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New Projects are coming your way…

Today we have two more Rhode Island vital record projects, Rhode Island, Vital Extracts County Records, 1636-1850 and Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, Newspaper, 1636-1850.  These are similar to the Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, Church Records, 1636-1850 (all three projects come from the same collection) that we released last week – reviewing the Discussion page for this project will help in [...]

Who was General James Wilkinson?

General Wilkinson was an interesting man – I have lost myself for just a few minutes this morning reading about his life.  Our new project this week is the U.S., General James Wilkinson’s Order Book, 1796-1808.  In 1796, upon the death of General Wayne, President Washington promoted Wilkinson to Major General of the Legion Army – [...]

Challenge Wrap-up

First, congratulations to Peggy S, from Washington for keying the most records over the weekend (8000+) and Ann C, from Texas for completing the most review image sets (500+).  Since Ann has already won a challenge, the runner up is Pat R from Florida. Over the past few weeks we have focused on twelve different [...]

This Wednesday brings us…

Update: Due to technical issues the new project will not be published until Monday. The U.S., Military Registers, Marines collection.  This collection is part one of a few similar projects all containing Military Registers for the various branches of the military, published between the years 1902 and 1985.  It is all typed but due to [...]

October was a great month!

We published 15 projects Live on Ancestry – this accounts for 3.55 million more records to search! In order of their release dates: Alabama, Marriages, Deaths, Wills, Court, and Other Records, 1784-1920 U.S., Buffalo Soldiers, Returns From Regular Army Cavalry Regiments, 1866-1916 Florida, Spanish American War Compiled Service Records, 1898  Glasgow, Scotland, Crew Lists, 1863 [...]

And…we’re starting the last half of the alphabet.

Our challenge 7 project, today and tomorrow, is the New South Wales, Australia, Government Gazettes, 1853-1899.  These records are an interesting mix of government related articles – land sales, criminal notices, military records, missing persons, probate records, and more.  Because of the mixture of records it makes for interesting reading. Items to remember: – We are keying [...]

Challenge Update – were you the winner?

Over the past few challenges we have keyed, reviewed and arbitrated just a few records.  I am constantly awed by the passion shown by our community. And the winners are: Challenge 4, Delaware Land Records  and Eure-et-Loir, France, Selected Holocaust Records: Keyer: Sam L, Pennsylvania Reviewer: Connie R, California Arbitrator: Wendy D, Ontario Honorable mention to Barbara [...]

Keying, and Rekeying

When we audit the data that has been submitted we sometimes find a few records that weren’t keyed correctly but generally there aren’t many.  Every once in a while we find that there is a field that isn’t a few fields that hadn’t been keyed according to instructions – or our interpretation of the instructions.  [...]

Hmmm, I really like keying convict records…

Our new project today is the Texas, Convict Ledgers and Conduct Registries, 1849-1970 and it has me wondering what draws me to convict records.  It all started when we indexed the Middlesex, England, Convict Transportation Contracts, 1682-1787  records.  Does anyone else share this slightly unsettling connection to convict records? This is a pretty straight forward project – the forms [...]

Maybe you’ll catch this one before it is gone…

We have one new project today – there are just over 300 image sets so it is going to go fast.  The Mayflower, Deeds and Probate, 1600-1850 is a list of deeds, wills, etc from Mayflower families and their descendants.  It is a fun project to read through.  Make sure to look over the Keying Image [...]