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Next Thursday, November 1, we are offering a free online seminar (webinar) on AncestryPress. The focus will be on creating family history books, but we’ll also touch on some other great holiday gift ideas. For details, and to sign up, please visit the registration page. The webinar will begin at 8:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time and will last for no more than an hour, including a 20-minute Q&A session.

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NOTE: AncestryPress is now MyCanvas

In October 2008, AncestryPress was relaunched under the name MyCanvas. It is still a free, online software program provided by For current information about products and features, please see my more recent blog posts.


  1. Joan Hanlon

    Two issues I am interested in for the seminar:
    I am trying to use a starting person who does not show up in the drop down list (the list only holds about 16 names and this guy is further down the list). How do I get around this?

    PDF files;
    I have been uploading quite a few pdfs to my online family tree that contain biographies I found on heritagequest (hence, the only way I could save them was pdf). I had hoped to include them in the book, but they do not show up as being available under “View records for”. Is it not possible to print the pdfs in the book without retyping them all as text?

    I still love this product! It is so much fun creating pages! And the cropping tool is SOOOOO easy and fast! Thanks!

  2. Laurie Fite

    I truly enjoyed the webinar and learned a great deal about what I had not understood- especially with media files. Unfortunately, true to it’s nature, right at the end of the webinar Windows Explorer encountered a problem and had to close, so I did not get the survey or the 40% off couplon. Is there any way I can still get those items?

  3. Kernaa McFarlin

    I agree with Laurie. I found the webnar extremely helpful. Unfornately I too did not get the survey or the link to get the 40% off coupon. Additionally, since I missed the first half of the webcast, I’d like to review the webcast again. Please instruct me on the proper procedures for the above issues. Thank-you

  4. Laurie and Kernaa, I believe your comments are referring to the Family Tree Maker webinar, which was held last Thursday, not the AncestryPress webinar, which will take place this Thursday. Everyone who participated in the Family Tree Maker webinar will get a follow-up e-mail with a link to the survey, just in case you didn’t get the survey during the webinar (most likely because your pop-up blocker was enabled).

    You can find a link to the discount code on the Family Tree Maker blog:

  5. Suzanne Wright

    I enjoyed the webinar and look forward to more of the same. But at the end my web browser encountered a problem and shut down so that I was not able to complete the survey or receive the coupon.
    Is there any way I can still get these?

  6. Josie Evans

    Is there any way to watch this webinar after its live version? I will be in class when it is broadcasted?


  7. Ernest Moore, Jr.

    I was surprised at one of the reasons given for the complete overturning of a rather good genealogy application. I think it was Duff Miller that stated it was to cut down on memory usage. He cited an example of a woman who had 1GB of database in her family tree. She must have half of her state in her database. I have right at 1300 persons in my database and I only have less that 350,000 bytes in mine, and this includes a 500 page family history book.

    Also, something was said about “linkage” that I did not fully understand. If it had anything to do with scrapbook pictures I think you already have “linkage” in the pre-2008 versions, at least as far as scrapbook pictures is concerned. If I backup my picture file to a CD and remove it from my system then any picture in my scrapbooks contained on that CD is gone. I have to go back and put the picture back on my hard drive.

    I have been a user of FTM back to when it was a Banner Blue (I think) application. It has been a good program and does not warrant a complete changeover, no matter what Wilson, Humphreys and Netteshiem say.

    Also, I still have not been able to find a survey that can be sent to you.

  8. Tom Wickie

    My registration for the Ancestry Press Webinar must have been incomplete because I could not get back into it to make an update. Hence, I was not notified of the link for tonight. Will we be able to view the archived version as was possible with the FTM webinar? That was very useful when revisiting some of the slides. Thanks.

  9. Ron Chard

    I was unable view the webinar due to other commitments for the evening. Is it, like the Family Tree Maker 2008 webinar going to be available for viewing after the broadcast?

    Does anyone from answer the questions (comments) that are posted …if so, where do you view the answers. Looks like many have the same questions ….where do I see the answers?

  10. Rich

    Last nite was my first webinar and I messed up. Got sound but no video. I didn’t realize there was suppose to be. I had downloaded the pdf file, which opened in another tab, and was keeping up with the instructions, until we got to the 1st video. Then I realized my PC was not setup right. Are there any directions as to what is needed and do I have to subscribe to something?

  11. I’m using to build my Family Tree. Two of my first cousins married one another. I need suggestions for how to show this marriage without creating a “new” spouse.
    Any suggestions?


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