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Every day thousands of original documents containing valuable genealogy information are lost to the ravages of time and circumstances.  We are trying to save those records. is digitizing records at an amazing rate.  But, we need your help to bring those historical record collections to the public.

The Ancestry World Archives Project has allowed thousands of people around the world help to preserve history that would otherwise be lost. Would you like to give back to the genealogy community? Would you like to help families discover more of their stories and share them with future generations?

We welcome whatever contribution your time and circumstances allow.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1.  Login using your user account or register here.
  2. Download the World Archives Keying Tool here.
  3. Select which collection of records you would like to work on and follow the simple instructions to help create the index.

 These indexes are then made available to the public for FREE.

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