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World Memory Project

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.   In 2011 Ancestry.com and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum partnered and launched the World Memory Project.  Since that time 3000 contributors have contributed 2.3+ million records, completing 18 projects resulting in 14 databases that are searchable for free on Ancestry.com.  To commemorate this day I have set a goal [...]

Week 5 Winners and Week 6 is upon us

Week 5 Challenge winners are: Top Keyers Gregory B, USA Pearl W, UK Sammie C, USA Top Reviewers Karen T, UK Kim B, USA Joan D, CAN We completed 11,845 image sets for a total of 401,654 records.  Thank you to everyone who contributed – including our 41 new keyers! And our Week 6 projects [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, it is nearing the end of the day… turkey is eaten, leftovers are packaged, family has left and I am enjoying the sounds of the dishwasher.  As I ponder the day and the many, many things I am thankful for my thoughts turn to my family. Nearing five years ago five beautiful children came [...]

Fall Challenge Update

The Week 4 Winners and results are: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Ottawa Journal, 1885-1980 Keyer: Jeanne D, USA Reviewer: Janet M, USA Total Image sets contributed: 112 for a total of 9379 records Kansas, City and County Census, 1919-1978 Keyer: Gina B, USA Reviewer: Marcelle R, USA Total Image sets contributed: 1090 for a total [...]

Week 4 Challenge Update

With a day and a half left in the week here is a snapshot of what we have contributed so far.   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Ottawa Journal, 1885-1980, all of the keying image sets have been downloaded and we will finish the keying of the project by the end of the challenge!  If you [...]

3 New Projects!

Today brings us three new projects – Hampshire, England, Allegations for Marriage Licences, 1689-1837, London, England, Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records, 1828-1930 (Update), and Savannah, Georgia, Licenses and Bonds, 1837-1909. The Hampshire, England, Allegations for Marriage Licences, 1689-1837 project are transcribed records of allegations for marriage licences in Hampshire so although it spans many years we don’t [...]

Our new collection is from…

…the smallest island I have visited, the Isle of Wight!  And for such a small island there were certainly quite a few non-conformists.  The new project this week is the Isle of Wight, England, Non-Conformist Registers, 1832-1937.  It is a collection of baptism and marriage records from religious denominations not belonging to the Church of England. If [...]

Staff changes

It is with a sad heart that I said goodbye to Liz today.  Liz, aka Lizzypetersen, has been part of the AWAP team for close to two years.  She does most of the behind the scenes set up work before the projects are available to key.  This is an integral part of the process and [...]

Are you feeling the hairs on the back of your neck standing up?

Maybe it’s a cold wind from the North or maybe it’s because you’re walking through a cemetery, or both. Our new project this week is the Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, St Peter’s Cemetery Tombstones, 1857-2000.  I have enjoyed this project in testing as I love cemeteries.  Who doesn’t like looking at gravestones?  Who doesn’t like walking through [...]

More “new” Projects!

Today brings us two projects that will be new to some but will be very familiar to anyone who has keyed in the past year. The first project is the New Zealand, City & Area Directories, 1866-1955.  Yes, there are more.  (This is Part 3 and I believe there is also a Part 4.)  The Wise’s [...]