2008 who has not yet received the free upgrade email.

    At this rate it seems very likely that a significant number of the UK user base for FTM will not have recieved the free upgrade email before the offer expires.

    What do you/Ancestry intend to do to ensure this does not happen?



  230. Ann Duffield

    I have recently bought FTM 2008 and registered on 11 September 2008. I am in the UK and have not received any email for a free upgrade to 2009, will I be getting this soon?

  231. John Donaldson

    Karen #268

    Point noted I was merely trying to help

    I am sure that Michelle has noted your request

    John D

  232. Don Knupp

    In reply to Post 253 from Karen:

    I appreciate your input. I would love to do a book format but at this time I have a very specific non-technical reason for not doing so that would not be prudent to share in a public forum.

    Thank you for your feedback and hopefully my circumstances will change such that doing a book will be a viable option.

  233. Robbie Burnett

    I know we are driving you crazy and I am sorry for that. Can you give us daily updates on the email situation?

  234. Richard Harris


    I live in the Cayman Islands but purchased FTM 2008 in the UK and I subsequently registered it. To date I have not yet received an email offering an upgrade to FTM 2009.


  235. Bob

    Please count me amongst those who have not yet received the upgrade e-mail. I’m in the US and purchased FTM 2008 as soon as it was released last year.


  236. Rochelle

    It takes a lot of patience to handle what you and your team are going through. You could even say you’re having an Apple iPhone moment. I also appreciate you taking the time to review this post. As someone who worked for the IT industry, I don’t envy your position in the least.

    I did receive the first two posts in regards to the free offer and then the notice that I would be emailed later with a new code. Thank you!

    Is it possible for your team to send out an email blast to give those of us (who have not received a new code yet)a rough idea when we will be next to receive the free update. It might ease the tension and assure people that they have not been forgotten.

    Just a thought! Keep the aspirin handy and good luck.

    Thank you again!

    Best Regards,


  237. Tony

    I have 2008. I’ve been a beta tester of both 2008 and 2009. I’m pretty sure I registered my 2008 installation, but have reinstalled it a time or two over the past year and it doesn’t currently show as being registered. So I clicked on the Register Program button to register again, and nothing happens. No window pops up, no browser window pops up, nothing at all happens to let me finish the registration. How can I get registered so that I can receive my email about getting the 2009 update?

  238. Catherine Mossano

    Hi Michelle,

    I was wondering when I should start to worry about not getting my email. I’ve never received any emails from you about the 2009 upgrade. I understand that alot of people in the UK and Australia haven’t recived emails, but I’m in the US.

    I have been a registered user of FTM for many many years as well as full World Deluxe member with for severl years. I purchased the 2008 version when it first came out and it is registered. I’ve called your call center to double check that my eamil and address are registered and they are so I don’t understand why I haven’t received an email.

    I know you have a lot to deal with and I appreciate the updates. I’m just getting a little concerned that I haven’t been included in the upgrade offer.

    Thank you 🙂


  239. Michelle Pfister

    Hi everyone,

    We’re sending the rest of the US and Canada Free Upgrade emails this morning. Thanks to those of you who have let me know you haven’t yet heard from us. I’m taking your email info from the comments today. I have a goal to work with each of you before the end of the week. Thanks!

  240. Stephan van Radecke

    Hi Michelle,

    I received my email, entered the code and my address. But in the next step I noticed that my address was misspelled. So I used the browsers back button, corrected the address, but now there is the message ‘Invalid Coupon Code: This coupon code has already been used.’.
    What’s wrong?


  241. Janice Heidt

    Hi, Michelle. I have still not received an email (Houston, TX USA). Hopefully Ike didn’t get in the way 🙂 Can you update us on when the next emails will go out? I am still without power but have connected my internet to a generator and I feel silly worrying about Family Tree Maker 2009, but it sure feels like something normal. Thank you so much.

  242. LIsa

    Hi Michelle, Although I am a registed user of FTM and have decided to bypass all the hassle of the email etc, and buy FTM 2009, I would still appreciate getting the email and coupon, as I see from your blog that the FTM 2008 users will be getting a different version of FTM 2009 whith the update that is not currently on the FTM 2009 copy for the general public. I would appreciate it if you could look at this amongst all the many others that you have to look at. Kind Regards

  243. dnelms

    Left a message here, then went to and it had a notice that my email was incorrect. Even though it’s the same email I use every day, I changed it to another email. Still nothing, not even newsletters or tips I signed up to get are getting thru. So I today changed it once again to a hotmail account. If it does not get thru now, I give up! This should not be this hard.

  244. Nancy Offield


    Thanks so much for your continued work in getting everyone the much wanted email upgrade.

    As of 12:10 PM today I have not received mine as yet either.

    I did register the 2008 program and looking forward to 2009.

    Thanks for helping us,


  245. Anthony Fisher

    I purchased FTM2008 in Aug 2008 but do not recall if I had registered it.

    To ensure that my copy is registered (& eligible for the free FTM20009 upgrade) I have now completed the registration process via the software… maybe for the 2nd time?

    Looking forward to receiving the notification e-mail.



  246. Marguerite

    Shouldn’t there be a web form somewhere for people to submit if they haven’t received the upgrade e-mail message?

    I’m sure there are many more than the handful who have posted here. Why not have a link at the main FTM page about the upgrade?

  247. Robin


    You have said “I also owe several of you a follow-up so we can take care of those who didn’t receive their free upgrade email. (Incidentally, our registration database is in great shape as far as I can tell. I think I know why some of you haven’t received an email — it has to do with the cross-over of responsibilities between the US/Canada and International operations. It’s all fixable.)”

    Who then, is responsible for “International Operations”? And why aren’t “they” doing something?

    I purchased FTM 2008 through Mindscape in Australia. (I’m in New Zealand).

    As Marguerite says, there would be a lot more who don’t read this who will miss out on the upgrade. How are “you” going to know who has “missed out”?

  248. Jan Gow

    This is a message for New Zealand FTM 2008 users, especially those who purchased their copy from Beehive Books. You may have received an email re your free upgrade to FTM 2009. It does say you have to live in UK or Australia to take up the offer. Please ignore this – it does cover NZ residents! It also says that you have until 26 Sep to take up this offer. As US users now have until 15 Oct to take up their offer, I am sure that this date will apply to us too.
    If you have not received your email, and you are lucky enough to be reading this, then here is information to help you. Please let any other FTM 2008 users you know this information too.
    “It appears that quite a high proportion of AUS [and NZ] users opted-out of emails so we can not send them the email. Customers can call the call centre:
    Australia 1-800-251-838 Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 16:00 pm AEST

    New Zealand
    0800 442 100 Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 16:00 pm AEST

    The agent will direct them to and give them a unique code to enable them to order the upgrade disc. Please note there is a small charge of £2.95 that will cover P&P.

    Let’s know if this works!!
    Woops – just had a message to say my email address, which I have had for 20 years, is not a valid address!! Trying gmail

  249. Michelle,
    The only serious problem I have with FTM 2006 is exporting a large book to PDF format. My latest book has about 2500 pages, with no images. FTM 2006 just would not handle it. At about 1000 to 1300 pages, the program simply disappeared, with no warning, no error code, no nuthin! I could split the file, and get two outputs, so I believe it was not bad material in a book section. My hunch is that, instead of spilling out to the hard drive, FTM tried to keep everything in RAM. Although I have 2GB of RAM, one of you techs still said my machine was not capable enough! I did a work-around by installing a third-party PDF creator, installing it as the default printer, and printing (not exporting) the book. That worked. However, FTM should not make a user go through all that hassle to publish a book.

    All that to say that I hope there will be enhanced capacity for exporting large books to PDF in the upcoming 2009 service packs.

    Forrest Ladd

  250. Rochelle

    Thank you Michelle,
    I received my email and placed my order in less than 30 seconds. So you can take me off your list!

    Thank you!


  251. Robbie Burnett

    I note that the remaining emails went out “this morning” per your 9:33 AM post. It is now 2:31 PM CDT and I have not received my email.
    I don’t know what emails Ancestry are sending out, but the only ones I receive are with regard to the MyFamily site, or to the Ancestry Trees site. I am not sure if I am missing any other things or not, but I certainly did not receive any emails regarding the upgrade.
    Can you check this out?
    Thanks for all your efforts

  252. I registered again to be sure. The process noted that my email address was known to Probably vis previous 2008 registartion and my Ancestry World Deluxe subscription.

  253. ChrisP

    It is now 4:30pm Eastern time in NJ,USA. I have not received any emails from Ancestry concerning the FTM 2009 upgrade. I seem to have a problem with bulk emails from Ancestry and affiliates because of Comcast Cable. Ancestry Security was suppose to fix this about a month or two ago with Comcast.

    Thanks for any assistance getting my FTM 2009 upgrade email and newsletters from Anceestry and affiliates.


  254. Kathy Marie




    298 Written by:
    Forrest Ladd

    Posted on:
    September 16, 2008 at 12:16 pm
    The only serious problem I have with FTM 2006 is exporting a large book to PDF format. My latest book has about 2500 pages, with no images. FTM 2006 just would not handle it. At about 1000 to 1300 pages, the program simply disappeared, with no warning, no error code, no nuthin! I could split the file, and get two outputs, so I believe it was not bad material in a book section.

  255. Nancy Offield


    I have received a confirmation email on the free upgrade to 2009, but thank you for your offer of help to those that were still waiting.


  256. Rodney Randal

    I registered FTM 2008 on 9-12-2008, live in Texas and have not received the upgrade e-mail yet. It sounds like I should have received the e-mail by now…

    Michelle, can you look into this please?


  257. Michelle Pfister

    Hi everyone,

    Here is information for those in Australia and New Zealand who did not receive a free upgrade email. This information comes from our International Office:

    A high proportion of AUS and NZ users opted-out of emails so we can not send them the free upgrade email. Customers can call the call centre:

    1-800-251-838 Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 16:00 pm AEST

    New Zealand
    0800 442 100 Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm NZT

    The agent will direct them to and give them a unique code to enable them to order the upgrade disc. Please note there is a small charge of £2.95 that will cover P&P.

  258. Robin

    Thank you Michelle (and Jan Gow)

    I am in New Zealand and don’t know whether i opted out for emails or not.

    However, for future updates/upgrades, how can I check and if necessary, change, the email situation, so that I can receive emails in the future?

  259. Gerry Coburn

    Hi Michelle

    I am a UK rersident and a registered user of FTM 2008 but have not received the upgrade email. Checked my spam fitler and nothing caught there either.



  260. Dave

    Hi Michelle,
    Still no email in Ontario for me as yet,
    Look forward to hearing from you as I registered about nine months ago.
    By the way, thanks for keeping us so well informed as late, it makes a big difference.

  261. John D Newport

    No emails here yet.
    I suspect the problem may be with my ISP. I remember that some time in the past I got a group of email’s that claimed to be from but were phishing emails. I would not be surprised if there are a lot of people out there not getting emails. I have not seen anything from them in a long time.
    It is 5:55pm CDT here.

  262. Kenneth Marcum


    I have not received any emails about the upgrade. I have not received any notices about anything from FTM since I registered my FTM2008 last January when I first installed 2008. I was so disillusioned with the product that I went almost 6 months without ever opening it. Can you help me. I have had FTM almost since the beginning and have convinced quite a number of other users to buy it. Sorry I can’t say the same about 2008 but I am looking forward to the upgrade (if I ever get my coupon).

    You do deserve a big thanks for trying to keep us informed.

    Thanks for trying,


  263. Dave

    Hi Michelle,
    Although I was registered with the correct email address, I think I was registered on the UK site, however I am now registered on the Canada site as well.(same email on both sites).

  264. Robin

    Thanks Michelle for the note regarding email preferences.

    I have called the call centre from New Zealand and obtained the code.

    Ordering the upgrade was also no problem, and I look forward to receiving FTM 2009.

  265. Aidan

    After your post, I rang Australian call center. The response I got was that Aus mailing batches are still going out for at least another week…no offer of immediate upgrade code.

  266. Brian Marburger

    I still havent received the second e-mail with the link and instructions that actually allows you to download the 2009 release.

    How much longer?

  267. Lynn

    I received my email today, it was easy and only took about 30 seconds to place the order … thank you.
    (I am in the US)

    I look forward to receiving 2009.

  268. Daryl Rickards

    Hi Michelle,

    Based on your update, I have just contacted the Australian Call Centre and the message is the same as Aidan that the email batches are still going out and if I haven’t got one by the end of the week contact them again. They are also saying the cutoff date for the upgrade is 26th September.
    Daryl Rickards
    Warrawee NSW Australia

  269. Chris Harris


    I noticed that on yesterday you mentioned the following:

    “Hi everyone,

    We’re sending the rest of the US and Canada Free Upgrade emails this morning. Thanks to those of you who have let me know you haven’t yet heard from us. I’m taking your email info from the comments today. I have a goal to work with each of you before the end of the week. Thanks!”

    As of this post I have yet to recieve an email. I hope that you can help with recieving an email or directing me to a location where I can obtain the free upgrade coupon code.

    Thank you,


  270. Dennis Hessey

    Thanks ever so much! Waited until all the confussion subsided and upon receiving second email was able to order free copy of FTM 2009 without a moments wait or any of the problems noted in earlier messages.

    My question is this, I have two registered copies of FTM 2008, one on my desktop, the other on my notebook. Will I be receiving an opportunity to upgrade both copies. As of now I’ve only received one upgrade email which as I mentioned before that I’ve redeemed successfully.

  271. Jerry Spillman

    Hello Michelle,

    This is in reference to your reply on September 11 to my initial post.

