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Ancestry site outage “tonight”

Tonight, Wednesday, February 17, starting around 11:30 pm MST (Thursday, February 18 – 6:30 AM in London and 5:30 PM in Sydney) will be down to perform site maintenance work.  During this time you will not be able to access any online resources – the message boards, help articles and project pages – and you will not be able to download image […]

New Support Email Address

We have two new items that I wanted to make sure everyone knows about.  In order of importance… We now have a new email address to contact our support team,  This email address and the Provide Feedback link (look for changes coming to this link and page in the future) will both reach our support […]

Insights into Project Testing

I think it’s important to address the issue of why things sometimes change in a project.  But before I start that discussion it’s important to know how the overall process works… Before being released every project goes through the following processes – it is imaged (the original documents are scanned), defined/setup (where we figure out what should be […]

Ancestry site outage “tonight”

Tonight, Wednesday, November 18, starting at 11:30 PM MT (Thursday, November 19 – 6:30 AM in London and 5:30 PM in Sydney) will be down to perform site maintenance work.  What this means is that you will not be able to access the message boards, help articles and project pages.  You will also not be able to download […]

A Mac or Not a Mac?

That is the question that often arises when we announce new projects or a new tool update for the Ancestry World Archives keying tool. I acknowledge the frustration our Mac users in our community experiences when Ancestry produces products that are not Macintosh compatible. While we do not have anything new to announce for our […]

London, England Early Parish Registers, Trial Update

The trial period for the London, England Early Parish Registers project has come to an end and as such the project will no longer be available for keying.  Based on the feedback we received we have decided that keying this collection through the World Archives Project is not a viable option.  I hope you learned as much through […]

June Edition: “Cutting Through the Red Tape” of Military Records

Last week we sent out our quarterly newsletter – it’s informative and fun to read so if you missed receiving it I recommend reading it.  Click here to view the June edition.   If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter you can update your mailing preferences here. Enjoy!

New Project! Lubeck Volkszahlung 1807 & 1812

If you are not a German speaker don’t let these records scare you off.  I think they are a good place to test the waters if you haven’t before – we are keying mainly the surnames but sometimes you find a given name listed as well.   As with all handwritten documents,  reading the handwriting can […]

New Projects!

Late last week we released four new projects, three Naturalization Originals collections, New York, California and Pennsylvania, and the Dictionary of National Biography, Volumes 1-20, 22. The Naturalization Originals are fun collections to key and to look through.  I love seeing the old documents and sometimes get sidetracked reading through the whole document – even though the information […]

New Message Boards!

This morning you will notice two new message boards – International Directories and U.S. City Directories.  These boards were created with the Sydney and New South Wales, Sands Street Index and Jacksonville, Florida Area City Directories projects in mind.  With the growing number of discussions regarding these projects on the general message board we wanted to make sure the discussions were easier to […]