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Keying Tool Update – Version is now live!

In this version of the tool we have made a few very noticeable changes that we hope you are as excited about as we are. The first change you’ll notice is the addition of your accuracy rating!  We have received a lot of feedback from you asking how you are doing and wondering if your […]

Message Boards Update

We have been very excited to see the activity and interaction on the World Archives general message board.  In hopes of making the message boards more approachable, and a place where more focused discussions can occur, we have created four new message boards covering the main types of records that we are currently working on; […]

New Help Articles

If you have questions regarding the New England Naturalization Indexes or the England and Wales, Criminal Registers you’re in luck!  We have two new articles to assist you in keying these projects.  The articles address the more frequently ased questions so if you have questions that we didn’t answer in these articles please send them to We are […]

Keying Tool Update – Version

As you have likely noticed we launched a new version of the tool late yesterday afternoon.  The first time you open the tool after we have made an update it will take a minute or two for the program to load. Many of the changes we made are not noticeable but will make the tool […]

New Help Articles

As part of our efforts to improve the keying program and the resources available to contributors we are writing a series of new Help articles.  Based on the feedback we have received the first article in the series is “Tips for Reading Old Handwriting“.  This article gives you tips about letters that often look the same and also includes […]

General Keying Guidelines

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a lot of questions regarding how information should be keyed.  So that we’re all on the same page we’ve taken the most common questions, found the answers, and posted them all in one place, an online article found here.           If you think we’ve missed something, have feedback or have further questions please send them […]

Give us your feedback in a quick survey

We want to hear from you!  If you have a minute or two we would love you to take a quick survey about the World Archives Project.  Let us know what you think – where we could improve, what projects you like best and anything else you want us to know.  As we work through […]

World Archives Project Webinar

Have you signed up for the Webinar?  If not you still have time… This is a great opportunity to learn more about the project.  Our Product Manager, David Graham, will be walking through how to use the tool, what some of the tips and tricks are to make things easier, what the contributor benefits are and more.  So if you’ve ever […]

New Project Help – England, Newspaper Index Cards (Andrews Collection)

With so many different types of articles in this collection it is sometimes hard to determine what needs to be keyed.  We have received a lot of questions and hope that our recently published online help article for the England, Newspaper Index Cards collection, found here, will help you.  If you need further assistance please email our support team at worldarchivesproject at […]

Join Us in a Webinar on the World Archives Project

On Thursday, Oct. 23rd, at 8 pm EDT, will be sponsoring a webinar on its new World Archives Project. Learn more about’s new community indexing program that gives people around the world the opportunity to save historical records important to them. Register for the webinar here.