Defendants + Plaintiffs + Prison records = Fun records to key

The new project today is the Tulare County, California, Sheriff’s Office and Prison Records, 1874-1963.  There are a wide variety of records in the collection resulting in 6 form types to choose from – minus the Cover page and Image with no data.  This project is categorized as easy,despite the variety of records and sometimes challenging handwriting, and there are definitely some interesting records to look over.   

If you encounter questions while you are keying please post them on the Discussion page or this message board thread.

Happy keying!

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what happened to the Eton Project. Why was it withdrawn?

It was not withdrawn – there was a small glitch with the review image sets but that has now been resolved so there are 150+ review image sets available.

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Is Tulare gone already??

No, I see 12,580 keying image sets available – review image sets will be made available tomorrow.

Anna, I do not have Tulare on my list of available projects to download.

You mentioned that this project was “minus the Cover page and image with no data”. However, when I posted a question on the discussion page regarding form type, the reply from a reliable person was to categorize it as “Cover Page”. And now I have run into a similar situation when working on a register of Actions. People on listed on one page and financial details regarding that court case are on the following page. So I have been selecting “Cover Page”. I would really appreciate it if you would you please clarify?

Please disregard my comment. Additional information is on the wiki page now. Thank you.

Ancestry World Archives Project News » Defendants Plaintiffs Prison records = Fun records to key

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Ancestry World Archives Project News » Defendants Plaintiffs Prison records = Fun records to key

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