Posted by Kenny Freestone on December 20, 2007 in Website

We’re excited today to introduce a new view option for your family tree. This new “family” view shows up to two generations of ancestors and two generations of descendants for the focus person.

Also new for us on the technology side is our use of Flash to create this view, which makes it nice because you can drag the viewport around and also zoom in or out to get a better look at a single person, or at the entire window.

To check it out in your own tree, go to the family tree tab (where you normally see the pedigree view) and select the “family (beta)” link.

We’re still in “beta” on this, which means it mostly works, but there are still a few things we’re working on to polish it up. If you notice something not working well, please be patient as we finish up, but also please feel free to let us know how this view is going to work out for you. Add a comment to this blog about family genealogy, or if you prefer, send me a quick email (kfreestone at

(01.04.08 update: Wow! thanks for all the comments and feedback. This is very helpful. There are two issues widely reported that we’d like to give an update on: First, for some customers the printer-friendly button on the 5 generation pedigree view has disappeared. We have a fix for this and plan to roll it to the site shortly. Second, for some users the photos are too big and cover the text. This we’re still working on, but hope to have a fix soon. Our apologies for this inconvenience. Thanks for your patience! –Kenny)

(01.09.08 update:  The two issues mentioned above have now been fixed–sorry for the long wait.  We look forward to adding more of the features you mention.  We’re listening and excited about what comes next.  –Kenny)

family view



  2. Pam Grady

    This looks look a great addition. I’m new to, so having a bit of trouble keeping up with all the changes in the 2 weeks I’ve belonged. But I’ll adjust.
    Request: Please provide a “Printer Friendly” selection for the Family View and the other one (Family breakdown), as you have for the Family Tree. I need to be able to print information. Thanks

  3. Michele

    I think this is great except when my grandmother is the center person…I am not shown and I am the home person/owner of the tree!

  4. Pamela Kay Evans

    I think it ia a much better version.
    It is easy to look at. I have only
    been doing my family tree a few months. I hope this new addition will be a success

  5. Caroline

    Thank you! I have had to draw my own tree in Visio unti now to keep track of the different family relationships. What a relief.

  6. Andrew

    Great addition, pleaseant surprise. Would be good if Child Last name defaulted to Father’s name when editing, then could change it if necessasry(in the minority of cases)

  7. barry

    It would be nice if you allowed users to set the number of generations they would like to view at once (ie 5, 10, 20, infinity). A desendency tree would be nice too.

  8. Cynthia S. Emerson

    I really like the BETA Family view. However, I would like to see an option that allows me to float sibling or children information boxes in other formats to allow for seeing the entire family AND keeping the info big enough to read!

    Great new features!!

  9. Kenneth

    What a lovely suprise when I logged on tonight. This is brilliant, it shows family relationships so clearly. Please make this printer friendly. Also hope photos can be made to fit as they obliterate details.

  10. Teresa

    Plusses and minuses, but mostly plusses. The only “buggy” part for me is in the choice of spouse when there are multiples. For my grandfather it showed his second wife, although they had no children, and did not show the mother of the children shown. And in my case, it showed my first husband, again the relationship without any children. Odd. Either both spouses should be shown (preferable) or only the ones with descendents.

  11. Liz

    Isn’t that great! Well done! But the photograph problem is one I hope you can sort out, the fact that they block info; and also multiple marriages! It’s rather sad to find one no longer exists.

  12. Ken Miller

    That’s what I like about you guys, you’re not afraid to try new things. I don’t know if it will work for me, but I appreciate the effort most of all.

  13. George Beddoe

    The Beta “Family” view is very nice. It, however, has a few bugs, to wit:

    1. When there are multiple wives, it seems to choose the second one, in the case of my tree, the one with no children. I saw the “select spouse” feature, but when you select it and go back to see the “family” view, it reverts back to the original.
    2. When showing children, it does not get them in the correct order (sort of random), and puts some of them in the reverse order of birth (right to left rather than left to right).
    3. Need “print friendly” feature.
    4. Would like to to see a “descendant” view over at least four or five complete generations. This takes up space but the screen can be scrolled around.

  14. Tom Essig

    Great addition to the website. I have been desiring some kind of descendency chart and this new family view fits the bill (for at least 2 generations). I also like the new “view” toolbar for easy selection of varying views of the same person. May want to compress the amount space at top of page used by toolbars and titles, etc. Would be nice to see descendency for siblings as well. Also like use of flash fixed tool for zoom-in/out and scroll up/down – makes navigation very simple and intuitive. I also hope this remains as a feature of the website. Would like to see descendency view and option to select number of generations.

  15. Joseph Tan Seang Kuan

    Surprise! Surprise!
    What a good Chrismas gift you have given us in the “Family View”

    It’s great. Keep up the good work. Will post you more comments (if any) after trying it out more.

    Seems like you all are also upgrading the PHOTOS link. Will be good if photos can be sorted by albums also.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.

  16. Jennifer Chislett

    Hi there, great feature! Love it, just to note, soemtimes the photos cover up the names and i couldn’t select them as the root person. Otherwise fantastic!

  17. libbie63

    Fantastic addition previously had to use Genopro…mind you it would be great if you allowed users to set the number of generations they would like to view.
    The desendency tree would be brilliant idea too as a lot of previous comments have already highlighted.

  18. Christi

    I really like this new feature and find it very useful. I would love to be able to print this out and share my findings with my family.

  19. Brandon Erikson

    I really like the BETA. I do have to say, I’d like to see more generations and would like to have the ability to print. This also would be great on Family Tree 2008 – hopefully we can get this without having to purchase a new FT software package.

  20. Jackie Croy

    I love it! It would be a great thing to send to family to get them to come up with more info and pictures from their branch of the tree. Would also be nice to send as a surprise for birhtdays or any speacial days in someones life. It is a great addition would be nice to be able to use both at the same time.

  21. Jean

    Wonderful! It helps to put things in context hope you can sort photo problem,
    to be able to print is a must.
    You are slowly getting nearer to a full tree.
    It would be lovely to be able to view this Full screen
    Merry Christmas to you all,keep up the good work.

  22. Joan Clegg

    It can only get better. My photos are too large it seems, they cover all the print. Also when I am the centre person my children are off the edge of the page for some reason. Will be great when you get see all the five generations on the screen

  23. Kimberly

    A wonderful feature.

    I am also concerned about the handling of multiple spouses. My other comment is how do you edit the wife on the family view page if she has no parents or children listed??
    If the page was entered from the husband there seems to be no way to edit the wife’s information.

  24. The new feature is GORGEOUS! Will it be integrated into the AncestryPress layout options?

    One bug — when navigating with someone who has multiple spouses on screen both spouses don’t alsways display, and it’s not clear why one gets picked over another.

  25. Joseph Tan Seang Kuan

    Tried the new Family Tree View and liked it. Hopefully, the next step is to be able to view more generations and make this printable.

    Next I hope that Ancestry press can have a feature that allows printing of a persons profile with just their profile photos and text listing of their events. So much more can fit into a page.

    Timeline are great but so limited

  26. Joseph Tan Seang Kuan

    Would it also be great if we have a view that show how one person is related/linked to another person on a tree. This would be most helpful when the two persons are generations apart or three/four times removed.

  27. This new option is terrific, however I would also like to use the pedigree option that used to be available. When will that be reactivated?

    It’s useful to be able to print the information.

  28. colin clark

    Looks OK, but the photos are too big, they cover some/all of the text. What about the print facility that was available for the 5 generation tree, what has happened to that? Will printing be available? If not go back to the way it was!

  29. Kimberly

    When editing someone in the Family view it would be nice if the screen refreshed to the same position on the tree rather than re-centering to the primary individual; ie edited child or granchild of primary individual with alot of children or siblings of primary, also if siblings selected they should remain on the refresh.

  30. Martin Andrews

    Great new feature – I like it! Couple of comments: the tree title doesn’t seem to display the same in Firefox and any photos attached to a person seem to cover most of their info (not scaled to the size of the box).

    Merry Xmas.

  31. Virginia Garcia

    Do anybody knows where can I find a software to make a family tree of descendants of one person ?? Do anybody knows a Website of software of descendants ??
    Thank you in advance.

  32. kath

    I like the Beta Family view, but would really like it to include more generations, and make it printer friendly so that I can copy my whole family tree at once, great stuff.

  33. Patrick

    I think we should be able to choose MUCH more then just two generations. 5-10 maybe? Ill like to view the most of my family

  34. Nicole Yeomans

    I can’t view the new family view and I seem to have trouble with anything flash on – e.g. I can only rarely get the publish functionality to display my projects. What version of flash are we supposed to have?

  35. Pamela Colbert

    This is an exciting addition, but would like to see it expanded to more generations at some point.

    The new “Hints” helps to coordinate information when running more than one version of the same information.

  36. Nancy Jordan

    Ditto on the second marriage with no children problem. I only have one child and he doesn’t show up! Some respondents are saying the first marriage shows and some say the second marriage shows. What is the rule for this and can it be written to give the viewer a preferred spouse to display? Other than that – WAY TO GO! I’ve been waiting for a descendent view for some time.

  37. Audrey Jones

    I also would like a printer version of this, I have such a large tree that it is quite difficult to see where you are without printing.
    It looks good though

  38. Wendy

    I like this view except that only the children from one marriage are shown unless the person who remarried is the central person.

    This means that out of my Grandmother’s 30+ grandchildren this view only shows about 18!

    Also the order of the children is random – date order would be good.

    All that’s missing now is a descendent view (like a pedigree in reverse)

  39. luc

    Beautiful like many said,
    But when the mother had ten child
    It does’t give as much anought horizontale place like Broothers could do it . Display many sheets

  40. Lauren

    It would be great to be able to choose which spouse to show, or have an “x” to remove a person from view.

  41. Pam Robinson

    New Family View (BETA) is great, but it realy is essential that it is possible to prit it. When and how will this be available?
    Is it possible to include other information such as Marriage details etc?.
    Would you please provide your answers to these readers comments as we’re sure that would be of great value to all users.

  42. Rob

    Anyone know how to merge two individual profiles into one? I am using the free tree maker that’s available on the internet.

    Thanks very much!!

  43. Jason Swanson

    I have been hoping you guys would some up with something like this. Nice work. Right now my photos are not resizing correctly (way too big) but I guess that’s what beta is all about. Hope you can make this a permanent feature.

  44. John Henderson

    The new format is very interesting, looks good, but is unfortunately subject to the several problems which have already been adequately stated by other writers. And where is the printer friendly format ? For me the old style 5 Generation Pedigree Chart is a “must” – can we still get this or something very similar please – if not it is a step backwards.

  45. barry chapman

    Like the look of the new Family view (beta). when viewing my tree the default photographs for each family member are overlapping the main tree view. Is this a known problem or a just a problem with my particular tree ?

  46. susie

    I like the addition but you seem to have deleted the printer friendly selection on the original family tree and I can find no way of printing it, as before, with the births and deaths of five generations.

  47. Andrew

    When there is more than one Husband or Partner for a spouse, you cannot specify which one or which order they display on the new Family Tree. Only one displays and not the one I want.

  48. Great, interesting only trouble is it’s not possile to print out and the old stlye 5 generation pedigree chart is a must, to help to collate info as you can print out what you have as a back up or reminder. Can we have it back please. Nothing wrong with two verstions.

  49. Melody

    I think this is a nice addition to the site. I would love if you had the option to view more generations with it.

    I agree with what some of the others were saying about the multiple spouses issue. Whenever I view my grandparents, I see my mother along with her first husband and my half sisters, but I don’t see her second husband (my father) or me listed anywhere.

    Also, I noticed that children listed were not in order. They appeared to be in random order on the tree instead of oldest to youngest.

    Overall it looks great! It makes the family tree a little easier to display and I like it. 🙂

  50. LIA

    Hey, this is very nice!
    I hope to see this soon available for the whole tree? That would be great!
    Have to print it out on wallpaper…

  51. Jennifer Bell

    Family Beta loks great its a great idea. Can we print it if we need to?
    I think the old version should stay as well as the new idea for those who like the old one as well. Keep up the good work.

