Challenge #7

Challenge #7 features the New Zealand, The New Zealand Gazette, 1860-1894 and Tennessee, Early Land Registers projects.

The New Zealand Gazette has been published weekly since 1841 and is the official newspaper of the government of New Zealand.  The articles range a full spectrum of events and we are capturing the names of the individuals involved.  It is typewritten and typically easy to read but there is sifting through the articles to determine what names, if any should be keyed.

And the Tennessee, Early Land Registers project is an old friend.  This project has been available for keying for a few years.  It is one of my favorites by way of interest – the descriptions of where the land plots are along with the maps are a great find.  It is handwritten and sometimes difficult to read but it’s easy to find the names and other information we are keying.

There are quite a few available image sets to key and review for each project.  Happy indexing!

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