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The Family Tree Maker team is pleased to announce the release of Family Tree Maker 2009. We are excited about the new features and user requested tools included in this version.

Over the past year, we have been making patches available that include additional functionality and features that our customers have asked for. In addition, the features included in the 2009 version come primarily from our Family Tree Maker 2008 users, showing us what features should be released next and testing the product to make sure it is working at top efficiency. We had more than 300 beta testers for Family Tree Maker 2009. We appreciate this active and ongoing participation.

Take a look at what’s new since the original release of Family Tree Maker 2008. Features available for the first time in Version 2009 are marked with an asterisk (*).
Genealogy Reports

  • Register and Ahnentafel full reports
  • Register and Ahnentafel simplified reports*
  • Data Errors report*


  • Vertical Pedigree Chart
  • Hourglass Chart*
  • Horizontal Hourglass Chart*
  • Bow Tie Chart*
  • 180-Degree Fan Chart*
  • Family Tree Chart*

Publishing Functionality

  • Book layouts for main charts
  • Saved settings in charts/reports
  • Saved templates in charts
  • Preparer information included in chart footers
  • Enhancements to the RTF export
  • Ability to show siblings within charts*
  • Single-page PDF export from charts*
  • Ability to add boxes in charts to a “Marked Box” category and modify box settings for these boxes*

Improved Data Manipulation Tools

  • Change Place Name tool
  • Find and Replace tool
  • Streamlined data entry from any workspace using a full-featured edit person window*
  • Ability to set spouse order (Person menu)*
  • Ability to order media items for an individual*
  • Find Individual tool (Edit menu)*
  • Find Duplicate Individuals tool (Edit menu)*
  • Ability to update multiple facts at one time (From Manage Facts or Fact options): change fact types, move description to place or place to description, mark as private*
  • Insert foreign language characters into text fields*

Improvements within Research Tools

  • Automatic simple backup at shutdown
  • Ability to ignore hints*
  • Option to delete existing facts in individual and Web merge*
  • Inclusion of married names, AKAs, and titles in index*

Improvements to Import

  • Improved name parsing
  • OLE objects (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF) from previous FTM versions*
  • Import previously ignored hints lists*

Improvements to Places

  • Track and print your ancestors’ migration paths on interactive maps*
  • Places toolbar that allows for researching place names not currently in the file and pinpointing places such as libraries, churches, and courthouses*

Improvements to Sources

  • Copy and paste source citations

* New in Family Tree Maker 2009

Here’s what’s coming:
In addition, we are currently working on new features that will be available as part of Family Tree Maker 2009—as soon as they become available:

  • Book Building
  • Better Ancestry Member Tree Integration
  • Improved Relationship Calculator
  • Source templates based on Evidence Explained by source expert, Elizabeth Shown Mills
  • And many others…

Thank you to all of the Family Tree Maker community for their loyalty through the years. We are committed to making Family Tree Maker the best desktop software for doing your family history.

Thank you,

The Family Tree Maker Team


  1. Josie

    Is the book feature that was promised to be reintroduced this summer going to be included? If not, is there any report that has an index? If not, why not?

    Users have asked for a columnar custom report that can be copied to a spreadsheet with a single piece of data in each row/column available in FTM16 be reintroduced. Is it available? If not, why not?

    Where have you been Russ? Did you at any point communicate with the user testers of FTM 2009? Have you read the message boards and other boards and blogs to see what the long term users wanted?

  2. Phillip

    What is your current policy for releasing patches that correct actual bugs? Version 16 had some major ones, particularly that fastfields didn’t work properly on the “General” tab, yet no patches were ever released for that version for anything as far as I’ve been able to tell. I’ve been loathe to upgrade since then on the theory that even more bugs would be introduced and left unfixed.

  3. Russell Hannig

    To answer Phillip’s question about patches, we often like to provide updates for the product when the updates are available rather than waiting for the next big release. We think this is what’s most helpful to our customers. Since we always need to be moving forward, we provide patches for the most recently released product, so patches on Version 16 are not likely, but patches on Version 2009 are. For example, the Book Building feature will be available to 2009 users as soon as it’s available.

  4. Russell Hannig

    Josie asks a question about the book feature. I’ve personally seen a book with an index created in the “development” version FTM 2009. There’s still a lot of work to do before it’s ready for beta testing and release, but rest assured, you’ll see it when it’s ready!

  5. Carol

    I’m glad to see that there really is FTM 2009 and that it seems there may be substantial changes but there are 2 things that I don’t see as changes – can you opt to have number assigned to each individual (or import w/previously assigned numbers)? And is there going to be an All-in-One-Tree? These are the 2 things that have me already looking to purchase a different program and have me leaving FTM forever. For the first time in my life I placed an online review for a purchase – it was for FTM 2008 and let’s just say that if there was something lower than 1 star that’s what it would have gotten, so if basic items that are included in just about every other program on the market today are not in FTM 2009 – Russell, please give me one good reason to stay with FTM for the 2009 version and not just chuck it under my Durango and run it over in frustration? And just how far past the release date is FTM 2009 coming out. Amazon had it listed as Aug 26th, and now it’s supposed to be shipping in 1-3 weeks; is it actually going to make that timeframe or are we looking at Oct before it will be available? Vague “few weeks” answers are about as helpful as a hole in the head!

  6. Mark Miller


    Any chance I can rejoin the 2009 beta testing?? As stated in a previous post to the ‘new contact’ blog I was a tester but lost my beta copy when my hard drive took a dump. The last version I had was RC1 but

    I’m already spoiled by 2008 and can’t take going back to 2008 even if only for a ‘few weeks’.

    If I had an email address for you or FTM development as I did before my loss for Ben I would not have to post to the blog which you may see as a violation of the nondisclosure agreement.

    Mark Miller

  7. Russell Hannig

    We have received several requests for the Calendar and Columnar reports, and both these items are high on our priority list. I can’t give more specifics except to say that we’ve definitely heard the requests, and we’ve been working on the items in the order suggested by the customer feedback we receive. Please keep the suggestions coming!

  8. Robin


    As Carol asked, is there an “All-in-one Tree” chart in FTM 2009?

    What is the “Family Tree Chart” in the new version? Is this the “All-in-one Tree?

  9. Will there be any provisions made to help match duplicates? I mentioned several times that it would be most helpful if that would be part of the 2009 package. When researching and matching individuals, there is no provision for attaching an existing individual. Right now, you have to add a family member even though you know the individual is already in your file. Please help us with this so we can spend time doing research rather than having to match people so many times.

    Will you help us with this? In case I didn’t make myself clear, my phone number is 214 703-3599.

    Thank you very much.

    Patricia Powell

  10. Ronald Chambers

    Is All-In-One tree display going to be available in FTM2009? This is the only output I use in FTM16.

    I’ve suggested before that you look at the screen usage in FTM programs. I find that Removing the Family index on the Family tab helps there but I have to close every time I use FTM2008. Same with the Search Locations on the SEARCH tab.