  52. I just love the new beta version the only thing i find some of my relations are missing as in my family 2 family tree will these be updated thank you for the new format ps my family loves it too

  53. Christopher Seaborn

    I really like this new feature. I have one problem with it, however. For any person in my tree who has a primary photo associated with them, this module attaches the photo to them. Unfortunately, the photos come out too large and they obscure most of the written information about the person. In the sample on your website, this does not occur, the pictures fit into the frame of each person as a small thumbnail image. Is this something to do with the way I have uploaded my photos. Note that I do not have this problem when I am in th4 Pedigree View

  54. Rob

    I like this version a lot, but is it missing the “merge individual” option? I accidentally created two of the same person, but simply deleting one won’t wouildn’t be wise at this point. It would screw up the tree. But the merge feature seems to be gone. Any suggestions? Help!

  55. Patricia Johnston

    Looks great,but oh what a surprise you have taken the printer friendly option off the pedigree page and l’am in the middle of printing off a copy for my grandson for christmas

  56. Paul Taylor

    I think this is a wonderful new addition to the ways of visualizing the family tree on Ancestry. I have been hoping for something like this for a while – so was much delighted to discover it today. Thanks a lot.

  57. Jeanette Shimek

    What a nice suprise and what a great addition to all the changes that you’ve been making. just keeps getting better. Thanks.

  58. Marsha Mayes

    Very nice! I tried to print it both Portrait and Landscape, but couldn’t get it to fit on a page either way. A printable version would be great.

  59. Barb Martin

    Please set up the print operation to do landscape so more of the Family Group is printed. I love the set-up but printing leaves something to be desired. The helpful hints at the bottm could be made smaller.

  60. graeme wallace

    Ican still not dowload the family tree with the oldest ancester shown at the top. The new beta version limits you to two generations but sets the family out the way that I want to show it. it seems that you can not print it out in that form. Your tech peopl have told me to purchase family tree maker which I have. When that arrives does it integrate directly with
    please respond
    kindest regards

  61. Jon Taylor

    The inclusion of photographs in the family view is obtrusive. Please could a switch be included to enable the photographs be hidden?

  62. Alison Gossler

    This is really good. You need to make the photos smaller as they are too big and obliterate the details but the idea is lovely.
    It would be nice to have a print option too.

  63. Randy

    I like the Beta version and hope it makes it to full production soon. Can you give me an idea of how to add a photo image into the area that seems to be designated for an individuals photo…it appears in the person view of the existing software too I believe but I’ve not been able to figure that out…your beta example shows that it can be daone though apparently…thanks.

  64. Toni Buckner

    What a surprise to open our family window and see the connection this new feature provides with our family tree. Hope you take it to its’ fullest potential, anyone using will be very pleased. Thank you for the updates to this website.

  65. lightcapka

    I think this is a great addition! There is one thing that I haven’t been able to figure out. When a person has multiple marriages, the last marriage for that person is shown and there doesn’t seem to be a way to choose a different marriage. Addressing this issue would be great!

  66. sharon

    Fantastic, I don’t have enough Techincal knowledge to critize anything, so I’m sure if there is room for improvement you will do it.

  67. Ray Jones

    This is an excellent addition to the various Family Tree views.
    Would it be possible to remove or reduce photographs included in this view so that they do not obscure the names of the parties?

  68. Pat G

    The Beta version is the best, I love the layout, I think I speak for others, this is more in line with what we need in building of family tree. Thanks for the improvements, now if this version can be made permanent with printer friendly capabilities it would be complete.

  69. Harry Jones

    Love the look of this. Really great to have something that incorporates the whole family graphically. Hope there is a printer-friendly layout, like with the pedigree charts. Nice to have a hard copy to show sometimes.

  70. Keith

    If you can zoom, I wish I could see more than 5 generations at a time. I wish I could do that for all screens.

  71. Kayleigh

    I love this new feature. I’ve used it constantly since I found out about it and hope it becomes permenant. Great work!

  72. Felicia Brown

    Great view. The only flaw as far as I can tell is when there are multiple spouses. For my husband, it showed his first wife and not me (his second wife). Both wives have child(ren).

  73. Beautiful feature. I agree with the other comments saying you need to see more generations in this view.

    Being able to print is extremly important.

    importing this feature into FTM 2008 would also be great.

    Nice Job

  74. ying vivian

    My beta doesn’t show up at all. For all the 30 times I tried in several days, Only one time it shows. What’s wrong?
    Also can we start with grandapa and have 4 to 5 generations on the tree?

  75. Colin Kernan

    How do you get an exploded view? On the example that you show, it shows sibs and full family. Mine only shows grandparents, not my children or my siblings.

  76. Barbara Ridings

    I tried to print out the BETA Family page. Showing how everyone is related in the family, but it was not printer friendly. I had to go back to the Generation Pedigree Chart and print it from there. It would have been so interesting to have preinted out BETA.
    Thank you for updating Ancestry. We love it!

  77. Kenny Freestone

    I’m reading a few comments about photos overlapping the text in the new family view. We’ve tried all sorts of things to replicate this issue here, but haven’t been successful. If you are seeing this, please send me an email to help us track this down. kfreestone at

    Our thanks,

    Kenny Freestone Product Manager

  78. Maxine Clarke

    I like the look of this way of displaying and printing my family tree. Thank-you and keep up the good work. Will be taking the print outs to a family reunion today.

  79. Derek

    An exciting and much needed addition to this rather cumbersome site. However I do agree the comment posted by Barry (December 20, 2007 at 4:48 pm ) that the user should be able to determine the number of generations shown. I would suggest that a significant number, if not most, of those using the site do so to construct and view a historical family tree and would like to see it in entirety.

    A further improvement would be the ability to print the tree in a set of pages that can be fastened together to give a physical presentation

    Final comment. Where there are pictures they are obscuring the persons name & details.

  80. Brenna

    I really like this view, thanks! I am disappointed about the view features in general though- my main goal is to make descendent charts for my large extended family, not petigree charts. I can’t find a descendant chart view, and although FamilyBETA is nice, it is not able to display enough generations.

  81. Ian Weller

    What a great addition. It makes the print outs of each family group more attractive.

    One suggestion for a further improvement – how about a printer friendly version of the timeline?

  82. David Peel

    Perhaps the programme has been introduced too soon as there does not appear to be a facilty to print this or the family tree anymore?

  83. Robert Taylor

    Family view is a good effort – it would be even better if the whole tree could be viewed in this configuration and retain the facility to navigate around the ‘page’.

    However, it appears that the introduction of the Family Beta option has deleted the Printer option on the Pedigree view! Please reinstate the Printer option for the Pedigree view as I cannot find any other way to print the family tree!!

  84. Your Beta Version is great. Hope in the final version there will be a print option. Also I noticed that if the “main person” has multiple marriages that only one spouse shows.

  85. James

    I’ve tried several times to print this very attractive layout from my online family tree, but can’t get beyond ending up with just a portion of the page. Is there a way to print what’s on my monitor screen?

  86. Deryl

    Just found this beta that has been added, saves jumping back and to between this site and Genes R. which I had been using to do a full tree print out. Many thanks.

  87. Richard

    Love the concept. However, it does not reflect multiple spouses and is arbitrarily selecting which spouse to display.

  88. Kent Emerson

    If there are numurous siblings (eg. 13)in the 1st generation, they should be displayed on each side of the person of interest (thus centering the person of interest). Otherwise, most will be displayed off the page. The user should have the ability to move relatives left to right in order to balance info on the page. More generations would be useful.

  89. Fionap

    I like the looks of it and the dragging feature, but would like to be able to view more than just two generations at once.

  90. Donn E. Bohde

    love this feature – for some reason, my photos for each person are not formated neatly within the box – they are larger and block some of the text inside the box. does the photo have a maximum resolution or pixel size or such? Great Job!!

  91. Rynette K Keen

    Love the new beta version of the tree. Just to let you know that it does not show all the connections (i.e., my son has married again, but it doesn’t show his second wife). Keep up the GREAT work! Mahalo

  92. Deryck kirkham

    Pictures allocated to individuals hide written details of individuals; and we have lost the printer friendly version of 5 generation family tree, which I use a lot.

  93. Marjie Mayer

    Family Beta (first try) failed to place siblings in order by birthdate. What’s that about?

    The mapping controls are baffling and no instructions are revealed.

    Hope it gets simplified!

  94. Dick Morrison

    This is a great addition! Hopefully, it can be expanded beyond two generations and be printer friendly.

  95. George Beddoe

    This revised beta version of the “Family View” is much improved. It still needs serious work on:

    1. Selection of spouse when multiple spouses are involved. If one goes to the “Family Group Sheet”, it allows the tree creator/owner to select which spouse to use. That selection should be carried over to “Family” view.
    2. Children should be shown in birth order from left to right and top to bottom rather than vice-versa since we read and are taught that way in the western civilization. The Beta version would be correct in China and elsewhere in eastern civilizations.
    3. By all means, we should be able to print the view in a “printer friendly” mode since the children do scroll way to the right and off the page. One not looking carefully might miss most of them.

    Keep up the good work. I want to show it to my extended family but not until it is acceptable.

  96. George Beddoe

    Correction to my comment above. All spouses are shown, but they are shown in an arbitrary order – last to first. My point is that the creator/owner of the tree should be able to select which spouse to show on the left, i.e., the way we read, and that can be done in the “Family Group Sheet” view, but that selection is dropped when going back to the “Family” view.

  97. Garry Robertson

    Looks good, a great addition.

    However, the photo that I have attached to my great-great-grandmother does not scale nicely like your example.

  98. judith kneen

    Hi Ancestry. What a lovely Christmas present !!!! I haven’t been all over the site yet – it looks so good – can’t wait to explore the rest

  99. Michael

    What a great view. One comment though, it does not allow for previos relationships and issue. EG I have a son who was in a relationship and had a son. They never married and he is now in another common law relationship which appears as a marriage. That’s not a big problem, but his sonb does not appear on the Beta program. I also have an older Brother who had four children with his first wife. Only his second wife shows up on the Beta view but none of his children. Are there steps being taken which will address this problem, particularly now that their are so many divorced/separated couples and blended families?

  100. Yvonne flood

    On my tree the photos are too big and hide the written information. I like the format, but don’t like that the photos have come out so big.
    Also is it possible to print out in the Beta format?

  101. Sergio Tornello

    A beautiful idea, though I agree with those people who have seen something which could be perfected: the children are ordered randomly, and not in order of birth.

  102. Sylvia Bates

    I was thrilled to see the traditional way of displaying family tree. Is there any chance that you can put siblings in date of birth order across the page? Can you also display first names – when there is more than one person with the same initial it becomes confusing.

  103. Ken

    The display of a true family tree is very effective. Expanding this to more generations will enhance its usefulness, especially in trees that have 1000’s of entries. Keep up the good work.

  104. Phillip Auth

    The new Family View BETA looks GREAT! My only suggestion, which you are probably working on, is to provide the ability to click on any indidivudal display to make them the center of the chart… other then that looks damm near perfect. Good Job!

  105. Jan

    Beta view great except for right margin loses siblings, line to long to first marriage, but otherwise great fun.

  106. James

    Looks great and I hope it is followed through into a final product.

    My only concern is with larger photos they often go outside the information box and the information about the person isn’t readable as it is obscured by the photo. Perhaps either needs to make the text box auto resize to accomodate the photo or perhaps clip the photo somehow

  107. after a busy xmas just found this new tree, l really like it especialy the design,easier to read being from top to bottom than side to side,thank you

  108. Stephanie

    a great addition to i would really like to be able to see further back than the present 5 generations.

  109. barbara

    This is great! But it would be really cool if you could show siblings form everyone not just the home person. Thanks again for this.

  110. Pauline

    I have been doing my ancestry for almost 2 years and the ancestry site is getting better but like Pam Grady says Please Please Please can we have a printer friendly section as I don’t think I could sit at my desk writing my ancestry out by hand ouch. I need to get them printed to send to my mum’s cousin who is 75 as she is quite interested in her family history.
    Thanks once again for the new addition to ancestry.

  111. Michele

    I think this is great. It would be nice if the children and grand children were listed from oldest on the left to the youngest on the right and then the grandchildren oldest to youngest down the line rather than just randomly.

  112. Jay

    I would like to say that it is a very nice addition to the website. I have just joined today and find it very useful, however I have some suggestions that have already been mentioned here.

    Allow custom number of generations to display, as 2 before and 2 after is definitely not enough. Make it printer friendly for those of us that actually use those things still. Allow the clicking of a person to become the focus, readjusting the fore and aft of the generation display. Allow an easier way to enter children of a different parent.

  113. AustinMN

    I have a couple of comments.

