Posted by Ancestry Team on July 10, 2008 in News has been named as one of the best websites for Web researchers in Family Tree Magazine’s 101 Best Websites for 2008. RootsWeb, also operated by the Generations Network, appears on the list as well in the Best for Beginning Researchers category. and RootsWeb will be highlighted in the September 2008 issue of Family Tree Magazine (hitting newsstands July 15) as well as online at

101 Best Websites


  1. Valesca

    I agree that it is a good search tool, BUT I find problems when I have to change anything in the search field to narrow the responses. Then I can’t go back to the name I was searching without going all the way back to the home page.
    I also am having a Lot of trouble when a person marries sisters. I can not seem to get the information to tie together. Ancestry just can not understand that this is the same person, so if I add his parents, etc. I end up with double entries. Does anyone have an answer for this problem? I am now deleting lots of info so the tree doesn’t look so messy, but need a way to tie everyone together.

  2. Donna Dallman

    Well that’s great! A shining new trophy!
    All I want to know is = WHEN are you going to give us the ability to MERGE TWO INDIVIDUALS in the online member trees?
    I spend all of my time, trying to delete doubled names = (from your various spellings and titles that I pick up). For instance, John Lord of Plantagenet and John of Gaunt are the exact same person!
    I have written in many times, asking when you will put in the MERGE TWO INDIVIDUALS, as you have in FTM 2008. Every time you say, “It is on our list”. Well = HOW FAR DOWN THAT LIST IS IT?

  3. Nancy Rogers

    It is my opinion that what TGN is doing is to wait us out and eventually enough of us that don’t care for the youtube approach will figure ways around it, that they won’t need to defend themselves anymore. This award is given by what magazine and who owns it? At this moment do we have any other alternatives and for the short term the answer is no, but let us hope that enough other groups will start to put databases on line that eventually those of us who want to do genealogy can move on.


  5. Linda

    Nancy wrote: “At this moment do we have any other alternatives and for the short term the answer is no, but let us hope that enough other groups will start to put databases on line that eventually those of us who want to do genealogy can move on.”

    We DO have alternatives to The 98 other sites listed on 101 Best sites are a great starting point. I am a serious genealogist of 10+ years and dropped due to some of the issues noted on these blogs. I miss some of the convenience but it has given me the time to explore sites with information that is not available on There is a lot of great stuff out there on other sites!

    I really suggest that Ancestry spend some of those thousands of dollars on CNN advertising on quality, customer service, and content or it might find itself off the 101 best sites list eventually.

    BTW, I don’t subscribe to Family Tree Magazine but pick it up once in awhile. It is good for reading when your computer isn’t available and you want to learn about some techniques or resources. It is an alternative to surfing to find resources. Genealogy research is all about learning and Family Tree Magazine and their online site can be one of those resources.

  6. Rob

    To no. 4 (Donna):
    Some people, like me, do not wanted to merge some of their ancestors due to the preferred spelling and title, if any, of their ancestors’ names. If one side prefers “John of Gaunt” and the other side prefers “John Lord Plantagenet”, then to merge two same individuals into one, you end up with a name either side may not like it.

    To me, giving some royal/noble ancestors with straight names with no notable title is a mistake, it just generates confusion for others to seek out which ancestors they are related to, since many ancestors in the distant past have same names or place-names. I have a lineage of paternal ancestors of common gentry background that goes through 5 generations and all have the same name (only two were knighted as I’d learned later on). The hardest part was to figure out which woman was married to each!

    What I would recommend to is upon merging two same individuals into one, their names (and titles AND sources as well, if any) should be included as “alternative names” for others like you or me to choose which we may prefer to have. Something like a drop-down menu of alternative names based on data from other member trees and you pick one you like to have for your related ancestor.

  7. shirley

    I wish i had a map to find my way around this site, i have tried to unsubscribe from here and the magazine. i cant afford for you to keep taking £12.80 of me every month. I will be a pensioner next year and if i dint sort this out soon then i will be in big trouble financialy. The situation has had me in tears, i must be stupid because i dont know how to do it. HELP

  8. I am disgusted to find that BRITISH church records are now only available if I upgrade. They were available in the past and not only have you increased subscriptions-you have downgraded the facilities. Ancestry best site? You must be joking.
    I amonly putting this on a blog because I cannot find any other way of contacting you

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