Posted by Ancestry Team on August 29, 2008 in News

NBC’s Today Show hosted a terrific five-part series this week called “Discovering Our Roots.” All week they’ve been taking their anchors on trips to discover their family history. Maureen Taylor, a regular contributor to the Ancestry Weekly Journal, Ancestry Magazine, and author of Capturing Memories: Your Family History in Photographs was on the Today Show this morning to talk about how to get started in family history, which included information on tracing your roots using The entire series provides wonderful exposure to family history and the amazing and meaningful discoveries you can uncover as you research your roots.

The Today Show web site has also posted an article called “Tracing your own family roots” which give advice on where to look to get started in your family history.

Trace Your Roots – Getting Started in Family History

Al Roker travels to the Bahamas and Liverpool, England

Ann Curry takes an emotional journey to Japan

Meredith Vieira visits the Azores

Matt Lauer looks back at his Romanian and immigrant roots


  1. Darlene Shawn

    Thank you so much for sharing these segments of the Today Show. I missed Ann and Al’s family history due to my appointments, and so happy to view them here.
    The most interesting shows I have ever seen on the Today show.

  2. Rae Armstrong

    I was so inspired by this episode, I decided to finis what I started over 10 yrs ago. And what a treasure find. I sat at my computer and had to confirm what I already had to infomation from long ago. Now I am so full of joy to have actually found the long lost connection between my families and I am so eager to find, share, and meet other family members. I am just really feeling blessed right now. Thank you.

  3. pat jones

    I have viewed several tv shows talking about how easy it is to do family history. I think that is misleading. I have been doing mine and volunteer to assist others (time permitting) It is not an easy or cheap project. I have; however, tried not to pass much cost, if any onto those I help. I have only requested the person find a free site to submit the information in hopes other searching the same family will happen upon them. That has happened to me.
    It takes much patients, the finds are so worth the hunt. Early on I posted for family and her we are now with others finding my old posts and contacting me.
    My comment to beginners is to not give up esp if you are not near a location of your search. You can find many generous souls out there who help because they were helped by the kindness of a stranger in the town of your family. That has been an experience of my many times over.
    Have fun hunting. I love the finds and I really love the hunt.

  4. I cannot find my press books that I had before you changed the system. I had a lot of information on my ancestry and pages set up the way I wanted them. The other system does not give my ancestries I had before. I sure do not want to start over.

    Thank You,

    Richard A Graves

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