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This is a test. This is only a test.

We occasionally see this warning on television directing us to a specific station to receive information in case of an emergency.  Although this is not an emergency we are conducting a test.  Ancestry’s ultimate goal is to get more content onto the site to help you, others and future generations have greater success in finding […]

Who Do You Think You Are?

For those of us working in the World Archives Project we often ask that question about the names we key everyday.  For example, Ernest Simpson whom I keyed recently from the Michigan Passenger & Crew, lists.   Ernest Simpson was a sheet metal worker born in London, England.  He was 5′ 51/2″ tall with brown hair, […]

A Mac or Not a Mac?

That is the question that often arises when we announce new projects or a new tool update for the Ancestry World Archives keying tool. I acknowledge the frustration our Mac users in our community experiences when Ancestry produces products that are not Macintosh compatible. While we do not have anything new to announce for our […]

Thank You from the Sr. Director of Ancestry World Archives Project

As those of us in the U.S. celebrate Memorial Day and  remember our loved ones this weekend let us also celebrate their lives, the hopes and dreams that many of our ancestors had and show gratitude to them for the characteristics and passions they passed onto us that make us who we are today.   […]