    1) The Family Beta box should be either able to resize to the screen, or be able to be resized manually. It’s OK to be able to zoom out to see everybody, but when I zoom out enough to see a large family, everything becomes unreadable. I have a large monitor and feel it is wasted with all the unused space surrounding the Family Beta view.

    2) The view does not show the children (or grandchildren) of the focus person without both parents being known. In my opinion, this is a MAJOR defect, and the whole thing should be scrapped if it can’t be fixed. This can easily lead to the conclusion that those children don’t exist.

    3) I agree with others who have said they don’t like that it automatically chooses to focus on the most recent spouse, and appears to put siblings and descendants in random order.

    4) It would be helpful if there was some kind of indication when a spouse has been divorced (such as making the connecting like thinner, a different color, or a dotted line).

  114. Patty Prnage

    The Beta view of the Family is tree is excellent. The colors are difficult to read unless you enlarge the tree and then you can’t get everything in the box.

    Suggestion: Possibly use lighter colors (blue based are easier on the eys) and allow the view adjustment to be moved within the grid. This will allow you to optimize the space your are using for the tree.

    Thank you!

  115. Laura

    The printer friendly option has disappeared from the Pedigree view. This needs restoring as well as the option being added to family beta. I like to print regularly so stuck at the moment

  116. Leigh

    I am not happy with this new Beta view. When in a persons profile I can no longer see at a glance the parents or other family members. I have also lost the Pedigree view.

    The reason I started using is because of the profile. The information that I required I could see at a glance I now have to know who belongs with whom and it is difficult.

  117. Pauline

    Was really pleased to see new Family Beta until realised that there was no longer ‘printer friendly’ on the pedigree view,then couple of other problems appeared like with multiple spouses and with photo’s that block the info.Apart from teething probs which hope can be sorted it’s nice addition, But Please give me back the printer friendly for my pedigree view. Missing it already!

  118. John

    Fine but I seem to have lost the facility to PRINT out my tree. Am I doing something wrong or is this a result of the new facility?

  119. Stewart

    Should look fantastic once the aforementioned glitches have been sorted out. My AV software doesn’t seem to like it much though with pop-up’s warning me of infected files being deleted. (anyone else had this problem?)

  120. Bill Waesche

    I really want the ability to set generations of descendents – I am looking for something that would allow me to plot our entire family on a wall sized poster. This addition seems like a great headstart…but why is it limited to 2 generations?

  121. Jeanette

    What a lovely surprise when I logged into my tree today, I love the way the New Family Tree View looks, so far works great for me, but will look into it further, please keep this view it great, but would be nice to be able to print it too

  122. Maria Vatanen

    This looks great and is easy to navigate.

    However, the photo attached to my father is shown so large I can’t read other details around it! I’m still playing with it but it is irritating…

    Also, children aren’t shown in any particular order (that I can see!), especially when shown vertically!

    Otherwise – Well done, just what we needed!

  123. Kären

    This is a really fun addition. I am super new to all of this and any helpful items such as this view makes it all the more fun and easy. Thank you for all your hard work on helping us find our families.


    This wants to put my daughter’s divorced husband as her current husband, completely ignoring her second marriage. If the name is edited to our current son-in-law, it changes the original “tree” information divorcing her from him, rather than her first husband!!! I then had to edit the original tree to corrent and reinstate it.

  125. Linda P

    I like the beta version -also agree with Barry in wanting to have the number of generations viewable to be more levels. Would like to be able to see the all the siblings with their children instead of just being able to see the siblings of the highlighted person.

  126. maria

    Big surprise!
    sometimes I change from to – I have been hoping that a feature like that becomes part of the ancestry full programm. Thanks

  127. Ross E. Hudgins

    Thanks for the family view (Beta)addition. It has become an excellent research tool and is very exciting to use.

  128. Bruce Hill

    Beta system looks good but I did like the print version of the family tree. Had lots of detail and easy to show and explain to family. Is this still available ?

  129. Trevor

    I like the new family view but the pictures on mine are all over-sized. I hope this is one of the bugs currently being worked on.

  130. Mawf

    Could do with having option to view more than the two generations each way, especially as you have the option to zoom in/out.
    Overall, I like the look and generally agree with comments made by other contributors.
    Hope this is going to be in addition to current, pedigree, view and not a replacement.

  131. Dan Salvucci

    I would love to make this printable. This view is amazingly helpful for the older members of the family…they can see and help add more members.
    Also being able to add in members beyond the 2up and 2 down would be great. I know its asking a lot. But this is so good we are naturally going to want even more.

  132. franhigg

    Photos are not reduced properly so as to fit into the small allocated area, and overlie everything else. This happens in both IE and FF.

  133. Pat

    100% agreement with the request from Pam Grady……….it’s what I clicked on to ask………..print please!!!!! this beta great otherwise

  134. Pat

    (she’s No.4 posting)
    At the moment I am having to duplicate whole tree info onto an offline program just to print off….help please, I am paying for this membership!!!

  135. Karyn

    It doesn’t fit my purposes. The grandmother doesn’t get a full name only an initial. Some children are out of order, meaning oldest child is on the right and youngest child is on the left. Americans read left to right. I cannot move the boxes around as well as in Powerpoint Org Chart.

  136. Richard

    The new look and feel is starting to come together very well. However, please consider using the full width available especially on high resolution screens when the browser is set to full screen.

  137. patricia

    These new pages are all very nice. but what about the printer friendly mode.
    does anyone read these comments and take note of what we who keep you in a job would like.

  138. I would like to be able to see more than 5 generations. I fortunately have been able to trace up to 15 generations and don’t have a real idea of what it looks like. I know that if my tree were viewed it would be hard to read but if I could zoom in on it in certain parts that would be great. It will help me identify some duplicates as well as some linking problems. I would also like to see extended family members. I would be nice to know somehow that by just looking at someone you could tell that they had siblings, wife, children (some kind of icon). I love the all the updates so far. It would be nice to have an additional CHOICE of more generations without photos so that we could include more people. THANKS!!!

  139. M. Prunty

    Please make the new family view printer-friendly (I can’t seem to get it to fit on a page, no matter what I try) and allow for the viewing of extended generations. To that end, it would be helpful if the tree would extend through the generations while keeping the primary person still in view.

  140. I have been viewing the Beta and started to add pictures to my family side. I am dealing with 3 family trees and I have to load pic on every tree? It would be nice just to do it once. Also Iam unable to delete a pic. if its attached to the wrong person? Would like to fix that?

  141. George Lundblad, Sweden

    This new programme looks good to me. When the Beta version has been tested long enough, I think it will be a great advantage to all researchers using it.

    Thank you, Ancestry.

  142. Richard Goldsmith

    This is a really good feature and very clear. It would be great to see an option to show the entire tree in this format as an option as well. Just a couple of comments. Can the viewing window be made to fit a larger area of the screen, so that more names can be viewed on one page (useful for larger families)? Also, there is a child in my tree whose father is unknown and not married to the mother. The child does not display on the Family View either as a grandchild or as a child. Any suggestions?

  143. Sonny

    I like this test version. However, I ocassionally get “kicked out” with a message re: Adobe Flash Player.
    Any suggestions?

  144. pam

    GET RID OF THE SCROLL BUTTONS for the print out–get rid of the first page and last page, too. Make it an item worth printing.

  145. Frank

    I have’t looked at the site since before the holidays. I was impressed with the publishing tab and now equally impressed with the family beta tab. As you continue to work on the site a more “printer friendly” section would be helpful. If you want hard copy of items it’s a little difficult to print.

  146. Nancy

    Family beta will be a nice addition. Just a few comments. When a descendant is a person that has 2 marriages, only one marriage is showing. I feel that all marriages of an individual should appear. When children are listed, thay should be listed in chronological order, whether from left to right or right to left on the flow chart.
    On another feature of, the “full list of people”(people in the tree), it would be nice if by clicking on “Birth date” or Birth place” the order could be chronlogical order and alphabetical order. Or if there could be a search done on say Illinois and everyone born in Illinois could be listed on another screen. Or if the list could also include the death date.

  147. Jim Adlhoch

    It may have been brought up earlier (that I didn’t see in the scan of posts), but the issue around multiple spouses, and the application selecting only the latest spouse, without the ability to select a former spouse (the ones where the majority of children exist). The latest spouse may be the “younger” model sans kids. Thanks!

  148. chris

    very good but the old 5 generation pedigree chart with the links shown I find more useful when working on multiple lines – and 10 generations would help!

  149. Pauline Amor

    Please can you tell me how I can print the whole of my family tree out so that i can see it as one tree – I know I will have to stick the pages together – but how do I do it. It would be absolutely fantastic to see it all as a whole. Thank you so much for this wonderful!! Pauline

  150. Ryan Clark

    Is it possible to import all of the family relations from the main family tree into the ‘family view’? From first glance, it appears you need to enter all relationships again, i.e. child, spouse, etc. This can be time consuming…

    Otherwise, looks great!

  151. Ryan Clark

    Please disregard previous comment. I figured it out. I do agree with others however; siblings should be shown in birth order, either left to right, or vertically.

  152. Don

    In my treeI get an unkown,how do I get rid of the unknown because there is’nt any one to put in that box.

    I like this program very much

  153. Lynne Roberts

    I understand the attraction of this kind of display to some researchers, but I find it a distraction. I am generally looking for a simple display in writing only – no graphics – which I have to navigate around. Please offer an option for a simple listing or pedigree chart without graphics to those of us who are more directed in our research.

  154. Diane Shafer

    Any idea when the genealogy report feature will be fixed on the new system. It was the report that I used the most and would not have bought the system if I didn’t know that it was not working. The last person I spoke with said “a couple of weeks” for the patch. That was a couple of months ago. Diane Shafer

  155. Mary Adams

    This is a great new addition. I do wish there was a descendant chart as well. Also, a way to print out the generation chart without generation 4 and 5 jamming together. It is hard to read because they overlap with one another on the printer paper. However, keep up the good work!

  156. Kathy Brown

    I am delighted that you are adding new formats for viewing family. I love the family view although in my case I do not show up in my biological father’s family view since he and my mother were not married, she does not have any marriage dates, etc. Is this why I do not show up there or on the family group sheet. It would be nice to add a feature that would consider parents that were not married….Keep up the great work!

  157. Angela Morley

    Really disappointed my 5 generation printable family tree has disappeared, hope it returns soon, would prefer 6 generation tree to any of the new stuff

  158. Lisa Cortez

    Love the new beta version of the family tree, however I noticed one problem. When I look at my grandmother as the main person and view her tree, I do NOT show up as a grandchild to her under my father because my father has re-married and I am not a child of him and his new wife. Is there any way that can be fixed. Maybe have another line under divorced people that shows their children under another spouse? I looked to see if there was a button that may show the children from a different marriage but I couldn’t find one. Obviously, if I ever want to show how I fit in with my granmother’s heritage, I don’t even show up in this view!

  159. Bud Frohn

    I like the idea of the Family Beta a lot. I can see the printer friendly button, but it doesn’t work. I don’t see a way of getting to an alternate spouse.

  160. Dave

    One of my ancestors had 3 wives ( not at the same time) The first wife is the one I want to show but the family view only shows the last and I cant see how to change it.

  161. Patricia

    The Beta is great but it needs to allow for more than one spouse & their children & siblings to be shown on the same tree and how they are all relate to each other. Then it would be perfect to send to members of my extended family! Thanks!

  162. Kenny Freestone

    In response to comment 229, There is a way to change which spouse shows up near the focus person (the focus person is the one in the center in brown). When there are multiple spouses you’ll see to the right of the focus person a light gray horizontal line. If you follow that line you’ll find the other spouses. When you hover over one of these other spouses you’ll see an option to “set as preferred” which makes that spouse the preferred spouse.


  163. Kenny Freestone

    In response to comment 228, We’re working on a printer-friendly view for this page, but it isn’t there yet. We weren’t planning to show this button until it is available, so I apologize for the goof.


  164. Marilyn Matthews

    It looks great. Can’t wait to add pictures. However, “printer friendly” button doesn’t work on my Mac OSX.

  165. mike

    Hallo – would it be possible to see a pedigree or ancestor view right back to the earliest member of the same name on one page?

    Cheers mike

  166. Janice Beers

    I cannot believe the people who like the Beta format after citing horrendous flaws. Beta often distorts the family.

