New Projects!

Update: I was so excited to get the images posted that I forgot the links for asking questions.  They are now inserted below.

Today we have three new projects for you to start keying…

The U.S., Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1790-1930 contain marriage and death extracts, mostly from the 1800’s, that were published in newspapers in Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut. They are typewritten and pretty easy to follow, and there should be plenty for anyone who wants to try their hand at an image set.

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Middlesex County Records – Calendar of the Sessions Books 1689 – 1709 is currently available to browse so you can see the entire book here.  The book contains writs, indictments, recognizances, orders, and memoranda of sessions.  You’ll be able to do a little light reading as you look for the names of the plaintiffs and defendants and their family.     

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And the Oxford – Brasenose College Register 1509 – 1909 is a recording of the attendees of the Brasenose College in Oxford.  Since the registers span 400 years many of the individuals will have death dates.  This is also a typewritten collection but since this is a smaller collection you will need to grab a few image sets while you can.

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 Happy Keying!

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Ancestry World Archives Project News » New Projects!

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