Do You Facebook?

If you do be sure to click “Like” on our Ancestry World Archives Project community page to stay connected and informed.  This page has an up-to-date record count so you can see how we are doing with our World Record Challenge.  It also lists the current challenge of the week and the past challenge winners.

The other thing you can do from Facebook?  Suggest the page to your friends and use it as a way to invite more people to join our community and contribute to FREE genealogical records for everyone!

If you don’t Facebook, don’t worry.  You can still access the page even if you don’t have an account.  Just bookmark the link below so you can check back often.

Ancestry World Archives Facebook Page

We hope we’ll see you around Facebook.

Until next time – Happy Keying!

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Reader Comments

Did they announce this weeks contest and I missed it?

They didn’t announce the new contest or last week’s winner or the June winner. Guess they’re too busy

I was a runner up the first week, but they have not sent me the prizes yet, nor did they contact me…

I was first place in the contest for the first week and even though they contacted me soon after they didn’t send my any prize as yet.

When is gong to make an application for facebook its an open market.

Ancestry World Archives Project News » Do You Facebook?

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Ancestry World Archives Project News » Do You Facebook?