Introducing We Remember – Free Online Memorials

Posted by Ancestry Team on November 15, 2017 in We Remember

We are proud to announce We Remember, the newest product from Ancestry. At Ancestry our goal is to help everyone discover, preserve, and share their family story. We realized one area we could do this better was around celebrating the life of those you knew and loved. That’s where We Remember comes in.

With We Remember, you can quickly and easily create a free public memorial page for a loved one. Rather than being a research page, the We Remember page is designed to gather and showcase memories about your loved one. You can celebrate their life by bringing together those who knew them and collecting stories, and photos, to paint a rich picture of who they were.

There are three main sections of a We Remember page:

  • Tribute – Shows their name, photo, and a headline about them and/or their obituary
  • Guestbook – Lists all of their loved ones who have signed the page, including how they are connected – family, friends, coworkers, schoolmates
  • Memories – Shows all the memories people have added. At launch this includes photos as well as stories, with or without photos. You can even post questions for the group.

And We Remember is designed to work beautifully on any device. The page looks great and is easy to use on a phone, tablet, or computer. There is no app to download, just go to or click the link to a specific We Remember page that has been shared with you.

The heart of We Remember is memories. They can be simple or lengthy, and they can come from anyone who knew the person. At launch, guests can add photos (individually or as a group) and can write stories (with or without photos included). Audio and video options will come later. Here are some examples (as viewed on a mobile phone):

We Remember pages are intended for sharing and collaborating, gathering everyone’s memories together. There are multiple options for sharing on the site: email, Facebook, or just copying the link and sharing it directly with friends and family.

You can also post questions on the page for other guests to answer, helping prompt memories from them. And each memory includes a comments feature that allows friends and family to reminisce about the memories added, and even add additional photos in the comments to add to the story.

As the owner of the page, there are also multiple privacy options you can choose from to decide who can add and view memories; and you can always block any memories or guests if you need to.

We hope that you can take advantage of We Remember and make a free page to celebrate the life of a loved one. With the holidays coming up, it is a great time to gather with family and friends and reminisce about loved ones, in person or virtually, by sharing a We Remember page. Take advantage of the chance to remember, together.

Learn more or create a free page at

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