World Memory Project Update

A few weeks ago I posted an update regarding the USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) projects where we asked that images for these projects not be shared online.  As a way of providing support  we have created facsimiles of the original images so you have clean copies to refer to.  This will be helpful in understanding the column headings, knowing where to locate the information to be keyed and being able to translate words from the various language forms.  We have updated the Poland, Jewish Prisoners of War in Lublin, 1939-1941 article and will be working over the next few days to load all of the facsimiles to the wiki articles for each project.

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The German “Personal” should be translated as “Personnel”, not “personal”.

I have joined your project recently. Mostly I work on this part of project:
USHMM – Czech Republic, Selected Jewish Holocaust Records, 1939-1941
I speak Czech so it´s easy for me to understand and I have one question:

sometimes there is image without any name (biography of someone)and as images are conected one to each other I know the name of the person about who it is
My question is: should I key the name of the person if it is not written on image

I am looking forward to submitting the history of my late husband’s life in Shanghai 1940-1958. His name was Robert Goldman. There were 84 Jews left in Shanghai in 1958 – original #’s were 18,000. Please advise me on the “how tos” to accomplish and share this project called The Slow Boat from and To China. Thanks, Faith Goldman


We do not pull information from image to another.

1. I’m trying to ask questions via the Discussion tab for the Wiki Lublin article. It says I don’t have permission.

2. When I enter POW Camp, I see options in the drop-down listing as Stalag (VI A), though the form has Stalag VI A and sometimes the city. Also in the drop down are Stalags with non-Roman numerals, such as Stalag 101. No matter what I type in, I’m always prompted to correct the field. I’ve been keying in exactly what is on the card, i.e. “Stalag VI A Anytown.” What is correct here?

@crystal, Excatly as on the card (no periods)

Re the French documents – sometimes the departements are in brackets, am I ok just to separate from the town with a comma rather than to copy the brackets?

Will there be any projects to index the records of American Internment Camps, such as Crystal City, Texas, which held German Americans and Italian Americans?

I Found them, Thank You

Ancestry World Archives Project News » World Memory Project Update


Is that true? Ill spread this information. Anyway, good posting.

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