    I did register my FTM 2008, which I purchased from, but have not received the FTM 2009 upgrade email discussed. You indicated that you will work with me to get the upgrade. How do I start this process?



  272. Daryl Rickards

    Hi again,
    An update for fellow Australians. I didn’t believe what I was told by first operator (10am Wednesday another Michelle)at (which is based in Utah)regarding emails being sent out to Australians as it was in conflict with what Michelle has told us regarding information from the International desk.
    I called the callcentre again 2 hours later, got another operator (Brad in Utah) who knew exactly what was going on, and he has obtained a validation code from his manager and has sent an email to me which should arrive tomorrow.
    as they say watch this space – I will update all tomorrow.



  273. Peter Mason

    As per previous comments, I am based in the UK and purchased the UK version in the UK.

    Can you update us UK users as to when our e-mails are going out?

  274. Derek Hathaway

    I’ve had no contact from Ancestry (despite having registered FTM) – only warning I got about this upgrade was from my UK supplier. Their e-mail also mentioned that 26th September would be last date for free upgrade.
    But when I phoned UK number given, I was told that UK e-mails were yet to go out and I should only ring again if I hadn’t received it by 26th September!
    Either one of these dates is wrong, or us UK users have got an awfully short “upgrade window”!
    Derek Hathaway
    Derby, UK

  275. John Donaldson

    Daryl # 324 and other AU users

    The AU emails are starting to arrive

    As noted a lot of AU users apparently did not tick the box when registering to allow Acom to send them update information hence they are not going to receive an email.

    To repeat the alternative

    A high proportion of AU and NZ users opted-out of emails so we can not send them the free upgrade email. Customers can call the call centre:

    1-800-251-838 Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 16:00 pm AEST

    New Zealand
    0800 442 100 Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm NZT

    The agent will direct them to and give them a unique code to enable them to order the upgrade disc. Please note there is a small charge of £2.95 that will cover P&P.

    John D

  276. Lisa

    Re #326

    I find it interesting that you poned a UK number reference FTM 2009 and was told that no UK emails had been sent out yet. I know of at least 2 people having spoken to them that they have received the email and there is a few on this blog too who are in the UK, so there is conflicting info coming out from Ancestry. It would be good if we could be given a rough idea of when to expect the ’email’



  277. I’ve not yet received an email for an update from 2008 t0 FTM 2009. I would appreciate some help since yesterday’s info would suggest that all wmails have been sent.
    Ottawa Canada

  278. Robbie Burnett

    Hi Michelle,
    It’s 7:00 AM here in good old Missouri. Still no email. What should I do?
    Thanks for your help

  279. ChrisP


    In talking to my ISP Comcast, they sent me the following information concern blocked email:

    did more research on your issue and found an e-mail address for you to contact with your issue.

    Below is an excerpt from a document I found addressing your issue:

    5. If the customer is not receiving email from a specific domain please review the policy on blocked domains:

    a. Comcast has implemented a new policy concerning blocklisting. If you receive calls from customer’s regarding a blocklist issue or an inability to receive mail or send mail from another domain, please advise the subscriber that we are not blocking individual senders, but only mail servers that have sent high volumes of spam to the domain. Have the caller review the error messages received and the corresponding FAQ links provided within the error message – this will help them to resolve their issue.

    b. Blocked Domains; direct the subscriber to submit a form for IP removal at:

    I went to the address above and it needs Ancestry input on my behalf to fix this.

    I hope this helps.

  280. Gretar Einarsson

    I am a registered user of FTM 2008 and have not yet received the free update e-mail, did register through the UK.

  281. Called and had the tech consultant enter the order(no charge) for me. I have a confirmation number and should receive FTM 2009 in a few weeks. I still have not received an email and apparently the codes will only work from the link in the email.

  282. Jay Thompson

    i know you and the whole staff is working very hard and have been inundated the last week, so just a quick update. I have not received an update email yet.
    Jay Thompson

  283. Jim Hope

    I have FTM2008 installed on my computer and have not yet received an email for the upgrade. I have the 2008 essentials and am looking forward to the new version. Can you please advise when I might receive an email for the free upgrade?
    Thanks for a great product.

  284. John Cable

    Still no email here, I am in the UK.

    I did notice that on the website I was subscibed to all updates and newsletters even though I have never received one. On the .com site I was not subscribed to anything, would this be the reason why some of us in the UK aren’t detting the email re; the 2009 update?

  285. Brian

    Please add me to your list of US customers still waiting…

    “We’re giving you Family Tree Maker® 2009. Free.” email received 8/8/08 @ 6:38 pm.

    No update email received as of yet.


  286. Robin


    I think John Cable (#337) is right.

    I didn’t receive an email, although through it was noted to receive them.

    However, when I accessed, there was a different screen with different options to subscribe.

    It also noted that I had other preferences in the site.

    I suggest that ancestry look at this, as I have never ever received a newsletter from ancestry, even though as I say, through the site I should have received them.

  287. Carol Hensley

    As of 12:15pm PST 9/17/08, I’ve still not rec’d any emails from re: the Free 2009 upgrade. I am a registered user of Family Treemaker Essentials 2008 and my address at Ancestry is correct. Can you advise when I might expect to receive the email and/or instructions on how to get my Free 2009 FTM? I’m very anxious to get the new version.

  288. Robin


    Further to my #339.

    Under the preferences for .com are newsletters for “Ancestry Monthly”, “Ancestry Weekly Journal” etc.

    I have never ever received any of these. As I say, under I was supposed to get these, but I didn’t have the options put to me. Have a look at both screens and you’ll see what I mean.

    The preference screen needs to be changed so that these preferences can be selected.

    I believe this will be the reason why ALL those registered have not had emails.

  289. David Louis

    Hi Michelle. I’m another registered user of FTM 2008 who hasn’t received the upgrade email. I think the problem may be that I’m an American who lives in the UK. So your systems probably assume I need the UK version, when in fact I need the American one.

    One other quick question – what are the major differences between the American and English versions of FTM 2009? My wife is English, and at some point we’ll start on her ancestry. Would there be any reason for me to get the UK version as well at that point?

    Thanks for your time helping me and everyone else on here,

    David L

  290. In response to Kathy Marie at 304
    The report size needs to be changed in FTM 2006 click on ‘help’ then ‘About Family Tree maker’ then click on ‘Advance’ and change the report size to GenReportsMemSize=75776434

  291. Janice Heidt

    Hi, Michelle. Still no upgrade email. I have never received a single email about FTM 2009; I have only learned about it through various genealogy blogs.

    Any idea when it will happen?

    Thank you so much.

  292. Don Knupp

    Hi Michelle

    Referencing your post 287:

    I am a US customer who, I’m sorry to have to say, has not yet received an email.

    From what I read in this Blog you are making progress. Keep it up.

  293. Melissa

    I purchased FTM 2008 on Friday, paid the expedited shipping (and my product arrived this evening (5 days later) and then when I tried to check the status of my order the day after I placed it and Ancestry had FTM 2009 up on your site to my surprise!

    I called first thing Monday morning and the gentleman that I spoke to told me that the two programs were off and on the site because of the issues with 2008 and that since I bought 2008 I could send it back to you at a loss to me for shipping!

    I was also told to reorder 2009 at full price, but that at the moment you guys are offering free shipping on FTM 2009, so it would even itself out…Um NO!

    I’m pretty much appalled to find out that even after he spoke to a supervisor that I was given incorrect information and not even told about or offered FTM 2009 Upgrade like everyone else and am expected to pay full price for the product AND lose what I’ve already paid into shipping for a product that had already been replaced with the latest version BEFORE my order was even finished processing.

    The long and short of it is that I would appreciate receiving the upgrade to FTM 2009 for free like everyone else and would also appreciate it if customer service were updated on the latest news for the future FTM consumers.

    If I didn’t already have almost a decades worth of experience with I would have to say that what I was told on the phone was a bit shady and I sincerely hope that isn’t the case, but rather a matter of miscommunication between your agent and his supervisor.

  294. Mary Ellen Rice

    My husband bought FTM 2008 for me in November 2007. I did not install and register it until June or July because of the problems I was hearing. I have not received a notice of the Free 2009 version except from a friend. Can you help? I would very much like 2009. Mary Ellen

  295. Marion Brent

    I ordered Family Treemaker 2008 on or about 9/11/2008 unaware there was a new version about to be released. I had difficulty receiving the shipment, which is another subject, however I called support to track the package and learned of the new free upgrade and suggested to your support personnel that since the shipment had not been received either i would cancel the order and reorder with the question when could I get the 2009 version. I was instructed the shipment would be rerouted and ounce received I was to register it and I would then receive an email to upgrade to 2009.
    I registered, have received an email invitation to upgrade through a purchase, but not a free upgrade.
    What should I do?

    Marion Brent

  296. Catherine Mossano

    Hi Michelle,

    Regarding your post #287. Since you said you have sent out the rest of the emails to the US and Canada. What do we do now if we still haven’t received one? Do we continue to wait for something that’s not coming? I’m trying really hard to be patient, really, I know you have your hands full, I would just like to know what we need to do to resolve this.


  297. latde96A

    As of today, I have not received my second email with info on how to get FTM. I have emailed 3 times and no one replied. Please help me with this problem.

  298. Judy DAvis

    I am in New Zealand and didn’t get the upgrade email, so I rang the phone number that was listed for us here to use, got through to a really nice man, who gave me the code to use and warned me that I would be charged for postage, which is cool. Sadly the website rejected the code that I was given. I had followed the directions as given more than once and still no luck.

  299. Linda Ezzone

    I know you and the whole staff is working very hard and have been inundated this last week, so just a quick update. I have not received an update email yet.

  300. Robin

    Hi Judy

    I’m also in NZ. The man that I got (probably the same one as you got, nice guy, in the UK) said that if I had had any problems, to get back to him.

    I had no problems submitting the order, but I would get back to him if I were you.

  301. Daryl Rickards

    Hi to all Australians out there.
    An update to yesterday #324.
    This morning I received the update email with voucher details from as promised and the order was processed without any problems – just have to wait for the CD to arrive.


    Warrawee NSW Australia

  302. Peter

    Another Australian comment.

    Rang the 1800 number and was put through to Michelle. She was very helpful, sent me an email with a link to the USA Shopping cart site, entered the code, and yes you guessed it “Invalid Coupon Code” error message came uo. That was 9.44 AM aest Have tried all day but still no luck. If you see this Michelle can you please advise what I should do next.

  303. Daryl Rickards

    Hi Peter #356
    Call the 1800 number again and ask to speak to Brad or the callcentre manager. I initially spoke to Michelle at the callcentre and I didn’t think she knew what was going on. You should get the link to the Ancestrystore in the UK as indicated in the entry on this Blog ie:

    The agent will direct them to and give them a unique code to enable them to order the upgrade disc. Please note there is a small charge of £2.95 that will cover P&P.

    hope this helps


  304. Daryl Rickards

    hi Peter #356/357

    Just had a thought – go to the UK site and enter your code – it might just work as the callcentre operator (Michelle) probably gave you the wrong link.


  305. Peter

    Hi Daryl #357/358

    I also tried the UK site same deal. Guess I will have to wait till tomorrow and try the 1800 number again.


  306. Lea Crouch

    Hi Peter #356
    I’m another Aussie user,I spoke to Michelle at the call centre this morning and when she gave me the code to use she did say that she wasn’t sure if the O was a letter of the alphabet or a zero,if one didn’t work try the other. I was able to place my order without any problems.


  307. Catherine Mossano

    To everyone still waiting for their email…

    I called customer service this morning and they sent me the email while I was on the phone with them. I followed the instructions in the email and everything processed without a hitch.

  308. Robbie Burnett

    Another option. I called technical support and reached a very nice young man named David. He initially told that the emails were being sent in batches. I explained that I was aware, but that Michelle had posted on the blog that all emails had gone out on 9-16. He put me on hold for a short time, came back and told me that his supervisor had allowed him to place the order himself while I was online. He confirmed my email and snailmail address and,here’s hoping, my 2009 is on the way. But, he said he had sent a confirmation email which I have note yet received.

    I did learn that there is a “special” store for the 2008 upgrades. It is only reachable through the email link, so I wonder if some of you were getting into the regular store and that is why price did not return to $0.

    Lastly, I decided to follow the instructions to update my email preferences. I went into and updated, then a yellow box came up saying I had preferences in . I asked and learned that is Ancestry Canada. I don’t think I have ever signed up for that, but suppose anything is possible. I wonder if that is where my emails are going.

    At any rate, the experience this morning was a good and I hope that each of you are able to get your 2009 editions ordered soon

  309. ChrisP

    I just called Ancestry at about 12noon eastern time, They asked for my email and address, then sent out my email letter. In about a minutes while still talking to the Customer Service Rep my email came. Then I went to the Store link to place my order for 2009 upgrade, everything worked out great.

    Good luck in getting the 2009 ugrade.

  310. Eric G.

    Tony A,

    Just curious… when did you recieve your confirmation email from Ancestry? I processed my order on Monday and recieved the confirmation on Tuesday.


  311. Peter

    Update for Aussie people.

    After code not working yesterday, rang the 1800 number and spoke to Brad. Gave me a new code and entered on the UK site no problems all done…..Yeah!!!!

  312. Robin


    There are still people who have not received the emails, and are registering again. I don’t think this is necessary.

    As I have already said, I believe the problem is with the “Newsletter & Marketing Email Preferences”

    Both the AU and UK screens are very basic. Does not give options as to weekly or monthly newsletters etc.

    When I registered, under the AU site, I ticked that I wished to receive newsletters/updates from Ancestry. I have never received anything from them.

    I have now gone onto the .com site and ticked the newsletters I would like to get in future.

