We Have New Projects. It Must Be Wednesday.

You asked.  We listened.  If you want to participate you better jump on board quickly.

Dozens of you have been clamoring for more records from England since we finished keying our last English project a few months ago.  We published one today but it is small.  So, if you’d like to participate in keying the Middlesex, England, Convict Tranportation Contracts, 1682-1787, download an image set today.

The second project we published for keying today is from the California Biographical Collection.  We have keyed several of these small projects over the last year.  The latest, published today is the California, African American Who’s Who, 1948.  I always love keying projects like this because I feel like I am really getting a glimpse into the lives of those being written about.

I hope you take the chance to look at each of these projects as I am certain they will go quickly.  If you miss them, don’t worry, we’re already working on a couple more projects to be published for keying next Wednesday.

Until next time – Happy Keying!

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The California Africa-American Who’s Who image sets aren’t showing for download. All gone?


apparantly. I see one left to review.

it may be gone by the time you read this. 🙂

My 6xg-grandmother was transported to America in 1746, but from Lancashire, so she won’t be in the Middlesex records, but they are very interesting. I also have ancestors who were ship masters and ship owners, so I think it’s a shame we aren’t indexing those names as well.

I am attempting to review the completed images, but when I try to submit some of them I get a message saying there has been an unexpected error the explanation being “object reference not set to an instance of an object” and I am advised to log off. This is very frustrating. is there something wrong with the programme?

Joan, if it is on the Middlesex Convicts project, and you are getting that error message on a Transportation Sheet form type, try changing the form type to Content and then change it back to Transportation Sheet.

All done! WOW that was quick! MORE England stuff please!

I’m working on the USHMM for Romania. I went to MSN to look at the keyboard conversion that they have. It is complicated. Will it be just as effective if I use the diacritic chart provided by Ancestry? The directions are a bit confusing.


Yes, you can use the international characters dialog if you like.

I’ve always found it to be slower than just typing, but it does work.

See here about setting up an alternate keyboard.


Blinked and missed them. Just shows the appetite for English projects. It would be great to have more substantial ones to work on.

Speaking of new projects, will the 1911 UK Census be available to key soon?

I do not have a clue how to use Ancestry World Archives – I have tried to sought out what to do but am utterly bewildered abou how to start – I have been using ancestry com au since Nov 2008 but all I keep on reading is keep keying – how and what. I am 77 years old and profoundly deaf

Joy, if you want to key for the World Archives Project, you can download the software from the following link:

Also you can get the World Archives Project Getting Started Guide from the following link, which should explain what it is all about etc:

It is a PDF, so it will take a while to download and you need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or some other PDF viewer) to view it.

I would love to start keying the 1911 UK census, the sooner it is done, the sooner I will renew my subsciption.

How do you get the projects to be keyed? How does an organization become a partner? If some one knows of an organization with lots of records, how do you go about having them contacted?

When will the 1940 US census be available for index keying?

Who is keying the 1911 UK census if your not going to use us keyers in the Uk?
and what has happened to the London schools addmisions?they were finished ages ago.Anybody got any answers please.

Ancestry World Archives Project News » We Have New Projects. It Must Be Wednesday.
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Ancestry World Archives Project News » We Have New Projects. It Must Be Wednesday.
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Ancestry World Archives Project News » We Have New Projects. It Must Be Wednesday.

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Ancestry World Archives Project News » We Have New Projects. It Must Be Wednesday.

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Ancestry World Archives Project News » We Have New Projects. It Must Be Wednesday.

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Ancestry World Archives Project News » We Have New Projects. It Must Be Wednesday.

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Ancestry World Archives Project News » We Have New Projects. It Must Be Wednesday.





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