    I’d also like to see macro types added to the + on the Person tab. One macro could emulate a census input where name, birth/age, birth location, parents birth locations etc. This would be very helpful in adding from web info etc. where it is not searchable but shows as text. I have a printout of father, mother and 22 kids to type in and so much is redundant. Might do with GED file as copy paste in text editing is very usable.

    RON C

    RON C

  11. Mark Miller


    Please see post #8 above. I have yet to hear from you, Ancestry support or FTM_Dev. with ANY answer to my question.

    Mark Miller

  12. Josie

    Russell said regarding the inclusion of features previously available in pre-FTM2008 versions: “…we’ve definitely heard the requests, and we’ve been working on the items in the order suggested by the customer feedback we receive.”

    Hmmm…so you are over a year behind?? I recall customers requesting that previously available features such as the columnar custom report and the offline book feature be added back when they saw the FTM 2008 Beta Version. Shows that many of those feedback forms entered last August were ignored. It seems like anything that old (features available in previous versions) would have been top priority PRIOR to the release of FTM 2008 and definately prior to the release of FTM 20009. Guess my move to Legacy 7 Deluxe may have been a wise move.

  13. John Small

    I would like to see the Family Group Sheet improved. Add back the provision for a group photo at the top. Provide for resizing individual photos.

    Also add back the calander feature.

  14. Bob S

    Excuse me for asking: In early July, I was imformed I was accepted as an FTM 2009 Beta Tester. I faxed back the required forms, and waited. I emailed direct to the Ftm_Dev addi. I know the fax was received, so how come I have heard nothing further.
    Yes this ‘may be’ the in-correct way of asking, but, I can not get an answer any other way!

  15. yvonne ard

    I have not updated my Family Tree Maker program since 2005. I need to be able to just merge my files into newest program. I need new manual also. Is the 2009 complete with manual. Yvonne

  16. Bill

    It’s great to see that FTM 2009 is available. However, there is no information regarding ordering procedures. Can you shed any light on this?

    Currently happy with FTM 2006 (Version 16) but considering a migration.

  17. Karen

    Can you tell me please more about the book building feature that is coming? In particular will you begin to include some scrapbooking features to enhance the look of books that can be made off line.

  18. Richard

    I am happy to hear that the book building feature will be back but I have not heard anything about an all in one report. That was due, if I remember correctly for 2008 but didn’t arrive.
    Finally, I see it was ‘released’ on the 28th. I have not seen availability anywhere on the site and in a call yesterday to customer service, I was told that registered users of 2008 have already been mailed info on how to get their free copy of 2009. I personally have not received anything and it seems your company has no way to determine at this point who mailing went to.
    It would be appreciated if someone put a statement of direction on the website to us users who have been promised free upgrades as to when and how we can expect them.

  19. Jeff Jahn

    I second Richards request. I received the first email stating about the free upgrade back about Aug 21. Havent seen anything else since then.

  20. Charles Chase

    I went from a 1995 version of FTM to the 2008 version. With a radically different format,the 2008 version took time to learn how it can successfully be manipulated. Once accomplished, I found 2008 FTM quite straightforward to use. My primary area of concern deals with the merging of two individuals. It seems that one does not obtain a clear view of what data from each the two individuals will be used. I believe that a more extensive check list should be provided to “clearly” control what data from each will be finalized. Recently I merged two people, each of which had a child, but different children. When I merged them, only one of the children remained.

    I am excited about the pending improvements and added features of 2009 FTM. I hope one of your patches will address my merging concern mentioned above.

    Thank for your great work………..Charles Chase

  21. Frank Mastronardi

    I would like to have the All-In-One chart back. Thats the only thing stopping me from using FTM2008 as my primary program

  22. Pat Berry

    I don’t see an answer for a problem with maiden names. I’m a novice in geneology, and recently purchased FTM 2008. Is there a way to record both maiden and married name to women. I know some only by their married name. How could I get everyone included in a family listing say by a husband’s sir name and still get his wife who is only listed by maiden name?

  23. Kathi Ivey

    Several people have asked (looks like the first time on 8/29 – it’s now 9/4), but I’m not seeing a response….

    Anything on the All-In-One Tree.

    I bought 2008 not realizing that option was not available. I uninstalled it an refuse to use it until the all-in-one is re-added to the program.

  24. Rosemary Thorburn

    Will the new 2009 version have the ability to print a direct descent tree i.e excluding siblings. I like to incorporate these into the Ancestry publishing book service – scanned and saved as a JPEG. My family tree is just too large to do it with a full complement. I have reverted back to FTM 2006 as this option does not seem to be available in 2008.

  25. William J. Max

    Has the lack of the ability to print out family trees on banner paper continuosly be corrected. Presently only printing with a page break is possible.
    I’ve revered to Edition 16 for this reason, but would like to use the 2008 that I purchased some time ago.
    Thanks for your reply.
    PS If it isn’t fixed, is there any plans to fix this in the future.

    Bill Max

  26. Robin

    Another day gone, and still no release

    Perhaps they are including the “All-in-one Tree” chart which a lot are asking for, including me.

  27. Carol

    Aug 26th – no software release.
    Sept. 3rd – no software release.
    So what’s the new deadline?

    And after months of reading these posts and then the comments asking if it’s going to be included in FTM 2009 – still no word on the All-in-One Chart. The silence from Ancesty is deafening.

  28. barbara readman

    Wish you had included the internet back up srvice to the 2008/9 version like it has with the 2006 ,,,many thanks

  29. John Donaldson


    You are perfectly entitled to send it in as an enhancement request

    I suggest that if enough folk request it, it is more likely to occur. It may well be on the list as the SP1 patch for 2009, refer above to “see what’s coming”.

    When making a suggestion for an enhancement, it is always a good idea to explain why it would be useful and how you would use it. Make the business case.

    I am sure also that this blog is being monitored and a number have already noted that they would like to see an all-in-one chart,

    So take the trouble to formally suggest it.

    John D

  30. Carol

    John – Thank you for that information, extremely disappointing as it is. It would have been nice if someone from Ancestry had answered this question months ago when the first questions about adding the all-in-one-tree started popping up on this blog. That question has been asked by many people and has yet to be answered by Ben or Russ.

  31. Robin

    Re Carol’s last note

    Ancestry have indicated that due to the re-write that happened with FTM 2008, it is easier to add new features due to the improvement/ change in programming.

    If that is the case, then wouldn’t it be nice if they can add the “all-in-one” tree” before the end of the year.

    That would help to restore the faith that’s been lost with a lot of FTM 2008 users.

  32. Gay Evans

    I have used every update but I am not happy with the FTM 2008. The main feature I miss is the book feature – for printing and arranging yourself – it was great for sending to contacts or relatives with info in at very low cost as it could be posted or emailed. Is that feature coming back?

    Also is there a feature that allows full page scans to be added to an individual i.e. certificates etc aswell as smaller photos etc

  33. Karen

    Can or have you added the ability of using color in family charts to separate different generations or family groups?

  34. Bob

    “The Generations Network.” Wonder what generation they represent?? They have completely ruined Family Tree Maker and since the buyout and they have no idea what the term “customer services” means.