    Please look at all these screens and confirm that this is where the problem lies.

    Initially, I thought it may have been your registration database, but I now believe that you have not sent emails due to the options on the AU and UK sites not being available.

  313. Carl Johnson

    Re #203
    I still have not recieved a e-mail about the upgrade. I have checked my preferences and all are correct.

    In the USA



  314. Nick Davy

    For any UK Users who have not recieved their upgrade e-mail.

    In frustration yesterday I contacted Ancestry UK Store who kindly gave me the freephone number 0800 404 9723. (had to try it a couple of times to get it to ring though). I eventually got through and a very helpful person took my details. Validated my e-mail address against details on and apologised that she couldn’t give me a voucher code immediately as her supervisor wasn’t present but promised to e-mail me once the supervisor returned.

    Yes the e-mail arrived within the hour and I have succesfully ordered the free upgrade (£2.95 p&p)

    Hope this helps Nick.

  315. Dean Barnard

    Thanks Nick,

    I’m in the UK and just rang the number you gave. A very nice man on the phone gave me my validation code straight away. I typed it in while speaking to him and ordered my copy.


  316. LIsa

    Hi, I too phoned the UK freephone number 0800 404 9723 last night and spoke to a lady called Michelle who was helpful with my queries. She also gave me my unique code and directed me to the relevant website. I entered the code and validated it, put in my billing and shipping details and lo and behold my order went through straight away, no problems, just £2.95 P&P. Got the email confirmation within the minute of submitting. Thanks for the easy process. Regards

  317. ChrisP

    To #371 Carl

    Go to blog #364.

    The USA no. is 1-800-958-9124 that I used and got through and worked.

    Good luck.

  318. Jim Hope

    Re: Blog #336
    I finally called the Ancestry number and was told by Jennifer that there was another batch of emails going out. As I had registered just before the send date I was missed in the Sept 16 batch.She also told me to call next week if I did not receive an email.

  319. dnelms

    Gonna try this again. I have yet to recieve an email from Not one after registration, not any of the newsletter, tips, marketing stuff, etc. Nothing! I’d really like to take advantage of this upgrade offer. Please help out.

  320. Tony A.

    To #369 Eric G

    I received the 2nd coupon on 9/12/08 @ 1:21pm CDT. Ordered immediately @ 1:22pm CDT. Confirmation email received same day @ 2:12pm CDT.

  321. Herb

    Have just loaded FTM 2009. Have not spent any time using it other than importing files from 2006 version. I got frustrated after twenty minutes.The web search yields several( yes,,several,,,less than 10) hits on searches previously having hundreds of hits.Am I not using it correctly? This complaint was the same one I had with FTM 2008. It appears not to compare to 2006 version. I went back to 2006 after installing 2008 and will likely do the same now. It is terrible.Period.

  322. Jeff Jahn

    Was wondering for those that where able to place your order, how long from when you placed your order did you receive FTM 2009? I placed on 9-12 and have yet to receive mine. Am hoping i receive this weekend or at latest monday. This is for a US order.

  323. Paul Epner

    Hi Michelle. Welcome and thanks for the improved communication. I was part of the 2008 Beta testing. I own and registered a copy of 2008. I have not received any information about upgrading to 2009. What should I do?

  324. John Friedman

    Still haven’t received an e-mail as of 1pm, Sept. 19. I’ve checked my preferences at both and my e-mail server to make sure it wasn’t going to my spam box. If the e-mail doesn’t show up at the end of the day, I will call on Monday.

  325. TonyC

    Ordered 2009 around noon CDT on September 13, the confirmation arrived the sane day at 12:16 PM.

    The software was in the mail today 🙂

    Anybody loaded it yet?


  326. Dave

    My nerves couldn’t stand it any longer so I called Ancestry customer service, Mike seemed to know all about what is going on, he took my details (seems that as I bought my 2008 from a High St. retailer there was a bit more checking involved), I duly received my coupon the next day and have just ordered my free 2009, in minutes, no problems at all.
    Thank you Ancestry for making this offer possible and Michelle for keeping us updated.

  327. gary stehlik

    Its now September 20th. Still have not received email about the update. I am in the US. Ive checked my email settings and everything is correct.

    when will I get emailed???

  328. DavidN

    So it seems that not all customer service calls are alike. After messages left here, emails cahnged, updated and confirmed, I decide to take the advice from otehrs here and call customer service. While others may have had an agent to take their info and help out, I got one that said they are now asking us to email and explain our problem with not receiving email or the update announcement/codes. Well I did as I was asked and still no email. I am fairly new to FTM, so please tell me things are not always this bad.

  329. Carl Johnson

    Ref 388

    I got the same story. I guess it is one more way to eliminate “customer service”, bad enough you talk to a service center in who knows what 3rd world country, now they eliminate it. I have decided to quit looking into it. If I get the upgrade great, If not, I am not sure I need a magazine, deluxe ancestry subscription, and FTM2009.

  330. Christopher


    Don’t wait for your email – call 0800 404 9723.

    The agents are very helpful and will give you your FTM 2009 upgrade code for use at

    My order was successfully made within moments. I shall now wait eagerly for at my letterbox, rather than my inbox!

    Good luck everyone.

  331. TonyC

    I’m assuming you directed the question of “what country do you live in to get an order confirmation e-mail?” to me.

    We live in Dallas, Texas, USA – Go Cowboys 🙂


  332. Ian Murray

    Having problems finding a suitable chart in FTM2008 so went to website and discovered this blog page by complete accident. Interesting to find all the problems that people have with 2008, not just me then (I am still running v16 as a read only version as well as 2008 as I can not get my head around all the changes, lack of charts and I have a problem with the spell checker crashing FTM2008 when I run it.

    Here are a few quotes and comments:

    12) In terms of priority, the all-n-one tree is in the same general area as the features that are planned for the next free upgrade. It’s a very, very important feature to us. I can’t say more than that because it is also difficult to implement. I don’t want to make promises we can’t keep

    – When FTM was completly re-written for 2008 wasn’t charts etc. one of the major reasons for doing so?

    178) People have asked why we don’t provide a download. There are a few reasons for this: The download would be too large for practical application, and we expect there would be a lot of problems associated with this.

    – A slow background update download might have been an easier and cheaper option, espectially if it just happened automatically.

    Oh well, here’s hoping that the 2009 version is easier to use and has more charts etc.

  333. Carol Hensley

    To David, Blog# 388

    I, too, called c/s yesterday and was told to send an email to which I did at 10:57am yesterday. As of 11:57pst today 9/20 I’ve not heard or rec’d anything. However, the c/s rep did indicate that was how it is now being handled – thru the customersolutions email box and that it will likely take a few days as they handle the emails in the order that they receive them; to expect about a week or so.
    I, also, posted it here a few days ago – blog post# 340 on 9/17/08. Hopefully something will come soon.

  334. Mitch

    I just made a backup with 2009. I trusted that the problem with media files being pulled into the media folder when they are only linked to on the hard drive had been resolved. NOPE, I got 900 images loaded into my media folder that I don’t want there.

    As an added bonus, the backup file WASN’T created. All I got for my trouble was the work of sorting those 900 files back out of my media folder and into the recycle bin.

    I just hope they weren’t deleted from their original locations.

    You guys knew about this problem and released 2009 without resolving it.

    What’s the problem? What’s the point of our linking to files instead of copying them into the media folder?

  335. Mitch

    Oh, I see what you did now. Because you couldn’t resolve the problem of externally linked files being included into the media folder during a backup, you simply said in the help file that is what’s supposed to happen. That’s pathetic. In a previous post you agreed there was a problem. Now it’s not a problem

    Could you at least make the box unchecked by default?

  336. Robbie Burnett

    I am confused. I am registered on as well as Have never registered on and would like to be removed from such list. I have tried upgrading my account to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  337. ChrisP


    Thanks. I got my Order Number from Ancestry a couple hours (Sept. 19, 2008) after I went online with the code, also I got a confirmation code.

    Also, I will keep you informed about getting my newsletters, etc.

    Again thanks.

  338. Michelle Pfister

    Some of you on Comcast have mentioned the possibility that your emails are being blocked. I think you’re right about this, because I’m noticing that several of you who didn’t receive emails are on I’ve sent this information to our email group, and they’ll be looking into it. Thanks for the good detective work from those of you who tracked this down. We’ll work to fix it. Thanks!

  339. Michelle Pfister

    Here’s some information that probably deserves repeating for those in Australia and New Zealand who did not receive a free upgrade email. This information comes from our International Office:

    A high proportion of AUS and NZ users opted-out of emails so we can not send them the free upgrade email. Customers can call the call centre:

    1-800-251-838 Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 16:00 pm AEST

    New Zealand
    0800 442 100 Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm NZT

    The agent will direct them to and give them a unique code to enable them to order the upgrade disc. Please note there is a small charge of £2.95 that will cover P&P.

  340. Michelle Pfister

    By way of update. I’ve contacted about 1/2 of those who didn’t receive an upgrade email. I’ll contact the rest shortly.

  341. Kathy Marie















  342. Karen

    I’m still wondering about these confirmation e-mail messages that some people have received.

    I am in the US. I received all the no-charge upgrade notices and was able to place an order on the 12th. My order history at the Ancestry Store includes an entry for the “Family Tree Maker 2009 Free Pack” but I never received any kind of confirmation.

    Although I was expecting a 7-10 day delivery delay, I’m now reading that some people (who all seem to have received confirmations) have already received their orders. Should I be concerned? Is there another glitch in the process?

  343. Gary Holdcroft

    Have successfully loaded FTM 2009 but have discovered what I feel to be a serious problem in that if you try and delete an entry in the ‘Edit Person’ screen FTM crashes with no error message.

  344. Jim Hope

    Thank you Michelle for your response re: the upgrade to 2009. I received my email this morning and have ordered my new FTM2009. The process was easy and went without a hitch. Now I can hardly wait for it to arrive so I can check out all the new and improved features.


  345. gary stehlik

    Thanks Michelle ,
    I got my email this morning, 21st, and have order the upgrade. Can’t wait, I started using TMG but found the learning curve too steep.I originally left FTM due to the inability to show siblings in ancester trees which I understand has now been restored.

  346. Michelle Pfister

    Karen (403),

    The system is working well without any hiccups that we know of. I’m checking into your question about the order.

  347. Janice Heidt

    Good morning, Michelle. I received my email when I got up this morning, 9/21, and have already ordered my copy of FTM 2009. Accomplished within a couple of minutes. Thank you so very, very much for your help. I look forward to getting it!!!

    Keep Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast in your prayers. The devastation is horrendous.

    Janice Heidt

  348. Carol Hensley

    Michelle – Thank you. I rec’d my email last night from you, went to the link and purchased my FTW2009 using the coupon code you gave me.

    I’ve not yet, however, rec’d an email confirmation. Nor does it show in Ancestry Store | My History yet. Should I be concerned at this point that I’ve not rec’d an email confirm? (I do have the Confirmation# from the purchase that I printed out as it instructed.)
    I got the impression that I should receive an email confirm within an hour or two, so a bit concerned.

    Thanks again.

  349. Jack Price

    Recieved letter of confirmation on 12 Sept. Recieved 2009 disc 20 Sept. Installed on my computer everything got transfered over, appears to be running fine. Will know more when I get into it. lol

    Thanks Jack

  350. LarryH

    Kathy Marie @402:

    2008&2009 are memory hogs, but it doesn’t sound like you have a memory leak (that’s when an app consumes memory when running but doesn’t release it when done).

    You may be exceeding your page file limit. Instead of focusing on real memory usage, in task manager, look at PF usage. If you are near the limit when (trying to) run your report, then increase the pagefile size under control panel | system | advanced | performance settings button | advanced tab | virtual memory change.

    Shouldn’t be this hard.

  351. Mark Miller

    I also received my e-mail and successfully ordered 2009 on 9/12 but did not receive a confirmation e-mail and have not received my 2009 upgrade. It shows in my order history as shipped.

  352. Karen

    Does your order history include a “shipped” date or just the label “shipped”?

    Mine is blank; in other words, nothing has shipped. I’m concerned that we may be stuck in some sort of order processing black hole.

  353. William P. Eskdale

    I’m disappointed in FTM 2009. Installed it and found it does not print anything at all. The print jobs all stall before completely spooled. Then the print jobs pop out of the printer at random in machine code.

    I actually bought a newer printer thinking mine was not fully Vista Compliant and had the same result.

    Yes, FTM 2008 is working fine on either printer. so it seems to FTM 2009.

    Since it won’t print, I’m deleting it from my system.

  354. Arthur Evans

    Whatever I do I seem to be unable to get to the place to provide the unique code to enable me to order the upgrade disk to FTM 2009 18th edition – what am I doing wrong.


    Arthur (aka Bill) Evans

  355. Peter Mason

    Thanks for your personla e-mail to me Michelle.

    However it does not explain why I in the UK (registered in the UK and bought 2008 in the UK) never received the Upgrade e-mail.

    I suppose we will never get to the bottom of this problem. I have since phoned the UK Support team and ordered the free 2009 online with the code.

  356. Clare Bridger

    Hi Michelle

    I live in the UK and bought the UK version of FTM2008 last year from an online UK retailer.

    I have not received any e-mail offering the free upgrade.

    I phoned the helpline last week and was told that all UK registered users should receive the e-mail by 26 Sept which is the day the special offer expires!

    I still have not received the email.

    Please can you help.


  357. ChrisP

    In looking at my account in Shop none of my orders going back to 2002 have a shipped date. The shipped date would be nice to have since the space was provided. Also we would be able to tell if there is a problem with snail mail.


  358. James H. Wright

    I have an old Family Tree Maker tree on line. It has my old email address on it, and I want to change it to my new one so folks will know how to contact me. How do I do this?

