Posted by Ancestry Team on October 9, 2007 in News

Today we are excited to announce the official launch of AncestryPressTM, our new self-publishing application. AncestryPress lets you create professionally printed, custom family history books for yourself or that can serve as gifts for other family members.

The great thing about AncestryPress is how simple it is to use. AncestryPress exports profiles, historical documents, photos and other pieces of your tree directly into the application. AncestryPress takes these pieces and assembles them into automatically generated page layouts with illustrated family tree charts, biographical timelines, family group sheets and more. You can customize each page as much or as little as you’d like by including photos and records, changing backgrounds, using drag-and-drop embellishments, adding text and more.

We invite you to check out and play around with the new AncestryPress tool, and welcome your feedback about the product. You can read the entire press release here.



  1. Lawrence

    Suzanne, when this feature is incorporated into FTM as a feature internal to the program, then I would love to use it. In the meantime, I do not plan to upload my data to in order to print anything—call it a matter of privacy. Best wishes, Lawrence

  2. Lawrence

    I should probably add that my concern about privacy derives from the fact that Ancestry’s reputation is not entirely pristine when it comes to commercial use of users’ private data, all protestations to the contrary …

  3. Perry

    Lawrence, you have hit the nail directly on the head, in addition we pay to see A.coms information, they take ours, for free, and charge others to view it, seems like an unequal formula…..

  4. I am very interested in using this tool to help me complete a book that I have already written (about 50 pages long)as a personal history. I am having trouble after doing all the suggestions for the Flash Drive, it still won’t let me in. Can I use the narrative that I have done, intersperse pictures, and the templates as well? Also, I have no idea what the cost would be. I can’t seem to find where that would be found. As for the privacy issue, I am satisfied with the personal tree option that you have, allowing for deceased relatives to be researched on other tree. Thanks, Joycelyn

  5. Jay

    Really suggest moving all development away from a web site and move the functionality within the application so we can work-offline

    Lawrence said it right – Privicy concerns! There is no way I’ll upload my tree into a web site.

    Thanks, Jay

  6. Harvey

    I agree with most of the other commentators here.

    Why was it necessary to remove a function to another site, that was previously available internally in the program?

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