  35. Christopher

    Are “bromaelor” and “Elaine” ( ) the only people in the UK to have received the email regarding a free upgrade to FTM 2009? I’m touched by the way registered FTM 2008 users still have have to pay £2.95 for the “free” upgrade, and order by 26 September to qualify – that really does rub salt into the wound!!

    As yet there are no reviews of the product, so I’m assuming no one at all has received a copy yet. I wonder why?

    Hmm…despite “Robin” saying that FTM 2009 is available at do I get a message saying “Sorry, your search – Family Tree Maker 2009 – did not match any products”? The same applied for a search for just 2009!

    It seems that Ancestry/TGN itself hasn’t even heard of FTM 2009!!

    Maybe we’ve all imagined it…

    I give up, and am excited by the forthcoming release of RootsMagic 4 (discounted upgrade for users of version 3, apparently). Read their blog for more information:

  36. Robin


    Yes, it is there. I had a problem trying to find it, and the only way for me to return to it is by a bookmark.

    Have a good look around the site. You’ll find it eventually. They’ve almost hidden it. Why they didn’t display it on their home page, I’ll never know.

  37. John Donaldson

    Karen it is better than that FTM 2008 SP3 already has added the ability to mark boxes (one or many) and then format them exactly how you want, eg you may mark a p[articular descendant line or even a particular box eg the chart you make for a special birthday etc

    So you now have control right down to an individual box

    This has continued over into FTM 2009

    So what you are requesting is already in FTM 2008-SP3

    John D

  38. John Donaldson

    Gay the book is coming and full scans is already supported in FTM 2008

    This is done through the media tabs

    Also when you merge from Acom or use the web clipping images etc are automatically downloaded and attached to the correct person

    This is already in FTM 2008

    John D

  39. Karen

    Thanks John.

    I realise now this can be done but am unsure how to select say a branch of the chart to colour differently to the next branch; based on a surname. Or one female line instead of all females in the chart. Is there somewhere where I can read more about “the how to”? Is it possible to create a medical family tree eg select a fact like cause of death and have only boxes that match a set text such as cancer, show colour?

  40. John Donaldson


    No there is nothing on marked boxes in 2008 help but it is in 2009 and I will see if I can set a knowledge base article prepared for it

    Box, Border, and Line Options
    Box, Border, and Line Options lets you set the thickness and color of lines in charts, including boxes and the lines connecting nodes. You can also set the color of box backgrounds and the chart background.

    The following table describes the options available:


    Boxes: item box
    The item box lists the elements of the chart that can have box properties. This lets you set the box attribute in the chart by type.

    Females: All females in the chart.

    Males: All males in the chart.

    Unknown Gender: All individuals in the chart whose gender has not been specified.

    Pictures: All pictures whether of a male or female. This makes a border for each picture in the chart.

    Marked Boxes: All boxes in that chart that you marked (see

    Boxes: Border
    Lets you select the color of the currently selected item.

    Boxes: Fill
    Lets you select the background color of the currently selected item.

    Boxes: Shadow
    Lets you select the color of the drop shadow of the currently selected item.

    Boxes: Double line
    Gives double-line border to the box around the item in the chart.

    Boxes: Rounded corners
    Gives rounded corners to the box around the item in the chart.

    Boxes: All boxes same size
    Makes all of the item’s boxes the same size.

    Boxes: Semi-transparent
    Makes the box fill color 50% transparent so the background can be seen through the fill.

    Boxes: Use gradient fill
    Makes the box background change from white (at the top, left corner of the box) to the selected fill color (at the bottom, right corner of the box).

    Book layout maximums
    The Book layout will adjust the size of the boxes to fit the space available. Book layout maximums lets you set the width and height that the box cannot exceed.

    Poster layout initial box size
    Sets the width and height of the boxes in the poster layout. You can later adjust the width, height, overlap and spacing of the boxes in the Advanced Layout settings.

    Chart border: Line
    Sets the thickness and color of the line that surrounds the entire chart. You can also select rounded corners and double line.

    Chart border: Background
    Sets the background color for the chart.

    Pedigree lines
    Sets the color and thickness of the lines that connect the nodes in the chart.

    Divider lines
    Sets the color and thickness of the lines that separate records in the chart or report.

    In essence

    Select a chart, say a pedigree chart

    In Layout select poster. Important!!!

    Select a box that you want to mark

    Use the Ctrl key to select multiple boxes say a descendant line or generation

    Right click and mark selected

    Select the box line and border styles and select marked boxes

    Apply what formatting you want

    Re your medical option

    Providing you have medical information you can select this in Items to include

    You can then go in and select all the boxes that have particular illness

    That is a very quick and dirty explanation of a terrific feature and one worth exploring.

    John D

  41. Some enhancements/fixes I hope to see either in 2009 or as a patch to it.

    Enable including all spouses in the register report.

    Make the ordering of people (spouses, children, siblings, by birth date as an automatic feature.

    Migrate the descriptions on media to the online tree.

    Enable update to online tree from FTM without replacement.

    Add an ability to export to Gedcom with all media that is in FTM.

  42. Karen

    Thank you John. I can do it now that I know the control key is used to mark boxes. The color charting options, are a big improvement over FTM 2006/2007.

    One functions I am not sure of is ‘select generation’. Is it’s only purpose, to highlight a generation? I can use it to color one generation but when I have tried to color two generations differently it colors all the same. I thought it might have been a short cut key to this task. I can’t work out how to unselect this function either, other than going out of publish and going back in, to start a new chart.

  43. Leigh Anne Ashley

    I received the email re: update to 2009, only the links take forever to work and then the shopping cart has several programs as marked and when I try to remove them, the site shuts down. Help!

  44. Steven Derbyshire

    Web site CRASHED…have had the following for the last 5 hours

    Due to the high popularity of our FTM 2009 free upgrade offer, we are unable to fulfill your order at this time. Please check back later.

    Thank you, The Generations Network, Inc.

    When this problem is sorted out, will the free upgrade to 2009 be a download or a CD/DVD delivery…?


  45. Ray

    So has anyone actually been able to successfully order FTM2009 or has noone been able to order it?

    Why didn’t you stagger the release of the update emails so that your servers would not be overloaded?

  46. Scott McWilliams

    Agreeing with Carol earlier that the release of FTM2008 rated less than one star as it seemed to go live with far too many features lacking and with too much slowness when used (all done allegedly in the name of a rewrite), I was happy to read last night that the upgrade to FTM2009 would be provided for free. However since last night, this morning and this afternoon I too get the simple message (with very unsophisticated coding) saying they are unable to provide this service at this time. As an IT Director of a 3000 member company could I suggest you look at how your IT team is being run, or how it is communicating with your sales force? FTM2008 should never have been released without further refinement and without giving users, at a minimum, what they had in previous versions. And now your servers are overloaded for the upgrade? Either your sales force is setting unworkable goals (which have cost you esteem if not $$$ among users) or else your IT team is not adequate in work and load forecasting. As stated you may be committed to making FTM the best desktop software but you seem to have a lack of sufficient ability, talent, or budgeting to implement this.

