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Are you going to the NGS conference this month? Come visit me at the Ancestry booth–I’d love to meet and listen to your thoughts on Ancestry Family Trees.

Here’s the conference details:

2008 National Genealogical Society Conference
Kansas City, Missouri, 14 – 17 May 2008


  1. Luke

    Hi, I realise this is very random, but could you please ask your marketing team or whoever to stop spamming people? I’ve tried and tried and tried to remove/edit/disable my email address & preferences and stop the emails, but then sooner or later I start getting your ‘special offers’ again. Today I got:

    “You’ve experienced some of what has to offer. But there’s only one way to discover everything the world’s largest online collection of family history resources can tell you about your family story. Become a member. In fact, now through May 13th, 2008, new members can save 20% on their first annual membership.”


    I try and sign in to change preferences & remove my email address and get “No users were found with email address …..”

    So I can only conclude that you are storing all email addresses separately for “marketing” (read: spamming) purposes, which is very poor form indeed.

  2. I am quite sick of Late last year I sent off my $135 for my DNA. I wanted my fathers but was told could only get from mothers side. You have my results but I can NEVER get to them, so what IS going on? You gave me a username of 12666 and a password of 5bkx922, and I dond’t care who knows it. All I want is my results to be sent as an e-mail like any others! I can never get to a screen where I can enter these details. Anyone else had the same aggravating problem?

  3. Wanda Mcdonough

    In spite of several negative notes on this site about the disappointing aspects of the changes being made, I have renewed my membership for another year. I am hoping that Ancestry will realize that abanding their long term members is not the way to go. I know there are many new members all very enthused over the whole picture/publishing thing, and you wish to cater to the new money.
    All I want is for you to fix the flaws, like linking things to my tree that have nothing to do with my family. Or when I type my fathers name in I am not linked to my old trees but to 5 now defunct VERY erroneous trees which I have complained about for years. I put post it notes up, I wrote to you, all to no avail. Brian Freeland’s trees are so full of errors (he is a distant cousin) and he is no longer a member so there is no way other than through administration to remove these trees. Why can’t you do this?
    I will keep hoping that your organization will care enough to fix these problems this year instead of adding new things. Please repect the wishes of your long term clients in this matter.

  4. anna

    What I miss on the family trees is a button to report researchers that is obviously stealing ancestral information and change it. I´m just in that mess right now and I don´t seem to get any help. My ancestors has ben hijacked and I feel so violated and insulted. 14 years of genealogical research and someone takes my ancestors and just makes up a tree of her/his own.

  5. Carole

    Anna, the only way you can prevent someone from stealing your tree is to remove it from the and the Rootsweb websites.

    When you upload your tree to their websites, you are agreeing to their terms and conditions which say that whatever you place publically on their site becomes their property to do whatever they want to do with it.

    However, know that even if you remove your tree, Ancestry has still preserved your information in their archive servers and will continue to make your research available to those who want it.

    That is where the hints/merge feature comes into play. You do the work, you make it public, and Ancestry gives your work away, whether it is correct, confirmed, documented or not.

  6. Susan Kost

    How can you suddenly renig on your promise to keep Private Trees private? Your new trick is making me furious. If I wanted it to be public, I would have chosen “public”.
    This is at the least unethical and at the most probably prosecutable.

  7. anna

    I don´t mind charing my info that I got on my tree to another researcher. What I´m against is someone taking my ancestors and distorting/changing the info to suit their tree. Like My grandmother´s grandfahter was born on the same date and year and place but they had changed his deathplace to USA. He´s never been in USA! The same thing with several other of my ancestors. Some where dead in the US, some in Denmark some they just changed the province name.

    Why can´t there be an exception about non-paying member´s that need to make contact with other´s reseachers that have done this, that they don´t have to pay a huge fee to locate this person that have changed/distorted info. It wouldn´t have to be a direct line but could have gone through a third person (Ancestry).

    What prevent this researcher to give awy/sell this totally wrong research to others?

  8. ANNA

    the likly hood is that your tree found is way into ONE WORLD TREE after you submitted it to either ancestry olt/amt OR rootsweb world connect.


    well when ONE WORLD TREE was first launch we THE SUBSCRIBERS were alowed to upload / deleat our own tree to the program BUT then ancestry took away OUR abillity TO DO SO and took over the tree them selves so that ONLY ANCESTRY programers could controll this. at the same time ancestry HARVESTED the trees of of ROOTSWEB and added all the trees they had in their archive and added every one of them to ONE WORLD TREE.

