Woohoo! New Projects to key

About an hour ago we released two new projects for keying.

As you knew from this weekend’s challenge, the Dorset Crew Lists was released.  It is a collection of UK records related to ship voyages, crew members and apprentices. This is a smaller project so grab your image sets soon.

The second project released is another in the series of California, Biographical Index Cards, this set is mainly listing authors.  And if Dorset is small this project is teeny! (The last I checked there were only 460 image sets left.)

If you have any questions about the new projects I will be “hanging out” on the Discussion pages and the New Project Question and Answer board today and tomorrow.   Although I will need to sleep sometime, I’ll be around pretty late tonight.

Happy keying!

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I was working on the California Biographical Index Cards this weekend and when I came on this a.m. to work on them again….they were gone!! I thought they had been completed, but when I checked on the progress (expecing to see that they were done) I see that they are only 58% completed!? Why am I not being allowed to key them? They are not on MY list of projects to be completed. Are they really done or not? Is there a glitch in my download? If so, why hasn’t it appeared before now? Help!!

Gail, it looks as though most of the keying has been done but there are still hundreds of cards waiting to be reviewed, and it won’t be up to 100% until the review stage is completed.

Also, there will be image sets that have been downloaded by people but they haven’t finished keying them yet. Some of those will reappear for downloading if they expire; also some of the cards waiting for review will probably be rejected and go back for rekeying. So if you keep watching, a few sets should appear from time to time.

Thanks, Kate. I have started keying the Californis Railroad Records and will keep an eye out for the Biographical ones.

Hi: I am working on the GAR Kansas item, and was wondering, since this was a national organization, were the posts from all the other states also keyed or is Kansas the beginning or the end?
It’s very interesting to me, so was wondering if there will be any more when this one is finished.

Have been trying to key the California Rail road records and have some questions about how to enter some data. I am a new keyer and so far have been completely baffeled trying to find a place to get help with questions. None of the Help answers seem to address my questions. I also have some questions about entries on the Immigration and NAturalization records. My first few days I had an exceptional rating, now I have dropped to needs improvement and I don’t like repeating the same mistakes. Where can I get help with my questions

Enjoyed the Dorset Crew List pages. 2036904_14 particularly interesting. Difficult to decide what to key, but lots of fascinating detail about a disease-ridden voyage to Sierra Leone, including medicines prescribed and belongings of deceased crew members. More like this please!

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