    My fathers second wife and my half sisters are on his chart. His first wife (my mother) and my sisters and I are to the extreme right off the chart – and I am the home person. And my sister’s first husband and children don’t show at all – grandchildren lost.

    On my sister’s chart her divorced second husband is on the chart next to her while her first husband and children are to the far right off the chart.

    We must have a way to designate which husband and children to feature on the chart and, once there, which to relegate to the fringes of the chart.

    Please don’t ruin Pedigree View.

  167. Julie Kemp

    I’m sorry i don’t like it although i can see that photos do add major interest, but somehow i find that detracting.

    I’d prefer the traditional pedigree tree with a few frills, but no photos.

    So there you go!

  168. Les

    The family beta version looks great.
    My only but, is I cannot get the Printer Friendly button to work?
    I use an apple MacBook Pro using OS X 10.5.1 and FireFox

  169. I can’t get a printer friendly version. All I can do is print a frame at a time. I don’t understand the advantage of this. I just want to be able to print a draft of the tree to work from.

  170. Katy

    I like the look, but wish it didn’t choose “which” spouse and children to display. When looking at my grandmother, it does not show my sibs and I as her grandchildren. It only shows the children from my father’s second marriage. I find that a bit annoying and confusing!

  171. ed olson

    Would love to see an option in family view in which I could select no ancester generations for a person and choose three or four descendent generations and printable. Something to provide to a grandparent or great grandparent.

  172. Dina Banning

    I like the look of the Family View. But I wish it went farther back in time. And your update says you fixed the problem with Pedigree not loading, but I am still unable to get it load.

  173. Keith Phillips

    This programe is great. My problem I have is that the siblings are not in date order on the family tree. One of my ancestors had twelve children and I find that they are not shown in sequence of year born.

  174. Lori Gilbert

    I was wondering if you have considered being able to download videos. Not the ones you make from your computer webcam but ones like from you tube or from a CD of your family taken at Christmas time, etc. I have a deceased son and I would love to download the videos of him growing up. I also have people like Robert Reynolds, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood in my family and I would love to be able to download some of their videos on you tube.

    Just a thought.


  175. c tomlinson

    don’t know whats happened but i’ve got print friendly pedigree back but it only prints the top 2/3rds of the tree!!!!!!!!!!.Help please.Thanks

  176. I can’t seem to print out the Beta version. I click on the “printer friendly version”, but nothing happens. It’s a wonderful format and I am looking forward to seeing it printed out. Thanks!

  177. Lynda

    The family beta is a great addition and I hope you will continue to develop it. Even better if it could include more generations!

  178. MargaretSnaith

    Really great this Beta, what a great way to view the family tree details.
    Many thanks from one newish user.

  179. Nice feature. Print was working in the Dec 2007. Somehow it was disabled. Tried to use it in IE and Firefox with no success. If you could use this technology (Flash) to replace the current beta publishing application you’d get a wider usage as it appears to run much faster than whatever is powering the publishing app.

  180. I love, Its like you know these people and feel as part of them. my problem is,that there is confusion over my gg grandfathers first name and that has kept me from going further with my tree. I am still happy I have found you!

  181. judy

    Could you clarify that the Printer Friendly bit has been de-bugged because it is still not working for me? Other than this minor niggle, it’s awesome – well done.

  182. George Beddoe

    Love the new feature of setting the preferred spouse on the “family (beta)” view.

    Still looking for siblings to be listed in birth order from left to right, and children in birth order from top to bottom.

    Keep up the great work.

  183. Nan

    Love the new Family BETA. Wonderful addition. I am fairly new and couldn’t figure out how to print out a family page. Hope the printer friendly buttons is up and working in the near futhre

  184. Sylvia Bates

    Love the family trees but please, please can you include the first names and not just initials. Is this going to be possible?

  185. Collette

    Really like the beta, but would like the timelines/order of family display to be consistent.

    Right now, sometimes earlier dates are to the left, and some are to the right. For example, for Show siblings, it would be nice to see them in order, oldest on the left to youngest on the right. Same with children. This way, we can quickly scan and see what family order everyone is in.


  186. Kim

    What’s the point of this beta page if it only shows me 2 generations? It’s not showing my whole tree…

  187. Lisa

    We would like to see the vertical descendancy graphic view that is printable that the current OFT system has, brought into the new AMT system.
    I know the new AMT system has the new horizontal Descendancy View, but it doesn’t show everything. The vertical view of OFT shows everything, all spouses and children , grand children, three generations at a time, allowing easy navigation down into more generations. And we can print it.

    And we need the text based view REPORT of TOO.


  188. Neil Chung

    Can you add the feature of showing decendants in the pedigree style? Seeing all the decendants of a large family is just as important as the ancestors. Should be an easy addition.

  189. Keith

    This is a great feature but, as many others have said, it needs to be expanded to show all relations and the ability to print the tree is essential.
    I’m afraid my ‘Auld Man’ just doesn’t do computers and I need to show him hard copy!

  190. This Beta version is great, one thing I notice though, family members do not always appear in order of birth. A printer friendly version would be really helpful. Thanks I look forward to your further developments, I agree with others in that it would be nice to be able to select the number of generations to view at once.

  191. Linda Jackson

    I’m so used to Family Tree Maker that I find this “cute” but not useful. It drops spouses and each time I’d like to move around it, I have to go back up to the top. The interactive features need some more work. Also, I have a tree that goes back to 1549 with lots of .jpg files which would never fit here.
    Good idea for small families.

  192. Where have I been the past month. This is a great feature. Thanks for adding it. Now waiting for the full descendency view similar to the pedigree view. I realize it is much more complicated, but would be a great addition, especially for the publisher. Have a family reunion in July and want to create a family book. Great job. Thank you again.

  193. Jacob

    I agree with barry,
    I think we should be able to choose the amount of generations, and I also think it would be a good Idea to be able to view the families of siblings while viewing the main person, (just saying)
    Happy upgrading, from Jacob

  194. Jim Robinson Jr.

    *VERY* nice feature. A couple of suggestions:

    1. For people with multiple spouses, please show all connections. Alternatively, allow filtering.

    2. How about more than 2 levels up/down? By default, 2 is great, but I would like the ability to zoom out to a larger view.

    3. Using flash is great. How about the ability to export as a stand-along flash file?

    Thanks again for a great product.


  195. Celina

    Great addition. I have to agree with other users about print facility and the ability see more generations on the Beta page.
    Otherwise thumbs up.

  196. George Beddoe

    Looking for a comment from KENNY FREESTONE on the Family View (BETA)about showing the descendants in birth order from left to right and the children in birth order from top to bottom, instead of the reverse. He has commented on about all the other suggestions for improvements. NOT USABLE UNTIL THIS FEATURE IS CORRECTED.

  197. Kenny Freestone

    In Response to comment 280…

    Hi George, this issue is certainly on our list. We hope to have it fixed shortly.


  198. Glenda Longstreet

    I love the Family Beta view – but can’t seem to print it?

    Thanks for your great work. Love it.

  199. Thea Douma

    I dont know how to make this pagina print.
    When i try to print on pedigree it works for only a little page, little things en when I make it small, it does not fit against each other page.
    Also:can I have the text in Dutch language please?


  200. Sallie

    As everyone has expressed surprise, so do I, and enjoy the capabilities. Unfortunately, I cannot print the 5-generation tree in printer-friendly mode.
    Can’t wait for new stuff to come on!

  201. Sallie

    As everyone has expressed surprise, so do I, and enjoy the capabilities. Unfortunately, I cannot print the 5-generation tree in printer-friendly mode. Help!
    Can’t wait for new stuff to come on!

  202. Luke

    This is looking great, but I have one problem with it. You can’t expand your entire family tree. You can look at certain sections of the family tree, but you can’t expand on every single relative in it to see a family tree in it’s entirety.

  203. will reeves

    can you tell me why my family beta has dissappeared. it was great before. now its blank.

  204. Karen

    The beta view is not working for me. I have Windows Vista, could that be the problem? Or are there more ‘bugs’ to be worked out yet?

  205. Jeyam

    It is user friendly.
    The dates we enter should also go in to the Calander.
    Otherwise it is a lot duplicating the work making the calendar from scratch.
    Some one please advise how to merge two different family trees

  206. Kenny Freestone

    In response to the last several comments…

    Oops! Looks like something got into a bad state somehow and the beta is not showing…We’ll get this fixed as soon as possible.

    Our apologies for the inconvenience.


  207. Kenny Freestone

    All better now…

    Sorry our family view beta was out of commission for a while there–it should now be working again.


  208. Jerry Kleinsmith

    I think a vertical format would work better than the horizonal format. I should be sorted by the age of the children

  209. Derek Wheatley

    Although your update 01/09/08 states that the ‘printer-friendly button’ problem has been fixed, I still can’t find it!

  210. Cila

    I like this feature of Ancestry. Looks great, shows half-siblings and cousins, Very nice. The only thing that peeves me is that it will only do 5 generations. I know I must be picky, and also that the leaf doesn’t show when it finds new results. Of course this is annoying to most, but I’d at least like there to be an on and off option.

  211. Spencer

    This feature is really cool…however the major flaw is the inability to view a fell/complete family tree. Since the screen can be made larger or smaller there should not be an issue. On there is no place to view every person in your entire family on a tree. I mean every sibling/child/spouse.. The whole kin! Granted it could be large but the option should exist.It is very tedious to have to “refocus” the whole tree just to see everything.


  212. Emily

    I’d like to adjust the amount of generations you could view at once, it would make it easy to compare the farther reaching branches. also an ability to print the family tree page would be a plus!

  213. IRMA


  214. Rosa

    Great program. Would like to be able to see more than 5 generations and print these as well. Thanks. Keep up the grat work.

  215. Lida

    What a great addition. Just found this new option. I am in full-scan mode trying to make this really viewer-friendly. Everyone loves picts! Thanks again

  216. Sally May Pelletier

    I like the new Beta feature. I am new to, so it may be my inexperience, but why does the program seem reluictant to show the correct spouse in multiple spouse choices?

  217. James Hill

    I love and have used it religiously for over a year. My one, and only one complaint about the set up of the pedigree view is the inability tom view more than 5 generations at a time. It seems like a logical change, and given that it’s Java, it should be doable. This way, it is much easier to see the generational distance between people, both ancestral and descendant. Please make more generations viewable!!!

  218. Josie

    This is a great way to view a family tree, but it is difficult to print, need to be able to rotate printout to get most the information. I printed a copy of family member and it was too large. The page only showed the mother and two of their five children. The father and the rest of the children were not included.

    This will be wonderful when you get the kinks worked out!

  219. I like this Beta version of my tree however, the frist wife is not showing up and this has not allowed his son to be shown. Is this someting you are working on?



  220. Thomas

    I HATE FLASH!!! I was quite happy when you did not use flash….by using flash you limit your audience because flash becomes a requirement…therefore if you don’t have flash or like me disable it for numerous reasons…your site becomes unaccessable. Please don’t become dependant upon flash for your site developement…your business then becomes dependant upon a third party for access of your site to your members…why risk putting yourselves and your service as dependant upon a third party? Flash also is a bandwidth hog for end users.

  221. Heather

    I really like the family beta view! Are you developing a printer friendly version? When I use my print page on my browser it prints only part of the tree. Thanks!

  222. Sharon

    Hi. I note you suggest the picture issue is corrected. When I used the Beta to-day it is NOT corrected. Other than that I like it a lot. I am still looking for a format that will show all sibs and children back several generations. We are trying to work out a large and complicated family and need a map (tree).

  223. JE Gabriele

    Beta Family Tree is a huge asset. Much more user friendly. Could you please allow more generations to be shown and show children in order of birth?
    Congratulations…keep it coming!

  224. Shirley

    I think this is a wonderful idea,but I would like to see it made printer friendly,and made possible to see the whole tree at once and be able to print the whole tree in this mode please.

  225. Donna wolf

    The is very fun. I have a guest list, how do I tell them what to do, and to help me out with information?
    Thank you

  226. Sandy

    Outstanding view! I can’t seem to scale it to print though. Options to resize to fit in the window and the option to print landscape would be nice. I realize it’s a lot of information to present at once but if we could have more that 3 generations, that too would be of real value.

    With regards to “the printer-friendly button on the 5 generation pedigree view”, if the user does a print screen, save as new image in Windows Photo Viewer, and crops the image to include donly the pedigree, it works like a charm (and you have snapshots of your pedigree chart over time). eg. Save As:”Thomas.Lang.Pedigree.20080129.jpg

    Thanks for the GREAT SITE!

