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Update: We have created a Keying Party page on Facebook that we will mainly use for the keying parties.  In addition to this page we will also have a keying party message board post.  Stay tuned for announcements regarding upcoming parties and Daily Challenges.

We haven’t had a keying party for a long time, so we are long overdue on getting together to key the day away.  In the past we mainly used Twitter Chat to meet online.  Here are more few free and easy to use places we could get together – Facebook, Google+, Skype, or the message boards.  Leave a comment and let us know your preference of gathering place.

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Facebook is the one I’m most familiar with…

My choice is Facebook.

Facebook for me

My choice is Facebook


I’ve heard about these “keying parties” but never had the opportunity to “attend” one – I would prefer the WAP Facebook page please!

facebook, please

I prefer Facebook too.

Facebook please.


What happens in a keying party? Should I light up the Bar-B-Q?

I’m familiar with facebook but not the keying parties, although I’ve keyed for some time. What goes on? Also my facebook account is limited to friends and family–would that be a problem?

@ Stanton and Florence
Anna explained to me -“The parties are times set so anyone who wanted to communicate with other keyers/reviewers/staff real time would know when others would be online.”

My preference would be Facebook

I, too, have been a “keyed-up” contributor but am not familiar with a keying party. Should I bring a dessert or is it byo to your keyboard??!! I look forward to kibitzing with other keyers.

Facebook for me please

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