  359. Nick Davy

    Re #372

    I’m impressed I actually placed order on Friday the 19th September and it turned up in the post this morning Monday 22nd September.

    Installed without a hitch although it did load my previous 2008 file without asking me. Just need to re-import from FTM 16 live version and away we go hopefully.

    Cheers Nick

  360. T Schaefer

    I have not received my email yet. I’ve registered FTM 2008 twice already since I’ve owned it.


  361. Marvin J Wachendorf

    I am a registered user of FTM 2008 and I have not received the free update e-mail. Reading some of the
    comments I am on comcast and I may
    have been blocked. Your help would be appreciated

    Marv Wachendorf

  362. Jim Pierce

    I still haven’t received the 2nd upgrade message. I bought it from My order information is:
    Order Date: 09/14/2007
    Order # 20819267


  363. Michelle Pfister

    Here are some questions and answers:

    Question: I either haven’t received an email confirmation of my free upgrade order, or my order history is blank. Should I worry?
    Answer: No. the order confirmations are sent out in batches. (Carol – I checked our DB and found your order in there, so you’ll receive the free upgrade)

    Q: Is printing in Family Tree Maker a problem? (Comment #417).
    A: We have had hundreds of beta testers using the product, and we have not heard of a problem just like this. William, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the printing. There might be a problem with your printer drivers. Even though it’s a new printer, sometimes there are newer drivers available that might be worth trying. You can also contact our customer support.

    Q: Why didn’t some people in the UK get an email?
    A: The UK emails could not be sent to those who opted-out of receiving email communications from Ancestry. For instructions on checking your email settings, see

    Q: If I’m a UK customer and I didn’t receive an upgrade offer, should I wait for another email?
    A: No, please contact UK support. There will be no more free upgrade emails sent to the UK. You can contact UK support for a coupon code: M-F 9am-7pm GMT, Sat 9am – 5pm GMT. Within the UK, call 0800 404 9723

    Q: Can Version 2008 create genealogy reports?
    A: Yes. If you don’t see the option available in the “Publish” workspace, download the patch. For instructions, see the article titled “Family Tree Maker 2008 software updates/patches” at

  364. Barb Peiffer

    On both FTM 8 and 9, none of the charts and reports print, Instead, the program shuts itself shuts down. There are no compatibility problems that we can find. I had a professional here for three hours and she searched for something to no avail. Can you steer me to a solution.

  365. Peter Mason

    As a UK user, and registered as a UK user, I as far as I am aware have never opted out of receiving e-mails from Ancestry, only from third parties. In fact under the e-mail address I use posting this blog, I never receive update e-mails from Ancestry.

    Can this be looked into? Perhaps myself and others don’t receive e-mails despite not having opted out!!

  366. Clare Bridger

    I agree with Peter.

    I have just checked my email settings. I have not opted-out of receiving email communications from Ancestry, only those from third parties.

    I have never received the Ancestry newsletter. The only emails I receive from them are when my renewal is due.

  367. Kerry

    Like #433 and other users my email preference is set to receive upgrades and emails from Ancestry. I have registered on the .au site.

    I too have checked both and .com sites and there is a difference between the 2.

    Maybe this should be checked by your staff and amended to reflect the same information.

  368. Carol Hensley

    Thank you Michelle. I did indeed receive the confirmation email this morning. Guess it was held up in cyberspace somewhere for a couple days. Thanks again for checking on it for me.

    Looking Forward to getting my 2009.
    Thanks again,

  369. Kathy Boulden

    I still have not received an email from FTM and have not received information about FTM 2009. I would like to upgrade before I decide to extend my subscription to which expires on October 4th.

  370. John D Newport

    Thank you Michelle. I received the upgrade email Sunday morning. I placed my order at that time, without any difficulty.
    Last night I received the confirmation email.

  371. Barbara J. Yeoman

    I had emailed a question to support because I had not received my free upgrade offer to FTM 2009.

    They responded promptly, gave me the code to insert in my upgrade order. When I went to check out there was no charge for the upgrade.

    Thank you Ancestry. I am looking forward to my FTM 2009.

    Barb Yeoman

  372. Peter Mason

    #433 and #434
    Regarding my comment #432

    Yes I have been to Ancestry .com, and I did not have any boxes ticked to receive e-mails from, although I did in

    I agree taht there must be some anomolies here and that TGN need to look into the fact that we do not receive e-mail in the UK although we may have requested this in our UK website account profile.

  373. Gretar Einarsson

    Same as Peter in #439 and others.
    I have never receved any newsletters or offers. And I am still waiting for my first eMail about FTM2009.

  374. Clare Bridger

    Thanks Michelle

    I did as you suggested – rang UK support and they gave me the coupon code straight away. I have now placed my order for the free upgrade,(although you do have to pay the postage). The offer in the UK expires on 26th.

  375. Dusty Williams

    Before I download the patch for FTM 2008 concering Genealogy Reports I want to make sure we are on the same page and talking about the same report.
    I am looking for the Genealogy Report that allowed you to print descendants or ancestors of a person. In this report it put in in word/paragraph form. This was great to take to reunions etc and hand them out as it included everyone. I am not looking for a chart or a family tree line in chart form.

    Thanks !!

  376. Richard

    I think it would be very beneficial to have two blogs. (1) Tips on using FTM2009. (2)Questions (and responses) on how to do something specific in FTM2009. It would be helpful to keep these blogs free from off-topic comments such as “why does my system crash” or “I haven’t gotten an email about the free upgrade”, etc.

  377. Joe Folzenlogen

    I checked my order history under the username jdfolz and my purchase of FTM 2008 is there, and I know I registered it, but I have not received the free upgrade email.

  378. Margaret L Smith

    When I installed FTM 2008 and tried to import files, the files were corrupted. Among other things, place names were recorded as “religion”.

    Has this problem been fixed in FTM 2009?

  379. Gene

    More of an FYI than anything. I’ve two online trees and had my offline tree (in FTM 2006 (v16). The two online trees are subsets of this one, but have a lot of newer info. I decided to purchase 2009 and bring my trees back together there. I moved the v16 tree to 2009 without a hitch, but each time I tried to merge ged files from my online trees, 2009 would eventually crash. I then went back to v16, merged the geds from the online trees and then imported the result to 2009. Good thing I didn’t get rid of v16!

  380. Sheryl

    I have been a registered user of FTM for many years. I also purchased FTM 2008 and registered it. I still have not received an email for the upgrade to FTM 2009. What do I need to do to obtain the upgrade?

  381. Nick Marklew


    If you want the free upgrade call the UK Ancestry customer services on 0800-404-9723 … don’t hang around waiting for the email.

    You’ll be given a voucher code and directed to

    I got my code within a couple of minutes of ringing and had ordered the free upgrade within seconds.

  382. Jack

    Michelle and

    Received my software today. Thank you so much for such an excellent gift. No company is perfect and there are bound to be mistakes, but I have never been disappointed with after more than 5 years and the great service I have received through the upgrade will make me continue as a member.

    Thanks again!
    One very satisfied customer.

  383. Jeff

    FTM 2008 is still on the shelves here in Boulder and I grabbed it not knowing that 2009 was out. Are those of us newly registering qualified for a free upgrade?

  384. Revis Hill

    Please bring back the calendar in your next upgrade.It was a wonderful feature. in fact, I made birthday calendars for our family reunion every two years. The calendar helped in securing needed birthdays and anniversaries for the family tree. New members of individual families along with photos were gladly sent for the new calendar for each reunion.

  385. Margaret Ann

    Do users who did not sign up for the trial ancestry subscription qualify for the FTM2009 upgrade?

    If you didn’t provide a credit card when you registered FTM2008, you don’t have a profile with mailing preferences

  386. J.A. Lewis

    As far as I can tell, the only people eligible for this “free” upgrade are those who either purchased directly from or who subscribed to Ancestry when they registered the product.

    Is that correct? Has TGN decided that the only FTM2008 customers who deserve the upgrade are those who have Ancestry accounts?

    If that is not correct, what are the exact steps non-Ancestry customers should follow to get their upgrade?

  387. Fred

    Well I cna not get FTM 2009 to register. Called tech support and still it will not register. So how do I get the free upgrad FTM 2009 as tech support told me it had to register on the internet.

  388. Will Campbell

    I received my free copy of FTM 2009 in the mail today. No lost emails, no issues at checkout, no delays in shipping: the system worked (for me at least). Thanks Michelle.

  389. John Ford

    I recently purchased FTM 2008 for use with Vista Business Bonus, 32 bit. I have had major problems from the start including: can not register – error message, “not connected to the internet” even though I am with all security software turned off, program is extremely slow and freezes up frequently, can not access technical support since I keep getting an error message “E-Mail address requires a value”, could not successfully download SP3 for Vista. Am extremely dissatisfied and about to give up. HELP!!!!

  390. Joyce Harrison

    Michelle, will you please check and see what the problem is. I have not received the second email or my copy of 2009.
    I might have used my other email… which is

  391. Ken Mongeau

    I was able to place the order and got a blank confirmation email back. Confirmation number is: 2009105962. The date of the order was 9-15-08. when can I expect to receive it?

  392. I still haven’t received an email and have checked all my spam filters.
    I see a note saying that UK customers should contact UK customer support. I am not a UK customer but live in Ireland the 0800 number will not work here. Have I been included in the UK (wrongly) or is there something else I should do?

  393. John Hope

    I purchased FTM 2008 when it first came out and registered immediately.I have not yet received the email offering the free upgrade to 2009.I live in Canada.

  394. Hello, Michelle!

    I just received my FTM 2009, and haven’t really had a chance to explore all the changes.

    However, I do see that once again, alas, the “custom reports” function is not as “custom” as I had hoped for. It would be sooo nice to be able to pull up, for example, a report of everyone with a death date between this date and that date. Or everyone who died in this county. Sort of like the reports a la Filemaker Pro. It doesn’t seem like it would be too difficult…how about it, FTM developers?


  395. Charles Files

    Is everyone who has registered their respected FTM 2008 to receive the FREE FTM 2009 upgrade or just selected customers? It is my understanding Sept. 26th, 2008 is cutoff date and I have yet to receive an Email for my upgrade. Do you have any comments on the subject?

  396. Richard Harris


    Although I haven’t received a specific reply to my earlier message (#281) I did follow your advice given in this site and I invested in the cost of an international phone call. The service was prompt and excellent and I was given a personal code. My problem is that when I log onto the free upgrade site I am only given the choice of of UK, Australia or New Zealand in the drop down country menu. As mentioned in my earlier posting, I purchased the UK version of FTM2008 from the UK but I live in the Cayman Islands. Can you tell me how to obtain FTM2009 short of paying full price to buy a commercial version.


  397. Athena

    Re #463:
    “It would be sooo nice to be able to pull up, for example, a report of everyone with a death date between this date and that date. Or everyone who died in this county.”

    You can do that in FTM2009, 2008, or even 2006: Select Custom report then choose “Selected Individuals”. When the pop-up to select individuals appears, click “Filter In” (“Find in older versions) and use any criteria you like to select who should be in the report. You can even choose people based on whether a field is (or is not) blank.

    The problem in FTM17 and 18 isn’t that you can’t generate this kind of report but that you can’t export the results in a usable format. The CSV output of FTM18 is just as dysfunctional as in FTM17.

    This is another example of the failure to systematically analyze requirements in a way that ensures you deliver what people actually need. There is no point in listing CSV output as a feature if customers can’t actually use the output in standard ways.

  398. Mitch

    I agree with Richard’s request in post 443 to start a new blog with comments on tips and questions about the new version of this software. This blog had exceeded 460 entries, which no one is going to read.

  399. Christopher

    Hi, I’m from the UK, and have just received my free FTM 2009 upgrade, exactly a week after placing my order on the special order page, having rung Ancestry UK for the code.

    Thank you. It installed and copied files over from 2008 with no problems.

    Hope the wait was worth it?! Cheers.

  400. Athena

    A Blog is not the place to try to address specific problems.

    If people have questions about how to do something specific, they should be directed to a functional help forum. As some one else noted, neither the FTM message board on Ancestry or the various mailing lists are very funtionally today. FTM needs to pay more attention to the need and come up with an online support venue better suited to today’s users.


  401. Michelle Pfister

    A few responses to posted blog questions and comments:

    To those of you who have received your free upgrade, I’m glad. If you have questions about the new version, you can post them here:

    When you back up media that is externally linked, the media ends up in the Media folder. This isn’t optimal and can be frustrating if you have a lot of media set up like this. We know we have more work to do in restoring and re-detecting linked media, and because it’s very complicated, it’s taking some time. We’re currently discussing ways to make this work more intuitively.

    Several of you who are transitioning to FTM 2009 from V16 have mentioned that you’d like to see a mapping of the v16 features to Version 2009 features. I’ve just kicked off a project to provide that information.

    Regarding mail confirmations of the Free upgrade, the orders are being sent through the system in batches, so it might take awhile to see your order confirmation. Please check back here or with Customer Service if you haven’t received the software within 10 days.

    The Edit Person Dialog sometimes causes Family Tree Maker to have trouble if you’re working with a smaller file. This problem is actually caused by some low-level code that is beyond the direct control of our programmers (it’s code from another vendor). We are currently looking at ways to work around this issue that occurs only intermittently.

    To change your contact information or email flags, go to My Account on and update your information with the options in the right-hand panel.

    Two of you have mentioned some printing problems in Version 2009. These are new issues to us even after all the beta testing and internal testing we had. I have forwarded the information to our development group, and those of you who have mentioned a problem might hear more from me through email.