  227. Gina

    I’m another person who would love to be able to print this view – for the benefit of my 86-year old mother!

  228. Jessie Wilson

    Hi, Really like this way of looking at the family tree – it really brings it to life!
    Unfortunately I don’t seem to have a printer friendly button on my page – can I have one please? :o)
    This is really a great addition to the site, thanks.

  229. LoriTurnbull

    After nearly 7 years here, I’m just now checking this out… about 6 weeks after its launch… I like the layout and ability to show siblings of the focus person. I hope something more similar to this will be available on Ancestry Press as I’m in the middle working on one of MANY family books, right now… or even this time of layout for the family tree posters.

  230. Dan Johnson-Weinberger

    It would be ideal to have a printer-friendly version of the family page in beta. I recognize the challenges in creating a standard printer-friendly format, but it would be very helpful to create a printer-friendly pdf and share it with others.

  231. Michael Jendry

    I would like to see an option to show more generations and a decendency tree. Love the new look though. Thank you.

  232. Rod

    An excellent option. It would be great if you allowed users to set the number of generations they would like to view at once (ie 5, 10, 20, infinity). A desendency tree would be a helpful option.

  233. Julia Griffith

    The Family View Beta is lovely. I would love to be able to print these out for an upcoming family reunion. Any chance a printer-friendly option will be available in the next six months?

  234. Ilove the new viewing for the family tree, but when i go onto print preview so that I can print it – it is only showinh half of the information. Can you please tell me how to get all the information on the page instead of it being ‘cut in half’

  235. Sally

    Despite your saying that the ‘photos too big’ issue has now been solved, they’re still looking too big for me and are abscuring the text. Also, the children appear in backwards- chronological order which is a bit weird.
    Great work though!

  236. Annette Fisher

    Hi, think this new way of viewing my tree is great but as at 8th February my photos arestill oblierating the text. Please help??

  237. ShionnachLass

    This is great I will certianally be sorting through my pictures to get more members of the family on the the tree A great advancement

  238. Rosa

    I would like to know how to make corrections to this site. I entered twice on one person name…and I need to delete that one name that was duplicated.


  239. Jenny Davey

    I think this new view of my family tree is excellent, but the relation captions are superfluous as these are obvious from the tree structure, would prefer to see birth and death year instead. Grandchildren from 1st marriages are not shown, also could you include pictures for grandchildren. I would also like to see children in date order from left to right and a print option for this view instead of using the printscreen method.

  240. Just found Family Beta and it states that the ‘Printer Friendly’ button has now been added but can you tell me where it is.

  241. ScottKawikaCarlson

    I prefer this style but have one issue, ONly the las spouse shows up, so when I look at my family I dont show up! I am the only child from a first marriage both my parent remarried and have more kids. It would be nice to be part of my family tree!

  242. I like the family beta as I have many photographs on my tree.
    At first the photographs came out too big on the beta, but then they were improved & were perfect.
    Since yesterday the photographs are again too big. This seems to have happened since I have installed the new Flash viewer.
    Will this be rectified?
    Also it would be good to have a printer friendly view for the beta tree………..Marilyn





  244. Jasmeet

    I really like this beta, i would like to see it develped more to show more relatives and related people in one view than having to naviagte to indivudials. This is really cool ,love it

  245. Brooke

    Would it be possible to show the relations to aunts and cousins and such, cause I can only see my mom and dad and grandparents on my tree.

  246. Tonia Burrows

    This Beta addition looks great! I just found it. Well Done !
    Could you please tell me if it is possible to print my family tree with all the names ?
    Many Thanks,
    Tonia Burrows

  247. Kenny Freestone

    In response to several recent comments–yes the photo sizing issue has come up again for some users. Our apologies that this has resurfaced. We think we’ve got a fix identified and hope to roll it live soon.


  248. Beta addition very welcome and looking forward to final version additions, many thanks for this valuable tool. May I ask why the Tree manager, me in my case, appears out of birthdate order in siblings line? I always appear far right rather than 5th born (of 7 children)? If this could be corrected it would be much appriciated. Thank you.

  249. Graham

    With my Mother as the “Focus Person”, the “Family View” only shows the first marriage of my Brother and the children from that marriage. It doesn’t show his second wife or the children from his second marriage.

  250. patricia

    13th February and the photos are still covering the text. When will there be a print friendly version? Like the idea but it gets very wide when there are a lot of siblings and the spouses.

  251. Stan Livingstone

    This is very helpfull way to view,
    but what is needed is printer friendly output.That way I can keep a paper pecord.

  252. Andy

    Children are not shown unless there is a mother AND father entered.

    Quite frustrating, when you view someone’s father (whom you have no idea who their spouse is), and the children suddenly disappear from the screen.

  253. Wiilliam Lowe

    I’m new to Ancestry site & I’ve just started assembling a family tree. The family beta site looks ideal for displaying info’ but there is no printer function, so the site isn’t much use if I can only view it on my screen. How about fixing it? so that I can print a copy to put in my records.

    Bill Lowe.

  254. Would love this to be able to show and print as many generations as possible. This would then provide an excellent hard copy to work from to continue researching your history and also as an easy to view record for useful info.

  255. Carole

    This is looking great it’s just what was needed.
    However, it doesn’t show children born without a fathers name, and only shows one marriage, and thats the second one, where there are more. In both cases my direct line doesn’t appear….

  256. jackie

    real good please add more tools such as relationship charts that you can select distant relatives and see what the realationship is

  257. Christopher Barnes

    I think it is a very good idea. Two points though: 1. The siblings of a generation display right to left contrary to usual. 2. Where two marriages are concerned it seems to show only the first marriage line – can it display the second marriage line?

  258. Mary A. Toney

    Jackie beta looks great. Some of us need more instruction on to add and correct information on my family trees.

  259. Peter

    I love the Family view. It would be great if the automatic records search would work in this view. Also, it would be helpful if it would prompt for marriage information when you add a spouse in this view.

  260. Excellent work – having spent years designing websites myself I appreciate the amount of work that goes into creating new programmes. I look forward to seeing the site develop and hope you are greatly encouraged by the feedback you have received.

    Well done. Thank you.

  261. Patricia F

    I really enjoy the ability to see my family tree vith the Beta Version. The only problem is, when there was more than one spouse, it does not appear to let you access alternate spouses and children from that union. Is there something way to access this, that I’m missing?

  262. Barbara

    I really like the new Beta option on the site. Would be great to be able to print to add to my hard copy folder which I am putting together for my family.
    Have you plans for this option?

  263. I’m not yet a full member and I’m still evaluating the website by building a tree with what information I currently have of my family. I did notice however that you can only enter a “Partner” as a spouse! Is there a reason for this?

  264. Claire Dulanty Barlow

    The printer friendly button has not appeared on my Beta pedigree view. Can you help? It’s a great idea to have the detail beside me while working on Ancestry, rather than scruffy, handwritten bits of paper!
    How about showing dates of birth & death alongside the descendants of the original ancestors?

  265. Shaan

    I think this beta is quite wonderful. The only modification I suggest you do is this: Make it so that all siblings show on the page for all parents, grandparents, etc. and make it so that the creator of the tree has the ability to show all generations ever put on the tree with pictures on them all. If you could do that (the creators of the family View [Beta]) please, then it would be most appreciated.

    8.7 out of 10

  266. Ken

    It’s nice. I assume you created this as competition to sites like I used to use geni and went to you because you seemed to have better attn to privacy and your research tools are amazing. But I would love to see you incorporate some of the user-friendly things geni has.

    I’ve created a mind map to track my own problems and suggestions for

    Anyone can add to my ideas here:

    Just view my ideas:

  267. N Hookham

    The beta is great and useful as it’s easier to see sibilings.
    Still dosen’t allow you to see you whole tree, or the desecdancts of a person (or ancestors), and still can’t print out whoel tree, so I’m afriad the simplier, cheaper genes reunited still wins on that front.

  268. Kelly

    Very cool, but doesn’t work on my Mac. Can only view it on my PC at work, so don’t really get any time with it.

  269. Amanda

    Fantastic addition. I think it would be a lovely idea to be able to print this off and keep a copy as people who do not research trees… can follow this with ease when I’m talking to then and trying to gather more info from then xxx BRILL

  270. tammy

    I love the Family View. The only problem that I have is printing it. I would like to see the parents and their parents (like you have it now) but when you get to the children, it does not start at the first child. My grandparents have 13 children so if I try and print the Family View out I can not get all of the Family View. Even if I print on 2 pages the parents are centered in the middle (which would be great) but the first children are on seperate pages and it does not look right. Well, like I said I would like to be able to print and view the whole family view. Again the Family View is great I love that I can see the photos with it but please make it more Printer Friendly. Thank you.

  271. i love it . i’m new at this, but i’m very pleased with all of the effort that you all put into helping us find ourselves, as well as our families. thanks, ever so much.

  272. Kenny Freestone

    Here’s a quick update on some things related to this family view…

    –A bug has come up where, for some names in some trees, the descendents of a person don’t show up. This bug seems pretty uncommon, and we’ve now found a fix for it, which we plan to roll live next week. I apologize to those who were affected by this.

    –Printer Friendly…We’re making progress on putting together a way to print this view–actually we’re hoping to offer two print options. First would be a printout that looks exactly like what you see on screen. Second would be a printout showing all the names in the view listed in a report format. This is still several weeks out.

    –Ancestry Hints…Starting in the next week or two we’ll display ancestry hints in this view. These hints are a fantastic way to see what records Ancestry has for the people in your tree.

    –Multiple Spouses…We’re working on some designs to make it easier to see all spouses (and children & grandchildren). We’re making good progress on this, but it is still several weeks out.

    We’re thrilled with the positive feedback you’ve given, and eager to implement the suggestions you’ve made. Thanks for the wonderful comments, and please keep it coming!


  273. J Beard

    I like the concept, but, it doesnt seem to be compatible with windows vista: home basic. Is there a community or tech/help section somewhere for this beta?

  274. Steven Michael Duros

    You have the starting place for something that has been needed for online access and research. I, for one, would like to see this functionality expanded to be able to access my tree in the same way Google Earth allows me to access the earth, and “drive” around so I can see further than five generations of ancestors and descendants. I need to be able to find person X and person Y and even though there are 40 individuals in between, I need to be able to see the links all the way from X to Y AND be able to scroll from X to Y and then to ME, or where ever I want to see how they are related. I know it’s a large extrapolation from this BETA View.

    My main reason for asking is, I get lost when I go back in generations and I don’t remember all the individuals I went through to get there. With a Google Earth Like functionality I could put in 2 different individuals names and the “map” would show me how to get from one to the other and who they go through to get there.

    I hope I made it clear what I am looking for. Please don’t think I don’t appreciate your new BETA View function. I like it very much. I tend to THINK in HORIZONTAL terms rather than VERTICAL TERMS (Pedigree view), so this view helps me a lot. Perhaps Google Earth could provide the functionality sort of like they now have a Star view in addition to an Earth view….

  275. Steven Michael Duros

    Sorry, I got that last part reversed. I tend to think in VERTICAL TERMS rather than horizontal terms.

  276. Jerry Kleinsmith

    Would be great if you had an option show more generations of descendents without the ancestors.

  277. Ann Page

    Please can you help, I have been using the new Beta to good effect, but have found that sometimes it does not show all the information it should. Today 02 Mar 08 it is only showing the person, their spouse and their parents, but not showing any children or their spouses and children. It is blank beneath their name.

    What can I do when this happens or is the problem your end.

  278. Krishan Ariyawansa

    Wish List for the next release

    Hi Kenny,

    Its a great product. Easy navigation and data entry. However I would like to point out few improvements, I’m hoping to see in the next release.

    1. Ability to start a new tree from a leaf. This will greatly improve the user friendlinesses of the application. I can assign a new tree to a member to work on. Without disconnecting the overall links.

    2. Ability to add alias for a name, and a new field name “Display Name”. Some family names are so lengthy, When I see relatives with many siblings I only see their family names in the tree, not their first names.

    So far these are the show stoppers I see.


  279. Margaret Crawford

    In addition to having a printer friendly option, I think it also needs to have an option to save as well.

  280. Cheryl Singleton

    I love this Beta version. However, I would also love to be able to print what I see rather than having to order a poster on line. Also, pictures should be an option for each square (i.e., more than one husband) — and/or ability to shrink it down to print all on one page –
    Doing a presentation and would love to print my grandmother and her 4 husbands, and her sister and her FIVE husbands on one sheet —

    Keep up the good work.

