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USHMM, Days of Remembrance

This week is Holocaust remembrance week, or the Days of Remembrance.  It also marks our 3rd Anniversary of the World Memory Project.  We have accomplished a lot over the past 3 years! 3100+ contributors have contributed 2.44+ million records We’ve completed 23 projects adding 15 new databases on Ancestry To celebrate this week we will highlight each [...]

New Projects!

We have two new projects today - York, Yorkshire, England, St. Michael le Belfrey Parish Register, 1565-1653 and Caernarfonshire, Wales, Lleyn and Eifionydd Church Registers and Gravestone Inscriptions.   Both projects are small UK collections with fewer than 200 image sets. York, Yorkshire, England, St. Michael le Belfrey Parish Register, 1565-1653 contains Parish records with a variety of [...]

Projects Update

It has been a while since our last update so I am starting fresh. Projects that are 100% keyed or really close: California, Spanish Archive Records – 172 review image sets remaining Savannah, Georgia, Select Board of Health and Health Department Records, 1822-1864, 1887-1896 – 249 review image sets remaining USHMM – Czech Republic, Social Welfare [...]

Happy 5th Anniversary!

We took the Beta tag off the keying tool March 14, 2009 – after a year or so of development we were finally “Live”.  I was so excited to see the many hours of time spent by developers, contributors in testing and our operations team come to full fruition.  Now 5 years later I am [...]

And our new projects this week are…

… California, Spanish Archive Records and USHMM – Kraków, Poland, ID Card Applications for Jews During WWII, 1940-1941 (Part 7). The California, Spanish Archive Records project contains records in Spanish and English translation for petitions for land grants prior to California becoming a state.  Due to the unique nature of this project we will be keying minimal information, page numbers [...]

Two “new” projects!

Today we have one new project, Wells, Somerset, England, Bishop’s Transcripts and a returning project, Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978 (Part 1). The Wells, Somerset, England, Bishop’s Transcripts contains a portion of the Bishop’s Transcripts (copies of parish register entries) that are located in Wells, England.  They are separated into event types, burials, marriages and baptisms and are all [...]

Our new project this week is … Ireland, Marriages, 1771-1812

This is a smaller project and one that is already available on Ancestry - it was OCRed quite a few years ago.  Since this is not in a typical format you will want to review the images on the wiki page to assist you in deciphering what should be keyed. Due to the size and nature of this project [...]

World Memory Project Update

Update: We have returned the projects to the queue until we complete the process of splitting them into smaller projects.  We appreciate your patience and contributions! We have two projects that have been available for over 2 years that we will be removing from the download queue in order to split them into smaller projects. [...]

Daily Challenges

This Friday, February 21, we will have a daily challenge for the World Memory Project/USHMM projects.  There are 3 projects with mainly arbitration and review image sets remaining, USHMM – Krakow, Poland, Applications for ID Cards for Jews during World War II (Part 6), USHMM – UK, Holocaust Records From The British Federation of University Women, 1938-1951 and USHMM [...]

World Memory Project

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.   In 2011 Ancestry.com and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum partnered and launched the World Memory Project.  Since that time 3000 contributors have contributed 2.3+ million records, completing 18 projects resulting in 14 databases that are searchable for free on Ancestry.com.  To commemorate this day I have set a goal [...]