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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Ottawa Journal, 1885-1980 (Part 2)

Today’s new project is Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, The Ottawa Journal, 1885-1980 (Part 2).  This is very similar to “part 1″ (that we are getting close to having completely reviewed) with the main difference being that we presorted the pages and every image you download will have records to key.   I like this project as I [...]

Pennsylvania, Coal Employment Records, 1900-1960

Our new project today is the Pennsylvania, Coal Employment Records, 1900-1960.  These records are cards with information for employees of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company – many times there will be the front of the card you key and the next image is the back which we are not keying.  Some of the records are typed [...]

Cans for Keying

Tomorrow for our Giving Tuesday event Ancestry will donate food based on the contributions you make!  For every 100 records contributed, keyed, reviewed or arbitrated, we will donate a can of food.* We are very excited for this opportunity to give back to the community … in more ways than one.  If you have any questions about [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

The kids are in bed.  The dishes are done. My computer keys clacking, One by one, Typing names, dates, places and more, West Yorkshire, Delaware, Kansas too Downloading more image sets, yahoo!   Here we are together, yet separated by miles Sharing instructions, questions, and smiles. Thousands of contributors having a ball. Happy Thanksgiving to [...]

New Zealand, School Registers and Lists, 1850-1967

Our new project is the New Zealand, School Registers and Lists, 1850-1967.  These records are lists of students from 5 schools in New Zealand.  This project is easy – it is all typed and has an average of 15 records/image.  If you have any questions or feedback post them on the Discussion page.

Illinois, Chicago and North Western Railroad, 1935-1970 (Part 2)

Our new project this week is the Illinois, Chicago and North Western Railroad, 1935-1970 (Part 2).  This project is similar to the first Illinois Railroad collection but is a little larger. Each image is a card for an employee of the C & NW Railroad which is their application for a Social Security number.  The records [...]

Projects Update

We really did have a great October with 1.57+ million records contributed overall.  This means that there were quite a few projects that have progressed along the road to completion.  We’ve completed 7 projects in the past 7 weeks – not too shabby.  Here are updates on our projects that are “nearing” completion. Projects that [...]

Challenge Wrap-up

We had a great October celebrating Family History Month!  I have to admit I spent a lot more time keying than I did doing research and I enjoyed every minute. A few wrap-up items that need to be attended to. 1. Winners Challenge #6 Keyer: Louise D, UK Reviewer: Greg B, USA Challenge #7 Keyer: [...]

Minnesota, Indian Allotment Records

Our new project is the Minnesota, Indian Allotment Records.  It is exactly as the title implies, lists of Indians who were allotted land in Minnesota.  This is a small project 200+ image sets but the records are pretty name dense.  The records are handwritten and contain both English and Native names. If you have any questions [...]

Family History Month extended…

Our final challenge, New Mexico, Mexican Archives Records, 1821-1846 will be November 1 & 2.   Look for the winner updates from this week’s challenges later today. Happy indexing!


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