    A couple of you have asked about email settings and I’ve forwarded those questions on to a group that can look into it. More on this later.

    To create genealogy reports in Version 2008, you’ll be most successful if you download the SP3 patch:

    Computer Memory becomes strained with large Family Tree Maker files. There was mention of a 2000-page PDF. Wow, I’m impressed! We will continue to work on ways to speed up Family Tree Maker and improve memory usage. However, computer memory may never equal the amazing things some people are doing with large files in Family Tree Maker 🙂

    Thanks for bringing up these questions and issues. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

  402. Ron Wilson

    I have a code number for the FTM 2009 upgrade but the website was down before the close date of 26 Sept & I could not use it.
    Can I still upgrade it?

  403. Stan B

    I’ve been a long time user of FTM software and have endorsed it’s use with many family & friends. I was happy with all the versions up to 2008. While I did try the 2008 version and registered it,the interface was just too cumbersome for me to use.
    I’ve waited patiently for the 2009 email upgrade, but have not received one.


  404. Lyn

    I am looking at buying FTM but need to know whether I can download data from an extensive family tree I have been working on for some time on It seems a waste of my time to have to manually enter everything again so am hoping there is a user friendly answer to this. I have emailed FTM directly but received no response to date.

  405. Sandra G. Otto

    I own the 2008 version of Family Tree Maker but did not receive an email or coupon for the updated program. Since I have not been using 2008 because I don’t like it, I’m hoping 2009 will resolve some issues and let me upgrade from Version 16 that I now use. I moved in April 2008 and have a new address and email address now. Can you help me? My NEW EMAIL is

  406. ChrisP


    Thanks for the help.

    Yesterday at about 6pm I got my Ancestry Weekly Journal in two years. May be I will be getting emails from Ancestry from now on. I hope that Ancestry and Comcast Cable has fixed that problem.

    I will be making sure in the coming weeks.



  408. Charlie Cassidy


    I received the first announcement email but have not yet received the upgrade email. Can you send/resend it? Thanks!


  409. Kathryn Boulden

    Dear Michelle,

    I have been a purchaser and subscriber to FTM and for at least 12 years. Last year, I did not purchase my 2008 program from I did get a 3 month extension to my paid Premium Access subscription. Now, Michelle, please, tell me how I got the 3 month extension to my acess if my program was not registered before September 12, 2008? (Please read email below from your customer service in response to my posting #436 to you and #138 to Russell Hanning) By the way, my access subscription expires around October 4, 2008. Three months ago would have been June, so your records should show that if one were to look.
    Here’s waiting to hear from you.

    Dear Kathy,
    We appreciate your message.
    You had to register your Family Tree Maker 2008 before 09/12/2008 to get the email offer for the upgrade to 2009.

    Great news, you qualify for a special upgrade to the World Deluxe annual membership for $199.00 for the first year. If you wish to take advantage of this just call 1-800-262-3787 and ask for me,

    (Kimberly] at extension ( 22078 ).

    If there is anything else with which we might assist you, please let us know.

    Member Solutions

  410. Robin

    Hi Michelle

    I registered FTM 2009, and was also advised that I could extend my subscription for World Heritage membership by one month.

    However, on accessing the screen to do this, I was asked for my 19 digit activation code.

    I was given a code when I purchased FTM 2008, but I have not received a code for FTM 2009.

    How do I get this code for FTM 2009?

    (I did try the FTM 2008 code, but this did not work).

  411. Ernie

    I note a comment in Athena #466 mentioning FTM17 and FTM18. Is this the same as FTM 2008 and FTM2009?


  412. Christine Cotton

    Okay here is my problem, purchased FTM 2008 (should have done my homework as I am not pleased) on September 4 (if I had known about FTM 2009 I would have waited), received it around September 9 and registered it, emailed tech support around September 24 (problems still not resolved and haven’t heard from them), started looking for my own answers to the problems with FTM 2008 and saw this blog site, contacted customer service for free upgrade on September 25, on September 27 received the following email:
    We can help you with that, please contact our customer support line toll free number at 1-800-262-3787. Our office hours are 9 AM -7 PM EST Monday to Friday.
    Best regards,
    Member Solutions
    September 29, you will love this, started calling around 9am EST just like the email said, didn’t get through until after 10 (the gentleman said they didn’t open until 10) anyways, he told me to send an email off to which I did, today is October 1 and I still haven’t heard anything.
    I am a first time FTM consumer, first time paid subscriber, all I want is the free upgrade in hopes that FTM will not have the same problems and I can continue with my paid subscription with Ancestry. Any suggestions out there?

  413. Mitch

    I have a suggestion for 2009, if it hasn’t already been mentioned …

    When working in the sources panel, and viewing the links to a source citation, I’d like to see those links sortable just like facts can be sorted when viewing individual and shared facts for a person.

    #500 coming up soon!

  414. Christine Cotton

    RE: 487
    Well good luck. I have sent two emails off already to them with no reply. I think what bothers me most is the lack of communication between the right and left hands. I believe should have told me to email, rather than tell me to call the 1-800 number. Calling the 1-800 number was a waste. Their phone menu was confusing. They weren’t open at 9 like the email stated. There should be instructions to consumers on what to do if you haven’t received the coupon (maybe there is). And they said they could help me, which as of today they haven’t. If you hear anything, please let me know.

  415. Frank Hannigan


    I only hope the new version is better than the one I presently have! I have not been able to share information from to FTM (v6.0) as detailed in the program.

    I have contacted support at and have come up with nothing! As a matter of fact, I got the distinct impression that I was getting the round-around. Luckily I saved all correspondence for future uses.

    To top it all off, I never got compensated for the free time offered on which I was already a member of. I couldn’t find anyone who would answer/respond to that particular aspect of my purchase of FTM v6.0.

    I still use FTM v6.0 although it’s ‘crippled’ and feel it appears to satisfy most of the requirements to a genealogy composing program, but the support leaves much to be desired! Needless to say I’ll not be purchasing any newer versions!


  416. Sandra G. Otto

    I am requesting a coupon for the free update to FTM 2009. I have not received an email from you, but I am a registered 2008 purchaser. You may reach me at the email address shown in this comment.

  417. Daryl Rickards

    Hi all outside US & Canada,
    For the record, I received my copy of FTM2009 from the UK today (2nd Oct) 2 weeks after ordering.
    The software installed and registered without any problems – took my FTM2008 data and I am all systems go.
    Now the fun starts in putting it through its paces.
    Thanks again Michelle for the work you have put into getting this show on the road, I will now move over to the new blog to track FTM2009 progress

    Daryl Rickards
    Warrawee NSW

  418. Chris Prickett


    I received my FTM 2009 disk yesterday. It is working great. It took about 10 days after ordering.

    Here is an enhancement I would like to see.

    I would like Place Names upgraded. I will try to explain.

    1). In the Place area (say Birth) I would like a field for Street Address, City or Township, County, State, Country, and Zip Code. Each Country could have its own breakdown. The main Place area would be expandable to show these fields, but can be condensed from the fields input.

    2). Also I would like the Place Map to recognize the words City, Township, and County after such designation. If I know the complete address I will enter as Street address, Beverly City, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA but the map cannot find it until I take off the words City and County. Part one would take care of this.


  419. Chris Prickett

    I should of said:

    Individual fields for Street Address, City or Township, County, State, Country, and Zip Code.

  420. Ian A


    Question regarding Free upgrade to FTM 2009?

    I’ve been using FTM (2005 & 2006) happily for some time now and invested in a copy of FTM 2008 at the end of June of this year, however due to other committments I’ve only just got round to installing and registering it. Will I receive the email containing the code for the free upgrade to FTM 2009 before October 9th which I believe is the cut off date.


    Ian A

  421. Kelly

    I have also yet to receive an email regarding an upgrade to 2009.. I put in a request on the customer service website to no reply. I have a registered copy of FTM 2008 and stopped using it because it frustrated me.

  422. Roberta Bear

    I understand that we are to make known if we have not recieved our FTM upgrade e-mail, so here goes. I have a US registered copy of FTM 2008, and have not received an email for my upgrade to FTM 2009. Thank you!

  423. Stuart Gilson

    I did not get an email about the upgrade to Family Tree Maker 2008. Please send me an email with the URL for the upgrade website for family Tree Maker 2009 to the above email address. Thank you.

    Stuart Gilson (Email address change)

  424. Robbie Burnett

    Ok, got the program, installed and imported. Seems to be working well. Where are the blogs for using the program?

  425. Kerrie Shakells

    I refer to Robbie Burnett’s comments (number 40). I have just had my entire family of 292 individuals become unrelated. “No Direct Relationship found”. Other than for a half dozen entries.It thinks I am my own half sister! I have checked for duplications and can’t where the fault is.
    Does this mean I have to create an entire new file and manually put all these individuals, plus facts, notes etc in again? I hope not. Please help.

  426. Ann ciero

    I have been an avid user of family tree maker for more than 10 years. I was wondering how I can get a free upgrade. I am not sure I registered my 2008 but Im am willing to do whatever it to prove that I am worthy to get a free upgrade. thank you for reading this and hopefully you will respond. I am anxious to try the new version out. Ann Ciero

  427. Michelle Pfister

    Hi everyone,

    It sounds like the FTM packages are making their ways to your homes and offices. Several of you have asked for some new blog topics. I’m looking forward to moving our attention to some of the new product features — soon.

    First, here are answers to a few questions:

    If you’re in the UK, AU or NZ, you’ve registered Version 2008, and you have not received a free upgrade email, you can still contact the appropriate Call Center. They’ll check your information and provide a coupon code as appropriate:

    1-800-251-838 Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 16:00 pm AEST

    New Zealand
    0800 442 100 Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm NZT

    Within the UK, call 0800 404 9723 Monday – Friday 9am-7pm GMT, Sat 9am – 5pm GMT.

    Please note there is a small charge of £2.95 that will cover P&P.

    If you recently registered Version 2008 and you’re in other parts of the world (outside of the UK, AU and NZ), you should see an email upgrade offer in the next few days.

    I saw mention of Family Tree Maker 6.0. I believe that version was published in the 1990’s. I’m sorry that we’re unable to provide Call Center support for these versions, but we find that our customers are normally happiest if they’ve upgraded into one of the later versions that are available.

    If you’ve listed a product suggestion or enhancement here, I’ve forwarded it to the appropriate people. Thank you!

  428. Gerald Thompson

    When will I receive the email for the free kupdate to FTM 2009. Still watiing.



  429. Kathleen Willard

    I did not get an e-mail to update my 2008 version to 2009. Please e mail me about what I am to do. Thank you,
    Kathleen Willard

  430. Jennifer Ramsay

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, so sorry if I’m barking up the wrong tree!
    I’ve just upgraded from FTM 2005 to FTM 2009. I notice that the font size ( for inputting the data ) is much smaller, although I have noticed in the tools option, there is a choice to “large” font, however it still seems to be much smaller than my older version with a yellow background!
    Anyone any ideas how I can make the font larger or the background a different colour making it easier to read. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be!


  431. Trammell Lindsey

    I am a registered user of Family Tree Maker 2008 software. I have not received an e-mail with download code to provide for a free upgrade to the new version.

    Trammell Lindsey

  432. Patricia E Bernard

    I understand there is a free update to FTM 2008. Would you please advise me how to obtain that free update. Thank you. Pat Bernard

  433. Patricia E Bernard

    After perusing this Blog site, I went to FTM and downloaded successfully SP3 and my FTM says I am in version ….0.965. Is this the latest update that has caused so much discussion, or is there another update that the 2008 registered FTM owners need. Thank you for your continued patience. Pat Bernard

  434. Gretar Einarsson

    Hi Michelle, your quote issue “503:
    “If you recently registered Version 2008 and you’re in other parts of the world (outside of the UK, AU and NZ), you should see an email upgrade offer in the next few days”.
    Hope that I will be in that group, I live in Europe and UK office can not send my a free FTM 2009 so I hope your head office can give me a good upgrade offer.

  435. Teri Minnick

    I have not received my upgrade email also. Please let me know what to do to upgrade

  436. Frank Downs

    I have not received an email with a code for the free upgrade to FTM 2009. I bought my FTM 2008 online on 8/15/2007. Order # 20559711. Please check my account because I am a registered user. Thank You.

  437. Kathleen Quinn

    Did not receive email for free FTM 2009 upgrade. I bought my FTM 2008 in 11/30/07 from Ancestry store.

    Thank you!

  438. Hi Michelle,

    First me say I love the product, I have been using it since the 90’s. My question is, is there going to be an easier way to add audio and/or PDF files.
    Presently when you add media files, it only recognizes image files in the drop down. You have to select all files to see pdf, or audio files. I have been able to add these files to records, but they open in the original program not in FTM.

    I like to use pdf format because most everyone can get that information, and when you scan documents they can be converted to true text for use in the program.

    I would like to see a basic media (Audio) player added so that music or audio can be heard directly from the individual record.

    What I mean by this is that it would be nice to have the ability to hear an audio file play either automatically or when clicked from an individuals main display page.

    Is something like this being considered. I have set the program up at family reunions, where family can find their family information, and listen to audio, but it would be really awesome to do this from the program.

    Thank You,

    Miles A. Carver

  439. Bob Sangster

    Hello Micheal,
    As instructed by you on the 3rd Oct 2008, I phoned the UK phone number. The lady was extremly polite, and gave me my free upgrade code. I went on line to the web addi given. Guess what, and I am quoting: “WE’RE SORRY. THE PAGE YOU TRIED TO ACCESS IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE”.

