New Keying Projects Archive

Defendants + Plaintiffs + Prison records = Fun records to key

The new project today is the Tulare County, California, Sheriff’s Office and Prison Records, 1874-1963.  There are a wide variety of records in the collection resulting in 6 form types to choose from – minus the Cover page and Image with no data.  This project is categorized as easy,despite the variety of records and sometimes challenging [...]

New Project!

Our new project this week is the Eton School Lists 1791-1850, a book listing the names of the attendees of Eton School during that 59 year period.  It is an easy project, typed and very few fields to key, and small so I anticipate they will be gone before the weekend. If you have questions please [...]

Return of the New York Naturalization Originals

Today we released the New York, Naturalization Records, 1897-1944, Part 2 project.  As we reviewed the records in the original project we found many records that were missclassified – having keyed many of these image sets I know that it could be difficult to determine whether we were to key a record or not.  We have [...]

New Projects!

Update: I was so excited to get the images posted that I forgot the links for asking questions.  They are now inserted below. Today we have three new projects for you to start keying… The U.S., Newspaper Extractions from the Northeast, 1790-1930 contain marriage and death extracts, mostly from the 1800′s, that were published in newspapers in Massachusetts, New [...]

New Project – U.S. Southern Claims Commission, Disallowed and Barred Claims, 1871-1880

Our next project is a little different than the typical projects we have been indexing.  The U.S. Southern Claims Commission, Disallowed and Barred Claims, 1871-1880,  is comprised of case files with claims submitted by Union sympathizers who lived in the South during the Civil War for reimbursements of property lost due to Army confiscations.  The claims you [...]

New Project from the UK

Our new project this week is the  North Nottinghamshire Register of Voters 1885.  This is a small project that is lists of type written names of voters living in Nottingham, UK during the year 1885.   Happy keying!

It’s Friday and time for a new project!

Yes, typically new projects come on Wednesday but we were waiting on some translations and I didn’t want to wait until next week so here it is – USHMM – Poland, Lòdz Ghetto Register Books, 1939-1944 (Part 1).   This project is close to being the easiest USHMM project we have released and it is just [...]

New Project – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Ottawa Journal, 1885-1980

Today we released the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Ottawa Journal, 1885-1980 collection.  This project is a collection of newspaper pages containing vital events.  There are 30 fields, so depending on the event there may or may not be information to enter for many of them.  (In cases where there are fields that are not applicable to the event type just [...]

The second week of December brings us two new projects!

Today we released Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, Church Records, 1636-1850 and New York, New York, Quarterly Abstracts of Seamen’s Protection Certificates, 1815-1869. The Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, Church Records, 1636-1850 are a collection of vital records, for Rhode Island, taken from records kept by the churches.  They include birth, marriage, death, and other records.  We are [...]

New Project – Tennessee, Early Land Registers

The Tennessee, Early Land Registers are reminiscent of the Delaware, Land Records but I think they are a little easier – you can decide for yourselves.  The records are handwritten and you may find that the images have some heavy shadowing in between the pages.  If you are unsure of a letter try using the wildcards to [...]