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DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour

Duff Wilson, Product Manager for Family Tree Maker, talks about FTM 2009 in this week’s edition of DearMYRTLE’s Family History Hour genealogy podcast.

Duff explains some of the exciting new features in this year’s version of FTM and when the software will be available.

You can listen to the podcast on DearMYRTLE’s website here. (The segment with Duff begins 35 minutes into the podcast.)



    When I make a type hair how can I swight it over to the reg place. Like if I put female on the male side and the male on the female side. what should I do. It say to go to people and i did and it won’t take me there.
    Please be free to gave me a call after 3:30 p.m. slow time. I like to talk to a real person.

    Thank you, Scott Harmon

  2. James Clouse

    Susan, this is why I used Virtual PC on my Mac – to run FTM v. 16. While the new version ran on XP, it was fairly slow. So I recently purchased a PC again for my Genealogy work.


  3. Greg

    What happened to 2009. It seems to have evaporated from FTM’s site.

    James: Never change systems or software without backing up your source files!

  4. Fred Dose

    I have been advised by

    Goulds Genealogy that you sent out an Email re 2009 free upgrade. Could you please re-send that to me.
    Thanking you, regards Fred Dose.

  5. Fay Fraser

    I live in Australia and I have registered FTM 2008 with my purchase. As yet I have not received an email regarding an Upgrade to FTM 2009… Can you please advise.

  6. Mary Ann Hays

    The recent notice about Family Tree Maker 2009 did not indicate whether or not the new version is at last Mac OS X compatible. It puzzles me why Mac users cannot be accommodated – there are plenty of us out there and we have felt ignored and very left out. It may result in some frustrated users to transfer over to other more “friendly” genealogy websites. It just isn’t that difficult or unusual to produce software that is compatible with both systems. Having to use Virtual PC is not a good solution.

  7. Jennifer Ramsay

    I have just upgraded from FTM 2005 to FTM 2009. I notice that the font size on the family pages ( when inputting the data) is very small. I have ppor eyesight and the previous large font on yellow background was very easy to see. How can I enlarge the font in 2009 ?

    Thanks in anticiptaion!

  8. Anna J Ackroyd Collins

    Reading queries..I found my Uncle’s family query…with nothing that I could contact them only submitted by noramae…how do I contact this person ? or Email ? to connect with family who posted the query?
    I had lost contact with that family..since l961
    Thanks..Anna J

  9. David

    Back when FTM first started, they had a mac version. They stopped providing updates for it and continued going with the Windoze version. I now run 2006 on my mac using VMWare. I am ready to upgrade to 2009 when I can move my book over.. right now it doesn’t have the book feature that 2006 does.

  10. Marion Crofts

    Good Morning

    I also have a copy of FTM 2008, purchased in Nov 2007 from England, I live in Australia but wanted UK version.

    I have had no notification about 2009.

    would be grateful to learn how I can obtain upgrade.

    Thank you

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