    Ok, I returned the fax you sent me concerning being chosen as a beta tester for FTM 2009, NEVER heard any more. I enquired by this ‘blogg’ concerning UK upgrading, again ignored. YOU state on the 3rd Oct 2008 for UK to phone 0800 404 9732. I have now been informed that UK free upgrades ended ON THE 26th Sept 2008.

    Sorry, this is ‘not on’. I have been faithfull for at least 6 years, and have now come to the point that I am know claiming under British Trading laws, a free upgrade to version 2009. I accept you are in the USA but that does not matter in the UK. Micheal, it may not be your personel fault, but you have taken over this question, so I am having to ‘post’ here. I would have prefered to emailed you direct, it would have been more polite, but after 3 emails to Ancestry UK, and USA, and having NOT received ANY reply, this is my only method.

    Before being asked, yes, your operator confirmed I am registered.
    NOT happy,
    Bob Sangster

  440. Jill Albrecht

    I have registered my copy of the 2008 software, but when I contacted Ancestry about the free upgrade the customer service girl said she was unfamiliar of what I was requesting.

  441. Joyce Harrison

    I still don’t have my email for the free 2009. I beta tested 2008 and 2009 and am still waiting… Will you please check on this for me and give me an email reply please.


  442. Philip

    Very refreshing for someone to be so proactive and to take the time in listening to consumer concerns. I am a registered user of FTM 2008 in Australia but we do not seem to have been given the same opportunity of upgrading to 2009 for free. Can you please explain?

  443. Julie Hart

    I have used FTM programs for over 10 years. Loved the product until the 2008 version. I purchased it from in Dec 2007. I have registered it more than once but still have not received any e-mails concerning the free 2009 upgrade. I have also contacted regarding this through e-mail last week and still no response. Your attention would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

  444. Daryl Rickards

    Hi Philip/Julie #526/527

    Take a look at #503 – Michelle has provided this information a couple of times now however the “horse may have bolted” by now.
    I and others in Australia have received our upgrades by following the 503/307 instructions

    Daryl Rickards
    Warrawee NSW

  445. Gayle Falt

    I registered my Family Tree Maker 2008 software many months ago, but have not received an email for my FREE Family Tree Maker 2009 upgrade. I would like to get the free upgrade FTM 2009…Would you please look into this for me.
    Thank you,
    Gayle Falt

  446. Chris

    I have a suggestion I’ve been wanting for a long time; I think it would be interesting and helpful for FTM to give certain facts. For names: how many people in your file have a certain first, middle, or last name. For dates: What is the most common birthdate in your file, what month has the most births, and what year. It would be great if the Ancestry team was ever able to do such a thing.

  447. Chris

    I keep on getting the “Due to the high popularity of our FTM 2009 free upgrade offer, we are unable to fulfill your order at this time. Please check back later.” Notice.

    Will I be getting a new e-mail, or should I keep on checking?

  448. Maurice Ledoux


    I have received a confirmation message almost a month ago that my copy of FTW 2009 was confirmed. What I do not know is how is it coming ? Mail or download?


  449. Sara Kelly

    I have a registered FTM 2008 and did not receive an email about the free upgrade.
    Sara Kelly

  450. Michael Dna

    How do I get a copy of the 2008 update. Never got a e-mail regarding the latest version. Thanks. Mike

  451. Rodney Jewett

    Add me to the list who purchased Family Tree Maker 8 direct, registered it, and never received an email.

  452. Michelle Pfister

    Hi Everyone,

    Here are a few comments on various topics:

    1) The expiration date for a free upgrade has been extended past September for those in UK, Australia and New Zealand. You can use the link provided to you, or contact the Call Center for a new code.

    1-800-251-838 Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 16:00 pm AEST

    New Zealand
    0800 442 100 Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm NZT

    Within the UK, call 0800 404 9723 Monday – Friday 9am-7pm GMT, Sat 9am – 5pm GMT.

    Please note there is a small charge of £2.95 that will cover P&P.

    2) Thank you to those of you who have made me aware of technical challenges. As much as I’d like to help each person individually, I believe you’ll get more responsive service by contacting Customer Service. We have a whole team of great consultants at Ancestry Customer Service who are readily available to help. They are regularly in contact with me and the development staff. This contact helps us hear about the issues you’re experiencing, and also lets us help the consultants with questions they can’t answer right away. To contact Customer Service, email Thanks!

    3) Regarding the US/Canada Free Upgrade Codes, I’m working on sending codes to those who’ve requested one on this list, but it’s taking some time. If you’d like to request a code from our Call Center, you can email Thanks!

  453. Leo-Guy de Repentigny

    I have a database of 150000 persons.
    Importing an FBC or FTW 2006 file in FTM 2009 gives an unknown error and the import is stopped. Import of a GED files was at 75% after 24 hours. Went back to FTM 2006.

    Is there another way to do it?

  454. sara

    I’m a US customer, and I’m still waiting for my email. I’ve posted here before, and made sure my preferences are set to receive upgrades and emails. Is there something I’m missing? Can someone please let me know what I need to do? Is there a phonenumber i can call?
    thank you
    sara fleming

  455. gary stehlik

    One feature still missing in FTM2009 is an ancestor tree with the ability to show siblings of all ancestors. It was available in FTM 16 and I used it extensively. Do you plan to add it to 2009

  456. Daniel J. Sweeney

    I rec’d the initial “free update” e-mail…couldn’t (many tries over days) get in. Then I got an e-mail that said “Wait” and gave an October 15th date as D/L/
    Today is the 13th and no word has been received. Can you tell me the status?

  457. Ann Watson

    I ordered FTM 2008 in mid-August 2008 from a third-party vendor, installed and registered it at which time I was notified about the patch. The only hitch was that the code for a free trial subscription to wasn’t recognized.

    In early September I received an e-mail regarding the free upgrade and in mid-September received a second e-mail with a code that worked.

    Since I couldn’t believe I wouldn’t have to pay a shipping charge, I contacted the customer service number listed where the agent was very helpful answering my questions and activated the free trial for me.

    The CD arrived within 14 days. Great customer service!

    The program itself, however I’m finding a steep learning curve from my very old version.

  458. James Ralston

    After being one of the most outspoken people, who were enraged by the release of ftm 2008, I would like to give credit when it is due. Congrats on the fine changes you made to the new FTM 2009, that was sent to me. Thus far, all of the stuff I was railing about before, seems to have been corrected. There are still irritants about the 2009 version. The main one for me is this: WHEN I SET THE SIZE ON THE INDEX SIDE AND ALSO THE SIZE ON THE INDIVIDUAL INFO SIDE, IT SURE WOULD BE NICE TO SEE IT STAY THAT WAY.

  459. James Ralston

    After being one of the most outspoken people, who were enraged by the release of ftm 2008, I would like to give credit when it is due. Congrats on the fine changes you made to the new FTM 2009, that was sent to me. Thus far, all of the stuff I was railing about before, seems to have been corrected. There are still irritants about the 2009 version. The main one for me is this: WHEN I SET THE SIZE ON THE INDEX SIDE AND ALSO THE SIZE ON THE INDIVIDUAL INFO SIDE, IT SURE WOULD BE NICE TO SEE IT STAY THAT WAY. But each time it is shut down, it reverts back to the original setting. It would be nice to have the ability to either keep it on personal settings or to default back to the original setting. The same holds true for the family -person page. Look at it this way, just like in a spreadsheet, when things are too big for a column, you change the size and that is what I would like to do with my files. But once changed, just like in the spreadsheet, it should stay like I have changed it.

  460. Michael Potts

    Recieved The second Notice to get FTM2009 tried to use the code and it keep asking for a credit card. What should I do?

  461. Cathy


    Hello – I have a few questions.

    How can I add all my comments AND stories in a book.

    I also want to include EVERYONE in my tree – OR at the very least go back to the year 1000.

    The book only seems to default to 5 gererations.

    I also have the 2009 FTM for the purpose of deleting duplicates but it erases all the photos and stories when I do that.

    Would love to pay a pro to complete my project as I am a little owerwhelmed. Do you know of any?

    I am looking to make a book and a DVD (with audio) for the tree I vreated on Ancestry.


    Thanks so much!

  462. I purchased the FTM 2008 with the free 6 months of Ancestry, however I have not been able to registar the product. I have 6 months free and my subscription expired on Oct 7th. I am on a lot of boards and am missing all contacts and am not happy with the outcome. I have spoke with reps and no help provided. One user of the product said she had to change the time in order to get hers registar. Please adivse or will return program for refund. My log in for Ancestry was Hardware

  463. You can do what I did. I called Ancesty’s customer service and they put in the order for me. I received the software a week ago, and never got the email about the free upgrade.

    Apparently I had an account set up with Ancestry when I ordered FTM 2008 that was different from the account I registered it with.

  464. Janice McCoury

    I have asked this before, but it bears repeating. I bought FTM 2008 at best buy in June, not realizing till I downloaded it that 2009 is out. I read on your website that there are free upgrades? Do I qualify, I have sent in my receipt info before. Please let me know.


  465. Shirley Baker

    I did not buy the 2008 version as I read so much that was negative about it that I kept my version 16. When 2009 was touted, I heard that most of the problems with 2008 had been corrected. Sorry but you still do not have it right. Many of the things we have always liked about the earlier versions of FTM have been left out, i.e. scanning pictures directly into the scrapbook, the books we could put together ourselves and print with the information we had compiled. I already have heard from C.S. to my first concern about the pictures and that can not be done with 2009. The second concern I have not found an answer for and have not yet contacted C.S. about that. So right now I have version 16 and 2009 on my computer and am trying to decide whether or not I want to continue with 2009 or go back to what is to me a more reliable version 16. Seems like a waste of money to get rid of 2009 but if it is going to cause me more work, lesson learned.

  466. John Herriot

    Hi, WhenI opened FTM 2009 I thought that we had come a long way and was looking forward to working with the program.
    Unfortunately the reality is completely different. Many of the excellent features have gone away! I particularly used the feature of creating a book so that I could individualise each one for the family it was aimed at! So back to FTM 16 for creating books that are now anticipated with changes to the tree.

    All the text in the reports is now in the past that even a living Computer Scientist aged 32 is show as He was a Computer Scientist and was also known as Mikey and Address was xx steet…
    TGN seems to kill everyone off in order to create a report -Woops back again to FTM 16.

    Try changing the number of generations when creating a tree. Do not use the automitc increase – it redraws the chart for each generation added. Ask it to the siblings of the prime person in an hourglass tree – go get yourself somethingto drink while it thinks about it. Well back to FTM 16 for charts

    Oh well it looks like I might as well stick to FTM 16 and hope that FTM 2009 release 2 or 3 will do a better job of letting us work quickly and efficiently and keep us alive in reports.

    Keep trying and you will make it as good as FTM 16!

  467. Tracy Turner

    Having only just realised that I was entitled to an upgrade to 2009 having purchased 2008 when it came out, I’m not able to upgrade because I haven’t had the promised email. I am in the UK.

    I contacted customer support to be told that I hadn’t responded to the email in the required time span therefore can’t have the upgrade.

    As I didn’t get the upgrade email in the first place could someone please tell me how I get it without having a circular conversation with customer support.


    Many thanks

  468. Sharon

    I have not received any email on FTM 2009 even though I have a registered FTM 2008 and am also a beta tester for 2009.

  469. Michelle,
    I recently purchased Family Tree Maker software.I am happy with the product. I am not happy with the following items:
    1) I cannot seem to get it registered on line. Whenever I attempt to, I get a message that the computer is not connected to the internet, but it is.
    So I called Tech Support, the wait time? 20 minutes or more.
    I am unable to use the web in conjunction with the product and therefore did not get my moneys worth, and I can’t wait all day, 20 minutes is way too long.

  470. Shirley Hoath

    I have read everything I can about registering my version of FTM 2008. Still no luck. Is there something I can do to get my version to register? I have a new Dell and purchased the FTM at Target about a month ago. I am able to put things into the tree but cannot use some of the help menu items. Thanks in advance for your help.

  471. Shirley Hoath

    I’m having trouble registration of my FTM. I have a new Dell with Vision and a 2008 FTM I bought about a month ago. I want to be able to use all the things that are available. Cannot use some help items (such as for registration). Thanks in advance -put me on the update for the 2009.

  472. Charlena C Jackson

    still awaiting for my Family Tree Maker 2009 free upgrade notice!! what happened to our registration records??

  473. Richard Harris

    On October 3 you stated in message 503 “If you recently registered Version 2008 and you’re in other parts of the world (outside of the UK, AU and NZ), you should see an email upgrade offer in the next few days”. I haven’t yet received any communication and I am beginning to wonder if I ever will receive an upgrade.


  474. Raul Fernandez

    I have two main and initial doubts using FTM2008:

    (1) In Mexico normally all individuals have 2 last names: the first one for the father’s family name and the second one for the mother’s. Also, persons may have more than one first name.
    I can’t find the way to sort all individuals by their first last name (ie., their father’s family name) and, also when I export a file for its publishing in the www, I have the same problem. This makes very complicated to find a person and duly understand his lineage, since they will normally have the same first last name of their father but the software does not recognize that and, on the contrary, it is not clear how a father is the father of a son, etc.

    (2) I have more than 800 names in my Family Tree and is practically impossible to show and print an acceptable tree showing siblings, and their families. Is there a way to get better trees and not only the default macros included in the software?

    Thank you very much for your help.

  475. Nancy



    Your question on how to sort surnames was discussed in length on the Rootsweb mailing lists recently.

    You have to use a backslash when using maternal and paternal last names.
    The FTM Guide book gives this illustration:

    Teresa \Garcia Ramirez\

    There are Rootsweb Mailing Lists for FTM users and they are quite helpful for those of us learning how to use the program.

    In fact, if you will go to the FTM-TECH mailing list, and choose the month of October for your search, on October 4th there was a discission started on this very subject of using multiple surnames.