  47. I’m in Arizona also and can’t download my FTM 2009, when will this problem be repaired. This response comes up fast, hope the download is as fast.

    Due to the high popularity of our FTM 2009 free upgrade offer, we are unable to fulfill your order at this time. Please check back later.

    Thank you, The Generations Network, Inc.

  48. Laura

    Just thought I’d let people know that I have managed to order my “free” update of 2009. (Was disappointed that I had to pay £2.95 for p&p, I’d thought it would just be a matter of downloading it).

    For anyone who has had problems with the link in the email, I copied and pasted the link and at first was redirected to the Ancestry home page, but when I pasted the link again it worked. I also had problems with submitting my voucher code: despite very carefully copying it and double checking I had it correct before submitting it, I had an error message. Once again, the second attempt proved successful.

    Can’t help wondering if this is a deliberate attempt to make it difficult for us to take up the offer! Just hope FTM 2009 is worth it!

    Ps. Although I was initially disappointed with the lack of the all-in-one tree in 2008, I now have so many people in my tree I think I’d need a bigger house to fully appreciate it if it was available.

  49. Susan

    I am seriously upset that there is no All-In-One report. This is the only report I use. Very disappointing. I would not have purchased this product if I had known.

  50. Colin Lehmann

    I purchased my copy of FTM 2008 from Gould Genealogy as per this:
    Hi Colin,

    I have checked our records, and can verify that you did buy FTM 2008 Aus/NZ edition from us in November 2007. If you have already registered the program, I believe that you should have received an email advising of the free upgrade. If not you will need to contact Ancestry.


  51. Rick Mayernik

    Does version 2009 have capability to intergrate photos into a family tree chart along with information? Preferably a “decorative” styled chart.


  52. Jeff Love

    I have seen that there is an API for Family Tree Maker. I am a .net developer and would like to develop some plugins. How can I get access to the API?

  53. John Donaldson


    I believe that there is a SDK for FTM

    I think you could put your request to Michelle through this blog

    John D

  54. John Donaldson

    Rick #72

    Yes you can add photos to charts as well as a lot of effects and items to include

    FTM 2009 has 4 new charts from FTM 2008

    The other nice thing is you can save templates and even exchange or email a template to another user

    John D

  55. John Kopec

    Are you going to still have the ability to make and print a calender? My family looks forward to a new calender each Christmas.

  56. Wow, I just started to buy a copy of Family Tree Maker 2009 and saw that it’s not available for Mac OSX. What’s up with that? I’ve recently given up 10 years of windows frustration and now I’m a happy Mac owner.
    Does anyone know if there are plans to make FamilyTree Maker available for Mac?

  57. Mary Roe

    I have been trying FTM 2009 I purchased. I do not see the internet backup option like I pay for in FTM 2006. That should be an option for everyone that buys FTM 2009.

  58. andrew

    sir, i live in england and i have not recieved my ftm update email, is there any reason? please respond at your earliest convenience

  59. Capricia Avery

    Wow!!! Finally about time, FTM 2009 will be release sooner! I hope FTM 2009 will much, much better than old versions. I am looking forward to get a new FTM 2009.

    I am curious to know, does FTM 2009 will be smooth and more than everything is much better like FTM 2006 & 2007?

    Let me know. Thanks. 🙂

  60. John Donaldson

    John #82

    Yes it is a straight import images and all. FTM 2009 makes a copy of your FTM 2005 database then converts it. You can still leave FTM 2005 on your computer.

    A suggestion though. Before you import/convert your FTM 2005 database, run a Tools>compact on it in order to put the file in the best condition for conversion loading in to FTM 2009. Tools>compact also re indexes your database

    Also of course make sure you have a back up

    John D

  61. Mary

    Conversion from 2008 to 2009 screws up the Occupation Facts field. Maybe others, have not checked yet.

    Keep your 2008 program and files and transfer your Occupation facts by hand.

    What a pain. Wow!

    By the way, the errors report should there were no errors when converting the file – not true.

  62. Tim Bowes

    Is there a search capability within the database. For example, can a FTM file be searched for anyone buried in Calvery Cemetery, Galveston, Texas, rather than having to go through entry by entry looking for each person that you think may have been buried there?

  63. Orerockon

    Have any of you complainers actually tried to call Ancestry support? I called the 800 number on the customer support tab in my ancestry account and was told that the next email will be sent the first week of October, and that if I didn’t receive the email to call after that and I will be sent the upgrade code.

  64. Antonio

    Warning!!! Orerockon appears to be a spammer. He’s posted the same rude message to more than one thread. I suspect a company stooge.

  65. Fred G.

    I’d like to post a caution to a lot of people who have been requesting the book feature that we had in v16.

    No where on this site does FTM give an actual date for this release, and no where do they actually say you will be able to make the book completely on your computer without going online and paying a fee for printing, etc.

    Be cautious, and look at the wording. They are often light on actual facts, just a lot of innuendo. It seems highly suspect that after a year of complaining to them, it wasn’t in the first release of 2009, and I’m certainly not holding my breath for it.

    What I expect is an upgrade to their “online” program that offers a lot of features, for a fee, and they’ll probably offer some kind of discount for the first use.

    I have spent thousands of dollars on Ancestry products over the years, as well as other genealogy companies. My loyalty is to my hobby, not any particular company.

  66. Gerald

    In FTM2009, in the facts area:

    For residence, you only have date and location, no remarks or description.

    Not only did all my data import completely as location, but now I actually have to remove remarks I had about why people moved from one place to another, or any other info about their residence. I can only have the exact location as accepted by your mapping tool.

    For example, “Moved to California to search for gold” MUST be turned into “California, USA”, and all remarks removed or placed elsewhere.

    Another example, “Purchased first house in Dayton, Ohio with his second wife”, must be turned into “Dayton, Ohio, USA”, and all remarks removed.

    I don’t like the software dictating how I do genealogy. It should be the other way around.

    And if I do resolve everything, and let it erase the remarks, will those remarks be saved someplace so that if you issue a fix for this I will get them back? Or do I just leave everything as-is, and hope a patch comes out soon? I skipped FTM 2008 (even after purchasing) because I didn’t want to corrupt my data, hoping for fixes that never came. Should I have skipped 2009? I still wonder what happened to my books I created in v16 and are gone now. Will I ever see them again?

  67. Virginia

    I noticed that you stated that the book building feature will be added when available. I also noticed in a tutorial for 2009 that it has a book bulding feature for charts only and if you want to create a book, you have to do it online with I like to build my books on my own personal computer using version 16, which has the Title page, index, glossary and all book building feature I can do on my own computer. Is this what will be available when it is ready, or will we only be able to build books online.

  68. Judith Hiatt

    I installed FTM2008 17th Edition Platinum in early 2008: registered:
    ID is Pack 2 – v5/1/2600:
    CD Key 6395120014494197548:
    it is the Australian edition: I have not received any offer for FTM2009 – any CD or other ontact?????
    Reply? Judith Hiatt

  69. shirley mullins

    I have bought family tree maker an reg. everone as have got it. I like the program very much. Used to belong to aancestry .com but can,t aford it any more. Shirley mullins

  70. Joe Sanford

    My question is are your going to be adding 2nd, 3rd, 4th marriages abck in…?

