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More “new” Projects!

Today brings us two projects that will be new to some but will be very familiar to anyone who has keyed in the past year. The first project is the New Zealand, City & Area Directories, 1866-1955.  Yes, there are more.  (This is Part 3 and I believe there is also a Part 4.)  The Wise’s [...]

More from the UK

Update: We have released the review image sets for the Children’s Employment Commission- Appendix to the Second Report of the Commissioners 1842.  We have updated the instructions and examples for the Clergy List 1897 project – please note the changes to the Residence Location field helps.   Today we have two new projects with a [...]

New Project

For some reason I can’t seem to get the idea of cheese out of my mind any time the Cheddar Rate Book project is brought up!  (Yes, the name for cheddar cheese did originate from Cheddar, you can read about it here.)  I believe this may be the smallest project we have launched to date – [...]

The impact of a few hours time.

Last week I was in Las Vegas at the National Genealogical Society Annual Conference.  While there we assist with searches, share tips about using Ancestry, and talk to many, many researchers.  In one such conversation with Michael Brenner, a past President of the Southern Nevada Jewish Genealogical Society, I asked him if he was familiar [...]

New Projects!

Today brings us 3 new projects, North Carolina, Native American Census, Selected Tribes, 1894-1913, Newport Pagnell Vaccination Register 1909-1927 and U.S., Album of Criminals, 1906.  These projects are all smaller with only 1000 image sets between them. The North Carolina, Native American Census, Selected Tribes, 1894-1913 collection contains census books enumerating Cherokee Indians residing in communities and counties within the Cherokee [...]

Week 4 Challenge

UPDATE:  And the winners are… Day 1: Mike J and MJ Quinn Day 2: Anne W and Linda W Day 3: Ann C and Sharon G T-Shirt Winners: Jeanette C, Karen T, Erica V, Joan A, Ann C, Glenys P, Kate M, Jeni M, Isolde W, Linda W Thank you to all who have participated [...]

New projects!

We have 2 new projects today – for those of you in the UK it is a bright and early, those in the US a late night and those in Australia a lovely afternoon - Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae and Oxford Men and Their Colleges, 1880-1892.  Both projects are currently available on Ancestry.com to browse and we will be [...]

Rhode Island Challenge Winners

Over the weekend the challenge was for all of the Rhode Island Vital records projects – we keyed them quickly and are having some challenges getting them finished in the review stage. We completed 193 review image sets for a total of 16,000+ records, and a few keying image sets.   The records we have [...]

Week 2 Challenges

Update: We completed 444 keying image sets and 599 review image sets.  There were 4 contributors who completed 50+ review image sets and 8 contributors who completed 100+ keying image sets!  And the winners are: Keying: Laurie A of  Minnesota Review: Patricia L of California And the Czech projects Challenge winners… Keying: Michael T of Alabama [...]

Project of the Day – Challenge 1, Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978

Challenge Winners: Keyer: Georgine H of California and a very close second, Pat A of Ontario Reviewer: Jane F of Texas During the challenge 151 contributors keyed 68,757 records and reviewed 62,801 records – a total of 131,558 records!!!   We reviewed 5 times the number of records than the same days last year. Thank [...]