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You may have noticed that the “New content has been added to your family tree” emails haven’t been coming to your inbox lately. These are on hold while we’re ramping up new capacity for the trees service. The pause happens because we’re replicating the live data to an additional service system so we can handle more requests. This “replica” is like a big gas tank, and it is going to take about a week to fill it up. Once it is full we’ll be back to sending the “new content” emails, and the service overall should be much snappier.


  1. robert

    the New content has been added to your family tree is a wast of time I know what I added to my tree, why should I get a e-mail every time I add something to my tree

  2. Lisa

    #1 Robert,

    You can turn off that email in “Family Tree Alerts” setings on Then go to “My Alerts”. You can set you settings on a tree by tree basis. So if you don’t want the emails for your tree, then turn it off.

    We have over 100 members of our tree, and the tree members look forward to the emails. Each member can decide how often they want the emails.


  3. I can’t make the family tree start with the oldest member of the lineage, on the left of the chart, and then spreading out to the right with descendents. How do I do that? When I put in the starting name, it only shows him and wife since I don’t have any predecessors for them.

  4. Lindy

    As well as my subscription to Ancestry I am also a Myfamily subscriber and when trying out the 2.0 site it links through to the Ancestry tree. To my dismay when I uploaded my gedcom it didn’t include notes or sources, rendering the whole process useless. Is this just a temporary stage? I deleted the whole thing until it is in a state to be used but when will that be? I am very worried about this, there is no way I would be prepared to individually add the thousands of stories and attach the sources needed to each person.

  5. Having more than one sites, there are two trees on one and one tree on the other. The two family trees show the wrong email address, how do I change this?

  6. robert

    There’s a new way to grow your family tree.

    Introducing Ancestry Member Trees
    You once started a family tree on Ancestry using the Online Family Tree system we introduced back in 1999. We’re now replacing that system with the exciting new Ancestry Member Trees system. So we’re writing to tell you how to easily move your old tree to the new system — or start a new tree altogether.

    New Features and Tools
    An Ancestry Member Tree makes it easier than ever to organize what you know about your family, while new Ancestry Hints™ in your tree introduce you to photos, stories, historical records and other members with answers about your ancestors.

    Ready for your Ancestry Member Tree?
    Would you like to move your old Online Family Tree file to the new Ancestry Member Tree system or simply start a new tree? Please keep in mind that starting soon, you’ll no longer be able to edit and view your file in the old system. You’ll still be able to move your file to the Ancestry Member Tree system, remove it from the old Online Family Tree or Ancestry World Tree system — or even download it as a GEDCOM file.
    got this e-mail sunday March 9 1008
    can someone tell me what this a about?
    Is the tree what I have now on line going to be no good and going to have to start all over?
    the links in the e-mail don’t help at all

    Move Your Tree

    We look forward to helping you transition and grow your family tree.

    The Online Family Tree Team

    P.S. Please note that we cannot accept feedback at this email address.

  7. Anja

    I still don’t get the “new content has been added..”, is it taking longer than expected? I personally like this messages, as i am working together with other members of my family and that way they are informed if i add something new.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Jeff Jahn

    one of the problems i have run across with the Ancestry Trees and My family Trees is that what if I already have a tree uploaded. MyFamily will not show that tree instead you have to upload a Gedcom and create a new tree there bye have 2 trees. Their needs to be a way to do this without creating a new one. Their also needs to be a way to upload a tree from FTM 2008 that can be updated without haveing to load a new tree each time specially since media files dont seem to be uploading right now.

  9. i am looking for my mother family tree from the torres strait.?her last name before married was mabo.her name at persent is salu ann dorante.also my father side to his name was owen thomas dorante.can you help me so i known who am i at this persent day and time.?was my family rich or poor.?

  10. Kenny Freestone

    Good news–the system is back up and this morning we sent out a new batch of “New content has been added to your family tree” emails.

    We apologize for the delay–it has lasted longer than we had hoped.


  11. i looked on your family tree site and on the Ford family is listed my great,great grandfather Elisha Columbus Kilpatrick and I do belive his 1sr wife Jullie Moore,they both are my great,great grandparents,I’ve been looking all over for any anything on themso please please anybody call205-486-3082 please.

  12. Please, please, please, improve your search engine modes. If the search parameters are narrow, one doesn’t wish to be directed to plough through 1 plus million names. If someone was born 1830 plus or minus five years and then listed as being born in Africa, but lived and died in one city/state, the person performing the search should not
    have to look through thousands or millions of names. I have noticed that others users/subscribers have this and other search related issues.
    Also, there needs to be an improvement in the wildcard search criteria. Its too limiting.

  13. Leon Harris

    I am unable to locate additional informatiom regarding a relative of mine.
    His name is Harold Wade, b. in 1922, with the SS# 784 91 2948. He is listed at residing at 6710 W. Maple Rd., West Bloomfield, Oakland County, Michigan, Zip 48322, PH: 248-592-0564.
    I have reason to believe that he is now living in an “assisted living” retirement home, under Jewish auspicious in West Bloomfield. He had been married to a “Minnia Wade”. who died at an early age.
    His father, Israel Wade, who immigtated to the USA, died in 6/17/1048, and is buried in Grave F-077 at Nusach Hari Cemetery. His mother, Lena Wade, is also interned at the same cemetery on 6/2/1950 in Grave F-110 in Detroit, MI. Grave F-111 is assigned to Harold Wade.

    A “Seymour Wade” is assigned to Grave I-002 at the same cemetery.

    I was born in 1926, making Harold 4 years my senior.To make things even tougher, the social worker at the Detroit retirement home informed me that Harold doesn’t want anything to do with kinfolk. I never had anything to do with his family, and wad was not even aware of their existance. I DESPERATELY NEED HELP and ADVICE, since I am planning to write my family memoirs.

    I can be reached at 11030 Presbyterian Drive, Ste. 2005, Indianapolis, IN.46236. My phone number is 317-823-6481, ext. 2005.

    Many thanks for any help that you can give. Thanks, Leon Harris

  14. Billy D. Strickland

    I talked to a rep at Ancestry sort of told me how to start a new tree and to watch a video on the subject.
    I found a video on the subject and thought I had the answer. The video showed in the top left corner of the page “MY ANCESTRY”. I don’t have this showing on my page.

    When I put the cursor on FAMILY TREE at the top of the page it states “Family Tree – view your Family Tree or start another tree”.
    However, when I click/go to FAMILY TREE there is nothing there about starting a new tree.
    So how do you start a new tree?

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