    I have FTM 2008 and it doesn’t have it…i used ftm 16 and it does…now i have a notepad list of family members that have been married a few times and no where to put them..

    An e-mail would be nice…see’ing as i don’t read boards, but wanted to know about the FTM 2009 and if that feature was inplamented back in…


  71. Helen Zucco

    I am registered FTM 2008. I do not recall receiveing free patches or updates for this program. I am not pleased with it so I did go back to using FTM 2005, but if I am able to create Descendants Reports again I would try it.
    I have been using FTM for approximately 8 years and have enjoyed using it, until FTM 2008. I did call looking for some answers when I received the 2008 program and was assured that FTM was working on many of the issues and should receive updates. I don’t recall receiving any.
    Thank you,
    Helen Zucco

  72. sally gill

    I purchased the FTM 2008 and cannot access the internet. I cannot even register it as I have no internet access, therefore, I won’t be able to get the new FTM 2009 upgrade. Any suggestions on how to get internet access? Thank you.

  73. FTM 2009 still needs a less cumbersome option to automatically synchronize with information on familytrees. Like an HTML editing/publishing program it should look for changes in local and online copies and merge those changes. Currently it is too difficult to use both resources.

  74. Eric Duffy

    Why does no one listen when we the users ask for an All-in-One Chart.
    I have just loaded my update to 2009 and will now resort to using my 2005 Version

  75. I agree with Eric Duffy. Jeezus… is your company actually LISTENING to customers, or what??!! So many people have been asking for the all-in-one tree in ftm2008, that we figured you’d finally get it right for ftm2009. But NO!! What is it going to take for you guys to put that chart in ftm2009??!! What’s wrong with you people!! I’m never going to buy another product from your company again. You guys clearly don’t have your act together.

  76. Marilea Reinke

    I was so excited to get FTM 2009 WELL I had problems trying to load it to my PC so I TRIED to contact FTM to no avail but ANCESTORY.COM assure me that someone would get back to me SOON. That didn’t happen and I have no runined my good lap top. It FTM2009 erased my all my drives…any suggestion on how you get them back. I have been a FTM user for YEARS, AND YEARS but had not been happy with them the past couple of updates so tried others and guess I’d better stick with them. Some how I need to know how to fix my lap top and soon there is nothing there and it is fairly new and expensive. mreinke

  77. Colleen

    I am still trying to find out if 2009 imports images that were attached to source and citations in FTM16… I have well over 200 images of census, marriage certificates, death certificates, etc that all seem to have been left behind when I upgraded to 2009 – Any suggestions other than importing 1 at a time? Thanks,Colleen

  78. Darleen Kimbrell


  79. JoEthel Honoré

    I miss the calendar function and some of the other charts. But I was very happy to be able to get the family pictures to another program for publish. It was hard to transfer pictures to other programs.

    What I really wanted was to be able to take the information on the road to family reunion including bring the pictures. Maybe something like a PowerPoint, a slide show or some way to use the program as a family history education tool.

  80. peggy brown

    I have FTM 2005 and a new Vista computer. In Kelowna, B.C. Canada, I cannot obtain a copy of the new 2009. I had a terrible time putting my book on a CD using the patches you sent last fall. I am now writing another book for another family and am asking if I should continue to use 2005 or should I upgrade to 2008. Is there really that much improvement? Or should I wait and get 2009? I am travelling to the US as far as Las Vegas, Utah. Would they have 2009? Providing you feel 2009 is that much better.

  81. Mike Cox

    I recently upgraded to 2009 from V16 and was overwhelmed by the complete change in format. I am struggling through as I cannot find the install CDs from the older version. I do understand that it is a total rewrite to take advantage of newer technology, but the whole point of a retail product is the ability for your customers too use it so they will buy & recommend it.

    The engineers surely had fun with this, but did anyone who actually uses the software sign off on it? Vista did the same thing with replacing XP. Feel free to read the blogs on how well that has been received by the PC community.

    I suspect you have a slightly older customer base (change adverse) and also suspect some are struggling with the newer interface (read your own blogs).

    I just bought a new PC, but really wanted a Mac. A prime reason for my choosing the PC was FTM doesn’t run on Apple. Had I known how drastic your changes were, I might have taken the plunge and changed my genealogy software as well.

    Please pass this on to your marketing team.

  82. Jan Freeman

    After reading all the comments on both FTM 2008 and FTM 2009, I have decided again this year, as last to stay with my Version 16. I love the old interface, it does everything that I need it to do and very easily. I see very little positive on either the 2008 or 2009 and notice from the comments that many features that I use often are not available.
    So, I will stay with 16 until such a time that it can not be used for whatever reason and then change to another program. It appears that FTM doesn’t listen to the people who actually use the product. Your changes might look good on paper but they stink when you are the one using them.
    Loyal customer since the first version of FTM.

  83. Don Mathews

    Why should i buy Version 2009 when there is no support for previous versions? My computer crashed and i lost 25 years work. I backed it up on my computer,but when in try to reinstall 2006 Version 16 it will not reinstall. Only partly.It will install the Charting Conpanion bonus software but not FTW version 16 and there in no support for it,period!!!

  84. I have a long list of problems with 2009 and they are all related to what has been removed from the FTM versions that I have used for many years.

    An example is the Custom Report. I have a web site where I periodically post a list of 6,500 names from my file . That used to be an easy task but in 2009 I can’t do it because the custom report process is no longer very customizable.

    There are many things that 2009 cannot do compared to earlier versions. I suggest that your designers look at pre-2008 versions and ask themselves “why did we remove this feature?” and put it back unless there is a very compelling reason not to. Those reasons should be published so that users of the features can respond.

    Until the processes that I use on a regular basis are restored I will not use 2009.

  85. Gregory D. Mostella

    Although I am thrilled to learn the Family Tree Maker 2009 is out already; I JUST PURCHASED FTM 2008 in August, unaware that ’09 was due out SO soon. Will I be receiving an upgrade? Gregory Dale Mostella

  86. Kieran walsh

    Since the “all-in-one” tree has clearly been dropped for good, what alternatives can people recommend?

    I always go back to version 16, but to be honest I’m a bit fed up of the way completely ignore user requests, so I’m actively seeking a different program. What can you guys recommend?


  87. I was promised that I would get Family Tree Maker 2009 by October 15. I have not received any further word. This was the second promise of free Tree Maker 2009 .

  88. I bought my first Family Tree Maker
    software way back when you were Banner Blue. Over the years I’ve never failed to purchase FTM Windows
    updates. My genealogy is posted at
    FTM online,lines the majority of surnames are:

    My genealogy, genealogy that I found over years of interviewing Aunts, Uncles and literally dozens of Cousins. I have traced all my lines
    back from earliest American settlements to England, Ireland, Scotland and others. I’ve shared freely with others interested in the same lines. Helped out whenever asked to.
    I love genealogy, have since I was about 12. I generally like fellow genealogists very much and am happy to help others.
    However, I am tired of buying FTM over and over again. After so many years and versions of FTW, I would love stop paying. FTM must have records that list subscribers and surnames and file sizes etc. Don’t you think it is time to stop charging us for every new version?
    I do. Please consider it.
    Thank you,
    Judith A. Bowman Rhodes

  89. Russ

    Could someone from FTM please let me know if you intend to add an all in one tree…. as if you are not then i’ll have to look elsewhere…..

