Posted by Kenny Freestone on March 26, 2008 in Site Features

This might be something you already use, or maybe something you haven’t tried much yet. In the top right corner of most family tree pages we have a little tool that lets you find or quickly jump to any person in your tree. Today we made some changes to it, and want to get your feedback on the changes–Like it? Hate it? Let me know (kfreestone at



  1. Ron

    I like it …the fact that you can isolate a name down to more then the first name helps, and when the name is highlighted and allowing you to hit enter ….this all makes using search much simpler!

  2. Rob

    It’s a very, cool handy feature to use, quicker to type out the first few letters to see what generates a list of names out of it.

  3. Anja

    I like it very much. I used it on the german homepage of ancestry today. Very easy to use and it gives a great overview. It does make it easier to find people. Thank you!

  4. Bev

    The new feature is great…now if you could figure out how to filter search results in similar ways! (check out the new search on for ideas!)

  5. I think this tool is wonderful. I have often fretted about having to go back to my home person just to get to a different point in my tree. And my tree is getting very very large. Great advantage.

  6. Dave

    I like it. The new feature is especially helpful in finding people that go by their middle name when I forget their real first name.

  7. Anja

    With a big amount of pictures it would be great if i could sort by pictures taht are not yet added to a person. (Like shown in ancestrypress)

  8. dede

    Kenny, it’s not easier. I cannot find my notes for general users to view, nor access return trees any easier. Did you work for the gov befor getting this job, cause the red tape is deep.

  9. I like this enhancement – clearer, easier to find the right person, and gets rid of having to hit the fiddly little Go button. Nice work.
    Now might it be possible to have the more important “exact search” enhancement for historical data that is needed?

  10. Karen

    I really like this idea, this is a good one. It saves you time- which is what we all want- and seems very accurate, i.e. just the names in our tree, and no weird cross-referencing.

  11. If I have to enter-in all of my
    ancestors’ names into the tree,
    then what am I paying you all for?
    I came to this site to pay you to
    find my ancestory. If I have to type
    in everybody’s names going back 200
    yrs. then I don’t need this crappy
    site then do I?

  12. Samantha

    I think it’s so much better and easier!! I have noticed that sometimes the options that come up are split into two groups, separated by a bolder line. What does this mean? Is it ranking them by how closely connected they are to the home person or by some other factor?

  13. Kenny Freestone

    In response to comment 17…

    Hi Samantha. We list the matches for the first name above the bolder line, and the matches for the surname or middle name after the bolded line.


  14. Liz

    Love this new feature. Great when people go by middle names or nicknames as many in my family tree do.

  15. Every time you all make changes, I get locked out of my site. Now I’m getting the security certificate and can’t even get to my Email. In addition, the ancestry that I have been working on has dumpted everything past the fourth generation. How do I get help with this? Put it in plain english because I’m not a nerd. Thanks.

  16. Need to know how to access my anestry files or tree on In the past, all I had to do was to enter in the upper right corner of the screen and it took me to a site where I made another selection that took me directly to it. That is no longer there. How do I ge to my tree?

  17. Linda Frye

    I had found a sight, called, Famous people related to Linda Frye—-on Ancestry, now cannot find it, can anyone tell me where to find it ???
    Thanks !!!!!

  18. Pat

    When I am updating people with hints, I try to go backwards to find who these people are and what connection they are to me. I find this very difficult to go back to home person, ME, one step at a time. Is there some other way that I do not know about?

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