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We have recently been working with Symantec, the makers of Norton Internet security products, on an issue one of their programs causes with our Enhanced Image Viewer.  If you are able to load an original image, but then your browser freezes or locks up and you have Norton Internet security products installed, Norton assures us that their latest update will resolve this issue; please run LiveUpdate to receive this fix.  For instructions on how to run LiveUpdate, please see this article from Symantec’s Knowledge Base:

Kendall Hulet

Kendall Hulet has served as our Senior Vice President of Product Management at Ancestry since March 2015. He joined the Company in 2003 has held a variety of roles in the product organization including Director of International Product Management and most recently Vice President of Product Management for AncestryDNA. During his tenure, he was deeply involved in some of the most popular innovations at Ancestry, including the “Shaky Leaf” hinting system that has delivered over five billion discoveries; the Ancestry Family Tree system that has led to the creation of over 70 million family trees containing six billion ancestors; and the creation of the award winning Ancestry mobile app, which has been downloaded more than 12 million times.


  1. Suzanne Hansberry

    Your system of limited license is the most ridiculous and maddening I’ve seen on the internet in quite some time. One mis-click and you’re out of commission for half an hour. I DO NOT WANT AND WILL NOT BUY another license – I DO NOT NEED another license. What I do need is the access THAT I HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR. How dare you deny me access that has been prepaid. I’ve lost several hours of access since you instituted this stupid system. Sometimes change isn’t for the better.

  2. bseichler

    I found my cousin E.W. Longoria,in Ohio, DOD as 1990, and ss issued in Texas, but when I search, it says no death in Ohio for him. His real name is I thought Woodrow Eugene Longoria Sr., 82 years old Cleveland/ Alavda Ohio area, why can’t I find him or his obituary? Anita.

  3. bseichler

    I cant find my cousin E.W. Longoria listed as death in Ohio. But is listed in the census and vital Statics

  4. JP

    This is completely the wrong forum for you questions but….

    It appears that the E. W. you looked up was Earl Wilson 1937-1990.

    If I have the correct one, Woodrow Eugene was b. abt 1928 and appears to still be living.

  5. Sallie Bryan

    I had the Norton problem too and had
    to call Ancestry tech support for
    help. The steps to remedy the
    problem were quick and simple and
    now my image viewer works great.
    Thank You !

  6. Walt

    I don’t have Norton installed on my computer and the census images will still freeze sometimes. I now have AVG Internet Security installed and it still freezes. How can I correct this annoying problem?

  7. David Boyett

    I have all the current and updated files for Norton but still can’t download the census pages. The viewer just stops and I have to go back to the index page. A few pages will download but most just freeze.

  8. looking for background history,and family on george cornelious born in mo.married to marie marquart,3 dauhters,zella georgia anna elsie,first 2 born in ponka city oka.marie born in germany.

  9. BFudge

    I also have AVG Internet Security installed and I am having a freezing up or not downloading of census records and historical newspapers to view. I have had AVG for over a year, yet this problem just began showing up in the last 3 – 4 weeks. I have to believe it is related to something happening with the new additions and changes you have been making. I have no problem in any other site I visit. Why pay for a service I cannot use?

  10. Rebecca

    I got a new computer with Norton and I had to remove it and go back to McAfee, since Norton would not work. Also my old computer ran so slow with the new beta search it took forever, if you have a slow computer the new search is not worth the time.

  11. Ken Hyatt

    I’ve run live update and still get my browser locking up when viewing documents in the enhanced viewer. This issue is not resolved; are you still working on it???

  12. I just started having this problem with Enhanced Image View 3 days ago. I have run the latest updates from Norton. I have emailed Ancestry – no reply. From this blog it appears that others are having this problem so don’t believe it is my computer or settings. Ancestry please help us.

  13. Mary

    I’ve downloaded the “fix” several times since this was first announced in July. Yet, I am still having problems with viewing images at Ancestry.

  14. Michelle W

    Cannot view any census or other images at on this new PC with Norton and MS-Vista Premium 64 bit running Internet Explorer 7. I viewed one image, couldn’t save it, tried to download the enhanced viewer and then the real probs began. Now everytime I try to view a census image or other image a new tab opens and then another and another…. its just a nightmare. Would love any solutions, thanks.

  15. JMaule

    Surely some employee at decided to “tweak” the image databases and now they’re all haywire. It went down last night, was back up early this evening, and now has crashed again. I love the message that tells us to go to some other database. Sure, the immigration records will help with a search of Kansas in 1870.

  16. J. B. Sams

    I received notice that my subscription to would be automatically renewed, and that I have TWO accounts !!! This is news to me because I can’t log- on to either account! Cancel one account, and tell me how to log-on to the other!!

  17. NancyDrewFan

    I feel like I am living in the dinasaur age of dial up. Have you guys sold too many subscriptions that your servers are unable to handle via your leaf commercial? This last week has been ridiculous!!! PLEASE, PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM BEFORE ALL YOUR SUBSCRIBERS DIE WHILE THEY WAIT FOR A RECORD OR PAGE TO LOAD. It has not escaped my attention that as I use your service, each page I load comes up SLOWER and SLOWER. Are you attaching too many tracking cookies? I have tried clearing them and it doesn’t help much. I can sign off, reboot my computer, sign on again and then I am much faster at first, until the whole process repeats itself again!! It’s maddening and EXTREMELY TIME CONSUMING!!! I would have my entire family tree done right now if it were not for the SLOW SLOW SLOW page loading. I have premier ISP service and I fly everywhere but here. HELP!!! SPEED IT UP PLEASE!!!! It does not encourage me to correct bad records on census either!!

  18. katyknock

    Is anyone else having issues with hints lately? I have been told by the wonderful customer “no” service to delete what I have entered and try entering the data again because the hint they provided did not only not add the data to the record, but the hint disappeared with no action after I sat and verified the information in it. It seems I get more customer “no” service than I actually get help from their “Help” line.

  19. katyknock

    I have issues with the “enhanced viewer also”. I use Mozilla to try to limit the number of cookies these sites deposit and leave in my computer. But when I try to download the enhanced viewer it tells me there is script missing. Ancestry has been up to their usual Customer “No” service again. Anyone tried any of the other geneology sites for quality. Do they work any better or provide similar information that perhaps we all can switch and remove the frustration.

  20. RWolff

    Sooooo. What is the deal? I wait and wait and wait until the advertisement catches up with the page. Why so? If I see right off that the page doesn’t contain the information I was seeking. I still have to wait and wait and wait for the page to return to the previous page while yet another advertisement loads. This is downright annoying and I lose valuable research time.

    Is there any hope that this annoying issue will ever be resolved? Am I the only one who has this issue? is the only website that I experience such a long wait to view a page. Often as long as 45 seconds per page;very, very annoying. Would someone ‘tech’ department be so kind as to respond this query?

    Before I shut down for the day I make sure that my Temporary Internet File is cleared of the day’s history. I also delete all cookies. My SpySearch program as declared that my computer is free of spy/malware.

    If Genealogy wasn’t my passion I would gladly cancel my subscription and take up knitting. I’m not getting any younger, but I’m am getting a lot more testier!

    Soooooo, whats the deal, can I get help for this issue?


  21. Brenda Perritt

    I am getting the same thing, and I did all the suggested fixes, still unable to download.
    What else can I try please?
    Inquiring minds want to know! LOL

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