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Months – A, B, C or 1, 2, 3?

All new projects will have instructions to key months using the 3 letter abbreviations.   We know that there may be some confusion with projects having different instructions – all of the projects will remain the way they have been – so make sure to read the month field helps so you are aware of [...]

Two more new projects!

Today brings us  a nice variety of projects – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Welsh Society of Philadelphia Charity to Immigrants, 1798-1883 and New Zealand Bankruptcy Notices, 1893-1904. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Welsh Society of Philadelphia Charity to Immigrants, 1798-1883 is a smaller project with a wide variety of records.  The records  are handwritten but are generally easy to read.  If you have [...]

Across the world

Today’s new projects span half the world – from West Yorkshire to New South Wales. The West Yorkshire, England, Removal and Settlement, 1627-1912 project spans close to 300 years so… there is a variety of handwriting styles, different record types, a great wealth of knowledge and something for everyone.  These records detail the movement of the poor [...]

More LIVE databases to search

This month we have added 3 more databases keyed by our community! Pennsylvania, Society of Mayflower Descendants Applications, 1911-1929 Texas, Convict and Conduct Registers, 1875-1945 USHMM – Poland, Lodz Ghetto Register Books, 1939-1944 All together there are 360,028 new records keyed and reviewed by  740 contributors. Thank you to all who contributed to these projects!

New Keying Projects

This week brings us two very different projects - Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Belfast Newsletter, 1738-1925 and U.S., Military Registers, 1862-1970 (Part 5).   The Belfast, Northern Ireland, The Belfast Newsletter, 1738-1925 project contains images of the newspaper for close to a 200 year period.  We will be keying birth, marriage and death records – these could be from birth, [...]

Another new project

Our new project this week is the England, Criminal Lunatic Asylum Registers, 1820-1843.  This is a pretty small collection, with less than 100 image sets, and contains information about individuals who were convicted of crimes and found to be criminally insane.  If you have questions about the keying of this project please post them on the Discussion [...]

Heading Down Under this week…

This week we have two new projects - New South Wales, Australia, Colonial Secretary’s Papers, 1788-1825 and New Zealand, Who’s Who in New Zealand and the Western Pacific, 1908, 1925, 1938.  They are both relatively small projects 200 and 700 image sets respectively. New South Wales, Australia, Colonial Secretary’s Papers, 1788-1825 is a collection of letters from the Colonial [...]

Another new project

This week brings us the New York and Vicinity, United Methodist Church Records, 1791-1945 project.  You will encounter a large variety of records including membership records, records of pastors, baptism, marriage, and burial records as well as other various documents and histories.  We will not be keying from records, such as meeting minutes, that often come in [...]

Collections Added to Ancestry in April

April was a busy month with seven new World Archives Project databases, and over a million new records, being added to Ancestry. Isle of Wight, England, Non-Conformist Registers, 1832-1937 Indiana, Quaker Meeting Directories, 1836-1921 U.S., Guilford College Alumni Directory and Yearbooks, 1911-1937, West Yorkshire, England, Militia, 1779-1827 West Yorkshire, England, Prison Records,1801-1914 West Yorkshire, England, [...]

This week’s new projects

Today brings us two new projects from California - California, Alien Land Ownership Records, 1921-1942 and California, Railroad Employment Records, 1862-1950 (Part 5). In the California, Alien Land Ownership Records, 1921-1942 project you will encounter packets and cards with information regarding land held in California by non-naturalized immigrants, mainly of Japanese descent, between 1921 and 1942.  We are [...]