    Unfortunetly ONE WORLD TREE is a crock of s*** when it comes to a resorce because what it does is find two names which match and have AN APROXIMETLY THE SAME DATE OF BIRTH or even a missing birth date(some times christening marriage death or burial) it ignors the place data even if one like ours is born in another country it then joins the two people together creating a totaly wrong 3rd tree made up of some data from both trees.

    then the new unexpireanced of just plain slopy amoug us accept the data as fact ‘saying to them selves well its on ancestry so its correct and any one who says its not well they have it wrong’ to be fair a few do learn and amend the trees they have when you present them with your data

    what i do now is place a prewriten peice on all the trees i find any where on the nett (unfortunetly these wrong trees have been migrated to other sites) each time i have new data i add that as well.

    a few people must be really fed up with me now but i do get results now and then from the ones i have emailed in the past with yet new data who apologise and conceid that i was right all along. but while that crock of s*hit ONE WORLD TREE remains it s an up hill struggle. but …

    so i expect your tree has been curupted in this way and you can either go down my avinuee and post your tree in the correct form every where you can and email / place notes on each tree you find which is wrong


  9. anna

    hi judy

    Thanks for input. Problem is that I can post anything on someone elses tree cause I´m not a paying member. I don´t even have access to them.
    I have to have a creditcard, which I don´t have, to pay the subscription. To post a cheque to Ancestry is even more expensive than the subscription-fee cause the bank has to write it out. To be an overseas member sucks.

    In my tree they have “harvested” my names, birthyear, deathyear (exactly) then added other parishes provinces or countries if I haven´t written it into the tree. In my dialouge with Ancestry I told them that the name Ola Nilsson is not found in Denmark in that case it would have been Ole Nielsen. But it´s been like hitting a brick wall. No help at all.
    I though accuracy was the lead star word in genealogy but it seems like money rules the world, s***w accurate. Well, I won´t post another name in my tree or any other info as long as my info´s security on the Ancestry site is lousy. I´m really sorry about that cause I really liked My Tree. It was a way to make contact with other researchers all over the world.

  10. hi anna
    i live in england too

    mastercard (along with others)are doing a card where you dont need to have a bank account. you just put the amount on to the card you want to and then use it like a credit card. give our ancestry help line a call to find out if they accept this card on the number below they are good

    0800 404 9723

    i am lucky as my mother pays mine on her card and i pay her. is this an option for you. but remember if you dont wish to continuee after a year you must let them know they do send you a reminder anyway.

    have you loged into ancestry with your user name?
    you can get pay per view card from the link on the page.

    also try your local lib’ the cenral one in your area should be able to tell you if they have free access to ancestry you might find they have the pay per view cards also.


  11. anna

    Hi Judy

    I live in Sweden and the banks here know how to get paid. Some of the fees they take out….

    I´m just SO ANGRY that somewhere on this site (or somewhere else) is a copy of my tree with MY ancestors with totally false data. I WONT LET THIS GO UNTIL THIS IS FIXED IN SOMEWAY. IF my tree is going to be out there it should at least have the right birthdate, deathyear and the RIGHT PLACES where it all took place!
    So I´m going to protest wherever I can. I´m also going to write on the Swedish genealogical society´s site about this and warn them about Ancestry. This is not acceptable!

  12. anna

    Well, i posted my Ancestry-problem on the Swedish site and I have already gotten reactions. Seems like the society has some kind of co-operation with Ancestry so a fellow researcher suggested that it would be something for the Swedish society to handle. I have to see if it works. I hope so.

  13. hi
    i have been doing much the same thing
    recently some one in one of englands genealogy magazines made much the same comment as yourself. well needless to say i sent in a replie abut the possible way that her data had been corupted stating mind had too and laid the blame at ancestrys door. result the mag has said they hope to publish my letter soon. as the mag is available on subscription all over the world. maybe if my letter does get into the mag it will make ancestry take stock on just what a mess ONE WORLD TREE is causing.

  14. Jack Lamphier

    I see all thes complaints with various portions and policies of but I dont see any response from them. You folks are just venting. Dont expect any desired changes or corrections to your own data to take place.

  15. anna

    I know that Ancestry won´t act but I want to say what I think of this mess and I´m going to do so when Ancestry shows up at the national genealogical meeting here in Sweden in August. I´ve also been talking to my local genealogical society about this and they were appaled (spelling?).


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