Just added – Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Tax Lists, 1819-1869

We’ve just released the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Tax Lists, 1819-1869 project for keying.  It is another easy project – although most of the records are handwritten they are clear and generally easy to read.  We are keying lists of individuals who were taxed in Cuyahoga (k.əˈhɡə/) County over a 50 year period.  (When we released the last Cuyahoga County project I had to learn how to say it.)  I have enjoyed keying it so I hope you do too.

Happy keying!

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When will people using MacBooks be able to download the keying tool. I recently gave up my old computer for a MacBook, and am no longer able to key. Patiently waiting – Adam


The short version is you can, as long as its running windows.

see here for more details.


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