  90. There is a competitive market for research – at least there is for UK records. I canceled my full subscription yesterday and gave your software as the reason why. I will use instead. Perhaps losing US$300 a year will make you listen more than me posting complaints on this board. There are 121 replies to your 28 August posting and no response from you as we head into November.

  91. Leslie Mitchell

    Can someone describe the feature – “Book Building?” I have a book partially developed in a previous FTM version and would like to complete and get my work off to press. I was deeply disappointed when the book creation software was removed from FTM.

    Thanks much.

  92. Maggi Weinhagen

    “For our valued Family Tree Maker 2008 customers:

    As we announced earlier, we’re giving our loyal Family Tree Maker 2008 customers a free upgrade to 2009. Last year around this time we released Family Tree Maker 2008. There was some initial customer dissatisfaction with the functionality in that release. We heard from customers who felt they didn’t receive what they were expecting. Over the past year, we’ve listened carefully to their feedback and have added many new features in the form of free patches which have been enthusiastically received. Family Tree Maker 2009 has even more features and functions that were not in previous patches. We listed some of these features in a previous post, along with additional features that will be part of Version 2009 when they become available.

    In the next few weeks, Family Tree Maker 2008 registrants will receive an email with a one-time-use coupon that can be redeemed for a free version of Family Tree Maker 2009. You might have heard about a previous email that went to a portion of Family Tree Maker users. Don’t worry if you didn’t receive that first email; you’ll probably still receive the full offer, and if for some reason you don’t, we’ll make sure you have a way to get the free version.

    We want you to be completely satisfied and delighted with the product you have purchased. The family history work you do is important, and we want to support you the best we can.”

    I never got the email this post refers to. I was just surfing to find another software because the new 2008 version has lost the all important feature of being able to easily print a book for anyone in the tree. I am angry I have to pay for every book I compile and only after I have given you all my research so you can charge others for the information.
    Please advise as to my options.
    Thank you for your time and attention.
    Maggi Weinhagen

  93. Ian Dawson

    I have my family tree in FTM 2005, and have not seen anything in any release since 2005 to encourage me to buy any of them.

    I have just got back to putting a lot more effort into my tree, and looking at 2009 has only made me start looking else where.

    Still No offline books… I dont think Ancestry’s heart is in this – how many years can you placate your users and still not give them back function that was removed… I really want to create hardcopies of PDFs for non-PC family members – and it would be great to have a PDF with active links in it for online navigation.

    Nobody seems to have asked about GEDCOM 6 and XML support either.

    And will this always be a Windows only tool? – I am moving to Linux, so am starting to look at Gramps, but might have to do some work to produce my own books…

    All the best, Ian

  94. Ian Dawson

    What? – Was the All-in-one chart removed after FTM-2005 too?

    They seem to be spending more time removing features that people want and adding things that they dont (online publishing).

    Here’s an idea – why not setup some way for people to vote on features (existing, new and removed ones) – and see what people want to spend their money on…

  95. ron rayment

    I have purchased many versions of FTM up to Version 16. I decided to buy FTM 2009, loaded it onto my computer and tried to use it. After about 2 hours of frustration I have off loaded it and have gone back to Version 16. On 2009 there seems to be to much stuff on the screen. The work space is just too small.

  96. Cheryl D Pompey

    This version displays a man and woman who have children as husband and wife. This not necessarily the case. Will there be functionality to distinguish that a man and woman have children together, but not married to each other?

  97. Ian Dawson

    Cheryl, there is an option there somewhere to show the relationship type (married, unmarried, divorced etc). I am away from my home pc, so cant check.
    Well – I have that on my 2005 FTM anyway…

  98. Freddie C. Young

    I would like a CD or DVD copy of Family Tree Maker 2009 upgrade for my copy of Family Tree Maker 2008, in case of computer problems (hard drive failure).

  99. Vanessa Thomson

    I am very upset at the way I have been treated by the Family Tree Maker Team.

    I read this blog with interest and have waited patiently for my email to update from FTM 2008 to FTM 2009.

    In September I emailed to see what was going on and was told that I would be contacted by

    I have chased again this week to be told the upgrade has expired and I do not qualify for it any longer.

    I would like someone to explain how an offer for the users of FTM 2008 can expire if they were not sent the email in the first place… We have put up with a substandard product for the past 12 months – I went back to using FTM 2006 so was looking forward to FTM 2009 but now feel very let down.

    Has anyone else actually got their upgrade?

  100. Tony

    Hi all
    For all those folks thinking about upgading to 2009 there is onle one answere as far as I am concerned.
    DO NOT..
    I am going to stick to my trusted 2005. why you may ask.
    Its far easier to navigate around than 2009.
    Its fidly to do even little things.
    The display is far to small, don’t even think about a laptop.
    Not impressed with the print tree options.
    I have told two other users:
    Sorry FTM you didn’t get 2009 right
    And thats just for starters

  101. Diana Cole

    I all ready have FTM 2009. I’ve noticed that in the genealogy reports you cannot publish an index. I know you have professional books that can be printed, but not everyone can afford this. I have not been happy with FTM 2008 or 2009

  102. Diana Cole

    I all ready have FTM 2009. I’ve noticed that in the genealogy reports you cannot publish an index. I know you have professional books that can be printed, but not everyone can afford this. I have not been happy with FTM 2008 or 2009. I just don’t like the format and it is hard to get around, you got to stop and “hit” every drop down button regardless. In the old versions all you had to do was change the gender. Or hit a tab. There is now too much to bother with and to remember. Too many drop down boxes to add a child. Does anyone know where can I find FTM 16?

  103. Brenda Cox

    Using Family Tree Maker 16 and have full membership of

    Why cannot I get any Ancestry link from FTM16? I used to be able to!!

    I feel I am losing out on the membership dfeals I should have!!

    It is slow work having to open in another window and cross reference all the time.

  104. Charles Lee

    I own FTM 2008, how do I get my free upgrade to FTM 2009? Does the offer apply to FTM Version 16 also?

  105. Milan

    Is it possible to import a pdf into the media for a person? I have downloaded newspaper articles and the are all in pdf. It just takes time to convert them to jpg to add to a person.

  106. Marc Downs

    I did receive an email for the free upgrade back in September but failed to read it. I heard about it last night at the webinar but see that the weg page is now disabled. Is there a way I can still get it? The code in my original email was FTM09314

  107. Donald Douglas

    In viewing FTM 2009 Webinar this evening it was mentioned that those that have purchased FTM 2008 are entitled to a free upgrade to FTM 2009. I have FTM 2008 version, product code 032468F00.

