Fall Challenge Update

The Week 4 Winners and results are:

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Ottawa Journal, 1885-1980
Keyer: Jeanne D, USA
Reviewer: Janet M, USA

Total Image sets contributed: 112 for a total of 9379 records
Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978
Keyer: Gina B, USA
Reviewer: Marcelle R, USA

Total Image sets contributed: 1090 for a total of 156,363 records
U.S., Military Registers, Army (Part 1)
Keyer: Kris C, USA
Reviewer: Ann C, USA

Total Image sets contributed: 827 for a total of 76,893 records

And Week 5 is Pick your Projects – the Challenge Winners this week will be the overall top 3 keyers and top 3 reviewers.

Thank you to all our contributors and happy indexing!

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