    There is also a FTM-2008 Mailing list that offers such help also.

    Best of luck,


  476. Michelle Pfister

    Hi everyone,

    To help with sending out coupon codes for a free upgrade, I’m going to enlist the help of some extra people. The timeframe for requesting a free upgrade is quickly coming to a close, and I want to make sure you’re all taken care of.


  477. Martyn Lewis

    Similar story to Tracy (#561)

    I live in the UK and have patiently been waiting for the e-mail advising me of the free upgrade to FTM 2009. No e-mail has arrived and now it seems that my patience has been penalised by expiry of a deadline that I have never been advised of.

    To say I’m disgruntled is an understatement!

  478. Staub

    With 2008 I was able to download the Official Guide pdf file. With 2009 you want $30. WHAT’S THIS? I expect you to publish the download instructions for 2009 Official Guide.

  479. Treasa

    I too have a problem with the pay for Official Guide issue. Although from what i can see thus far 2009 is not much different from 2008. I don’t understand why I should have to pay for this guide. I dished out a lot of money for the 2008 FTM. Which was really buggy. I had to figure out the patch issue on my own(took me too long)but I did it. Wrote tech support for help with that and it took them 8 days to get back to me. I fixed it the same day. When people buy new software they expect to be able to use it right away. They expect it to have the same old feature made better plus exciting new ones. Then this new update free 2009 comes out. Apparently I am one of the lucky few that actually received theirs. Any way the main point of this is to say that I am not happy with all this mess. Now you want me to dish out more money. Whats going on here! So not right! So disappointing! And to think back to how excited I was when I bought 2008. Was so happy with my old version i figured hey time to upgrade it could only be better! How wrong I was!

  480. Mike Hobbs

    I purchased FTM 2008 when it first came out, but found that it didn’t work on my PC – everything “froze” – so I went back to version 16. When I first received the 2008 version I made sure that I registered the product.

    I did not get any emails regarding a free upgrade to version 2009 – I have only just found out about it by accident. I have re-registered my 2008 version.

    Can someone tell me how I can now get the free upgrade.


    New Zealand

  481. Sean Bagby

    Michelle, I am a registered user of FTM2008, and never have received any info concerning the 2009 upgrade. I only found out about it today, when I was on the blog looking to see if most of the problems with FTM 2008 had been worked out, before I was going to buy 2009. What do I need to do to get the upgrade free? Or is it still possible?

  482. Sean Bagby

    As a possible future enhancement, how about an easy way to link media to more than one person? In FTM16 and earlier, you could copy & paste it, but I can’t seem to do that with 2008.

  483. Hugh Gurney

    I have been a UK user of FTW & FTM , and a subsciber to Ancestry UK for many years. I bought & registered the UK upgrade to FTM 2008 on 26 November 2007 & downloaded SP3 on 11 May 2008, but have still not received the e-mail offer of free upgrade to FTM 2009.

  484. I am still on FTM 2005. The most annoying feature for me is that when exporting for instance a vertical ancestor tree to pdf, the clickable links between pages are not exported.
    This is what I need from a new version

  485. Roger Hart

    Hi Folks

    I think you can take anything Michelle says with a pinch of salt. Having having bought FTM 2008 as soon as it was released and complained like everyone else, I waited expectantly for the promised 2009 upgrade. When no email arrived I contacted FTM to enquire and have been told today that the offer was no longer available. Hows that for a user that has quietly shelled out for every version of FTM since 2003.

    Roger Hart

  486. Bob Boutland

    I put this comment on the other blog pages, people are still doing that but I’m adding it here as well

    Ok so the update some time ago made 2008 go a bit faster ie usable, but still slower than FTM 2005 one feature, amongst many, still missing is when trees are displayed in FTM 2005 it was possible to click on a box on a tree and go to that persons details. It would be good to have that back. Also when you have a lot of people with the same name you need them in date order as well

    FTM 2008 is also heavy on reports. For the same information as contained in FTM 2005 the reports are about twice as long with 2008

    Everything was stable but now the 2008 is tending to shut down when backups are tried, the same goes for compact file. There are occasions when data is entered that the file just closes. ie back to comments made ealier (yes I do have sp3 and the patch to correct problems)

    And yes I did mange to give the talk to The local FHS society but the new features did not seem to impress compared to the old functionality, certainly slowness report size missing features were issues.

    Incidentally it took over 3 months to sort the data after the transfer from 2005 to 2008

    AND I got no notification of a free upgrade and would not have known about it until I came here (UK)

  487. William Wishart

    Thank you for sending FTM 2009. Problem: I was told this new version would contain the “ALL IN ONE” chart that previous versions had. It does not! Will future upgrades contain this chart?

  488. Bob Boutland

    I have just called the number given for the free 2009 upgrade only to be told that the offer has ended. I did not get an email regarding this and only found out because I posted a comment on the blog.

    It is about 11.30am in the UK and all the (I presume call centre) person would say was try calling back after 3pm. Is the offer available or Not?


  489. Joe

    I am a purchaser and registered user of FTM 2008. I never received an email with info on how to get FTM 2009 free. Please let me know why I did not receive it how I can do it. Thank you.

  490. Carole

    In Version 9 of FTM is it possible to print a “List of Individuals” I am unable to do this on the version I have and I find it most frustrating. Regards, Carole.

  491. Janet Rowland

    Thank you for the update. However, I was never able to access the site to receive the new FTM 2009. I eventually got the message that the site was overwhelmed and I would be contacted by Oct 15. Imagine my chagrin when the only emails I get now invite me to PURCHASE FTM 2009. As a loyal 2008 registered user (2005, 2006 as well), I feel excluded. How many more folks out there never received the folow-up email when the initial offering overwhelmed the site??? Yhanks very much. Janet Rowland

  492. Fiona

    Sorry but I’m also a bit behind and didn’t realise a free up grade had been offered. I too bought 2008 this time last year and never had an e-mail. Anything we can do now??

  493. Susan Booker

    I have been using FTM since the first version was sold. Every year when I renew my ancestry acct. they send me the next version. 2008 was such a lousy produce I went back to Ver. 16(2006). I received an e-mail that corrections had been made to 2008 and could download them. But every time I tried I got the message that it was not working. I then got an e-mail that I would be notified when the problem was fixed so I could download the update. I never got the e-mail telling me it was go. I never recieved anything about 2009. It is now time to renew my Ancestry subscription and quite frankly unless 2009 is supremely better than 2008 I don’t want it. I’ll stay in the dark ages with 2006 which is easier, much, much, much faster and overall a better product. Why FTM thought they should reinvent the wheel after 2006, I’ll never know. But as a loyal and long time user of FTM and Ancestry I resent not being offered what others seem to get! Since mine come straight from Ancestry I know they are registered so why didn’t I get a free 2009? Maybe I would have liked it better than 2008—but not if it is as slow as 2008. But I should still have been made the offer.

    Thanks a million!


  494. ChrisP

    Is there any way to seach this blog by name? Say if I wanted to see all the blogs that you or I have posted here. I know some of the blogs are getting very large with postings.

  495. Debra McCready

    Agree with all the comments, I too did not receive any email and only became aware there was a free upgrade offer when I received an email to attend a free webinar on FTM 2009. Are FTM going to extend the offer to registered users of FTM 2008 in light of the issues with so many users not receiving email notifications?

  496. Cody


    Like others on this blog, I have only recently discovered an offer to upgrade to FTM 2009. I had not seen an email for it.

    I hope I am not too late.

    I have now sent an email to support as you directed in post 542, but I want to make sure my name is on the list just in case. Hopefully, this offer is still valid.

    I have been an FTM customer for MANY years and now a subscriber of the ancestry data for at least 4 years and hope that I can still take advantage of this offer.

  497. Fiona

    I ran the phone number given yesterday about the upgrade to 2009 and all I got was a ‘its too late the offer ran out on 30th October’ and then blank replies, you know the kind that wind you up to feeling angry when you were quite calm. It’s the feeling of not being listened too and then you wonder if it was ever a genuine offer as so many are only just now hearing about it.

  498. ChrisP

    To all that have and have not received their upgrade for FTM. I have been putting on my calendar starting around July then into August and September to watch for ugrades for FTM, to remind me. I also around this time I watch for other software upgrades such as Adobe Photo Shop Elements to name one.

    Is this a good way to stay informed of upgrades?

    Good luck everyone.

  499. Linda White

    I need FTM for MAC OS X. Are you going to come out one? Until then I am no longer able to chart my family.


  500. Linda Shepard

    I purchased FTM 2008 earlier this year, can’t recall exactly when, but due to some family stuff haven’t even opened the box. Am I eligible for this free upgrade?

  501. Michael

    I don’t know if this is the correct place to post this, but ever since FTM 2008 and then FTM 2009 came out, I often get the message that FTM has stopped working. This happens at the very end of the merge process. This happens with files that would easily merge in previous versions of FTM and any other genealogy software I use.

    This angered me with FTM 2008 and I quit using it and went back to Legacy. I had hoped FTM 2009 would be different.

  502. Ray Phillips

    Having used 2 versions of FTM some years ago, I purchased FTM de Luxe 2006 only to find that it was replaced by 2008 version within a matter of weeks. Letters in YFT mag (UK) tell of many compatability problems and as I was still struggling to come to grips with version 2006 linked to an Ancestry subscription I decided to stick with what I had got. Now there is ‘2009’- can I transfer my 2006 info with ease? – I am no computer nerd. Will it allow me to use the newer features of Ancestry subscription directly into the 2009 programme as the 2006 allowed the ‘old’ Ancestry to do. You are in place to sell the 2009 version but in selling to an established customer you can just as easily lose that person for ever if the answers are evasive or not candidly correct.

  503. Luciinda Burbach

    My husband and I have 9 children and 21 grandchildren between us. We were out of town for most of September, and October. I just realized that the FTM special offer arrived and had a deadline of 10/9/08. Any chance I can still get the free upgrade?

  504. My comments have to do with those long time users of FTM. (versions 4 through 16). It appears that the loyalty of those customers over the years has been thrown out the window by not offering an upgrade rate in appreciation of those long time customers.
    Was it accidental or a planned marketing decision?

    I for one feel like I got a slap in the face for my loyalty.



  505. Michelle Pfister

    Cleatus Moore,
    You bring up a good question regarding long time users of Family Tree Maker and an upgrade rate. To tell you the truth, we’ve never discussed it seriously because Family Tree Maker doesn’t currently have a mechanism for identifying whether someone has installed a previous version. I believe you’re referring to the special “pre-sale” pricing that was provided in previous years right before a new product release. We didn’t do the same thing this year because we were actively involved in providing the Free upgrade for those who purchased Version 2008. It was mostly a logistics decision.

    Regarding a discount, though, I can give you a “head’s up” regarding a coming discount for Family Tree Maker 2009. The details will be available next week.

  506. Lyndell Wesley

    I have a registered copy of Family Tree Maker 2008 however I did not receive an email since I only heard about this a few days ago. I had not registered until them. I have many copies of FTM going back to the beginning and would like to receive the upgrade. Please let me know how I can get this.

  507. John Donaldson

    carol #587

    The way to print a list of all individuals is to create a custom report containing all individuals then print it

    You can play around with Items to Include to configure it the way you want it

    John D

  508. John Donaldson

    Ray #599

    Most people i know of including myself had no problems swinging their sub over to FTM 2008/09

    After installing FTM 2008/09 when you do your first Ancestry search the program asks you to log in with your Ancestry user name and password and from then on your sub is recognised everytime you use FTM 2009

    You will find a vast improvement in web searching and merging in FTM 2009 over FTM 2006

    John D

  509. John Donaldson

    Linda # 596

    I doubt FTM will ever be ported to a MAC certainly not in the near future

    Whilst not an FTM product, Reunion for the Mac is a superb genie program for the MAC Go to the Wholly Genes web site for more detail

    John D

  510. John Donaldson

    Sean # 579

    In FTm 2008 and 09 you can link medi to as many persons or facts as you wish

    When you add media you are given two choices, Link to new media or Link to existing media.

    It is the second choice that you should slect if you wish to link to existing media

    John D

  511. Gary Collier


    What type of data is normally entered in the ‘DESCRIPTION’ blocks under the PlACE OF BIRTH, PLACE OF DEATH & PLACE OF MARRIAGE section in Family Tree Maker 2009?


  512. Sharon

    I posted here (#562) about not receiving an email for an upgrade and never did receive that email, evenyuallly I tried calling ancestry and they told me that I had missed out by a few days. Post #573 from Michelle Pfister says that we were being taken care of…
    Please can we get the free upgrade to 2009 that we deserve?
    (VERY long time user of family tree maker and ancestry)

  513. Richard T Huber Sr.

    About 4 weeks ago I was promised by email from Family Tree that I would receive an upgrade to Family Tree 2009 FREE with in 3 weeks. It never arrived! REMEMBER!!! A promise made is a promise kept. When will I receive this FREE product?
    Dick Huber (A member for more than 7 years.)

  514. Leonard Sostrom

    I am requesting help getting my Family Tree Maker 2008 Platinum copy which is on my computer connected to the internet. I recently purchased a new Dell Computer with Vista. I put the new Family Tree on my computer and entered my family tree information from my old computer on to FTM. Now I am unable to access the internet with the program on Intenet Explorer; which works for e-mail, etc. on my computer. I have had Microsoft and Dell trouble shoot to find the problem on my computer. They think the problem must be with the program and suggested I contact Family Tree for assistance. What must I do in order to work with my Family Tree Maker on the internet?