    Please advise.

    Donald Douglas
    164 Tara Lane
    Goodlettsville, TN 37072

  108. Joseph C. O'Hara

    I have the 2008 version of FTM. I just listened to the Webinar where you said that 2008 users could update to 2009 version. Please advise me how I can do that.
    Thank you.

  109. Elizabeth Cohan

    I did get an email regarding the free 2009 edition of Family Tree Maker but the instructions were messed up and it looked like I was buying the update. Is it too late to resolve this? I’m a part time genealogist. Thanks Elizabeth Cohan

  110. sherret1

    I purchased the Family Tree Make version 16 and registered July 4, 2007. Do I qualify for the free 2009 update?

  111. David

    When will the book feature become available? I want to upgrade from 2006, but I want to move my book over intact.

  112. Neil Rossiter

    Re. FTM 2009. I have used FTM 4.01b for quite a few years and found it excellent. Prior to upgrading to FTM 2009 I emailed to check on compatibility and was assured it was fully compatible with all previous versions. IT IS NOT. Many earlier versions require ancestry’s archive programme to enable upload of data saved on the earlier versions. Second you find, as in my case, that a 32MB file is transformed into a 104MB file on FTM 2009? According to it is because FTM 2009 handles info in a different way? Thirdly, be prepared to tear you hair out with all the glitches – lost info, inexplicable rearrangement of relationships and so on. Granted there are a few decent ideas, but overall FTM 2009 is rubbish. What makes the problem even more frustrating is trying to deal with the sanctimonious characters on the helpdesk at who seem incapable of giving a straight or truthful answer. Buy FTM 2009 at your peril.

    Neil Rossiter

  113. Hi,

    Will there be any advanced reporting features such as being able to use ‘IF’ and ‘AND’ queries etc. For example, I might want to run a report which lists all the people in my family tree who lived in a particular town at a particular time. This feature has for a long time been available in Family Historian but FTM don’t seem bothered which is starting to become extremely frustrating.

  114. dretgriffin

    I have tried and tried and tried some more to like FTM 2008 and 2009. The new program runs much slower and it just is not FTM v16. There are some bells and whistles with 2008 & 2009 but I can’t enjoy them because it is just too slow. FTM 2009 does not recognize second marriages and my daughter somehow became my sister! When will FTM go back to what made it great???

  115. Paddy

    Could someone from FTM please answer whether or not an update will be provided for an all included family tree? It is unbelievably frustrating that it doesn’t. I would have thought this would be the most basic capability of geneology software???

  116. Janet Hickey

    Add me to the long list of people who have FTM 2008 and have not received an email reqarding the free upgrade to 2009. I trully enjoy the program and would look forward to the upgrade. I am also a paid subscriber to Hope to hear something soon, Christmas will be here soon and I was hoping to publish some nice charts for the family with FTM 2009. I look forward to hearing from someone. Thanks!

  117. Laura

    I’ve had FTM 2009 for a few weeks now, and – having got used to the interface on 2008 – thought it was great to have a version that finally works and doesn’t crash all the time.

    I say “thought”, as for the last few days evey time I start typing a new bit of data into my tree the programme closes itself. I’ve been very patient through all the problems with 2008, but don’t know if I can be bothered to go through it all again with 2009.

    I’m now thinking of changing software completely – lets face it, it’s just as easy to have Ancestry open in one window and copy the information as it is to use the “integrated” web search on FTM 2009, and I can’t really think of any other benefits of this software, except that it’s got an interface I’m used to.

    I’m very disappointed.

  118. David Wicks

    I too am a 2008 FTW user and did not get an email to upgrade. I sent an email to tech support and there responce was that the 2009 upgrade offer is now not available. I might add that it took them 6 days to get back to me. I find that this is not satisfactory. I have purchased every FTM program to date spending lots of money and can assure you I WILL NOT be pay for this upgrade. Legacy 7 sounds awesome. I bet they won’t post this one.

  119. If it is of any help My History in the UK have an offer for people who didn’t get the free UK upgrade. Visit where they can supply the upgrade at 20% discount + £1 postage. I realise this nowhere near the ‘generosity of the original Ancestry offer of £2.95 but they are only covering costs at this reduced price.

    If you decide to take advantage of this offer you will need to key the code “FTMDLE” into the coupon code box on the Cart page of the checkout process in order to receive the 20% discount.

  120. John Harris

    I thought I had registered my copy of FM 2008 but have not received the option email to update to 2009. Can you tell me what to do please?

  121. Karen E Sutton

    I have FTM 2008 and have registered it but never received any email about a free upgrade to 2009. I would appreciate receiving the coupon and directions to get Family Tree Maker 2009.

  122. Dorothy Gottshall

    Family Tree Maker 2009 is an excellent program. However, I also miss the calendar function (I just now upgraded from version 5)! Hopefully, when the calendar report feature is finished, it will be available as a free upgrade (reference to comment #9, Russell Hannig, Posted on August 29, 2008 at 4:25 pm). I will be VERY unhappy if I have to purchase it.

  123. Henry Blake

    Platinium Ed of Family Tree Maker…
    Generally works well BUT will not let connect to web. Says computer has no connection!! It has via BT Hub…. have tried for several weeks
    to corect but no luck. System Windows Home Premium whcih has no problem with anyother programe. Cant get registered or updated or online advice HELP

  124. I have been using for over a year now and just bought FTM 2009. I am trying a switch from the latest Legacy version as I was having a problem merging two files and the program not reading the duplicates.

    Right off on the 3rd day of use I see there are features that I like about both. One being more report options (book) in Legacy but I like the functionality better with FTM.

    Hopefully some updates will come out soon with the best of both worlds.

  125. Steve Musick

    I have been from FTM 16 to 2008 and now 2009. I like 2009 very much. I am still at 2008 on my laptop and I noticed that I must have recieved an update because when I search a name on the internet it pulls pictures and allot of extra info that is great. Can’t seem to get 2009 Ver to do the same. Any suggestions?

  126. Doug

    I’m a long time (10-15 yr) user of FTM. Currently using FTM Ver 16. I would like to see a search and report function option using boolean operators for different bits of data. That way you minimize the output when only searching occurances.

  127. REX WEBB


  128. Philip Massey

    When will the book printing feature be released? My family uses your program – and has for many years – but is now looking for another software package to use because you don’t allow them to print a book anymore. They will not load the data to as they are private people and don’t want the info published. They will purchase another package if they cannot locally print a book in the near future.

  129. Richard Gresalfi

    One of the best features, and probably the one I used the most, was the calendar feature. Why was it removed in the newer versions of FTM and when will it re-appear?

  130. Mike

    I stumbled onto this blog which has validated my disappointment in the FTM 2008 product. I upgraded from version 6.0 to the 2008 product a few months ago and, although, there are some nice changes, for the most part, I have found the newer product to be VERY slow to open (even with the latest patch installed) and difficult to navigate through. I will admit some need for additional learning on my part, but my 6.0 product is so simple to learn and navigate through.

