Posted by Kenny Freestone on February 19, 2008 in Website

Starting at about 1:00 PM today (Mountain Standard Time) our Tree Service will be down—we estimate this will last about 30 minutes.

We’re doing this because we are adding increased capacity to the portion of our system that enables Ancestry Hints. We also expect this project to improve the speed of the overall trees service. We have been slower than we like to be lately, and expect this (and other in-progress efforts) to give us a dramatic improvement in the speed and capacity of our trees service.

This tree service downtime will affect Member Trees, OneWorldTree, some portions of Ancestry Press, the sections of My Ancestry that are related to Member Trees, and the sections of 2.0 that are related to Member Trees.

We apologize for the downtime.


  1. Please respond to the need to remove the arbitrary limit of 100 trees displayed by your new format. The last 25-30% of our family’s work cannot be accessed (alphabetically can only view A-Sa; Sa-Z is blocked. No response to earlier requests (aside from “What are you talking about…”). After a SIXTY minutes wait (estimate for projected wait was 19 min.)for a “live” technical support person (and another 25-30 min. for access/understanding of the problem), there was only authority to “pass it on”; Would the person in charge please step up to the plate! (“In-house” father-in-law of Steve Lombardi who owns the account on behalf of my dau.& himself; In retirement I provide the research & data input)

  2. PJM

    would be useful to include date in the header of these notices. e.g., Ancestry Trees Service will be down part of Feb 19. Some monitor this Blog via RSS Feed and cannot determine what ‘today’ you are referring to without fully launching into the blog entry itself. Please consider this communication improvement.

  3. robert

    What happen to the Historical records in the lower right hand side the census and others records after attaching are NOT there and you con not view them after you attached them am I going to have to reattach them after you fix this BUG???


    I’m with Robert who posted on Feb 23, 2008. Your little fix has cost me many hours of searching and attaching records. Now all the attached records aren’t attached they just say the name of the record, but the record isn’t there. It’s been 3 days now. Will they be attached if you ever get this newest problem fixed, or am I going to have to redo all my work over the past few days?

  5. Rob

    After few days since your capacity improvement on Ancestry Hints, I’ve been getting some modicum of success with access to some ancestors’ Ancestry Hints at their different times. Now, today, I get some error messages after long delay accessing to Ancestry Hints on few ancestors.

    Some improvement! 🙁

  6. robert

    Candalee to attached the records to that person you must first delete that person from your tree and then add them as a new person

  7. Aaron

    Anyone know how long the Tree Services will be down today? They seem to have been down for about 2.5 hours now… Just wondering, thanks!

  8. Mollye Johnson

    If there was another website with’s features I would switch. I have had so many glitches lately I could barf. Just getting my Trees up is slow (and I have DSL) Sorry to gripe but you all need to UPGRADE your system big time. MollyeJ

  9. Kenny Freestone

    In response to comment 9…

    Hi Mollye. We are currently upgrading our system–part of the frustration with some of these upgrades is that while we add new hardware and capacity, the system overall slows down while this new capacity comes online.

    So, yes–we’re working on it.


  10. I am trying to build a family tree with my fathers information..Gilbert Henry Evans, but cant seem to quite understand the method of helpful hints//thanks

  11. Maurice L. Sarles, Jr.

    To honor deceased Veterans, ie., Civil War Dead, I would like to the ability to show not only the place of death but where the body is buried. For example, my ggg-gf was killed in the Battle of Savanna, GA, but buried in the National Cemetery in Beaufort, SC.

  12. Carolyn Rains

    All of my family tree disappeared yesterday except for 4 names. I had put in 365 of them and now all of that work is gone. there’s a bug somewhere here and I’m not willing to do all of this just to have it lost in a flash. what kind of backup system do they provide for losses?

  13. Kenny Freestone

    In response to comment 13…

    Hi Carolyn,

    I’ve heard from a few folks who were temporarily unable to view their tree files yesterday. This does not appear to have been widespread, and those affected now seem to have their trees appearing once more.

    If you are still having troubles, please email me (kfreestone at your username and tree name, and we’ll look into it.


  14. Patricia Hobman

    I keep getting an error message that says “Authentication with the server failed.”
    Is this anything to do with the latest changes or do you think that I have some other more drastic problem. It has been going on for the last few days now.

  15. Roger Fielding

    I too am disappointed with FTM 2008 as I feel it is inferior to ver 16. Does anyone else believe that the ability to PRINT the Index of Individuals would be a great advantage?

  16. I was deleted my tree to restart so i could divede the familys my mothers from my fathers and so on. When I went to reinput the information the hints would show up but would not let me see is anyone else having a problem with the hints?

  17. I am looking for help.Please! I have loved ancestry for the last two years and have built quite a large tree but now it is so slow and I mean slow!!! more than 3-5 minutes to load a single page of the tree if it ever does it. Often it just freezes and never brings up the page. It has made it impossible to add anything and has really ruined the whole experience of updating and searching for new info. I have asked repeatly for help from ancestry. I keep getting generic answers like delete cookies and temp files but this does nothing to help the problem. As my computer works fine and speedily at all other sites I have to believe that it is ancestry’s problem, so when will it change? Are others experiencing the same. Is there any help out there? I am so frustrated. Does anyone know if there are any other sites that my tree can be transferred to?

  18. Jem

    It would be really nice if there was a section in this blog to address “Technical issues” with the web site itself. If there is, I apologise – but I can’t find it!?!

    I would like to know PLEASE (no response to emails – which is no way to treat customers) What the heck is wrong with the image viewer?!?!

    “Error Processing Image Request”

    This is the ‘norm’ of late – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET IT FIXED!!

  19. i am searching for my son, born november 17, 1987 at tampa general hospital. i have been registered with soundex since 1987. i am hoping that this will somehow reach him if he wants to know. thanks anyone who can help.


    Both my husband and I are listed on the public records index with people totally unknown to us. This is very important that it gets off the records! They even have me with a man age 103!!!!!I supposedly lived in Ohio and never have, and he supposedly lived in Maryland at my address. Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. It is 10:30 p.m. edst in North Augusta, SC on 10 Sep 2008. I have been trying for better than 30 minutes to log on and it won’t let me in. WHY?

    Ann Lynn

  22. It is 10:37 p.m. edst in North Augusta, SC on 19 Sep 2008. I have been trying for better than 30 minutes to log on and it won’t let me in. WHY?

    Ann Lynn

  23. My Roots Are Showing

    The server is down…..AGAIN???????? (I paid for the yearly service, it goes down quite a bit (even so it is maintenance) will I be receiving any credit for a non-working site?)

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