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Project of the Day Challenge #2

It’s time for another World Record Challenge Project of the Day! And, since it’s Wednesday it’s also time for another new project to be published to key. This week we thought we’d combine both and give everybody a fair shot at winning since no one will have any experience keying this particular, brand new, project. […]

The Basics About Arbitration and Review

We’ve had several thousand people join us over the last few months.  We are so excited that you have become part of our community of keying contributors.  You are doing great work! This influx of new keyers has created a unique challenge for us, however. We are getting quite the backlog in arbitration and review. […]

Good News and Good Luck

You all know that some of my favorite words are “Released to Search” – unless you’re new here, in which case, WELCOME!  And, guess what?  One of my favorite phrases is “Released to Search.”  That means that a database that was indexed by the Ancestry World Archives Project community has completed post-keying production and is […]

Just Keep Keying

I love the movie Finding Nemo. My favorite character in that movie is Dory. Maybe I love her because – just like her – I’m a little scatter-brained sometimes. Or, maybe, it’s her optimistic attitude that I identify with the most. One of my favorite scenes from that movie is this one. “When life gets […]

We Have New Projects. It Must Be Wednesday.

You asked.  We listened.  If you want to participate you better jump on board quickly. Dozens of you have been clamoring for more records from England since we finished keying our last English project a few months ago.  We published one today but it is small.  So, if you’d like to participate in keying the […]

More Top Tips For New Keyers

Last week we posted some of our top tips for new keyers. Be sure to read those here. Today we have a few more for you. I’ll get things started. ___________________________________________________ From Crista – The dictionaries (drop down lists) are there just to give you suggestions. Using them might help you understand what you are […]

Welcome To All Our New Keyers

We launched the World Memory Project almost a week ago. Since then thousands of keyers haved joined the Ancestry World Archives Project community. Together we have keyed over a half a million records this week, a large percentage of which were on collections from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I am humbled and amazed […]

Top Tips For New Keyers

Since our announcement on Tuesday of the partnership between the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and to create the World Memory Project, hundreds of you have joined our community. Welcome! We are so glad you are here. We are so pleased to be part of a community dedicated to bringing these significant records online […]

Six New Projects and Four We’ve Been Piloting

If you missed our big announcement yesterday be sure to read it here. And, to all of the new keyers who have joined us in the last 24 hours – Welcome! We’re so glad you have joined our community. Ten World Memory Project collections are now online and ready for keying. We are indexing deportation […]

Introducing…The World Memory Project

Our Ancestry World Archives Project community is about to get a whole lot bigger! Almost three years ago we started the Ancestry World Archives Project with a vision of involving the genealogy community to make more records accessible and free. Since that time over 76,000 of you have helped to index over 71 million records. […]

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