Thanks for a great trip!

Over the past few weeks many contributors, from many different countries, have joined us in working on ten projects as we worked our way around the world.  We are truly the World Archives Project! 

Due to your efforts we are bringing more records to the public – making the people on the records live on and not be forgotten.  Thank you!


The winners of the Canada Nominal Rolls and Paylists Challenge are:

Linda, from Surrey, who arbitrated 122 image sets


Daniel, from Aberdeen City, who keyed 375 records

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who won the contest on the 11th for New Zealand City Directories. these were the really difficult ones because many had skipped cities and a few only 1 keyer had input so we had to check every entry. I only keyed about 28 or so sets with over 5600 entries and it took me 20 hours until I couldn’t see any more! Just wondered who won and what they won.


possibly you, given your description

What: the choice between Family tree Maker, A DNA kit, and a 3 month world explorer subscription.

bug support if you haven’t gotten an email.

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