Family History Month Challenge – Winners and other news

I have had a great time participating in the Challenges – obviously I am excluded from winning but I still like to key as much as time allows over the two day period.  I have been remiss in posting the latest winners.

Challenge #4 Top Contributors:
Review: Joan A, UK 
Keyer:  Kathie G, CAN
Challenge #5 Top Contributors:
Review: Michael T, USA 
Arbitrator: Michael L, UK * (Top Arbitrator was a winner of Challenge #3)
Keyer: Elisabeth P, UK  
Weekend Warrior Drawing winners:
Weekend #2: Lucille D, AUS and Judith B, UK
Weekend #3: Vicki M, USA, and Mary B, USA

Challenge #6, U.S., Military Registers, 1862-1970 (Part 5), starts tomorrow (24th and 25th Utah times).  These are pretty name dense image sets, generally 200-300 names so they take a little longer than the average image set.  There are currently 2586 keying and 486 review image sets available.

A  big Thank You to all of our contributors.  During the Challenges we see many new contributors to the projects and typically double the records contributed.

Happy indexing!


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