  281. Kenny Freestone

    in response to comment #390…

    Hi Ann,

    I believe this problem you are seeing is the same bug I mention in comment #384. We’re hoping to roll the fix for this bug on Wednesday.



  282. Kenny Freestone

    An update for March 5 2008…

    –the bug mentioned in comment 384 has been fixed.

    –Ancestry Hints now show up in the family view. (Very fun stuff!)

  283. BobbyB

    Looks great, and I like the fact that you can expand, slide around, and post photos/text, etc.

    However, is it at all possible to allow a cut and paste of some sort?? Too often, there are “breaks” in the tree, where one should be able to cut from another tree, and link up in ONE view.

    Also, one can go backwards in time (i.e., add father/mother/children), but what if one wants to go forward to present day, from a past link, so as to verify or edit??

  284. Nome_Guy1

    Real good addition. Hope I can keep up with all the good things that are happening with my “new toy” only it really isn’t a toy to me. The word should be “TOOL” and that it is, a wonderful tool for me to use. Thank you very much. I would like to ditto Pam Grady’s request. Good job, well done.

  285. A really good programme, but its a shame that the decendants do not show more historical accounts. Would have been great to place inside the book if more relations were added

  286. Eve

    I would like a button that would take me back to the Shoebox after I have saved the information to my tree.

  287. Jan Ehrlich

    Dear Kenny, Family Beta is really starting to look great. This is a terrific site. I have a few comments: can you maintain the photos on every branch that shows? Can you expand the number of branches showing? And is there anyway to do it backwards with the oldest as the base of the tree and the branches coming down from him/her? Ok, I’m not asking to much! Thanks for your hard work on this! Jan

  288. Frances Bell

    How do I make the beta part work for a Mac.

    I can get Flash player 9 on my husbands computer but dont know how to get the info for the trees i have built to him

    If I have a break between my free trial and taking out a paid monthly subscription will the info be there when I return.

  289. Pauline Denney

    I really like the new feature of Family beta, but would like to know how to size it to print it. I think it would make lovely family gifts framed.
    Pauline Denney

  290. Stanley Chamberlin

    I like your product.

    I am building a very large family tree.

    For editing purposes it would be helpful if you provided the ability to print all generations on 11″x17″ paper in landscape mode.

    It would allow errors and corrections to be easily noted without having to scroll through item by item.

    Thanks for your attention.

  291. John Wilson

    I think this version is brilliant. leave many other family tree companies in the shade.

    New features are always welcome, providing they are easy to apply.

    This is good.

    Regards John Wilson

  292. Judith Kimball

    I just began to organize my family tree and have been using the ‘beta’ view to check out my progress – I have added about 20 photos to my project but they do not automatically appear in the ‘beta’ view. I have attached the photos and identified them to the appropriate ancestor – what am I doing wrong?? Otherwise, I think this view is great and can’t wait to print it out when I have finished all my entries. Thank you.

  293. Monette Cortey

    This is a wonderful view. It is easy to understand and is a new way of looking at the tree. Would love to see it stay.
    Monette L. Cortez

  294. Barbara J. Yeoman

    Love the family view. Have a problem though. It is listing children as grandchildren. In some cases it is showing the husband as a son-in-law. I am sure the bugs will be worked out. I hope I am not the only one with this problem.

    Thank you for all your work. It is appreciated.

  295. Jaems Robertson

    I like this idea. I would suggest you make the number of generations to display in each directions an adjustable parameter.

  296. Michael

    I think I found a bug/issue.

    I have a half brother, so there are two husbands set up for my mother. In Beta view when I focus on my mothers father, it excludes me from the list and only shows my brother as one of her children.

    It doesn’t show my father either, which I’m sure explains why it doesn’t show me.

    I think alternate spouces needs to show when you go more than a step away from them so certain kids aren’t missing. Or at very least give a “show spouces” button like you have for “show siblings” when you’re over a step away.

    And I “second” the suggestion to allow you to view more than 2 steps each way. Maybe allow it to be an adjustable parameter like the other poster suggested?

  297. Wilford Nusser

    I have to agree with Teresa. I like the beta view overall, but I don’t like how it handles multiple spouses. I think it should show the one with the most descendents preferentially, plus give the user the opportunity to see all spouses (much like you can do with siblings.)

  298. Richard Pompian

    I’m trying this for the first time. Is there any way of changing the order of, say, children so that the oldest is listed first? (It seems that as you list oldest to youngest, they appear in reverse order on the screen.) Thanks.

  299. Tamworththirdage

    I do like the new Family View and prefer to use it over Pedigree. However I do have a slight problem with it. That is it’s current inability to show multiple partners e.g. Someone who is widowed and remarrys or divorced and remarrys.

  300. Marilou

    Beta does not show if there are two marriages and children on each. Only shows one marriage. Will this be fixed?

  301. Rob

    Regarding comment #425, I agreed. My living sister have two spouses – first is divorced, second is currently married but under Family View beta version, I only see the divorced spouse, not the current spouse with children. Fix it soon please.

  302. Cameron

    I really like this way to view the family tree. It would be really nice if you could choose to view more people than just 2 generations from the designated person.

    I really like how it tells you how each person is related to the selected person.

    I would definately like to see more improvement in the near future of this new feature! I am not saying that it is bad in any way. I am just trying to say that there is definately a lot more that could be done to imrove it. Thanks!

  303. there is a person, ancestry, that has my name, in full, also others of my family, on their tree, I have spent quite a bit of time, this afternoon, trying to establish how that person is connected to my relatives. I have tried the ‘Beta’ view but am not finding the connection. I have tried to contact this person on a number of occasions just to see how we connect but am getting no reply, it would be easier if I could see the connection

  304. tonda oakes

    we want the full view all members of the family that you put in couins unles grandparents their families anything we put into the tree should become a full family tree? from all sides

  305. Don Knupp

    I love this Family Tree Beta.

    I’ve been using the Family Tree Maker Software for a few years now and the Family Tree View is great for seeing the entire family at a glance and for jumping around from one branch to the next.

    The only negative I see right now is that the Family View Beta seems to be unreliable in that sometimes it comes up and sometimes it does not. I realize that this is still in Beta so I am bringing this to your attention as something that may need to be looked out.

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  306. Ramona McCauley

    I’ll bet it’s a snazzy tool, but it’s not working for me at all – I get nothing but a blank pane. I’d really like to see how it looks.

  307. Carole Gardner

    It has been a year since the 1st and 2nd comments on this site regarding the following problem, which still exists:

    You can’t choose a preferred spouse – so for whatever reason, a spouse with no children shows up and the one with all the children does not.
    This needs to be fixed.

  308. Ramona McCauley

    Regarding my comment #433 and Judy’s recommendations in #434:

    I had already updated Flash Player. Just now, I updated Java and ShockWave. Still nothing displays.

    Any other ideas?

  309. Kenny Freestone

    In response to comment 435…

    Hi Carole,

    Unless I misunderstand your question, there is a way to set a preferred spouse. Please see comment 233 for a description of how this works.


  310. Kenny Freestone

    In response to comment 436…

    Hi Ramona,

    I can’t think of what this might be. Have you tried contacting our tech support?

    Let me know how it turns out. My email is kfreestone at


  311. Kay

    I really like the layout for family beta, but can I view all relatives at the same time to give me a bigger idea of how much work I have done? I want to print and frame my tree but it is limited to viewing only a few generations.

  312. Raquel Hill

    I like the new family view. It would be nice to select if you would like the children of a second marrage to appear in the family tree as opposed to having to click on the spouce to view their children. Also, it would be great to see the whole tree with all siblings and their children. I know that this takes space.

  313. R KRUS

    Hi, I do really like the “family beta” option. However, I was wondering will there be a fix to show that a person has more than 1 son (daughter-in-law)…say a person has been married twice….that second marriage is only represented when looking at the actual person’s info (but not if looking at the person’s mother or father)…just wondering… Thanks!!!

  314. I like the “Beta”. I can print the page but I get all of the other stuff also including the helpful hints.Is there any way to print without this?

  315. Tabwhelan

    This is my favorite view. If I could have the ability to shrink or expand the view to hold more families, I could get rid of the visio option. I have too many families I am working on concurrently and need to see a broader view, even if small, so I can keep up with the ones I have done

  316. Kate Duffey

    I love your beta version! One thing I thought I might mention, is there a way I can email the beta pedigree directly to family and friends?

    Thanks so much for coming up with it.

  317. jsc2155

    Feature I like best is being able to add descendants as well as ancestors so easily, and then to generate pedigree views with the descendant, ie, grandchild as focus! Marvelous!

  318. Carole

    I have just looked at my Greatgrandmother and her children aren’t shown, why? or am I missing something? She did have one child before she married then had quite a number of children.

    Also, what about children where the fathers name isn’t known – how are they shown? Or am I the only one with this sort of situation……

  319. I think this is great also. I think it will help me explain it to my relatives so much easier! However… I am asking about the multiple spouse thing. I see that these in December 2007 were asking that question. Today in April it comes up more like it it in the husband’s line of my GG aunt. And it only shows her second husband. Is there something else I should be doing?
    Thanks! It really is cool!

  320. jd

    I think users should be able to select how many generations to show at a time on this view (i.e. 2,3,4,5,10,20,infinity,other number).
    Also, I think all the names (names of siblings, cousins, children, grandchildren, etc.) should show up on this view.

  321. I would love to see more generations added to this part of the website. I sometimes feel lost not knowing where I am in my family tree and want to stand back and look at the whole thing like this and navigate around. Thanks. Like it so far.

  322. Judith Kimball

    I really have enjoyed adding photos to my tree – this version of the tree makes the project a lot of fun to work on – Thank you.

  323. Sharon E. Standley

    Not sure why this addition has not came up until now, but it did tonight and I love it. Thanks for your continued improvements.

  324. James Withrow

    What is the point of this beta ? You can’t print it, you can’t expand it, you can export it; there is no command bar beyond ‘zoom’
    I fail to see the point !

  325. Iam unable to view my family tree,
    This is the first time for over a year that i try to view it.
    When i get to the Ancestry site i cick on to go to my tree, but i just get information about things i already know.
    Do i now have to pay a subscription to view it.

  326. NancyDrewFan

    I seem to be experiencing a number of wives being added on to my relatives that the program will not let me delete. They only show up in the BETA screen or when I download/upload onto World Connect.
    There is no help file for this issue.
    They don’t show up anywhere but these two places. This is extrememly frustrating, especially when my file is out on World Connect and my male ancestors have 7 unknown wives under them.

  327. NancyDrewFan

    This is awful. There is no way to delete the Unknown wives. They are small boxes. 6 or 7 of them with little green leaves spinning. Also, the “updated” tree GED I just loaded onto World Tree is really bad. It linked up some of my male subjects from different parts of my tree and now shows them as wives under various married (ONE TIME MARRIED) males. It looks like my family tree has males marrying males. Inbreeding, OMG! It would be funny, except it was a huge amount of work and entered correctly on my tree. Guess the jokes on me! HA! HA! HA!

  328. pat madden

    Looks very smart indeed, but I can’t manage to print more than one corner of it – might be user error from my end, but there’s no way to preview what will be printed. Other than that, very good.

  329. Jordan Smith

    Wow. I find the family view very easy to use and view. However, when I accidently add a additional wife/husband, I cant delete it properly. The link is still there with only wife or husband writen and the leaf in the corner has “searching” written next to it. I’m unable to access this additional wife/husband so I can delete it, and it doesnt show in the profile veiw.

    Thanks, keeps up the good work.

  330. Kay

    I’m really enjoying using this version of my tree as it allows me to see all the siblings, of a person and to find links to cousins easier. Hope that it makes it past Beta and becomes a full part of Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to future innovations that make finding relatives easier.

  331. Anthony Weller

    I like and enjoy using the the Beta Family Tree. the one problem I have is printing it on a 8×11 sheet as it prints in for separate sheets is there any way to reduce size of Tree without losing Relatives. other than that I think it is great as is the new search format.
    Thanks Sam.

  332. carole franks

    Nice new feature, but how do I add new info that I now have on 2 generations further back?There seems to be no function to add parents etc, even when I go to the family view

  333. Lori

    Awesome! Just one thing though…when the point person is my mom, it doesn’t show all the grandchildren. My first child from a previous marriage doesn’t show up. Hopefully this can be fixed. Keep up the good work!