    I did register my 2008 product and would love the opportunity for a free upgrade to 2009 in hopes that the 2008 issues have indeed been corrected. I have yet to receive an email for the update and was wondering if anyone from the user group has alternative options for receiving the free update (phone#, email contact, etc.).

  131. Ronald Schweitzer

    I was very disappointed to see that the calendar function was not in FTM 2008. I just “upgraded” from 2005 and regret that I did so. It is slow, disorganized, and lacks user friendliness. I hope that later versions correct these problems or provide patches. I have been using your software for 10 years and this is the worst.

    Unhappy Camper

  132. Stephen Engelbrecht

    I purchased FTM 2009 earlier this year, hoping to import a tree started by my Father-in-Law (who has since passed away) so that I could add to it, and add it to my own. I am however not able to import it? It is an FTM 4.0 file, starts importing and then just stops, with a message that says “FTM 4.0 cannot be imported. Contact customer service for assistance.” I have tried this but to no avail. No response yet. Any suggestions ? I have also been unable to locate his original st of install discs.

  133. Barbara Loving

    I’ve also just discovered that I miss the ancestor/descendant chart where you can include anyone you want, including step/extended families and what you want in those boxes

  134. I recently loaded 2009 and was very happy to see the increased charting ability. However, I still do not see the all in one chart. That is a very useful tool. I like it because it shows all the branches, it used to be on my old version 11, is there any chance that you will be adding it?


  135. Debbie

    Have been using FTM for years. I skipped 2008 because of the bad reviews. Now I received 2009 for Christmas. Love the new format. Softwar downloaded with no problems and it took all my info from version 16 without any problems. It will take some getting used to but I think I might be pleasantly surprised!

  136. Tanner DEisch

    OK so i like the 2009 FTM upgrading from version 3.1 much better..almost… you HAVE GOT to make a CALENDAR plug-in ASAP … I mean I make the whole family Calendars for Christmas and no one got one this year thanks to FTM 2009 one of your WORST decisions yet

  137. Elizabeth

    The Version FTM 2009 book feature still being worked on – will I be able to open my Version 16 books into this new version or will I have to re-enter all the data and pictures?

  138. Susie Martin-Rott

    As a 10 year user of FTW I must tell you I’m not very happy with the 2009 version and am starting to regret leaving my 2006 version behind. The user interfaces are clunky to navigate through and some of the more useful reports seem to have vanished or are so well hidden as to not be usable. Particularly important, the “Custom Report” where we could set our own criteria, and the “Duplicate Facts” reports do not appear to be available in the 2009…or are they???

    These two reports have allowed me to easily clean up “messy” databases in the past…am I now “blind” or are they not there for me to see?

  139. Janet Crosby

    Can’t believe that that it’s not possible that each person is not given an ahnentafel number! Is it true? My entire system is based on that organization (1 – 2000—) I previously used PAF software and numbers were listed very nicely. Is there an alternative?

  140. Dean

    Upgrading from version 4 to 18, I was astonished to discover the calendar had been eliminated. It was my most popular Christmas gift for the extended family. Now I have to maintain the old version, too. Please make it available as soon as possible.

  141. Debbie Candelas

    I have just switched from a different program to FTM 2009. I would very much like to have the calendar function for birthdays and anniversaries. When will this function be available?

  142. Nick A.

    UTF-8 encoding – when?

    I have been waiting for ever and this feature has yet to be included.

    I guess you do not want non-english trees.

  143. Gwain52

    It is good that you allow users to include Web Citations. However, although Web Citations appear in several locations, the only place where they are hypertext-enabled is in the Reference Note field in the Sources tab. URLs should be hypertext-enabled in every location where they appear.

    I am not a genealogy expert. I am an amateur trying to produce something that family members (who also are not genealogy experts) will find interesting, useful and entertaining.

    It so happens that one branch of my family has many royal ancestors who have entries in Wikipedia. I do not want to reinvent the wheel. I would like to make it very easy for family members who use Family Tree Maker to be able to click on URLs entered in the Web Citation field wherever it appears and jump to the page in Wikipedia.

    It should not be necessary for users to go to the Sources tab to find a hypertext link for an ancestor. Please add hypertext capability to every instance of a Web Citation. Thank you.

    I have an extensive database in Family Tree Maker, but I stopped entering any more data in your program about eight months ago when I realized how difficult it is to enable users to find Web Citations in FTM. I do not know if this problem is the intentional result of some sort of genealogical “snobbery” that has caused you to want to make links to sites like Wikipedia difficult. However, I suspect that I am not the only user of FTM who would like to have this capability. I hope you will fix this problem ASAP so that I can resume using your software and eventually upload my information to Thank you.

  144. RD Smith

    I also started using FTM when it was owned by Banner Blue (ver. 3?) and have upgraded in the intervening years. I have most recently been using FTM 2005 and just upgraded to FTM 2009. I wish I had read these postings before I did. I find the lack of ease of use of the program appalling. It is extremely hard to navigate around from one person to the next.

    I also find MANY things missing:
    —no way to sort the media (I would like a choice of what to sort on, i.e. by photo date, photo type, etc and no way in choosing which photo type will be used in a chart, you must go to each individual in your chart and change the photo)
    —no direct-descendant only charts
    —no way to produce my own book without having to pay to do it (getting greedy I think)
    —no all-in-one chart
    —no calendar and birthdays
    —no way to position photos in the charts where I would like to have them
    —no way to choose the size of boxes (all charts with photos seem to be always horizontal–my one page Family Tree Chart turned into 4 pages with small thumbnails added and my 3-page descendant chart in FTM 2005 turned into a 6-page descendant chart in FTM 2009-same info in each)
    —no choice of which item to sort on for reports-example: for the Marriage Report, it is sorted on the husband only, I would like to sort by wife also
    —no way to add more than one fact to a person, i.e. a new person with sex, birth info, and death info – each fact must be added one item at a time (OH and by the way, when I tried it the first time it closed suddenly and sent an error report…)

    I could go on, but I only installed it yesterday and haven’t explored it all yet.

    The huge increase in program size does in no way change the fact that it seems you have taken a truly useful program and hopelessly “improved” it into uselessness. It may look pretty, but it has lost too much. I will stick with the old version or find different software.

    I have noticed that there have been no official comments to any of the problems posted on this page. Will any of these problems be addressed and where???

  145. When are we going to get the improvements (well actually bringing 2009 up to standards of earlier FTMs)? There are loads two simple things: having a usable “back” button to go back to previous people/families etc.
    2. Having the index (left hand side with facility to sort names into birthdate (or other ) order and still have names in surname, forename order.

  146. dsc8w

    I think I am now #181 of comments under this Heading and having read thru a number of them I really wonder if the “Powers to be” ever read what we as users write about. I have been a FTM user since Banner Blue and am currently using version 16 alongside the 2008 Ancestry version and I can only reiterate the various comments about how unsatisfactory the 2008 and 2009 programmes really are and we are being asked to PAY for these so called improvements. I have been registered also and never got any email advising me of the free upgrade to 2009.
    Would the Powers to be please tell us what is gloing on.
    Regards from the UK
    David S C Wilson

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