Project of the Day Challenge Archive

Challenge Update – The beginning of the end…

This is the first day in the last week of our Challenge.  I have keyed a few projects during the Challenge that I haven’t keyed for a little while which is most of the reason why we hold Challenges – other than it is fun to have some competition and win prizes! Our projects this […]

Challenge Update, Week 7

We had another great week!  It took me a little while to figure out all of the Challenge winners which means that we had a lot of involvement.  Thank you to all who participated in the Challenge. Here are the Week 6 winners: Savannah, Georgia, Licenses and Bonds, 1837-1909 Keyer: Anna Marie D, USA Reviewer: […]

Week 3 Challenge

We are staying in Europe with the Cartes électorales de Paris et ses environs et d’autres villes françaises, 1900-1932 (France Electoral Cards) and Lübeck, Germany, Citizenship Register, 1591-1919 projects. Both projects are average difficulty but with the use of the example images language shouldn’t be a big barrier.  The handwriting on the Cartes électorales de Paris is generally simple to read, […]

Challenge Update – Week 1 & 2

We are moving along and had a great first week!  Thank you to all who have participated in the Challenge! The Challenge winners for each week will be posted here. Week 1 Winners: Isle of Wight, England, Non-Conformist Registers, 1832-1937 Keyer: Evelyn P, US Reviewer: Kate R, UK West Yorkshire, England, Quarter Session Orders, 1637-1914 […]

Fall Challenge

It is time for a challenge!  We’ll be making our way around the world, one country at a time.  Phileas Fogg thought he could go around the world in 80 days, I think we can do it in 8 weeks. Starting and ending as he did in the UK. Week 1 (October 29-November 2): Isle […]

Week 3 Challenge

And our winners are… Keying: Amy M of Oklahoma Elisabeth P of Yorkshire Lanie C of Virginia Review: Karen T of Nottinghamshire Julia W of London Linda P of Connecticut   For our week 3 challenge we will have a 3 day challenge, Friday, April 19 – Sunday, April 21, we will recognize the top […]

Challenge Update

Yesterday brought the end of the alphabet.  We completed 418 image sets for the U.S., 1928 Baker Roll and Records. Keyer: Kim B, Virginia Reviewer: Ann S, Pennsylvania The last challenge is a four day pick-your-project marathon!  With it being a holiday weekend, November 22-November 25, in the U.S. this may give the advantage to those […]

Challenge Update

Three challenges down, many more to come! Challenge 3, Dorset QS Books, ended yesterday. We ended up completing 4995 records which is a 1000% increase over the same days in prior weeks. Keyer: Kate R, UK Reviewer: Barbara W, Arkansas During Challenge 2, California Railroad Employment Records, we completed 77,840 records which is double the records […]

Challenge 1 – American Volunteer Soldiers, Mexican War, 1846-1848

We had a great weekend with a total of 11,462 records being contributed to the American Volunteer Soldiers, Mexican War, 1846-1848 – this is a 500% increase from the previous weekend! Our challenge winners are: Keyer: Michael T, Alabama Reviewer: Jane F, Texas Thank you to everyone who keyed on this, and all of the projects, this […]

Are you up for a challenge?

Have you ever played the alphabet game?  There are many varieties of this game but the basic gist is to list or find things in alphabetical order.  We like to take road trips so we try to find signs with the letters in the alphabet, or licence plates, or objects…  The alphabet game is a […]