  334. Patti Lowe

    Hi Kenny
    really like the Beta version!
    I have only one problem…on my Mckeithan Tree, my first husband and our children are not there, but second husband is. On my present husband’s( Lowe Tree ), his first wife and children are there but I am not. You would think that all spouses would be on the Trees. Maybe I can fix this…but didn,t see a way. Please respond.
    Thank you, for all you at Ancestry do.
    Patti Lowe

  335. Veronika

    Hi Kenny… Love the new Family View (Beta)! My only comment is that it would be nice to see “all” spouses (would that be spices..ha,ha)and have all children (both half siblings and step show on tree). I know you can choose preferred spouse but would like both and all children (yours, mine and ours). Thanks again for all your work.. love the print feature available now..
    All the people in our trees have a story to tell and deserve to be “seen”..

  336. Jenni

    When you toggle the printer-friendly view, it shows what appears to be a landscape oriented 8.5″x11″ page. But when you print, it’s split into two portrait oriented pages, instead. It would be great to be able to print the view on a single landscape page…

  337. Linnetta

    This is what I have been looking for! Please make sure that this gets to be a full part of this site. This will be a great addition for my Family.

  338. Love this except that I can’t print it out well. I’m using Firefox and when I click ‘printer-friendly’ the preview only pulls up what is shown in the window, cutting off the rest of the tree. Even over multiple sheets it doesn’t print out the entire tree for the focus person.

    Printer orientation options (as others have mentioned) and an automatic sizing down to fit on an 8.5×11 sheet would be great.

  339. richard f strait

    pretty, but not very practical. I would prefer seeing a full register report regarding the individual displayed!

    rfs in omaha, ne

  340. Vida Makowski

    Saw this view for the first time today. I love it. I was very excited about it. However, what is missing are some of the 2nd wives oor husbands of people and their kids. Great concept

  341. Tamralyn

    I love it, but like others…it will not print on one sheet of paper, therefore it losses it great effect for me. I want to display it for my son’s graduation, however I can not get it to print out on one page.

  342. Frederick Denison

    I really like the Family View tool. I bet once you finalize it, it will be an awesome tool to depict Families.

  343. Patricia Dempsey

    Whereas this BETA thing is good,I really miss being able to see the descendency view of my ancestors

  344. karen

    I think the bets feature could be very helpful………I tried printing it, but it cuts off the right hand side, how do I correct that?

  345. karen

    I think the beta feature could be very helpful………I tried printing it, but it cuts off the right hand side, how do I correct that?

  346. It would be nice if the siblings children would come up on the beta page. I would like to be able to have the sibliing show on the faily tree page as well. I am new to this site, so maybe it is possible and I don’t know how. Any feed back is appreciated

  347. Leah Cross

    I like the beta, wish though that under the options on an individual there was the option to delete the person. I managed to add children twice for some reason and it’s painful to delete the duplicate entries.

    Like the hints in all of this.

  348. Skyler

    New here but I enjoy the new family view, the only thing I wish is that I could see bubbles for my siblings, I also wish that it would show my cousins and uncles/aunts, there all very important to me and it’s strange not seeing them in the tree, anyway great work

  349. allen williams

    Nice tool!

    I also had printing problems using Firefox, but if the printer friendly screen is used and adjustments made using my print settings option available under the Linux os I use, all can be got on one page.

    The major problem is that if you try to move around (ie change the ‘central’ person on the screen, rather than move using the arrow buttons) Firefox crashes frequently (about 50% of the time). On restoring the session, the original ‘central’ person is restored, rather than the last person occupying that position.

    I would like to be able reliably to navigate the whole tree using this tool, it is very intuitive, and other methods of navigating via the 5 generation tree feature are quite cumbersome when you want to shift outside the initial 5 generations.

  350. vhiddai

    1 Multiple spouses are shown L-R in descending marriage date order. Thus only the latest is displayed when the said person is not the central person. Might be clearer to use ascending date order.
    2 ANCESTRY has a fundamental inability to handle illegitimate births easily and well, even though both parents may be known. A fatherless/motherless child shows up well enough on Family Tree as child of the one parent. The BETA does not display the child of a ‘single’ parent although it will display the single parent of a child.
    3 If two people have children, they are assumed to be married. Thus one of them is described as husband/wife or son/daughter-in-law.
    4 Congrats on easy navigation.

  351. vhiddai

    To add to #485……….
    In the 19th century, families kept quiet about children born ‘on the other side of the sheets’. But they exist somewhere in almost every family and we ought to be able to handle the situation and to display the historical reality. It existed on all sides in the 15 generations I have traced in my family!

  352. Kevin.B

    Have difficulty getting the Beta family to print on a single A4 page.
    The view is far too large to fit.

  353. Donald Stephen

    One suggestion that would get more of the family members involved I believe.
    You offer famous people that a member might be related to.

    I often have someone 4th cousin, etc., ask how we are related.

    If I could enter my name (browse the list) and that person’s name (browse the list), and create that relationship, and show it in the format that the FAMOUS PEOPLE RELATED are displayed, it is easy to understand.

    I have a lot of people I invited, they came once, then did not return; too difficult, too cumbersome, could not find me, or themselves. I have tried this on ten relatives and cannot get them to come back because they don’t know the program.

    Donald Sylvester
    11402 Wickersham Lane
    Houston, Texas 77077

  354. Joan Herren

    Having first purchased Family Tree Maker Version 8 and Official Guide for that version, and updating I believed that Version for 2008 would be the same with some new additions. What a waste of money and stress trying to compose my book with things left out in Version 2008!
    There is no way I will even purchase another Family Tree Maker version nor Official Guide because it wasn’t fair to mislead the public by telling us we could make our own book when your company only wanted to make money by printing out so little of our research when we only wanted to use Version 2006 which did exactly what we wanted! I have been told that your company had to make an entirely new version 2008 for Vista. Why didn’t you warn us that we are still waiting for months with your promise to make changes for two reports and still waiting for your promised Book like Version 2006. How can it be so very difficult???Just start with Version 2006 and add what you wanted? I am so sorry that I am not a Computer Programer, or I would have given your company’s loyal customers what they want rather than what you want. Who cares what you want? Provide what so many of us have requested. While waiting all these months for your promised Book, I have tried several other Genealogy Software Programs, so after you finally give us Book, unless you have made the changes to match Version 2006, I will only purchase other companies’ software programs. Thank you for the opportunity to let you know after all these years of doing research, we want to compose our own book, not the tiny book your company offered us in Version 2008 which is only good for people with little research and more money than time to do research. I was told by your company’s Tech and Support that your Report wouldn’t go back as many generations to year 1000. I still use Version 2006 and Version 2008 software and Official Guide not only wasted my money but introduced a lot of stress for our bodies, which is so very sad. If your company really believed us when we first told you, then it would have made the corrections or additions to Version 2008 soon after we paid for the software and Official Guide which was written by the same lady who had written the Official Guide for Version 2006, yet you would never know and both books are entirely different just like the software. That just proves that we can’t trust your company unless it finally takes us seriously and makes changes to match Version 2006, rather than just adding two reports which still didn’t match Version 2006. Perhaps the problem is that your Programers just haven’t used Version 2006 to see what we are telling you and you have just kept doind what you thought you wanted. How very sad. Other friends of mine have also expressed their dislike for Version 2008 and wondered why your company has kept us waiting for the Book feature. Well, this just shows you how we could be doing further research and given our own books to our Historical Organizations instead of wasting our time letting you know this information. Maybe, you are different and you will be the person who will use Family Tree Maker Version 2006 and make the changes or additions to make Version 2008 exactly the same and then you may add whatever you want from your present Version 2008. Hopefully, you are the person who will listen and know how to do these things. May God bless you because you might be the most honest of the employess for your company otherwise they have just stolen the money we paid for Version 2008 software and Official Guide because some of us are great grandparents and don’t have years to wait to leave our genealogy research for our descendants. Some of us may die waiting for your company’s promises which take you months and months. We don’t care about all the other things you have changed….just the charts, reports to put into Book just like Version 2006. Thank you.

  355. Great to see the Beta, however I am a little disappointed that it defaults to my 1st husband. As I have bad memories of that marriage likewise so have thousand other people perhaps it would be better if the Beta system defaulted to the current spouse.



  356. David Lewis

    Is it possible to print a Beta Family View chart so that it will fie one single sheet.When I try no matter whether I have the machine set to landscape or portait it always prints in two pieces.
    Thank you, David Lewis.

  357. Is this the same as the Geni site? My son and his wife’s family has been using it and it would be wonderful if you were both one and the same.

  358. LouAnn Smith

    Love this new Beta view as I am new to the site and found it very easy to use.

    I don’t mind seeing my 1st husband on the tree view, I would just rather not see him is such a big box. I think current spouses should be shown in the bigger box. I did fill out all of the marriage and divorce information, so ex-hubby should have the smaller box.

    Thank you!

  359. Patricia

    This is beautiful and the color makes it looks somewhat antique. My husband thinks the his name frame should be as large as mine.What do you do about large families? Can it be programed to print on 4 sheets of paper? I would like to frame copies for my large family.

  360. Wilma

    Where can one see answers to a lot of these questions? I’m particularly interested in finding out about the printing on one page problem.

  361. LAURA


  362. debra gadie

    i think the family beta is great but i am just puzzled as to why when i i bring up my grandads view to print my cousins are there as grandchildren but myself and brother are not there.thanks

  363. Roy Stubbs

    A great addition – it allows an overall view of generations without having to navigate back and forth between people. Now, just fix the print routine for landscape, etc. And, never one to be satisfied, how about ‘drag’ and ‘drop’ across the tree?

  364. Mary Eavenson

    I have info on Robert Southery,s da. Mary who marries John Palmer Sr.[my husband,s line]
    Her sister Margery m. John Hannum.
    I donot have a website. Contact me is interested in these two ladies.
    Mary Eavenson

  365. How can we use this Family View (Beta) format to print all of the generations (5) on one sheet? It is such an attraction, I would like to use it at a big family gathering, Either that or a real Descendency chart.

  366. Pat Burkhart

    Have tried several times, but can’t get any display with the beta version. Does it require a special “viewer”?

  367. Tracy

    I really like the family view feature, but I was wondering if it’s possible to show extended family as well (like aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) It would be really great to see how everyone in my family relates to me and to each other.

  368. sonny

    When I use the printer friedly version, WYSIWG doesn’t work. I have tried dragging the chart all around and am unable to print what I see on the preview screen.

  369. Diane Wilkerson

    Please, Please make this view printer friendly so it will print the entire tree.

  370. Juli

    It would be great if I could get this Family view published in a Poster with the generations, as this is what I’m trying to accomplish for an 80th birthday. Currently, it’s nearly impossible for me to get all of the children and grand children as well as generations back with out a lot of work. If I were able to say, gimmie a family view with 7 generations back with Children and Grandchildren, my project would be that much easier.

  371. Janice Collins

    I like the new Family View however, I would like to see more generations up to five would be great as this would include more ancestors to view. Would you look at adding an option button so you can choose to include more than the 2 generations at present.

    Regards, Janice

  372. jerry Bowling (ejb1498)

    I clicked on print, print and the background came off the printer all black. My “IT Manager” wrote me up for using too much ink. Q. How to not use ‘too much ink’ i.e. no background color.

  373. Andrew

    I really like the Family(beta) tree view, except that it doesn’t show the cousins/Aunts/Uncles in one view. Perhaps a toggle switch?

  374. Chris

    Love the beta format, but would like all marriages to show up in form and would to have the option for doing a descendants only poster.

  375. Suzanne Russell

    I would really, really like a desendency tree that would run about 50 generations.

  376. AustinMN

    In comment # 164, I mentioned a specific bug – a case where a child does not appear in the Family Beta view under one parent if the other parent is unknown. I don’t see a response from Kenny Freestone about this. Is it being worked on? I can give specific examples from one of my trees if that would help.


  377. Why is there a black background behind the tree when you print it. Can this be changed or do you need to go through the create a book portion to fix that? Otherwise I love it but don’t want touse up all that black ink

  378. Sharon Davis

    I like the Family option. One thing I noticed that is VERY irritating is that when it’s printed, it does so in a Black background, even when printing from a Black&White printer–takes too much toner. Also, you can’t get the picture wide enough to display 9 siblings.

