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We’re also excited today to introduce a cool little tool that lets you add notes or annotations on photos. The tool is super handy for identifying people within a photo, since you can highlight an area of the photo and type in a name or description of the highlighted area.

The notes only appear when your mouse hovers over the image. When your mouse hovers over the note, you’ll see the note text appear.

The notes are stored alongside the other information you enter about the photo. If the photo is public the notes you add will also be public.notes on photos


  1. Will this be a feature you can include in the new Family Tree Maker 2008? Of all the programs I’ve used for photo editing, this is the first I’ve seen that makes it easy and simple to use.

  2. Leonard Noland

    Gary. does NOT charge someone to build and maintain their tree in the Ancestry Member Tree system.

  3. jemhay

    With respect, Leonard – Gary stated that it’s only available to VIEW by those that have paid a subscription, not that one has to pay to create it. 🙂

  4. Ronald Cuthbert

    I have a dificult time scaning photos in to the new 2008 Tree. The 2006 tree it was easy. I am still useing it on pictures. Please help me.

  5. Steve Hall

    I enjoy adding photo’s of the individuals that are in my tree. However, we can go back only so far. How about adding a genealogy clipart source to add black and white clipart (or other clipart) depicting such things as occupations for Farmers, Blacksmiths, Deacons, Military personel etc.

  6. Melanie Atkins

    I have tons of photos to add to my family tree, and would like to be able to rearrange them as I add new photos so that they will appear in chronological order. At present, it appears to me that the photos appear in the order submitted and cannot be rearranged when additions are made. Please let me know if I have missed something here.

  7. Janet McCully

    I imported a large quantity of pictures, and I can find them in photos, but I can’t figure out how to get them into the other areas of Ancestry that I want them.

  8. Laurie A. Barthlow

    Well this is super cool. So do you really have to be a paying member to see the notes on the photo? I pay the max, but my family/guests do not, and I certainly want them to be able to see this cool feature, because those are the people it will mean the most to!

  9. Laurie A. Barthlow

    Also, I fully agree with what Melanie Atkins wrote about wanting the ability to rearrange the photos on the Tree. That would be a big help! And I’ve always wanted to know why the photos “jump up” when you first open an individual profile page. (It’s not a problem really, I’m just curious.)

  10. Laurie A. Barthlow

    One more comment – I really like Steve Hall’s comment/suggestion about the black and white clip art. It would be fun to be able to add/import clip art or historic photos to the profile pages of the ancestors who do not have photos. Thanks!

  11. Joseph Tan Seang Kuan

    Dear Friends,

    I find good to use, but have the following suggestions:

    1. Viewing photos/comments/stories in later pages of multiple pages – when returning to main page, it always goes back to page 1 even if the item viewed is in later pages. Shouldn’t it go back to the sourced page.

    2. Grouping photos – I have many photos posted in and searching for photos is difficult. Perhaps being able to sort photos into albums or type will be helpful. Eg. potraits, groups, events, etc. A free-style creating of albums would be the best.

    Thanks again. And best wishes.

    Joe Tan

  12. well we are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing how we want to compile and design our family tree, ancestry have thought of everything, i am drawn to the beta layout, is it possible that we will be able to print this at some point or even tranfer any of the trees to disc, bearing in mind all the hidden info within the tree, could this be displayed with the main layout ie children & grandchildren

  13. Ernest Christian Donner

    Every time I request a birth or death certificate for whomever in my family tree e.g. Great Great grandfather Friedrich Julius Donner my address in Australia is rejected and is causing me some difficulty in completeing my Family Tree. What can you do to overcome this feature?

  14. Xavier Le Dantec

    Notes On Photos
    I think this is a really COOL feature !

    But I can’t save the note… It has disapeared every time I reload the photo ! Did I miss something ?

  15. I am weighing in against clip art. Pics should be relevant. I have seen things like country flags that don’t excite me a whole lot. Of course, everybody can add what they wish.

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