  515. Sue

    Hi I am a registered user of FTM 2008 & a subscriber of Ancestry. Am I eligible for a free upgrade for FTM 2009 please

  516. Walter

    The Webinar on Nov 19 was most useful. On it you said the free upgrade from 2008 to 2009 was still open and I note numerous comments on this blog say they missed the deadline. I suggest they try it again. Tonight I went to the link, entered my code and ordered a 2009 at 0.00 cost. Good for FTM!
    I was one of the very vocal disgrunteled users of 2008, making the statement in several forums that 2008 was the worst piece of software (any kind!) ever sold as a real product. From the Webinar, it appears almost all the Features missing from V16 on 2008 have been reincorporated and lots of new features added. Good for you!
    I will be anxiously awaiting 2009 and hope the bugs have been fixed. If so, you have done the right thing with a free upgrade and done the right thing to have FTM be a useful valuable product again.

  517. Lise

    Please let me know how to get my free upgrade for my 2008 version. I have read your Sept 9, 2008 blog and I still can’t figure out what I am suppose to do. In your Webinar this evening (19 Nov) you said that it would be in your blog…
    Thank you, Michelle.
    Lise (Canada)

  518. Barbara Holman

    I have just examined the information you offer on versions 2008 and 2009. I am still using version 16 and am relatively happy with it. I think you have lost track of the people who are buying Family Treemaker. Your newest version certainly shows you have very knowledgable programmers programming like crazy. But your customers aren’t usually that savvy. What you have now, I would term an option for the very advanced user who wants more detailed options. It could be just that, an option while you retain a much simpler interface for the majority of users. Having four windows going at the same time on one screen is going to be hoplessly confusing for generations older than 50 years old. And most researchers fall in this age range. I consider myself very comfortable with both computers and research, but what I see here is overload. While I would like some of the new features on 2008-2009, you have completly lost the user friendly vision we found in earlier versions. Just because it is possible to include so much information on one screen, does not mean that is the right approach for the average user. Your programmers, and producers, are not average users. You need to rethink your goals.

    I am a senior citizen, very comfortable with computer usage, with an educational level of Masters Degree plus 60 hours. I don’t have a single friend who would even touch this piece of software.

    Remember the characteristics of your customer base. There is nothing wrong with having a “basic” software with an “advanced” software also available.

  519. I purchased FTM 2008 last year but have not recieved an e-mail regarding the upgrade to FTM 2009 nor am I able to find information regarding this issue on your WEB or BLOG. Can you assist me?

    Information in the WEBinar was great. Thanks for the information.

  520. Sandra McDonnell

    Is there a way to edit the place list. There are many errors which I would like to delete and may place names I would like to add. Using the ignore option means that I have the same place listed many times instead of just once.

  521. Nicholas Armstrong

    As one of the few people who have apparently received their copy of FTM 2009 let me just say that I am truly disappointed with it. All you’ve done is repackage 2008 with 5 new very little additions and called it a new product. I still can’t rely on the program for accurate relationship calculations. Here is a clue programmers. It is possible to be related to a person two different ways. Why not offer an option to show which two ways you are related to and not just one. You used to do this, but now you fail to ever get the closest relationship right. I am blood related to some Aunts on one side of the family as Aunts and the other side as a cousin. FTM decides to show only the cousin relationship. If you are going to show a default relationship at least have the sensibility to show the closest. My Grand Aunt is more my Grand Aunt than my 2nd cousin 4 times removed anyways. Nor can I merge two files successfully without the program crashing at the very end. Media importation can only be done one file at a time. Media deletion can only be done one file at a time. Place identification is terrible. Why can’t I just create my own place and locate it where I want. I will admit that web merging with is very efficient in many ways. So after I went back to FTM 2008 I decided to only use FTM 2008 for web merging and very basic data entry. I use Rootsmagic for serious duplicate merging and relationship calculations and chart making. I won’t change my system now until FTM in general changes for the better.

  522. Nicholas Armstrong


    On relationships:

    A Half Brother is not the same as an Adopted Brother. If I list a siblings as being adopted it mislabels the relationship as a half brother. A half brother is when you share only one natural parent instead of two. An adopted brother should technically be listed as a brother.

  523. Nicholas Armstrong

    This relationship business is really driving me away from FTM as a viable genealogy program as shown by the last comment.

  524. Sam Jobe

    I think I requested an update email letter on another String and this one sounds like it might be the better one.

  525. Mitch

    Yesterday I used the “find errors report” for the first time. This morning I noticed that about half of my bookmarks had been deleted. Are the two related? Is this a bug?

    Again, I have to wonder if my file, which I have thousands of hours and dollars invested in, is safe with FTM. What else may have happened beside the bookmarks being deleted?

  526. I don’t think I received the free upgrade email, but definitely want to upgrade. Can you forward again please. I attended the recent webinar and Michele said the end date has been extended. Thanks. B

  527. Dr Snow White


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  528. LArry Cox

    I’m a bit weary about 2009 since I couldn’t get 2008 to work. 2006 works fine for me without all the “improvements?”

  529. Bob Boutland

    Thank you for sending the 2009 disc. (see comment 585) It installed and seems to be registered correctly.


    There stills seems to be the problem that developed with FTM 2008 over the last couple of months: – When you try to back up it shuts down the program. Same thing when you try to compact. Most times the program shuts just at the end of the compact cycle so when you open the program again you get the suggest compact message.

    The new mapping feature does not recognise some of the places on my tree placing some UK places in US, Canada or occasionally London so some very curious link ups (yes some of the family were from small out of the way places) however some are not eg Bishopwearmouth (See Sunderland UK)

  530. Janet Hickey

    Add me to the long list of people who have FTM 2008 and have not received an email reqarding the free upgrade to 2009. I trully enjoy the program and would look forward to the upgrade. I am also a paid subscriber to Hope to hear something soon, Christmas will be here soon and I was hoping to publish some nice charts for the family with FTM 2009. I look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks!

  531. Margaret Skerly

    I had FTM 2004, 2006, and recently purchased and registered FTM 2008.

    I have not received an email regarding a free upgrade to version 2009 – I just found out about it by accident. I have registered my 2008 version.

    How do I get the free upgrade?

    Thanks, Margaret

  532. Carol Fletcher

    I will admit, I am a novice. But I do not understand how or if it is possible to upload or download information on my FTM 2009 to my tree in I find when I try to export or upload my FTM 2009 to I get another tree. I now have three trees showing and would like to have only one. Is this not possible? Do I need to enter information on my home computer FTM2009 then add the same information to my tree?

  533. Peter Weaver

    Being a full service subscriber to, I find it quite disturbing the way a large number of us are being treated regarding the 2008 to 2009 version of Family Tree Maker. Like many others, I first learned of the “free” upgrade during the recent FTM Webinar. Also, like many others, I never received the announcement e-mail.

    The problem of the announcement was discussed during the Webinar and the offer was to be extended. Subsequently, we were told to contact Ancestry Support who says the offer is over. Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?

    To acknowledge problems with the 2008 version and then expect more money a year later (after making an offer that few received) is upsetting.

    I for one will not cough up any more money. When I feel the 2008 version no longer meets my needs, I will look elsewhere.

    To sum up, is a great service. The use of FTM for me would appear to be coming to an end.

  534. John Donaldson

    Sandra # 619

    Place names can be edited and more importantly resolved, facts moved to descriptions etc by either/or right clicking on the place and use the options provided and/or also using the Resolve place name tool

    Also have a look at the built in tutorial on places

    John D

  535. John Donaldson

    Garry # 608

    I use the description for a variety of things as it is a free text field

    Often a suburb name

    Maybe a church or other descriptive test

    When you look at the entry in the Perople>Person>Facts view its should make sense

    John D

  536. Chris Carleen

    I have had Family Tree Maker for a number of years as a registered user. I currently vahe FTM 2008. I have not received and email about the 2009 version. Also when I check for updates from the 2008 software it says I am up to date. I ordered the FTM 2009 software for a gift for a friend and received it today so I know it exists. When can I expect to receive an email on the upgrade for myself? What is the difference between FTM version 16 and FTM 2008 and or FTM 2009?

  537. Kathy Ahlbrandt

    If I had known that my 10 year old FTM program worked better than FTM 2008, I would have left well enough alone. This month I had no choice but to replace my 6 yr old computer but then to find out that FTM 2008 is more of a disaster with Vista than XP has really got me frustrated. It seems that programmers should have known long ago that FTM 2008 needed to be more compatible with Vista than it is.

    I ordered my FTM 2008 at the introductory rate before public release so wouldn’t I be one of the first to have a free upgrade (but only if it truly is better). I have not heard from anyone at FTM about the fixes for FTM 2008.

    I’m no expert, but it seems there is more emphasis placed on the ancestry website (& the $’s it can generate) rather than the programs designed to make FTM customers happy. I’ve worked in customer service jobs & know its not always easy, but I do recognize NOT SO GOOD service when I see it.

  538. Jennifer

    I recently upgraded to the new FTM and have noticed that there is no NGSQ formatted genealogy reports. Is there an upgrade or patch that I can install to have this report available? I am in the middle of a big project and will be forced to revert to my old software (as I started with NGSQ)if this is not an option – which is a shame because there are many features of the new product that I do like.

    Please advise,

  539. John Donaldson

    Jennifer #637

    I assume the Register report in FTM 2009 which is similar to the NGS report in previous versions is not suitable?

    Also have you looked at the new simple register report?

    John D

  540. Don Knupp



  541. Alan Moll

    I recently switched from FTW 2005 to 2009. The biggest frustration is there are no longer Go Back and Go Forward buttons to allow you to easily navigate through the individuals I had examined or worked on. Bookmarks, History, and Navigate Back/Forward buttons do not come close to duplicating that capability. Are there plans to implement such a capability.

  542. Joan Renfrow

    Hello Michelle,

    I am quite frustrated at the moment as I had never received any notice of my upgrade (although I was told many times that I would be getting it). I am now told that the time is for the upgrade to 2009 is over and I will not be receiving any help from Ancestry over the agonizing, absolute defeat that I received from your version 2008.

    I am a member of and have used Family Tree Marker since the 1st edition.

    I was never able to register on line as my version 2008 would never bring the registration page up on my screen. I registered through customer service, or at least that is what I was told.

    Have I been abandoned by your company?

    Have I not complained loudly enough? I thought that I would give y’all the benefit of the doubt and allow you to resolve the many problems but now I see that all that got me was out in the cold.

    I am very disappointed in the 2008 product but I am even more disappointed in being abandoned.

    I really hate to have to end a very long standing trust and relationship in this manner but I feel that Ancestry is giving me no choice.

    Joan Renfrow

  543. Dave King

    I just became aware of the 2008 to 2009 upgrade through the 2009 webinar and was wondering what the procedure is receiving the upgrade. Ist time I’ve used your webinar and was surprised that many of the items that I’ve been griping about during the FTM and surveys seem to have been fixed with the FTM 2009

  544. David Rawsthorne

    Well after waiting for the mysterious upgrade from 2008 to 2009 (Yes I did register 2008), it never came. My lovely wife spent her hard earned $ and simply bought 2009 for me.

    2009 is much better, but still contains many small bugs and is harder to enter data into. I’ll get used to it as there are numerous additions I want that are only available in 2009.

    It would have been nice to get the free upgrade as returning my copy of 2008 was not allowed by the purchasing store.

  545. Clayton Benner

    To house my “ancester book”, a zippered 3-inch 3-ring binder, I made a box with hinged cover and design that looks like a big book. Covered an faux suede, and with brass corners it looks great. If you want to see pictures, email me.


  546. June

    I would like to work off a CD with my information so I can use it on two computers. Is this possible? I have tried to transfer my informaton from one computer to another but it comes up a readable copy only so I can’t keep working on it.

  547. Judy Lepoma

    I never received my email about the free upgrade to 2009. I was really disappointed in 2008 and removed it from my computer.

  548. Tony Knight

    I have recently replaced my laptop.
    I am now running a 2.26 dual core processor with 4gb of memory and the full 4gb is addressable as I am running the 64 bit version of Vista. Since the switch FTM 2009 has hardly crashed at all and life is a lot simpler. The only problem that I can see is that compacting a file corrupts it, but the same thing happens on 32bit Vista and XP.
    Wonder what will happen on Windows 7?

  549. Dave H.

    I have just learned of this blog and have scanned some of the 600+ messages. I recently upgraded from FTM 2005 to FTM 2009. I must lend my voice to the many who have expressed dissatisfaction. In my opinion, the navigation is clunky, not user-friendly. I won’t belabor points already made, but I will add two specific comments that I did not run across from others. First, the “Find Duplicate People” function was much more effective in FTM 2005. I ran that functionality in identical databases in FTM 2005 and FTM 2009 and the FTM 2005 list was far superior in its suggestions. The FTM 2009 suggestions of duplicate people were all but worthless and missed some obvious candidates–even some with the same names! Second, unless I’m missing something, there appears to be only one chart type which offers the possibility of adding a footnote. This was important for adding editorial data, etc. to the chart.

    Hoping for improvements…

  550. Nancy


    After you have moved the file to the other computer, you need to copy that file to the hard drive.

    Right click on the file and select “properties”
    then uncheck the box that says “read-only”


  551. Karl

    Hi Michelle,

    in the “Places”-Window (FTM2009) I would like to put Notes and Media for each place. Could you please forward this request for the next version of FTM ?


  552. Charlene King

    I am currently using FTW version 7. If I upgrade to the newest version, will I have problems with the files that I have?

  553. Lodema Hatch

    I have just learned through a webinar (first time user of this info flow) that I missed the notification of free upgrade to 2009 vs. And of course it is after hours and I can reach no one. Just a flag for some one to contact me and walk me thru how to do the update.

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