  379. Sharon

    I really like the Beta view, but I’d like to be able to see more generations at a time, and to be able to see the siblings from both sides of the family.

  380. Kim Richards

    I would reall appreciate you putting in how a persson is related to the any person you ask for like in Family Tree 16. It would also be nice to be able to see who are the descendants and ancestors.

  381. Doris Lawrence

    Sorry, I don’t like this version. I want to see at least 4-5 generations on a page. Older versions had this feature. This just doesn’t work for me. And, it is not easier to use than older versions. I am very, very disappointed.

  382. Perhaps I am missing something…but for example if there are multiple spouses only the last one shows when viewing beta. Because it shows the last husband my children don’t show up.

  383. Mary Garner

    I am unable to download Flash Player so unfortunately cannot view my tree via beta. Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated
    Mary Garner

  384. Michael Goodjohn

    Is it possible to adjust print parameters so that it is possible to scale the view?

    Why does the print have a black background?

    I really like the presentation very much! But I need to be able to transfer the view to a publisher program… can you help?

    Michael Goodjohn

  385. Emma

    Can we extend the view/print to greater than 5 generations? We are up to 9 generations. I’d like to be able to see the option to toggle between ancestral and descendant view/print. What are your thoughts? Thanks

  386. Great site. Just discovered Beta and am printing off my trees. Can we have some way of printing in lanscape so that we do not have to join the 2 sheets

  387. netty eades

    Great addition to the site. Is there a way of down loading the whole tree as I have someone that has offered to print it for my husbands anniversary present.

  388. Love the new Beta version. I had come to a bit of a dead end in some part of my family but now have great records that I have printed out and can add to my tree. Thankyou

  389. Ann Brown Singleton

    I have used the beta family and when I click on print and even make the blocks as small as possible and print landscape, I still have trouble making everything print on one page. is there somehwere you can direct me to fix this?


  390. Emily

    This has become my favorite way to examine my family tree. My only request is that I would like to be able to show more people at one time so that I can print a complete family tree. But otherwise it’s a lot easier to use.

  391. john seaton

    Have just used Family View BETA.Visualy its fine but a MAJOR FAULT WHY PRINT THE BACKGROUND IN BLACK INK.
    Unless the background print colour is changed shall not use again ICANNOT AFFORD THE INK

  392. Colleen Higgins

    I love it! I like it much better thenthe other view. I’d like to see more relatives on it though. It would be great to see your whole tree at once this way.

  393. Bobbie Alicen

    1. The printout is much larger than what is shown on the screen. I worked hard to space everyone and at the right size, and what I do seems to be ignored.

    2. It would be wonderful if the orientation could be changed to landscape, so I could include siblings too.


  394. Mike

    This is a great product. What would make it even better is the ability to use the search box to query and filter the view. For example, if I want to find everyone with the same lastname anywhere in my tree, I would put that name into the box and see the view zoomed out enough to cover all of those connections. That would be a very impressive upgrade.

  395. Great addition to the program. I needed an easy way to print out parents and their children. Would be great if it could be sized to print on one piece of paper instead of having to splice together two or more sheets!

  396. Jill Asbjornsen

    I have been looking for this format! This is the way my brain thinks of a family tree – top down and siblings included. Thank you!

  397. Lesley Daniels

    Looks great. Is it possible to add a function to be able to control the number of generations please.
    Keep up the good work. It is great to see your progess in leaps and bounds.

  398. B Sansoterra

    It would be nice if you allowed users to set the number of generations they would like to view at once (ie 5, 10, 20, infinity). A desendency tree would be nice too.

  399. ann machin

    When I went to print it only comes out with a black background, this uses a lot of ink can it be printed with just the icons on the tree page.

    Many thanks for a great programm

  400. Cathleen Strabala

    The FAMILY Beta view as well as the Family Group view when printed in the Ancestry Press books needs to show all marriages of the children. Also need a printable view of the Family Group Sheet w/o going into Ancestry Press. Also the entire FAMILY Beta view needs to print on one or two (at most) pages that could easily be taped together.


    If there are two husbands-one mother
    Only child of one husband appears on beta
    no line for the other children by different father

  402. James Bloom-Scheff

    Looks good but why limit the number of generations? Would be much better if one could see more.

  403. I had not seen this, and I am so impressed, I viewed and right away I was able to add the photos, view, and it is fantastic,
    This has realy made it the best seen yet. keep up the great work

    I too hope it will make it to the full part of the whole site.




  405. I just want to say what a real help I find this beta tree area of Ancestry. It makes manoeuvering about so much easier and it helps me make sure I haven’t skipped a generation etc.
    I hope you will be able to develop and expand this area of Ancestry.
    Thank you for your work.

  406. Marcin

    I like this version, and I looked at previous comments, and I was just wondering two things about the Beta. Will there ever be an option to do a full family view (I realized many people have asked this before) and I know you can choose a permanent spouse for the focus view, but when a person is not the focus, will this ever show both spouses (like if you had the mother of a child who had two spouses as a focus, will there ever be an option to see both spouses)?

  407. EMILY

    How about a comment on when you may be able to fix the black background print problem on Beta. I am frustrated with spending hours trying everything I know, even resorted to turning off the black ink to no avail.


  408. Josie

    I can’t get rid of my mother’s 2nd husband on the Family Beta. He is no relative of mine and i disliked him intensely, so find this very disturbing. I included him as well as my father as husbands only because of my mother. He should not show up in a family linage.

  409. Sue

    When I try to print I get a black background and it doesn’t fit the page in either landscape or portrait layout. I have shrunk the size as small as it will go.

    My biggest problem is the black background. I can work around the rest of it.

  410. Kathy O

    I like the Beta version….very much and have been using it since it came on. It has been such a help showing the grand picture. The only negative feed back is that only one wife (the last one) shows up and her children aren’t listed. I notice that this has been mentioned before. Keep up the great work!

  411. Kerry Irene

    G’day, i’m having a great time with the whole site, but i have come across a problem that i can’t get my family tree at all, whether i try family tree tab or Beta view. i am on microsoft xp, i can’t get a answer from the help area that fixes my problem. please help, i need to see my tree.

  412. David Pearson

    The Family Beta, is great..

    Room for improvements:-

    1. Ability to see/print the whole tree..

    2. Ability to see/print a specified number of ancestor/decendants..

    Keep up the good work..

  413. Elizabeth

    I don’t seem to be able to download the new version of flash player so I cannot now view Beta choice for the family view. Have I missed something?
    I have gone to Adobe several times and followed the instructions, but no luck. Any ideas?

  414. Lynn

    I don’t seem to be able to get the first husband and father of the children in the family of one ancestor to show up on Beta. The husband who shows up is much later and not the father of any of her children so they do not show up either. I went back and made sure their marriage dates were in the right order to show who should be first.

  415. Joseph

    A little confused in the spouse/relationship area. Case in point: Felicia is married to Jerome Belser and has three children; she is only a friend to John Evans but has one son. How do we go about that one?

  416. Janine

    I find that some of the names do not show up when I print and also some date when one or two levels away.
    Otherwise, I LOVE IT!

  417. Hugh Senior

    Multiple clicking on the “Printer Friendly” button repeats the re-size.smaller. An interesting ‘feature’, but it also shifts the preview display down each time rather than maintaining page centre.

  418. Danny

    Great … but I would like to see EVERYONE … I think that is the biggest issue for this site in general is that we cant see how everyone is linked up.

    Also for those people who did not have husbands and had children can we see somthing where we can unlink the husband/wife link but keep the child/father link?

    Great job overall though and keep up the great work!

  419. Carol Murry

    I have two more suggestions for you concerning your new merge capabilities.
    Many times you will find that a child was orphaned and adopted or taken in by a family member. I have yet to find a way to indicate the people who adopted them, and thier real parents, whem both are known. Example: Carrie Mae Wilson was born to Ernest Layman Wilson and Clyde Elizabeth McCombs Wilson. Clyde died very shortly after giving birth and Ernest could not care for an infant, so his sister Emmer Myrtice Wilson Thompson and her husband Allen Gibson Thompson took Carrie Mae in and eventually adopted her. I am unable to list her true parents, and her adopted parents both. It is one or the other, giving false information either way you go.

    My second suggestion hs to do with AKA’s.
    Example: Lawrence Alexander Province was also known as 8 Province (I won’t get into the reasons of his AKA, just suffice it to say he was on the wrong side of the Law.) There is no way to indicate his AKA when his real name pops up on a Census unless you phisically go back to him and later add the AKA…(pain in the … and time consuming if you don’t happen to forget!) asdditionally, he is listed as 8 Province on some census records and not by his real name. There should be some sort of choice offerede as to what he is called in our family history records, with say access to a small note that allows the reason behind the AKA.
    Thanks Again!
    Keep up the good work!

  420. June

    Wow! I’ve been busy and haven’t checked in much for awhile and was really amazed to see what’s happened to the home page! All of a sudden I can just go to and add to my family tree! Nice goin’, folks! Thanks a lot! I’m having a ball! June

  421. Carol Zillig

    The “printer friendly” isn’t I have even set my page up to print landscape in the hope of capturing all my info, but still no luck. Please advise.

  422. Gladys Beaty

    I really love the Beta view it is layed out in a way that you just see everything I really, really love it thanks.

  423. Bob Brown

    I was adding names to a new family tree named Brown/McSwan Family Tree. The example I will use is “Harriet Duncan”. As I added each child I got a pop-up stating the child’s birthdate was after the mother’s (Harriet’s)death. Did I want to proceed anyway? The reason for the pop-up was incorrect and was simply an annoyance. Please check and correct this. July 14, 2008.

  424. Ben Lovitt

    It would be really nice if you could expand the number of generations from two to the entire tree.

    Looks good!


  425. Hi: Love However I’m in the process of using the Beta family tree. Is there a way to move names so that they “don’t fall off into the next page?” Example: My mother’s name is Helen Louise Shull. She has been married twice: 1st to Jacob Miedema and 2nd to Gerald Peterson. Gerald’s name is far off the page…when there is plenty of room for his name closer to hers. Another item: my sister Robin Boorom has four children from first husband Stephen Boorom. When I use Beta format only her name comes up with 2nd husband William McMullen and none of her children are listed. All of my other siblings show their familys: Sandra Jean and family; Nancy Diane and family. Is there a way to add her children to her name and have them show up on the page?

    This book will be a great once I figure our how to set everything up. Do you have a friendly help page with instructions on how to print out our own books?
    Thank you,

  426. this is good, but i’m looking for anyone related to james and elizabeth deering from anoka. please if you are the grandson or great granson please let me contact you. if you are edward ross jr son of edward r deering died 3-1953 open files please you are my cousin. uncle ed died 3 months after my birth, but my sisters and brother remember him well.his neice vera just passed away 7-1-08. let me send info on family, he had several brothers and sisters my grandma was sarah deering coulter his older sister born in 1885. i do have a lot of info for you

  427. winnie

    new verison has dropped alot of info
    from my site . so now
    i have to start over why!!!!!!!!!!!!

    not very happy !!! it has dropped
    wives,sons,husbands ets.

  428. Kathy McLaughlin

    When creating a family tree, is there a way to include multiple spouses and children of the sons and/or daughters of key person in tree?

  429. skeeterwaldrip

    I like the beta family group sheet, but how do I make it print to only one page. When I hit the “printer friendly” button and then select print, it splits the page in half and prints the two half pages, to large to include in any document.

  430. skeeterwaldrip

    Incident: 080718-000774)

    I have checked all my printer settings and all seems well, it works flawless with everything else. For some reason, the “printer friendly” page of the Beta Family Group Page, wants to print to multiple pages, up to 4 pages. How do I get this page to print to only one page, Thanks

  431. Louise

    Is there any way to print the complete family tree (i.e. to a large sheet plotter)in one operation?

  432. I was wondering how to enter decendents of unmarried parents. A couple of my sisters decided to “test the waters”, so to speak before actually taking the plunge, resulting in offspring that they put up for adoption. They have since located their birth children and I would like to include them in the tree.
    Also, what is the requirement/policy of including multiple marriages/families?
    Thanks, and btw – this is a great help/tool. I agree with some of the others in being able to see a decendent tree

  433. Scott Hill

    It would be nice if it would actually print on one sheet of paper. The print preview emualates a single piece of paper, however it prints on 2 if portrait, and 3 if set on landscape.

    It is not resizing for paper size.

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