New Project – Slave Owner Petitions, Washington, D.C., 1862-1863

Wow!  This project is off to a great start!  We’ve seen image sets go quickly before but this project may be in the running for the fastest keyed project to date.

If you are one of the few lucky ones to download image sets please make sure to read the Special Helps in the wiki as there are many images we are not keying in this project.  The images we are keying are in column format and are easy to key. 

Happy keying!

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A few dozen? It shows 1321 on my keying tool… or were you looking at the arbitration figures?

She never said a few dozen

I’m starting to arbitrate this project and I’ve noticed that on some images although the top part is a petition that shouldn’t be keyed, there is often a case number further down. Should this be shown as a case jacket so the case number can be input?

Further to previus post – it seems that the case number appears on the last page of the set for each case, so it may be helpful for the records to where each case starts and finishes. I’ve been adding the number for the last page – let me know if this is right please!

I started to key these but all I ever saw were case jackets and petitions. Some of them had dates on them but it says to take that info from the form. Very confusing!

I’ve arbitrated and keyed a few hundred and have not run across any summaries yet!

I’m keying the case jacket number on any petitions that I see.

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Ancestry World Archives Project News » New Project – Slave Owner Petitions, Washington, D.C., 1862-1863

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Ancestry World Archives Project News » New Project – Slave Owner Petitions, Washington, D.C., 1862-1863

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